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Jul 2, 2010
The RPG game Pathfinder is producing a new rules set called 'Spheres of Power' which would really fit well with the FFH universe and how mana works.

there are 20 spheres in the rule set so far, they are:
alteration, creation, conjuration, dark, death, destruction, divination, enhancement, fate, illusion, life, light, mind, nature, protection, telekinesis, time, war, warp, and weather

Id like to try to assign each sphere to a Mana type from FFH in preparation of the rules for Spheres of Magic coming out. So far the only ones i can think of are (without any further information other than the sphere names):

alteration - Body Mana
creation - Creation Mana
dark - Shadow Mana
death - Death Mana
destruction - Fire Mana (fire type talents only), Air Mana (electric/thunder and air type talents only), Ice mana (Cold type talents only), Earth Mana (crystal, stone, acid type talents only), Entropy Mana (Negative type talents only)
divination -
illusion - Shadow Mana?
life - Life Mana
light - Light Mana
mind - Mind Mana
nature - Nature Mana
time - Ice Mana
warp - Dimension Mana
weather - Air Mana, Water Mana

What do people think?
Okay so i bought the Preview PDF for the spheres of power (for $20 from [HERE] ) so i could get a better understanding of them and here is a more detailed description of each sphere, along with my opinions of what types of mana from FFH would be associated with each sphere:

Spoiler :
You have the ability to change the physical makeup of creatures.

- Alteration allows you to do things such as Shapeshift yourself and others, gaining extra limbs, turning people into animals and magical beasts, even dragons, plants, elementals, undead and vermin.

- I feel like this fits in the Body, and Nature Mana, even Air, Water, Fire and Earth Mana because of the ability to turn into elementals.

Spoiler :
You have made contracts with outsiders, calling them to your side when you are in need.

- Conjuration allows you to summon creatures you have met to help you, called companions. Companions can take many forms; a caster could contract with sympathetic angels or demons, elemental spirits, or primordial beings only given form after the contract is made. Thus, a companion could have the form of a knight in armor, a demonic dog, a flying anthropomorphic cat, or indeed virtually any other form.

- Im not sure about this Sphere. its so broad it could use any number of the different kinds of mana. possible Dimension Mana? or metamagic Mana?

Spoiler :
You may create and alter physical materials.

- Creation allows you to alter, repair, destroy or create objects. While simple objects such as candles, folds ofcloth, simple furniture, or basic weapons are easy to create; particularly complex objects (mechanics, crossbows, objects with moving parts) are more difficult.

- The obvious one here is Creation Mana, however the aspect of the Creation sphere of destroying objects would fit Entropy Mana better i feel.

Spoiler :
You may create and manipulate darkness.

- Dark allows you to create spheres of darkness anywhere around you and to give these spheres of darkness other effects. some effects include: causing disorientation to those inside; making them frightened; allow them to heal, to hide better, to take damage, muffle sound, become entangled, and also teleport between patches of darkness,

- The clear contender here is Shadow Mana. I don't think any other types of mana fit.

Spoiler :
You may command the powers of unlife.

- Death allows you to throw negative energy that can fatigue living creatures, reanimate corpses, open bleeding wounds, command existing undead, bestow curses, drain life force, inflict diseases, weaken and sicken living things, or even just kill something.

- Death Mana is the obvious contender here.

Spoiler :
You can summon pure energy to strike down foes.

- You can send out bursts of pure energy in the form of acid, lightning, frost, fire, force, thunder, negative energy, or even blasts of crystal and stone. these blasts can be shaped in a plethora of ways, being made into walls, exploding orbs, energy blades and spheres.

- This sphere, like alteration, is one of the most broad spheres encompassing such mana as: Air, Earth, Fire, Ice, Entropy and Force.

Spoiler :
You can predict the future and gain information not available to the usual 5 senses.

- Divination is all about gaining information about any number of things. from divining information about undead, charms, different kinds of elements, alignments, living things, illusions and weather. it can also be used to improve your senses to see without eyes, 'see' magic, and even use Truesight to see through anything that is false. you can delve into the future or the past and scry on different people or area in the present.

- This is an obscure one but fits most closely with Light Mana due to light being also about revealing the truth. I cant think of anything else more appropriate here.

Spoiler :
You may place enhancements on creatures and objects, altering their properties.

- Note: not Enchantment like i initially thought. Enhancement is about taking existing things, and making them better by magically enhancing them. You can bestow intelligence to normally unintelligent things like trees or a chair, make weapons more deadly or make them burn with magical fire or crackle with electricity. You could harden armor, or lighten it. You could enhance the basic attributes of people, both mentally or physically. You could even use it to cripple someone or steal their senses.

- Everything about this sphere screams Enchantment Mana to me except for the crippling aspect. That seems more akin to Entropy Mana to me.

Spoiler :
You command cosmic forces including luck, destiny, and alignment.

- The Fate Sphere seems to be connected to alignments. You can hallow (or unhallow) someone to protect them from an opposing alignment, you can Bless, or curse or fill an area with a divince force (alignment). You can open or hold open or closed doors and windows, free someone from some kind of physical bonds, make judgements, cause harm or pain, or force someone to tell the truth.

- This is closest to Law Mana i feel, however because of the alignment aspect of the sphere it could be related to Chaos Mana, but i dont feel like FFH 'chaos' is strictly related to the alignment. It could be more appropriate to tie Fate to Force Mana perhaps.

Spoiler :
You may craft images and impressions of things that aren’t there.

