Announcing SGOTM 19 - The Trumpster


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Jan 9, 2003
SGOTM 19 - The Trumpster

kcd_swede brings you his next Succession Team challenge.

You will play as The Trumpster, otherwise known as Cyrus of the Dutch.

Goodies which ensure a fast pace:
-Bank Error in Your Favor, you start with 200 gold!
-An extra worker and a scout are added to your normal units.
-Some tiles around the start are unfogged to prevent a random direction choice from having too much impact on the competition.
-You and all AI (and barbs) start with all of the Ancient Era technologies EXCEPT those which grant a religion (i.e. Meditation, Polytheism, and Monotheism), so all religions can be founded and none are distributed randomly.

Your goal: You will found or capture the Corporate HQ of at least one corporation, and monopolize (owned and accessed, or traded for) every instance of its resources on the map before winning the game in any way you choose.

Visit the Sign-up Thread to see the full game details and rules.

The theme of the game is shown on the right (click it if you prefer a boring old starting point image).

The Sign-up Thread is now open, and a Pre-game Discussion Thread is also available.

This is your chance to discover the joys and agony that is The SGOTM! Sign up HERE ... NOW !
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