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Axiom to Willpower

Discussion in 'Imperium OffTopicum' started by Tyo, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. NinjaCow64

    NinjaCow64 The Continuation of the Dream Supporter

    Apr 4, 2010
    Name: Megumi Nakajima
    Gender: Female

    Origin: Nakajima was born in Japan to two unpowered software engineers, however there was always a chance to get powers as some of her relatives had superpowers and they often skip a generation. Nakajima discovered her superpower last year, but instead of immediately going to the authorities she thought she could have some fun with it. Get some extra free time, finally get started on her book, prank some teachers, innocent fun like that. However this soon backfired spectacularly as many of her clones had existential crises and psychotic breaks. Nakajima was soon found in a massive brawl between herself and at least fourteen of her clones just outside of school grounds. After this incident, Nakajima enthusiastically agreed to enrol in Grand Peak to get her powers under control.

    Superpower: Nakajima can create temporary clones of herself, similar to the shadow clone technique from Naurto. Upon taking serious injury or by the agreement of both the clone and the original Nakajima, the clone can be dismissed. The clones are identical to Nakajima in most respects, however they cannot make clones of themselves. Nakajima doesn't know if there is a limit to the amount of clones that she can summon at one time, however there are some serious limitations to her power. The first limitation is that when a clone is dismissed, Nakajima gains all of their memories, but she also gains all their physical exhaustion. This increases for each clone she is dismissing at a time. The other major limitation is that she doesn't exactly get along with her clones and they are also prone to existential crises and psychotic breaks. While she could theoretically make a lot of clones to do all of her classes and homework in record time, this really didn't end well last time.

    Strength: 0
    Dexterity: 0
    Perception: 0
    Intelligence: 1
    Charisma: 1
    Willpower: 0

    Appearance: Short feminine green hair (which isn't unusual in this universe) and eyes, average height. She has a birth mark that looks like the Roman numeral "I" on the back side of her right arm, different clones have different roman numerals on their arm (the second clone has II, the third clone has III, fourth has IV ect).

    Favourite Activities: Writing, listening to music, socialising, lame and good natured pranks, skiving off, socialising and video gaming.
    Favourite Colour:
    Favourite Food: Mapo Tofu
    Favourite Music: Vocaloid J-Pop
    Favourite Dessert: Vanilla Icecream
    Favourite Literature: Science Fiction

    Languages: Japanse (Native), English (heavily accented and incomplete).
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  2. arya126

    arya126 Squad Leader

    May 10, 2010
    Outside the Wall
    Name: Jean Samba
    Gender: Male
    Origin: Jean Samba was born in center Africa, where the Central African Republic used to stand. He has French ancestry on his mother's side, hence his first name. However he does not speak French, has no awareness of French culture, and only knows he was named after his grandfather Jean-Paul. He has lived his entire life in a remote village nestled in a valley that is impossible to pronounce in any language except that of his tribe. His tribe does not tell it's name to outsiders, but they are commonly referred to as the Samba tribe, after Jean's male ancestry which has traditionally filled the role of Chief. Jean has an older brother who is expected to fulfill that role for the tribe.

    Jean has been teased all his life for not being good enough. Too weak. Too slow. Too dumb. But around the age of 8 he began to show special powers. He once went climbing with his older brother, and when a tree collapsed Jean pushed his brother out of the way but emerged without a scratch. When Jean was 12 the tribe was about to revolt against his father, the Chief, because of a famine and a streak of bad luck. Jean, sensing what they were feeling and how to fix it, stepped in and convinced his tribe to stay the course.

    His father, a wise chief, was educated outside of the village in an elite foreign school, and thus knew much of the outside world. He recognized Jean might be special. He knew there were superheroes in the world; and super villains. Knowing he could not adequately provide for his son, he sent Jean away at the age of 14 to a mountain school in Japan. It was the saddest day of Jean's life, leaving his village.

    Superpower: Jean can temporarily generate a semi-random super power that can make up for his below average normal capabilities. He has thus far shown the ability to use 3 different powers:

    He can harden his skin to a material that appears to be diamond, although the exact material has not been identified.

    He can perceive the emotions of those around him to the distance of around a dozen meters, and can sometimes divine the reason for those emotions.

    He can temporarily see things that are about to happen involving himself or people in a 2-3 meter bubble around him.

    It is unknown if these abilities will progress further or if other, unrelated abilities will develop.

    It occurs (or is at least noticed) more often when put in a stressful situation. Jean tries to avoid stressful situations as a result because he thinks his powers make him a freak.

    • Strength: -1
    • Dexterity: -1
    • Perception: -1
    • Intelligence: -1
    • Charisma: -1
    • Willpower: -1
    Appearance: On the short side for his age, scrawny, dark skinned, naturally bald, hairy feet.

    Languages: Native Tongue (Name TBD)
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  3. Tyo


    Mar 14, 2011
    Chen felt sick.

    She couldn’t tell you if it was because of the altitude, the awkward architecture she wasn’t used to, or all the different people of sometimes almost alien builds walking outside the hall she just found herself making shelter in. It didn’t help that so many eyes seemed to linger on her. And everyone was dressed so differently! This was how she was told to look, so why…?

    She caught her breath after sitting down for a moment, gathering her bearings. To her surprise, she was actually exactly where she was supposed to be. She could make out the name, which seemed to hover over a reception desk of some sort. “Canary Hall,” in Japanese and what she assumed was English. Probably. She took in a breath and looked down at her cellphone. Call her old fashioned, but she couldn’t get used to the holo-screens most of her peers found so popular. She liked to hold something solid in her hands.

    Room Assignment: 32-A

    Three first meant… Two floors above this one? Or was it three? Is that in walking distance? She didn’t get a good look at how tall this building was…

    Thirty minutes later, without asking a soul, she found her way to what she was pretty sure was her room. The things she was given by the monastery was outside this door, anyways, and she was pretty sure whoever put it there knew better than her. Her keycard worked, and she entered.

    As she entered, she immediately hit something solid.

    “Oof!” She heard. She didn’t make that sound.

    A new face was now in front of her own, confused and staggered, not unlike she was. After a pause, the other spoke first,

    “What do you … Why … Who …” She said a lot of words. Chen was sure it was Japanese. She wasn’t sure what to say in response, but she tried. “I am Feng Chen. Nice to meet you.” At least, that’s what she’s pretty sure she said.

    The other girl stood there for a moment, seeming to consider something before speaking again,

    “Mandarin by any chance?”

    “H-how did you know?”
    “Lucky guess, I suppose. Anyway,” The girl gestured towards her, “Why are you wearing your uniform? Class doesn’t start for another week.”
    “I- I thought…” Chen didn’t really know at all what to say at this point. She felt like retreating again, but there was nowhere to go.
    “Well, in any case, Feng Chen was it? I’m Tzu Sen. Nice to meet you.” She curtsied having said that.
    “Y-yes I’m…” Chen paused as she remembered herself, “Sorry for running into you!”
    Sen scratched the side of her face, “Well, It’s not like you could have known.” Chen was sure she had mixed feelings about being ran into so abruptly, but Chen was never amazing at reading people, so she wasn't sure exactly what those mixed feelings actually composed of.
    “Now… Excuse me?” She motioned to Chen as if to say, “make way.”
    “Oh, right! Sorry!” Chen quickly moved out of the doorway, her face reddening.
    “We’ll catch up later.” She spoke quickly, apparently having somewhere else to be.

