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Feb 24, 2017
"The US has government debt in its own hard currency the USD.
If the USD devaluates, the debt becomes lower as well."

Actually, the debt remains unchanged. Inflation lowers the real purchase power of the debt amount, but change of forex rate doesn't.

If the USD goes down 10%, the debt (seen from another currency) goes 10% down as well, but stays the same within the US and as % of US GDP.


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Nov 10, 2008
adriana Lima has a new lover ...

Spoiler :

you will remember her gallant affair with a heroic New Turkey guy , a "life coach" , poem writer and when people express surprise at what she might have found at him , he New Turkey like burts into stuff that people must google his previous conquests . We then had months of their breakup because the guy who organizes this particular show is a big winner of New Turkey TV . So , naturally , as New Turkey heads to a real financial crisis , the TV guy organizes a new love . This time a businessman , because New Turkey is rich . You will also have to remember a long running joke about dating some Victoria Secret's model . The new love is 10 years younger than me and oh my , he owns an island in Venice ! You would really need to know a joke or two about me on how ı won't set foot on some island , too . You know , only as an entry on how the current secretary for tourism of the palace cabinet "keeps" his tourism company . And every night it's rerun on TV and he is selling tours to the Greek islands . Bah , the things we have seen in the past ; people can not even get started on this .

nor there's any let-up , with the TV organizer guy admitting that he wears a pair of socks only "once" because they shrink when they are washed . Because , as you well know by now , New Turkey is rich .

and then the islands . With New Turkey qualities apparently influencing all . As such , we learn the 18 islands turned over to Greece by the A-K-P goverment include 5 or so around Crete . The resident Greek guy will be most interested to hear 75% of that island , Crete really and truly , is claimed to be owned by Ankara , because it wasn't signed off in treaties and whatnot and Ankara actually sent a diplomatic team to Libya in 2010 to discuss maritime economic zones because we are neighbours due to Crete , angering Kaddafi greatly . You would think with Fesli Kadir as its guiding light , New Turkey would know all the Aegean islands were traitorously were given away by the Kemalists . You might conduct a search for the Fesli Kadir in this very thread , but he was the mentor of PM , having him elected as a youth leader against Erbakan's wishes and otherwise best known for his vitriolic attacks against the various treasons of Kemal's henchman , Ismet Inönü , hence Kemal . With the fes on his head , declaring it would be better if the Greeks had won in 1919-22 , because the stump Ottoman stump might(?) still have the title of Caliphate , ı don't know , with him becoming the Caliph or something , perhaps and mayhaps . But then this the thing . That New Turkey wants to become Arabs was not that well appreciated , certainly by me . Was thinking on terms of the regular fare , funded by the Gulf Arabs for US strategic designs , but they really want to be Arabs . With an ownership hydrocarbon supplies , irregardless of whereever it's found .

the "fear" was that they would make Jihad on Iraq under the American Crusade , they were cast aside so that Kurds could have Oil . Then they turned to Cyprus circa 2006 and wasn't it amazing ? Rauf Denktaş , the famously inflexible leader of Turkish Cypriots was outright declared a traitor , not for his causing a crisis in 1964 by "secretly" landing on Cyprus and thus "creating" a crisis that the UN allowed the Greeks conduct a glorious victorious destruction of the rapacious traitorous Turkish Cypriots . Had to fight or something , them old guard , who were very very young at the time . So , America had to fight in Vietnam to impress the Turks , because the Turks are tough (for those who are actually supposed to fight them) and have to be impressed otherwise . And certainly not for Denktaş jumping the gun and alerting the Greeks an hour before he was supposed to declare the beginning of the Peace Operation of 1974 obn the radio , now that the landing ships were being trailed by everyone in the Med . The old guard were young at the time and ı believe their version of the first night becomes wilder each year . You know , like the fisherman who catches some fish and the fish grows bigger each year . No sir , the treason of Denktaş was he opposed the Annan Plan , something should have gained Kofi Annan stardom and a movie in which Morgan Freeman plays him . In which through stuff too complicated for even r16 to write down here , the Turkish Cypriots said YES and the Greek Cypriots said NO and this somehow meant we had given away the island of Cyprus , which immediately joined the EU . We got a promise to do same and as a result Hrant Dink was murdered , because he was tricked by his Turkish Leftist friends . That he was the best one to start a public debate on the dark secrets of the country which had to be excised , if that's a word , so that this country could join the modern world . Which then became the cover for the Ergenekon Conspiracy , but not for the Turkish public ; now that (the essential basis of justification for) New Turkey , the much celebrated 51%, would and actually has cheered for the murderer of Dink . It's meant as a heavyweight counter against the "staunchest American supporters" of the old guard and somehow these Americans tend to be Vietnam vets who have found it staggeringly hard to discuss why their country has failed to do its Christian duty , since 1917 , through refusing a mandate for a greater Armenia . Not that they would counter-attack with mentioning that the UK engineered hard for the eventual outcome of 1974 .

the hydrocarbons around that island was known since the 1970s , just as Oil was being discovered in the North Sea and to block any surprises around here , with an oil embargo or two should obviously stop the old guard in any mischief and UN creating the legal basis against some oil platform appearing out of the blue , too . But then you people also refuse to believe ı have a starship or two or three thousands or 4 millions of them .

just like Kissinger also mentioned them hydrocarbons off the coast so that Israelis should absorb the Yom Kippur attack so that maybe they could conquer Lebanon in a couple of years and Egyptians were surprised by the warmth they received from the US , now that they would starve if they remained in the Russian orbit and they might have welcomed oil platforms out of the blue . Kaddafi suddenly discovering he had become an enemy of America in 78 or 79 , because we didn't have 70 cents at the time (when the Pilgrims to Mekke needed 70 million dollars in travel costs) and Santa Süleyman was also asking whether there was any petrol around and was it him who drank it , after journalists questioned him about oil supplies .

the Annan Plan created a basis of cooperation between the "Liberals" and the A-K-P Goverment , which then was fully employed during the Ergenekon conspiracies , Denktaş was vilified , a false promise of EU was applied and that fake promise still created the glory years of A-K-P while Kaddafi was the first major casualty of the Arab Spring and trust the people of 2019 to claim he had 140 tons of gold and he would use that to create a pan African currency and that's why the French killed him . Because a Gold Standart is a good thing , because if it wasn't good the French would not kill Kaddafi and all the people must support the PM's efforts to utilise the gold in country , because when a real economic collapse happens it should be the "Muslims" owning the entire gold so that they will weather the crisis to become the really real owners of everything in the country .

as such the current "spat" off the island where New Turkey has created a "Turkish Triangle" with a research ship at each corner is like so glorious , because not even the Kurds have managed to build a pipeline because evil Shia have saved the Damascus regime , even if it took them two full years to arrive . The same Shia made sure there would not be a Kurdish Kerkük which then made New Turkey gloriously stop the Kurdish state . With chameleon tanks which change colour and shape -turning into a sand coloured M-1 from a green Leo-2 at will . Secretly designed and built by New Turkey . Be scared , you infidel bunch of Infidels . New Turkey lost Egypt very early , has been kept out of Libyan oil by Haftar and company , Qatar is with the Greeks off Cyprus , Netanyahu works Trump much better than PM and who cares about Lebanon , despite the Hariri Family splendidly robbing the telecom company they were "gifted" . Hence everyday the glory in the Med is covered . We even see the jealousy of Israelis , with some newspaper editor asking in the newspaper website the identity of the armed drone above a research ship . Because you know it's a matchless success , despite Predators and whatnot existing , ı don't know before ı was born or something . And all the traitors could not stop the second son-in-law of the PM and New Turkey has 84 drones and whatnot of the kind and there's not the slightest doubt that the PM's second son-in-law will build the rest of 110 odd airframes so that New Turkey fulfills its needs for 200 UAVs . Afterwards we will suddenly discover evil Arabs and evil Americans and evil whatevers are plotting for the downfall of the country and there is this need for an extra 200 UAVs . Why , it's a good thing ı never graduated as an aircraft engineer , because ı might have been designing some and Peace would instantly break out at once and ı would never manage to sell a single one .

despite they might really need UAVs . Now that everyone they managed to put in the Armed Forces (now dead) turns out to be Congregation , or something and whatever . On the day the Ergenekon Conspiracy was legally declared to be non-existant , one of the incarcerated said there were 4 "commands" in the country , air , sea , land and jandarma and 2nd in command in one of these 4 institutions was known to be Congregation and he was still actively removing officers with "Kemalist" leanings from duty . You know , 3 years after the Disgrace of July 15th and on the days court rulings are landing right and left . The Congregation operated from the 4th Airbase which had 141st and 142nd Squadrons under its command . The units were disbanded and as a bonus , some of Congregation officers were given 141 in-prison-for-life sentences . ı remember the days the criminal F-16s were shown on TV , with their Gatling M-61 guns removed and put aside , they were arrested . How can still be 60 or 70 000 Congregation in the Army of Petrol ? Come on , they are not flying the criminal F-16s , now that with people not much impressed America made New Turkey occupy Syria to defeat American plots to create a Kurdish Nation State and our sunnier Sunni brothers were offended and repulsed a NATO army and they were then routed in an "Arab" fighting ?

