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Design your own Civ VI civ

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Morningcalm, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. cjm81499

    cjm81499 Chieftain

    Aug 3, 2016
    My shot at an Ottoman Civ

    Ottoman Empire led by Osman I

    Spoiler :

    Leader Unique Ability: Osman's Dream - For every 4 improved tiles with an appeal of 3 or more gain +1 faith/+1 gold. Unlocks the Dardanelles Gun.

    Dardanelles Gun: Replaces cannon. May only have 1 Dardanelles Gun at any given time before having to build cannon's. Dardanelles Gun does 2x more damage to cities/units, has 2x more hitpoints.

    Spoiler :

    Faction Unique Ability: Better the Sultan's turban than the Cardinal's Hat - Units gain double xp when fighting in enemy territory, gain a lump sum of faith equal to a cities hitpoints upon annexing it.

    Faction Unique Unit: Janissary - Replaces musketman. 60 strength (vs. standard 55). Does not require niter.

    Spoiler :

    Faction Unique District: Seraglio - Replaces Theater District. Receives +1 culture for every adjacent district, rather than standard +1 culture for every 2 adjacent districts. Units stationed on the district cost half maintenance.

    Spoiler :
  2. daft

    daft The fargone

    Dec 19, 2013
    New World
    Please, Ottoman lovers, take a bow to Byzantium, the empire Ottomans razed and conquered, and on ruins of which (and upon knowledge of which) they built their own. Byzantium, mind you, takes precedence to antything Ottoman (Turkish).

    And now...

    Let's see your detail leader/agenda/uniques - suggestions for the tribes I haven't seen so far in this thread:

    1. Nabataeans
    2. Tibet
    3. Georgia
    4. Cherokee.
    5. Medes
    6. Parthia
    7. Sassanids
    8. Phoenicia
    9. Avars
    10. Wends
    11, Lithuania
    12. Bulgaria
    13. Armenia (ancient kindom of Armenia) or Urartu (its predecessor)
    14. Normandy
    15. Burma
    16. Khazaria
    17. (Crimean) Tatars
    18. Gauls
    19. Papal State(Vatican) (partially in a previous thread)
    20. Navajo
    21. Minoans (ancient Crete)
    22. Ashanti
    23. Asyria (why the heck have none of you mentioned Assyria???)

    Can you pre-civ (game-play) any of these?

    I've got more suggestions and will post them up if ever most of those I mentioned above get properly pre-suggested

    (thanks to those who mentioned Hatti, and please, no more Portugal suggestions! (simply too many in this thread!!!)
  3. daft

    daft The fargone

    Dec 19, 2013
    New World
    Byzantine Unique Units should consist of:

    1. Dromon (Greek Fire Ship, replacing a classical/medieval vessel and with a powerful naval attack bonus)

    2 Varangian Guard: Infantry (Axemen) extremely loyal and strong medieval infantry unit, costly to build and maintain.

    3. Cataphract (the predecessors of Knights, these units should become available earlier than Knights, and unlike Persian (Parthian/Sassanid) Cataphracts be a melee mounted military unit only, very powerful on attack (impact!), but less so than Knights. Parthian/Persian Cataphract could be made into a melee/ranged armored unit, less powerful on Impact than the Byzantine Cataphract, but capable of ranged attack.
  4. king of nowhere

    king of nowhere Chieftain

    Nov 23, 2016

    Leader: Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour

    Leader ability: Risorgimento. Your units gain +4 to combat strenght when fighting in the terrain of a city that was conquered from you by your enemy. All your cities occupied by an enemy generate partisan points, which will spawn partisan units figthing against the occupier.

    Civ Bonus: Historical city center. City center districts produce 1 culture per turn for every era that passed since the city was founded. Archeologists can dig city centers founded in the middle age or earlier for artifacts as if they were archeological ruins.

    Unique unit: Alpini. Infantry unit specialized in mountain warfare. Only needs one movement point to move on hill, +5 to combat strenght on hill.

    Unique improvement: Agritourism: available with Conservation, replaces plantation. Gives the benefits of plantation, and it additionally gives tourism equal to the food value of the tile, plus the appeal of the tile, divided two, rounded down.