    Sen walked off towards the elevator. When she was out of view, Chen let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding for a moment and closed her eyes to compose herself again.

    Stepping into the room, she was surprised by the space. It was bigger than her quarters back at the monastery, and this seemed to just be the common area. There seemed to be to be two separate bedrooms, but there was a shared bathroom and kitchen area. Curiously, there also seemed to be a small balcony. It was partly furnished too, with available desks, rolling chairs, and even a TV in the common area, but Chen wasn’t particularly interested in that. She also wasn’t sure how much of it was her roommate's. She didn't really plan on being outside her own room much, anyways, so none of that really registered for her aside from the bare necessities.

    In her own room was a closet, a wardrobe, a desk, and most importantly, an undressed bed. She decided to find shelter on that for a moment as she took it all in.

    “I guess this is how it is now.” She hoped things would get less jarring with time. It’s quite convenient that at least her and her new roommate shared a language. Her room seemed adequate. It was simple and not overbearingly modern. Just a plain room with nothing overt about it. she took comfort in that, at least.

    Knock knock knock
    “Is anybody here?! There’s stuff blocking the hall!”

    Chen let out something between a groan and a whimper from her room in response before getting up and hauling everything in.


    September 1st, 2096

    Xero's last tour, ending at a concert in Berlin.


    An uptick of crime has been reported in the Korean capital of Seoul. This follows months of almost systematic crime upticks across the East Asian region. Top heroes suspect a new villain syndicate has emerged in the East Asian underground, and is quickly becoming dominant, especially in large urban areas. No leads have been confirmed as of yet, but heroes and police forces are hard at work in keeping the situation at bay. So far, Japan has been spared of this crime surge, but authorities caution the public to stay alert.

    A monumental step in South American peace has been reached, with the last conflict of the region has been officially ended between two factions in Venezuela’s civil war. As tensions reached its peak, several hero associations stepped in to mediate the conflict and end the strife surrounding it. Details are still being ironed out, but world leaders are hopeful that the South American Troubles are finally over, and the South American Recovery can finally begin.


    Senior students are hard at work preparing for the coming week as young up-and-comers join the Grand Peak family. Clubs are pulling out all stops to rein in new freshmen members. Other events, such as superpower showcases and mock sparring matches, are also being organized by staff and students.

    For any amount of time in the first week, you may explore Welcome Week activities. There will be no class time for the first week, though you may still study and converse with relevant staff about classes. Engaging in Welcome Week counts as a leisure activity for half stress loss, however, you may also use it to join a club of any sort.

    Hit rock/pop artist Xero is touring East Asia and is coming to the Tokyo region in the last week of the month. Xero has reached world-wide fame in his debut album, where he used his powers of influencing sound to create unique, new takes on different music genres. He's fresh out of a break after his last tour and is expected to hit stages across the far east along with several other popular artists and groups.

    For 5 hours max, you may attend a concert as a leisure activity. x2.5 stress loss.

    • I'll be sending everyone character info individually. If you don't see them shortly after this update, it's just because I got tired. They're all done though, so expect them tomorrow at the latest.
    • Superpowers have been created within the context of spars and other events where they would be actively used by your character. If you think your character can use their power for something related to their turn-by-turn actions, bring it up to me privately and I'll make a ruling.
    • It's probably not a bad idea to study for at least the amount of time any given class asks you to attend it for.
    • If you would like to inquire about analyzing your capabilities and power, feel free to stop by our Analytics Center! Be warned, analysis may be harsh, but it's for your benefit! (Analysis takes 3 hours and can lead to some amount of stress)
    • As always, if you have questions, ask them!
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  4. Tyo


    Mar 14, 2011
    Orders due next Wednesday at 12:00pm EST
  5. Red_Spy

    Red_Spy Euphonium Player

    Jan 13, 2011
    "Sayonara Nakajima-chan!" called out Marie to her probably cringing roommate as she closed the door to her own room. She took in the sight of her new room for a few seconds, before preceding to set down her stuff and flop on her new bed. Marie sat there in silence, staring at her ceiling. After a minute or two the silence was interrupted by the sound of a door closing; maybe her roommate, Nakajima Megumi, going to her own room or leaving. Either way, it spurred Marie into action.

    "Wow it's so exciting!" Marie kicked her legs and stood up before preceding into a little dance. "My very own room in Japan and ohmygosh I'm going to superhero school in Japan and have a Japanese roommate and ohmygosh it's like... it's like I'm in-" The girl's lack of common sense led her to finish that statement, though the writer won't.

    "Okay, Marie St. Paul, this isn't all fun and games! You're at a school, and going to school means work and classes and all that stuff. You to be a responsible adult! A responsible adult in..." Her reasonable advice to herself slowly trailed off as excitement built. However, in the end she would at least act on it.

    Prancing over to her fallen collection of suitcases and bags, Marie began to dig around for the class list she had been given. She rooted through her clothes, her collections of red-rays, manga, books, and posters, and also through several school-related handouts and booklets before she found the item she was looking for. The Class Information booklet that went over all the classes and activities that the first-years will have the option of doing. With her prize in hand, Marie skipped over to her bed once and, while opening the booklet to read, plopped down on her bed once again.

    Page after page after page of just boring classes. Judging from a quick glance at the first few pages, you'd expect this school to almost be a, well, normal one. You have your sciences, your literature, where's the exciting stuff? Like...

    "Japanese!" Well, it's not hero-oriented, but for a weeaboo it'll do. "Ohmygosh I have to take that. You know, given we're here all," she explained in between giggles. "It's just, like, the perfect class to take! I'm going to learn Nihongo! In Japan!"

    She looked through the booklet some more, "Well, obviously I have to take Hero Ethics. We're here to be a hero after all. We have to learn how to be a hero properly! And well, it's like a required course and everything. So of course I am going to take it. Combat and Defense too. I need to like, learn how to fight villains and everything! With my voice! I'm the best singer, I'll be like the most powerful hero and everything there!"

    Marie got up and mimed punching and kicking some bad guys to the tune of Eye of the Tiger. She smiled to herself, content.

    "Of course, now that I picked those I'm only left with boring stuff. I guess Physical Health is like PE? I want to play soccer here so I guess I should take it. Oh, oh, oh, and if I want to put my japanese writing skills to the test I should take Creative Writing! I can learn to write songs and like start making money off of them and it will be so, so, good!"

    Marie looked over her class list with a content smile. And as this story closes she thought, "This is going to be so much fun."


    PS: If anyone wants to hit me up for any of them sweet, sweet study groups for those classes, let me know.
  6. KaiserElectric

    KaiserElectric Total Freakin Besties

    Dec 2, 2007
    (Brought to you by the dream team of KaiserElectric and JamesCaesar)

    The Academy’s main plaza was bustling with all sorts of types of people- it was an international school after all. It was the annual club rush, and every club was set to get as many new members as they could. Each club catered to the massive variety of students, ranging from any sport someone could think of to even several E-Sport clubs. In fact, there was even a K-Pop club. As William looked down from the balcony, he was intimidated by the huge number of people. He thought of himself as a charismatic person, but large groups threw off his mojo.