oh why , there are Congregation anywhere . That's why some Leftist journalist will go to prison because he lost a court case started years ago on charges of defamation of the spritual leader of the Congregation ; 1984 being 1984 we still know it's a book he co-authored . One the bookshops can not exhibit around , but are allowed to keep in stock and might bring one from the depot if a customer specifically asks to buy one . ı have one , before the Police supposedly showed up in bookstores and ı can't say it's that "exciting" . It just catalogues how other congregations are replacing the Congregation and actually Congregation might have infiltrated the other congregations and people are just playing musical chairs , some silly stupid game the Westerners -used to- play . For Turkish readers one can say that the Congregation leaves from one door and returns from the other .

and because everyone knows this , Congregation is used for everything . To show Imamoğlu was Congregation , a tweet was used in which he berates some other person on calling the spiritual leader "Feto" ; which everyone does these days . Oh wait , the tweet was tweeted years ago and does not belong to Imamoğlu , but it belongs to Melih Gökçek . The mayor of Ankara , who frauded his way out of every election , but forcibly removed by the PM , because the PM had to look like fighting Congregation . The accused ? A VJ , who used to work in a Turkish equivalent of MTV , apparently she said Feto , ı don't know , she might have considered it passable . Daughter of an American soldier stationed in this country and a Turkish mother , she always talked too much on TV in any case . She died early , a drug coma (the country is told) . At the house of a best friend who also was the nephew of this liberal author and newspaper chief editor who ran the flagship of the Ergenekon Conspiracy . Taraf , not Zaman which was Congregation's flagship and Zaman played second fiddle of a sorts ; they were more "innocent" , despite the strident language and matchless effort . The nephew waited for hours before calling the ambulance , no doubt watching her die and saving his skin with the fact he called an ambulance , also served some jail time .

so , how come these people who destroyed the Republic of 1923 do not know how to act ? Metin Metiner who brought out the tweet to blame Imamoğlu can not be dumb ; maybe he thought it would be tracked to Gökçek ? This must then be the reason why Metiner was also saddled with corruption claims . Which was then followed by Mansur Yavaş Municipality being allowed to discover a certain amount of streets in Ankara received security cameras on municipality funds and the control system of those cameras was placed in Gökçek's house . To have night vision , you need IR , which also shows women bodies under clothing ? You know , in contrast to increased "starlight" versions which came of age in Vietnam ...

we also heard Mustafa Kemal was Congregation . Don't know whether ı can locate it , but Imamoğlu has a picture of Atatürk on the wall and he is speaking to the grandfather of the spiritual leader in 1924 , after an earthquake , while the picture is like from 1930 . New Turkey perhaps discovered the unreasonable hate of the Congregation and its leadership , now that with all the ranting of 1984 over the years , ı can't believe New Turkey is that dumb ? So that painting this or that this colour or that colour , things can still go for New Turkey and not for Turkey ?

and of course , just of course New Turkey is not exactly alone . Fehmi Koru was a big name in the early years of A-K-P , he is the one the PM sent to Pennsylvania as an envoy when the make believe war between the Party and the Congregation suddenly caught fire after the debacle of the Gezi Events and the Congregation tried to rush the PM's house to arrest the PM's son with billions and billions in cash and what not . You know , America was fed up with PM's complaints that low level Americans were plotting to overthrow him , despite he couldn't name them as they didn't exist (not even in a paralel universe) and Congregation would entirely fail to convince the Arabs (you know with matchless greed and yet a sense of superiority over the Arabs) and America chose the Party over Congregation . Fehmi Koru on the Voice of Opposition telling some unknown audience the current global fad of Populism started with the PM -and say , not with Putin , because Koru is a smart guy and he wouldn't tell us he made Putin the Prime Minister of Turkey- and this will teach Trump . The Hour of the Opposition itself is on the news , because a Party think tank identified it as "foreign" and made a point of it should be more available to tell us the greatness of New Turkey . In addition to various other mostly web outlets generally run by journalists sacked by Party pressure . You know , Hour of the Opposition actually gives me creeps everytime it interviews a Party person and yet it has lost some of its pro-Kurdishness over the years as well . A previous edition is fondly remembered not for the guests telling the hosts not to piss off that "certain" audience live on the radio , but another live report on the sufferings of the Kurds who were cut off with two meters of snow . The guy interviewed then telling he was sweating in some really warm gas station and his car was going anywhere , being 4x4 or whatever . Only to be bettered when the second interview turned out to be a "Guard" village , those who fight the seperatists ...

what will teach Trump is of course the "Babacangiller" . The family of Babacan in English , it's the Party media invention , lumping the Little Imperialist and Babacan - Abdullah Gül duo together , because there's no way Ahmet Davutoğlu can gain traction , because he is practically the sole author of this "deep" strategic wisdom that almost gained the whole pipeline corridor from Kerkük to the Med for the Kurds . Who then had to start killing Kurds , because the American plot to assimilate the Left (actual or radical or imagined) within the seperatist ranks meant A-K-P "lost" the June 2015 elections . Oh yeah , such were the days when 100 people were double suicided in Ankara and then tear gassed as a bonus , because you know , he was now a nationalist . He also managed to get the 100 killed booed in a national football match against France , too . Gül , on the other hand , plays safe , him being the Turkish branch of George Clooney due to similar looks and having the same horoscope sign with luminaries like Albert Einstein or whatever . The one-man rule is not much cherished ; Gül is now set to play the respectable former President . Leaving Babacan to run the New A-K-P . Son of a guy from the almost racists and whatnot , he was an original founder of A-K-P and much liked by the foreign stock markets , who have been wildly buying shares of Turkish banks as the PM seems to be on his way out . There has to be an explanation why the economic meltdown never occurs and this is like how ; as if the PM would leave the country or something .

and of course the guy who will run Trump out of office by showing the world it's possible to defeat Populist leaders was also anointed by Trump . Turns out he was one of the 16 co-authors of some economic paper that was approved in the G-20 summit . Hate it always when ı have to declare "unbiasedness" . ı will bombard the US and Russia and all other "volunteers" from the orbit , ı do not anoint anyone . This naturally meant the head of Central Bank was sacked by the PM , apparently becoming a Babacan man after he was anointed , as one would expect . Despite the fact that he was put in charge by the PM by "breaking" the laws and his removal also "breaks" the laws . They are still wet behind the ears in America , with the head of the FED declaring in the Senate he won't quit if he is removed by Trump . The replacement for the Central Bank already discovered to have copy pasted some other people's writings without attribution , you know , as if that would ever matter ... In New Turkey , of all places .

the PM of course "tried" to mend bridges . Asking Babacan to reform the Party within , because his narrative is that the only man the West can do business with is him , while Babacan can speak the language of the stock markets . When that didn't pass , supposedly he offered to send Babacan to Uzbekistan as an official . In military terms that might well mean Babacan , a former 2 star general is asked to come back as a one star lieutenant on exile , when he is aspiring to become the top 4 star general . Another example of losing track ? PM is supposed to be a political genius , this must be groundwork for how he was stabbed in the back . He offered Babacan cordiality and he was rejected ...

see , everything relates to everything . Or don't see , there is a limit to things ı can .

(allow me to correct the Annan Plan date to 2004, am definitely getting old.)


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Nov 10, 2008
this is going to be the Halo Jones post ...

III (74).jpg

Spoiler :

had chosen on the complete page , but then ı deduced it would get me into tens and tens of tons of trouble with people claiming things ı don't intend in any way . The general is Luis Cannibal , a Martian and by this time a warcriminal and his dead lover is war itself . Better check this page from Vol III of the Ballad of Halo Jones , episode 13 , possibly published in 1986 .

III (70).jpg

ı don't know what happens after Vol III , now that it was unashamedly trawled from the net , but Cannibal (at least at this stage) is the means for Sergeant Jones (the shorty up there) to get a starship and go away from the foibles of 4960s or so . Now , the first and the only time ı had met Halo Jones was this very episode when some newspaper gave away comic books , which was then obviously 2000AD itself , in 1986 or '87 or whatever . You know me , am like a totally total war person and this was heavy hitting , futility and the damages it does on the personality and would ı be like the suicide situation as there would no longer be war ? Now that the even better story was the one where we see some teenager Brit and a WW I trooper on the same pages and it turns out the teenager is using his older brother's time machine thingy to play the WW I trooper as a computer game . The trooper dies after the teenage makes a poor choice and the older brother arrives and slaps the teenager , does he know what it costs in utility bills , with so much electricity used to command the trooper ? A third story had people apparently defecting / going AWOL . While Judge Dredd made no impression on me , he was apparently a fascist communist Spacenazi that asked for a fullsize war to save that world from his oppression . The magazine was thus not a Communist plot to defeat the West from within , it justified war ...

am also so much conspiracy minded . Most probably they had a test-run and the comics didn't sell and they were clearing the stocks and ı think you could pick any and possibly there weren't enough of that particular issue to create a war-weariness issue big enough to sabotage the defence against the then coming Kurdish Nation State ... The West had the whole media and the Congregation and the now dead Turkish Military Forces for that , didn't it ? The Kurdish Nation State is defeated , with nobody wishing to recognize it . Not the Kurdish Nation State , but that it has been defeated . Now that it's what keeps New Turkey going , claiming to fight our enemies , while America keeping New Turkey vibrant and whatnot . The whole intelligentisa and Military and culture that America created now rushes to serve the Russians to become Russian puppets , because America wants to create 'stan . America would create 'stan to fight peoples whose name start with a T , America has discovered shiny uniforms of Barzani bolt when the fighting gets tough and while gods of war are tougher , them seperatists , the said gods are also much prone to demand close air support once they discover they can call some . America does not even know how to fight Iran in an election year . That American puppets rush to become Russian puppets is thus allowed by America , because the evil that lurks must be pre-empted ! ı don't know how the comin' occupation of Russia will save America , you think we don't have 100 000 tanks or 200 ? Will it be the Chinese as the next trick , with the assumption we can't beat a hundred million strong Army ? Assuming they can field that much ?

