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GOTM 177 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Ali Ardavan, May 24, 2016.

  1. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Yeah, I meant prioritizing KRC over Mikes.

    NaCl=extreme dosing of SALT.

    Guess I need to share some of mine... wow. Everyone so far seems to have terrible luck (haleewud? have you played up to 1AD?)

    That being said, if Cope's and Colossus are in the same Spanish city I highly recommend sending in a Mongol Inquisition to conquer the city if it's feasible enough. (Build an outpost city maybe... dips to kill the walls? You're gonna have to conquer it at some point to maximize your score...) Don't think that trade returns from Colossus city > a suitable SSC tbh. Still, you're kinda vulnerable to a bribe-back if in Republic bc of the initial disorder when conquering a city. Maybe attack when you get Demo? Do the Spanish have Feudalism?
  2. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    -950 Bokhara builds Temple, Tabriz founded at 41,63
    -850 Celts Sneak Attack, 3 warrior die attacking my Archer, Vet, Aleppo founded at 63,39, Kill Celt warrior
    -800 Greeks start HG, Trade -> Polytheism (128)
    -775 Hut -> 50
    -750 Bokhara Food, Samarkand Temple
    -725 Karakorum Temple, Kill Celt Phal+Settler(stacked), Kill 2 Celt Warriors
    -675 Zulus start HG
    -625 Polytheism -> Writing (144), (I switch production in several cities to Elephants for war with Celts).
    -600 Zulus abandon HG, Nishapur Temple
    -550 Zulus start HG
    -525 Kill Phal in Armagh, Destroy Armagh (10+Writing), Celts offer MM and then 100 for CF, no, Hut -> Nomads
    -500 Archer survives attack, Germans start Pyramids, start Mysticism (170), Kill Phal in Kells, destroy Kells (12+MM)

    stats at -500:
    pop.: .48 cities: 7; techs: 13, gov: Monarchy, gold: 370; trade routes: 0D0F; cost/turn:0
    units: 6 Settlers, 11 Warriors, 2 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 1 Horse, 4 Elephants, 1 Caravan
    wonders: None

    Celts: No Embassy, WAR
    Zulu: No Contact
    Germans: No Contact
    Spanish: No Contact
    Americans: No Contact
    Greeks: No Contact

    -475 Celts offer Pottery for CF, no, 100 accepted, no Peace
    -450 Kashgar Temple, Nishapur Diplomat, Kabul founded at 55,37
    -425 I see an American near Celt territory, Spanish have nearly completed Colossus, Bokhara Food
    -400 Germans abandon Pyramids, Seville builds Colossus, Meet Americans, Peace, Give Monarchy, exchange maps, get Math in Tribute (216)
    -375 Germans start GL, Greeks nearly done with HG
    -350 Celts warn about Carmarthen, Spanish appear near Kabul, demand Wheel, given, also give Writing and Math, exchange maps, give Math (?) for alliance, Sparta builds HG, Aleppo Temple, Mysticism -> Astronomy (234)
    -325 2 Barb Archers land near Nishapur, Tabriz Food, Kill 2 barb Archers, Bribe Barb Trireme 82
    -300 Hut -> Astronomy
    -275 start Literacy (280), Karakorum Food, 4 vans to Karakorum
    -250 Kashgar Hides, Bokhara Silver, Karakorum builds MPE
    Celts: 2 cities, 8 tech, 41 gold, Despotism (Pott)
    Zulu: 7 cities, 10 tech, 352 gold, Despotism (Mason, Pott)
    Germans: 4 cities, 11 tech, 192 gold, Despotism (Lit, Mason, Pot, Rep)
    Spanish: 6 cities, 14 tech, 499 gold, Despotism (Const, IW, Mason)
    Americans: 7 cities, 15 tech, 252 gold, Republic (Bank, Lit, Mason, Pott, Rep)
    Greeks: 11 cities, 8 tech, 538 gold, Despotism (IW, Pott)
    Contact Greeks (6), give them Math, Peace, exchange maps (Continent 30)
    Contact Zulus (2), give them Poly, Peace, exchange maps (Continent 37)
    Contact Germans (1), Trade Monarchy -> Literacy, Peace, 150 tribute
    Kill 2 Phal in Cardiff, destroy Cardiff (5+Pott), Celts offer all money (36) and tech(none) for CF, no, Kill archer in Carmarthen, capture Carmarthen (10), Celts destroyed

    -225 Americans nearly done with Pyramids, start Philo (320)
    -200 Zulus Seafaring, German Govt overthrown, Washington builds Pyramids, Zulus change to Copernicus, Nishapur Food
    -175 Germans abandon GL, establish Republic, Samarkand Food
    -150 Germans start GL, Spanish Mysticism, Aleppo Settlers
    -125 Zulus start LH, Tabriz Food
    -100 American WC, Greeks CB
    -75 Karakorum Dye, Ormuz founded at 25,71
    -50 Kabul Temple, 100 tribute from Americans, break treaty, kill American Settler, Kill Phal+Warrior in Boston (1 vet Ele dies), Capture Boston (43+Banking+Mktplc), Trade with Zulus Lit -> Seaf (414), Trade with Greeks Poly -> IW (475), Trade with Spanish Seaf -> Const (700)
    -25 Americans change to Monarchy, Kashgar Food, order restored in Boston, Samarkand Food
    +1 Germans Banking, Nishapur Food, kill American warrior

    stats at +1:
    pop.: 1.07 cities: 11; techs: 22, gov: Monarchy, gold: 385; trade routes: 0D0F; cost/turn:8
    units: 5 Settlers, 17 Warriors, 3 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 1 Horse, 4 Elephants, 2 Trireme, 1 Diplomat, 9 Caravan
    wonders: MPE

    Celts: Destroyed
    Zulu: 8 cities, 13 tech, 396 gold, Despotism, Peace
    Germans: 4 cities, 13 tech, 58 gold, Republic, Peace
    Spanish: 7 cities, 16 tech, 660 gold, Despotism, Allied, Colossus
    Americans: 6 cities, 16 tech, 185 gold, Monarchy, War, Pyramids
    Greeks: 13 cities, 11 tech, 733 gold, Despotism, Peace, HG

    At this point 3 of my 9 vans are commodities, the other 6 are Food, 2 of the commodities are on their way to the Spanish, the third is waiting for a trireme. I have lost HG, Colossus and Pyramids. Zulus are building Copes, which I want more than LH, so I will save for that.
  3. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Why so much focus on warfare? The Carmathen, and especially Boston, cities are going to be hard to connect with road/rail networks. Are you planning on despawning the city with settlers?
  4. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf Since 1992

    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    Up to 1000 BC. (Running Civ II 2.42 Classic in a Win98 VirtualPC box.)

    Where am I? I was in the field with my army, ready to destroy the Song, when death took me. Now I am a spirit, commanding two Settlers. No matter, to arms!

    4000 BC: Slaves, build me a ROAD! T4E0S6.

    3950 BC: You, go over there ready to found a city next turn. And you, see what's in that hut. Uh-huh. Masonry or a Horseman, eh? An easy choice for a Mongol! Well, since you're already on the way, you might as well ride south along the coast. Ooh, Wheat. That looks tasty.

    3900 BC: KARAKORUM founded, and I'm building another road. Change production to Warriors, since all I can see is Fish and Grassland and I want a Settler ASAP. Recalling my Horseman to clear the black from the city radius.

    3650: Warrior trained. Started a Settler.

    3150 BC: Samarkand founded from a hut at 37,53.

    3050 BC: Silk pops up on Special K.

    3000 BC: Despotism, 2 cities, 40k pop, 4 techs, 18 gold. Units: 3. No contact. Sending my Settler south to prepare a road to a city site at 51,61.

    2900 BC: CodeLaws > CereBurial. Horseman is mining goody huts: pops a hut: CereBurial! Settler produced in K.

    2850 BC: CereBurial > Monarchy.

    2700 BC: Bokhara founded by Settler at 51,61. Horseman pops Monarchy from a hut. 2650 BC is an Oedo year, so VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

    2650 BC: Monarchy established. T3E0S7.

    2600 BC: Monarchy > Writing - I want Republic sooner or later and I may need a Diplomat or two to explore with. Horseman pops Currency from a hut.

    2400 BC: Horseman founds Nishapur from a hut at 34,28. I rush a second Settler from Karakorum.

    2350 BC: new Settler Irrigating. K building Phalanx.

    2250 BC: Mapmaking from a hut.

    2200 BC: Phalanx in Bokhara. Switch to Settler.

    2150 BC: Population 100k. Trade from a hut. Grassland Irrigated: switch workers to Grassland + Silk. Rush Settler from Samarkand. Funds left: 1 gold!

    2000 BC: Monarchy, 4 cities, 120k pop (1st), 10 techs, 9 gold. Units: 8. No contact. Science nerd says we are #1.

    1900 BC: Horseman pops Masonry from a hut. I'm doing very well from these huts: no Barbs yet! (Knock wood.)

    1750: Horseman trained in K. With 3 units now there, I switch to Temple.

    1700 BC: Kashgar founded at 36,60 by Settler from Samarkand, with Whales and Bison Specials. I need to get another Settler there sometime to irrigate the surrounding Plains, but meantime this alleviates my concern about danger from the west. I still need to build a city north of K to guard that direction too. My roving NON Horseman pops Mathematics from a hut. I wanted a town, but :) it could have been worse.

