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Ideas needed: Common Events

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Skitters

    Skitters Prince

    Aug 14, 2006
    Birmingham, UK
    I was thinking not - they'd have to take one by force...
  2. deadliver

    deadliver Loud Mouth Amateur

    Oct 18, 2003
    I am sure this type of event has been mentioned before by how about some temporary commerce, hammer or food boosting events?

    Farmer's Market:
    A farmer's market has been setup this season on one of your farms
    1.) Excellent, lets reap the benefits of our produce (+1:commerce: to tile for 10 turns)
    2.) [EVIL] Why is this food not in our stores? (+10:food: to nearest city)
  3. Thonnas

    Thonnas Warlord

    Apr 5, 2006
    Hillside Flooding <requires Grassland hill w/o forest>
    Excessive rains in the nearby hills is threatening to wash away one of the hillsides.
    A.) We'll ahve to deal with the mudslides later, I can't deal with this now (The tile becomes a flat plain, any improvement is destroyed + chance to destroy nearby improvement).
    B.) Equip some troops with shovels and send them to shore up the hillside and create better drainage (-Xg[15], garrisoned unit becomes inactive for Y[5] turns).
    C.) Send an adept with Nature I to help plant some vegetation to prevent further erosion (Any improvements destroyed, a young forest appears). <requires nature mana>
    D.) Splendid, send out the engineers. We can terrace the hillside for farming (-Zg[30], +1food in the tile). <requires Construction> [maybe masonry?]

    Llama Momma
    A hunter out in the countryside stumbled upon a strange beast in labor. It appeared that something was wrong and the beast was in great pain. As the hunter approached, the beast while its baby was still struggling to escape the womb. The hunter proceeded to cut the baby from its dead mother and also found another stuck inside. The hunter says the beasts are akin to sheep, though less meek, but almost a tasty. He has no desire to raise the babies himself and so has donated them to the city. What should we do?
    A.) Tasty, you say? Give them to a local farmer and have him start domesticating these beasts (+1 food in farm).
    B.) Less meek? Maybe they can help the shepherds keep the wolves at bay (+1 food +1 commerce from sheep). <requires sheep>
    C.) They're adorable. Send them to the animal trainer at the carnival. (Carnival +1happy). <requires Carnival>

    Mmmm, Pie
    The people of XXX simply love their pie, but can't seem to decide on an official pie for their city. They've asked you to settle things.
    A.) Apple pie is tasty AND healthy. (+1 health in city)
    B.) Everyone loves a good berry pie. (+1 Happy in city)
    C.) Meat pie keeps folks hearty. (+1 hammer in city)
    D.) I prefer cake, plain, with white frosting. (city revolts for 5 turns)

    You say you want a revolution? <requires city in revolt> 10% chance or so each turn
    A few opportunistic souls in XXX have infiltrated the resistance and are offering their services. What should we do?
    A.) Have them help us capture the organizers. We'll put them to work in the fields (-10g, -1 pop, receive worker).
    B.) Reward whichever one brings us the head of the leader. Kill the others as traitors (-20g, -2 pop, receive assassin). <evil>
    C.) Have them arrange negotiations with the resistance leadership. The sooner this is over, the better for everyone (-20g, resistance reduced up to 5 turns). <good>
    D.) Send them away, we don't do business with scum like that.
  4. WarKirby

    WarKirby Arty person

    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    Dwarven Immigrants
    Reqs. City on a hilltop, with walls

    Some dwarven immigrants wish to settle in our city. They say it reminds them of their homeland, and they feel comfortable here.
    • Then welcome them in. Making our nation more diverse is always good (+1 pop, +100 culture(one time))
    • Allow them to stay here, but tell them they must work for a living. (+1 pop, recieve 2 Dwarven workers)
    • Welcome them, and make sure they feel right at home. (reqs. Forge, forge generates +3 :hammers:)

    Child Criminal

    A 10 year old boy has been arrested for murdering his father in <cityname>. What should be done with him?

