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Civ III Great Books Editor


Jan 25, 2002
United States
This is my second utility for Civ III modders.
This utility makes it easy to edit the "Great Books" dialog that pops up in the game. For example, you can change the "Machiavelli has completed his work...." to "John Doe has written a book about...."

Just download the file and unzip it. Run the setup program.

Version 1.01
Please post feedback and/or rate this thread. Thank you!

I am planning on making a series of editors for the game and expansion pack so if you have any ideas, let me know.
Cute program. :crazyeye:

I think it's not too difficult to modify the txt file, but with this application it becomes very, very easy.

But, i hope, you agree that this is not one of the most important parts of Civ3. ;)
Thanks for the compliment. ;)

I know this is really the most important thing to modify in Civ III and there are many people who don't even read the message when it pops up, but it's still fun to play with. :) I made this utility mostly for modders who are making scenarios/mods that are fictional. For example, Star Wars mod people can make it say "Yoda has completed his book on the Wealthiest Civilizations."
I used it to add the following historian/authors:
  • Josephus
  • Shakespeare
  • Henry Thoreau
  • Socrates
  • Plato
  • Aristotle
  • Pythagorus
I feel this is a great utility as it reminded me that I have to change the Author Names in my MTG mod, because I dont think Gerrand and Squee have been introduced to Vliny, Gibbon, or Heroditus.

Thanks pesoloco for your contribution to the world of mod-making

Sorry, the I believe the game limits the number of civs displayed to 8, but I haven't tested this.

Originally posted by Exsanguination

Can you explain "dialog options" box?

Idea for next tool: Editor that edits the script.txt.

The dialog options box lets you customize the message that pops up and tells you the top 8 civs in a certain category.
The box usually pops up with the cultural advisor's face and he is happy. You can change which advisor pops up by selecting one from the advisor combo box. You can also change what facial expression he has by changing the Mood combo box. The caption is the title that appears on the message. The message can get a little confusing because it has so many keywords (all caps with $ in front of them). You can add anything you want to this message. The game inserts words in place of the keywords.

I have started a tool for editing script.txt
In the message box, the ^ means "start a new line"
the "^^" means "start a new line and center the text"
In the message:

To make text bold:
enclose it in curly brackets:

{this text will be bold}

To make text italic:
enclose it in square brackets:

[this text will be italic]

To make text both bold and italic:
enclose it in both curly and square brackets:
{[this text will be both bold and italic]}
The game has it hard-coded that the same advisor pops up for all the books.

I have uploaded the new version (1.22)
This version re-organizes the program and provides better instructions on-screen.
There is no new functionality, but its worth getting the update.

Here is the full install:

If you already have it installed ,all you need to do is get the patch:
(see attached file)
Here is a new screen shot

The category buttons at the top reveal more options when you click on them.
It's Pythagoras btw.

Everyone who changes the txt should have Jean Bodin and Theodor Mommsen in, one a famous 17th century French historian, the other 19th century Germany.
It looks good. I like the other utility you made as well.

I was hoping to add a list of all the civs if you played with more than 8.
Originally posted by kring
It looks good. I like the other utility you made as well.

I was hoping to add a list of all the civs if you played with more than 8.

You can try and see what happens. As far as I know, the number is hard-coded at 8 civs.
Originally posted by OmniMower
Hey Peso,
Your utilities are GREAT!!! :goodjob:
...can you put all your UTILITIES in one Editor????

...and where shall I post my demand on the Military Loss Utility?

/Your Lawnmower OmniMower

Maybe once I get a few more utilities under my belt I will put them all together into one editor.
I will look into making the military loss utility.
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