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GOTM 177 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by Ali Ardavan, May 24, 2016.

  1. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf Since 1992

    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    == ROUND 7 ==

    1804: Celts ask for help against Spanish. Sorry, no.

    1806: Zulus liberate Greek Ibabanago, take Metallurgy! T1L6S3 for WLTP.

    1810: Zulus discover Explosives. I discover Explosives > Electricity. Settlers upgraded to Engineers. I decide that the GL is pretty much played out and it's time to go for Electricity.

    1812: Population 11.08m. This celebration is actually largely for Kerman, which needs to grow fast if it is to survive.

    1814: Germans and Americans sign "Hamburg Pact" to contain Mongol aggression. I start hardening the defences of Karakorum.

    1816: population 12.28m. Germans demand Sanitation and throw a tanrum (declare war) when asked to remove their troops. German Diplomat swatted near Shangtu. German-American treaty activated. American Legion killed as preventative measure.

    1818: As with the Germans, demand Gunpowder and throw big temper tantrum when denied. Zulus develop Electricity (that was fast). Zulus liberate Greek city of Swazi. Kerman has a reprieve, of sorts. Population 12.68m, and due to wars breaking out and Kerman reaching 8 pop, I end the celebration. I capture Buffalo (between Shangtu and new York). City count: 20. I start starving Buffalo so I can capture other cities as required. I clobber the Celts intruding on Kazan and threaten Cork. Karakorum starts Statue of Liberty as a placeholder.

    1822: Zulus and Spanish sign "Cannae Pact" to contain Mongol aggression. Zulus drop two Caravans on Zanzibar and make loud noises. I don't demand they remove their troops, so "Peace" nominally survives.

    1824: Wretched Senate signs a Cease Fire while an American Catapult is squatting on Shangtu lands! OUTRAGEOUS. I bribe it away by pointing out there's no Prohibition in Mongolia, promising it all the alcoholic *kumis* it can drink! I also start gathering Diplomats and Dragoons at Shangtu to form a cavalry army to counter-invade America.

    1828: Buffalo becomes an Engineer. City count: 19.

    1832: Greeks liberate Zulu Swazi. I capture 7-pop Cork. City count: 20. Once again the Wretched Senate agrees to peace. Now I have a dilemma! I can't kill such a big city so easily but I am at the max cities, so I am stymied till I lose a city somewhere. But this city is in a fairly quiet corner of the world and close to home, so I should probably lose some other city. Poor Kerman! It's a better city than Cork, but probably impossible to protect. I begin dissolving my greek enclave, pumping out Engineers and selling improvements. In other news, there is a massive Barb uprising between Khorasan and Kashgar. Cavalry despatched! I will niggle them down.

    1838: HOOVER DAM IN KARAKORUM. Meanwhile, Zulus liberate Greek Swazi. These two have found a rough way to equalise their techs! But surely diplomacy would be easier.

    1840: Tugela builds Statue of Liberty. Zulus revolt.

    1842: Barbarian nuisance abated. I counted at least 5 Musketeers and 4 Cannon. I killed a couple each turn, leaving no Cavalry units where they could be counter-attacked.

    1844: Communism cancels Marco Polo. From here on in I'm in the dark again. The first boatload of refugees from Kerman arrives at Isipezi. The plucky Transport sets off across the pirate-infested seas to pick up a second load. Funnily enough, I had two boats but now I have only one - Karakorum's disappeared from its dock in Naples at some point. I decide I don't need Cork. I begin breaking that city down as well.

    1850: Americans sneak attack me yet again. I still have 20 cities, so I just kill the defenders in San Francisco to reduce its population.

    1855: Kerman turns into a Settler. City count: 19. I capture San Francisco. City count: 20.

    1862: Celts sue for peace. Wretched Senate agrees.

    1863: San Francisco turns into Engineer. City count: 19.

    1866: Cork turns into an Engineer. City count: 18.


    1871: Greeks contact me to make peace. Hah! Supposedly, we already had it!

    1874: Americans sneak attack me and kill two Engineers. This costs them Hamburg. City count: 19. As usual they beg for a Cease Fire. For the first time in this game, the Senate approves continued action against them - so I take Leipzig, too. City count: 20. AMERICANS DESTROYED.

    1876: Zulus and Greeks sign a Peace Treaty.

    1877: Embassies established with Zulus and Greeks. Zulus: Fundamentalism, 57 techs, 18 cities. Greeks: Communism, 46 techs, 23 cities. By contrast I am Democracy, 61 techs, 20 cities. I'm not one of those who calculates caravan loads and builds massive ship-chains to finish the game ASAP. It's just not that interesting to me. But with the evacuation of Kerman complete, I am running my single Transport back and forth to dump Freight on Mpondo to get some extra money. Enough so I'm building a second Transport. I'm also building a railway line to the end of the peninsula behind Bokhara to shorten the sea run. But it may all be wasted effort as I'm about to get Airports, which will shorten the whole cycle to an airlift to Isipezi or Naples then by ship across the narrows.

    1878: Celts declare war.

    1880: Hamburg turns into Engineer. City count: 19. Celt city of Iona destroyed. Wretched Senate signs a new peace treaty. I fortify a NON Musketeer on the Cork/Iona site to prevent another city being built there.

    1881: Leipzig turns into an Engineer. City count: 18. Out of patience with Celts and Senate, I subvert Rhymney. City count: 19. CELTS DESTROYED. I decide to keep the city.

    1883: Greeks and Zulus at war again.

    1886: Zulus form Democracy.

    1887: SPACE FLIGHT > Plastics.

    1888: PLASTICS > Nuclear Fission. Spies (OK, Diplomats) are popping up everywhere. They haven't got one through yet and I don't have Superconductor yet, but it looks like now or never to start the Space Race, because sooner or later they will get one through! Production > Freight, ready to rush Apollo and a bunch of Components the move before I get Superconductor. This would all be easier if I'd stopped growing south after I took Phildelphia! Once a spy gets onto my railway network, he can get almost anywhere, so my military is pinned down blocking the chokepoints to deny the AI access to that grid. It won't hold for long, it just has to hold long enough for me to launch a fast ship!

    1889: I subvert Phocaea to stop spies. City count: 20.

    1894: Germans sneak attack then instantly sue for Cease Fire and the Wretched Senate accepts. Greeks sneak attack me. The Laser > Superconductor. Every city not already partway to Freight > Manhattan Project.

  2. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I disbanded my last temp city into an engineer and stormed Spanish Valencia in +1700. Killed 6 units and had to wait another turn before taking the city for Magellan.

