Command and Conquer Planning Thread

I wanted to wish you "Get better soon!" with a C&C meme and it turned out that there is such a thing as C&C Healthcare:

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So I made a meme for you:
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This ain't dead. I am just working on bits that don't really bear reporting. Updates shall continue in time.
A short update.

Many of you have probably been wondering what is going on. Well the answer is simple. And it is an object lesson in setting your requirements.

Put simply I have come to the conclusion that two of my initial design goals, that being a tech tree that follows the same rough number of techs and actually modeling Red Alert 1 and 2 are incompatible. Now that this is established I'll be getting on with the development in a bit of a sideways direction. Stay tuned.
Progress is slow but steady. Just today I named two new techs.
Also, KMOD has native support for heroes so that's good news...
While I am still working on the tech tree I have decided to take a break and do some art and side projects while my thoughts collect.
One part of it is renaming and reworking the promotion tree both in terms of icons, names and unit availability. As well as some fun things in between.

So stay tuned for things like chrono (+20% withdraw chance), chemical weapons (+25% vs infantry) and cyborg. I'll let you figure out what that last one does.
Working version of the icon for armored units.


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I've sent you a PM.

Meanwhile, here is a sample of some of the things I did make work. In particular, the Combat promotion line has been renamed and given new icons to match the C&C aesthetic.
Tier 2 infantry, Rifle Infantry, WW3 Era.
Allied GI

Work in progress

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Random update of the day. The tech tree has reached over half way done with me being well into the RA2 era in designing it. And since the original alpha will only go up to there...

Also, terror drones are cute. Anyone who disagrees is wrong and should be ashamed.
Is there an alpha available? Maybe for insiders? :mischief:
I won't start actually adding things to the game until I am finished with the tech tree and stuff. Well, ok, I have added some stuff like some units and things. But like there won't be anything playable until than.

This said, actually adding stuff is not that much work once that is done. It's mostly just XML and some custom art. Most of the later not being needed for an alpha. So all things going well an alpha should be up by the end of spring. And when that happens I will be more than happy to let you and everyone else interested test it.
Too bad. I could really use someone to act as a play tester if nothing else than to give me a second and unbiased opinion.
In that case I want to pass something by you and anyone else who might care. And that's my idea for unique units.

Both CIV4 and C&C have a tradition of one unique unit per nation. And I intend to keep it that way. However in addition to this each nation will also be in one of the two (initially) basic camps. That being allies and soviets. And these camps will have several units each that are unique to the whole camp.

For example the Tesla Tank is the Russian UU replacing RA2 era tanks. But all soviet faction nations (except Iraq) get Tesla Troopers as their Heavy Infantry 2. Where as all allies get Chrono Legionares in that slot. And these units will be mechanically different. Tesla Troopers get collateral damage where as Chrono Legionares get 20% withdraw chance. So they play and feel differently.

However there won't be too many examples like that. Just enough to keep the lore feeling right. Most units will be the same for each faction just with a model swap.
The reason for this is that I don't want to make the game too unbalanced by going the full Red Alert 2 route where one faction does not even get aircraft.
Update: Data entry has begun on technologies. Starting with names. Each one needs 4 sets of tags. 4. Name, quote, pedia and strategy. Even with placeholders for 3 of those this is going to be one hell of a chore. Good thing I have a piece of software written to at least make it slightly less annoying.
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