the "rant" obviously follows this Ask a Spacecadet post in which a former general insults the twobit armchair generalship of yours idiotly and the country with the notion that Russia just wanted to protect us in 1946 , with asking defensive bases in the Straits . Kemal would have kindly laughed at them , the Russian diplomats and their ultimatums ; while Inönü was torn between polar opposites . He had been "opposing" the viewpoint since 1917 , when Falkenhayn lost Kudüs but Kemal was not there to be "implicated" , having refused to serve under the said German officer , but was fully ready to serve under von Sanders and was still pushed back all the way to the current borders in 1918 . You know , the cheezy story that von der Goltz admired Mustafa Kemal and in him saw the future commander of the Ottoman Armies and this was the factor that wrecked the entire chances of Kemal rising within CUP to you , Ittihad to me . Ittihad being the base the Turkish Republic was raised upon and Kemal became the father of the Turks and Ittihad tried to kill Kemal and it couldn't and the nation Kemal transformed or something did not exactly accept Inönü as a dictator , so that he could "reverse" or "destroy" what had been done . Inönü could have kindly laughed , but this would have meant he should have accepted he had been wrong in a couple of instances , like back to dusty hills of 1917 Palestine where it appears the British victory was not that much unavoidable . Now that there seems to be serious discussions for peace in 1918 , Russians finally paying the bill to both sides after some Christian duty was fullfilled and Bolshies wiped off the face of the world . Meaning Palestine had to fall as a confidence building measure , while maybe , just maybe . And so on . Inönü became a Democrat in 1946 and he was firm in that , but he would regret - a couple of times later on- that he also allied with the West . So , we hear , without missing a beat , that the 2002 Chief of Staff threw Wolfowitz out of his office when he was here to demand troops for the Iraqi invasion . Is this a criticism of the current visit of the US envoy for the destruction of Syria , Jeffrey by the name ? Or is it throwing his weight around ?

would anyone ever discover the general of intelligence was a protege of the 2002 chief of staff ? The 2002 chief of staff is in history and the founding myths of New Turkey for claiming the "military regime" would last 1000 years and the backwarders would never gain power and "his" regime didn't last a decade and A-K-P won . If he was so overpowerful to throw Wolfowitz out , why he couldn't stop his own replacement , and limited his torment of his replacement to force him to drink alcohol in military meetings and stuff ? Oh tales as such protect everyone , it's so hard to find anyone responsible for mistakes and failures . The Tuesday newspaper has the staggering success of the Congregation in the Foreign Ministry of the now dead Turkish Republic , turns out 275 people were accepted to that between 2010 and '13 and a fully 249 of them were Congregation . Who might lack foreign language skills and diplomas from prestigious schools that used to provide the manpower to the Ministry before , but hey , they had great memorizing power when they were given the answers , before every exam ... Also love the new "evidence" as each of these 249 were given a laptop and an 32GB USB stick , with the speeches and books and videos of the spiritual leader . Doomed you will be , if 1984 requires you to be taken by the Police . Now that they will naturally claim they "found" that USB and you will claim you never had that . Some lawyer taken in during the Ergenekon Conspiracies sues the State for a compensation of 1.5 million Euros , the State offers him 500 , to solve it without getting into court .

and there's no need for memorising now , considering America sacrificed Congregation and the highest potential of New Turkey was sidetracked and it's face-to-face interviews that decide who gets which job . And oh , they are also getting "into" those prestigious schools . When my niece won one in Ankara , we were all happy that she was halfway okay - if she managed to finish school she would certainly find a job . My nephew goes to the same and by the time he graduates it's certainly possible he won't get called to any face-to-face interview . This is famous as a hotbed of the Left and somewhat famous for its campus . When you make into Central Anatolia it's like there are no trees and it's Atatürk Forest Farm as Kemal tried hard to have trees and in any case Commies are also big on planting trees , so this campus was like "green" . So , the State naturally decides to make a veerry biig hospital , so that they can make Party companies veeeeeery muuuuch moreeeee rich and the good people of Ankara need a road to travel to this distant hospital , because the doctors working there will want houses nearby and soon sprawling urban development will take place and all the land around the hospital was bought years ago , on the very cheap , by Party people . They are really smart , without the slightest mockery on my part , when it comes to making money on State contracts . Had it covered before , but it takes like years of verbal sparring and the management of the university even gets to pick the jail to stay overnight or something and they give in . The Gökçek Municipality arrives , they will cut a lane 19 meters wide ; except it's nightime and they are mistaken and it gets to be 152 meters wide . "Sorry" is the word or something . Nobody actually believed it either . So , the latest episode is they now want to make a dormitory inside and for that they have to cut more trees for get area . Now there are 19 dormitories within that campus , but it's the university that decides who will get them and now that they tend to employ their own graduates and the like , those who stay there tend to be those who wouldn't prosper in New Turkey / at least by the looks of it . This is going to be a State Dormitory , so that those who "couldn't" gain entrance will also be inside the campus , ı don't know , beating Leftists and breaking up gay parades or whatever comes to mind . "Racist"? Of course , there are universities that do not allow certain car brands in , 1980s models of Fiats as they have become the trademark of "Youth" who -among other traits- doesn't care for education but would like to find a "girl" . Pretty normal , all over the world , but the brekaups could involve acid on the face or the girl shot dead outright in more likely extreme cases . And even better , there's this State dormitory just 750 meters away , out of the campus it's true , but for 3000 people and the State wants it demolished so that a new mall can be built . And it was proven there was no building permit issued and the area like doesn't belong to the university in the first place , so that the now replaced university administration has no authority to allow the new dormitory anyhow .

and oh , this is not a New Turkey thing either . ı think such contracts are called PPP deals . Where some company comes in and builds something and the State does not spend a dime , but gives guarantees of customers . As a shining light for hospital business , the UK and Canada had such stuff . In the case of Canada , the health expenditure quickly becoming 250% higher as the guaranteed customer thing was not "free" . Naturally , New Turkey had learned this lesson well , and each and every big hospital means the closure of a couple of State hospitals . And bulldozers as soon as they manage . The city of Bursa has this "State" hospital on a hill , and the hill is where the very early Ottoman sultans used to live in the first capital of the empire and there has to be ruins of that palace and it has to be rebuild , you know , for Arab turists . Except am particularly willing to be bet it would become a new residence for the PM , as the mayor of the city would present it as an unworthy gift for the achievements . The mayor is the fashionable target for the Left these days , for his refusal to make transportation free on August 30 like July 15th . July 15th is the Disgrace of the coup attempt while 30th is the anniversary for the destruction of the Greek Army in 1922 . Because there is a secret clause of the Lausanne Treaty and on the exact dates in the future the Islamists tell the rest of the country : It's game over . The Congregation mobilized its supporters before 2013 , as the Brits would intervene , because treaty -and Kemalists would roll over and die by the 90th anniversary . There was much talk of 2023 , despite the American hysteria and panic and whatnot making so little impact to its realization , and the economic outlook suggests the economy will not double by then , even with help of fake statistics . Told you the Kurdish Nation State is defeated , because there is hardly a way to prove New Turkey has replaced the Republic by all means possible on the centennary of the Republic . And the Kurds can not be granted a country as a result ; not because of New Turkey . Oh , ı expect the State hospital totally demolished by then , because when the bubble bursts , the companies who run the big hospital will be left without competition . What , you start a tent hospital on the hill ?

this is the realm of endless rant , right ? Can not be true , right ? Reading a book on the 1920 rebellion in Iraq and it says the Mondros Ceasefire of 1918 was agreed to on October 7th , in Paris . Let's say this is rather poor reading comprehension on my part and this is Allies reaching an understanding on what to demand . Damascus has fallen already , in addition to Baghdad . And Kudüs and Mekke . The defeat of Germany means the Goverment in Istanbul will be goddamned to be pro-British as the demands of France for Levant creates the absolute certainity that it will get into trouble and Istanbul can be an ally for London . Now that the books of oil company also make it certain that it would be British dominated . See , Southern Iraq held by the Brits and they sell the Ottoman oil of Musul , too . On the 13th , Istanbul asks Spain to arrange a meeting with Wilson . Oh my , no answer , because the Brits think they need until 30th to advance and capture Musul . They can't and the local commander agrees with the Ottoman commander to occupy the city , but he is overriden and they want the province . And they go on fighting into November to get it . Is this enough ? Of course not . With the oil under the sand waiting to explode , it takes them until 1927 to start . And oh my , the book starts with Sykes of Sykes-Picot buying "maps" of the oilfields from a German railroad engineer in 1905 . We are told they were ignored . Yeah , like totally true , except the British Ambrassador joining the rest of the West to demand the Ittihad to "nationalize" the land holdings of Abdülhamid , who bought every scrap of land that was "petroliferious" as soon as the maps came . So that all those people von der Goltz raised as like equals to the Germans , because Germans had missed the boat to impress Americans out of British control and those Germans moving to Russia went back a century in outlook and were no doubt an impediment to be in the coming era of total wars where entire nations would take arms . Yeah , those funny people would not dare taking Abdülhamid down , because then he wouldn't play . The same funny people who were supposed to be taken down by Lawrence and company and he rather preferred to torture prisoners of wars because one) they didn't exist and two) if they did , he , Lawrence of Arabia had captured and killed them all . While the 1917 Palestine battles practically read as a who's who of the War of Liberation ... Expecting West to cheat is a way of life , because it happens all the time .