    Agenda: Get along. Will try to avoid being strongly disliked by anyone. Likes civilizations that aren't strongly disliked by anyone. Dislikes civilizations that dislike other civilizations.

    Hystorical notes: I've tried to capture the spirit of modern italy in archeological relics, food and tourism. Not a great civ for conquering others, but give their soldiers enough motivation - say, by conquering their homelands - and they will fight fiercely, as shown in the world wars. It was quite difficult to find a suitable leader: virtually all italian politicians are widely impopular, and those few who managed to stay in power for longer are all rumored of shady dealings. I had to go back 150 years to find someone who was important and had a good reputation.
  5. Meowzer

    Meowzer Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2016
    The Dutch

    Civilization ability: Chartered company
    Trade routes to foreign cities earn +2 gold for each luxury resource. (This bonus becomes active after discovering Mercantilism and is inactive with any civilizations who have discovered Globalization, including The Dutch.)

    Unique unit: Sea Beggar
    Replaces the Privateer. Exactly the same unit except it gains XP and heals at double the normal rate. (This bonus is inactive if Sea Beggar is captured.)

    Unique infrastructure: Polder

    Worker improvement. Requires: Guilds. Can only be built on marshes. +3 food. +1 production (after Economics is discovered). +2 gold (after Economics is discovered). Farms can be upgraded to Polders for half-farm cost (production and gold).

    Start bias: Coast and Marshes


    Leader: William

    Leader ability: Sovereign Prince

    Receives an additional Diplomatic policy slot once Political Philosophy is discovered.

    Leader agenda: Wise Constitution

    Tries to have strong Amenities for his people.

    Religion: Protestantism



    Civilization ability: Mare Clausum

    Trader units are immune to being plundered on water tiles. Intercontinental trade routes provide +1 gold. (This bonus becomes active after discovering Mercantilism and is inactive with any civilizations who have discovered Globalization, including Portugal.)

    Unique unit: Nau
    Replaces Caravel. Exactly the same unit except it has +1 sight, +1 movement, and can withdraw when faced with a melee attack as long as it had at least one unused movement the previous turn. (This bonus is inactive if Nau is captured.)

    Unique infrastructure: Feitoria
    Requires Navigation. Exactly the same as a trading post except it provides one extra trade route and a +5 combat bonus for defending units. Trading Posts can upgrade to Feitoria for 20 production.

    Start bias: Coast


    Leader: Manuel

    Leader ability: Imperial Growth

    Receives a trade route for every continent he discovers and another once all continents are discovered. Units receive +7 Combat Strength within 7 tiles of their capital.

    Leader agenda: Overseas Empire
    Tries to have more intercontinental trade routes than any other civilization.

    Religion: Catholicism
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  6. Lord of War N02

    Lord of War N02 Lord of Southeast Asia

    Apr 17, 2010
    Somewhere on Earth

    Civilization Ability: Venice of the East: receive boost bonus +1 culture, +1 production, +1 science from trade routes if city is large then recieve more boost bonus, recieve +1 additional trades routes

    Unique: Unit Chang Suek(replaces Knight) - does not requires any resources, +10% against cavalry, -1 movement, 50 strength instead 48 like regular knights

    Unique building: Wiharn(Replace Temple) - + 1 Great Scientist per point, +2 Science, +2 Culture

    Leader: Naresuan
    Leader ability: Yutthahatti - +2 strength for all military unit when defense, heavy cavalry units receive promotion of I barding, 5% production if encampment from iron if melee units, horses if cavalry.
    Leader Agenda: likes the civs who have rivalry with same rival with him and civs that have same enemy with him, dislike civs that friendly to his rival and enemy.
    Capital: Ayutthaya

    Leader: Phibunsongkhram
    Leader ability: Rattaniyom: +1 culture from encampment, +1 military slot
    Leader Agenda: Thailand for Thais - Likes the civs who war with civ that invaders from other continent, dislike civs from others continents that declaring war on civs that near him
    Unique Unit: Thahan(Replace Infantry): ignore movement cost for jungle
    Capital: Bangkok

    Leader: Taksin
    Leader ability: King of Thonburi - +1 movement when war, military unit purchasing cost reduced by 10% if Siam is in war, +1 production for military unit from encampment.
    Leader Agenda: Expansion to the outer Zone -
    Capital: Thonburi
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2016
  7. U. Singularius