    Making his way down the stairs, he scanned the clubs going past him. He must have wound up in the sports section, because nothing really caught his fancy. Even then, he could only tell based on the equipment around him, as he’d left his glasses in his dorm. This proved to be a problem, as he bumped into someone trying to shortcut between stalls, prompting a choice swear word and an avalanche of papers from both of them. Just his luck.

    “Oh god, I’m such a hoser,” she said, crouching down to search through them. “Those were all sorted…”

    “Shoot, I’m sorry!” William replied as he crouched as well. “Hoser, huh? Never heard that one before.”

    “Force of habit, sorry,” she said before giggling. “Ha, can you tell I’m Canadian?” Flipping over a small stack, she pulled a schedule out of the pile and flipped through it. “Is this yours or mine? I saw Creative Writing on here, but-”

    “Ah, it’s mine if it’s got Trig on there, as much as I dislike the class.”, he laughed. “Math is certainly not my strong suit.”

    “Oh, this is yours then,” the girl replied, handing it over before collecting a stack of pamphlets and stuffing them under her arm. “I’m not big on math either, didn’t even take it this semester.”

    “I take it you’re taking Creative Writing then as well, since you asked?” he inquired, nervously eyeing his schedule.

    “I did, it sounded like fun,” the girl said, finally finding a second schedule and giving it a once over. “Hero Ethics, Japanese...yep, here’s mine. Thank goodness, I would have gotten so lost without the classrooms.” Picking up the last few of William’s papers, she offered them to him as she got back to her feet. “My name’s Ellie, by the way. Ellie Couture.”

    “William Campbell, nice to meet you!” he said, outstretching his hand.

    “Nice to meet you too!” she said, taking it. “So, are you looking at joining one of the sports teams too?”

    “I dunno, I’m not really a sports person. What do you play?"

    “Well...hockey mostly,” Ellie said with an embarrassed shrug. “But there’s a skiing club here too, so I’m thinking of joining that instead. Just a fair warning, there are a LOT of rules about these sports teams and what you can use powers for.” She pulled out a rather thick booklet of rules and flipped through it to prove her point. “I think half of this stuff applies to me…”

    “There’s probably not much good I could do with my power in sports other than getting a ref to change a call, anyways. What is your power? If you don’t mind me asking, that is.”

    “Amorphous physiology,” Ellie recited. “To be exact, I’m like that T-1000 from the one movie, only I’m made of purple slime instead of metal.”

    “If we’re going with the sci-fi analogies, I’m able to pull off Jedi mind tricks. Although if I’m being honest, it’s not as effective without the rest of a Jedi’s powers backing it up” William said, chuckling.

    “Well at least it’s easy to explain,” Ellie said, joining in with her own laugh. “I think my powers are more like Zac from League of Legends, but no one knows who that is so I have to deal with people asking me if I can do the thing with the knife hands.”

    “I dunno, I bet you’d get plenty of people here could get the reference. Hey, would you like to come check out some of the other booths?” he asked, slightly nervous.

    “Sure, sounds like fun!” Ellie said cheerfully. “Then maybe I can find a folder or something before I drop these again.”
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  7. Red_Spy

    Red_Spy Euphonium Player

    Jan 13, 2011
    Spoiler for fliers being handed out at Welcome Week by Marie :

    Everything is intentional, both the bad editing and misspelling. Don't judge the poor girl too hard, she has -2 INT.
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  8. JamesCaesar

    JamesCaesar Professional McCartney-aboo

    Jul 15, 2011
    Mull Of Kintyre
    The sun shone sharply into William’s dorm, as he had slept through the morning and into the afternoon. Not that he minded, though, he’d set his alarm for late. BZZZT-BZZZZT, it went. A robotic voice alerted him “It’s one o'clock and time for lunch.” William was quite absent-minded, and thus he had set reminders for mealtimes. Stumbling out of bed, he grabbed his glasses and dragged a comb across his head. Fortunately, he was able to throw on a light jacket to disguise that he was in the same clothes he’d worn yesterday. Within a minute of waking up, he was out the door.

    His trip to the cafeteria was a nice quiet one; his thoughts were kept inside his head and the outside world’s were kept outside due to his headphones and a fondness of loud music. However, not even his music could keep the ruckus of the cafeteria out. The normal characters were there- Marie was singing loudly to music in a different language, surrounded by a posse of individuals with an unnatural variety of hair colors. Jaya was tampering with the microwave, either turning it off while other students were using it or cranking it up as hot as it could go, turning most foods into ash.

    Waiting in line, William scoped out a place to sit. Everyone in this school was either too outgoing or too strange, leaving himself to be a bit of a loner. He fared well in social situations though, and was able to quickly hit it off with a few people in the school who shared his interests. Making his way up to the register, he paid and turned to get his food when a startling figure appeared uncomfortably close to him.

    “Oh Jesus, d-didn’t see you there Nagisa. Sorry about that, have a nice day.” he said alarmed, as he ran into one of the more peculiar characters at the school. One thing he did enjoy about his new accommodations was the food. Being as the school attracted attendees from across the world, their food selection was global as well. Grabbing a few scotch eggs and a shepherd’s pie that reminded him of his homesickness, he looked to see where to sit once more. Spotting a seat next to his acquaintance Johannes, he quickly made his way over.

    “How’re you doing, Johannes?” William asked, about to sit down yet halfway into his meal. Johannes’ hands were tightly gripped around a cup of coffee, and his eyes were wide open. Despite this, he didn’t seem to be all quite there, as if something was going on in his head. William didn’t mind this, and quickly ate his lunch before heading out. “See ya later, dude.” he said to Johannes, or rather, in Johannes’ direction.

    Leaving the cafeteria, he made his way over to the scheduling center to work out his classes for the semester. On his way over, he spotted a retina-searingly bright poster. Of course, he thought, it was something Marie made. He had thought very briefly about joining her band, but he didn’t have his drums at school. Plus, the music she seemed to be playing was hardly his tastes. Entering the scheduling center, he grabbed a class list and got to work. Scanning over the classes a bunch, he finally decided on the following.

