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Design your own Civ VI civ

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Morningcalm, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. U. Singularius

    U. Singularius Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2016
    Rasenna -- Etruscans
    Civilization Ability: Dodecopolis; You can receive a bonus to City-state influence, and any forts in your territory and on the coast can become colonies and eventually city-centers

    Unique Unit: Samnite Mercinary; Replaces the Spearman, it has a weak ranged attack, and ignores hilly defense bonus.

    Unique Infrastructure: Colonial Square; It works the same as a city-center, only it can't produce districts.

    Leader Ability: Antiquities of Italy; All artifacts produce culture, When a city culturally expands to have a resource, it is automatically improved- provided you have researched the required technology.

    Leader Agenda: Conversion of the Oenotrians; He will like civilizations that are less advanced culturally than him, hates civilizations that are more advanced technologically than him.
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  2. ButtersLeopold

    ButtersLeopold Chieftain

    May 19, 2013

    Civilization Ability: Wayfarers - Polynesian naval and embarked units get +1 sight. Whenever you uncover a new water tile, you get culture. If it is a tile no one has discovered, you get faith. Whenever you discover a new continent, gain great prophet points.
    Unique Unit: War Canoe - Replaces the galley. It costs less, has +1 movement and can enter oceans, but is slightly weaker.
    Unique District: Carving House - Replaces Industrial Zone. Slightly more expensive than a normal industrial zone, but can be built on a water tile, and gives +1 production to every sea resource in the city. This bonus is doubled when you build a workshop.

    Leader 1: Te Rauangaanga (Maori)
    Leader Ability: Haka War Dance - Units that require no resources reduce the combat strength of adjacent units. Gain the Maori Warrior unique unit.
    Leader Unit: Maori Warrior - Replaces Swordsman. Requires no iron to make, and gets a bonus to attack while embarked.
    Leader Agenda: Victory of Hingakaka - Likes Civs that do not have cities near his. Hates civs who have cities near his, especially his capitol.

    Leader 2: Kamehameha (Hawaiian)
    Leader Ability: Law of the Splintered Paddle - Delegations to and from you cost 0 gold. If you and a Civ you know both have a delegation to each other, you each get +1 envoy points a turn. Future versions of Delegations also count for this bonus.
    Leader Agenda: Diplomatic Recognition - Wants to have a delegation with every Civ, and is much more open to accepting delegations. Doesn't like civs that refuse diplomatic actions from him.

    Leader 3: Marama (Easter Islanders)
    Leader Ability: Stone Heads - Can build the Moai infrastructure. Clearing features doesn't cost builder charges and gives faith.
    Leader Infrastructure: Moai - Grants culture. After flight, generates tourism, but you cannot build anymore. Must be built on the coast or next to a quarry. Requires masonry.
    Leader Agenda: Grand Builders - Wants to build as much Moai as possible. Dislikes civs who settle cities where he could build lots of Moai.
  3. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    So many good ideas and so little time to comment! Interesting to note how much interest there is in representing the Maori, Mali, Portugal and various Italian factions.

    Parent post updated with a badass alternate female Mayan queen (yet another warrior queen, and this one held the title of "supreme warrior") and some more details about Zenobia. Also modified some abilities slightly. One day, when work becomes faster, I will be able to conceptualize the other leaders mentioned in my parent post, though I think Hayam Wuruk and other Majapahit leaders are well-served by other contributors in this thread. :)
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  4. cjm81499

    cjm81499 Chieftain

    Aug 3, 2016
    Kingdom of Jerusalem - King Baldwin IV

    Spoiler :

    Faction Unique Bonus: Kingdom of the Holy Lands -
    Captured cities automatically gain your founded religion as their majority religion. Siege equipment are 33% more effective vs. cities with a different majority religion.

    Leader Unique Bonus: The Leper King - Gain an extra permanent military policy slot upon founding a religion.

    Faction Unique Unit: Crusader Knight - Earns faith for kills equivalent to half the defeated units base strength. -1 gold maintenance per turn per unit.