    • The law is the law. And the punishment for murder is death. Child or not, we have to set an example. (-1 :mad: temporarily, -10 crime rate)
    • A child so young cannot be responsible for his actions. Let him go (+20 crime rate)
    • Not even a child can be allowed to escape the judgement of Divine Law. Have him hanged (reqs Order, -20 crime rate)
    • Mercy is the greatest of virtues. Have the child raised by the priests and shown the error of his ways. He can be a bright young man yet (Reqs Empyrean, +5% :science: in city)
    • 10 years old? They sure start young. Have him disappear quietly to be trained. (reqs Council of Esus, recieve 1 assasin with 10 starting xp)
  5. Lgaard

    Lgaard King

    Nov 25, 2008
    Gdansk, POL
    A Traveller

    An experienced traveller has just arrived to <city name>. He claims he had just visited the lands of <name of the other, not yet contacted, civilization>.
    a) Pay him to tell us a story of the lands he had visited. Then let him continuue his travel (- small amount of gold; + maps of the abovementioned civ; random civ achieves our maps)
    b) Hire him as a scout and ask to tell his stories (- more gold; + maps of the abovementioned civ; + scout)
    c) Hire him us our ambassador in the <a/m civ name>. (- X gold; + contact with a/m civ)
    d) I have no time nor money for that (no result)

    A Traveller 2

    An experienced traveller has just arrived to <city name>. For a little fee he can tell one story. What would you like to hear about:
    a) Ancient Patria (- X gold; reveals location of Ruins of Patria [if RoP exist on the map] )
    b) Miracleous Yggdrasil (- X gold; reveals location of Yggdrasil [if Yggdrasil exists on the map] )
    c) Precious Dragon Bones (- X gold; reveals location of DB [if DB exist on the map] )
    d) Mightest creature he has seen (- X gold; reveals location of the strongest creature on the map)
    e) Biggest city he has seen (-X gold; reveals location of the biggest city in terms of population/culture etc.)
    f) I have no time nor money for that (no result)
  6. Diamondeye

    Diamondeye So Happy I Could Die

    Apr 20, 2007
    Dancing in the Dark
    Fields of the dead (tile without ressource, in bfc)
    Reports of walking corpses in the area around <city name> are becoming frequent. Our sages think that the ground holds powerful ley lines.
    -Quit wasting my time. What do you want me to do about it? (+1 :mad: in <city name> for some turns)
    -That sounds horrid! Send a mage skilled in Life magic to calm the magic eruptions and sanctify the dead. (Nothing happens, requires Life mana)
    -Walking dead and powerful ley lines? We could profit from this. Send a necromancer to draw out the power of the area (requires Necromancy, creates Death Mana in the spot, has a chance to spawn barbarian skeletons)

    Storms! (tile with farm improvement, within bfc)
    Huge amounts of rain has fallen in the fields near <city name>, but heavy clouds are blocking the sun; the crops on the field looks like they might drown.
    -pay to have the water led from the fields (lose gold)
    -there is nothing we can do about it (the farm is destroyed, +1 :yuck: in the city)
    -send an adept in Sun magic to let the sun shine on the fields again (requires Sun mana, +8 food in the city)
  7. Corlis

    Corlis Warlord

    May 20, 2008
    Ontario, Canada
    Ooh, I like the idea of getting the location of certain major landmarks. I think there are already events that tell you if certain features exist, but it would be nice to be able to pay to have them revealed.

    Something else:

    Saboteur (Requires you to have a unit near a city with which you are at war)
    A citizen of X has contacted us. He say that he can disrupt the city by setting fires so that we can take it more easily, but he demands riches and amnesty in return.
    -We cannot afford this (no effect)
    -Pay him what he wants (costs moderate gold; a building is destroyed in X and it takes 30% bombard damage)
  8. WarKirby

    WarKirby Arty person

    Jul 13, 2006
    Glasgow, Scotland
    I LOVE this idea.

    Personally, I'd love to be told where the Ring of Carcer is.
  9. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    I figured this thread was due for a bump back to the first page.