    1650 BC: disorder in Bokhara. Curses! I got distracted by exploration. I need to pay more attention to my cities.

    1600 BC: Writing > Literacy. Rush Settler from Bokhara. Horseman founds Tabriz from a hut at 19,21.

    1550 BC: Bokhara produces Settler. Sending him to build a city to guard the north.

    1500 BC: Horseman trained in Samarkand. Three units there now, so switch to Temple.

    1450 BC: Population 200k. Still #1.

    1350 BC: FIRST CONTACT! Celts Horseman arrives outside Kashgar, from the west. Fortunately the city just built a Phalanx, and I must look scary enough to daunt them. No demands made, peace treaty signed. They refuse to share maps. Nishapur builds Settler. Sending him to make use of Pheasant and Bison south of the lake.

    1300 BC: Horseman founds Aleppo from a hut at 21,15. Site appears to be in the middle of a big forest but I can see two Pheasant. Might be OK for industry.

    1200 BC: Germans undertake GL. I get Warrior Code from a hut. K just completed a Temple: time to try to build a Wonder of my own. Colossus. 50 turns! :( Bokhara is building a 2nd Settler - I should have put it to Temple, then I could have supplemented K's work with Caravans. Oh, well. Too late now.

    1150 BC: Germans abandon GL. Hmm. Kabul founded south of the lake at 37,33. Pheasant and Bison, five shielded Grasslands: a good site, although one Grassland is shared with Nishapur.

    1050 BC: LARGEST Civs: 1 Mongols, 6 Celts.

    1000 BC: Iron Working from a hut. Monarchy, 8 cities, 310k population, 15 techs, 77 gold. Units: 15. Peace with Celts.

    Although these numbers look good, I am weaker than it seems. I have small cities scattered north along a huge peninsula, separated by swamps and jungles. Gonna be a pain connecting those cities to the grid so they can share Settlers. Fortunately it looks like there's nobody else up there, and Kashgar and Samarkand control access from the south. I have a Settler running a road from Karakorum west to Kashgar and he will continue north to Samarkand. But after S it's 16 squares to Kabul, mostly through forest & jungle. Bokhara is just two Caravan moves from Karakorum. I have a Settler roading his way north from K to build a guard city, and Bokhara guards the southeast. My core cities are well defended. However, I am normally a Democracy by now. I prefer peaceful development - I am not comfortable playing such an aggressive game.
  5. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    Pretty well? I think you had an amazing run of Huts. I think it goes like this:
    Horse/Masonry - Horse chosen
    Advance Tribe - Samarkand
    Advanced Tribe - Nishapur
    Map Making
    Advanced Tribe - Tabriz
    Advanced Tribe - Aleppo
    Warrior Code

    The fast unit to begin. 4 advanced tribes and CB - Monarchy - Currency - Trade in order and at the right time. Masonry and WC aren't quite as good, but I think you had awesome luck.
  6. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Always good to see new blood try their hand at GOTM's: welcome here. The game might be old, but we don't bite: if you want some advice for improvement, you've definitely come to the right place.

    That's QUICK.

    Usually Warriors are good enough for defence, as attacks from AIs are usually rare since they usually demand tech early on, which you can afford to give up at this point. Phalanxes are nice, but these 10 extra shields don't turn out to be useful very often. They also don't make a difference for your RMS (relative military strength) which is the combined attack power of all your units. (A higher RMS=AIs are less likely to bully you around.) Better to have more cities instead of better military units: your RMS will catch up soon enough by force of sheer pop.

    Barb attacks are also annoying, but usually they can be dealt with using rushed horsemen or simply by paying tribute if you can. (50g ain't that much if you have it.)

    It's usually better to forgo irrigation and mining during the first 60ish turns of the game, to focus squarely on city placement (some smallish roads are fine. Longer networks are usually built only after 500 BC between van cities and the capital). Maybe not the case here since we are limited to 20 cities, but maybe another city to build vans from would have been useful since it's at that point that the wonder race starts in its earnest.

    LUCKY YOU! Usually getting both Monarchy and Trade in due diligence is very difficult without AI trades or good hut pops. Still, not sure if I personally agree that going for an early republic is better than trade, since unhappiness is very harsh at Deity level if you want to celebrate your cities, which is more feasible at lower difficulty levels. (swapping and not celebrating makes the choice not so clear-cut due to increased unit support costs). Usually people wait until they have HG/Temples or HG/Mikes ready before switching, so they can celebrate their cities to size 8 without delay. (I personally prefer the latter, but others can disagree.)

    Usually 2 units and no temple is enough to control unrest if you micromanage your city workers to work forest, so the city never gets to size 3 (since they won't have food to grow whilst pumping out settlers, and not taking very long to get back to size 2 afterwards since the size1 foodbox is so tiny). If there is no forest nearby, then a 3rd martial law is needed. These Temples would have been better used as caravans to speed up WoWs like the Hanging Gardens (which is amazing at Deity level for reasons explained below)

    Generally speaking, 2 units for martial law is enough for size 2 cities until you get to 20+ cities, when you'll start to get double unhappiness on some of your citizens (referred to as "black hats") due to the riot factor. At this point, Temples are usually needed. However, one quirk of Civ2's code is that black hats are very easy to pacify using luxuries, only needing 2 to become happy (black > cyan) as opposed to 4 luxuries for normal unhappy citizens (red > blue > cyan). This mean that a massive 100+cities empire can very easily have huge celebration sprees using relatively reduced luxury rates.

    The same logic applies to the Hanging Gardens. One black hat gets turned into a cyan hat. It doesn't matter how much unhappiness the other citizen has, even if it's another black hat: the city will stay in order. This means that HG alone can completely pacify a sprawling empire of 40+ cities before Mikes and JSB are acquired. After a point, you don't even need garrison units in size2's anymore! That is, on top of facilitating celebrations when Republic is acquired, especially in size3 cities and in peripheral cities pre-Demo. Getting HG ASAP is thus an immense priority in normal games, even when the CC effect can't be used to its fullest extent. The ability to celebrate a 50-city empire from size 3 to size 8 is THAT powerful.

    Yeah. That's why caravans are super important. Size 2 or Size 3 Cities usually won't have the time to build wonders from scratch before the AI snatches them away, since their building costs are reduced to 60% normal on Deity level. Better to hardexpand > send vans afterwards. Sometimes you might even want to increase taxes to pay for them, although it's a gamble that can backfire if none of the AI civs (that you met through MPE: super useful wonder BTW) has researched prerequisite techs for Philosophy/Monotheism or are unwiling to share. (Takes some time to catch up.)

    You might be used at playing lower difficulty levels then, as higher levels only have 60 turns elapsing between 4000 BC and 1000 BC (compare to 150 turns at Chieftain level). Getting Demo that quick would be VAC-worthy tbh. 500-800 AD is usually what others manage. (I don't, I'm bad at science.)
  7. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I was wondering about the same thing. haleewud, are you planning to win by conquest? Other than Marco, you seem to have forsaken the wonder race for conquest.

    Welcome Autumn Leaf! Glad to see you are playing.

    I second that. I had to stop myself and make sure these are hut outcomes when I was reading it. You could not do a whole lot better if you could choose every hut outcome.
  8. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf Since 1992

    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    I kept waiting for the inevitable Barbarians. It was a very unusual run. I normally have terrible luck with huts.

    I normally play at Deity level, less often Emperor or King, but I generate maps until I get one where my initial city site looks extra-powerful and then I huddle close to home and concentrate on developing a few big cities, leaving war and major exploration for later in the game when I will hopefully have a technological edge. I usually skip Monarchy and go directly for Republic and Democracy, keeping my military very small.

    In this case I couldn't pick my map, so I needed to explore and build defences, and that meant Monarchy and exploration. That enormous patch of land to the northeast - I called it a peninsula but now I've explored most of it, it looks like it's much bigger than I thought - was a rich source of huts.

    In case it's useful to anyone else, here is how I planned my hut hunt. I used the initial info from the GOT177 thread - 75x120 game generated map, seed 26 or 58. I opened the map editor and created a blank 75x120 world, painting all the squares to Plains (to display all the specials and huts). As I explored the world I plotted the first few huts and specials onto the map and switched the seed between 26 and 58 until I saw a match around latitude 55. Then I painted a few squares to match the game map and saw the same pattern of Grassland resources appear. By 3050 BC, I could see Silk near Karakorum and an iron mountain near Samarkand, so I knew that the seed that best fitted was 26 (58 gives Pheasant/Gold at those two sites).

    The huts for seed 26 and 58 form a repeating pattern. If the southeastern hut in a group is at 40,55 (using map editor coordinates) then proceeding clockwise, there are huts at 37,53 (-3,-2), 38,47 (-2,-8) and 41,49 (+1,-6). Proceeding clockwise, the next southeastern corners are at 34,53 (-6,-2), 35,36 (-5,-19) and 44,40 (+4,-15). The trick was to transpose these coordinates to the game map, since in fact the pattern for seed 26 doesn't horizontally align with the GOTM map coordinates. I presume the game seed is not actually 26 but is some +64 multiple of it, so the pattern is offset horizontally. I found pattern matches at 24,55 and 40,55 and 56,55. Well, 40,55 on my blank map is a match for 49,55 on the game map, so I just added 9 to the blank map coords to tell my units where to look for huts. Sometimes I hit a hut, sometimes a lake or shoreline.