then it becomes ever surprising . That it's so hard to begin . It wouldn't take a day to destroy us , right ? On Monday night ı came across a movie , in which good old Dabya might be proven to have escaped possible duty in Vietnam , with becoming a F-102 pilot in the Texas National Guard . Which in itself defeats major Democrat propaganda that he had an IQ of 85 , now that F-102s do not fly themselves (despite becoming the early staple of US target drone programme) . Anyhow , it involves 60 Minutes , of which ı have heard , and paperwork that shows he was never graded in a certain period which means he wasn't flying but carrying out some election campaign , which then proves he is nothing when compared to Kerry . Who had medals to throw in the garden of White House or Pentagon and whatever . Was amused to see the paperwork soon involved calls of forgery and Americans didn't use - ı think- Times New Roman font in the 1970s . In contrast to the New Turkey example . You see , the Ergenekon Conspiracies involved a document in which coupists would take over some companies and it was written in Calibri . Which they couldn't have done in around 2002 , now that Calibri came out in 2007 or so . Congregation then said documents would upgrade themselves into new fonts if they were opened in some later date . Which still didnt explain how a company would use its post 2007 name in 2002 if it had changed its title in the interim , which then was the lifeline thrown to the Military . That they would be forgiven by New Turkey if they turned a blind eye and the other cheek , so that Congregation could command everything commandable . Yours idiotly labourously changes fonts every time he starts a new .rtf document , 'cause ı hate Calibri as an American imperial instrument . And all the victims were forgiven and they to a man support New Turkey jihads and whatnot , because they can not do anything else . ı learned Times New Roman was in use since 1931 , too .

the fear of the Turk is a thing , still , even in the 21st Century . As such , it's worked upon . We now hear the Greeks are invading the 19th Turkish island in the Aegean . Which is just off Crete . For some reason we are supposed to believe our good neighbours , the Greeks , forgot to get it signed and 75% of Crete still belongs to this country . This is Fesli Kadir speech , but anyhow . So that the actually smart bunch of the youth of the country will not fall for stupid lies that they might suddenly and out of blue kindly come across . For the said actually smart bunch , "Muslims" once had Adnan Hoca , who organized babes and stuff and in the 1990s got bored and started taking the women to bed himself , instead of "sex training" with which they then could capture the "fort" as virgins on the wedding night and stuff . His arrest then becoming American PR to convince New Turkey was true and authentic . ı might have believed it so , if it had not coincided with giving new laws and stuff so that New Turkey could stop internet news , too . Had the fear Turk had not existed , the Congregation would surely take note of this 2004 affair and make sure they would use the correct font . If America had no need of the generals and admirals and victims of the Conspiracies , because it had to create New Turkey as a joke , because one day they would actually want to invade this country . They do not want to , today . Today we are to become Russian puppets , because that would surely dilute us or something . A certain aviation forum has banned a company troll , because he irritates people you might have heard off greatly ! Why , ı haven't had an UFO thing in years ?

explains why instead of fuming at this latest Greek outrage (which in itself does not negate my provision of an F-16 day to the Greeks so that they can personally discover how a little bit of water has flowed under the bridges since their mounts were designed in the 1970s) ı instead watch TV and see the early parts of John Carter . ı take over the TV at about 22:00 and it invariably gets to the point where the Whiteman arrives on the arena and his gladiator DNA asserts itself to smash the Tharks with the movie like starting after the news and stuff . See , ı watch the demise of free journalism or something as Hollywood would want you to believe and then see the beginning of Carter being repeated late night and watch until the arena , making it 3 in the morning ... Confused about the movie , though , can it be really possible that the TV channel in question wants to assure us that there's no free press , even in the US ? Assured no sanctions about F-35 will happen , it's expected the the interest rate will go down 6% or 8 , not 4% because the Party companies will go bankrupt if they don't sell the flats they have built and people will be awash with credit and somebody will have to pay the bill if the ecenomy goes bust , but naturally it won't be Party companies . Non-stop success make people think they know everything without exception . And everything is fair , we are seeing signs that refugees will be used as weapon with Europe unable to cope 6 months , if the floodgates were open .

oh well , ı was also happy to see expectation for turning over of countries is an Arab thing , too . With Italians in the 1930s making it heard that some Yemeni islands would become theirs by 1940 , because it was 25 years since 1915 when the Brits occupied them ...

then , well , more heavyweights appear . This one is famous for White House itself . Was escorting the PM to a meeting with Dabya and all the newspapers assured us he was there to mind and stop the PM from selling the country and while he was getting in (2 or 3 star general in uniform or something) he was asked to go through the X-ray , at a period when America was still trying to pin 9/11 on people you might not exactly know . Of course would not do and PM "intervened" and he went into the White House on the next day or whatever . And of course it proved the Officer caste was no longer ruling the country and it was Democracy and PM could get people into White House . Naturally , the general was then arrested during the Ergenekon Conspiracies and we had years of commentary of how he was taken in for defying America . Naturally he's now on the news , telling America does not want this country to act independently . Acting independently means Russians can allow cracks in the nuclear power station buildings , because sand from sea is used as it's cheaper and the difference can be pocketed , and construction is fast for bragging rights and concrete doesn't cure well enough . For this all Russian nuclear plants will be "immediately" taken out and scrapped , disregarding whatever might have remained of their economical lives . He also says 10 years ago , US wanted to deny F-35s to this country to assure the Israeli air superiority in the Middle East . Party Media says this is not anti-Semitism as the guy was in a "team" that always bought Israeli and he is right and correct and honest . Now that they always bought Israeli to be kept in power by the US . And Israel will not fight Turkey without America and the F-35 in Turkish colours would assure American-Western air superiority without doubt . To cover that Lockmart allowed Chinese hackers in 2009 or 10 like and they are still using Chinese chips and they don't know what's in them and all that . IF they manage to get the F-35s in the markings of the now dead Turkish Air Force ... And yes , ı will blame the Stuntwoman and still get away with all that , too .

edit : Those lines added on July 26th are now at the following post
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Nov 10, 2008
pregnant ? Who's pregnant ?

Spoiler :

not me . Nor it could be my doing , being a 50 year old virgin . But let's fix the previous post . Chancing upon former .rtf files ı discover the road at the university campus was not 152 metres wide , but 105 metres for a length of 1 kilometers . The yearly "rent" for the Hospital here is said to be enough to build an hospital with 600 beds , one for every year . 48% of people are supporters of Lausanne having secret clauses and 2023 will allow utilisation of assets that will suddenly make New Turkey really rich . Leading to a lesser percentage to believe there's a new element or mineral only under Bosphorus itself , worth 17 trillion US dollars . A-K-P has the highest percentage in that 48% .

otherwise there's nothing new . Apart from disasters and whatnot , that might even surprise . This country has something called Number 10 lubricant which you might use on the engine of a passenger bus or truck . Also might get some additives and fill 'er up . Much cheaper and makes a nice firebomb that consumes the bus or the truck as soon as it goes up on fire , hence strictly banned . The State knows , a prison truck caught fire a couple years or a decade back and 5 prisoners got totally burned ; it like happens at least once a year . So , a bus catches fire on the highway . Witnesses say the driver knew he was on fire but kept on driving . Probably because he was near a Jandarma station as if he wouldn't interviewed and whatnot if he made another kilometer down the road . 5 dead . First reports say they were burned inside . Not so , insist later news , the fire was caused by a coffee machine , the driver told the people behave orderly but people panicked and trampled over the unfortunate , that's how they got burned . The odd thing is the bus carried the brand of a company , whose owner was a Main Opposition MP in previous years . You would expect every news would remind that ? CHP killing people with using cheap lubricant ? CHP also converting mosques into barns ? ı think ı remember that former MP opposing the current leader of the CHP .

amazing . But then Main Opposition is working overtime to scatter the impact of Istanbul . With down to basics . Saturday saw two phone calls from phone marketers . They insist on selling Atatürk books and mugs and whatever they fancy at the moment , despite nonstop begging from us that we won't . This will be investigated and whatnot , in one of these days , only second to those "Police chiefs" that call you that they are investigating terrorists and ı just have to turn over my bank account to help . There are professors of economy who have sold their houses and stuff , in a scheme that might be lasting for a decade , it is on every newspaper and TV report maybe a dozen times a year ; it's even known that one village in some province is covered with Benzes and marble houses and it keeps going on ?