    The rest of the game is going to be more or less standard space race. Hoover is done, SETI is being worked on, Flight is being currently researched, and my cities are busy building modern infrastructure.
  3. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1510 Madrid survives a Spanish elephant. T2L4S4
    +1520 Madrid survives a Spanish elephant. Spanish elephant kills cavalry who was heading to a fort near Valencia. Railroad -> Fundamentalism. Change of plan: build Darwin instead of Bach. Need Corp and Cure as soon as possible. T1L2S7
    +1530 Fundamentalism -> Industrialization. Beads to Zulu for 251. T0L0S10. Rushed 3 libraries and a university.
    +1540 Industrialization -> Corporation -> Genetic Engineering -> Refining. Darwin built. Gems to Zimbabwe for 618. T2L2S6
    +1550 None Rifleman barely survives Spanish catapult and turns vet. Cure built. Refining -> Steel. Silk to Zulu for 708. T2L3S5
    +1560 3 Spanish units killed.
    +1570 Germans build Eiffel. Cavalry in fort barely survives Spanish elephant and turns vet. Steel -> Combustion. Domestic Cloth for 407. Gold to Zimbabwe for 834. 2 Spanish units killed.
    +1580 Combustion -> Automobile.
    +1590 Automobile -> Machine Tools. Gold to Zulu for 576.
    +1600 4 Spanish units killed.
    +1610 Machine Tools -> Electronics. Nishapur maxes out at size 27. Gold to Valencia for 942.
    +1620 Electronics -> Mass Production. Hides to Valencia for 1218. Spanish elephant killed.
    +1630 Mass Production -> Mini. Spanish catapult killed. Silver to Spanish for 640.
    +1640 Mini -> Recycling. Bach built. Spanish elephant killed.
    +1650 None rifleman survives Spanish elephant. Recycling -> Computers. Food caravan fed to maxed out Nishapur to keep its -1 food deficit from causing eventual starvation. Deliveries to Spanish for 388, 445. Spice to Atlanta for 362.
    +1660 Computers -> Mobile Warfare. Spanish catapult killed. Domestic offshore Oil for 422.
    +1670 2 barbarian musketeers near Kerman. Mobile warfare -> Robotics. Spanish elephant killed. Gems to Zulu for 1429 (capped). Valencia has city walls, 4 other structures, 4 musketeers, 1 caravel, and currently building barracks.
    +1680 Mobile Warfare -> Nuclear Fission. 100g from hut.
    +1690 Nuclear Fission -> Nuclear Power. Samarkand disbanded into an Engineer. Barbarian musketeer near Kerman killed.
    +1700 Barbarians capture Greek Marathon. Cavalry survives Spanish elephant. Nuclear Power -> Laser. None musketeer from hut. Valencia stormed. Howitzer kills 2 musketeers; 2 vet cavalry (made vet thanks to Spanish senseless attacks) kill 2 more musketeers; 2 more cavalry kill 2 settlers (where did they come from?). There is still a unit left in Valencia; I have a rifleman nearby which even at 2/3 strength can likely win (given the previous defenders being settlers) but it is pointless to try since I have no units to occupy the city with. Instead I use it to block the roaded entrance to the city.
    +1710 Hoover dam built. Laser -> Flight. Spanish vacated Valencia! Howitzer walked in and took the city for 234g, Magellan, Granary, and Marketplace. Spanish government escapes to Toledo. Senate hands cease fire to Spanish. Ran into Greek city of Megara and ignored stupid Greek demand for tribute. Coal to Zulu for 570. T7L3S0 to delay flight for a delivery to Madrid.
    +1720 I gfited Industrialization to Americans, Germans, and Celts. All 3 started work on Suffrage right away! Railroad -> Spanish -> peace. I need to get them to move their catapult out of my city radius. Oil to Madrid for 651. Hides to Valencia for 566. Barbarian musketeer near Kerman killed. T3L3S4
    +1730 Flight -> Communism. Stupid Spanish declare war rather than move their catapult which is killed. T2L3S5
    +1740 Communism -> Radio. Spanish explorer killed.
    +1750 Spanish lose an elephant attacking me. Americans, Celts, and Greeks ally against me. American attitude towards me was enthusiastic a turn ago. Radio -> Advanced Flight. 50g from hut.

    Status at +1750
    Population: 49.6M; Cities: 20; Techs: 76; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 3786; Cost: 260; Trade routes: 22D34F;
    Ancient Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Colossus
    Medieval Wonders: Copernicus, Marco, King Richard, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Magellan
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Newton, Adam Smith, Bach, Darwin
    Modern Wonders: Cure, Hoover
    Units: 18 Engineers (3 None), 1 None musketeer, 14 Riflemen (4 None), 7 Cavalry (1 None), 8 transports, 3 Diplomats, 11 vans, 1 explorer
    Goals: Full trade routes in all cities; SETI (next turn), Apollo; exploration for huts; Space race
    Footprint: 5 near the capital on 5; 3 more on 5 but slightly away; 2 in the NW peninsula of 5 quite far away; 4 near Germans on 5; Madrid and Valencia in Spain; 1 on each of 2, 31, 32, 36.
    Celt: 8+ cities, 26+ techs;
    Zulu: 10+ cities, 34+ techs; Lighthouse, Sun Tzu, Oracle
    German: 7+ cities, 37+ techs; Great Library, Eiffel
    Spanish: 11+ cities, 27+ techs; war with me
    American: 8+ cities, 34+ techs; Pyramids, Statue of Liberty
    Greek: 17+ cities, 17+ techs; Great Wall; nominal war with me
  4. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Holy schnitzels you're far ahead. 19 techs ahead of me at the 1750 AD mark. Looks like your focus on infrastructure instead of vans for wonders paid off bigtime during midgame period, and not needing to stop to celebrate a whole lot past 1000AD. (When did you start trading?) Did you build one traderoute+marketplace and then celebrate to size12? Not sure if you'd have time for anything else tbh, especially at the pace you're going.

    My extra WoW points aren't going to matter at all at this rate.
  5. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Interesting observation. I doubt if trade routes had anything to do with it though since I was horribly late with those. The first trade route came in +600. You do not include your trade routes as part of your status but I bet you started trading before I did.

    Early game you were way ahead of me in no small part because of the unit from the first hut and an early advanced tribe. Also I chose to keep my none settler whereas you built a city with it. (I have reached the conclusion that in general it is better to build with an initial none settler rather than keep it. But in this game I kept it mainly because due to lack of early units I never was in a position to have a place to build and not a supported settler in stock. (My first seven huts yielded 4xmoney, tech, 2xbarbarians.))

    By -2000 you have 7 cities and I have 3. We both have 7 techs. You are well ahead of me till +1 (13 vs. 17 cities), but my investment in terrain improvement and infrastructure has by then started to pay off in a larger population. My population of 13 cities at +1 is 1M while your 17 cities have only 0.7M. My infrastructure cost is 6 while yours is 1.