    Spoiler :

    Faction Unique District - Crusader Fortress - Replaces Encampment. Yields faith, as well as +2 great general points per turn (over the usual +1 per turn).

    Spoiler :
  5. eris23

    eris23 Warlord

    Oct 17, 2008
    Kingdom of Prussia
    Trait: Regimental Cantons, if you have an encampment 2 military land units will spawn for each unit you produce (1 in city, 1 in encampment).
    Frederick the Great
    Trait: Enlightenment Reforms, after researching the Enlightenment civic, one additional economy slot, after researching the Military Science tech you get an additional military slot
    Agenda: Dislikes leaders with weak armies, low science and culture output

    Unique Unit : Prussian Hussar, cavalry replacement, can move after attacking

    Unique Building: Sanssouci, palace replacement, +1 to great musician, writer, artist, +5 great work slots.
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  6. altayrneto

    altayrneto Prince

    Mar 21, 2013
    Terra Brasilis
    Spoiler Mayan Civilization :

    I really like your idea for the Maya! These are some of my ideas for other Mayan leaders:

    Leader: Yohl Ik'nal

    Capital: Palenque
    Leader Ability: First Queen of Lakam Ha

    Receive a free extra spy. Can build military land units 10% faster when other civilization denunces her, and 30% when declares war against her.
    Leader Agenda: Heart of the Wind Place
    Dislikes expansionist leaders with great military.

    Leader: Pakal, the Great

    Capital: Palenque
    Leader Ability: Temple of the Inscriptions

    Districts and Wonders requires less production to be built if adjacent to Rainforest tiles.
    Leader Agenda: Sun Shield
    Likes civilizations with less culture and faith. Dislikes the ones with more.
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  7. RageAmp

    RageAmp Chieftain

    Nov 2, 2016
    Leader: Vladimir Lenin
    Civ Ability - Mother Russia

    Gain extra territory when they found their cities, and extra faith and production from tundra tiles.
    Leader Ability - February Revolution
    Upon reaching a new tier of government, you gain an extra civic slot of your choice. Every time you switch your government, your cities fall under anarchy for every extra civic slot you have from this ability.
    Unique Unit - Proletariat
    Builder Replacement that gives one production on any tile improvements made by it.
  8. MrStrategyGamer

    MrStrategyGamer Chieftain

    Nov 2, 2016
    Leader: Otto Von Bismark
    Leader Ability: Blood and Iron, +5 combat strength when fighting other Civilizations, double adjacency bonus from mines
    Leader Agenda: Concert of Europe, Hates civilizations who fight uneven wars, Likes civilizations who fight even wars
    Unique Unit: Panzer, 1 more movement than the normal Tank, starts with 1 more movement on open terrain
    Country: Germany
    Color: Brown Exterior, I have seen brown being used for Imperial Germany

    I feel that, when compared to other civs, it is quite equal.
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  9. fcpureza

    fcpureza Chieftain

    Aug 21, 2013
    After some thought, I think that Argentina could be a nice add-on to the game.


    Juan Manuel de Rosas

    President of Argentina Confederation and Governor of Buenos Aires, Rosas was a important figure in Argentinan History. He's known as a historical model for the 'Caudillo' in Platinian America (the regions that are around "rio del Plata"). Nationalist and interventionist, ruthless and diplomatic, Rosas is an ambigue historical figure who could add up much in terms of gameplay.

    Leader Ability: 'El caudillo'. Any Hacienda district occupied by a military unit provides bonus +1 in culture and +1 amennities in the capital (Buenos Aires).
    Leader Agenda: 'Rule of Mar del Plata'. Dislikes civs who establish sea trade routes with them. Likes civs who have strong navies.
    Unique Unit: 'Gaucho'. Gauchos are the unique cavalry for Argentina. Cheaper to build than regular cavalry and gains +10 attack bonus whenever is adjacent to Hacienda or Pasture tiles.
    Unique District: Hacienda. Substitute 'farm', providing extra defensive bonus for units.