even better is the nepotism from the CHP ranks . Every elected mayor has a family member to get a job . Which the "Media" covers wildly , and avoids covering the same actions of A-K-P . After the Main Opposition proposed a law to ban employment of relatives , it seems the coverage has wilted somewhat . Instead we learned the MPs do not win a high enough salary , from the current Speaker of the Parliament who is a expert on the Constitution and "one time" admirer of the Congregation . He also teaches us parliamentary system works only with a monarch in charge . Listening to opposition , one would think it would have been particularly suitable for New Turkey ... Sure enough (to save money) the Parliament's restaurants no longer offer 500 odd different dishes that one could order at one tenth the price of the "market" . Any momentum has to be broken , even if the unassailabity of the PM might take a knock or two , as it's becoming ever more clear that the A-K-P needs the almost racists . Acordingly the PM visited the almost racist leader at the latter's house , for the first time ever . So that the latter can go on giving speeches on how the Parliamentary system died with the Disgrace of July 15th . To grasp the significance of this , you gotta imagine the Parliament was supposed to be the final examiner of the State conduct and there would be committees to investigate . After the coup attempt by the Congregation , the "Presidential system" came in which you can vote out the PM and his party in the next elections if they are not good , with a "promise" that there would be no nothing in between . Amazing that the secretaries of the Palace cabinet answer questions in the Parliament despite the "reforms" that allow , almost oblige them not to . America , my friend , wants a semblance of order , because New Turkey still needs Turkey .

this is McKenzie or Kinsey or whatever . An American company that would support the Presidency in an advisor capacity . Created a furore after some Islamist "discovered" it and called the company Zionist , with links to Israeli lobbies in D.C. Only and simply because we are still to be led to the gas chambers , thinking they are supposed to delouse us or however you spell that word . Now that those follow such things imagine the very same company has been advising A-K-P like since on the day it was established . It's somethin' arcane like dat and this is why almost racist leadership says stuff that would make the unwary to go astray . Like July 15th was a "theatre" in which New Turkey allowed the bloodshed to happen to pass the "reforms" . Stuff like Parliamentary system died on that night said by the leader . For which they would definitely send down their mobs to beat you up , if you were to say that yourself . Indeed , it's also why a most spectacular election promise was a possibility of returning to the Parliamentary system , only if A-K-P / MHP coalition was given a clear victory . So that they wouldn't return to the Parliamentary system . Nothing confusing here , nothing at all . America wants you to behave ; just like America granted a right for Turks to exist until 2071 , the millennium of the Malazgirt/Manzikert affair during the height of the Gezi Events of 2013 . Behave and the powers of the PM to convert this country into the "finest" of the Arab world can be "reversed" .

when ı came to CFC there was this word "agency" all over the place ; ı figured it to mean each and every people had their own freewill and powers and whatnot and America could not run the world with a mere wish , just like England had not done the same for centuries and so on . New Turkey has of course agency . New Turkey attacks CHP nepotism , CHP counters with a thing that the Media advisor to the PM gains 4 monthly salaries , two by himself and two by his wife . The wife says the patience of decent people is tested , the media adviser tweets "all should come together" . Because the entire world is arranged against New Turkey and New Turkey's success , be it seperatists or Greeks ruffled by the drilling off Cyprus . Naturally the monthly salaries , two for each , is then a Western Media manipulation . Well , if each is working at two jobs , sure as hell they are entitled for 4 salaries each month , but why not prove it that way ? Because they are the true , no scratch that , truest sons of this country , serving God and the Country with sacrifising personal interests for the common good . This is why the newly rich go online . Pictured on a yatch with friends and some loser commie (acts naturally as an enemy of honourably earned wealth and) makes sure it's noticed that they are on a yatch . And the Party Media person arrives and fixes it . The people on a yatch are "discussing" , ı don't know , perhaps the sad situation of Palestinians or maybe a donation campaign on behalf of the Rohingha . "All should come together" indeed , like a bar-room fight where New Turkey beats up everybody as the re-incarnation of Bruce Lee . Now that it always happens this way .

do not ever caught with uttering theatre , too . A founding member of the splinter group from the almost racists in a youtube video . Profusely apologising to the leader of the almost racists . With a local MHP official next to him , who really directs the "ceremony" as they are like on a mountain with nobody in sight . In a more developed situation of 1984 , the splinterist would be never seen again . He is fortunately looking forward only to be beaten throughly if the apology is not good enough . No , it's not "oppression" yet , just a reminder that it might happen . Oh , almost racists justify it with the glorious fight against the seperatists . Just recently the leader of the Syrian branch of the seperatists was declared no longer "wanted" by the Interpol . Because Ankara cabled Interpol that the warrant was no longer applicable , in addition to many seperatists . Two or three days later , PM himself appears and says it's a shame for Interpol not to go after the said leader of the Syrian seperatists and the Interpol was refusing to go after the Congregation , too .

oh , you think ı make assertions against the moral stuff of New Turkey ?

the Interpol refused to follow Congregation when New Turkey gave a list of 6000 people to arrest . Simply because they couldn't ; and a list of 60 might have resulted in 6 delivered here . Who then might have talked . As if everybody does not know everybody "was there" . Something you might have read about a hundred times already in various posts of mine . Not just because New Turkey wins each and every fight , when the debate becomes so far away from the context . Goebbels would have been impressed . It's "Revolution" time , my friend , those "long oppressed" masses taking over the reins of the country , with a new code of morality . That PM allowed the deletion of the Syrian seperatist names and then blames Interpol two days after , either ranting Interpol didn't or claiming Interpol deleted is just a normal day .

r16 gets like not a single criticism in CFC after Americans discovered such things COULD happen . They really could happen -after Trump was elected .

Spoiler :

oh , the long oppressed masses . Big on morals , surviving only due Dignity and Perseverance . America could bring Sharia to this country and your hand could just be cut off . It simply doesn't go well then , when some A-K-P bigshot issues some fatwa that Goverment Corruption is not stealing . In an editorial that indicate the corruptees are true sons of the country , serving God and Country . The long oppressed masses who are taken to be fools , especially by those who speak in their name . It's just extremely clear , the long oppressed masses were not exactly oppressed and they are not fools , but follow those who speak in their name , with the conviction that if they are in the pack they will get some of the loot . Every single one of them knows it's just a Potemkin facade , even in cases they have never heard of it . It's basically always the same .

take the latest about the web . Those web "channels" that work as a TV channel with producing its own content will now be taxed . Uhm , why it should be an issue . Every profit should be taxed reasonably and content should be controlled as well . Am a 50 year old virgin with family values and ı would seriously be interested if ı was real . When those channels' series suddenly become all "gay friendly" . You know , so that A-K-P can pass a law that allows New Turkey to ban those channels and stuff , with solemn promises that individuals will not be thrown out of the entire web net year if they were to utter anything against New Turkey . It's so confusing man , America brakes all of a sudden and it becomes a mess of nerves in New Turkey . The previous thing at this was Adnan Hoca himself , reciting Verses from the Kuran between checking his harem on some Web channel . Long oppressed masses of course will cite honour and all the good words and stuff and will tell you one should not complain about "harsh" rules now that them harsh rules apply only to criminals . Kinda lovely it was , when so many of the long oppressed masses were sacked after the Disgrace of July 15th , under claims that they were Congregation so that their positions and jobs could be available for better supporters of the Party . Adnan Hoca being Adnan Hoca when ı was at high school , which was like 30 years ago .

and yet all is not well for New Turkey . Soft Power , Soft Power we were told , as America's blue eyed boys were devastating the Military and given the shining example of TV series being sold all over the world . You know , cultural hegemony of the globe also makes you avoid mentioning Arabization of the country , right ? Turns the export value in dollars and whatnot has fallen 35% last year . Because New Turkey is saving morality and family and all the sacred items on the menu , companies have been "told" there could be no spouse cheating in their productions as just as the beginning of a long list ; which then makes the shows kinda stale . The source for that is an interview on the former pinnacle of Yellow Journalism in the country . Which also provides an inkling of how the country was equally bad in the days before there was the A-K-P . The guy in question was an agent of artists , including the 1980s and the Military Regime of those days . Claims a long running friendship with a certain singer , makes no reference to whether it was him who was called into some military facility and ordered to deliver the singer for the night . You know , this was the very first time yours idiotly came to notice there was something wrong with the now dead Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri . If it was a communist lie , it should have never found a place in the newspapers of 1980s , with the power of the Military which had defeated the combined American/Russian plots to destroy the country . If it wasn't , the 4 star general in question should have been shot . The case was naturally called the first Congregation conspiracy or whatever as it had helped Santa Turgut to reform the country against terrific opposition from the generals who would lack quite a bit of the proceeds of the plunder of 1980s as Özal would surely assign his own people to positions of power . The agent kinda shames those supporters of A-K-P who are now abandoning ship , too .

the loss of Istanbul was harsh . It shouldn't have been this bad , the PM easily conceding and getting ready to isolate the Opposition in the big cities with A-K-P / MHP majority in city councils . The newly elected mayors would never be able to pass anything to benefit themselves , it would have been hell and New Turkey would have a landslide in 2023 . It's this apprehension of the US and like all the good pals of New Turkey , who might consider the PM as weak and try to replace him . The replay was a disaster with attacks without merit on Imamoğlu simply made him stronger , just like the way the PM gathered power 20 years ago ; let's call this a Blacksea Conspiracy , with like everybody calling Imamoğlu a Pontic Greek under the pay of Greece to convert Aya Sofya into a church also hailed from the Blacksea . It's like experience of losing which makes a lot of people to show their true colours . And New Turkey thinking it has still the power of hopelessness . When there is no hope , there should be no struggle . Because they have noticed a part of the Istanbul Police department acts like "being" for Imamoğlu , perhaps with posts on fecebook or maybe not enough curses overheard at lunch time , the section that deals with pickpockets and the like was "operated" on , with the entire lot of 140 people assigned elsewhere . Never happened before ; and the Police is the armed power of the Party . Especially in the days before this country was aware of the Army of Petrol , with the now dead Turkish Military entirely infiltrated by Congregation . Oh , with Media 95% controlled by the Party , one can not hear the entire fun of how Kemalist officers have been betrayed once again with the appointments of this year . Seems praying at mosques have become prevalent , with the mosque of the PM's palace being a favourite place and them faithful officers all forgetting their wallets . Supposedly there are those who were promoted for this . Of course not true . America picks , Party accepts . Would yours idiotly would ever become a two star lieutenant after 30 years as a one star lieutenant , if he was real ? Had the Hour of Opposition still existed , we would surely hear of the law officer guy talking on how there were cowards who watched TV on the night of the Disgrace while they were saving the country .

