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Easy-Balancing Fixes to Improve the Game Challenge

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by OneWorld, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. OneWorld

    OneWorld Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2018
    Playing on the new Terra map type I experienced that some tiny changes can improve the challenge of a deity game a lot: The reduced size of the main continent caused a lot more wars than usually, which forced me to delay some of the snowballing stuff (expanding, rolling out culture/science) - and the lesser amount of city states caused not that much free science and culture (also applies to faith and gold), which made the game much more interessting (until the time I could settle the different continent).

    While I can reduce the map size for myself, I'm not happy just to remove most of the city-states out of the game, as they are a game mechanic in many ways. So instead I think what should be done is reducing their bonusses to a smaller, not so snowballing reward (cause they are giving their reward per city (with a tier-1-building), they are massivley favoring snowballing tactics!).

    Thinking about this, I figured out hat there are some otther cheap sources, espacially for science and culture which can destroy any game challenge. So there are some easy balancing fixes to improve the game challenge! The one I thought about are:

    1) City-State Yields: They are way overpowered. For example, you need just one scientific city state with 3 enoys to double the amount of all libaries or get 200% of the which an eary Great Scientist (!) (+1 Science per Libary) - and this is a non competing reward! This overpowering also applies to almost all city-states (science, culture, faith and gold) - production can be seen a bit different because the yield bonus is limited to certain scenarios. Even if all these yields would be halfed (1 science/culture/faith and 2 gold) the city states would be strong. That would also be a bit of a buff for a tall playstile as you will not get a enormus amount of yield by just rolling out a bunch of cities and a tier-1-buildung in the early game.

    2) Choral Music belief: If you got a religion with Choral Music, you safely lead in culture. Thats a bit to much - while it's fine not to invest much in culture when you got this belief, it should not be that you safely leading with 6 extra culture (2 shirne / 6 temples) in every city early in the game. Thats an enormous cet of free culture.

    3) Campus Yields: In comparison with the theater district, where you can be very happy to get a 3+ culture yield, a 3+ science yield on a campus feels normal now - with the 2 science from reefs and geothermal fissures and the 1 from mountains and also the rainforest bonusses you almost get some good spots. It's totally OK to design the campus as a district where you find some good spots, but the amount of science that is provided by the campus itself is too high, espcially for the early and mid-game. Also, halving all these yield numbers to a 0.5 bonus from mountains and 1 from fissures/reefs would be healthy for the game. It also would be a necassry rebalancing of the "Rationalism" economic card as it wouldn't be that usually to have a 3+ campus any more.

    Do I miss any important sources? What are your thoughts about that?

    Sorry for any grammar and spelling mistakes, english isn't my mother tongue. ;)
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