    After +1 my hut luck becomes impressive and I get 3 advanced tribes (two in a row in +60) which allows me to catch up with your number of cities by +500. Between +500 and +1000 I more than double my population but yours is only slightly up. You do not include the number of your units in your status updates but I bet you if you checked I have, at any given time, more settlers than you do.

    You more than doubled your population by +1500, but so did I and thus I still had almost twice as much population as yours and getting ahead in techs because of it. You have not shared your +1750 stats yet, but I have again more than doubled my population and getting further ahead with techs.
  6. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    By "terrain improvement" you mean irrigation for plains squares? I think that maybe needing to spend money on Harbours to maintain a food surplus, instead of just a temple, hurt me SW and SE of the starting position. (Samarkand and Nishapur in my game) Maybe wasted some turns taxing to get funds for a RB. (Some cities weren't size 3 as well.) Takes a while to get those squares irrigated though...

    I had done my first round of celebrations pre-500AD and done my second round post-1000AD. (Focused entirely on tech at this stage of the game.) You had your second round pre-1000AD, which explains the disrepancy.

    I failed to get Lighthouse (the Greeks got it) so I had to wait until Navigation to get some form of a shipchain going (boats were built beforehand) Started near the end of 1000 AD like you, but I think you managed to trade more intensively by the looks of it (earlier celebs=more money spent on vans and not aqueducts)

    At my 1740 AD save (just before gov't fall) 29 million citizens. Too late at this point.
  7. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    Irrigation, roads other than those connecting your cities, mining hills, draining swamps, ... Harbors, temples, marketplaces too of course.
    I did not even bother with the Lighthouse. The wonder race was way too tight for that. You could reach both Zulu and Spanish with triremes. Though it took so long that for the most part I did not bother. I stuck with the rivals on my land mass and the two small island cities I created just to take advantage of off shore trade.
  8. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010

    1754 AD: Some Dragoons being built. Go-time is 1758 AD, saves me 2 turns of anarchy. Need to get Eiffel and UN up ASAP afterwards.
    Interturn: Zulus start Eiffel. SPEAKING OF. Greeks declare war when I refuse to pay them 50g: they sign pact with Zulus. Should have paid up… I’m gonna lose a ton of vans.

    1756 AD: Cremona suicides in preparation for Ulundi’s invasion. (19/20) Get a NONE engineer.
    Interturn: Celts spy on us: but we choose to turn a blind eye.

    1758 AD: Zulus: WAR when we ask for tribute. Kill the 2 Muskets defending unwalled Ulundi: city stormed for SOL+71g. (20/20) I’m kinda scared of a bribe-back, so I’m going to shove the rest of my army away from the city inside my fort instead of the city itself.

    1760 AD: DEMOCRACY. Sad part is that I can’t immediately cash in on the Greek vans (which they are thankfully leaving alone) since I’m 90% of the way there to Tactics and don’t want to waste money. T4L2S4, need some money to rush a few colosseums. Remember, be careful with troop movements. Most likely will need Suffrage afterwards.

    1762 AD: Tactics > Refining. ALEPPO UN. Eiffel secured for next turn. Seems like getting UN forced behaviours from Icy to Uncooperative. And it’s going to go back to Receptive next turn… might need to set up an AF trap in Ulundi to get the wars I need. Aaaand walls just got rushed in Zimbabwé. Great. Vans: 630, 164, 540. Cunaxa cued for destruction next turn, maybe I can bruteforce Zimbabwé if there aren’t too many muskets. Intombe is vulnerable though, but I don’t have a spare city slot to conquer…

    1764 AD: Refining > Machinery. Cunaxa commits hara-kiri. (19/20) Tabriz Eiffel Tower. Zimbabwé has 4 defenders but no Barracks. 8 atk power vs 3*350%=10,5 def power. I’ll wait until the vets from Intombe are here. Intombe seized for KRC+150ish gold. (20/20) Emissary’s Ploy used. Vans: 648. Van: 414g.

    1766 AD: Machinery > Genetic Engineering. Van: 636. I need to sacrifice 1 of my fully built cities if I want the last 2 WoW cities… 4 sackable cities, 5 WoW AI cities.
    Interturn: ZULUS DEVELOP CONSCRIPTION. Go-time NOW. I betcha there’s already going to be 15 Riflemen in Zimbabwé next turn.

    1768 AD: Genetic Engineering > Miniaturization. Kaboul hits the road. (19/20) Kill Riflemen and 2 Musketeers in Zimbabwé with no losses: Zulu gov’t escapes to Mpondo as the city is stormed for 140g+GL. Actually, Zulus will probably share Conscription with Greeks, so I need to start building spies en masse in Capoue to breach Athens’ walls. Van: 710g. T2L2S6.

    1770 AD: Miniaturization > Combustion. A bunch of offshore platforms are rushed. Van: 486g, 58, 28, 52,
    Interturn: Greeks acquire Conscription from Zulus. Called it.

    1772 AD: Nishapur CfC. oh well, it’s not that big of a deal anyways. T4L2S4 to get some cash rolling. 524,

    1776 AD: Automobile > Mass Production. Cardiff-bound troops are in position, just waiting for a slip-up. Shangtu will depopulate next turn.

    1778 AD: T3L2S5. 462 beakers in Bokhara Reborn.
    INterturn: Celts and Germans sign a pact against me. Germans develop Conscription. Celts get it from a trade… Greeks develop Railroad, trade it to Zulus.

    1780 AD: Shangtu is broken down. (19/20) Mass Production > Computers. Celts aren’t biting. 76, 92, 90, 135

    1782 AD: Hut: Riflemen. Maybe I need to attack the Germans (goad them into war instead) in order to get Cardiff.
    1784 AD: Computers > Espionage. Samarkand swapped from Suffrage to SETI: wonder done next turn.

    1786 AD: SETI in Samarkand. T6L2S2 for one turn.

    1788 AD: Espionage > Nuclear Fission. Attacking Athènes in 2 turns. Well, technically Athens since it was founded using an English cities.txt, but whatevs.
    Interturn: Greeks develop Industrialization, start Suffrage.

    1790 AD: Van: 390. T2L2S6. 72.

    1792 AD: Nuclear Fission > Mobile Warfare. SENATE FORCES CEASE_FIRE AGAINST GREEKS. Why, you LITTLE… *cue Homer Simpson strangling Bart* 6+1 objectives in Athens.

    1794 AD: My cities are almost maxed out in infrastructure… this is not a small problem. 100, 1471. T5L2S3 since I will have the same payout next turn. Do I seriously need to wait 15 turns to get Athènes again… I think I need to activate an AF trap in Ulundi. Odeo year 1796, I’m safe in the next 2-3 turns. (Only 3 cities would be affected by Anarchy) Ulundi rifleman moves outside city to create unrest. 90.
    Interturn: Spanish steal Monarchy, I declare war.

