How are folk finding the release version?

Would be nice if the in game help had a list of the theologies under "theology".


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I really think there needs to be more transparancy regarding AI turns and the damage they are inflicting on your units. It's simply no fun to see what appears to be an inferior enemy unit stroll up to yours and then yours just suddenly disappears. What doesn't help is that enemy units often seem to go invisible as they are walking around (is there a reason this happens?), making things even harder to keep track of. Am I missing a setting that allows me to see battles take place during AI turns? I can see their units move but not when they initiate combat.
I could reproduce some kind of similar scenario (without a kill).

If you load the attached save file and press next turn you will see an archer move into tile "1" (cf. screenshot) and disappear, then move into tile "2", disappear, then fire and remain visible.


Not sure if it is intended this way, a bit confusing for me, but now I use the notifications to check if/how a unit has died. :thumbsup:

Ah, so the problem is that the search doesn't find categories.

Try this out. Go to help screen. Fill in "theo" at search. It will offer "theology" which will not help you.

Then my second try was filling out the name of a specific theology I was familiar with (veneration). That doesn't link to theologies either.

And you think you are on the right path when you do that, or at least, I did.

Maybe the cleanest solution is to link to theologies on the theology entry?
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