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  9. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf Since 1992

    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    === ROUND 2 ===

    1000 BC: When I loaded last night's save, I rushed a Settler from Bokhara and set Samarkand to building Pyramids (50 turns) to save me having to build Granaries.

    975 BC: Settler built, switched Bokhara to Temple and sent the Settler off to join Karakorum. Zulus undertake Pyramids, curses! I am probably going to lose this Wonder race, but hopefully I can switch the production to another Wonder when it happens.

    950 BC: My roving Horseman discovers what I choose to call North Cape at 27,3. There's no connection with the Arctic, so it's time to turn him south and see what the east side of the peninsula looks like. Does it have an eastern connection to the mainland?

    900 BC: Karakorum switches to Temple. Because I might need to rush a Wonder, I looked into adjusting tax rate (currently 3/0/7 and science takes 15 turns). At 4/0/7 I'd get one extra gold and science would take 16 turns. At 7/0/3, I would get 16 gold and science would take 47 turns. Decided to leave it at 3/0/7. Just realised why I am so poor: all my huts this game have been advances, units or cities, never gold. But I do count my blessings: no Barbarians, either.

    875 BC: Literacy > Construction. Population 400k.

    850 BC: Ormuz founded at 46,46 to guard Karakorum on the north. Did some clicking on the black - there appears to be a continuous strip of Ocean #1 all the way up to my Horseman. If the peninsula does connect to the mainland on the east, it can only be by way of a narrows. There's also a lot of continent #5 beyond Ormuz - I really need to explore up that way to make sure there's nobody there. Bokhara appears to be on a stubby peninsula. The only known danger is from the west - the Celts.

    825 BC: Kashgar builds Settler. Normally I'd build a throwaway Warrior next, but as it's the front line, switched to Horseman instead.

    800 BC: Tabriz builds Settler. Headed south building a road.

    750 BC: Road to Kashgar complete. Settlers from Kashgar and Karakorum shake hands and share a bottle of bubbly before the Karakorum Settler heads north to build a road to Samarkand while the Kashgar guy irrigates some desert to get water to the local Bison.

    700 BC: A Barb Horseman appears outside Bokhara from the east. He is easily disposed of, but did he arise spontaneously or did someone bump a hut? I need to know. The trick is freeing up a resource to send that way when I am already fully occupied building Wonders and keeping my cities in order. This is where my sprawling empire shows its weakness. In other news, Kabul builds a Settler. Sending him south building a road to reduce the 16-square gulf between Kabula and Samarkand. Aleppo also builds a Settler. He will build a road to Tabriz and then found a city somewhere south of Tabriz.

    650 BC: Americans undertake Pyramids. I need to develop either Pottery (for HG) or Mysticism (for Oracle) so I have something to switch to. People here seem to like Marco Polo and I could build that. In other news, a second Barb Horseman has appeared in the east, this time with another unit under it - probably a Leader. So that question is answered. Bokhara's Horseman has left town and is trying to sneak around behind them to capture the Leader when the Barb Horseman dies against Bokhara's Phalanx. Kashgar has built a Horseman - sending him west to look for a place for Kashgar's Settler to build a city.

    625 BC: "Your troops have violated the territory of our city of Armagh..." - oops. The Celts are at 32,64, closer than I thought! So I reach a decision point: war or withdraw? It's a tiny city but it is defended by something. If it's a Warrior, I might (with the loss of some reputation) destroy or even capture the town and then try to negotiate peace, but if it's a Phalanx or Legion I will probably lose my Horseman and face an enraged AI. In that case I will have to forget development and go full military, which I am really uncomfortable with. I wimp out and move my Horseman away. In other news, the Zulus have nearly completed the Pyramids :(. Cost to rush Pyramids: 516 gold. Treasury: 258 gold after killing the Barb Leader. Biting the bullet and switching Samarkand to building Marco Polo instead. My roving NON Horseman finds Basra hidden in a hut at 39,19 on the east shore of the peninsula. Just what I needed - another city that is miles off the beaten track. Still, it is only 7 squares from Nishapur so once Kabul's Settler roosts, all three (four) cities can be linked to Samarkand by a single long road.

    600 BC: Zimbabwe builds the Pyramids. Another Zulu city switches to Colossus (GRR), and the Americans abandon their Pyramids project. Despite having a Phalanx, 2-population Kabul is suddenly unhappy, probably because of Basra. I have only 10
    cities and I thought that at Deity level, Monarchy could have up to 12 cities (6
    for Depotism) before getting extra unhappy people? This ramps up the difficulty! Also, I am now 2nd in Population although still 1st in most other demographics. Well, woe unto the Celts. I start my Horsemen on their way, rush a Diplomat in Kashgar and change tax rate to 7/0/3, although with my pathetic economy it's not much help.

    575 BC: The Zulus have nearly completed the Colossus. So that's another one I won't get. I switch Karakorum to MP for now. Bokhara starts a Caravan. The Americans have started the Hanging Gardens. Ormuz (2 people) riots despite its Phalanx. My population reaches 500k and I am #1 in Population again. I guess it's the Germans - in the Top 5 Cities list, Berlin has 8 people, 2 happy, 4 red faces. I guess they are a Republic. I move Kashgar's Horseman back to Armagh: the Celts ask me if I want Pottery. I decline, since I hope to steal it from them next turn!

    550 BC: Bapedi builds Colossus. My Diplomat bribes Armagh (which was suddenly just population 1 - if it built a Settler last turn I didn't get it) for 113 gold. I gain Pottery. IT'S WAR! Or is it? They demand Iron Working, I laugh at their threat, they offer a ceasefire. I plan to destroy them, but do I gain more by staying at war now or by using the ceasefire to move more troops up? I have no idea how far it is to their next city. I decide to stay at war and preserve what's left of my reputation.

    525 BC: my advance guard bumps a Chariot but fortunately has movement left and kills it easily. There's a Warrior and some other unit standing on a neighbouring forest - I will need to knock them over to get past. I just have to hope the second unit is a Settler, otherwise my Horseman's goose is cooked.

    500 BC: Suddeny Samarkand is unhappy - I guess due to Armagh adding city #11 to my roster. The second enemy unit is a Warrior, and the two Warriors move off the forest together, but a second Chariot appears from the black and kills Kashgar's Horseman anyway. Karakorum's Horseman can't hit the Chariot because of the two Warriors ZOC so it kills the two stacked Warriors instead, then retreats into Armagh. More of my Horsemen arrive in Armagh. I am swinging into full military mode but I am hindered by Samarkand and Karakorum's Wonders and Bokhara's Cavaran, since unlike the AI I can't change a city to build something else then change it back without losing all that work! I need to build either Oracle or HG or my Civ won't be able to sustain so many cities for long. I blow most of my remaining cash rushing the Caravan in Bokhara.

    475 BC: I hoped the Chariot would advance on Armagh and be slaughtered, but it moves back into the black. That makes things tricky, because even though it is weakened (yellow bar) it can easily pop back and kill a Horseman. Unless it is reduced to one move, in which case I might risk advancing two squares. But what else do they have hidden in the black? I play cautiously, moving three Horsemen out one square each, to three different squares. Nishapur builds a Horseman for war. Aleppo builds a Chariot, although it will take quite a while for that to reach the front line.

    450 BC: A Warrior moves out to face my Horsemen. Bokhara's Caravan arrives in Karakorum (44 more shields required, 9 turns, or 176 gold (my treasury has only 100 gold). Khanbalyk founded at 38,38 with a red face! I Make him into an entertainer and pray for HG. Kashgar builds a Horseman. Bokhara's Horseman kills the Warrior and becomes a Veteran but is in yellow health - he needs to go back to Armagh to heal up. My advance is stalled, because I am using vulnerable Horsemen, and I don't know what is on the other side of that forest - except that there's definitely a Horseman-killing Chariot there. I need a Phalanx to stand on that forest, and although Armagh is building one it will be a while before it is ready. I compromise, moving up one square but avoiding the tempting forest. In other news, even putting tax to 7/3/0, Karakorum no longer has a happy guy to balance its red face. If I move lux to 40% rather than budge a worker, I lose 4 gold in taxes. After a bit of testing I make an entertainer and leave tax at 7/1/2.

    425 BC: Philadeplphia discovers Philosophy. The Greeks undertake HG. Two Archers climb onto the forest I avoided. Boy am I glad I didn't put a Horseman there! Problem is, with only two Horsemen available (attach 2 each) I may not have enough firepower to dislodge two Archers (defense 2, times 50%, plus maybe Veteran). If the first Horseman gets lucky, fine, but if he dies (more likely) then the other, full health Archer will defend against the second Horseman. I decide to withdraw one square in hopes of tempting the Archers to advance.

    400 BC: They advance, losing their forest advantage. I kill them both, but my Horsemen are both badly damaged. I have only one healthy Horseman left at the front. To advance wthout support would be foolhardy. That Chariot is still back there somewhere.

    375 BC: The Warrior advances and is killed. My wounded Horsemen retreat into Armagh. The road to Samarkand is completed and the Settler passes through to begin building road north from Samarkand to meet the road that Kabul's new-built Settler is building south from Kabul. In other news, I have 152 gold in the Treasury and only need 128 to rush HG in Karakorum, whereas it will take 7 turns to finish building it, with the risk of being gazumped. I pay.