    U. Singularius Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2016
    'Expansion to the Outer Zone' - Will conquer immediate neighbors of Siam, and the City-States he holds Suzerainty.
    Not my area of expertise though.
  8. Ikael

    Ikael Chieftain

    Dec 2, 2005
    >>> Mayan civilization

    UU: Atlatl. Replaces spearman. The Atlatl can perform both ranged and melee strikes, gains faith from kills

    The Atlatl was a highly disciplined javelin trower that composed the backbone of the Mayan armies. This early unit will allow you to make early agressive agressive pushes as well as helping you to gain massive amounts of faith thanks to barb farming.

    UD: Ceremonial complex. Replaces reglious district. It provides science yields from natural wonders (+2 per adjacent natural wonder hex), mountains and rainforests (+0.5 science per adjacent rainforest and mountain), as well as +1 extra housing to its parent city

    Mayans were skilled astronomers, their religious beliefs acted as a huge motivator behind their scientific pursuits of astronomy, mathematics and engineering. Thanks to the Ceremonial complex, the Mayans will be able to excell both at the scientific and religious game, as well as build some impressively big early cities.

    UA: The long count. At the beggining of an era, you can choose one type of great people. All your cultural and scientific districts and all your wonders will yield +2 GP of the choosen type during the rest of that era. You cannot pick the same type of great people twice.

    Take the role of the powerful Mayan priests and declare what the new upcoming era will bring. Prophets? Artists? Generals? Scientists? The long count will allow the Mayans to adapt and react to the game's progression, as well as push the player towards building districts other than their Unique.

    Pacal's UA: The forgotten white tomb. You gain +5% production towards wonders and districts for each CS that you are suzerain of

    A powerful LUA meant to synergize with your civ's other traits, it also evokes Pacal's smart strategy of alliance networks and penchant for monumental architecture. If you ever face Pacal during the game, be sure to cut off his city state influence!
  9. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    Ikael, while I like the Forgotten White Tomb name and bonus, the other stuff is a tad too similar to what appeared in Civ V, in my opinion.

    Lord of War N02, please make suggestions for the abilities before asking others what they think should be the agenda/ability. It's easier to work off a flavorful suggestion than a question mark. :)
  10. Meowzer

    Meowzer Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2016

    Civilization ability: Chosen People

    Civilization ability: Chosen People
    Cities cannot be converted to another civilization's religion. Israel is exempted from other civilizations' Religious victory condition.

    Unique unit: Maccabee
    Replaces the Swordsman. Exactly the same unit except it cannot be built until a religion is founded, has an upkeep of 1, and yields 2 Faith for every kill.

    Unique infrastructure: Kibbutz
    Requires Economics. Upgrades Farm. Costs half farm production cost to upgrade (and no gold). Provides +1 Culture, +1 Faith, and +1 Food per turn.

    Starting bias: Sheep


    Leader: David

    Leader ability: ?

    +2 Great Prophet points per turn until a religion is founded. +10% Faith once a religion is founded.

    Leader agenda: Righteous King
    Strongly favors attempting a religious victory.

    Religion: Judaism
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
  11. Ikael

    Ikael Chieftain

    Dec 2, 2005
    Well, I was also considering an alternative to the tired and true Mayan ceremony complex:

    Unique Improvement: Cenote water temple. Must be built in jungle, can't be built next to each other. Cenote temples doesn't remove the jungle below. +1 housing, +2 faith. +2 housing if next to a lake. +2 faith and housing for each adjacent wonder (man made or otherwise). Will generate tourism upon the discovery of historic heritage (proportional to its housing capacity). If you disband a worker unit over a cenote, it will generate a certain amount of culture and faith (ahem).

    This way, you can take the Maya into another different direction from Civ 5's potrayal (megacities in the jungle VS scientific-religious), make it synergize with other Mayan's uniques (such as the great white tomb) and give it a bit of extra flavour to boot (human sacrifices for your unspent workers).
  12. steveg700

    steveg700 Warlord

    Feb 9, 2012
    Bear in mind that Great Prophet points serve no purpose once you've founded a religion.
  13. Meowzer

    Meowzer Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2016
    Ah, of course. Thank you.


