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GOTM 203 Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of the Month' started by WildPony, Jan 4, 2020.

  1. Jokemaster

    Jokemaster Insert something here

    Nov 15, 2010
    520 AD: Mongols propose trading for Feudalism. Not yet!

    540 AD: Engineering -> Feudalism. Trade to Mongols for Feudalism. Ask for troop withdrawal, get it (Mongol settler was in way of mine, that needed to get to north shore for a 2nd island city) Basically every van is going north to Trondheim (for shipment to top continent) now instead of going south to my own cities.
    Interturn: Mongols almost done with ADam Smith's. WOW. That was quick. Fortunately Nishapur is the one building it, and not the capital. Yet Nishapur is in civil disorder!!... don't ask. Americans start Cope's.

    560 AD: Start researching Theology. York copper (d) to Boston: 572g. That's a capped box! Good sign. T8L0S2, three deliveries queued for next turn. Manchester2 built on first northern island.

    580 AD: Theology -> Sanitation. Londres silk (d) to Nishapur: 589g. WOW. Warwick6 beads (nd) to Karakorum: 204g. Clears demand in Karakorum, demands silk again. Need to reorganize my southern boats into a shipchain...

    600 AD: Sanitation -> Navigation. (Invention not available. Bummer.)

    620 AD: Birmingham coal (d) to Canterbury6: 204g. Canterbury6 gold (d) to Samarkand: 552g. WIll prioritize Magellan's first for the sake of northern trade. Techrate 5 turns, will have to rely mostly on city science to carry the day now.

    640 AD: A hilariously high amount of north shore cities demand Beads, don't ask me why. Navigation -> Invention. BRistol3 built. 8 vans in Londres for Magellan's.

    660 AD: LONDRES MAGELLAN's. Kiev gold (d) to Nottingham: 120g. Samarkand is in disorder... would cost 444*2g. Too expensive for right now. I need to keep some funds to build caravans., and WLTPD when I switch to Demo. (And eventually try to bribe Spanish cities if I attack their capital during anarchy.) I still have kept my Vet ellies over there, looping around & exploring.

    680 AD: Trondheim wine (d) to Hastings6: 105g. Techbomb Mongols again.

    700 BC: Invention -> Gunpowder. Cannot research Demo yet due to not having JSB: trireme unhappiness would do a number on my plans. Also, my ellies are also not yet in position near Madrid, and I really want to capture that town for a foothold on northern continent... Leicester built in middle island. Coventry silk (d) to Babylone: 354g.

    720 AD: Mongols researching Chivalry. Interesting... maybe I can get them to get Leadership for me if I gift Gunpowder?. Sadly no bump if I give Invention. I am 50 beakers short of getting a new tech next turn... I'll just delay the delivery one turn. Nevermind! I'm good. Nottingham wine (d) to Tabriz: 290g.

    740 AD: Gunpowder -> Democracy. Forced to research Demo now since it would not be available next turn. Explosives will be available the tech after that. Alright. I can revolt on turn 140, get a free revolution on an oedo year, and be in a position to sneak attack Madrid at the same turn. Rep is Excellent, I can still take a hit. 8 vans in London for JSB. Brighton beads (d) to Ellipi: 184g. Not as much as I thought it would be. Norwich gems (d) to New York: 180g.

    760 AD: LONDON JSB. York coal (d) to Bokhara: 290g. T5L0S5 . Gift Mongols Gunpowder. Carlisle built as last northern island city. Quick check, yes I DO have a scientist in Londres. Accidentaly end turn whilst I am busy RBing stuff.
    Interturn: Americans disembark near one of my undefended northern island cities. Shucks, but no war... maybe. I still have not send defenders there. Negligence is the reason why.

    780 AD: Democracy -> Explosives. Monarchy. Ask for tribute from Spanish, no, gamble time. Maybe it's not such a good idea to sack my reputation when Americans can seize one of my cities... meh, who cares. Sneak attack Spanish: Vet ellies easily kill defending Phalanx and Warrior. Democracy. I have some vans I can deliver, but I want to wait until my cities grow more... not out of cash just yet. This one, on the other hand, I will deliver, since Beads isn't a reliable demand commodity due to dye bug. Liverpool6 beads (d) to Kaboul: 212g.
    Interturn: Mongols develop Chivalry. Researching Explosives... I will have to gift.

    800 AD: Madrid defender, no size growth... kill defender, Madrid down to size 1. Please don't let this be a repeat, I really need a city there... in the absolute worst case scenario I can send a dip there from Trondheim, and escort via caravan. Out of silk vans to send to Mongols...Norwich coal (d) to Nottingham: 150g.
    Interturn: Lose an ellie to Spanish counterattack. Madrid defender, size 1, looks like my gambit failed. At least the capital is razed, so... dip time? Mongols start Leo's, not good.

    820 AD: Exeter dye (d) to New York: 160g. Kaupang coal (d) to Londres: 207g. Douvres gold (d) to Ashur: 342g. Tech box full.
    Interturn: Lose my other ellie to Spanish chariot. Still, capital knocked out, maybe I can bribe some cities now.