    350 BC: HANGING GARDENS IN KARAKORUM. WLTK day in K! I quickly stop that by putting the entertainer back on the land - if I was a Republic I'd celebrate for population growth, but now I need the shields more. Population 700k. A Chariot advances on Armagh, and a valiant Horseman rides out and shows it the quickest route to the city cemetery. Armagh's new Phalanx runs out and joins the victorious Horseman on the field to prepare for next turn's advance.

    325 BC: A Celtish horseman roars up and dies on my Phalanx's shield. The Phalanx is now a Vet but his health bar suggests a bit of R&R in Armagh would be in order. Instead I order the advance, and my clustered Horsemen dislodge some Warriors from the forest. One Horseman climbs a tree and discovers the city of Kells (population 2) on the other side.

    300 BC: My Phalanx enters the forest and my Horsemen commence the assault on Kells, killing a defending Phalanx and a newly arrived Legion, although my surviving units are left with deep red health. The city is down to one population but still has a defender.

    275 BC: Aleppo builds a Chariot. A healthy Horseman arrives and kills another Legion. Kells is destroyed! I wanted that city. Petulantly, I wipe out a Warrior that is left standing in the ruins. Five badly injured Horsemen and an injured Phalanx survey the battlefield but have been robbed of the prize that could have healed them up and provided a staging post for going deeper into the Celts empire. I need to withdraw the worst-injured Horsemen to Armagh and maybe bring up a Settler. Kashgar's Settler is busy mining a Special. I advance the Phalanx and one Horseman onto Kells' site. A mistake: I should have moved them south onto a nice little road. Oh well. I have more Horsemen coming from Armagh but it will be a couple of turns before they get there.

    250 BC: Phalanx and Horseman arrive outside 5-population Cardiff. The city has no walls!

    225 BC: Curses, Cardiff builds walls. This raises the stakes. I was going to try my luck with what I had, but now I must wait another turn for more units to arrive. Bokhara's second Caravan arrives in Samarkand. Resources 209/200. It will build Marco Polo next turn. I briefly consider changing to Great Library, but that would be another 19 turns. A shame I don't have Mysticism so I can't go for Oracle. Still, this will free up my second biggest city to build military. My major cities are now building Chariots and considering stepping up to Catapults. I'm not building Cats yet because I don't know if I'll need them before I expand overseas.

    200 BC: A Chariot and a Warrior try to take out my Phalanx and the Horsemen it is sheltering, but fail.

    175 BC: I commence the dreaded Mongol Storm. I suffer heavy losses but the city's defenders, a Phalanx and a Warrior, are finally worn down and fall. My last available Horseman canters up with 2/3 of a move left. The city is mine and the sack begins! The Phalanx follows him in and decides to make Cardiff his new home.

    150 BC: Population 850k. Kashgar's Settler has made a Silk forest and now he is free to build a road into the former Celtic lands and eventually rebuild Kells. The Celts want peace and Mathematics, but I deny them both. A Horseman finds Carmarthen but it has only 2 population and now that the Celts have (hopefully) lost their capital I should probably look for a more, um, Diplomatic solution. I rush one in Cardiff.

    125 BC: My Diplomat spreads 136 gold around and Carmarthen is mine.

    75 BC: Population 1,110,000. A Chariot finds 2-population Caenarfon. He has 1 move left and might win, but even if the city is left defenceless he wouldn't be able to occupy it, so he returns to Carmarthen. MOAR DIPLOMACY REQUIRED. Karakorum and Kashgar have made some and one is on the way from Bokhara, but they will take a few turns to reach the front. I switch most of my cities to building Catapults and military police (aka Warriors). Tax to 2/1/7 - time to get science moving again.

    50 BC: Marco polo comes into play and I get Mysticism and Polytheism (yay, Elephants) from the Zulus in return for The Wheel and Warrior Code. I will probably have cause to regret this when the Zulus attack me, but I need that extra content citizen! The Germans buy me off with 200 gold. The Spanish ignore me. I get Philosophy and Seafaring from the Americans, and we share maps. The Greeks ignore me. They all make peace with me, although the Zulus warn that they know what I did to the Celts and they will be watching me closely. Looking at my new map, the Americans are on my continent just the other side of the Celts (drat, so much for killing off the Celts then going for peaceful development) while the Germans are also on my continent and on the other side of the Americans. The cities that were building Catapults are now building Elephants instead. The Americans may soon have cause to regret sharing their map!

    25 BC: Defensive measures and moving stuff to the front.

    1 AD: Monarchy, 14 cities, 1.2m population, 21 techs, 480 gold. Units: 51, including 8 Settlers, 14 Horsemen, 5 Chariots and 3 Diplomats. 8 Elephants in production. At war with the Celts, who are down to 4 cities (was 3, so Cork is new and weak), Peace with everyone else. Zulus: Despotism, 10 cities; Germans: Republic, 3 cities (but Berlin is huge); Spanish: Despotism, 5 cities; Americans: Despotism, 7 cities. Their nearest, Philadelphia, is building the Great Library and I am inclined to let them build it, then take it from them! Greeks: Despotism, 10 cities, and they have the Lighthouse, so I expect to hear from them. My power is Supreme and my reputation is Honorable.

    I now face a dilemma. Normally from this point I'd just keep the war machine rolling and take the whole continent :nuke: (this would take perhaps 30-40 moves), but this game limits me to 20 cities. I have 14 cities now. If I capture all 4 remaining Celt cities I will have 18 cities, which gives me a bag limit of only 2 American cities. Philadelphia is one obvious target, with New York sitting astride a river behind it being another. Both are excellent sites with specials and growth potential. That makes 20 cities, but control of Washington and Boston is needed to make possession of New York and Philadephia secure. My conclusion is, once the Celts are gone I will need to disband several small cities before I continue my conquests. My low income (I usually have a bunch of trade routes by now) means I can't rush Settlers. So I will have to mark time for a while, disband some Horsemen (they're nearly at their use-by date) and build up a reserve of Settlers from the dead cities. That will also give the Zulus and Greeks time to find me, which will make for fun times. Sooner or later someone will discover Railroad, which will cancel HG. I need to have my cities set up to cope with that - building MC is the obvious solution, with Samarkand, Kashgar, and Bokhara pumping Caravans into Karakorum. Nobody has Montheism yet, but the Americans are working on it so I will try to trade them for it.

    TL;DR? I think I will need Caravans instead of Elephants and use them to beat the Americans to Michaelangelo's Chapel!
  10. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf Since 1992

    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    == ROUND 3 ==

    20 AD: Caernarfon accepts 130 gold to defect. I switch most of my cities to Caravans as discussed - I should be able to finish off the Celts using Diplomats and Horsemen, conserving my Chariots, then build a new generation of Elephants and Catapults to hammer the Americans. I don't want to attack the Americans until they build the GL and discover Monotheism (and I've acquired it from them, by trade or by force).

    40 AD: Zulus form Monarchy. Zulus and Greeks now at war. Americans capture Hamburg and acquire The Republic from the Germans! Construction>Bridge Building, since I plan to steal or trade Monotheism from the Americans when they get it.

    60 AD: Trade Americans Construction for The Republic. I won't change government until I can handle any unhappiness caused by out-of-town units, but it's nice to have it!

    80 AD: Bokhara and Samarkand build Caravans - 100 shields on their way to Karakorum to await their Wonder moment. Looking around for the two remaining Celt cities and drawing a blank. There's not a lot of unexplored terrain left down there. Are they even on the continent? Carmarthen and Caernarfon are the weakest cities and have been set to building Settlers. Caerphilly is a port, has whales and can take over Caernarfon's Silk, so I'm keeping it. I will build a new city midway between Carmarthen and Caernarfon. I am tempted to kill Cardiff too but it has city walls and a large existing population, so it gets to live until the other two are gone. I think I can make a nice specials city just inland from it, so the reprieve is temporary.

    100 AD: Americans have almost completed GL. Karakorum is working on Oracle. I don't plan to complete that now - Theology is too close - but it's going to take 49 turns (ignoring help from Caravans) and hopefully I will get Monotheism before then.

    120 AD: Americans build GL in Philadelphia and overthrow their gov't - switching to Monarchy. I'm waiting for them to discover Monotheism. Meanwhile I have explored the area and the Celts are nowhere in sight. I conclude that their remaining cities are overseas. Well, let them live for now. I need to keep preparing for war with America.

    140 AD: Zulus develop Astronomy and immediately start on CO. The Germans call me up and offer me 50 gold to ally with them against the Americans! Well, it's sooner than I planned but so be it. Since I am a couple of Celtic cities short, I have enough slack to take some American cities instead. To the saddle!

    160 AD: PHILADELPHIA FALLS. Cheaply. It was defended by just one Warrior! The Americans are wroth, calling me all sorts of names and demanding 150 gold for peace. No deal.

    220 AD: Americans capture Leipzig. The Germans are reduced to just Berlin. Meanwhile, I see two Legions tramping into already-defended size-3 New York, which makes me rethink my plans. I may have enough Chariots on hand to break through, but it will cost me my best troops and almost as certainly destroy the town. The lesson of Kells! So I go for size-5 Boston instead, which is just as close and is larger, in hopes of capturing it intact and luring the defenders out of New York. It costs me a Chariot, and two other chariots are deep red (and veteran), but I capture Boston, complete with Barracks! City count: 18. The Americans froth at the mouth. In other news, a Horseman exploring north from Ormuz pops a hut and finds Astronomy. OK, target of opportunity: Karakorum decides to build Copernicus Observatory!