    Rock lobster (Requires a coastal tile)

    "Some of our people were recently on a beach near [city name] and discovered a strange rock formation. They decided to explore it and made a startling discovery: it wasn't a rock, it was a rock lobster!" [Tile gets crab (50% chance), clam (25% chance), or fish (25% chance).]

    Note: We don't have lobsters as a resource in the game, so I suggested something close.
  10. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    We still don't know if Kael's open to more events, but in my current game I got the Elder Council "two schools of thought" event three times, so I figured this thread needed a bump. Besides, thinking these things up is fun, even if they don't make it into the mod. And maybe some of the modmods are open to new events, even if the main mod isn't.

    We do know from some of the references in the game that Kael's a Monty Python fan, so here's a couple of events inspired by a classic song from a classic Python movie.

    Camelot 1

    The Captain of the [guard/watch/militia] in [city name] is complaining about the rations being given to his men. "We eat ham and jam and Spam a lot," he reports. He believes that improved rations will improve his men's morale and fighting prowess. What should we do?

    a) Do nothing, the rations are fine. (No effect.)

    b) Improve the rations for the [guard/watch/militia] in [city name] per the captain's request. (Subtract X:gold: from treasury, existing units in [city name] receive +1 XP.)

    Camelot 2

    The Captain of the [guard/watch/militia] in [city name] is upset that his men are being made to babysit children in the city. He complains, "I have to push the pram a lot." He recommends that we find a solution so that his men can concentrate on their military duties. What should we do?

    a) The [guard/watch/militia] need to be flexible and do whatever is required of them. Request denied. (Existing units in [city name] lose 1 XP.)

    b) Hire nurses in [city name] to look after the city's young so that the men can focus on their training. (Subtract X:gold: from treasury, existing units in [city name] gain 1 XP.)

    If you accept either or both, feel free to modify as you see fit.
  11. Darelius

    Darelius Chieftain

    Nov 21, 2008
    I have not read all of the above ideas, but i think, the first problem is to make the clear difference between the "rare" and "common" events.

    Another Question is, what could an event do?

    Before i add some event ideas, i will write my "thinkings" about that.

    Possible Effects:
    - Golden Age (should be very rare)
    - ;) / :mad: / :health: / :yuck: in City for some Rounds (common)
    - Add / decrease :food: / :hammers: / :culture: / :gp: in a City once (common)
    - Add / decrease :science: / :gold: (very common)
    - Add / decrease :food: / :commerce: / :gold: / :culture: / :hammers: / :health: / :yuck: / :) / :mad: to a building or Field permanent (rare)
    - Add a standard Unit (common)
    - Add Experience to a Unit (common)
    - Add Special ability to a Unit (Rare)
    - Add a Special unit (Prophet etc) (very Rare)
    - Add / loose a Building (rare)
    - Add a Non-Race Unit (Wolves, orcs for elves) (rare)
    - Add / decrease City population (rare)
    - Add / remove Religion from a city (rarre)
    - Change Inflation Rate (Rare)
    - Add Experience to Race Hero (rare)
    - Add Special Ability to race Hero (very rare)