    Civilization ability: Chosen People
    Receives +2 Great Prophet points per turn until they found a religion. Receives +4 Faith per turn after founding a religion.
  14. Turrdy

    Turrdy Chieftain

    Nov 30, 2016
    Sorry for potential bad English in advance.

    The Swiss
    A crafty little nation up in the mountains in the center of Europe

    Civ Ability
    Armed Neutrality
    Cannot declare war. Cannot be part of military pacts (alliances, defensive pact, and joint war). Warmongering penalties and war weariness when at war against Switzerland are doubled.

    Spoiler Historical Context :
    Switzerland is famous for it's political neutrality. It did not pick sides in either world war nor is it a member of the EU or NATO and is a member of the UN since only 2002. In medieval times Switzerland (or rather its loosly organised predecessors) had some expansionistic tendencies but after a major defeat in 1515 in the Battle of Marignano they thought minding their own business was a better idea. During the Napoleonic wars, the Swiss were not OK with fighting for France (who occupied Switzerland at that time) and in 1815, after the Vienna Congress, Swiss neutrality was re-established and fully recognised by all European powers.

    Leader Ability
    (Leaders are yet to be defined, but it's hard since Switzerland never was a land of powerful individuals. A non-person leader like "The People of Switzerland" or "The Swiss Federal Council" would make more sense)

    Militia Army
    Garrisoned Units count as 1 additional Citizen. Corps and Armies as 2 and 3, respectively.
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    Switzerland sports a milita army ever since. There are only a handful of officers who are doing "military" as a job. Most male citizens are drafted at the age of around 18-20 and have to serve 21 weeks in the army and are thereafter in reserve to the age of 32(-ish). 3 weeks of military service per year are mandatory during that time. If war broke out, these men were ready to pick up arms and bravely fight the intruder (at least thats what the posters said during the cold war). If not at war, swiss soldiers live a normal life as random citizens.

    Alternative: The People’s Will
    Can change policies for free anytime.
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    Direct Democracy is the purest of democracies! The swiss people can vote on almost every major issue, be it the abolition of nuclear power plants (just like they did last sunday) or joining the UN or social security or education stuff and so on (there's a whole list on the german wikipedia). And they can do it four times a year!

    Unique Unit
    Replaces Military Engineer. Can move on mountains and build streets and forts (costs two builds) thereon. If a street or fort is built on a mountain, that mountain becomes passable for all swiss units, but loses mountain adjacency bonuses.
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    Since Switzerland has a not uncosiderable amount of mountains, Swiss engineers are rather content in digging holes into hard rock. Some of those holes are used for transportation in form of tunnels and some others are used to put guns inside. During the second world war a large portion of the swiss alps was "cultivated" with bunkers: the so called Reduit was a widespread bunker network, possibly impossible to conquer.

    Alternative: Halberdiers
    Replaces Pikemen. Has only 36 strength (-5 compared to pikemen) but has the camouflage promotion (from the recon-tree) and is cheaper in production and maintenance (120 to produce / 2 Gold per turn). Camouflage promotion is lost when upgraded.
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    In the Middle Ages swiss soil was occupied by Habsburg and other powers of that time. The Swiss were poor and not well organized so they needed cheap troops and craftly tactics to defeat the intruders. Many vicotries were gained with the help of rather crude weapons like the Halberd and nasty ambushes in tight valleys. After all, Habsburg had to retire its plans to incorporate Switzerland.

    Unique Building
    Gold Vault
    Replaces Bank.+1 gold for every known civ not at war with and +1 gold for every CS you’re the suzerain of (instead of +5 gold like the Bank)
    Spoiler Almost Historical Context :
    I thought about making +1 gold for every known civ except for Germany that gives +2 ;)

    Alternative: Dairy
    Replaces Pasture. In addition to normal pasture bonuses, it creates a copy of Cheese if built on cattle. Cheese is a luxury resource like any other.
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    Everybody loves the famous Swiss Cheese!

    Leader Agenda
    Hates Civs that have more or make more Gold than Switzerland.

    Steam achievements
    That’s not how this works!
    Win a domination victory when playing as Switzerland.

    Swimming in Gold
    Have more than 10’000 Gold in your treasury when playing as Switzerland.