    Creative Writing
    World History
    Physical Health

    “It’s a pity there’s not any music classes here, but I’m here to learn after all.” William thought, turning in his form. Putting his earbuds back in, he zoned off into the world of music as he made his way back to his dorm.
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  9. Angst

    Angst Rambling and inconsistent

    Mar 3, 2007
    A Silver Mt. Zion
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  10. Tyo


    Mar 14, 2011
    Meant to post a reminder yesterday but it slipped my mind. Good to see I got most orders in, but I'll give whoever else needs more time 24 extra hours. I'll start working on the update tonight still, but those people who haven't sent them in has until tomorrow, same time (12:00pm est).
  11. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama :)

    Jan 27, 2006
    Sen Tzu Schedule

    -World Literature
    -Algebra and Geometry
    -Physical Health

    Week 1 Schedule

    Sleep-56 hours per week
    Meditation-110 hours per week
    Welcome Week-2 hours
    Join an equestrian club
    Join a rifle club
    Join a fencing club

    Week 2-4 Schedule
    Sleep-35 hours per week
    Classes-19 hours per week
    Meditation-30 hours per week
    Club activities-25 hours per week
    Other fun sports activities 5 hours
    Exercising (Training) 10 hours per week)
    Studying and homework 30 hours per week
    Concert (5 hours)
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  12. Nuka-sama

    Nuka-sama :)

    Jan 27, 2006
    Sen locked her door and sighed. She had never been around that many people with powers before in her life….she hadn’t ever been around that many peoplle in her life ever. Quite an exhausting feeling. “Note to self” said Sen absentmindedly “Develop anti-crowd measures in event of mass attack, social anxiety”

    Still, it wasn’t completely worthless. Grand Peak surprisingly had a few clubs that Sen found herself interested in spite of herself. The fencing club and the rifle club gave her access to weapons and an environment to use them in. Some people might laugh off the need for weapons when they can shoot lightning out of their hands, and the media (anime in particular) treated firearms as effective as paperweights against supers. But Sen knew better than that. The only reason her father was so effective against her grandfather’s goons was his mastery of conventional weaponry. After all, when you’ve trained your entire life dodging blasts of ice or flames, you can be surprised when someone tosses a grenade at you. So yes, rifle and fencing clubs were necessary.

    And the equestrian club? Well, Sen liked horses. So fluffy. And so majestic. Who would conquer a kingdom atop a tank if they could do it while riding a horse? It was an aesthetic that pleased her.

    Humming to herself, she took out her planner, with its bright pink stationary and cute animals decorating the fringes and smiled as she looked over her schedule.

    10 AM: Sign up for club activities
    12 PM to 12:15 PM: Lunch
    12:15 to 4:15 Meditate
    4:15-4:30 Think about ways to kill grandfather
    4:30-SKYPE CALL WITH DADDY <3 <3

    Sen nodded and smiled. Daddy was still on the run, but he was so, so, so! proud that she was at Grand Peak. Grandfather was too, but Sen wanted to ensure he was dead by graduation so that daddy could come to the ceremony instead. “I'd go to his funeral I suppose, but I would wear pink” mused Sen as she lit her incense candles.

    As she settled into her meditation pose, Sen tried emptying her mind.Taking deep, calm breaths, Sen began meditating, but then, when nothing else remained, one thought came to the front of her mind. Do you have to kill grandfather?

    Annoyed, Sen spoke softly “Of course I do.”


    “Because he will keep hunting daddy for as long as he’s alive”

    “Have you tried talking to him?”


    “Usually, when you have a conflict, first step to resolving said conflict is talking to the person you have an issue with”

    “You think I haven’t tried asking grandfather to not kill daddy?”

    “If you did it was in a whiny voice that had no power.”

    “It was not!”

    “Oh? Show me. Show me how you said it! Show me how you’d say it if he were here right now!”

    “Grandfather, I must ask you to end your hunt of my father.”

    “GrAnDfAtHeR i MuSt AsK yOu To EnD THis hUNt of mY FATher”

    “Stop that!”

    “StOP THat”


    Sen was breathing heavily, her body shaking as the voice inside her.

    “You know killing him is not the solution. It’s not going to keep your father safe. When your grandfather dies, the uncles and auntes are going to keep up the hunt.”

    “Then I’ll kill them too”

    “And then their children will. And they’ll come after you too, for revenge for their dead parents”

    “And then I’ll kill them too”

    “Aren’t you at a school for heroes? Is this your attitude coming in? ‘I’m gonna kill everyone’?”

    “Yes. I’m at the school I mean. And….no...that’s not what I want”

    “No, it’s not.”

    “I want to control them though”

    “I’m sorry, what?”

    “I....I do in some ways, want grandfather dead. He’s a freak, he tortured me and my father, and kept my mom prisoner too. But that...that’s going to make one problem go away. Two more will take its place. I need to control the situation. And the Tzu will not defy me.”

    “You’re going to try to just ‘control’ your problems?”

    “Why not try, right? It’s better than killing them all.” Sen chuckled “How about instead of ‘control’ though, what if I ‘conquer’ the problems? Sounds less crazy to me; I’d even put it on a motivational poster”

    “Not crazy at all. You’ve just been having a conversation with yourself for the past half hour. Hope your roommate didn’t hear any of that.”

    “Ahh, right!” Sen blushed as she looked out into the living room. She couldn’t see anyone there, and breathed a sigh of relief.

    Settling down once more, Sen breathed out and let her body relax. She couldn’t let doubt beset her or throw off her schedule. What was it her father said?

    "Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance.” Sen whispered “Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back."

    As she emptied her mind this time, no doubts lingered any longer….
  13. Reus

    Reus Polar Bear

    Nov 17, 2013
    Devon Island
    Greetings, Kelsey - My name is Doctor Anwar.
    Don't be scared. I'm here to help you, Kelsey.
    It wasn't your fault, Kelsey. I know you didn't mean to do it.
    I understand that this is hard for you, but I promise you,
    Everything is going to be okay.

    Kelsey was bewildered.

    She had seen Japan in entertainment medias or advertisements before, but now that it stood before her very eyes she can't help but to be awestruck. She craned her neck almost vertically to gaze at the massive skyscrapers towering above her - they shone brightly in the otherwise dark night as a rich palate of colorful holo-screens and lights illuminated the buildings from top to bottom. Around her, animated holographic advertisements were allover the place - rapidly changing illustrations of people or products subtitled by foreign characters she couldn't understand.

    If there's anything faster than those advertisements, it would be the people themselves; thousands of men and women of all ages and cultures roamed about from all directions, walking to different destinations, minding their own businesses. No one really cared or noticed the dazzled red-haired girl staring her surroundings in awe - unlike back home where she would get looks filled with hate and disdain.

    "Kelsey!" the familiar voice of Doctor Anwar called her among the cacophonous streets.

    It snapped Kelsey out of her trance - she was so awestruck that she was left far behind the Doctor. She then immediately hastened her pace to catch up. The Doctor smiled as he looked at Kelsey awkwardly shoving herself against the current of crowds to get to him.

    For Kelsey, Doctor Anwar Al-Madinah was a person unlike any other. At a time where everyone looked the other way, the kind Arab professor listened. Something that nobody - not her mother, teachers, nor her peers ever did when she was hurting. After the incident, when everyone had shunned and abandoned her, the Doctor sided with her. He was the very reason Kelsey is here right now - the Doctor had fought hard and convinced the reluctant authorities to give the girl a chance.

    "Marvelous isn't it? I was just like you the first time I was here." said the Doctor. Kelsey merely nodded, the expression in her face still filled with bemusement.

    The two continued to walk a little bit further until they reached some sort of open area with dozens of dropships lined up. Kelsey kept following Doctor Anwar through the neatly arranged lines of vessels. She eyed a particular one having its engines on and having the label 'Grand Peak' in it. She could guess that's her ship, and indeed, Doctor Anwar headed toward it.

    "Alright - here we go." the Doctor stepped into the dropship as the wind blowing from the ship's propulsion engines fluttered his long white thawb and red checkered shemagh in the air; so did Kelsey's long wavy red hair as she followed shortly after.