    240 AD: Boston withstands a counter-attack and rushes a veteran Phalanx for next turn. I kill a Legion that comes out of New York, then move my injured units into Boston to heal them. There's an Elephant coming for Boston, but I have nothing healthy enough with enough movement to kill it before it arrives. All I can do is rush an Archer and hope for the best.

    260 AD: The Elephant kills my Phalanx, and there's another Elephant coming behind it. I kill both both them but it leaves some units exposed. My northern explorer pops another hut (my lucky streak is holding) and finds Engineering.

    280 AD: BARBARIANS capture Zulu Ngome! Americans revolt, intending to form Republic. I spot two Legions coming out of New York. A chariot on its way to Boston kills one, clearing the way to attack New York by road out of Boston with my other now-healed Chariots. It has only one Legion defending it! New York is mine. The unfought Legion vanishes - it must have been supported from new York. Just as well, as it was in a position to attack one of my Elephants that has just reached the front. City count: 19. The Americans are down to 6 cities (including three they took from the Germans) but still haven't discovered Monotheism. Washington has city walls: taking it will be expensive, but is unfortunately necessary. I will need to build up first, though, as my army will need to pause away from the walls due to lack of roads across the river, so I need as many units as I can assemble. The arrival of my Elephants will help. In foreign news, the Greeks are up to 13 cities.

    300 AD: Karakorum builds CO. Take that, Zulus! They change to building Great Wall, and are welcome to that. Units continue to trickle into Boston and New York, preparing for the attack on Washington.

    320 AD: I move my units up, ready to attack Washington.

    340 AD: WASHINGTON FALLS. City count: 20. I need to get rid of one before I can continue my conquests. In fact, Khanbalyk, Basra, Caernarfon and Carmarthen (and eventually even Washington) must go. But do I even want Atlanta? No. There's a better site nearby. ATLANTA DELENDA EST.

    380 AD: The Greeks invite me to ally with them against the Zulus. Hippolyta sways seductively, but I am not swayed. I am supreme on my continent but it is far too early for war with the Zulus. I decline. Mind you, the Zulus have 2.17m people and I am second at 1.66m - I am falling behind!

    And there it rests for the night.
  11. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    20 AD: 2 vans in Zimbabwé: Rush the remainder of Mikes for 68g.

    40 AD: KARAKORUM MIKES. God, vanbuilding will be so slow and I can’t trade w/Zulus since I missed LH. And an SSC will be less effective bc no Colossus+Celts building GW… REVOLUTION. No clue if I gun for Theo or celebrate core first. T4L6S0

    60 AD: REPUBLIC. to rush a few harbours, since I can’t immediately celebrate (a few cities not size 3 that I want to get there first) So I’ll wait 4 turns. Might as well rush a few harbours first and celebrate to size 7. Hut: AT of Cunaxa, nearby Zulu lands. 100% intentional since it was a different landmass far away. (18/20)

    80 AD: Samarkand celebrates anyway because HG. Hut: 50g. Starting to have to forgo huts since it would create inconvenient cities. Cremona built near Spanish. (19/20) They don’t have a wonder yet but might as well.

    140 AD: T1L4S5. Going to rush for Inv/Navigation and hope to get vans out ASAP for trading. Before that, Cope’s… see you in 1400 AD boys. Noothing’s gonna happen in the meanwhile.
    Interturn; Celts develop Banking, almost done with GW.

    160 AD: Trade Philosophy to Celts for Banking. Zulus get both techs.

    200 AD: T1L6S3.

    220 AD: Hut: 25g. Most cities size 6.

    240 AD: One last turn of celebrations.
    Interturn: Corinthe builds Oracle.

    260 AD: T1L2S7. Techrate 7 turns. Much better. Boat carrying Greece-bound settler randomly bumps into Barb trireme… settler bails out safely.
    Interturn: Luckily enough, it did bail out. But I still lose my boat.

    280 AD: Hut: Engineering. Good and bad thing. Good because it brings me closer to Invention: Bad because it brings me closer to Invention.

    300 AD: Somebody popped a hut that I wanted to pop. It was full of Barbarians!
    Interturn: IT takes a while, but the unlucky Greek horseman does eventually go down.

    320 AD: Theology > Astronomy. Don’t want to go towards Invention quite yet.

    340 AD: Hut: BARBS. Well, RIP the stranded settler. Guess it’s up to Cunaxa to supply the Greek colony. Bach’s in 6 turns.

    360 AD: Hut: INVENTION. Well then.

    380 AD: Hut: 50g.

    400 AD: Hut: 50g.

    420 AD: Hut: 25g. All of these are techs…

    440 AD: Bokhara Reborn library, starts soon to be Cope’s.

    460 AD: Astronomy > Navigation. KARAKORUM JSB, starts Leo’s. Cope’s in Bokhara Reborn in 4 turns. T2L0S8.

    500 AD: Nothing of note. Holding off on popping some huts since I don’t have the money to rush settlers… or do I?

    STATUS AT 500 AD: (Beginning of 126th turn)
    Population: 3,290.000 Cities: 19/20 Government: Republic Total advances: 31 (researching Navigation)
    Gold: 63 T2L0S8 Income/Cost per turn: 37 income, 12 cost. Production: 113MT 0 polluted tiles
    Wonders: HG, Mikes, Bach’s and MPE. Cope’s in 2 turns. (5/11)
    Foreign relations: Peace+maps with everyone. Americans killed by Barbs
    Darnit, just realized that Greeks have WoWs in Athens and Corinthe. I’m going to have to sack a city.
  12. Major Advantage

    Major Advantage Prince

    Mar 21, 2011
    Hi guys!

    I am not sure I will be able to finish this game in time. The weather was just too great to play (at least here at the Baltic Sea, I think I never went bathing in the sea so often before in may), so I have just crossed the AD-barrier earlier today. Plus, I will be leaving for a few weeks next week on an adventure trip! Between strikes and terrorists, if we are lucky, there may be some football to be seen in France. The European kind, that some of you might know as soccer.

    So, for my game so far, it was far from pretty. With the special rule, I was very (probably too) reluctant to found my cities. I also did not want to have more than one tile overlap. Furthermore, my hut luck was pretty awful this time, and I lost out on HG.

    Here is the log so far:

    -4000 pop hut: 25g. 2nd try: Horse. We take the horse, moving west, 2nd special is hidden
    -3950 Karakorum founded at 2-special site, start warrior, work fish for 3 arrows
    -3900 Research alphabet
    -3750 Samarkand founded @ 53,59
    -3650 Alph->Laws
    -3500 2 spices spotted, could be nice for SSC, 2 of a 4-special-site but it is on ocean...
    -3300 2nd hut: horse (supported)
    -3200 Our continent seems twisted again
    -3150 Laws ->Burial
    -3000 Hut: Supported archer, this might be too much to handle for Karakorum
    -2800 Barb horse from hut, 50g from hut, supported horse disbanded in Kara
    (Barb horse kills our warrior)
    -2750 Switch production in Sama to chariot
    -2700 Chariot kills barb horse & vet
    -2600 Another barb horse from hut
    (Barbs kill our none-horse)
    -2450 Burial->Monarchy(48)
    -2350 Bokhara founded @46,48
    -2300 Archer kills barb horse & vet
    -2000 40 beakers done

    Stats at 2000BC:
    pop.: 50k; Cities: 3; techs: 6; gold: 49; Gov.: Desp; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 2 settler, 3 warrior, 1 Archer, 1 chariot
    Goals: Expand & Explore, meet rivals

    -1850 Mon.(rev+est.)->writing (if currency, trade would be blocked next)
    -1700 Nishapur founded on southern shore; no better site spotted for SSC, it will be the capital, at least it has resources to grow
    -1550 celtic warrior approaches, sign peace, they offer warrior code, no
    -1350 Writing->Currency
    -1300 Archer from hut (supported), would have been a nice city location...
    -1000 Another supported archer from hut

    Stats at 1000BC:
    pop.: 120k; Cities: 4; techs: 8; gold: 81; Gov.: Mon; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 4 settler, 4 warrior, 3 Archer, 1 chariot
    Goals: Expand & Explore, meet rivals

    -900 Curr->Trade
    -875 50g from hut; Hail Celts, they offer Mapmaking, we agree, get MM, other choices are Lit, Myst, pot, wc; exchange maps
    -800 Advanced Tribe (Kashgar) in the northwest
    (Zulus begin Colossus)
    -725 Tabriz founded
    -700 Nomads! Finally some good hut outcomes
    (Zulus switch to Pyramids)
    -600 Trade->Mysticism; 50g from hut; get Myst. from Celts (They also have lit.), sign alliance
    (Two barb horses die attacking my archer)
    -575 Research Literacy; get Literacy from hut (was gonna get it from Celts anyway)
    -550 Research Philo
    (Washington builds Pyramids, Zulus switch to Colossus, greeks begin Colossus)

    Stats at 500BC:
    pop.: 250k; Cities: 6; techs: 13; gold: 171; Gov.: Mon; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 7 settler, 6 warrior, 2 Archer, 1 horse, 1 chariot, 1 dip, 1 boat
    Goals: Expand, build some wonders