    Gameplay: Rosas is more a defensive player. It will be a tough nut to crack to destroy its defenses and his isolationist agenda can creates attrition with expansionist civs. His focus on agriculture and horsemen help to develop a rural but strong civilization.
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  10. KindRevy

    KindRevy Chieftain

    Nov 4, 2016
    Kingdom of Croatia was a smaller Kingdom in Europe from 8th century to 11th century. Soon it became a part of Kingdom of Hungary and in the future part of Austrian Empire. Kingdom of Croatia played a huge role in defense from Mongols and Turks . For 200 years Turks were fighting on its land and never managed to fully capture it. When Mongols attacked Hungary , they were only stopped when they reached city of Trogir and his famous walls. In its history , Croatia fought many defensive wars and came on top of each one. Croatia was a target for its rich coast and trade centers in history , they fought Venice for hundred of years to regain control of the coast

    Leader : Nikola Šubić Zrinski , famous Croatian general who was most known for his famous last stand at the battle of Szigetvár where he refused to surrender to Turkish forces and delt a major blow to their forces. Turkish forces had 100 000 soldiers on their side while Nikola had only 4000 , he still managed to kill 20 000 - 30 000 Turks before loosing the siege.

    Historical Agenda - Traders Heaven Likes Civs who have a good trade route network and income
    Civilization Ability - Croatian Spirit When not in a war , your empire gets +1 movement point for all units and +1 builder action , when in a defensive war you get +2 housing and +2 amenity points in ONLY first 3 cities
    Leader Ability - Bonus 10 combat strenght for all units when fighting within frendly borders
    Unique Unit - Croat Famous Croatian gunpowder unit , first ever unit in history to have a tie. Replaces Rifleman , improved healing outside frendly borders
    Unique Building - Croatian Walls - Replaces 2nd tier walls, bonus defense and offense stats , built faster if you have a source of stone near a city where you build them
  11. Morningcalm

    Morningcalm Keeper of Records

    May 7, 2007
    cjm81499, I like the suggestion for a Jerusalem quite a bit (esp. since Baldwin is one of my favorite lesser-known figures from history). It would be cool to see a teenage Baldwin with only some signs of leprosy, perhaps around the time he defeated Saladin. But I see little chance of Jerusalem making it into the game proper--unlike Venice or Genoa, Jerusalem never had an empire so a city list would be a bit tricky unless we included all the Crusader cities and made an Outremer like civ perhaps.

    Not sure if Yohl Ik'nal is a good leader choice for a female Maya queen. What little we know of her includes details of her city (Palenque) being sacked....she didn't long outlive the sack either.

    Also, what do we know of her that indicates she was involved with spies? We just know so little about her. The denounce ability will also likely see very little use in multiplayer. Pacal with his Sun shield agenda seems much better thematically and we know a great deal more about him (though I'm tired of seeing him as the Mayan leader as he's been in both IV and V).

    That said, I like your idea for Pacal's ability name and the ability itself, though it does mirror Brazil's jungle bonus quite closely.
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  12. DefiantMars

    DefiantMars King

    Dec 10, 2014
    Honolulu, HI
    I really like the ideas here, ButtersLeopold. However, I do have a few comments.

    Wayfarers is incredibly modular which is good, because if you're focusing on water gameplay, it kind of needs something to make it more potent. I really enjoy the exploration bent of the ability.

    The War Canoe enables both offensive and exploratory paths which can synergize well with any of the leader options.

