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final civ/leader pick, part 1

So... who or what'll it be?

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Nov 29, 2011
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Two choices each, top two (or three if it's close) go to the run-off.

This will be monitored, and anyone selecting more than two will not be counted.

If you think I missed someone important, comment. Anyone wildly popular in the comments will go to the run-off. And I mean wildly on par with the poll leaders.

REMEMBER: Elizabeth, Ragnar, and the Incas are taken!

EDIT: Goddamn. Meant to pick Asoka, not Darius. Will subtract a Darius vote and add an Asoka vote to compensate. Lemme know if you need to change a vote.
Ops, I did more than 2 choices :) It is early morning and I voted quick and careless. Sorry for that, can I change vote?

But why would we want only 2 choices? Everyone can cast only 1 vote for a GIVEN choice, so he cant actually manipulate the vote toward his favorite. Even the opposite - with more than 2 votes he makes his vote less concentrated, so it is up to a player to decide. Even with multiple choices, the most desired preferences will still shine.
Good point, although he hasn't been spoken for much. There are so many good choices, especially when they picked Ragnar.. =/
Willem I can bet will be RB's choice.

Willem is great all overall, but lets try something more unexpected. Also, I would really, really like India first and by the time it is our choice again, Willem will be long ago gone. Just as Pacal, Pericle, Huaina, Mehmed and Darius.
We're up to pick, and the Spanish team chose Boudica!?!

So, India is all ours if we want it. I think the consensus is pretty strong that India is the way to go as our first pick.
Two things I really hope (and pray a bit) are that Spaniards and RB dont happen to be our neighbors.
Huh, looks like we'll get the best combo IMHO, whatever the next teams pick.. Unless the germans get Pacal of Inca, which would be interesting.. Also, I hope we wont be next to AGG Rome...

I'm enjoying these snake picks, it's exciting. =P
Damned League - they picked Darius. I was ready to bet they will pick Pacal. Pacal is believed to be the strongest leader amongst the civplaers. He best suits their ruleset- quick and noble.

Lets see if my prediction about RB picking Willem comes true.
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