it's all about the money , in the end . A cousin of mine who lives in Texas has told my mother that she saw a TV report there , telling planting potatos were banned in 22 provinces of this country because of transmitting some potato disease -with the host smiling . Just on the radio that the city hospital of Bursa will serve 6 million people of the Southern Marmara with its 1355 beds ; if the numbers are accurate there could have been 6000 beds with its rent for 10 years . Ah yes , Putin wants us to remember he opposes the PM , too ? There's a Salda Lake which is the new battleground . A-K-P promised a "nation's garden" of 300 000 square meters . Out of that park there is going to be 140 000 square meters of concrete . They are building two mosques , because using one mosque for both genders is like a hassle or something and not that the second mosque is like a bonus 1000 square meters of concrete for the companies . It's naturally expected to be the beginning of a new city . The Central Bank of the Republic woud keep 20% of its profits and the like as a reserve , the one of the New Turkey reduced the rate to 10% and of some 11 billion liras thus released , a quarter was spent in a week as payment to contractors of highways . The ability of New Turkey to move rocks was specifically lauded by the owner of some Canadian company in a clip which some commie searched and found . That company has the contract to mine gold in mountains in the Çanakkale province . 2400 tons of gold expected . In 15 years . Just 4% will remain here as taxes . One hears New Turkey loves gold , one hears there will be a gold standart one of these days . One hears it nonstop that New Turkey does everything the old country could not . If they are indeed going to poison the town of Çanakkale with cyanide or whatever , why are they letting Canadians get that 96% ? Why extracting Gold is not a local and national industry ? Oh , there's a satellite channel that has gold mining shows back to back every Wednesday , despite never mentioning cyanide ... Mind you , Germans were jealous of this country mining gold and they had some academician killed , which turned out to be a Congregation operation . Only on the days some Congregation gold mining company was taken over by the Party : They can't be lacking in expertise . You know , only losers watch TV !

it's then the numbers game . Goverment says the Canadians cut down 13 000 trees , environmentalists claim 195 000 . 250 000 trees were cut by the Koreans and their subcontractors during the consruction of the third bridge on the Bosphorus , you know , by mistake , by misreading a single map or document . The lust to conquer North Marmara is also an American "thing" with some architecture students having a graduation thesis from school of what they would do if they were given the area as a project . Naturally a new city on the Nothern end of the strait , with a bridge and an airport of its own ? Making the canal a local and national adventure then . Oh , the airport , making Germans jealous and yet still built under German control and German credits . Who would have believed it is also a mistake ! Remember the Blacksea conspiracy ? Apparently there are 3 big families in the province of Rize and one of them is much into aviation . After raising a mayor of Istanbul , a post they could no longer hold again after America decided there was to be a February 28th , where the Islamist Goverment of Erbakan was humiliated and stuff . So this guy (who was high in the so called national flag carrier airline) had his book out . Right about the time the second election was to take place . The Last Prime Minister was the A-K-P candidate but also the long running Minister for concrete laying . The book claimed the airline wanted a new runway at Yeşilköy/Atatürk and a second at Sabiha Gökçen , the two existing airports of Istanbul , covering all the needs until 2030 and on the cheap . The Last Prime Minister insisted on the new one , to be build faster and cheaper than the additions . None of his claims were realized , but then nobody would have expected that to happen ... 30 billion or so of US Dollars to be earned by those who obviously deserve to get 'em , being the truest sons of the country .

and amazingly , at the Parliament or something , it was declared the location of the airport was a mistake . Can't tell whether the official is from the Blacksea . Apart from being a bird migration route ? We were told the birds would find new routes to migrate . Looking at the birdstrikes , one can say that it has not yet happened . And apparently far too windy . There's something about New Turkey and calculating wind speeds . Apparently they had a sports arena and UEFA refused to have football matches there due to high winds . Then there was a Formula 1 racetrack that saw one or two races , covering the contract and bribes to Formula organizers to let Formula 1 races in New Turkey , something Turkey could never do . Supposedly also too windy , even if the profit lies in laying concrete . Then the airport , with a taxi-route already out of use , because of the potholes that keep happening , soil not supporting enough . Media would never cover that , certainly not the 95% so we instead hear there are windturbines in the area (since there are also people who can calculate windspeeds) and the wind turbines will be removed , presumably opening up some approach routes .

just about the situation in New Turkey as supposedly today is the day Babacan declares his party . With 95% of the Media unlikely to cover if it indeed happens today or ever . They are not covering the equally stupid "last stand" of an official in -once again- Blacksea where the CHP mayor elect renamed the recently opened "nation's garden" as the Atatürk Park and the official is writing order after order to have the name removed . Back in Vietnam the Commies were aware of the massive firepower superiority of the Americans and the fighting would be close enough for the NVN to grab the belts of American troops and stuff . ı will not be surprised at all , when we will be entirely outdone in Kemalism as well .

but then how little ı know . Further West lies an equally small town by the coast and its A-K-P mayor is already famous as referring Rize as the "Sacred Land" because the leader of the Ummah was born there ... So , amazingly enough this mayor has a replica of house in Selanik , where Kemal was born in 1881 . Not so amazingly / surprisingly he has a new use for the replica , it's now a taxi station , where the drivers wait for customers . And he has the Turkish flag hanging down the balcony and not flying from a flagmast . Of course , sacrilage , how these two or three or four remaining opposition channels will sell us books and mugs if they do not fight for Kemal ? No doubt pays for the sacrilage of naming the "Nation's Garden" after Atatürk in PM's province . Another bus is on fire . But not much on the two people lost . Now there were 6 of those , supposedly captured / renditioned / taken away by unknown people . 4 of them were released after 6 months , during which Police had no idea about them . Police says they were caught without ID cards , apparently just days ago . They might very well be of Kurdish stock , they 4 are still held , they have been allowed a single visit by their wives but no contact with lawyers , they do not tell where they were , they want online campaigns in their name to end and offer no idea on whether they were tortured in the interim . Naturally no expert links them to a speech by the PM , which offered the seperatist bunch in Syria either death or life in dishonour . Dishonour being the term Party Media used in the election campaign to define Main Opposition , the splinter group from the almost racists , Erbakan's party and the "undisclosed" but open support of the Kurdish voters cleared by the political branch of the seperatists to vote anti A-K-P , whereever and whenever . An operation is brewing for a fight on the Eastern side of Euphrates , in addition to the ongoing actions in Iraq , which means the election year jihad will be properly achieved this time . Sticks , carrots including Interpol . It's likely , at least possible , that there will be snap elections in November .

how little ı know is what ı should never forget . The woman who got a standing ovation for saying George Orwell of 1984 fame would give a standing ovation to PM on TV after ı had finished typing all above . She gave us another bragging rights . Ottomans had chosen not to have one single colony ! You know as if they could and they were not the target of colonizers and "our colonies" were contagious to our country in a single landmass and Egypt (one of our colonies) had not come so close to occupying Istanbul as a foreign power . And in 1914 we didn't have foreign governors assigned and even this last "deception" was not over . Second when everybody was sending migrants to US , Ottomans did not . 'Cause America is perhaps the land of the Devil ? And not that no Muslim would pass the muster at Ellis Island , with so many Harput Armenians settling in America . Not because the entire migration scheme to US is a Capitalist reaction to 1848 , where the Anglosaxons get to assimilate the excess population of passable candidates for Capitalism . A similar bragging point for our pals the Russians , who didn't rush to US . Like as if they had people to spare and like they had any other stuff to do . Fighting Napoleons until about 1850s and playing against the British until the end of the century . And having a war against the Ottomans for each generation and invading and massacring Central Asian Turkics in the interim . And yeah , Russians were never settled in California . And she is a true intellectual , with showing the failures of this Ottomans of the 19th Century we losers never knew . It was a mistake on part of these Ottomans not to send missionaries abroad . Not the Abdülhamid way , getting agent provocateurs in European colonies to get some Jihad if and when Europeans could agree on raping our carcass on brotherly terms with eachone getting a share . But fully educated ones to Europe , where the Peoples of the Books were under the great attack of Humanism . New Turkey's great great grandfathers saving the Catholic and Protestant and Orthodox Churches and (on the surface) Jews , too , from Eternal Hellfire . Am sad for kids just growing up , they might even come to believe that ... Being grown up by the TV Abdülhamid that slaps the British Ambrassador as a talking point for New Turkey , and me being an idiot , who knows , maybe New New Ottomans would be wellcomed as brothers , just like Congregation have been in this real life ; so that New Turkey pays 3 or 4 times the cost of each Congregation missionary school abroad , as their owners have to look like cut off from the money flow , New Turkey brags of converting a new country to its ways and keeps the "missonaries" ... The dire straits the US is in ? Crystal clear in how they make us a Russian colony now .

and oh my , another bus fire . The second belonged to a company nobody would expect me to travel with , while the third is a random tour bus . We learn buses are worked overtime in the hot summer .