- Illusion lets you create simple imaginary 'Tricks' to fool people. You can make more complex illusions, create the illusion of daylight, create illusory disguises, produce smells, sounds, or make illusions feel physical. You can make things invisible, manipulate auras and create silence.

- This Sphere is probably most closely tied to Shadow Mana. I dont feel like anything else is fitting.

Spoiler :
You wield the powers of life.

- Life allows you to invigorate people; cure wounds, both minor and sever; restore physical and mental health from the ravages of poison or disease, break enchantments, restore lost sense, repair damaged souls and resuscitate the dying.

- This is obviously mot closely related to Life Mana.

Spoiler :
You may create and manipulate light.

- You can create a glowing light, from a dim candle to a glaring sunlight. Your light can provide hope, it can blind, it can imprison enemies, it can guide attacks, hypnotize, repel unwanted creatures, reveal invisible creatures and even burn.

- This is far more appropriate for Light Mana than the Divination Sphere.

Spoiler :
You gain the ability to alter the minds of others, causing them to act as you see fit.

- Mind can allow you to charm creatures, suggest them to do your bidding, and command them. you can cause mental confusion, inspire courage, enthrall, create fear, force creatures into fits of rage and provide inspiration. You can paralyze, project thoughts, communicate telepathically, read minds, make creatures go to sleep and provide false visions.

- Most closely related to Mind Mana, but can also be tied to Spirit Mana for the inspiration, fear, rage and courage aspects.

Spoiler :
You can command the very terrain to do your bidding.

- you can manipulate Plantlife to entangle, grow, pummel enemies and grow thorns. you can speak to plants, animals and stone alike. you can manipulate water to create vortexes, fog, or cause it to freeze. You can create water, create greate waves and walk on water. You can manipulate the Earth to swallow enemies, cause tremors, and create dust storms. You can raise and lower the terrain, create spikes of rock, and create whirlwinds.

- Nature is another sphere like alteration and destruction that is broad. It could encompass Nature Mana, Earth, Fire and Water mana. Even Air and Ice mana so some degree.

Spoiler :
You are a user of the magics of preservation.

- Protection allows you to place wards and aegis' on creatures to protect them for a vast array of things. You can provide invisible armor, allow creatures to survive without air, transfer damage to yourself instead of having an ally take it, resist death magic, resist elemental effects like fire and acid. You can heal, improve the luck of creatures, create obstructions, reflect pain back at attackers, force peace between creatures, protect agains poison and disease, repel unwanted alignments, and protect from damaging magics.

- This one is an obscure sphere that can be quite broad. It could fit with Spirit mana, possibly also Law mana and even Force or Metamagic to a Degree.

Spoiler :
You can lift and move objects through magic.

- Telekinesis allows you to move almost anything and everything however you want. You can make weapons float through the air and attack, you can lift multiple targets up at once, you can use it to provide flight, to catch things in flight, steal objects from foes, charge, trip, grapple and manipulate enemies, and increase or reduce the speed of objects by telekinetically pushing them.

- Im not sure about this one. It could fit with Air Mana, Maybe also Mind Mana. other than that im not sure.

Spoiler :
You can alter the flow of time itself.

- you can speed up or slow down time however you see fit. you can create an after image by merging potential time streams, force people to age forward or backward temporarily, cause creatures to hope through time, speed up your allies or slow your enemies down, cause creatures to repeat actions, undo something that just happened, steal time, shift time and even freeze time.

- This is probably only related to Ice Mana.

Spoiler :
You can alter a battlefield, affecting both allies and enemies with your magic.

- you can place totems to produce magical effects and help in the tide of war, or to rally your allies. you can cause an ally absorb some damage from another ally. you can blunt the weapons of your enemies, cause life magic to be more effective in battle. you can invigorate allies, re position and revitalize them. you can create magic to damage attacking enemies, protect your allies from deadly blows, or blast the battlefeild with elemental damage. You can augment creatures based on alignment, inspire courage, call down doom, hinder creatures of a particular alignment, enhance armor, liberate the minds of your allies, improve the mobility of your allies, increase their speed, make them more stable or make enemies stumble.

- This is another obscure sphere. It could fit with Spirit Mana, Possibly Law mana, but i really cant thing of what else.

Spoiler :
You can twist space to your whim.

- Warp allows you to teleport through space. you can create extradimensional storage compartments or rooms, manipulate the planes, splinter an enemy by partly teleporting them, swap yourself and another creature, create a beacon to teleport to accurately, teleport objects, and create teleportation traps.

- This is probably most fitting for Dimension Mana.

Spoiler :
You can command the weather to do your bidding.

- You can control weather to change the winds, temperature and precipitation. You can change winds to be calm or even make a tornado. you can make it unbearable cold or hot and anything in between, and make it rain, snow, or create fog. you can even make full blown storms. You can go further by making boiling rain.

- This is probably only suitable for Air Mana or Water Mana.


In Summary:
alteration - Body, Nature, Air, Water, Fire, Earth
creation - Creation
conjuration - Dimension? Metamagic?
dark - Shadow
death - Death
destruction - Fire, Air, Ice, Earth, Entropy, Force
divination - Light?
enhancement - Enchantment, Entropy?
fate - Force, Law? Chaos?
illusion - Shadow
life - Life
light - Light
mind - Mind
nature - Nature, Fire, Water, Earth, Air? Ice?
protection - Spirit, Law, Force, Metamagic?
telekinesis - Air? Mind?
time - Ice
war - Spirit? Law?
warp - Dimension
weather - Air, Water
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