Free-For-All Thread.

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Xeven the God

Dec 24, 2001
Ok, I declare this thread a free-for-all thread, meaning that the discussion in this thread may go anywhere as long as a few simple rules are followed:

1) No spaming (i.e. no posts that don't make sense, no 'hello so and so' posts, etc. but you can go off-topic and start a new topic.)
2) No flaming or flame wars
3) No trolling
4) No whining

Thank you, and the first topic is: Do you think Nostradomus actually was given visions of the future? Why?

I shall post my views shortly. Have fun :goodjob:!
No, I do not think that Nostradamus had visions of the future, simply because I do not thinkt that such a thing is possible.

And even if he did his "visions" would be of no use to us, since they are blury and could easily be translated into just about anything we want them to. Like most other "visions" throughout our history.

That is my humble view on this topic.
Free-for-alls are not permitted here, put a header with the topic on threads, and keep on that topic.

This is closed, if you want to talk about Nostradamus, open a tread on that, do not try a free form thread again, Xeven.
Not open for further replies.
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