Game Schedule 2023-2026

Hello! I am fairly new to the forum (even if i played the game for two decades).

I'd like to give a try to COTM171 (Portugal, Emperor, 04/25) even if i'm not 100% sure of my abilities.
How does it work?
Welcome on our forum! :thumbsup:

Here you can find a description of the general procedure and the rules that apply:
(Though some of it may be a bit outdated, I realize, for example we no longer have two different, "predator" and "standard".)

And it also has the download links for the .sav files of the currently active games (COTM171 and GOTM193).
Yes, you don't have to wait. The current games are open until the end of March.

Please read the page suggested above! It is basically just to download the save, play without re-playing and submitting.

But you have to make sure that you have the latest patch installed and that you set NoAiPatrol correctly.
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