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
maybe 40 people read this thread ; as one can gauge from numbers on the Off-topic page.

Spoiler :

and giving the benefit of doubt to people is a very sensible thing . Even if it itself happens more regularly with people you "know of" through newspapers . This movie actress claiming women should not receive alimony for life would have gotten an immediate and far less "complimentary" report of yours idiotly ranting endlessly . But then there are years of newspaper coverage of her two divorces and nothing negative for the ex-husbands and what not . There's a really real thing to deny alimony and financial support and police protection and stuff for all to deny women the freedom of divorcing some guy , because New Turkey needs population to conquer the Middle East or at least keep winning the elections . Not in 20 or 30 years time too , because there are support programmes for multi children families , and the not very visible thing of how evil non A-K-P perties will cut that support when they come to power . Amazing stuff , you see , they will do everything to avoid increasing the minimum wage and be so generous with support elsewhere . Beacuse people "earn" the wage , but they are "given" the support and they will not be given the support if they fail to vote accordingly .

in addition to the "ranks of oppression" thing ı long espouse . Every man will be oppressed , because the sons and daughters of the owners of Party companies have every single right to live as the beneficiaries of this new Aristocracy . With their made up history (who am to doubt each and every single one slayed some dragon) and as such deserve owning some castle or its some richly imposing 21st century equivalent . The right to be "respected" with each and everyone else kissing and licking their shoes ? As this is the natural order of the world and those lessers would surely do some revolution or something , if they don't get to oppress their women for letting off some stress and a little boasting that they have 10 or 20 kids , as proof of their "manliness" ; which they will never be able to boast of in presence of their superiors . As the grandkids of the owners of Party companies will be few in number and living the good life as much as the Saudi Princes do . There has to be some siphooning of wealth to do that , afterall .

stuff still happenz . Like New Turkey suffering another reverse ! Lindsey Lohan is lost to His Excellencies the idiot who will become the next Saudi King , Prince Peerless Mega BS . Lohan was "famous" for her repeated visits to New Turkey , you know , the speaking circuit thing where the famous give speeches and and lend their aura to those who themselves want to be famous and stuff ; Lohan doing it without giving speeches . She almost lost her finger in some accident on some yatch and stuff even . Well , Saudis still have more dollars than New Turkey , or even Qatar for that matter . Only Lohan movie ı think ı know is the one where she played in Herbie , the racing Beetle with a mind of its own . While ı think ı am pretty sure ı know at least one film the actress of the very first paragraph starred in .

what's the change ? Why she is telling of her suffering now ? Her two kids grew old enough that it won't hurt them to see it on the newspaper pages that their father was a jerk ? Well , it might well be about she wanting to marry a third time , like with a more "conventional" guy . She won't be asking for a pre-nuptial and her previous affairs were not "man" enough kind of thing . Without this decade of glorious newspaper coverage , ı would be very quick to suggest she was just another in the employment of the great American conspiracy called New Turkey . Such people do exist in amazing numbers .

some guy now a dean of some university . While ı never saw him on TV at the time , it's well known that he was a speaker in those million man rallies . Which were an evil coup attempt by the closet Jews , creating a PR background for the evil Military to topple the Democratically elected Goverment , you know , A-K-P , according to proponents of New Turkey . According to Opposition , they were the last chance before Darkness took over the country . Currently sides like totally agree Congregation did them , too .The speaker ? One would have expected him to keep fighting on ? Oh , no , he has seen the light in the interim and he now speaks for New Turkey . So much that there is an academician friend of his , a descendant of Prophet Muhammed to boost , shuts him up with vigour every time they appear on TV together . Because the second can see the history is relentless and things change over time and without his efforts to save his buddy , his buddy (the dean) will create one masterpiece after another on how the US Foreign Policy is Turkish Domestic Policy . Which happens to be the exact truth , but not in the way he claims . He is apparently falling for his own propaganda and starting to believe that New Turkey is really a global power and the rightful owner of Middle East , if not the whole damned world . He will of course refuse to say US Foreign Policy badly wants a Kurdish Nation State and this can only be realized with A-K-P in charge , now supported by its 5th wheel known as the MHP . Which also creates the spectacle of the spare wheel of A-K-P acting as if it's actually in charge and defending the country against the seperatists , as if America no longer believes it will be able to convince people to accept the PM as a fitting replacement for Atatürk and an Arabized colony of Qatar for the Republic of 1923 .

these things happen , as they are parts of a plan . The word plan is much abused , with the conspiracy minded fools seeing a plan in everything . The distinction then lies in a notion that there also those people who will make you badly hurt , 32 teeth out of the mouth and legs broken in a dozen places when you come out to reap the benefits of the plan . Which could have never happened in the fight against Americans -as my begging over a decade or so proves . They would beat us so fast that they would get no joy out of it . We demonseed must be humiliated eternally , for our crimes against humanity , like ı don't know , allowing Mankind take a little "bold" step out of their Stone Age caves , because we Turks are not human in the first place , too . There's nothing we can do right , there's nothing we can't go wrong . Which then results in the game , that keeps returning to the beginning . America could have voted the Republic out of existance in 2010 . America really could do that . As much as New Turkey won 58% in the referandum of that year . But wait , ı forgot , we had got Barack spineless Hussein jerk Obama elected to the White Home . Which meant proper Americans could not bring themselves to achieve the greatest victory of Mankind under some Black guy . Well , CFC has a decade of experience of the things we have been blamed of . But wait , wasn't it ı myself that got the Orange Messiah to the White Home ?

but , but , wait , wasn't ı also the guy who stopped McCain ? To put the Black guy in charge in the first place , now that the last paragraph would end utterly like a proof of my racism ?

the essence , my friend . PM gets elected the President , needs a palace even before elected President , that palace has to be more imposing then stuff . Like Pensylvania Avenue 1600 , you know that building in the garden , with Oval Office seen at least once a week on TV , everywhere in the world ? We immediately heard White House was a small thing and there were an extra 200 or 400 rooms nearby for the White House staff to work , too . You heard of 1000 rooms , in some country ? There you are . Ak Saray was much in vogue . Beyaz Saray is the long standing translation of White House . Beyaz and Ak both mean White in Turkish . You never hear Ak Saray these days , as the Palace is just the nerve center of New Turkey , it's a Külliye , the "Compound" around a mosque built by the orders of a Sultan at its largest interpretation , containing a madrasah perhaps . But you will sure as hell hear Beyaz Ev / White Home on TıRT , the so called State Channel . Because McKinsey or whatever saw signs it was politically bad and advised A-K-P to forget Ak Saray . Just like it once advised the 11th President , the Turkish branch of George Clooney , the good cop in the good cop/ bad cop duo of the 2000s not to live the residence of Presidents right since Mustafa Kemal . If this was supposed to mean A-K-P's first President elect refused the legacy of the Republic , to impress Kurds and all sorts of Islamists or he was not allowed to set foot there is not clear . It must be the first case , as the Little Imperialist used the Çankaya Köşkü , the Presidential residence as his office as the Prime Minister . Just like Mehmetçik grew into Mehmet in the reign of New Turkey , the nickname of the soldier ready to sacrifice himself for the country into war winning , never losing Party trooper , everything is bigger in New Turkey ; Prime Ministers of the said taking over the houses of the Presidents of the loser Republic . Though ı think all the Ottoman Palaces arranged as offices of the Prime Minister were immediately assigned to the PM when he was no longer the Prime Minister and replaced by the Little Imperialist . Oh , this will be corrected easily , the 11th President loved the residence of Foreign Ministers and remained there instead of moving to Çankaya , heroically saving the costs of refurbishment , too !

there's nothing that could ever have stopped New Turkey , never ever ! It's just them foolish Americans who are scared of their own shadows . The Republic could have been voted out of existance in 2010 . Without starting this bloody Arab Awakening . Without having Kaddafi defiled , because Mrs Rodham needed to prove her manhood to be elected President . "I came, I saw, he died!" and for two or five years she promised this would happen to others as well . Without getting Hosni Mubarak to have a cavalry charge of camels against demonstrators , because Ihvan , contrary to learned claims , keeps its links to its first incarnation of 19th Century Vahhabism and must destroy the Ottomans and this requires Ottomans to exist , like again . The name of Hosni will of course remain eternal as Former Ottomans (FO) destroyed Hosnian Prime in Episode VII and Snoke (before he got smoked) wore Persian / Indian , for which ı naturally blame the Stuntwoman , lest something untoward would happen . Without like a million dead Syrians , who could instead be dead as American boots on the ground , liberating Hatay or something . You could have the full power of the Congregation , each stabbing or shooting two or three Kemalists in the back and leaving like hundreds of thousands of them as camp guards and gas chamber operators . You could have a never faltering A-K-P , friend of seperatists and Islamists , while MHP would still be keeping its fiercely nationalist Youth of the street and taking pride out of it ; because their allotted task was killing Commies if and when they dared to show their cowardly faces , not fighting for the country . The leader (of the almost racists) rising to "prominence" begins with his spat with the Little Imperialist who claimed the MHP could not have a rally in Tunceli , the site of the Dersim stuff and MHP did it , as America suddenly / awkwardly discovered seperatists and Islamists singularly avoided self immolation and stuff as Congregation had achieved so much .