    (A green trireme attacks Karakorum and fails, warrior is vet; Celts receive IW from Americans)
    -475 Spice City founded; update Celtic map, an american warrior is in their territory
    -425 50g from hut on cont. 32
    -400 5 barb horses from hut
    (our horse gets killed, Celts begin HG)
    -375 Kabul founded (4-special-site on cont. 32, whale and pheasant, 2 hidden)
    (Germans are about to finish HG...we have only 2 vans ready...)
    -350 Barb leader 150
    (Berlin HG, Germans switch to Col, Celts to MPE)
    -325 Ormuz founded; Legion from hut near Kabul
    (Celts switch to Col, Spanish begin Col)
    -300 we have 5 vans ready and need two wonders, Col in Karakorum and MPE
    (Celts Seafaring)
    -250 put 4 vans into Colossus in Karakorum
    (Zulus about to fninish Col. but...)
    -225 Colossus built in Karakorum (Germans aband, Spanish to GW, Greeks to LH, Celts to MPE, Zulu to LH
    (Zulus build LH, did we get a warning? Do not think so; Greeks to Oracle; Americans begin GL)
    -200 MPE built in Bokhara (Celts to GL); We discover philo (Args!! That was supposed to happen after tech-trades from Marco!)->Medicine(something I suppose nobody has)->Republic (over Masonry, pottery, WC, which are useless)
    Get Rep, Seaf., IW from Germany, sign peace, demand tribute, get WC
    Get maps from Greeks, that is quite some distance
    Get maps from America
    Get maps from Spain, they will not share Construction because of GW
    Get Math + maps from Zulu, they seem to be our trading partner
    Get Masonry from Celts (To get construction next turn)
    (Spanish aband GL)
    -175 Research Banking
    -125 Nomads on cont. 35
    -100 Get Construction from Spain
    (Zulus University)
    (Celtics build GL)
    -25 Twop barb horses on cont. 32, bribe one, kill the other

    Stats at 1 AD:
    pop.: 530k; Cities: 9; techs: 22; gold: 61; Gov.: Mon; wonders: Col, MPE; TR: 0D/0F
    units: 7 settler, 7 warrior, 2 Archer, 1 legion, 1 horse, 1 chariot, 1 dip, 2 boat, 4 van
    Goals: Get trade going with Zulus; improve SSC; republic when the time is right
  13. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    I finished my game a couple of days ago. More logs will be forthcoming.

    BTW: I wasn't trying for world conquest, I just wanted to eliminate the Celts and then maybe pick up a couple of American cities. I don't think I ever had more than 6 Elephants/Crusaders. I could tell from the way things were going that I wasn't going to get many (or any) of the important early wonders (Colossus, HG, Pyramids, LH).
  14. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    There has been talk of the early "Wonder Race". But here is something that happened much later in my game.

    At the end of 1620 I saved, as I do at the end of every turn. Then I clicked "end of turn".
    During the interim, I was warned that the Zulus were almost done with UN. I played my turn and saved again as normal. I had 18 freight, but only 1 was food and most were close to AI cities waiting to be delivered. Then I clicked "end of turn".
    During the interim, Ulundi built the UN.
    So I played my turn of 1640, saved, did end of turn and then played my turn for 1650. Once again at the end, I saved and hit "end of turn".
    During the interim (1650-1660), Ulundi built Sun Tzu. So somehow in only 2 turns Ulundi was able to produce 240 shields.

    Please note: according to the Foreign Minister's intelligence report, the Zulus had not discovered Trade yet. So there was no possibility of caravans helping.

    After I was finished with the game I went back and looked my save files (using Cheat Mode to see the Zulu city status).

    In my 1630AD save, Ulundi had 480 of the 600 shields for UN. So it was ready to complete is since it seems all AI production is getting a 20% discount. Also in that save file, I could see that Umtata was building Sun Tzu. It had 16 of 300 shields needed.

    After looking at that, I opened the 1640AD save file. Ulundi had just completed the UN. But in the city status report, it showed Ulundi with 191 of the 300 shields need for Sun Tzu. Umtata showed that 59 of 300 shields were collected. BTW according to the report, Ulundi was actually producing 7 shields and 5 of those were being used for support. Umtata was producing 5 shields with 3 for support.

    Then I opened the 1650 save file. Ulundi had 240 of 300 shields and Umtata had 101 of 300 shields. So somehow Ulundi had accumulated 49 shields and Umtata had accumulated 42 shields.

    Then I opened the 1660 save file. Ulundi had just completed Sun Tzu and the Zulus had no more Wonders available to build. Ulundi was now building a courthouse. It had 4 of the 80 shields needed. Umtata had changed to building an Elephant, but it had 143 of the 40 needed. So it looked as if Umtata had accumulated another 42 shields before having to switch to Elephant.

    Has anyone ever seen any documentation or research into how the AI actually accumulates shields for building Wonders of the World? Did anyone else experience any similar situations?
  15. Autumn Leaf

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    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    WTG Jokemaster, Major Advantage and haleewud!

    Weird AI production bonus there haleewud! I've seen them given 5 shields per turn, but 50?

    == ROUND 4 ==

    400 AD: A Barbarian horde surges out of the black near Bokhara. I rush the city's Elephant production, send the Phalanx from Karakorum as reinforcement, and send Bokhara's Phalanx out to protect my NON Settler nearby. At the siege of Atlanta, an American Elephant appears out of nowhere and kills one of my Elephants.

    420 AD: A Barbarian Horseman attacks my Phalanx + Settler and narrowly fails to kill them. Zulus recapture Ngome from the Barbarians. My units retreat into Bokhara. Karakorum's Phalanx arrives and takes up station on a hillside outside the city. I take a risk and Bokhara's new Elephant kills the Barb Horseman at the walls then leaves town, hunting the Barbarian Leader. Bokhara's Warrior leaves town and approaches the Horseman. At Atlanta, I kill the American Elephant and pound the city again.

    440 AD: The third Barbarian Horseman kills my Warrior and advances. Zulus have nearly completed the Oracle, but I am one turn short of being able to gazump them.

    460 AD: The Barbarian Horseman dies attacking my hilltop Phalanx. The Leader zigs when he should zag and runs away to a hillside right beside my Elephant. Zulus complete Oracle. The Germans report that they have made peace with the Americans. My Elephant captures the Barbarian leader. My northern Horseman pops a hut and gets a tribe of nomads - something of a booby prize as it will take at least 15 turns to move it to my nearest city (Ormuz). I capture and destroy Atlanta.

    480 AD: Carmarthen and Khanbalyk both pop Settlers and are destroyed. City count: 18. Boston pops a Settler and sends him off to build a city at a rich site near Frankfurt. Frankfurt needs to be destroyed to make room. I need to bring the American war to an end so I can settle my troops and move to Republic, or else the Zulus will completely run away from me.

    500 AD: Khorasan founded near Cardiff. City count: 19. More Barbarians appear near Bokhara! I may need to spend a city slot and settle that peninsula to stop these invasions.

    520 AD: One Barbarian Horseman dies attacking the Phalanx I placed on a hill outside Bokhara. Bokhara's Elephant is sneaking around behind hoping to snag another Leader. I attack Frankfurt but cannot break through.

    540 AD: The other Barbarian Horseman dies attacking my Phalanx. The Leader escapes into the black. My Elephant roars in frustration and tosses trees around. Celtic capital moved to Tintagel. My army outside Frankfurt withstands a counterattack from the city but the one surviving Chariot may have to return to Boston to heal. Except ... WOAH! No flag? It's undefended. Frankfurt must have used its last defender to make that counterattack. I walk in unopposed. City count: 20. Boston's settler was in position to found a city but now he will have to wait until Caernarfon is destroyed next turn.

    560 AD: Caernarfon turns into a Settler. Shangtu built on a 3-resource river site near Frankfurt. City count: 20. I attack Chicago and destroy its single defender but have no units with movement left, so I can't occupy the city. Three Chariots are lined up along the river ready to finish the job next turn.

    580 AD: Chicago simultaneously captured and destroyed. My military machine in the deep south is down to 4 Chariots and a handful of Horsemen - I pretty much stopped building military in order to pump Caravans. The Americans are down to 2 cities (Hamburg and Leipzig), the Germans have only Berlin. I could possibly eliminate the Americans with my existing force, but one disaster would end my campaign. Perhaps it is time to make peace. I might be able to use Diplomats as a Republic to subvert them to death later. So be it. I make peace. The next Oedo year is 620 AD, so next year I will start my change of government.

    620 AD: Republic at last. Gonna be busy tweaking cities and settling military units for a while.

    680 AD: (Approx) I was so busy micro-managing my cities and putting military units away that I forgot to note it, but somewhere around here I rushed KRC in Karakorum and also discovered Bridge Building > Invention (it wouldn't offer me the option of researching Monotheism).

    700 AD: Barbarians capture Spanish Barcelona. Population 2.06m (Zulus 3.36m). Discoveries every 17 turns.

    720 AD: Kicked Luxuries to 60% to start a brief WLTPD.

    760 AD: A Diplomat on his way to make mischief in America walks into a hut containing Monotheism! He was on autopilot and I wasn't even paying attention when he did it, so I was startled when the dialog popped up onscreen. I assumed the Americans would have cleared out all the huts in their territory. ALL RIGGGHHHT! Karakorum rushes MC.