    1796 AD: Mobile Warfare > Robotics. 1450, Ulundi riots as planned. T2L2S6.

    1798 AD: Robotics > Laser. REVOLUTION IN ULUNDI. 0-turn AF works as intended, Democracy. 96, 118. Fundamentalism. Greeks refuse to pay up: this means war. Fundamentalism means that I don’t suffer a rep hit when sabotaging. Blow up almost everything for walls. Actually they only had one defender, I could have went for a conventional attack anyways. B-O-O-S-T-E-D. Anyways, I sneak attack Athens: kill defending Rifleman. It does result in Zulus declaring war on me, but Athens is stormed for 60g+Lighthouse. (20/20) Need to unsettle Capoue to be able to conquer Cardiff, then unsettle Issos to go for Corinthe. Berlin will be left alone. 90,

    1800 AD: Laser > Flight. Capoue will be unsettled next turn. Corinthe costs 2.7k to bribe, I have 4.7k but need to wait.

    1802 AD: Flight > Radio. Ulundi temple sold as the AF trap is triggered again. Will go for Cardiff this time.

    1804 AD: Radio > Advanced Flight. Civil disorder in Ulundi. 16, 1254. Even after the 50% debuff from Flight! Impressive.

    I’m supposed to do a review now, but screw that! I’m in too good of a mood to go for something painstaking.
    (Edit: I'm not even joking. That's what I had written down on my log.)

    Buuuut I'm still losing by quite the margin. You probably have landed already.
  9. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    No, not even close. Actually I have only played till 1790. I doubt I will be even able to launch by 1804.

    Opposite to the early game, my tech is way ahead of my infrastructure and readiness for space race. I got space flight by 1760 but Apollo was not built till 1776. The space race did start in 1778 but it is advancing rather slowly as I still have quite a few cities building infrastructure.

    Another reason for the slow progress is the usual AI hostility of late game. You are in war, so it is all the same. I was in peace with all but Spanish. Now I am at war with everyone and they are all pretty much allied against me. I have had to build 3 Stealth Fighters and they have killed many units. The rivals have not managed to attack any of my cities, but I have lost a ship and several units already. Needless to say I have had to divert resources to defense which was quite light.

    Americans stole Space Flight before Apollo was even finished and started working on it the next turn. Later they stole Plastics. They are the only rival in the space race so far.
  10. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Are you playing for earliest landing or for points?

    Full disclaimer: I was playing for points. That means 39-8-8-4-4-4 full spaceship.

    I've also been stuck on wars with enemies. Unfortunately, they managed to steal Advanced Flight (bombers) which means that I had to divert resources for Vet Mechs and SAMs (edit: in the former Zulu cities and one single city in the mainland) as I was unable to get fighters up in time. Other than that, no real attacks were had. But to give you an idea how far behind I am techwise: I only got Stealth on 1836 AD.

    I had the opposite problem when it came to infrastructure: tech was lagging and cities had nothing to build. (Again, I might have spent too long halting research to build said infrastructure.) Built some vans for trade and wonders: ship was still kinda slow-built because of those troubles in the south of the map. No such thing as 20 cities producing every other turn, sadly enough. Thankfully I did have some base 60's and 80's to speed up the process, so it wasn't that slow. (I think..)
  11. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    I too am aiming for a full space ship. If I wanted a 15s3c1m space ship, I could launch in the mid 1790s.
    That is horrible. when the Americans stole Space Flight, I overlooked their transgression. Then, in a turn or two, they stole Plastics. I got mad and declared war figuring it is going to be inevitable. But then I thought I was lucky they stole those. Had they taken Advanced Flight, mobile warfare, Rocketry, or worst of all Stealth, I would have been in big trouble.

    Aiming to launch a full space ship you could produce vans in every single city and still not have enough.
    I deliberately did not build any manufacturing plant and thus my highest output (out of Nishapur) is 60s. Have a couple of 50s and most of the rest are in low 40s. A few like most recently acquired Valencia and remote Quinsay are still growing and building infrastructure.
  12. Autumn Leaf

    Autumn Leaf Since 1992

    May 9, 2016
    Melbourne, Australia
    I too am aiming for a full space ship. If I wanted a 15s3c1m space ship, I could launch in the mid 1790s.