    Additional Inputs
    Great General
    William Tell. Gives a land unit the camouflage promotion. This promotion is persistent (also when upgrading).
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    National Hero who led the swiss in an ambush against the Habsburg forces (allegedly, that guy probably didn't even exist...)

    Great General
    Arnold von Winkelried: Adjacent enemy units cannot attak next turn.
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    Arnold Winkelried jumped into the enemy wall of spears (thereby killing himself) to make way for the Swiss to defeat the Habsburg forces in the Battle of Sempach

    Leonhard Euler. Science output is multiplied by 2.718 for the next 5 turns.
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    One of the most important mathematicions in history! Euler's Number e (=2.71828.....) is named after him.

    Great Artist
    H.R. Giger
    Spoiler Historical Context :
    That crazy dude who designed the Alien for Riddley Scott's film Alien. His art is disturbing and prepossessing at the same time.

    Large Hadron Collider: Unlocked with Nuclear Fusion. Gives Eureka for Future Tech (repeatedly).

    Spoiler Historical Context :
    It was built by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) between 1998 and 2008 in collaboration with over 10,000 scientists and engineers from over 100 countries, as well as hundreds of universities and laboratories. It lies in a tunnel 27 kilometres (17 mi) in circumference, as deep as 175 metres (574 ft) beneath the France–Switzerland border near Geneva, Switzerland.
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  15. steveg700

    steveg700 Warlord

    Feb 9, 2012

    Interesting. I would have made the Swiss pikemen rather badass rather than cheap, since they were renowned for being best-in-class when it came to pike formations.

    As for the hadron collider, that's probably a good research lab replacement. Maybe a science building with a regional effect.

    If you need a leader, I guess you can go with your great general.
  16. Turrdy

    Turrdy Chieftain

    Nov 30, 2016
    Yeah, I guess William Tell could make a cool and iconic leader (albeit being a figure of fiction... but so is Gilgamesh :D).

    The Large Hadron Collider wasn't meant to be a unique building but rather a swiss-themed wonder that any civ could build, as an addition to the game ;)
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  17. Meowzer

    Meowzer Chieftain

    Nov 5, 2016
    Civilization ability: Sea Empire
    Receives an extra Ancient and Classical era naval unit for each produced. Sea trade routes provide extra Culture for each Carthaginian city they pass through.
    Unique unit: Forest Elephant
    Exactly the same unit as Varu, except it is unaffected by rough terrain, can only be built on their home continent, and can only be built if they have a city on their home continent within 7 tiles of a forest on their home continent.
    Unique infrastructure: Phoenician Harbor
    Replaces Harbor. Exactly the same as Harbor except it provides one additional trade route capacity and +1 additional Gold to each of its adjacency bonuses.
    Starting bias: Coast

    Leader: Dido
    Leader ability: New City
    Starts game with Sailing. Receives +3 trade route capacity for trade routes going through its capital.
    Leader agenda: Proud Ruler
    Will not give up on liberating conquered Carthagian founded cities before making peace.
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2017
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  18. Arent11

    Arent11 Chieftain

    Nov 18, 2016
    Since there are no "pure" civs & especially a science civ is severely missing, I want to suggest something in that direction:

    Domination, Science, Culture, Religion

    Pure Domination Civ:

    Civ Name: Scythia Alternate
    Civ Ability: Double Units if light cavalry is build
    Leader Ability: Units heal when they kill a unit
    Unique Unit: Saka Horse Archer
    Unique Building/District/Improvement: Unique Encampment, gets additional production for adjacency

    Pure Science Civ:

    Civ Name: Babylon
    Civ Ability: Slightly larger effect of eurekas & inspirations
    Leader Ability: Earns great scientists faster
    Unique Unit: Unique Archer
    Unique Building/District/Improvement: Unique Campus, gets additional great people points

    Pure Religion Civ:

    Civ Name: Celts
    Civ Ability: Earn faith for kills in war
    Leader Ability: Discount on faith purchase
    Unique Unit: Unique Swordsman
    Unique Building/District/Improvement: Unique Holy Site district, gets additional faith for adjacent forests

    Pure Culture Civ: Hey, they already exist!