    780 AD: KARAKORUM BUILDS MICHAELANGELO'S CHAPEL! Population 2.52m. I was about to stop the WLTPD since a couple of cities stopped celebrating, but this changes things and I've decided to run it another couple of turns and get my biggest cities up to 8.

    820 AD: The Americans finally develop Monotheism.

    840 AD: Population 3.06m (Zulus: 4.06m).

    860 AD: Population 3.38m (Zulus: 4.06m). I use up my treasury rushing Aqueducts in Karakorum, Samarkand and Bokhara.

    880 AD: Population 4.0m (Zulus: 4.14m). I sell my remaining Barracks to rush an Aqueduct in Kashgar.

    900 AD: Population 4.29m (Zulus: 4.34m). I end my WLTPD spree. Taxes to 3/1/6. I didn't quite catch the Zulus in population, but I'm competitive again, and if I was the biggest civ everyone would hate me. My power is Supreme, and my Reputation, which had fallen to Questionable, is back up to Honorable. City count: 20. Washington (killing), Cardiff (killing), Karakorum (cap), Samarkand, New York, Bokhara, Nishapur, Boston (killing), Philadelphia, Kashgar, Tabriz, Aleppo, Kabul, Frankfurt (killing), Armagh (killing), Ormuz, Basra (killing), caerphilly, Khorasan, and Shangtu.

    960 AD: I finally negotiate a ceasefire with the Celts.

    980 AD: Ormuz' Horseman finds another nomad up north.

    1000 AD: Basra turns into a Settler. City count: 19.

    5,000 years on, population: 4.27m (Zulus: 5.13m). Trade: 4D,0F (must try harder). Techs: 30, discoveries every 8 turns. Military: 58 units. 20 Settlers, 16 Phalanx, 2 Archers, 8 Horsemen, 4 Chariot, 3 Elephant, 1 catapult, 4 Diplomats. I hit 70 units at my peak during the middle stages of the American war, but I've been running it down since then to conserve resources under Republic. All the warriors and some Horsemen went to add shields to Caravans and city improvements. Cities I plan to kill off are mostly protected by loaned Horsemen.

    AI: Celts: 3 cities, Despotism. Zulus: 15 cities, Monarchy. Germans: 2 cities, Republic. Spanish: 10 cities, Despotism. Americans: 2 cities, Republic. Greeks: 15 cities, Despotism.

    At this stage the Zulus are looking pretty dangerous and likely to run away from me when/if they go for Republic, but I don't yet have the tools to take them down. I need better ships first, and some foreign trade. I'm going to switch back to Caravans shortly and try for Leonardo's Workshop to auto-upgrade my military. I should maybe ally with the Greeks against the Zulus, but I don't want to declare war on the Zulus till I am in a position to make that war successful. I tried to trade maps with the Zulus or Greeks to find out where the Zulus are, but they both refused. Probably should have tried harder back when they liked me.

    The 20-city limit is really biting my gameplay. I have huge territories with excellent sites that I could (would) settle but can't. Meanwhile the AI civs are growing and spreading. Knowing what I now do about the map, I should have stopped my westward expansion at Kashgar, switched to Republic much earlier, and concentrated on settling the lands protected from the AIs by Kashgar. In a normal game I would have 30 cities by now and be working on a spaceship, or in this 20-city game I'd have 20 well-sited cities and be well ahead of where I am. I should have made peace with the Americans after nabbing Philadelphia. Well, hindsight is great. I made the decisions I did based on the information I had and it's been an exciting game. I will be busy for several days and over the weekend and may not finish in time for the 7 June deadline, but we shall see. Good luck with your own games!
  16. CharlieChuck

    CharlieChuck Prince

    Feb 6, 2007
    I thought the quicker route to monarchy would payoff better in the long term. Obviously I haven't played at deity for a while and with limited cities I thought techs would be hard to come by.

    I'm up to about 300 AD now and I think I've made a serious mistake by not going for Hanging Gardens. I'll post log to 1 ad later.
  17. haleewud

    haleewud Prince

    Feb 16, 2010
    Please note: If there is a (GL) after a tech name, it means the Zulus got that tech from the Great Library

    +20 Zulus nearly done with Copernicus, Germans abandon GL, Athens builds LH, Zulus change to GL, Tabriz Food, kill American warrior and 2 catapults, Basra founded at 55,65
    Post Game Review: When I look at the Foreign Ministers report, it says Zimbabwe is building Copes and Ulundi is building GL. Cheat shows Zimbabwe 240/300 and Ulundi 66/300

    +40 Zulus Currency, Zimbabwe builds GL, Zulus change to Copes, Trade with Germans Construction (GL) -> Republic (GL) (672), REVOLUTION, 25 tribute
    Post Game Review: I was a pleasant surprise when the Zulus built GL instead of Copes. Cheat shows Ulundi has 76/300 for Copes. This is an increase of 10 where the city only produces 4.

    +60 Germans get MM from Americans for Construction, Karakorum Salt, Republic established, 6 vans to Karakorum, Bokhara Silver to Madrid 330, Khanbalyk founded at 46,48,5, A number of warriors are disbanded, T/L/S = 0/8/2 for celebrations
    Post Game review: Ulundi now has 86/300, again an increase of 10.

    +80 Philosophy -> Medicine -> Monotheism (736), Kabul Settlers, WLTCD in Aleppo, Kashgar, Nishapur, Samarkand and Karakorum, Karakorum builds Copernicus (Zulus abandon), Karakorum disbands warrior and rushes 75 shields
    Post Game Review: Ulundi has switched to Marketplace and has 96/80. Oracle and GW were still available

    +100 Greeks Mysticism, Karakorum Library, T/L/S = 0/5/5 (most celebrations would have ended anyway)
    Post Game Review: Ulundi has completed the marketplace and now has 32/40 for a settler.

    +120 Zulus get Monarchy from Germans for Seafaring, Peace, American govt overthrown, All celebrations end
    +140 Americans get HBR and establish Republic, Samarkand Hides, Kill American Catapult+Settler, Kashgar Hides to Madrid 352
    +160 Spanish at war with Zulus, Kashgar Food, Nishapur Food, Boston Diplomat
    +180 Zulu govt overthrown
    +200 Zulus establish Monarchy, Monotheism -> Engineering (768), Bokhara Food, Kill Archer+Phal in New York, Capture NY (15+Masonry(800)+Barracks)
    +220 Spanish Bridge Building, Nishapur Food, disorder in NY, Samarkand Food, Karakorum Food, Senate signs CF with Americans, get 150 for Peace, Karakorum Dye to Seville 488
    +240 Barbs capture Cordoba, Kashgar Food, order restored in NY
    +260 Zulus get Banking from Americans for Astronomy, Peace, Greeks Astronomy, Tabriz Food, Samarkand Food, 8 vans to Samarkand, Bribe Spanish Horse 84
    +280 Spanish acquire Astronomy, Samarkand builds Mike's, Engineering -> University (832), T/L/S = 0/2/8
    +300 Nishapur Gems
    +340 Zulus develop Navigation, Zulu govt overthrown, Americans develop Feudalism, Ormuz Food, Carmarthen Food, Karakorum food
    Post Game Review: Zulus would have traded Navigation at this point. But I didn't want the reduced payout yet.

    +360 Zulus Republic, Greek-Zulu War, Kashgar Beads, 2 million, Give Republic to Spanish
    +380 Zulus start Magellan's, Nishapur Food, Boston Settlers, Aleppo disbands horse, Karakorum rushes 68sh
    Post Game Review: Zulus will not trade Navigation while working on Magellan's Mpondo is building 9/400. Mpondo is producing 4 shields with 2 for support

    +400 Khanbalyk Food, Aleppo Hides, University -> Invention (864), Samarkand Food, Karakorum Aqueduct, Karakorum Salt to Seville 464, Samarkand Hides to Madrid 376
    Post Game Review: Mpondo 20/400 (11 increase)

    +420 Greeks Seafaring, start Oracle, Invention -> Navigation (896), Kabul Gold, Karakorum rushes 154sh (Zulus will not trade Nav while they are building Magellan's)
    Post Game Review: Mpondo 32/400 (12 increase), Sparta 16/300 (producing 7 shields with 2 for support)

    +440 Barb uprising near Kabul, Basra Food, Kashgar Food, New York Silk, Karakorum University
    Post Game Review: Mpondo 44/400 (12 increase), Sparta 25/300 (9 increase)

    +460 Spanish govt overthrown, Carmarthen Food, Nishapur Food, Bokhara Food, Karakorum rushes 54sh
    Post Game Review: Mpondo 56/400 (12 increase), Sparta 34/300 (9 increase)

    +480 Germans Math, Spanish Republic, Kabul Diplomat, Tabriz Food, Karakorum Harbor, Bribe Barb Horse 41 (disbanded)
    Post Game Review: Mpondo 68/400 (12 increase), Sparta 44/300 (10 increase)

    +500 Spanish Nav from Zulus for BB, Peace, Ormuz Dye, Nav -> Physics (928)
    Post Game Review: Mpondo 80/400 (12 increase), Sparta 54/300 (10 increase)

    stats at +500:
    pop.: 2.26 cities: 11; techs: 31, gov: Republic, gold: 154; trade routes: 0D5F; cost/turn: 16
    units: 5 Settlers, 8 Warriors, 5 Phalanx, 1 Archer, 1 Horse, 4 Elephants, 4 Trireme, 3 Diplomat, 20 Caravan
    wonders: MPE, Mike's, Copes'

