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Icon Backgrounds for Units/Buildings


Megas Basileus
Mar 8, 2013
The Netherlands
This thread contains a number of premade backgrounds for making custom Civilization V Icons. They should be useful for those having trouble with making art, or in need of icons while there are no artists available. Will add more in the future. These are mainly neutral backgrounds with no scenery, which is also their shortcoming. A large number of the official Civ V Icons have some kind of vague scenery, though some don't.


Materials for Icons

They can be recoloured by using the Hue/Saturation Tool and the Colorize tool
They can be rotated by using the Arbitrary Rotation Tool (Layer -> Transform)
You can add scenery by copying the Icon Background, and using the Paint Tool with lowered opacity (30-50) to paint over the scenery (image) a number of times, then select the painted circle again with the Ellipse Select Tool

For the entire icon process, refer to this thread.
These are really pretty, and will no doubt help plenty. Maybe I could even fire Jan :p

Thanks! :) The Artistriarch is still supreme :p

These are just what I needed when I was making icons for my mod. I will use these if I need to do any more - thanks for adding them!

Hope these'll help you :)
Thank you so much! I can never quite sort out how to do the backgrounds.
Thank you!
Good to know they're appreciated :) Might add some more if I have time. Perhaps some basic scenery.
I have to say that since using these backgrounds, my icons are looking much better. Thanks again!

Agreed - these are fantastic.

Thanks :D

I've added two backgrounds with some basic scenery (Hills & Hills with Trees), as well as some 'raw materials' (basically backgrounds without rays and some scenery.
These look great - I might be able to find a use for them in tracing out the ray part of icons, as well. Thank you for making them! :)
Thanks - sorry for the unresponsiveness.

Added some more backgrounds.
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