Colonialist Legacies’ Inuit for VP

Yeah, so it’s definitely something has changed with the back-end. I need to isolate exactly what is going wrong, but assigning ownership of the tiles to a city is making that city a nil value for other UI processes. This is a new issue which has arisen without me changing anything, which means something in the DLL has been changed that breaks the functionality.
In the DLL or in the lua.
As it's the UI and it makes a lua error I would guess it's lua.
I would make a GitHub report, especially as even without modmods there is a lua error in 6a that I've mentioned to @Gazebo , and it might be related, something with Game not existing.
Just reuploaded a new version with a bug fix for the lua. I think it should work now.

Should also be save compatible
Do the Inuits have some kind of flavor that makes them keep a war going, like, almost indefinitely? I've just had my second game in a row where I've completely thrown up my hands and abandoned it because I got into a war with the Inuits that they simply would. Not. Let. Go. Of. Warscore in my favor, killing multiple units per turn, pushing into their cities a little, nothing makes them stop. It's honestly really frustrating.
There’s nothing particularly unique about the Inuit’s approach biases except that they have fairly high neutral approaches across the board. I’ll post their flavours soon, maybe @Recursive can comment.
I wonder if the sled doggies are implicated somehow. It doesn't seem to matter how soon I go after him, he always has absolute carpets of the puppers. Wonder if their low cost and lack of horse requirement is allowing him to feel overconfident? Just spitballing.

EDIT: I'm also curious what exactly "high neutral approaches" actually means? Because all else aside, the Inuits always choose Authority and warmongering, almost without exception.
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in many occasions, the inuits settle on non-snow or non-tundra land which makes them lose their key atttribute. how can i make a change to their settling point so that they always settle on near tundra or snow land?
You have to use base maps or else their starting bias doesn’t work. The civ isn’t compatible with communitu or milae’s map script for instance
It is totally compatible with Communitu_79a. For Milae's you have to turn off override AssignStartingPlots. Won't work with other Communitas-based maps.
Whenever I play against the Inuit as an AI opponent, their units refuse to move. They just remain standing next to their capital for the rest of their lives. All nearby ruins remain unexplored.

I only use VP and the 3/4 UC mod and a lot of the other custom civs. This has been an issue before recent changes, but I thought I would give them a go again to see if it had changed.


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How serious is this civ's incompatibility with Communitas script?
How serious is this civ's incompatibility with Communitas script?
Communitas is not compatible with VP at all. Use Communitu_79a instead.
Great Merge compatibility added.

The Inuit mod now removes other civs' ability to build their unique improvements in snow. This is a small, peripheral change in most cases, but keeps the Inuit feeling more special, as the civ that was specifically designed to exist in those terrain types, which was undercut by many other civs being able to build in those tiles.
2.7 compatibility added.

Fixed some text and fixed the Qamutiik's promotions in light of the new promotions for the skirmisher line.
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