    Celts: Destroyed
    Zulu: 12 cities, 24 tech, 681 gold, Republic, Peace, War with Greek, GL
    Germans: 4 cities, 17 tech, 58 gold, Republic, Peace
    Spanish: 11 cities, 20 tech, 909 gold, Republic, Allied, Colossus
    Americans: 6 cities, 20 tech, 181 gold, Republic, Peace, Pyramids
    Greeks: 17 cities, 14 tech, 1323 gold, Despotism, Peace, War with Zulus, HG, LH
  18. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +0020 Germans build Great Library.
    +0040 Nishapur celebrates to size 9 but cannot continue. T3L4S3
    +0060 Spanish discover Astronomy and start on Copernicus. Advanced tribes found Kazan at 43,81 and Quinsay at 25, 23. I have never had two advanced tribes in a row, let alone in the same turn! Kazan is near a planned city and despite being just a one special, I will keep it. Quinsay has one special and at least 6 rivers but it is quite out of the way and not near anything.
    +0080 After wandering all over the place a legion and its leader finally step next to Khanbalyk and are killed by my chariot which is now vet.
    +0100 Khanbalyk's vet chariot dies in attack on another barbarian legion. Khanbalyk rushes a diplomat hoping the wounded barbarian legion would take a rest.
    +0120 Barbarian legion moved sideways!
    +0140 50g from hut. Barbarian horseman near Khanbalyk bribed for 41g and lost attacking the very wounded legion. Now my diplomat is exposed too.
    +0160 Barbarian legion runs away from my diplomat.
    +0180 Advanced tribe found Kerman at 63,79. This one is next to a 4-special site I was planning to build on. I have to disband it into a settler. 50g from hut. T4L4S2.
    +0200 Wounded barbarian legion moves next to Khanbalyk and is bribed for 82g. Knight from hut. T1L4S5 to speed up Monotheism.
    +0240 Monotheism -> Astronomy. Crusader from hut. T2L4S4
    +0260 Zulu build Sun Tzu. Michelangelo built. Legion from hut. T3L4S3
    +0280 Madrid build Copernicus. I had the shields in Nishapur but not the tech and neither did anyone else. Both Colossus and Copernicus are in Madrid. If it was not for the fact that it is a one-special (fish) I would definitely consider taking it over and making it the science city. But Nishapur is size 10, has Hanging Gardens, and will get Shakespeare next turn. Maybe I should still take Madrid over even though it will not be my science city. It has two valuable wonders, one of which does not expire. I shall plan for that.
    +0300 Nishapur builds Shakespeare and celebrates. Basra founded at 40, 86. It is only 2 specials but I am building a cluster of cities in the area.
    +0320 Khorasan founded at 36,78. T4L4S2
    +0340 Nishapur reaches size 12. Legion from hut. Advanced tribe founds Babol at 58,6. As is, it is one-special whale. If I move it one tile it will be 3 specials.
    +0380 50g from polar hut.
    +0400 First pollution appears near Nishapur. T4L3S3
    +0460 Zulu land a caravan near Aleppo! T2L6S2
    +0480 None crusader from hut.
    +0500 25g from polar hut. Invention -> German -> University. Invention -> Celt -> Bridge Building, maps. Invention -> Spanish -> Astronomy, maps. Invention, Writing -> Zulu -> Banking, Chivalry, maps. Invention -> American -> maps.

    Status at +0500
    Population: 3.5M; Cities: 19; Techs: 31; Government: Republic
    Gold: 7; Cost: 10; Trade routes: 0D0F;
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Marco, King Richard, Michelangelo, Shakespeare
    Units: 11 Settlers (1 None), 5 warriors, 5 Legions (1 None), 1 Chariots, 2 Crusaders (1 None), 1 Knight, 4 Triremes, 3 Diplomats, 18 caravans, 1 explorer
    Goals: Trade routes (2 boats are on their way to America), sanitation, exploration for huts, relocation of Kerman and Babol by one tile, Leo (5 turns), conquest of Madrid?
    Footprint: 7 near the capital on 5; 3 more on 5 but slightly away; 1 in the NW peninsula of 5 quite far away; 4 near Germans on 5; 1 on each of 2, 31, 32, 36.
    Celt: 6 cities, 20 techs;
    Zulu: 7 cities, 22 techs; Lighthouse, Sun Tzu
    German: 5 cities, 29 techs; Great Library
    Spanish: 8 cities, 21 techs; Colossus, Copernicus
    American: 6 cities, 25 techs; Pyramids
    Greek: 10 cities, 13 techs
  19. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Autumn Leaf, wow! what a log. Reads more like a story than a log.

    Looks like we all made that mistake. In our quest for great city sites we delayed making cities to our own detriment. It is amazing how we are all used to making a ton of cities right away and how this limit has handicapped us. I guess it would have been better to make a cluster of 16-18 cities right away without regard to their specials and just leave room for a few offshore cities later on. Any way this has been an interesting experiment. I shall endeavor to repeat it again in the not too distant future.

    Looks like Major and I are the only ones sticking to peace. The rest of you got involved in wars but does not look like anyone is planing to win by conquest. Given the 20 city limit I found war unjustifiable. Would love to hear your reasons.

    I am not planning on attacking anyone with the possible exception of Madrid which has both Colossus and Copernicus. The Spanish are now racing for Magellan as well.

    I fortified a warrior (later replaced by a None legion) on a forest at the center of the portion of land connecting my homeland to Celts' which is only 3 tiles wide. That has so far worked out great to keep them away. They come up to it, then change their mind and go back.

    I made two strategic mistakes regarding trading. One was delaying it till after +500. While my other cities were small, my science city was not and I should have been delivering its vans. The other was delivering to Americans first (instead of Zulu). What was I thinking? The Zulu were only slightly farther away but on a different land mass. I could have doubled all my payouts. I just looked at the demands and Americans had more than Zulu. Big mistake.
  20. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +0520 -> Chemistry.
    +0540 Barbarian crusader lands near Karakorum and kills food van. Fortunately two more land on the other side otherwise my capital would have been lost. Babol is disbanded into a None settler! Harbor sold to raise funds for bribery. Barbarian crusader bribed for 82g. T1L5S4
    +0560 Nomad from hut.
    +0580 Everyone and their brother is working on Leo. 50g from hut.
    +0600 Chemistry -> Sanitation. Second pollution around Nishapur. Leo built. Coal from size 12 Nishapur to size 8 Philadelphia for a disappointing 157 establishes the first trade route. T3L3S4
    +0640 Zulu deliver to Karakorum! Beads from Kish to NY for 180. T4L4S2
    +0660 Beads to Americans for 156, 79. T2L4S4
    +0680 Sanitation -> Theory of Gravity.
    +0700 Spanish discover Navigation and start Magellan. Sanitation -> American -> Democracy.
    +0720 Kashghar founded at the 4-special site 18, 20 near the NW corner of continent 5. 100g from hut.
    +0740 Salt to Boston for 56. Barbarian crusader (left over from the recent attack on Karakorum) bribed for 82g to prevent a potential attack on Tabriz. T3L4S3
    +0780 Offshore silver for 112 establishes the first domestic trade route. Babol refounded with a supported settler and at the 3 special location. I now have 20 cities two of which need to go away eventually and one needs to be relocated next door.
    +0800 Domestic Hides for 92. 50g from hut; the explorer have really been worthwhile. T2L4S4
    +0820 Copper to Frankfurt for 66. Barbarian crusader (last one from the recent attack on Karakorum) bribed for 82g to prevent a potential attack on Khanbalyk.
    +0840 Theory of Gravity -> Gunpowder. Sanitation -> Celt -> Gunpowder.
    +0860 -> Leadership. Domestic offshore deliveries for 99, 105.
    +0920 Spanish build Magellan. Banking -> Spanish -> Navigation. Kerman refounded one tile over at a 4-special.
    +0940 Salt to Washington for 64. 50g from hut.
    +0960 Leadership -> Explosives.
    +0980 2x50g from huts. Salt from Nishapur to Zulu for 260. Beads to Frankfurt for 44. Domestic Hides for 60. T0L4S6
    +1000 Zulu deliver to size 1 Kerman.

    Status at +1000
    Population: 9.5M; Cities: 20; Techs: 38; Government: Republic
    Gold: 410; Cost: 50; Trade routes: 10D11F;
    Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Marco, King Richard, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Leo
    Units: 14 Settlers (3 None), 1 warriors, 10 Musketeers (1 None), 6 Dragoons (1 None), 6 Caravels, 3 Diplomats, 21 caravans, 1 explorer
    Goals: More trade routes with Zulu and Spanish (2 boats are on their way), explosives (next turn), Newton (next turn), exploration for huts, conquest of Madrid? (boat on its way with 3 dragoons)
    Footprint: 7 near the capital on 5; 3 more on 5 but slightly away; 2 in the NW peninsula of 5 quite far away; 4 near Germans on 5; 1 on each of 2, 31, 32, 36.
    Celt: 7 cities, 23 techs;
    Zulu: 8 cities, 26 techs; Lighthouse, Sun Tzu
    German: 6 cities, 34 techs; Great Library
    Spanish: 9 cities, 24 techs; Colossus, Copernicus, Magellan
    American: 6 cities, 31 techs; Pyramids
    Greek: 14 cities, 15 techs

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