    Now some Ideas for "common" events:
    - In illness weakens the city (+1 illness for 2 rounds and/or - (city size) food and/or -(city size) production
    - The people in the city are happy an love the life (-1 :health: for 2 rounds and/or +(city size) :hammers: and/or +(city size) :food: and/or + 2xcity size :culture: and/or +(city size) :science:
    - A soldier is very ambitionated / pathetic (?) and get / loose +2 EP
    - The city is good / bad leaded, it gains / loose some :food: / :hammers:
    - Your Scientists are talking nonsense / genius and will losse / add :science:
    - The local gaves concerts and are great / awful so you will gain / loose culture
    . Your [Building] has special abilitys and you will gain [food / hammers]
    - Insects / Rats stole [city size * number of food storage biuildings] food
    - The River is nearly dry, so the people are hungry (- food)
    - The River is too strong this time, so some people loose their houses and build ne ones but are ot happy (+1 Unrest for 2 Rounds)
    - A Storm damage several buildings during night and much work is lost (- some hammers)
    - (on high criminal Rate:) Thiefes are in the city and stole many during night
    The People are upset, what will you do?
    1. Send Guards to search the thieves to arrest them (unit cannot move for 2 rounfs) and give the stlen items back (+1 Luck for 5 rounds, -10 gold, criminality -5)
    .2 Send the guards to arrest the thieves and get their stolen things to the state (+50 Gold, -1 unrest for 5 rounds, criminality -5
    3. do nothing (+5 Unrest for 5 rounds, +5 criminal rate)
    4. Give money to the people, who are victims or the thieves (-100 gold, +2 Lucky for 5 rounds)
    5. search the thieves and hire them (+1 unit (whatever is nearest to thieves), +1 unrest for 5 rounds, -10 gold, -1 criminality
    6. search every house until the thieves where find and burn all friends and there houses of the thieves and take their goods (-20 crime rate, +500 gold, +5 unrest for 20 rounds, -1 population, requires evil alignment)

    General common ideas
    - Depending of the position of a city (coast, djungle, forest, river) the production of the ressources cuold change every some rounds (add / remove some points), because natural ressources are not absolute cointrollable.
    - Weather is not stable, it influences the income from some ressources every soem rounds...
    - some resosurces could spread out (animals and plants), what is a rare but not unimpossible event---
    - some ressources grow bigger or smaller and gain bonuses (or negative effects) for axample, a horse ressource is special, some add +1 food, some +1 production, some +1 trade etc. sometimes those "bonuses" change (common event)
    These changes can let happen or sometimes improved /hindered.
    The [Ressource] improves during working. what will you do?
    1. nothing, at the ressource work like ever
    2. push the improvment (+1 production, food or something else) (-100 gold)
    On degeneration, nothing leads to loss of one point and money could stop the degeneration. Tha could happen very often, because one turn is one year and natural ressources can change. But not all, anials and plkants could be influenced, iron and other could change, but not so often and it should be more expensive.

    So my ideas for it
    (sorry for my bad english, im a german guy

  12. Jabie

    Jabie Wanted in Monte Carlo...

    Dec 16, 2003
    Southampton, UK

    Requires a road.

    Bandits prey on travellers from <City>.

    * Send out the troops to deal with them. One random unit in town wounded to 50%
    * Abandon the road, they will soon lose heart when trade dries up. (Lose the Road)
  13. JonathanStrange

    JonathanStrange PrinceWithA1000Enemies

    Dec 25, 2005
    TThe Dreaming
    So basically there's no downside to Dwarven migration? Somewhere in Keelyn, a dwarf is passing out drunk! Somewhere in Evermore, seven dwarves are living with a lovely young woman. And in a lonely dwarf fortress out in the Calabim hinterlands, a dwarf is quietly going mad.
  14. UNIT 666

    UNIT 666 One of Many

    Mar 7, 2008
    Here are a few of my ideas for common (and semi-common... and rare) events. Some go against what Kael detailed in the opening post, but oh well. Also, I haven't read many of the others, so sorry if I've ripped someone else's common event ideas off. :(


    Requirements: Mana node that has existed for at least 100 turns in your territory.

    Description:"A mana node in our land has become increasingly unstable -- some observers are suggesting that it is going to collapse."

    Notice: "A mana node in [civilization] territory is reported to be unstable."

    a) "Hire a skilled mage to study the mana node, and fix it if needed."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 250. Receive one Mage with 5 exp.
    b) "They do not know what they are talking about -- leave the node alone."
    Effect: 50% chance that the mana node is destroyed.
    c) Requires the Khazad or the Luchurip civilizations. "Pah! They are mistaken -- a Dwarven craftsman's arete is unmatched!"
    Effect: Temporary (10-20 turn) increase in relations (+1) with all civs: "We respect your skill." Or else nothing, if it's that much simpler.
    c) Requires the Khazad or Luchurip civilizations. "Slanderous lies! Dwarves build things to last! Sue them all for slander!"
    Effect: Gain :gold: 25 - :gold: 50.


