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Oct 15, 2004
Italy, Roman Empire Province
My first, serious attempt on a serious game. Civilization III, Play The World (I have the vanilla version, I'm playing this game on a friend's house), Emperor Difficulty on a modded generated map... 18 civilizations raging on a map less than tiny, a minimal 48x48 piece of land (Tiny is 60x60) where only one will be the absolute ruler. There are *few* changes on the gameplay but they are so few and unnoticeable that i can't even remember them.

And for the Emperor, we need the Emperor of all Emperors: the mighty Civilization of Rome has chosen, um, me yes, in order to bring 'em glory and peace throughout this doomed world! :p

I will post many captioned screenies, I love that humour you can build on these. And I am sorry if they are going to be similar to the BasketCase's ones, but I must definitely put them here, as I cannot resist to laugh to this kind of humour. But for now, here is my fair start. Two bonus tiles, a bit of trees to chop down, a lonely cow, and an overall good defensive place. It seems I'm placed on a strategical bottleneck, maybe.

18 on 48x48!?! Thats only 64 spaces per civ!! including water!
(39 spaces per civ on 60% land)
haha yes that's right, anyway that's 80% land, but I can assure this is playable! A total carnage but well that's exactly what I want, so enjoy the massacre :D


I know that my fellow-quite-completely-useless-cultural-advisor. It is my vast knowledge that brings us to the view of this great land. Dyes to the north, and a poor American warrior to the south. In a few turns I quickly understand that when I was saying 'crowded', man that's really crowded! I trade a lot of goodies with five civs.




(he DARED to ask some tech for a mere 10 gold... bah)


and enough before 56k possessor will curse me for choking up their bandwidth :D

anyway, back to the action. Centuries fly away, and the Roman civilization grows along with the others. And space, space is getting such a problem. And Russia, who doesn't even spare my boundaries, declares war upon me, while moving his troops across America.

yay! My mighty civilization triggered a Golden Age! Um well let's see the effects... umm... :cry:

1550ish BC: My cities standed the Russian assaults and those cowards are retiring! Now I'm going to found a city near the Iron resource and one south of Rome. And of course ensuring my borders... I think things will get hottier each turn!

1450 BC: After smashing their troops who dared invading my boundaries, I bring Russia to a humiliating peace treaty.

You'd better listen to me, instead.
pheew... her troops were still a menace.

Follows a long period of peace and stability.
Peace and stability I said, and this brings up a new city named Antium, founded on 1300 BC. My projects to ensure the so important Iron source become true.

1025 BC: Peace and prosperity, a utopia on this map. And guess what? Russia wants to take some more from my legios.

Russia definitely wanted to take some more, and I'm more than happy to satisfy her blood thirst. I am just sorry that all the blood the beautiful Czarina Caterina will drink comes all from her warriors, but these are insignificant details...

a few turns later, and with pratically no loss or combat:

some aspects of Civ are simply hilarious (not hilarious as seeing Catherin or Temujin 'irritated' faces however), but that's a crazy world here and I'm hardly making my way on here! I am soffocated by three powers... others come to seek and destroy me... but I will destroy them all. Gimme time.

By the way, I can notice a handy Horses resource south of Rome... on American territory... ummmm

*Evil Laugh as soon as he thinks his plan

I am evil I know :crazyeye:
800 BC: Peace treaty signed with Catherine.

"Enjoy this peaceful time, DvD. Someone else is going to ruin it. Your task is to stop him."

And I was right. The general mood is simply awful... America hates me because I 'unappropriately took possession over his horses land', Catherine simply cannot view my face (and sincerely I cannot see yours, so...), and even the gorgeous Cleo seems to be stacking up hordes of soldiers near my boundaries. Wish me good luck, I will need TONS of that.

Luck left me right now.

heh. Well, let's take these legios up to the north to go defend Veii.

My walls and my proud legios bashed these uhh... mayans.. no, incas... ah yes, Aztecs, but instead of retiring after a heavy loss they try to sweep across my extremely large empire.

Oh what! That's luck! I could never think that lonely Aztec soldier could attack from SOUTH... what a coward... fortunately I had one legio here and I pushed him back

go away little bugs!

then they finally retire after a second defeat on my Veii's walls and I prepare for a -- ACK! What's that from south? Damn it seems the AI is coordinating his attacks between each Civ. A whole bunch of Chinese soldiers so willing to take over my land... ha! You will need to pass over my body first!

I need to ensure that my northern border is safe...

fortunately the Aztecs agree to a Peace Treaty. But the Chinese number of troops along my border is impressive... will I be able to stand upon the upcoming assault, while ensuring my people a future... where to live?
Good work. Cat can be a real jerk sometimes. But at least she's easy to make fun of.
sometimes... Catty is a pain to treat as careful as possible. And right now she is as annoying as her uglyness. Um, just reinforcing the point lol.

Well breaking news from the frontline.

While busy on composing musics in honour of Cat's beauty, I could weigh the heaviness of the Chinese emergency a bit too late

way too late

But well unlucky. Just the time for a bit of them to eat my swords, and they understood they should invert their direction. Except that poor Chinese soldier on north...

