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Nov 30, 2006
Gone fishing for the summer
Settings: deity, normal, huts and events both on. All AI are Monty's. We are Gilgamesh.

Starting position (warrior moved):

Thoughts? Volunteers?

Silu (lurking)


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Checking in. Nice. :thumbsup:

Moving 1NW or 1W we should get more river commerce + 2 forests, but probably give up on a strat resource. We're creative, so that should be fine.
There's an option to try further west, I suppose. 1NW is more than good enough, though, so I wouldn't risk it.

Mining first is a no-brainer.

Which way should the warrior go? Seems like more continent to the west, coast to the east, but hard to really say.
Checking in :salute:

I'm having some inet probs at home so I'm reading and posting on my iphone. Thanks to tethering I'll be able to down/upload saves though.

Don't see much in the pic, will post after opening the save.

I think we could handle this a little like our 2 training games, to play with a team that is also playing the next SGOTM. I am aware that this is a bit early though... It'd be nice anyway if we found some new players :)

PS: Huts and normal speed?? I thought playing against nothing but monties on deity would be enough, but you seemed to add some extra thrill to this game, shyuhe :whipped: :lol:
Planning for SGOTM12 already are we? I doubt that game will start for another few more months so no hurry for commitments. Heck, I might be off in civ 5 land by then.
Oh man, I'd be up for some war games after both IO4 and SGOTM 11 being so peaceful, but damn. Monties on Deity! Too much for me. Even though you're playing as GIRUGAMESH, and I love his music. But I'll watch to see how The Innumerable Montezumas squish you like a bug :p
I was also kinda going on the assumption that SG11 is the last one we're play. Be nice to inject some new blood into the team anyway. We seem to be in the same position roster-wise that we were after the last one.

Why no BUFFY, shyuhe? How am I supposed to play against 6 Montezumas when there's no little red fist to warn me? :mischief:
Should be interesting. Not sure what I'll be doing for the next SGOTM though, it's really fun and I'll definitely be participating though :D

One question : Have the Montys been renamed so we can distinguish who's who? [like Orange Monty etc.]

If not it'd be nice to have someone do it. Diplo is already gonna be hellish enough.
Start analysis:
we're right under the jungle belt. Moving NW will land us 1 jungle in BFC with possibility of spreading - of course we can get lucky and grab gems in BFC too but I'd say odds are pretty low.
SIP is pretty good as we get the hill bonus to defend ourselves.

Alternatives I'd consider:
Cow>>>rice, loses river though/PH to settle on but desert hills.

PH to settle on for a faster start. Possibility of grabbing other resources, but loses river as well.

Anyway, I'm fine with any of these options although SIP is probably the strongest here with the 'expected 3rd resource'.
Never crazy about giving up fresh water, though maybe it's not so bad?

Grass cow's great, but I'm hoping we can find a fish to go with it. ;)

SIP just doesn't seem that good to me. The remaining resource will almost certainly be copper/horse, IMHO, and we have plenty of hills for hammers. Moving west gains +1cpt on all replacement tiles without losing anything, so I like it a lot better.

Settling on a hill might be a good idea for defence. Why I suggested 1W as an option, though I think 1NW is just all-around better.
I'll see if I can find someone to WB the save for us. The diplomacy issue crossed my mind but I chalked it up to additional "difficulties" for us :lol:

edit: and welcome aboard kossin!
Welcome kossin :beer:

I like SIP best as there's most likely a strat resource (copper) in the BFC and we have enough food to get the first GSs and run a very strong buerocracy capital with cottages and mines afterwards. Jungle means we have a bit more relaxed settling pace in that direction. Scouting warrior should go east as the river seems to be ending 3N3W of the settler (thus coast).

We shouldn't have to worry about health - let's hope for some luxuries (phants!)...

Tech mining > BW.

I assumed shyuhe already got someone to modify the monties' names for us ;)

No mod means we'd need to install BUG in CA... means a second BtS folder in My Games... :yuck:
For the record: I'm obviously ok with SIP, if that becomes more of a consensus. It's a solid spot. Prefer 1NE, though.

I'm hoping for some seafood with that cow, so I might be inclined to do a little loop down there before heading off with the warrior.
Well, I'll give this thread a few more days to see if we can attract any other players before we start rolling. Unfortunately, I think some of the civ 4 ranks have been dwindling what with the advent of SC2...
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