east indianman dilema


The Hero of Sween
Jun 29, 2002
quick Q. am at peace with my neighboursand just built a few east indianman (UU for dutch) and sailed it near their capitol andthen clicked on blockade....what exactly does this do as their city size hasnt decreased in fair few turns (might need more tbh) so does it only block trade and not remove ability to work the sea tiles? or does it do nothing in pease time. the whole trade route thing is mystery to me :D
Nothing in peace, unless you're using a privateer.
man thats annoying...but makes sense . cheers
Hehe, it does make sense indeed ;)

Privateers also gain gold pr turn for using blockade, and i love it, so research chemistry and astronomy and get going :king:
yeah im playing hotseat with my flatmate as ally and hes just sailled 7 of them into our neighbours ports lol ..looks like fun, but im far too busy being sensible and pumping my cities towards research with my new found love of science driven specialist economy....and how i love it :D
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