    Dang, you guys totally kick ants. :worship: By the end I was just happy to hold them off long enough to launch without having to worry about some scrappy 0% chance AI bucket overtaking me.
  13. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1752 SETI built. Advanced Flight -> Rocketry. Spanish catapult killed. Gems to Zulu for 828.
    +1754 Rifleman survives Greek elephant. Rocketry -> Espionage. Spanish elephant killed.
    +1756 Greeks build Suffrage. Espionage -> Space Flight.
    +1758 Space Flight -> Environmentalism -> Plastics. Domestic Gems for 516.
    +1760 Plastics -> Combined Arms. Domestic Oil for 580. 50g from hut.
    +1762 Zulu steal Plastics; I keep the peace. Combined Arms -> Superconductor. 3 Spanish units killed. Dye to Leipzig for 203. 50g from hut. Zulu elephant near Kerman.
    +1764 Zulu elephant backs up. Superconductor -> Stealth. Silver to Philadelphia for 610. None rifleman from hut.
    +1766 Stealth -> Fusion Power.
    +1768 Celts deliver to Kashghar and Zulu to Kerman. Greek kill my wandering vet None rifleman. Fusion Power -> Guerrilla warfare -> Labor Union.
    +1770 Large barbarian uprising across the water from Karakorum. Cavalry survives Spanish elephant. Labor Union -> Future Tech 1. 3 barbarian partisans from polar hut. Spanish diplomat killed. Undemanded Hides to Toledo for 184 for the sake of the trade route.
    +1772 Future Tech 1-> 2. As usual, polar barbarians disappear. 2 Spanish catapults killed.
    +1774 Cavalry survives Spanish elephant. Americans steal Space Flight; I keep the peace. Future Tech 2-> 3. First Stealth fighter produced.
    +1776 American diplomat shows up and asks for Explosives; I comply. Then they steal Plastics; I declare war. Apollo built. Future Tech 3 -> 4. Spanish explorer killed. American diplomat killed. Their allies, Celts and Germans declare war on me. Now I am at war with everyone but Zulu who are pestering in Kerman's vicinity. I was afraid they had built a city south of Kerman (they already have one east of Kerman) but thankfully that is not the case. Americans have built St. Louis in between Shangtu and Basra. It is size 1 and it is getting a visit from a stealth fighter soon enough.
    +1778 Zulu elephant steps in Kerman's city radius. Spanish offer cease fire and senate accepts. They put a diplomat in my city radius. Future Tech 4-> 5. Space race starts with a single structural. Zulu demand tribute and declare war. Zulu elephant killed. American diplomat killed. American St. Louis razed by Stealth fighter. Spanish diplomat cannot be killed so I block its pass with my units. None Rifleman from hut. Domestic offshore Oil for 900.
    +1780 Future Tech 5-> 6. Barbarian fanatic from the 1770 uprising who stepped into Tabriz city radius is bribed for 41g and used to kill another. A horde of German, American, and Celtic diplomats congregate outside of Basra. Stealth fighter kills 5 of them. Domestic Oil for 302 establishes the final trade route. 2 barbarian partisans from hut; explorer escapes on to ship.
    +1782 Cavalry survives Spanish elephant. Future Tech 6-> 7 -> 8. Spanish diplomat killed. Fanatic kills barbarian artillery. 4 allied units killed. 3 Zulu units killed. 3 barbarian partisans from polar hut; and as usual they disappear the next turn.
    +1784 Americans join the space race with 2 structurals. UN built. Future Tech 8 -> 9. Spanish diplomat killed. Hut yields None rifleman after 3 advanced tribes. 3 allied units killed. 4 barbarian units near Tabriz killed.
    +1786 Future Tech 9-> 10. 3 Spanish units killed. 2 Zulu units killed. 4 barbarian units killed.
    +1788 German Ironclad kills a None Rifleman. German units get an advanced tribe from a hut I was about to get. Future Tech 10-> 11. 3 allied units killed.
    +1790 Zulu Ironclad sinks transport with two none riflemen on board. Future Tech 11-> 12. Size 1 Detroit razed because it could have been used as a staging ground for attack on Basra. 3 allied units killed. Spanish diplomat killed.
    +1792 Celts deliver to Kashghar. Cavalry survives yet another Spanish elephant. Future Tech 12-> 13. 3 allied units killed. 2 barbarian fanatics killed.
    +1794 Spanish elephant kills an engineer. Future Tech 13-> 14. 3 allied units killed. Spanish elephant killed. 100g from hut.
    +1796 Future Tech 14 -> 15. 2 Spanish units killed.
    +1798 Spanish diplomat sneaks in from the south but my recently arrived spy foils its espionage plan. Greeks liberate barbarian Marathon. Ordinarily I would not care, but now they can focus their military on me. Future Tech 15 -> 16. Spanish diplomat killed. 3 allied units killed. Last remaining hut yields 3 barbarian partisans; explorer escapes. Cavalry lost in attack on barbarian fanatic. Rifleman finishes off the fanatic.
    +1800 Cavalry survives Spanish knight. Future Tech 16 -> 17. 3 allied units killed. 2 Zulu ships sunk. Spanish ship and unit on board sunk.

    Status at +1800
    Population: 66.8M; Cities: 20; Techs: All+16FT; Government: Democracy
    Gold: 406; Cost: 548; Trade routes: full;
    Ancient Wonders: Hanging Gardens, Colossus
    Medieval Wonders: Copernicus, Marco, King Richard, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Magellan
    Industrial Wonders: Leo, Newton, Adam Smith, Bach, Darwin
    Modern Wonders: Cure, Hoover, SETI, UN, Apollo
    Units: 18 Engineers (3 None), 1 None musketeer, 1 fanatic, 13 Riflemen (3 None), 5 Cavalry (1 None), 4 Stealth fighters, 6 transports, 3 Diplomats, 2 spies, 0 vans, 1 explorer
    Goals: Launch in 1808; current ship is 30-5-5-2-1-1
    Footprint: 5 near the capital on 5; 3 more on 5 but slightly away (now all connected by roads); 2 in the NW peninsula of 5 quite far away; 4 near Germans on 5; Madrid and Valencia in Spain; 1 on each of 2, 31, 32, 36.
    Note: All are at war with me. Americans are aslo in the space race but have a small ship with no modules.
    Celt: 8 cities, 44 techs; allied with Germans, Americans, and Greeks, war with me
    Zulu: 11 cities, 53 techs; Lighthouse, Sun Tzu, Oracle; war with me
    German: 8 cities, 51 techs; Great Library, Eiffel; allied with Celts, Americans, and Greeks, war with me
    Spanish: 12 cities, 39 techs; war with me
    American: 8 cities, 53 techs; Pyramids, Statue of Liberty; allied with Celts, Germans, and Greeks, war with me
    Greek: 22 cities, 38 techs; Great Wall, Suffrage; allied with Celts, Germans, and Americans, war with me
  14. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    Final part of my log before. Spoiler alert: You've launched before I built Apollo: I built my full spaceship one single turn faster.

    Spoiler :
    1806 AD: Advanced Flight > Recycling. Some cities are WLTPDing on their own at 20% since they have SH’s and trade routes. Find Spanish city of Salamanque: sack it for 62g, Senate backs me up. Cash reserves dwindling still, down to 3k and need 2.7, (maybe more) for Corinthe. REVOLUTION, Democracy, Fundamentalism. Celts do not pay me tribute, so I attack Cardiff. Germans declare war on me. Everyone is at war against me now. Kill 2 Riflemen in Coastal-Fortress-defended (!) Cardiff using Battleship (thank god I spent 600g on it last turn) and kill a Phalanx/Warrior combo using regular cruisers. Celtic gov’t escapes to Cork as I conquer Cardiff (20/20) for 186g+Colossus+GW. Force peace treaty with UN. Rep down to Honorable. Kill a German stack w/Battleship: Celts immediately declare war… Can’t a man engage in state-sponsored terrorism in peace? DEMOCRACY. The trap in Ulundi is disabled.

    1808 AD: Recycling > Rocketry. 38. 5 more turns ‘til Issos is a ghost town and I get to bribe Corinthe. But my gold reserves, they are-a dwindling…

    1810 AD: Rocketry > Space Flight. Force peace with Celts, Germans.
    Interturn: Guerilla near QUinsay. Zulus steal Advanced Flight… always the first tech on the list! (Same thing happened during GOTM176!) But that’s actually bad. Bombers are no joke.

    1812 AD: Space Flight > Ecology. T3L2S5. I’m not gonna hurry supermuch to get my space ship up and running. GOtta get that last city first.

    1814 AD: Ecology > Guerilla.

    1816 AD: T5L2S3.

    1818 AD: Guerilla > Labour Union. Not gonna bribe immediately since I want to consolidate my existing cities first/don’t want to delay Labor Union.