    Requirements: 1 or more Chaos or Dimensional mana (I can't remember if Dimensional is in base FFH or not! :x) resources (so, noded and non-noded mana) in your territory.

    Description: "A hellish portal to another world has appeared in our land -- something must be done!"

    Notice: "A hellish portal is reported to have appeared in [civilization] territory."

    a) "Fund an effort to close the portal."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 100. 50% chance to remove portal. Else it functions as b).
    b) "Leave it alone."
    Effect: A portal is created on a tile without any resources on it, it destroys any improvements present, and cannot be destroyed. It functions as a planar gate would, but for the Barbarian (or Demon) civilization. The area it spawns in must be at least 12 tiles of land large.
    c) Requires the Sheaim civilization. "Excellent! Begin preparation for our friends' arrival."
    Effect: Same as b, but gives the units to the Sheaim, instead. Additionally, it costs :gold: 100 to make the proper accommodations for their "friends."


    Requirements: Untapped mana node in your territory.

    Description: "A rogue wizard has built a fortress on top of one of the untapped mana nodes in our territory."

    Notice: "A rogue wizard is reported to have built a fortress in [civilization] territory."

    a) "Hire local adventurers to get rid of the wizard."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 100. Keep is spawned on top of the untapped mana node.
    b) "Leave the wizard alone for now. "
    Effect: A keep, 1 held mage with Fire 2, and 2 held skeletons are created on the untapped mana node. The mage and skeletons belong to the Barbarian civilization.
    c) Requires the Grigori civilization. "Spread the news to the locals, perhaps one of them will step up to the challenge."
    Effect: Same as b). Additionally, costs :gold: 50 - there is a 50% chance to receive 1 Adventurer in a random city that you control.


    Requirements: Goblin Fort (or whatever it's called) in territory.

    Description: "A group of people claiming to have escaped from a nearby Goblin encampment have arrived seeking refuge in [city]."

    Notice: "A group of people are reported to have escaped from a Goblin encampment and are seeking refuge in [city]."

    a) "See to it that they are welcomed to the city and ensure that they are all able to start a new life."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 50. Receive 1 Worker.
    b) "Recruit them into the military, and see to it that no others are taken by the Goblins."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 25. Receive 2 Warriors.
    c) Requires the Sheaim civilization. "Greet them... then make them join our military efforts."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 25. Receive 1 Pyre Zombie.
    d) "We cannot afford to take them in. Turn them away."
    Effort: 2 Barbarian warriors are spawned near the city in question.


    Requirements: At least one city under your control.

    Description: "A local farmer is reported to have died... and risen again. The farmer reports that he is exactly the same as before, except he has no bodily needs. He is the perfect worker. The local militia report that he cannot be killed permanently."

    Notice: "A farmer in [civilization] lands is reported to have died... and risen again. Militia in [civilization] lands report that this farmer cannot be killed."

    a) Requires Neutral or Evil alignment. "Put this... man.... to work, at once. So long as he can do that, he is welcome here."
    Effect: Gain a demonic worker with the Immortal promotion in your territory.
    b) Requires Neutral or Good Alignment. "An aberration such as this cannot be allowed to live -- have it destroyed at once."
    Effect: A Barbarian demonic worker that is held is spawned inside your territory. If this is too much, just have 'no effect' -- nothing spawned.
    c) Requires Bannor civilization. "Fortunately, we have trained a warrior for this sort of occurrence."
    Effect: Same as b. Additionally, a warrior with the Undead Slaying promotion is spawned in the capital.


    Requirements: At least one city under your control.

    Description: "A nomadic carnival troupe has arrived at [city], hoping to perform there."