    The problem with your wording on the Carving House is that it goes against the way that Unique Districts currently work. As of now, all UDs cost less (50% Production, I think?) not more. That aside, being able to build it on a coast tile like a harbor could make sense with a good graphic.
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  13. AessaSH

    AessaSH Warlord

    Sep 9, 2012


    ---------- CIVILIZATION ABILITY ----------
    +0.5 Great Admiral point for Districts built adjacent to Coast, except Harbor. Creates a Copy of each unique Military Naval Unit you currently possess after recruiting or patronizing an Admiral.
    (The Laksamana is a position within the armed forces, similar to the position of admiral in Malay sultanates and in present-day countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Laksamana was the head of the navy and also chief emissary of the Sultan. He ensured that the Malacca Straits was safe and enforced the Undang-Undang Laut Melaka or Maritime Laws of Malacca)
    ---------- LEADER ABILITIES ----------
    (King Sri Jayanasa of Srivijaya, Reign 671–702)

    When clearing a barbarian outpost, receives a free Settler and +50 Faith.
    (The Kedukan Bukit inscription dated 605 saka (683 CE) mentioned a king titled Dapunta Hyang that performing Siddhayatra (sacred journey) by the boat. He departed from Minanga Tamwan accompanied with 20.000 soldiers heading to Matajap and conquering several areas, such as Jambi, Palembang, Southern Lampung and Bangka island, ultimately established the Srivijayan empire)
    Undang-Undang Laut Melaka
    (Sultan Muhammad Shah of Malacca, Reign 1424–1444)
    Trading Posts in coastal cities or cities with Harbor District provide +1 Culture and +0.5 Housing to the city. Receives a free Trader whenever a Harbor or Commercial Hub District is built.
    (Undang-Undang Laut Melaka or Maritime laws of Malacca was a legal code of Malacca Sultanate (1400-1511) that deals specifically on matters related to maritime laws and regulations, as well as nautical procedures concerning seafaring affairs of merchant vessels)

    ---------- UNIQUE UNIT ----------
    Orang Laut
    Replaces Galley. Reduces the Combat Strength of adjacent Barbarian units by -5. Provides 1 Production to the tile yield under it.
    (The Malay term orang laut literally means the sea peoples. The Orang laut live and travel in their boats on the sea. Historically, the orang laut played major roles in Srivijaya, the Sultanate of Malacca, and the Sultanate of Johor. They patrolled the adjacent sea areas, repelling real pirates, directing traders to their employers' ports and maintaining those ports' dominance in the area)
    ---------- UNIQUE INFRASTRUCTURES ----------
    Replaces Shrine. Additional +2 Culture. Double the output of Holy Site Prayers Project and receive a free Missionary upon completion, if able.
    (Surau is an Islamic assembly building in some regions of Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula used for worship and religious instruction. Some of its ritual functions are similar to a mosque, but Surau are mostly smaller than mosques, allow men and women, and are used more for religious instruction and festive prayers. In Minangkabau society they continued pre-Islamic traditions of an all male gathering place to worship ancestors)
    ----------- AGENDAS -----------
    Founder of Srivijaya
    (King Sri Jayanasa of Srivijaya, Reign 671–702)

    Will try to clear every barbarian outposts. Friendly to those civilizations who neglecting barbarian outpost. Dislikes civilizations that are clearing barbarian outpost near Malays border.

    (Sultan Muhammad Shah of Malacca, Reign 1424–1444)

    Likes civilizations that build Trading Post in Malays coastal city or city with harbor. Dislikes civilizations that can establish a trade route but not establish it to a Malays city.
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  14. falke117

    falke117 Chieftain

    Nov 6, 2016
    Alternative Chinese civilization:

    Civilization Unique Ability: Food for the People
    Citizens who work on farm tiles do not require amenity. +1 faith for a city if it has at least 1 citizens working on farms. +1 additional faith for a city if it has at least 3 citizens working on farms.
    (Having ones own farm and being able to feed his family was basically the ideal life for ancient Chinese for thousands of years. Farming is an important part of the culture, and Chinese folk religion as well.)