    Kelsey and the Doctor promptly took a seat and strapped themselves as the ship proceeded to lift itself. In their seats, the Doctor readjusted his scrambled shemagh while Kelsey re-read papers given to her by the government - among them was a list of the courses the government demanded her to take.

    "Doctor...I don't think I can keep up with 30 hours worth of courses weekly." Kelsey spoke with a distressed tone.

    "Ignore that. Take the courses you believe would help you - and take only as much as you can handle. If the agency has any issues with that I'll deal with it." the Doctor asserted Kelsey.

    The young girl smiled - she always knew the Doctor would righteously back her.

    Kelsey looked at the ship's window as it drew itself closer and closer to its destination. The area around Mount Fuji was certainly less lit than that of Tokyo. For the most part, Kelsey can only define the mountain by its faint silhouette in the pitch dark. However, the peak of the mountain beautifully glimmered with light - there, stood a marvelous alien-like structure that could rival the megastructures of Tokyo itself - and to there, the ship flew.

    The ship gently touched down in an open overhang area attached to the main structure. As the vessel's roaring engines powered down, Kelsey and the Doctor strapped off their safety belts, stepped out of the ship, and walked into a wide arced door.

    "Here we are!" Doctor Anwar proclaimed as they tread into the structure, it was a colossal room which seemed to be the school's main hall.

    Kelsey was once again, stunned. Japan never failed to impress. The hall looked superbly polished - everything was gleaming and shiny. There were rows of seats, benches, and tables accompanied by pools of water, fountains, and indoor vegetation. Around her, there were multitudes of students of all origins walking, chatting, studying, laughing - alone, in pairs, or in large groups - even at this time, when it was rather late in the evening. Kelsey stepped forward into the hall, but Doctor Anwar wasn't in front of her anymore. She looked back and there was the Doctor, he stood still before the gate.

    "You're not coming?" the girl inquired. The Doctor merely gave a gentle smile.

    "No - I've done my part. Its now up to you, Kelsey." he replied.

    Kelsey's heart sank - she knew well that going to Grand Peak would mean that she'd finally part ways with her guardian, and that once again, she'll face the world alone, but she could never emotionally prepare herself for the real moment when that happened. The Doctor noticed her downcast eyes and dejected expression.

    "Hey. Don't worry. I promised you - everything is going to be alright..." he reassured the frowning girl.

    Kelsey could not hold back her tears, she hugged the tall doctor tightly as if she never wanted to let go.

    "T..Thank you, Doctor...for everything." the young girl whimpered with a creaking voice.

    "Always remember - you have a bright future ahead of you, Kelsey. Never look back." Doctor Anwar advised her, She nodded, inhaling a deep breath and wiping tears off her face as the Doctor walked back to the ship and waved Kelsey a final goodbye. "Insha'allah, we'll see each other again."

    As Doctor Anwar's warm presence departed, a feeling of cold dread shivered down Kelsey's spine. She was back alone on her own to face a brave new world. Dreadful memories from her past lingered over her as she gazed the ship flying away into the distance - she feared that this school would be no different; that she might be bullied again, that no one would listen again, that she would fail, and that she-

    "♪♪♪ KO-NI-CHI-WAAAA!!! ♪♪♪" someone loudly exclaimed all of the sudden, or more accurately - sung, in an uppity note right behind Kelsey's ear, startling her.

    It was a girl - she looked thin and had a long light brown hair. Her two hands held a stack of small pamphlets, while her pair of green eyes stared right at Kelsey's at an uncomfortably close distance. She gave Kelsey the widest possible smile she can give.

    "I have not seen you before, fellow Gaijin!!!" the girl enthusiastically inquired Kelsey.

    Kelsey wanted to take a step back but was frozen in her feet - she just leaned back at an awkward angle for breathing space and glanced at her greeter in confusion. She just can't help but noticing that the girl looked as western as she was - she was definitely not a native here yet she was clothed in Japanese-like clothing that wasn't even worn by the Japanese.

    "Uh...yeah. I...I...just came here." Kelsey gave a stuttered reply - she doesn't know what the girl meant by 'gay jinn'.

    "Sugoooooi !!! A new friend !!! Watashi no namae wa Marie St.Paul !!! What's your name???" the girl jumped excitedly - hopping around baffled Kelsey. Kelsey doesn't know half the things she was talking about but she assumed the girl just introduced herself as Marie.

    "K...Kuh...Kelsey. My name is Kelsey. Kelsey Chambers." she mumbled

    "Nice to meet you, Kelsey-chan!!!" Marie bowed to her, then she handed Kelsey one of her pamphlets. "I'm running a musical club! It's gonna be great! If you can play an instrument - you should join! If you can't, you can still hang around! Hihi!"

    Kelsey took the paper and looked at it. It was an advertisement to what seemed to be Marie's musical club. Kelsey had no clue on how graphic design works but Marie's pamphlets definitely looked off. The peculiar color choice made Kelsey squint really hard in order to read the butchered grammar. The images didn't do justice either, they looked like they were pasted straight off the net.

    "Sooooooo?" Marie inquired, her face looming closer and closer to Kelsey's.

    "I...I...I'll think about it." Kelsey replied, avoiding to commit a definitive answer. It should be obvious enough for someone to know how reluctant Kelsey was judging by the mix of expression she's making right now, but apparently not for Marie.

    "SUGOIIII !!! ♪♪♪ SAYONARA KELSEY-CHAAAAN !!! ♪♪♪" Marie leaped away and disappeared as fast as she appeared.

    Kelsey exhaled in relief. That was bizarre - she thought to herself. Marie certainly defied her initial worries about the school. It was certainly a very different place, but she doesn't know whether that's for the better or for worse - hopefully, her next encounter with people would be less awkward.

    After that over-the-top welcoming, Kelsey proceeded to find her designated room and settle her belongings. There were numerous corridors heading to all parts of the building, but thankfully they were labelled in several languages, one of which she can understand. Without much hassle, she found her room and opened the door.

    She discovered the room to be far better than she previously imagined. Its not glamorous but its spacious and furnished enough for her liking. There was a small balcony, a kitchen, and a bathroom. There also seemed to be two bedrooms, and at the moment she stood in the common area connecting all the rooms.

    Kelsey immediately went for one of the bedrooms to claim it as her own, but only to find that someone had been there first. The person was not present, but he or she had left a mangled pile of electrical devices and circuits all over her room, some looked fried and burnt. Other than that there were posters of podracing related images attached to the walls. Then, in between all the mess she gazed at an object that instantly grabbed her attention.

    -Selling Out by Tyler Roman-

    Kelsey smiled gleefully at the familiar face of the one and only Tyler Roman smirking cheekily while sticking his two thumbs up plastered on the cover of her favorite book. It pleased her that her roommate had an acquired taste for good literature, and that they may have a thing or two in common. Kelsey would normally prefer to be left alone on her own, but this time she was certainly eager to meet her roommate - and hopefully she wasn't as jumpy as the previous person she met.

    Following that short detour, Kelsey went for the opposite bedroom and to her relief it wasn't occupied and she subsequently laid claim to it. With her roommate nowhere in sight, Kelsey left her belongings in her quarters and set out to find herself a meal for the night.

    Finding the cafeteria was certainly harder than finding her room, she spun around the main hall trying to find her way to no avail. Kelsey wanted to ask someone for directions but there were no staff at the moment, and most of the students around her were rather peculiar.