    Notice: "A nomadic carnival troupe is rumoured to have visited the [civilization] city of [city]."

    a) "Allow them to perform in the city."
    Effect: +1 :) for 20 turns.
    b) "Give them a generous amount of gold, perhaps they will choose to stay here permanently."
    Effect: Same as a. Additionally, Costs :gold: 100. 50% chance to gain a Carnival in the city.
    c) Requires Balseraph civilization. "Lock them up! Chain them down! Let us show them what fun is!"
    Effect: Gain 4 slaves.
    d) "Buy a performing wolf from them and send them on their way."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 100. Gain a Wolf Pen in the city.
    e) "Buy a dancing bear from them and send them on their way."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 200. Gain a Dancing Bear in the city.
    f) "Buy a performing lion from them and send them on their way."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 200. Gain a Lion Cage in the city.
    g) "Buy a performing tiger from them and send them on their way."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 300. Gain a Tiger Cage in the city.
    h) "Buy a performing gorilla from them and send them on their way."
    Effect: Costs :gold: 400. Gain a Gorilla Cage in the city.
  15. Onionsoilder

    Onionsoilder Reaver

    Mar 19, 2007
    Skilled metalworkers have emerged in [city], spurred by the abundance of metal from a nearby mine. They have been producing wonderous works of art.
    a) Let them continue their practice(+1 :culture: in city)
    b) Sell the art to boost trade and commerce(+1 :gold: in city)
    c) Direct the metalworkers focus on more practical items(+1 :hammers: in mine)
    d) Pay the metalworkers to improve the local temple(costs 20 :gold:; +3 :culture: from Temple of Kilmorph)
  16. William12123

    William12123 Chieftain

    Oct 11, 2005
    I think the events should try to resemble the FFH lore more, so:

    Foreign kidnapping:
    A (random good/neutral civ) governor stumbled into your territory after escaping from (evil/neutral civ) kidnappers.

    a-Join his people in a crusade against these malevolent kidnappers ( declares war with evil civ, relations bonus with good civs)

    b-send him on his way (negative relations bonus with evil civ)

    c-discretly send him on his way (-X gold, no other effects)

    d-send him back to his captors, they will surely be grateful ( relations bonus with evil civ, +X gold)
  17. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    The Lurker at the Threshold
    Req. Ancient Tower in your lands

    Citzens outside of (city name) have reported many mysterious dissappearences, only to have the taken's dead bodies found months later, as if dropped from a large height!

    -We must take action! Something is out there, force the garrison to work double time to help! (Unit in city cannot move for 5 turns)
    -The mage's will know what to do with this (Req. mage guild, no effect)
    -HIDE! (-1 population, chance of re-occurance)

    Your sages have discovered the most useful thing in the universe, a towel!
    -Excellant, make sure all our troops have one! (Unit gains Water Resistance I (he can dry himself easily), and Cold Resistance I (Towels can keep you warm))
    -Wet them and use them as a torture device! (-20 crime rate, -10 war wearriness)
    -Let the children play! (Req. Hill +1 happiness)
  18. Dean_the_Young

    Dean_the_Young King

    Aug 2, 2009
    This Little Piggy...
    Requires: Improved Pig Resource.

    My Lord, we have found the White Pig from you dream outside of -city x-. Er... what did you say happened in your dream again?

    -This little piggy went to market. (Req. market, market +1 gold)
    -This little piggy stayed home. (Pasture produces +1 food)
    -This little piggy had roast beef. (Requires cow resource, cow +1 food)
    -This little piggy had none. (Requires cow resource, cow +1 commerce)
    -This little piggy went weeweewee all the way Home... wait! That's disgusting! (+1 unhealthiness, another pig resource appears on city tile)
    -Oh, I remember now! I had this great idea for a song... (Req. creative, +1 happiness from pig)

    Falling Angel
    Req: AC counter > 50.

    My lord, a wounded angel has fallen from Junil and appeared in our lands. It has become disgusted with mindless obedience and warfare, and would prefer to help our kind directly. What shall we do?