    1820 AD: TABRIZ APOLLO PROGRAM. T6L2S2. Kill 2 Barb leaders in Germany for 300g.

    1822 AD: Have a few base 80 cities. Good. Some base 50 as well. 3 SS structurals built. The base 80 need Solar centrals since otherwise, pollution would bring it under 80spt. Darn.
    INterturn: Celts steal Space Flight. I can’t declare war just yet. Force peace on Zulus. SAM is not enough when non-vet Alpine Troops are used. They’re bombing me already.

    1824 AD: 8 SS structurals built. Force peace on Spanish. T5L2S3 for Plastics next turn. 1.4kgold, need 3k but investments are needed.
    Interturn: Sneak attacked by the Zulus! Well, RIP. One of my alpines, anyways, Not like I had rushed some Mechs beforehand anyways.

    1826 AD: Plastics > Combined Weapons. 6 SS structurals built. Senate forces cease-fire with Greeks. They’ll break it eventually. I’m sure. Need 4320 now for Corinthe!!
    Interturn: Germans and Zulus sign a pact against me.

    1828 AD: 8 structurals, 1 component.

    1830 AD; Celts steal Plastics, I pass. Combined Weapons > Superconductor.
    Interturn: The Celts are going ALL-IN on their spaceship. Holy moly. Greeks interrupt cease-fire.

    1834 AD: Sneak attacked by the Celtics. This is a bit much for a patched version… Superconductor > Stealth. 31-4-4-0-0-0. Corinthe bribed for 4360, get 127+Fundamentalism+Oracle. (20/20) Greeks: Peace treaty. Yeah, right. Still, 1.5k more gold than planned at first. Going for Cardiff first maybe a mistake. Or is it…

    1836 AD: Stealth > Fusion Power. 35-6-5-0-0-0.
    Interturn; Greeks are spamming dips on Athènes, destroying infrastructure and I can’t do anything to prevent it..

    1838 AD: Peace with everyone!!! If only it was not just a dream.
    Interturn: Sure enough, Greeks sneak attack.

    1840 AD: Fusion Power > FT1. 38-7-7-1-1-0.
    Iinterturn: I lose a Vet Mech with Sam to a basic bomber.. they don’t know Radio, right?

    1842 AD: 16. (Postgame edit: Yes, that’s actually the only thing that was written down.)

    1844 AD: FT1 > Amphibious Warfare. 39-8-8-1-1-1.

    1846 AD: Greeks peace. Amphibious Warfare > FT2.
    Interturn: Zulu sneak attack.

    1850 AD: Almost every civ is hardcore building their ship. FT2>FT3. FULL SPACESHIP LAUNCHED. 234. T2L2S6. Landing gate 1861. Peace points, finally. Like that’s going to last. They do not last.
    Interturn: Celtic sneak attack. GREEKS DEVELOP NUCLEAR FISSION.

    1851 AD; FT3 > FT 4. 78, 564,
    Interturn: Sneak attacked by Germans! Lose a transport.

    1852 AD: FT4 > FT5. 1005g,

    1853 AD: FT5 > FT6 > FT7.

    1854 AD: FT7 > FT8. 705.

    1855 AD: FT8 > FT9. 458.

    1856 AD: FT9 > FT10. 270. 985 to a size 2 city… ROFLMAO. Having to disband engineers instead of building new cities is not something I like to do.
    Interturn: Every AI civ is bottlenecked at Superconductor. It ALWAYS happens that way. Odd. They just don’t know the tech. Fortunate the Spanish stole Fusion Power instead of Superconductor.

    1857 AD: FT10 > FT11 > FT12. 775, 166. Peace with Zulus and Germans. 82,

    1858 AD: FT12 > FT13. 858, 122, 335. T1L2S7. 184.

    1859 AD: KERMAN MANHATTAN PROJECT. FT13 > FT14 > FT15. 308, 123, 392, 828. T0L2S8.

    1860 AD: FT15 > FT16 > FT17. Ok, time to wrap it up! T0L10S0.

    1861 AD: LANDING! Final score: 1*41. GOTM SCORE: 1**,672. My min-max strategy for WoW points seems to have fallen short compared to your 20-cities speed strategy.
  15. Ali Ardavan

    Ali Ardavan Mathematician Moderator Civ2 GOTM Staff

    May 29, 2002
    Michigan, USA
    +1802 Stealth fighter and Valencia survive Spanish frigate with a unit on board. Future Tech 17 -> 18. Spanish catapult killed. Stupid Spanish have left their capital defenseless; I could have just walked in was it not for the 20 city limit. Rifleman lost in the attack on last remaining barbarian fanatic which is reluctantly bribed for 41g. 2 allied units killed.
    +1804 Zulu sink an empty transport. Future Tech 18 -> 19. 3 Zulu units killed. 2 allied units killed. Zulu Umfolozi, which was founded last turn too close to Kerman, razed for 38g.
    +1806 Zulu sink an empty transport. Zulu marine steps on Kerman's city radius. This could be costly because it can no longer produce its space ship part in time. Future Tech 19 -> 20. Zulu intruder killed. 2 allied units killed. Thanks to good airport network, explorer flown to Kerman and disbanded to compensate for the missing shields. T1L3S6
    +1808 Spanish land a musketeer in Valenica's city radius; fortunately it is one of the few cities not building a space ship part. Future Tech 20 -> 21 -> 22. Full space ship launched. Zulu ship sunk. 4 allied units killed. 5 Spanish units killed. T2L2S6
    +1809 Vet Rifleman survives Celtic cavalry. Cavalry survives Spanish dragoon. Future Tech 22 -> 23.
    +1810 Rejected Zulu offer of cease fire knowing they will betray me in no time. Senate backs me up. Cavalry survives Spanish dragoon. Future Tech 23 -> 24. Undemanded delivery to Spanish for 294. Wine to San Francisco for 270. 1 Zulu unit killed. 1 allied unit killed. T1L2S7
    +1811 Celtic cavalry kills my None vet rifleman holding the border. Accepted Spanish offer of peace. Future Tech 24 -> 25 -> 26. 4 allied units killed.
    +1812 Future Tech 26 -> 27. 2 allied units killed. T0L2S8
    +1813 Spy foils Spanish espionage attempt. Future Tech 27 -> 28. 3 allied units killed.
    +1814 Spanish sneak attack but 2 dragoons and an elephant fail to kill vet cavalry in fort. My diplomat foils their espionage attempt. Americans develop Flight. Future Tech 28 -> 29 -> 30. 1 allied unit killed. 3 Spanish units killed. Deliveries to Spanish for 1122, 920.
    +1815 Spanish frigate sinks my empty transport. Future Tech 30 -> 31 -> 32. Domestic Gems for 1099. Wine to San Francisco for 270.
    +1816 Valiant cavalry survives another Spanish dragoon. Future Tech 32 -> 33 -> 34. 2 allied units killed. 2 Spanish units killed. Deliveries to Spanish for 1284, 755.
    +1817 Future Tech 34 -> 35 -> 36. 1 allied unit killed.
    +1818 Uprising across the sea from Karakorum. Cavalry survives Spanish dragoon. Future Tech 36 -> 37. Manhattan built. 1 Spanish unit killed. Beads to Spanish for 552. T0L10S0
    +1819 Space ship arrives
  16. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    This was an extremely unusual game for me. I never tried to make fully packed cities on a massive scale before.