    She eyed her surroundings for someone who looked more normal. An Asian girl wearing the school's uniform passed by her and Kelsey approached her. Unfortunately, it appeared that the girl did not speak English and the two spent a minute awkwardly flapping their hands around making gestures and exchanged confused expressions while babbling their own languages. It didn't take too long for both to give up and part ways.

    After the awkward faux pas, Kelsey scanned her surroundings again. She saw Marie St.Paul energetically chattering with multiple people with mixed reception. It might be wise for Kelsey to ask her since Marie understood English - but she'd rather try out someone else first.

    In a row of benches facing the main hall's window Kelsey spotted a western looking boy with short dark hair overlooking the sight of Tokyo's nightlight in the distance. He was sitting alone, bobbing his head - presumably to a beat, as earbuds were visibly attached on his ears.

    Kelsey walked up to the boy and upon noticing her, the boy took off his earbuds.

    "Can I help you?" the boy asked Kelsey, his accent sounded British.

    "Yeah...uh...do you know the way to the cafeteria?" the red haired girl replied.

    "Sure, you see the sign over there that reads 'Canary Hall'?" the boy pointed behind Kelsey "Head to the 3rd adjacent door in its right. Keep walking until you meet the 5th intersection, there you take the stairs to the right and go down by 2 floors. Afterwards, just follow the way until you hit a a dead end with weird murals on it. By then, you turn right and walk straight on. Later, you should see the cafeteria somewhere on your left." he described while pointing around with his hands.

    Kelsey stared at him with her mouth agape, she had lost him at '5th intersection' or something. The boy read Kelsey's face and chuckled,

    "Heh, you must be new here. I'll just show you the way myself." said the boy as he stood up from his seat. He tucked up his jacket and shoved his headsets back into his pocket.

    "My name's William Campbell, by the way." he extended his open palms to Kelsey.

    "It's a pleasure to meet you, William. I'm Kelsey. Kelsey Chambers." she replied and shook William's hand.

    The two then ventured through the busy halls with William leading the way and Kelsey sticking closely by his side.

    "So...Kelsey huh? Your name and your red hair says you're Irish but you certainly don't sound like one" William prompted Kelsey on her origins.

    "Well, I'm American, but partly Irish from my dad's side." the girl elaborated.

    "Ah, I see - So, if you don't mind me asking, what's your shtick?" the boy continued questioning her as they walked together

    "My powers? Uh, I can grow in size. That's about it I think." Kelsey answered, not wanting to give too much details. She was wary about people learning her role in the so-called 'East St.Louis High School Massacre'.

    "How about you, William?" she asked back to divert William away from digging up further details.

    "Oh, I can do something like - a Jedi mind trick." he responded.

    "Sorry? Cheddar mind trick?" Kelsey didn't understand what William was referring to, it might just be that she misheard his words amid his accent.

    "You don't watch Star Wars? Too bad - You should definitely watch Star Wars." William smoothly waved his hand in front of Kelsey. The girl paused and blinked her eyes rapidly for a moment.

    "Y...yeah...I should definitely watch Star Wars." she replied. Something about what William said felt odd yet Kelsey couldn't point out why. Though, one thing is certain - Kelsey felt the urge to watch Star Wars, whatever that is.

    "Alright, here we are." William said. It felt really fast, but the two had reached their destination. "I gotta get going now." he continued.

    "Thank you, William, I can take it from here." Kelsey nodded and smiled.

    "No problem - see you around, Kelsey." William smiled back. He reached for his pockets, wore his earbuds, and strode away with his head bobbing to the beat of his music.

    "Oh, and also - give Johannes some space." William hollered from afar and disappeared into the corner.

    Johannes who? Kelsey didn't get what William meant, but she shrugged off and went on.

    Kelsey entered the cafeteria - there, she saw a diverse platter of delightful banquet from all cultures. She never saw anything like this before. Throughout her life she had lived in poverty and only had access to basic sustenance. Within an instant, she grabbed a plate and shoved a pile of everything into her porcelain. She didn't care about mismatching and jumbling American, Japanese, Indian, Arabic, and whatever cuisine available - she wanted all of them.

    When she was done with her multicultural pile of food, she picked up a cup and headed towards the coffee machine. There, Kelsey queued up behind a pale white boy with a mostly black attire. She waited for a while but the boy took rather long, so Kelsey decided to grab the coffee later and hopped off to find herself a table.

    For the most part, the cafeteria was empty since by this hour, most students already had their dinners. However, several rows of table were occupied by dozens of disturbingly identical looking green-haired girls. Still, there were a bunch of unseated tables and Kelsey took one and quickly downed her food.

    Kelsey rubbed her taut belly after she emptied her plate - she felt absolutely satisfied. There was a room for a little more but she didn't want to overdo it. Besides, she needed to be physically fit for her hero routines. As Kelsey stood and walked to return her dirty plate, she noticed that there's now all but one lone green haired girl dining on her own - the cafeteria suddenly felt eerily empty. Kelsey felt rather bamboozled, but eventually shrugged off and went to return her used dish.

    Afterwards, she went back to the coffee machine to grab some herself. To her surprise, the boy in all-black attire was still there. Now with a small black puddle pouring below him. Kelsey was puzzled - she slowly walked to the boy's side and saw his pale face staring at the wall behind the coffee machine with an empty expression. The boy's hand which held his cup pushed into the buttons, releasing a stream of hot coffee that overflowed his cup and into the boy's hand until it dripped into the floor and formed the puddle. Judging by the small white tendrils of smoke rising from the liquid, the coffee must be searingly hot - but the boy doesn't seem perturbed at all.

    Well, this is unsettling. Kelsey backed off and exited the cafeteria, she'll just get some drinks somewhere else.

    Upon returning to the rows of corridors and large halls, Kelsey instantly regretted not asking William how to find her way back. She spent a while wandering around cluelessly on her own before finally reaching her dorm. As she opened the door she found a South Asian girl tinkering around the Television in the common room.

    "Oh, hey there!" the girl looked back and stood up as soon as she heard the creaking sound of Kelsey opening the door. "I guess you're my roommate."

    "Hi! I'm Kelsey Chambers" Kelsey greeted back and offered her hands to the girl.

    "I'm Jaya Kobayashi, you can call me Jaya - its a pleasure to meet you." Jaya replied as the two girls shared a handshake.

    "Soooo roommates huh?" Jaya smiled "I hope we can get along, Kelsey."

    "Mhm" Kelsey nodded. She wanted to bring up the topic of Tyler Roman, but she doesn't want to admit that she snooped in Jaya's room earlier - she'll certainly raise the topic at another opportunity, perhaps tomorrow.

    "If you don't mind, I'm going to mess with the TV a bit." Jaya focused her attention back at the TV " I'm trying to have it access more channel - a chunk of them are blocked by the school." she continued. As she touched the TV it buzzed and shifted through thousands of channels in a blink of an eye.

    "Wow...you can do that?" Kelsey asked in amazement.

    "Yeah, that's what I do - I can manipulate electronics just by touching them." Jaya replied "You?"

    "Oh, nothing too special - I can grow in size" Kelsey answered while pouring herself water from a dispenser.