    -His intentions are pure. Help him recover, and teach him our most benign magics. (Requires Good, receive an Angel with strong and various city-boosting spells.)
    -I have no side in the war of the gods, but I can make use of him. When he is recovered, set him to work. (Requires Neutral. Receive one angel with weak and a smaller number of city-boosting spells.)
    -An angel from Junil? Hiss! Capture him, break him, and use his knowledge and being to advance our own cause. (Requires Evil. + beakers to relgious line of research)
    -He has abandoned our lord? Restrain him, try him, and send a confessor to deal with him by Junil's command. (Requires Order state religion. +1 happiness in all cities, receive one free Confessor with a devout promotion.)
    -An Angel who refuses to fight? We'll see how long that lasts. Draft him, and send him to the front lines. (Mercurians-only. Receive one angel with Weak.)
    -An Angel who refuses to fight us? Very well. Allow him to pass into Hell, where he may help as many as he wants... until he too becomes one of us. (Infernal-only. Receive one balor with Strong.)
    -It is always wise to step away from the Gods ambitions. Allow him to join our councils and work amoung us, on the condition that he give up his usage of divine powers and do only what any other mortal can perform. (Grigori-only. Receive one angel with strong and channeling 1 and 2.

    Little People
    Req: Luchirp in the game, non-Luchirp civilization.

    A Luchirp merchant has come to your palace with a sad tale of having been taken advantage of by greedy merchants and townspeople of -city- in unfair deals boardering on scamming. He asks that you provide fair justice.

    -He made the deals, did he not? A merchant who can not deal with such issues has no place in my kingdom. Oh, and be sure that that city pays its taxes this year. (+35 gold, +1 happy in city for 10 turns, -1 diplo modifier with Luchirp for 10 turns)
    -Compensate him for the loss of value, and quietly advise him to pick another trade in the future. (-50 gold, +1 modifier with Luchirp)
    -Bring proceedings against the townspeople and merchants involved. Have them pay the merchant as they are found guilty. (-1 happiness for 15 turns, +5 with Luchirp for 15 turns with +3 of it being permanent.)
    -He calls a deal like that stealing? I'll show him thievery... (Requires Evil or Esus. +80 gold, 33% chance for a minor artifact, -5 with Luchirp for 15 turns, 3 of them being permanent.
  19. Neomega

    Neomega Deity

    Feb 9, 2002
    requires ancient tower in borders

    A mage has returned from the planes, and is offering his services to our empire.

    -Excellent, recruit him. (pay 120 Gold, receive 1 mage with divided soul ability).
    -Excellent recruit him. (receive 1 mage with divided soul ability, requires Amurites)
    -Tell him to show us how he got here. (city receives obsidian gate)
    -send him away

    requires ancient tower in borders

    Some adventurers have been exploring the ancient tower, and claim it is inhabited by something not of this world.

    -Then let it be. (nothing happens)
    -Give me a report of what they find (10% chance of tower spawning 1 great adventurer, 20% chance of tower spawning a shade, 30% chance of tower spawning barb host of Eijenhar, 40% chance of tower spawning barb wolf)

    require ruins anywhere

    The dead are haunting the nearby ruins!!
    -spawn 1 - 4 spectres.
  20. Switchblock

    Switchblock Kuriotate Scholar

    Jan 21, 2007
    Requires Farm not being worked (also could make events for other imporvements):

    Rumor has it a group of Bandits is holding up in an abandoned farm!

    -Send a Unit to drive them away! (Unit busy for 3 turns)
    -Hire someone to drive them away! (-25 gold)
    -I doubt it (-2 gold in city)

    Army of Darkness
    A stranger claiming to be from the future has appeared in (city name) wielding something called a "chainsaw". He claims to be looking for the Necronomicon
    -Good man, recruit him to fight the evil Octopuc Overlords! (req. non-octo religion, gain swordsman with undead-slaying and demon-slaying)
    -Fool, kill him (req. octo-overlords)
    -A type of saw? Have him remove some forests for us! (req. non-octo religion, forest outside of city is removed)

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