    Civilization Unique Infrastructure: Great Wall
    Unlocked with masonry and becomes obsolete with civil engineering. Each great wall tile has its own sight and can spot enemies within 3 tiles (Watchtower). Chinese units can move along the great wall neglecting terrain costs for movement, range units neglect height difference when firing on great wall, and receive +4 defense bonus when defending. Great wall can only be built as a line.(So AI won't build a ugly cluster of them anymore) The longest continuous great wall in your land provides tourism equal to its length after Flight.(There are actually many great walls in China, but people only go see the longest/greatest one). When pillaged it takes a charge to repair, and after becoming obsolete, great wall tile will be destroyed directly when pillaged but if pillaged by a hostile civilization, the civilization receives extra warmonger penalty for doing so. (For destroying cultural heritage.)
    (This should make great wall relevant again)

    Civilization Unique Unit: Corvée Worker
    Unlocked with State Workforce and becomes obsolete after entering industrial era. Has 3 charges and is cheaper than builder. Can build farm, road, great wall and fort with relative technology.
    (Ancient Chinese emperor often force farmers to become corvée worker to serve in the frontier as military engineering builders and some other duties. Notably, Qin Shi Huang does this a LOT)


    Ying Zheng, aka Qin Shi Huang

    Agenda: The First Emperor of China
    Will try to build as many wonders as possible. Hate people who beat him to wonders unless he is not interested in such wonders or have no place to build it.

    Leader Unique Ability: Wall of 10000 Li
    Can spend a corvée worker charge to complete 15 % of the wonder cost for Ancient and Classical wonders. Corvée worker receives one additional charge.

    Wu Zetian

    Agenda: The Only Empress of China
    Paying extra caution to any nearby civ who poses viable threat(usually masses of troops at the border) to her and make take the initiative to strike first if needed. Extra friendly to civs that give her gifts.
    (She was famous for taking the initiative to ruthlessly destroying her political enemies)

    Leader Unique Ability: A Woman's Work
    +1 food for farm for each two nearby farms. Gain a small amount of science and culture each time a citizen is born.
    (She valued domestic affairs much more than any others, and valued farming and the imperial examination greatly)

    Liu Che

    Agenda: The Emperor Wu of Han
    Will try to become suzerain of nearby city-states, but will actively try to annex city-states if he can't beat another civ to become the suzerain and will hate its suzerain. Do not care for city-states far away from his empire.
    (He annex many small nations near Han but also sent many envoys to some.)

    Leader Unique Ability: Destroyer of the Steppe Normans
    All land units receive +2 combat strength against cavalry units, additional +2 combat strength if the hostile unit is a barbarian, and additional +2 combat strength if the Chinese unit is light cavalry. +1 military policy slot.
    (He is famous for his aggressive actions against the Xiongnu, and he reformed the Han military to abandon chariot and use more horseman against the nomads.)

    Zhao Kuangyin

    Agenda: The Emperor Taizu of Song
    Dislike civs who spend too much production on building units and like other civs who make a lot of gold.
    (He was famous for being cautious towards military, and his efforts to relieve his fellow comrades peacefully, who were rebels along his side to overthrow previous ruler and now generals in the new dynasty. He also value commerce and culture more than most of the Chinese rulers.)

    Leader Unique Ability: Culture Over Military
    Cannot build encampment. All districts receive +1 bonus to culture when placed next to a commercial hub and commercial hub receive +1 bonus to gold for each one adjacent district instead of each two.

    Zhu Yuanzhang

    Agenda: The Hongwu Emperor
    Dislike civs who spend a lot of efforts to make citizens happy. Like other leaders who build few entertainment complex and choose to build other districts instead.
    (He was famous for ruling ruthless but with great efficiency)

    Leader Unique Ability: Jinyiwei
    Can build one spy with Feudalism. Spy operating on friendly territory better and city with at least one friendly spy is much less likely to spawn rebels and suffer much less penalty for not having enough amenity. Founded cities receives 50% more food from internal trade routes until its population reaches 4.
    (He is famous for creating the first secret police agency in China and he enforced many forced migration)