    840 AD: Explosives -> Metallurgy. Reading gold (d) to Oxford6: 159g. Huh? Mongols declare WAR all of a sudden! I thought that they weren't serious about it when they asked for 2 techs in a row! That's a bummer, I will lose one island city+ 170s worth of resources. I need to end this quickly if I don't want this to spiral out of control, they have SunTzu. I have no gold as well... maybe my reputation is too low now. Odd, it went from 1 (Excellent) to 5 (Poor) in one transgression, it should have gone from 1 to 3... I might have ruined my game from just that one decision. Samarkand costs 1071g to bribe. (Samarkand has SunTzu, which is a critical WoW to have if I want to play defensive here) It will cost me to have Chivalry, but it's the only way I can think of to fix my mistake. I have no idea how to handle this. ND to Bokhara for 136g. Richmond copper (d) to Hastings6: 126g. T8L0S2.
    Interturn: Lose 2 settlers to Mongol units. They fortunately do not spot my undefended city.

    860 AD: ND for 33g. Two NDs to New York for 190 and 244g. ND to Uppsala for 168g. Sell one city improvement. Bribe Samarkand for 1183g, get SunTzu+Chivalry+6c+160g+2 units. T4L5S1 for tech next turn. Get cease-fire from Mongols, they do not offer peace. I might unironically need to build Eiffel Tower at this rate... at least I can research Leadership and get most other Mongol cities now. They're not super worth it for trade anymore, northern cities pay out more. Celebrations will end next turn, as I need to re-focus on science and build up a treasury again. CIties are bumping up to size 8 and 12 and I cannot afford the split focus. And I still need to snag Leo's!

    880 AD: Metallurgy -> Physics. Pop exceeds 10 million citizens. T4L1S5, with a few Elvises I am able to keep the peace. Techrate 3 turns. Kaupang silk (d) to Ellipi: 360g.
    Interturn: Mongols threaten some undefended cities using cease-fire. This is not going to work out... at least they abandon Leo's. Start Cope's. They start researching Leadership, a bit too late.

    900 AD: Leeds dye (d) to Ellipi: 240g. Leo's is in 2 turns. I will mostly be un-threatened by the Mongol units by then. Still, I have no choice but to bribe a threatening Mongol Knight for 304g. T7L1S2. Defenders on all 3 northern islands now. Americans are camping on a gems special but I dare not ask them to leave for fear of ripping up the treaty. (They could do a number on my ship chain, they have many coastal cities and I presume a good navy) Mongol Knight was not vet, which leads me to believe that the units I see were only created after SunTzu was lost for Mongols. Their priority is still war. Sneak attack in 3... 2... 1...
    Interturn: Not zero! Americals almost done with Cope's.

    920 AD: Physics -> Conscription. Diplomat lands on northern shore, will be caravan-guided to Valence to avoid expulsion by Americans. ETA 3 turns. 8 vans in London for Leo's. Will maybe delay the Valence bribe by 1 turn to deliver a silver van to its destination, and replace the escort van with something else. T3L1S6.
    Interturn: SEVILLE builds Cope's. How odd! Mongols switch to KRC. They show no signs of agression.

    940 AD: LONDON LEO'S. Just my luck, Seville is an awful spot for an SSC. No trade specials of any kind. Kaupang silver (d) to New York: 230g. I will take a few turns to reorganize my north shipchain. Hastings6 beads (d) to Nineve: 500g! Much higher than expected. Need to dump some generic vans in Babylone in order to cycle the silk demand in and out. T7L1S2. I still want to celebrate again before HG expiral, and need money to do so safely considering the Mongol threat.

    960 AD: Conscription -> Magnetism. Delay a delivery by 1 turn to secure a dye supply. T3L1S6. Still want Magnetism relatively quickly.
    Interturn: Mongols interrupt cease-fire! Kill an engineer. Catapult is repulsed by defending Rifleman in Birmingham, vet. Lose a BIG van to Spanish, it was the van I delayed on delivering one turn... I will not be able to get Magnetism by 1000 AD: and it's very much an open question whether the diplo-guiding with a caravan will even work.

    980 AD: Nishapur is in disorder, unfortunately I am not in a position to capitalize with a bribe. Liverpool6 silver (d) to Nishapur: 375g. Send engineer to north shore lands to build some road and facilitate freight movement. T6L1S3. Bribes cost in the 1500s, way too expensive. If I really want to, I'll just go Leadership -> Tactics and do it the old fashioned way. I think I will do just that. Vet Cavalry can easily dispatch rookie Musketeers.
    Interturn: Spanish do a sortie near Valence, but no 2move. I'm good here.

    1000 AD: Magnetism -> Electricity. (Leadership not available) I have no need for Vet Ironclads. With the removal of the unhappiness penalty for ships, I can build quite a few more now for the north shore. Bribe Valence for 276g, get 3c+2units+Barracks+90ish gold. Sell Barracks. Valence has some choice commodities but dips need to come first. ND to Babylon for 318g. Unblocks, Babylon now demands Hides! Wild card b*****s! Liverpool6 silk (d) to Babylon: 810g. That's a lotta gold!. I think I'm good to restart the celebrations now. T3L4S3.

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