Civilo-pdf Lore Compendium

Yeah. About the Random Stories and Fragments: theoretically, I was supposed to catalogue its contents in the first post, but I've since failed in that duty.
You might want to check the various pedia threads for FF, FF+ and Orbis. I think there was also one in the main FFH though that must be six months old since it was last updated. The various minor leader threads might be pretty handy too. Of course, a lot of this material is non-canon, so if you include it you might need to shunt it to an appendix called something like "Rumours and Lies: Unconfirmed tales from Erebus"
Really nice job there. It is a very nice way to be able to ingest the behemoth that is the pedia. Do you plan on adding every single entry eventually? Some of the buildings are pretty cool, like the theatre, and some of the spells, like Hyborem's whisper.
You'll find an update in the first post. Keep in mind that the hyperlinks ("see also") don't work in this version. I'm going on vacation tomorrow and didn't get those done. I'm still not satisfied with the pictures either. I think they blend in with the oldish style of the book, but they kind of hurt to look at. Same with the map. Anyway, I'll fix those when I get back. Until then, I'll be here.

This time I also included a zip of the .doc files of just the text, in case the .pdf is too intense for anybody and they'd prefer to set their own text options.

I'd love feedback on the the general readability, the organization, or anything else if anyone has opinions. I want this to be look all nice and stuff, but ease of reading is most important.

Beautiful work, Im honored that you spend so much time on this. You really make it look nice! :goodjob:
Beautiful work, Im honored that you spend so much time on this. You really make it look nice! :goodjob:

Aww. Thanks! It's a lot of fun and I love doing it. I remember how extraordinarily my experience of the game improved once I started reading the pedia entries. The stuff's just that good!
I downloaded this and I am blown away by it. It's got pretty much all the lore of FFH (disregarding mods like Fall Further or Rise From Erebus), but it's very detailed. I recommend this for everyone looking to read the lore of FFH. I even found out why Ethne the White is a leader in the first place. Turns out she's the daughter of a king.
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Dead or not, i think this thread sud be a sticky. Ive been searching for something like that for a couple of days, and this is better work that i had hoped for. I believe it sud be easilly accesible.
It appears this file went missing in the server migration. Does anyone have it, and could you attach it to the thread if you do?
here you go....


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