    Aixin-Jueluo Xuanye

    Agenda: The Kangxi Emperor
    Will usually not attempt a religious victory or spend faith to spread his religion outside if he has one, welcome foreign religion and will try to spread the best religion for each of his cities. Hostile to civ whose religion is the dominant religion of his empire and will stop the further spread of that religion.
    (He was known for his religious tolerance but caution as well for thinking some spread their religion in China for political purposes)

    Leader Unique Ability: Emperor in Plain Clothes
    Each city will only requires amenity for the 3th citizens and so on. Whenever a foreign religion gains more follower in the empire, gains a small amount of science and culture.
    (He is famous for his numerous visit to other cities in plain clothes to know how people are really doing. Also he welcomed foreign missionary and delegates to learn more advanced science and culture)

    Leader Unique Unit: Eight Banners
    Unlocked with Military Science. Unique musketmen unit with better combat strength. Additional combat strength when next to a friendly cavalry unit.
    (Famous units from the Qing Dynasty, which the rulers were nomads once themselves and use a lot of horse archers in the army)
  15. Antagonise

    Antagonise Warlord

    May 4, 2014
    Would like to know what people think of this idea in terms of balance:



    Civilization Ability: Outstanding Natural Beauty
    +2 Gold from sea resources adjacent to land, and sea resources provide an additional standard adjacency bonus to Commercial Hubs and Harbours. +1 Appeal on all coastal tiles.
    Seaside Resorts are unlocked at Civil Engineering, and do not consume a builder charge when constructed.

    Unique Unit: Gorhel Noswikor (Privateer)
    Has a one time use to 'Smuggle Goods' when adjacent to the borders of a foreign city, providing a sum of gold depending on the number of luxury goods controlled by that player. Controlling at least 1 Gorhel Noswikor increases your trade route capacity by 1.
    Cheaper to produce.

    Unique Building: Plen-an-gwary (Amphitheatre)
    All works of writing in this city provide faith equal to their culture output. +33% Religious pressure from this city.
    +1 additional slot for great works of writing.
    First three built provide a free great work of writing unique to Cornwall.


    Leader: Corineus
    Ability: Follower of Brutus
    Flanking bonuses are doubled and are available from the start of the game. Units receive additional experience when flanking.
    Receive no war weariness when fighting in a joint war.

    Agenda: The Slaying of Gogmagog
    Likes civilizations that stand up to larger enemies, and enjoys following friends and allys into joint wars. Dislikes civilizations that attack much smaller enemies.


    Leader: Michael an Gof
    Ability: Blessings of St Piran
    Start with a source of Copper near the capital. Cities within 3 tiles of a source of Copper or Iron gain Stannary Town status, allowing them to construct Industrial Zones in
    half the time and making all Industrial Zone buildings maintenance free. +2 Production from Copper and Iron after researching Mass Production.

    Agenda: The Blacksmith
    Likes civilizations that construct many mines. Dislikes civilizations with low production.
  16. GPuzzle

    GPuzzle Available in wax cylinder!

    Jul 31, 2014

    Leader: Vittorio Emmanuel II
    Agenda: Italia Irredentia
    Hates Civs which interfere with City-States. Loves Civs who join him in his wars.

    Unique Ability: Perfect Fusion
    Envoys are gained 50% faster. Gain an Envoy upon switching Government type.

    Leader Ability: Risorgimento
    City-States which are either under siege or you are the Suzerain of may join Sardinia-Piedmont, granting their Suzerain bonus.

    Unique Unit: Bersaglieri
    The Bersaglieri, available at Rifling, has 3 Movement points and 55 Strength, and gains +10 Combat Strength while fighting City-State units. Upon researching Nationalism, may upgrade to Garibaldinos, which produce additional Culture when garrisoned in Cities.

    Unique Building: Piazza
    Replaces Zoo. Built in the Entertainment District, the Piazza increases the Combat Experience of Units built in this city by 5% for every City-State you are the sovereign of, as well as producing +3 Culture.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2016
  17. U. Singularius

    U. Singularius Chieftain

    Aug 1, 2016
    Venice, led by Enrico Dandolo
    Civ Ability: Incolae Lacunae; You can construct districts on the Water, and Recive a bonus to shipbuilding, increasing by the Number of costal cities.