    "Really? How big can you get?" Jaya countered.

    "I don't really know - at a point I could hold cars like a fruit in my palm." Kelsey answered while sipping water from her cup. Jaya paused and gawked at her in bemusement.

    "Wow. Remind me not to rub you the wrong way." she remarked to herself. The moment Jaya stopped talking the television abruptly stopped and turned into a static blue screen with a short yet definitive text:


    "Damn - they caught me." Jaya cursed. Rather than being angry or frustrated, she seemed somewhat amused that someone foiled her antics "Oh, well."

    'Ting!' a single tinkle resonated from the kitchen.

    "Oh! My pancakes are done." Jaya stood and rushed into the kitchen "Would you like some, Kelsey?"

    Wow. Not only that her roommate read the same book, she also offered Kelsey one of her favorite food. Kelsey was irreligious but if there's anything such as a divine sign this would be it.

    "Pancakes? I'd love that!" she gladly accepted. Kelsey had already ate but she still had a little bit of wiggle room in her stomach for some pancakes.

    Jaya was delighted by her roommate's enthusiastic response and handed Kelsey a plate of freshly baked pancake.

    "Right-o! Hold a sec, let me add my special ingredient." Jaya ran back to the kitchen. Then, she returned with a pan and poured her 'special ingredient' on Kelsey's pancake.

    Kelsey thought as her expression turned from gleeful to an unfathomable face someone makes when witnessing something beyond their comprehension. It wasn't maple syrup, honey, or chocolate that Jaya poured. It was a pile of curly noodles. Kelsey knew by experience that it was one of those cheap bulk Indonesian instant noodles that she used to eat back home. Normally she wouldn't mind it, hell, she just mixed diverse ranges of food when she was in the cafeteria - but this mix was simply an unholy blasphemy to her eyes.

    Jaya immediately dug into her culinary masterpiece. Meanwhile, Kelsey just sat there in utter disbelief. Her roommate glanced at her as she ate, Kelsey didn't want to ruin such a good start with her new roommate so she sucked up and started gulping the food. The sensation of smooth pancake dough combined with the sticky, slimy, curly, and heavily spiced Indomie mixed together assaulted her tongue, but she persevered and slowly ate away her portion. Trying to eat the pancake and the noodles separately certainly helped a bit.

    "Want some more?" Jaya asked as she went back to the kitchen to take more of her 'great culinary work' for herself.

    "Nu-no...thanks. I think I'll go to sleep now." Kelsey leaped out of her seat as soon as she finished her pancake and headed towards her quarters.

    "Alright, good night, Kelsey!" Jaya said as she dug in another plate of her Indomie pancakes.

    "G...Guh..good Night, Jaya." Kelsey replied while closing her doors.

    Kelsey was now alone in her room, she could still hear the clanking of Jaya's utensils outside, but for the most part she's now again - in her own world. Her mouth still felt weird from the unique culinary experience Jaya gave - it had certainly ruined the satisfying dinner she had at the cafeteria earlier.

    Before going to sleep, she proceeded to rearrange her stuff and her room a little to be a little more accommodating. When she was done, she looked into her documents and papers to thoroughly plan her time at this school. She was certainly relieved that Doctor Anwar told her to ignore the insane demands made by the government - she selected lighter series of courses for herself and intended to submit the documents to the school's administration next morning.

    As she laid herself in the bed to end the day, she reflected on herself. The day had certainly been a wild ride for her - this entire place defied her expectations. The people she met ranged from really nice to really weird, but she was certainly glad that no one was mean to her. At least tonight, she would not cry herself to sleep as she normally would. Overall, it was a good start.

    Before closing her eyes, Kelsey felt she had forgotten about something important. Damn, what was it that I wanted to do? she asked herself. Oh yeah! Kelsey remembered what she needed to do. She reached beside her and snapped her HoloPad. There, she opened her browser and started typing: 'Star Wars'.

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    Megumi came out of the Analysis Center completely exhausted and quite hungry. Well, to be completely accurate, twenty-four Megumis came out of the Analysis Center completely exhausted and quite hungry. Part of the Analysis involved her making quite a few clones, she hadn't dismissed them yet as she didn't want to experience the fatigue hit. She felt that they were all willing to be dismissed, they were as tired as she was after all. And she was sure that they couldn't get up to too much mischief considering how physically exhausted they all were. Will the Analysis Center help control her powers better? She sincerely hoped so, but it would probably be a few days before they got back to her with the data.

    Outside of the Analysis Center was none other than Marie St.Paul, her roommate.

    "Ohayo Megumi-cha-" Marie began, but was obviously surprised by the sheer amount of clones there were "Um...Ohayo Megumi-chans?" Marie continued weakly.

    "Evening, Marie." The twenty-four Megumis responded simultaneously. After a small amount of confusion, the Megumis decided that the original Megumi should probably speak for them all. Megumi and Marie communicated through a mixture of Japanese and English as neither could speak the other's language completely, while the other twenty-three Megumis followed closely behind.

    After a few minutes of talking Marie had communicated, through a mixture of Japanese and English, that while she had missed the normal dinner times she could still get some food and that there was a newcomer. A few gears turned in the most devious part of her brain and a cheeky look appeared in her eyes. As this newcomer was going to be in the cafeteria alone and likely hadn't had a chance to learn about everyone's powers, it was a perfect opportunity for an epic prank. Megumi was a fan of good natured (and usually fairly tame/lame) pranks. Her favourite time was when she assembled a fake moustache from hair clippings and wore it to school. She had of course tried to exploit her powers to prank people before, but well..the less she thinks about that time the better. She was confident that nothing would go as disastrously wrong this time, they were all exhausted and the Analysis Center had helped her build some rapport with the current crop of clones. She excused herself from her conversation with Marie and quickly rallied her clones together to the cafeteria, where they set up.

    The cafeteria was empty, aside from the dozens of clones of Megumi and Johannes, who Megumi had decided to give a wide berth. While she felt some sort of comradery with the other students who had trouble controlling their powers, Johannes seemed like the kind of person who would appreciate a wide berth. Suddenly, the door opened and the newcomer walked into the room. The Megumis stared at the newcomer with a creepy glare, but they were also desperately trying to hide rapidly forming grins at the success of the prank. The confused look on the newcomer's face was priceless, an obvious indicator of a successful prank. The newcomer composed herself and gathered some food and found a seat. The newcomer started devouring her meal at an alarming rate, this was a good sign that she was distracted so Megumi quickly dismissed her clones. The exhaustion hit her like a truck, but seeing memories of the newcomer's confusion from twenty four different angles was payment enough. Shortly afterwards the newcomer had finished her meal and looked around, seeing that there was only one Megumi left. After a brief amount of time looking around with a confused look on her face, the newcomer shrugged and left the room. After the newcomer had left, Megumi had a hearty chuckle. That was definitely one of her most amusing pranks that she had done in years! It was well worth the feeling of dragging herself to her bed like a zombie. Collapsing onto the bed after quickly saying goodnight to Marie, Megumi feel asleep with a smile on her face for the first time since she had come to this place.
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    Spoiler :

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    Semi-cannon illustration of a part of my RP above.

