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FUNNY Political Cartoons XIV: For the Laughs

Lefty Scaevola

Moderatus Illuminatus
Super Moderator
Oct 24, 2000
San Antonio TX USA
FUNNY Political Pictures Thread Rules
1. Funny!, your aim here shall be to entertain more than you irritate or troll others with the images. Have the laughs outweigh the trolling.
2. No discussion of politics including the political content of the cartoons
3. You may discuss other features of the cartoons such as art, skill, background of the artist
4. You may answer genuine inquiries about the meaning or background of the cartoons, which may include references to the political content, but not in a way that that advances or rebuts the content, or otherwise starts a political discussion.
5. Other spam gets the same low level of moderation activity as it does in the rest of the Humor and Jokes forum
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