    Civ Name: Greeks
    Civ Ability: Additional wildcard slot
    Leader Ability: Earn culture for city states/kills in war
    Unique Unit: Hoplite
    Unique Building/District/Improvement: Unique Theatre district, gets additional culture
  19. Dunabar

    Dunabar Chieftain

    Sep 5, 2014
    United States
    Three new leaders for the current Civilizations I would like to see. I was going to post three entirely new/returning civs, but I had to step out before I could start working on them. So, I will make those when I get back to do so :)

    (Note: As much as I would like to make these entirely different from the original Civilizations. I have to keep a realistic mind when it comes to the Developers. At least till they confirm that all future alternate leader options will be vastly different enough from the prior option. Aka If Gorgo's "Greece" is entirely different than Pericle's "Greece")

    American Empire

    Leader: Franklin Roosevelt
    Historical Agenda - Allied Liberation
    : Does not like Civilizations who capture Cities that belong to Allied Civilizations, Suzerain City-States, or conquer Allied Civilizations of America. Likes Civilizations who fight Liberation or Reconquest Wars with the same Government type as America.
    Civilization Ability - Founding Fathers: Halves the time needed to obtain Governmental Legacy Bonuses
    Leader Ability - American Determination: Bonus to fighting on continents different from the home continent, Bonus Appeal for National Parks, Can build the Army Ranger (Replaces Infantrymen) which give +culture for kills on foreign continents, combat bonus in forests and jungles.
    Spoiler Army Rangers :
    Unique Unit - P-51 Mustang
    Unique Building -
    Film Studio Increases Tourism Pressure from city to other Civs in the Modern era.

    Russian Empire

    Leader: Joseph Stalin
    Historical Agenda - Demands of Industry: Does not like Civilizations with equal or greater overall Production compared to Russia. Likes Civilizations with less overall Production compared to Russia
    Civilization Ability - Mother Russia: gives additional territory when the city was founded. +faith, +production on Tundra tiles.
    Leader Ability - Defense of the Motherland: +15 Production to Military units when a formal or surprise war is declared against Russia. Spawns 1 extra copy of a Military unit when completed.
    Unique Unit - T-34 (Replaces Tank): Increased defense when being attacked by Land units.
    Spoiler Russian T-34 :

    Unique District - Lavra:
    Each time a great person is used in the city, that city get an extra tile free of charge.

    English Empire

    Leader: Winston Churchill
    Historical Agenda - Skies over Britian: Likes Allied Civilizations that defend the Home continent of England. Dislikes Civilizations that don't defend their allies.
    Civilization Ability - British Museum Archeological Museums have extra artifact slots and each museum gives more archeologists, Museums are automatically themes when full
    Leader Ability - Never Surrender: All Military units gain +10 combat bonuses when a larger Civilization with a larger Military declares war on England.
    Unique Unit - Hawker Hurricane (Replaces Fighter) - Gains increased combat effectiveness when intercepting over the Home continent.
    Spoiler Hawker Hurricane :

    Unique District - Royal Navy Dockyard provides bonus movement for naval units built there, bonus gold for dockyards on other continents and great admiral points.

    My next civs I will be doing are Poland, Carthage, and Moores.
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2016
  20. altayrneto

    altayrneto Chieftain

    Mar 21, 2013
    Terra Brasilis
    Nice WW2 leader set! I was thinking in something similar, and I even found someone to be the leader of Nazi Germany: Karl Dönitz! He was Hitler's sucessor (chosen by the Fuhrer himself), he actually participated of the war, being the commander of the U-Boat fleet and after Command-in-Chief of the German Navy, and the most important: unlike Hitler, there's a consensus of his non-involvement with the Holocaust.
    Of course, even in this way is really hard for we to see a Nazi German civ in the game. Anyway, here's a idea:

    Spoiler :
    German Reich

    Karl Dönitz
    Historical Agenda - Revanchism: Dislikes civilizations with which he went to war, and will denounce and try to annex they. Likes the ones who follows his goverment type
    Leader Ability - Blitzkrieg: After the discovery of Nationalism, every unit can atack after spend it's movements points and move after attacking. +10% bonus on post-industrial units production.
    Leader Unique Unit - Panzer: Replaces tank. +10 combat and +1 movement
    Spoiler :

    So, tell me your opinions, and sorry for my poor english!

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