[LP] April 2023 Update - Patch Notes Discussion (Music Bug Fixed)


May 2, 2011

Hey, Civ fans!

Civilization VI: Leader Pass is officially complete, and with it, we’re releasing a new update today for the PC version of Civilization VI. This small update resolves an issue where background music can stop during gameplay. iOS, Mac, and Xbox on Windows players can expect the update in the near future.

Everyone on PC should have received a 1.94 MB download.
Game version remains unchanged -


Unfortunately it seems like there are no other bug fixes.
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I still don't hear anything, do I need to clear my cache?
Maybe I just haven't gotten the update yet.
For me it seems that the music plays out in full and won't stop now when another track starts playing; and the music is already playing before you even settle a city.

For example, I restarted a Norwegain game where Fairytail girl (I'm sorry, but this is the most irritating song in the game) was still playing when DOM for Victoria started playing with the main theme also playing. And then once the game finished loading and I could select "Begin game" some other ambient Norweigan music had started playing whilst Sogno Di Volare was still playing.
I tried restarting again, and got Sejong. I had some Korean Drums playing; hit restart and they continued playing through Sogno Di Volare and the DOM intro for Victoria again. Now I'm in the game as Victoria and I have both Ancient Scarbourugh Fair and Airang playing over each other.
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It looks like I had to uninstall and reinstall the game for the patch to be applied.
So it's fixed... kinda.
It's a sad day when thing that is given is seen as a praise worthy thing? Imagine being praised for fixing a broken plate you broke. I doubt even in my family would do that let alone in the work.
It's 'fixed' in the same sense the music has always worked: plays for about 15 - 25 minutes and then silence.
That's fine by me: I always turn the music down to 0 and play my own music in the game anyway.
My music is normal. Or since I'm not experiencing pauses, does that mean it's not normal? :crazyeye:
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