    Preliminary thoughts:

    The spirit of the restriction implies building 20 Mercurios-style cities. Ideal would be to make sure that every city has:
    Full 20-square worker radius – no overlap – I don’t know if that is possible.
    Library 80
    Univ 160
    MP 80
    Bank 100
    Stock Exch 200

    Gifts to Key Civ not applicable – Key civ is myself.
    Growth thru WLTCD, so Pyr of lesser use

    Perhaps it is better to put most of the 20 cities on the same continent and go for foreign trade. Conquering cities is not likely to be good. Defense may be necessary because we won’t be able to strangle the AI by taking cities.. Once we get to Democracy, growth should be fine, but the Republic mid-game could easily cause trouble, and the Monarchy-Republic section night be slow too. Need 13 cities by 1000BC to consider it a good start. But normal ICS will have problems in the midgame, when normal play is to power through with tons of cities.

    Fast science growth is the ideal. Roads for science may be necessary. First step should be Monarchy ASAP (some people may prefer fast Republic?).

    Ali says 1 square SW is a 2-special, so I will settle there.

    4000 Pop Hut: choices are Alphabet and Chariot. Alph makes Monarchy that much faster, so there it is.
    3950 Karakorum founded at 48,54. Working fish for science. If I find a forest I can go size 1.
    3900 research CB (2/26). Should I use Peaster’s early gold plan? I don’t.
    3850* Settler starts road.
    3800 The 2nd special is covered by Grassland, and I see no forests, so Size 1 needs to be abandoned. Maybe uncover the special? Should pay dividends later, and I can road it first.
    3650* road finished.
    3600 mining 45,53.
    3450* Warrior finished. Working settler now.

    3300 CB => CoL. (0/39) PRB first row.
    3150 Silk finished. Working Silk. PRB second row.

    Status 3000BC:
    Gov: Desp
    1C, 1 settler
    5 techs res CoL (18/39)

    Plan: get to Monarchy ASAP. A few more roads for transport before dropping down the cities.

    2850* Settler. Fish found. Settler heads to 46,48.
    2800 Karakorum back to size 2 working Silk and Fish
    2700 Samarkand. Working fish for science.
    2650* CoL => Monarchy (4/60). 10 turns makes 2250bc – that’s our goal!

    2350 Bokhara. In North working silk
    2250* Monarchy => Currency. Revolution. Gov: Monarchy.
  17. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    2150 Bokhara warrior uncovers Whale.
    2050* Hut: Archer (Bokhara)
    Status 200BC:
    3C, gov: Monarchy.
    1 Settler, 3 warrior, 1 Archer
    7 techs, res Curr.

    1850* Nishapur on S coast.
    1800 Curr => Wri. Barbs appear nex to Nishapur – oops. We’ll bribe it back.
    1750 Barbs capture Nishapur. Hut: Nomad.
    1650* Chariot in Karakorum
    1550 Chariot kills a Barb Archer. Kashgar north of Samarkand. This may be disbanded later. (postscript: I did disband it. But it was a stupid plan. I should have just let it grow.)
    1500 Tabriz founded near gold and Pheasant

    Status 1500BC:
    5C, gov: Monarchy.
    1 Settler, 4 Warriors, 1 archer, 1 chariot
    8 Techs, res Wri (in 2 turns). I should work the gold pretty soon if not now. Yes, now.

    1450* Writing => Trade (0/105, 8 turns – 1050. )
    1400 Germans start Pyramids. Good thing we don’t want it…
    1150 Chariot reduces Nishapur to size 1; Dip bribes for 26g. It has fish and Wheat and an archer. Hut: Elephant . Defense is OK now.
    1100 Trade => Literacy. Celts: peace. Trade Wheel for Map Making. Tribute: 200g. Bribe Celt warrior. Rest
  18. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    Science is slow. We need Colossus somewhere, then MPE and foreign trade routes. Probably should do local trade when production gets to 5 shields/turn. Celts seem to be on our continent. Boat to explore? Peaster would make a colony near somebody. Also need 6 more cities ASAP. And the question is what to do with 200g? MPE!

    Plan: first get to 8 cities. + 2 settlers. Then MPE, Colossus, HG. Republic in 20 turns (525b).

    1050* Americans destroyed by Germans. Start RB settler rows.

    Status: 1000BC:
    6C, gov: Monarchy
    2 Settlers, 9 warr, 2 archer, 1 chariot, 1 ellie, 1 dip
    11 tech res Lit.

    925* 6 settlers built. Now for the vans.
    875 Hut: Literacy! Republic will be sooner.
    850 res Pots. We will get it soon, but more realistic Republic target 325b.
    825* Kells found – we will need defense in the SW. Celts; 25g Pottery is soon – reduce science until MPE.
    775 Aleppo at choke point Greeks start Colossus.
    750 Kabul in NE. Ormuz. Celts: 25g

    Status 750BC:
    9C, gov: Monarchy
    4 settlers, 9 warriors, 2 archers. 1 chariot, 1 elephant, 1 dip
    working on 4 vans but none ready yet.
    12 techs, res Pottery (almost done)

    725* Pottery => Poly
    700.Hut: Seafaring.
    675 Germans nearly done with Pyr
    650 Berlin builds Pyramids.
    Celts: 50g.
    575 Hut: 50g.
    550 MPE in Samarkand. Hidden special near Nishapur mined.
    Celts: 4C, gov: Desp., 90g. Const, Math, WC, Mas res IW
    Zulu: 4C, gov: Desp. 451g. IW, Myst, WC res Map Making
    Germans: 6C, gov: Desp. 377g Constr, Mas res Republic
    Spanish: 3C, gov: Desp. 264g. Mas,, Myst, Poly res Alph
    Greeks: 8C, gov: Desp, 277g. IW. WC Res CoL

    Get IW and maps from Greeks.
    Get Myst and maps from Zulu
    Get Poly and maps from Spanish.
    Get Constr from Germans (Neutral attitude too weak for maps – tribute 200g
    Get Math and 50g from Celts.
    Raise Science to 70%

    525* Germans develop Republic. Res Phil. Germans: ask for tribute. WAR.
    500 Basra.