Now I stand upon a though decision: use the power of the Legionaries to rule early on the game, or get a minor rule on military power while getting leader on Tech, in order to get better weapons and wipe out my ancient opponents with ease? Most likely I'll get the first option, or a compromise between the two. But let's see how things evolve...

All for today. Goodnight for the Europeans here.
Little update

As I beat the Russians, the Aztecs, and now the Chinese, I see that the rude gameplay forces me to pick the first decision: pump out Legios and later Medieval Infantry or Knights like crazy.

Here's the reason. Just after the humiliating Chinese defeat

An important detail: America is the first nation who shares my boundaries who declares war against me.
410 BC: Chinese declares war on me.
290 BC: Chinese troops get a serious defeat at Cumae Horse Factory walls, and are forced to retreat. Except for that poor Chinese soldier to the north, alas I'll have to kill him, what a pity.
290 BC: Mao doesn't hesitate a moment to sign a peace treaty with me...
270 BC: And guess who now? Finally a nation who shares part of my borders... the USA declare war on me.
250 BC: The Germans have been wiped out. One less, that's good, but since I didn't take any part on the wiping out process that means that one civ is already becoming a ruler on the other island. Not good.

210 BC: The big stack of American troops is lightly wounded by some assaults on Cumae (damn I must build some fortresses on these hills, if they just gave me something like 10 turns!), so they decide to disperse and head for 3 cities in a time. Wow! Cumae, Rome, and Antium are threatened by a fair number of yankees. I get my poor legio on Veii to Rome... he is the only who can defend my capital while the others defend the other two cities.

So that's my plan... and I press the pass turn button and I



wa-woohoo! The two stacks I taught they would have used against both Rome and Cumae, have been issued to attack Rome. 5 soldiers attack my poor legio... and he kills 4, the last one retires, leaving my hero with a red lined HP. Oh man that's luck. I had to speed up the training of many legios during the past 20 turns, sacrificing the lives of an overall of 15 citizens, but that's the price to pay for the homeland security. Oh and in a few turns my treasury will become ridiculously big... since I moved the Science slide to 10%, as if I put it to 90 i would have a net loss of 9 with the same quantity of research turns. I definitely have to make some libraries...

Poor American troops. As they continue their embarassing retreat, I enjoy a superb assault from the skilled Russian Navy:

there isn't too much to laugh however.

70 BC: while I sign a peace treaty with America, another Civ picks his fellow troops in the quest to smash my cities and burn my capital. That time the Babylonians stack a huger-than-ever mass of troops just near Antium and my precious Iron resource. OBVIOUSLY, I ask them to retire their troops, but they declare war on me. At this point I should post a world image.

An image is worth better than one thousand words... and this explains how far Civs, totally uninterested with my land, want just to kill me. Now the Babylonians... as I said things are getting tougher... but well let's send our mighty legios to defend Antium.

And I must keep one legio on Cumae... those Russians are going to attack there another time. My army split in two parts... battling against 2 enemies two times tougher than me... that means I'm outnumbered 1 to 4... counting the walls defense bonus... it's 1 to 2... but calculating the probabil-- ok ok I'll press the next turn and see what happens. :crazyeye:

My army on Antium stands the hurt of the Babylonian army... although they killed one precious legio and pillaged my Iron resource. Arg. Plus it seems they don't want to retire... and that's bad. My units are wounded, and the Babylonians still have a stack of about 10 units. But on south I've got an unexpected surprise: those Russian soldiers are attacking America! That means I can weaken the Cumae defense and strenghten the north front.

And now another clash with the Babylonians... don't ask me how... why... or other, because I don't-know-how-did-I-manage-to-defend-my-cities. Two turn pass... they move around... prepare to siege the Rome gates... another turn... they fail...

here the impressive Babylonian army marching unbeaten against Rome...

and what then? another turn... I prepare myself for the mighty siege who would have decided the fate of the Good and the Evil, of the armies of the mighty--ok, ok, well, another turn... and they just

move :twitch:

around :twitch:


I ask a peace treaty with Hammurabi. Again, a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

it's time to get on the offensive!
There are many targets... but I think the most undefended is New York... already weakened by the Russian troops. They are unwittingly helping me on the conquest of New York. Or they may pick the city as well...

By the way, we sign a peace treaty, just to be sure.

and I move my legios over the American boundaries. My first attempt to expand my influence... don't fail me!

one turn... the Russian army attacks the city, wounds the spearmen but gets his troops killed. My turn!

I get a leader - woo! - but I cannot conquer the city. A red lined spearmen and a full one still guard the damn city.

another turn... the Russian army tries again, and fails, wounding the American spearmen. Easy job for me to kill these spearmen and take New York! It has a nice Bonus resource too - Incense.

What should I do with that leader... build an army or wait for him to speed up a wonder?
Can PTW mgls rush wonders?
Doesn't really matter though, I'd make an army.
Then again, Sun Tzu might be nice....
Your call I suppose.
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