Compilation of female advisors - 3 by me, 3 by Taé Shala


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Dec 27, 2001
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Hello all,
Taé Shala and I have been collaborating to bring you a set of six advisors. There are screenshots below, but the file size limit means you have to go here to get it:

Local Copy

Below is the readme.txt.

Civilisation 3 Femme Fatales
Advisor head replacements for ALL of the advisors.

This replaces the original Femme Fatale pack with three advisors and Taé Shala's two advisor packs and bundles them all up in one neat package.

Availability -

Contact - PM Futumch or Taé Shala on the Civ3 forums at


First, back up your old popup???.pcx and advisor_tab.pcx files.
(They are in the Art/Smallheads directory under Civ3).

Next, extract the six popup$$$.pcx files into the Art/Smallheads directory. Extract the advisor_tab.pcx to the same directory.

Now if you run Civ, you should see these ladies offering advice on all manner of subjects.

I hope you enjoy this small contribution to Civilisation 3.



Thanks to Taé Shala for the idea. There's another two heads to download on the forums at, but this zip replaces those. We collaborated via e-mail to re-colour the original two heads plus the new military advisor.

Anyway, it worked in-game, and that was the point of the exercise.

3rd of April, 2002.

The first three advisors.


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The second set of three advisors. These advisors were recoloured from 24-bit originals once I worked out all the hex editing of palette stuff.


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This is the advisor tab - well one of the three button strips, anyway. That's it for now.


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Looks great! I have to give it a try. :goodjob: Do these ladies have names? :love:
Originally posted by Thunderfall
Looks great! I have to give it a try. :goodjob: Do these ladies have names? :love:

the names in order as they appear:


there,s no sunday and you probably can guess why (-;
Ahhhh! My heart!
Originally posted by Taé Shala

I wouldn,t worry too much about what anyone says about this mod (or anything else for that matter).
It is very nice to play the game with it. And you,ll find that most of the people that downloaded this, are not opinonated little pricks that have nothing better to do than to criticize others work.

My advice to those of you that don,t like it, don,t download it and keep your shyty meaningless opinions to yourselves.
Originally posted by CurtSibling
this is so sad,

guys, get out more!

You call people sad... have you read your own signature?
I,ve seen someone post under the name taé_diggs at a different site. And i was just wondering if you were the same person. The name, "Taé" is a very unique name on the net, it,s not even a common name in RL for that matter

And if so, cool, we have some what of a mutual friend.

Almost forgot to say, that your english is fine, not like my ex.
Well, I knew who one of them was, and I was able to figure out another because of a nagging feeling that it was a familiar picture, which I later found hiding on my drive, and two of them look similar to others I know (but I know they aren't them)...

So anyway, who are they?
Hey Taé, should we tell them who the girls we used are, now?
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