    (You can tell thatI really love this game)

    P.S: If this game dies I'm going to immolate puppies.
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    No way Tyo looks THAT attractive
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    Name: Yavor Iliev
    Gender: Male
    Origin: Yavor was born in a rural part of the country - you know, Bulgaria. Like, you know, not that rural that they yell after black people and chant rude things, nor burn crosses in their backyards for fun. But it's a quiet place. People have a certain, limited horizon. In such a realm was Yavor born. One of his favourite hobbies was eating up fantasy books - be it Lord of the Rings or Wheel of Time, he spent much of his time reading. As time passed, he realised he really, really liked Elves. So pretty. But not in a human way - no, in a cold, inhuman way, which Yavor just adored. Pretty ears, too. Who doesn't like pointy ears, anyway?

    One day, when he woke up, he looked into the mirror, and saw a sight that terrified him. And for once, it wasn't his face. Well, terrified wouldn't be the correct word. More like...made him feel curious. His ears...they weren't human. They were pointy. Just like in the books! He decided to hide them...but as the minutes passed, he felt different. Stronger. More confident. Just...different. And then, well, he kinda forgot what happened next. It all just faded out. The next day, he found himself in a ditch, and, uh, there were a couple of polite policemen around him, telling him that his family sent them out to look for him. They also told him a bizarre tale about a pointy-eared freak looting candy stores....

    Two years passed since that event. Somehow, he managed to hide it. It wasn't easy, and his family got in the way. But he began understanding his powers a little bit better. First, apparently, he acquired the ability to charm people into doing...well. Mostly small-time things. You know, get a vinyl or two for free...Made him wonder what he could do. But also, there was apparently a possibility to change into different forms. Not just a male elf, but...well, he discovered that one morning when he woke up horny and, well, he shapeshifted into a female elf. That was pretty nice. Although he couldn't keep up the shape for long, because, well, it's unfamiliar, ya know. Ahem.

    But, all that's good that lasts must eventually end - know the saying? One day, he, well, slipped for far too long. Perhaps his longest transformation. And he learnt an important lesson; the more he stayed in that form, the more, well, residue there was left. In other words, he was stuck with the pointy years for days. And people noticed. They didn't like it, you know, as we mentioned, this is in rural Bulgaria. So they were about to boot him out, when suddenly, a recruiter from Grand Peak appeared! He said he's investigating "weird sightings that didn't make sense", thinking that something's afoot here. Well, of course, Yavor was practically given away to that weirdo, because, well, who wants to keep a strange pointy-eared troublemaker?

    Superpower: Has the ability to morph into an elf. Who is stronger, more dextrous and whatnot. Just kinda stupid. He, uh, also doesn't remember some of the details when he turns into an elf.

    Also, he looks rather ugly once the transformation ends.

    Dexterity: -1
    Perception: -1
    Intelligence: 2
    Charisma: -1
    Willpower: 2

    Appearance: He's tall. And he has black hair. Also wears glasses. Likes wearing hoodies.

    Favorite Activities: listening to music
    Favorite Color: blueee.
    Favorite Music: progressive rock music because he's annoying like that.
    Favorite Sport: volley-goddamned-honest-to-god-ball
    Favorite Song: the prog rock epic "Barkus"
    Languages: Bulgarian (native), English (learnt), Japanese (pillow, uh, talk)
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    “Hey! Hey! Hey!”

    A moderately built young man slid across the room, inspiring awe from his peers on the sidelines. His opponent, a taller, bulkier man, remained across the ring, looking somewhere between confused and frustrated.

    “Sit still will you!?” The larger man turned around and began charging, only to be evaded again, the smaller figure taunting him this time with a pat on the back. The brute slammed into the side of the ring. The students sitting directly above the walls observing the battle ‘ooo’ed.
    “Augh!” The larger roared and stomped his foot to the ground, causing the room to shake. The smaller man didn’t seem to mind much.

    “You’d have to do better than that to knock Juan down!” The smaller one laughed, addressing himself in the third person.
    “Who even talks like that?!” The larger roared once more as he again charged.
    “You never learn…” Juan taunted, setting himself to dodge out of the way again. Before any of that, however.

    The sound of a whistle blared. An otherwise average looking man with a grey ball for a head stood tall above walls of the ring, looking down and with a metal whistle seeming to be somewhat inside the ball. A voice spoke as the whistle fell to his chest,
    “That’s enough.”

    “But- I haven’t even-!” The large one started in protest,
    “I’ve seen enough. This battle isn’t going to go anywhere,” He began addressing the entire class, “Part of being a Hero is understanding your weaknesses. As we can see, Jordan is entirely unprepared to take on an obstacle such as Juan.”
    Jordan’s face adopted a light shade of red, while Juan looked smugly triumphant, “B-but…”
    “-Which is why you are here. We will subject you to your weaknesses and you will overcome them.” He seemed to specifically address Jordan now. “This is your starting point. Learn what you can’t do, and strive to do them anyways. That’s what it means to be a Hero. Now… Let’s get another two of you in there.”
    The teacher immediately regretted this phrasing as students seemed to jump at that prospect. One of the students somehow got their hands on two bells, and began singing about how she should go next.

    Jordan climbed the ladder back to the top of the ring’s wall, a bit less embarrassed. Juan still looked triumphant as ever, feeling as though he had surely proven himself capable.

    “Juan-kun, you were pretty cool!” an over-excited American-accented voice rang in Juan’s ear as he exited the Combat and Defense class area.
    “Well, I aim to impress!” Juan replied, striking a sort of pose that one could assume was supposed to look cool.
    The girl, Marie St. Paul, took the bait. “Sugoi!”
    “But, uh, who are you?”
    “Hedoi, Juan-kun! We had introductions in class just now!”
    “Well, you know…” Juan struck another pose. She again took the bait.
    “Hey do you play an instrument? You should join my band!”
    “No, I don’t really-”

    Before Juan could finish, she jammed it into his chest and exclaimed, “Here take this! I totally forgot I’m late for my next class! We’ll talk later, call me! Or come to my room! Wait, don’t, my mom said not to do that! But if you keep it a secret maybe you can! Bye!” She kept talking as she got further, and Juan couldn't get a single word in.

    Juan was flustered.
    Wasn’t this supposed to be my introduction?

    October 1st, 2096


    The situation in Korea is not improving. Each day, law enforcement and hero agencies get several calls, most of them reporting robbery and kidnapping. Though, the vast majority of these crimes have been thwarted, the criminals in question seeming to be entirely isolated. Even so, law enforcement is struggling to find the cause of this crime uptick.

    Xero’s concert in Tokyo was a massive success, with visitors around Japan and even abroad stopping by! Xero himself called out a fan to come up and share the stage, an American who seemed to have the ability to create strange pamphlets out of nothing. However, his next journey on the tour being Korea has many afraid about whether Xero still plans to go. No official word on that yet.

    Selling another top company off to Google, Tyler Roman has ascended to almost the richest person in the world. “I’m just getting started.” Mr. Roman said after over 50 years of successful business ventures.


    • As before, stats are being sent between today and tomorrow.
    • If you didn’t send orders, I assumed you did personal training. If you don’t send orders again, you’ll be delegated to NPCs.
    • Some cool NPCs are coming soon, speaking of!
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