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Più Freddo

From space, earth is blue
Jan 26, 2005
Vienna, Austria
COTM162EnglandDeity1 Jan 2331 Mar 23Captain_Jack
GOTM189MongolsRegent1 Jan 2331 Mar 23Più Freddo
COTM163JapanEmperor1 Apr 2330 Jun 23MrRandomGuy
GOTM190BabylonMonarch1 Apr 2330 Jun 23templar_x
COTM164IncaDemigod1 Jul 2330 Sep 23MrRandomGuy
GOTM191RomeEmperor1 Jul 2330 Sep 23Più Freddo
COTM165CarthageRegent1 Oct 2331 Dec 23templar_x
GOTM192IroquoisDeity1 Oct 2331 Dec 23Più Freddo
COTM166IroquoisDeity1 Jan 2431 Mar 24MrRandomGuy
GOTM193ChinaRegent1 Jan 2431 Mar 24LaSalle
COTM167ChinaEmperor1 Apr 2430 Jun 24Mimic Chest
GOTM194EnglandMonarch1 Apr 2430 Jun 24Più Freddo
COTM168GreeceDemigod1 Jul 2430 Sep 24LaSalle
GOTM195PersiaEmperor1 Jul 2430 Sep 24templar_x
COTM169ArabiaRegent1 Oct 2431 Dec 24
GOTM196JapanDeity1 Oct 2431 Dec 24
COTM170GermanyDeity1 Jan 2531 Mar 25
GOTM197CarthageRegent1 Jan 2531 Mar 25
COTM171PortugalEmperor1 Apr 2530 Jun 25
GOTM198ArabiaMonarch1 Apr 2530 Jun 25
COTM172SumeriaDemigod1 Jul 2530 Sep 25
GOTM199GermanyEmperor1 Jul 2530 Sep 25
COTM173AustriaRegent1 Oct 2531 Dec 25
GOTM200EgyptDeity1 Oct 2531 Dec 25
COTM174AztecsDeity1 Jan 2631 Mar 26
GOTM201ZululandRegent1 Jan 2631 Mar 26
COTM175FranceEmperor1 Apr 2630 Jun 26
GOTM202IndiaMonarch1 Apr 2630 Jun 26
COTM176IndiaDemigod1 Jul 2630 Sep 26
GOTM203RussiaEmperor1 Jul 2630 Sep 26
COTM177RussiaRegent1 Oct 2631 Dec 26
GOTM204FranceDeity1 Oct 2631 Dec 26
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Here are the BIX and BIC scenario files to be used when creating GOTM and COTM games, respectively. I've updated the scenario files to fix the "default rules" as required for these competitions.

Also provided is a PediaIcons.txt file including definitions for allowing Austria as a civilization. All players are encouraged to always use this file in lieu of the one installed with the game by default. There are only additions, and they don't interfere with normal games. The file must be placed in the

<installation directory>\Conquests\Text\

directory, e.g. in my personal installation:

c:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Civilization III Complete\Conquests\Text\

It is prudent to first rename the original file and then copy the one provided here into the directory. The process is then reversible. This change to the installation must be made only once.

There is also a German-version PediaIcons.txt file. Only use this file if you have a German-language installation. Rename the file to PediaIcons.txt.

There are two base scenario files for COTM. COTM.BIQ includes China but not Austria and COTM_A.BIQ includes Austria but not China. It is not possible to have more than 31 civilizations in a BIQ file, so for 32 civilizations we need two different files. It is up to the game designer to pick one of these for each COTM game. In this way, it will be possible to include Austria as AI player as well. Of course, games based on COTM_A.BIQ will only be playable after the change to PediaIcons.txt has been performed.


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The game schedule is created with the principle never to have the same civilization trait two games in a row (per PTW/C3C), and to circulate the unique units between early, middle and late.

The difficulty level goes for Play the World:

  1. Regent
  2. Monarch
  3. Emperor
  4. Deity

and for Conquests:

  1. Deity
  2. Emperor
  3. Demigod
  4. Regent
Civilization order for PTW:
  1. Rome
  2. Iroquois
  3. China
  4. England
  5. Persia
  6. Japan
  7. Carthage
  8. Arabia
  9. Germany
  10. Egypt
  11. Zululand
  12. India
  13. Russia
  14. France
  15. Aztecs
  16. Greece
  17. America
  18. Spain
  19. Scandinavia
  20. Korea
  21. Celts
  22. Ottomans
  23. Mongols
  24. Babylon
Civilization order for C3C:
  1. Rome
  2. Persia
  3. England
  4. Japan
  5. Inca
  6. Carthage
  7. Iroquois
  8. China
  9. Greece
  10. Arabia
  11. Germany
  12. Portugal
  13. Sumeria
  14. Austria
  15. Aztecs
  16. France
  17. India
  18. Russia
  19. Zululand
  20. Egypt
  21. Byzantines
  22. America
  23. Spain
  24. Korea
  25. Celts
  26. Ottomans
  27. Mongols
  28. Babylon
  29. Netherlands
  30. Hittites
  31. Maya
  32. Scandinavia
Rule changes for both PTW and C3C:
  • Iron locations are fixed
  • Workers are popped from Goody Huts instead of Settlers
Rule changes for PTW:
  • The Great Wall Wonder: gives free walls in all your towns/cities on the continent
  • Explorers and equivalent unique units have been moved from Navigation to Astronomy
  • Space Race - SS Stasis Chamber Has been moved from Synthetic Fibers to Robotics
  • Republic Government Unit maintenance cost is 2 gpt/unit with free unit support of 1/3/4 for town/city/metropolis
  • Mobilization has been turned off
  • Archer/Bowmen added defensive freeshot at 1/0/1
  • Longbowmen added defensive freeshot at 2/0/1
  • Marines Increased attack strength from 8 to 12 and cost increased to 120 shields
  • Radar Artillery Movement increased to 2 and rate of fire increased to 3
  • Lethal Sea Bombardment for all air units that can bomb targets
  • Lethal Land Bombardment for all bombers and steath bombers
  • Fighter operating range increased to 6
  • Bomber operating range increased to 10
  • Jet Fighter operating range increased to 9
  • Stealth Fighter operating range increased to 12
  • Stealth Bomber operating range increased to 16
  • F-15 stats increase to 8/4/1 (range of 9) with bombard at 6/0/2 lethal land & sea
  • Helicopter transport capacity has been increased to 3
  • Stealth Fighter stats increased to 8/6/1 with bombard at 6/0/2
  • Stealth Bomber stats increased to 0/5/1 with bombard at 18/0/3
Rule changes for C3C:
  • Flood Plains do not cause Disease
  • Jungles and Wetland have their Disease level lowered from 50% to 25%
  • Knowledge of Sanitation cancels Disease in Jungles and Wetlands
Instructions for creating a GOTM game

  1. Download the appropriate base scenario file from this thread. There are two zip archives for GOTM/PtW and COTM/C3C, respectively. contains just GOTM.bix, whereas contains COTM.biq and COTM_A.biq. The difference between the latter is that the first contains China but not Austria and the second contains Austria but not China.
  2. Open the editor of either PtW or C3C suitable for the game you are creating.
  3. In the editor, open the base scenario file. Save under a new name suitbale for your game so you don't destroy the contents of the base scenario file.
  4. Open the Scenario Properties... dialog and in the Description on the first tab change the x-es in GOTM0XXX_OPEN or COTM0xxx_OPEN to the appropriate game number of the game you are creating. Save again.
  5. Still in the Scenario Properties, on the tab Players, set the first Player to the appropriate Civilization of the game you are creating.
  6. Still on the Players tab, set the Difficulty Level to the appropriate Difficulty Level of the game you are creating. Save again.
  7. Create the game as you find suitable keeping the following caveats in mind:
    1. Flood Plains cause Disease on Play the World. It may be a good idea to avoid putting them directly around the playable Capital.
    2. One-tile islands can make the Victory Condition Conquest very difficult to achieve, as there are very few amphibious units available.
    3. If you use a generated map, select a starting location for Player 1. Check all starting locations and move them one or two tiles if reasonable, since they are oftentimes placed in a non-optimal way. The AI always settles at first opportunity, so help it make the right decision.
  8. Save the scenario. Start the game programme.
  9. Some settings are not taken over from the scenario, but from the previous game played. Therefore, if you have made any of the following settings (the list may not necessarily be complete), create a dummy game from the menu item "New Game" and apply the settings there. Use the intended playable Civilization, for this is one of the affected settings. Start the game, play one round and save. Now press shift-ctrl-Q to exit the game and get back to the main menu.
    1. Map size change for a 100k game in Conquests. The cultural limit is chosen according to the map size of the previous game and not that of the scenario.
    2. The setting "No Barbarians". It is replaced by the Barbarian setting of the previous game.
    3. There may be more similar bugs.
  10. Load the scenario into the game. Click away the initial welcome message. Make a screen dump to be used for creating the starting location picture. Save the game in order to create the published starting save.
  11. Please, if you can, play the game in order to test it and see if your design works as intended. If needed, go back to the editor, make changes and repeat from item 8. above.
  12. Open the screen dump in a picture editor and cut it down to show just the starting location. Use this picture to create the Pre-Game Discussion Thread in the Forum. This thread should ideally be started three days before game release.
  13. Email the correct save to AlanH. This can be done months ahead of time.
i´d take GOTM190 and COTM165

thanks so much Piu for setting this all up and keeping this story alive!!!

Thank you Piu for creating the new schedule. I have really enjoyed playing cotm for the past year. I am a long time civ fan, with Civ 3 being my favorite version of the game. I would like to volunteer to create a game. However, before committing to the schedule I will try to create one and make sure everything works. I sometimes have computer issues running my old Civ Complete disks on Windows 10.
Yeah I plan on testing each game to the best of my ability. Going to use the Christmas break to test Japan and I can use the beginning of the summer break to test the other two.
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