    Status: 500BC
    10C, MPE, gov: Monarchy.
    3 Sett, 12 Warr, 2 archer, 1 chariot, 1 elephant, 1 dip, 4 vans.
    19 techs, res Phil

    475 Celts develop Bridges! We can steal it.Germans start GL.
    450 Zulus start Colossus. Germans: 100g for peace. Trade for Republic. Give Myst, get maps. Republic in 325b. Khanbalyk on Western peninsula

    425* Celts start GL. Greeks develop CoL Colossus in Karakorum. Greeks, Zulus change to LH. Hut: Horse (Tabriz)
    350 Khorasan. Hut: Astro!. Germans: WAR. Celts: 100g
    325*gov: Republic. Karakoram library Hut: Legion (Khanbalyk) disband Tabriz horse.
  19. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    300 Greeks almost done with LH.
    275 Sparta builds LH. Phil, Mono => Medicine

    Status 250BC
    10C, gov: Republic. HG, Colossus.
    3 Sett, 11 Warr, 2 Archer, 2 chariot, 1 ellie, 3 Trireme, 1 dip, 4 vans

    200 Karakorum size 8.
    175 Bokhara beads to Karakorum (u, 84). Karakorum builds MP
    100 hut: Legion (Khanbaluk
    50 Germans: Cease fire. Trade for Banking.

    Status 1 AD:
    12C, gov: Republic, HG, Col, MPE. 25 Tech, res Med
    2 Settler, 5 Warr, 2 Arch, 2 Legion, 1 Chariot, 2 Ellie,
    3 Trireme, 1 Dip, 4 vans
    Trade routes: 3D, 0F

    Need 4 more vans for MC, and then we can start big trade.

    20 Hut: 50g
    40 Zimbabwe builds GL
    100 Hut: Univ
    120 Medicine => Eng. Khorasan Gems to Toledo (d, 192). Shangtu founded on Spanish coast.
    160 MC in Karakorum.
  20. grigor

    grigor Prince

    Sep 27, 2001
    After MC I went into a big think.

    Science plan: Fastest to Demo is Eng – Inv – Demo.
    BUT: things to get before trade is slashed by Inv: Chemistry, ToG. Econ. Sanitation.
    Maybe Nav – Phys – Magnets? I decided to wait. (Bridge Building – Germans and Celts have it - trade later.)

    SSC plan: Bank, Cope’s, Shakes, Sewer.
    Other cities:
    Samarkand needs harbor, MP, lib
    Aleppo: settler for road home; maybe barracks. MP, Lib.
    Tabriz: gold mine, trade routes after library
    Shangtu: Barracks – rush soon – defense from Zulus.
    Ormuz: Harbor, MP, Lib
    Nishapur: Harbor, MP
    Khorasan: Harbor, MP, Lib. This will be a good city.
    Khanbalyk: harbor, settler, MP
    Kashgar: vans forever, and prepare to disband.
    Kabul: MP, Lib, harbor
    Bokhara: harbor, MP,
    Basra: Harbor soon.

    New City Sites: 2 on eastern peninsula
    1 between Tabriz and Bokhara.
    1 on NE peninsula
    4 in north
    1 in West for the spice

    Karakorum hides van going to Berlin. Maybe 8 turns? Aleppo trade route to Karakorum sooner. Current science is 14 turns, but we have at least one round of growth. I may not need any more roads until explosives.

    12-turn plan:
    Build 3 cities.
    Eng, San, Chem - Cope’s and Shakes
    All cities should have at least one trade route with somebody. (Need from Tabriz, Samarkand, Aleppo, Basra, Ormuz, Khanbalyk.
    Infrastructure should take a back seat except for Harbors and MPs.
    Get Celt Map.
    Hides to Toledo from SSC, Kabul, Tabriz.

    180 Celebrations everywhere.
    200 Kazan. Hut: Theo of Grav

    Status 200AD: 14 Cities; gov: Republic. 27 techs, res Eng
    1 Sett, 5 Warr, 2 Arch, 2 legion, 1 chariot, 2 ellie, 3 trireme, 1 dip, 3 vans.
    Trade routes: 3D, 1F

    240 Kabul Hides to Toledo (d, 176).
    280 Celts build GW. Eng => Chem Celts: get Bridges, Celtic map. Spanish get Astro – must build Cope’s now.
    300* Greeks build Oracle.
    320 Karakorum Hides to Berlin (d, 388) Karakorum no longer supplies hides.
    360 Kabul Hides to Toledo (d 176).
    380* Chem => San. Karakorum University. Samarkand Silver to Karakorum (d, 60)
    400 Karakorum builds Cope’s

    Status 400AD:
    14C, gov: Republic. HG, MPE, MC, Collosus, Cope’s.30 techs, res San
    4 Sett, 5 Warr, 1 Phalanx, 2 Archer, 1 legion, 1 Horse, 1 chariot, 2 ellie, 1 Crook, 5 trireme, 1 dip, 4 vans
    Trade route: D4, F3

    Plan: keep pumping hides in Kabul, Tabriz. Karakorum beads to Seville.

    420 Ulundi builds KRC. Kabul hides to Toledo (d, 176)
    440 Karakorum forest mined – 10 shields now.
    460* Hut: crook (Bokhara)
    480 San => Econ. Samarkand Wine to Karakorum (u, 60g) Tabriz Hides to Toledo (d, 224). Karakorum hides to Toledo (d, 618)
    500 Germans develop Invention and start Leos. Econ => Invention. Karakorum builds sewer. Germans: trade for Inv, get maps.

    Status 500AD:
    14C, gov: Republic. JH, MPE, Colossus, Cope’s, MC.
    6 Sett, 5 Wrr, 1 Phal, 2 Arch, 1 Leg, 1 horse, 1 chariot, 2 ellie, 2 crooks, 5 trireme, 1 sip, 12 van
    Trade routes: D5 , F4
    Rest and plan. Demo is soon, but we need vans desperately. Shakes right away, then Leo, (SoL), INC,

    Plan in 5 turns: 2 more cities, Leo, Demo, Shakes.

    520 Barbs near Basra. Res Demo. Hut: 25g
    560 Kabul Hides to Toledo (u, 84) Karakorum Wine to Seville (d, 505)
    580 Demo => Guns. Karakorum builds Shakes.
    600 Quinsay. Revolution.

    620* gov: Demo. Kabul Hides to Madrid (d, 120). Tabriz Silver to Madrir (d, 198)

    Status 620AD
    15C, gov: Demo. HG, Col, MPE, MC, Copes, Shake’s. Vans delivered for Leo’s next turn.
    34 techs, res. Guns
    6 Sett, 5 Warr, 1 phalanx, 2 archer, 2 legion, 1 horse, 1 chariot, 2 ellie, 2 croooks, 6 trireme, 1 dip, 7 vans.
    Trade: 6D, 5F

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