    Unique Infrastructure: Grand Canal, It allows ships to pass through the district, but units have to embark to pass it. It can only be built on Water-tiled Districts.

    Unique Unit: Galleass; replacing the Galley, it has a 30 combat strength and can move 4 hexes per turn.

    Leader Ability: Sacking of Constantinople; When you conquer a city or raid a trader, you get extra gold. You can also construct Piazza San Marco, replacing the Palace, it provides 2 gold and 1 faith in addition to the regular yields of the Palace.

    Leader Agenda: The Fourth Crusade; Will Declare war on civilizations with more trade routes than him and/or of a different religion. He will only accept deals where he doesn't give gold.
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  18. fcpureza

    fcpureza Chieftain

    Aug 21, 2013

    Toussaint Louverture

    First Haitian leader and leader of the 'Black Jacobin' revolutions. Toussaint was a former slave who learned how to read and write, who taught himself the art of war and
    Enlightenment prescints. He abolished the slavery in Haiti, becoming the first civilization in America to abolish it. Toussaint military knowledge and political instruction made him a leader of one of the greatest revolutions of 19th Century.

    Civ Ability: Mother of Revolutions. In Renassaince Age, Haiti builders can use up one charge to transform themselves in military unit (marroon) when Nation is at war.

    Unique District: Hounfor. Substitute temple district and provides culture bonus to nearby districts (a great way to use this bonus is to build an entertainment complex next to Hounfor). When next to Encampment district, provides a special promotion to military units which is called 'Dahomey Vodun', which grants bonus on HP recovery for the units.

    Unique Unit: Marroon. Substitute for musketman which regenerate their HP when pillage an enemy improvement. It also gets a offensive bonus when fighting stronger units.

    Leader Ability: Black jacobins. Haiti builders can rush up district building at the cost of 1 charge.

    Leader Agenda: Abolition of Slavery. Toussaint Louverture dislikes civs who spawn many builders and hates when they capture a enemy builder in combat.

    Gameplay: Haitian civ will bring a new dimension to the game. Players will spawn several builders, trying to take the most of Haitian bonuses and abilities. Its focus on 'working people' can achieve great production and, in case of war, it can also become a strenght against treacherous enemies. A balanced civ with a revolutionary theme.
  19. cjm81499

    cjm81499 Chieftain

    Aug 3, 2016
    The Moors (the Moops!) Led by Abd al-Rahman

    Spoiler :

    Faction Unique Ability: Conquest of Hispania - Holy War Casus Beli unlocked upon reaching the classical era. Moorish troops receive +6 damage against a Civ they have declared a holy war against. Religious troops (such as missionaries) are 25% stronger for the Moors, and enemy religious units are 25% less effective at any given time.

    Leader Unique Ability: The Hawk of Quraysh - For every three military units of the same type you have, 1 has free upkeep. For every 6 military units in your empire, all troops earn promotions 5% faster (limit of 35%).

    Faction Unique Unit - Berber Horseman - Replaces horseman. Recieves +4 damage, and +1 movement in desert tiles. Earns +50% extra gold from pillaging tile improvements/roads.

    Spoiler :

    Faction Unique District - Qalat - Replaces Encampment. Gives itself and the city it's built within +25% more strength than usual when built in conquered cities. Also provides +2 housing and +1 faith when constructed in any city.

    Spoiler :
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  20. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011

    Mithridates Eupator (the good father) HA!

    Agenda: God King: dislikes those that are rude to him

    Leader Ability: Deceit: Able to apply a +2--2 modifier on any diplomacy undertakings,.

    UA: 88BC Once during the game during peace to be able to destroy every foreigner with his borders

    UB: Zelan Temple an additional +2 culture

    UU: Scythed Chariot: A heavy chariot that either does not damage or double damage in combat. Cheap unit has a single use.
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