you would explain easily all these nonsense , if there really were starships out there , filled with space marines , the Klingon chicks among them willing to date yours idiotly ; r16 looks passably like humanoid . Without them starships all you have to ? You must juggle stupid sentences .

there can be no logic in them . Just like it turns out some Russian weapon no one can intercept is so only because (if you take it down) there will be radioactive pollution , so you must allow it fall on your head to kill you , ı don't know to protect the environment by dying , instead of killing Russians in the first place or something .

there's no end to this endless torture . That we would be allowed to die when everyone gets to deceive us . The speaking circuit happens better if someone writes a book or something and the author of standing ovations of 1984 in the post above seems to have finished two . Naturally she has some web fighting , calls stuff against her as ad hominems and somehow has started some Shakespearean war or something . Says the Globe theater was the Hollywood of its era and all evil schemes of the world come from people who have read Shakespeare , r16 paraphrasing . All Georgetown or Oxford or Cambridge graduates are in this scheme , while she is just a Vanderbilt post-graduate ; her all white hair suggests that happened a long time ago , for those of us who have never heard of Vanderbilt . Heard of this Shakespearean rythym or something in CFC , when a Langley Boy was around , him "accusing" people do not understand me and they never will because as you might have noticed ı can't write any cr_p . Certainly not in English or something , too . She also keeps telling us Ottomans were great people , they never meant bad -because some guys outta there must accept the end of the Republic , despite the ranking member of the Ottoman family is regularly seen around not in A-K-P circles . A-K-P Ottomans are those who have started court cases to get inheritance of islands and similarly good investments ... Ah , the piece , that Turkey is so big that if it was to sink , the oceans would "rise" out of their containers . If this was ever so , America would never create A-K-P as sinking Turkey is what A-K-P has set out to do ... Also has lines on why she calls any ideas except hers as substandart /wh_re .

matches somewhat and somehow the leader of almost racists . We have now learned the significance of the "Targets for 2071" . See , there's yet another plot and plan going on . There was a Roma Club in the 1970s and they decided Muslims would outnumber Christians in 2020 . That's why The West is trying to destroy New Turkey and why the almost racists are fully justified to rule New Turkey behind the scenes . Because as you very well know 100 starving Yemenis are the "equal" of 100 fatly obese Silicon Valley software writers and the West fears this equality very much , because there's Democracy in the world and the 101st starving Yemeni would end Global Warming and Capitalism and fill in the blank with anything you despise , because 101 votes beats 100 to the contrary . In a similar vein , there's going to be a full 2 billion 920 million Muslims in 2070 and it is "blindingly" obvious that MHP can not be in full support of an American generousity to allow Turks to exist until a millenia of the Byzantian rout of Malazgirt ... ı don't know what 3 billion Muslims will be able to do a thing if New Turkey of 2019 has not done it already , with telling cowards that cowards could not do it anyhow . Also mentions the Plan of Century and subservient Princes of Arabia and how they betray Palestine ; considering Palestine was not exactly popular back in the day ; with Arafat being a Russian puppet and Fatah being commies and stuff ; as there's nothing a good talk can not erase .

the very same edition of the newspaper has amazing news , too . All of a sudden , we learned it's peoples of Anatolia that created the Western Civilization , not ancient Greeks . ı have no idea who the bearded Athena is , but Zeus and stuff are Anatolian in origin , Milet is the center of the world , not Athens and Miletans did not speak Greek but Luvi and Pontics are not Greek but colonists of Milet and so on . Because the leader of almost racists accuses everybody else as cowards , we now learn Greeks have no right to be called the source of the Western Civilization and we cowards must not fear them ? We even learned Byzantium is not Greek but Roman and it's the fault of us Turks to confuse the two . That would be Miletos to you Western Losers and the only way you think of the greatness of Ancient Greeks is that Alexander changed every road sign and whatever with Greek language signs ... Dear people who daily make the former pinnacle of yellow journalism in the country , you are supposed to be Arabs and your policies must support this . You should be writing on how Qataris invented the wheel . Not supporting Kemal's phony Anatolism before and in the 1930s , creating a counter narrative to Greeks inventing the world . As soon as Nazi Germany looked like it was going to be a menace , the very best of all this immediately disappeared , right ? Because there was no way the West could have supported a second Greek invasion of Asia Minor , when there was German trouble ...

you know , because they everyday and everyday heroically bombard Greeks with the latter's refusal to let them a share of the hydrocarbon wealth of Cyprus . "Don't test us!" is the cry , bragging about the drilling ships and the defence of those ships with the naval side of Army of Petrol and the aerial side is pervasive . If they are not sharing , well , let's just go and extract on our own and live happily ever after with not paying a dime to Russians for natural gas ? Why can't we ? Surely New Turkey is brave enough to extract oil and natural gas much deeper than anyone else ? Wait , New Turkey owns Qatar after saving it from Saudi invasion , and so New Turkey is already a member of the bunch that extracts from the Med ! See , there's no need to rouse the Turks from the dead and accept the unity of the country and heroism of New Turkey and sign for the destruction of the Republic . Why , America will not fight New Turkey in any case anyhow ! Or let it down . We had the glorious victory of agreeing to have a safe zone in Syria even .

see , the only thing the Kurds needed to overcome the injustice of Turkish oppression due to jealousy of ours at their invention of the fire was a corridor to the sea . Whereby they could have a pipeline . Which was defeated by 2015 or so . During which ISIL came as a justification to Kurds ethnically cleansing Arabs and Turkomans from their corridor to the sea . Iran had to defeat ISIL , heart eaters took some fright from that and made the shiny uniforms of Barzani to run , so that they could rape and kill the Yezidis ; because Middle East is a place where you just can't stop , despite the Republic stood still or something for so long . This made Americans doubtful , which made them agree to Russians to stop Iranians . To look realistic , Russians had to win a couple of victories for the Syrians . New Turkey intervened and shot down a Russian plane . New Turkey is the land of aces and ı would have no issues with a Flanker shooting down something in return . Americans immediately took their F-15s away as much as the Saudis did and New Turkey , like strangely , has never released HUD views of gloriously downing MiGs and stuff . They have those , having shot down 3 Syrian and 1 Russian planes , right ? It turned into Russian highway robbery . Because New Turkey would have folded , like suspiciously fast in war against them Russians , a mere shadow of the Soviets and there would be no Article V of NATO , because ı _____ on NATO , Putin thinks he has a colony . Obviously his uninterceptable missiles should have started going off in 2015 . Etc , etc and Kurds are nowhere near their corridor .

of course , it's great propaganda for New Turkey . The corridor is labelled the Terror Corridor . Which was broken by the Euprates Shield , parts of which saw this country losing 11 or so armoured vehicles to ISIL as well . Then Operation Olive Branch . Each of which were hailed as decisive victories . To be followed by occupation of Menbij , a town laying on the "Western" side of Euprhates . Which the seperatists occupied as America was optimistic to think they would make their way to the Med after building some momentum , while New Turkey could not let it happen . You know , Turks don't exist and yet were "tricked" to think America would make a distinction of fighting ISIL with "moderates" on the West and seperatists on the East of the river , because as everybody knows Turks are fools enough to believe ISIL is not an American creation . America gave New Turkey a "commission" , people meeting regularly and discussing how we wll eradicate the Menbij pocket . And seperatist leaders get killed every day , too . And Menbij still stands ... So America wants to create a safe zone . In which America pours European troops to form a barrier between all conquering New Turkey , because New Turkey scares anybody to brown their pants and America can't fight New Turkey . Turns out Europeans can't either . As A-K-P needs the votes of Gastarbeiters (who see them Europeans in rather close proximity and are very partial to their hate or mocking of the "other") tend to vote overwhelmingly for the Party . European Peacekeepers would cause indignation and boycotts . Europeans are jealous of New Turkey , Germans foremost and naturally Germans are the first to take share of the plunder as the country is robbed to the bone ; and there you are . Finally another agreement and there is going to be a Peace corridor . Because they attacked the Terror Corridor so much , its 180 degrees off opponent would have to be the Peace Corridor ? Or is it a promise to let Kurds an outlet to the sea , even Turk free , in the future when America finally bombs Esad and brings Democracy to Syria . You see , even ı myself remember the editorials on how the Army of Petrol was turning a blind eye to the seperatists moving undisturbed into Syria , because our Arab brothers would kill them , too . There's absolutely no need for a Peace Corridor in Syria , because Syrians will naturally destroy every single seperatist enclave within Syria with delight . If Army of Petrol ceases to be the protector of all beardies ... It's beyond doubt that there will soon be yet another operation so that America can have more Syrian land occupied with American allies as they are recreating ISIL . You see , our fault , as we fought Kurds as they were fighting to get rid of extremists .

ı pollute the earth as a Turk through the very basic fact of existance !

fantastic bombastic , man . With the Peace Corridor "approved" and yet nothing is forthcoming we don't know how deep the glorious Army of Petrol will make Jihad to keep the Terror Corridor safe from Syrian intervention (on things happening on their own soil) . America wants to give 14 or 15 kilometers . Trump had offered 20 miles in return for a Peace Process II with the seperatists . 30-35 kilometers is the battlecry of New Turkey and as we have seen America "accepting defeat" it now goes upto 40 kilometers . Like 500 kilometers of the Turkish Syrian border is held by the seperatists , having these areas painted yellow and the experts are now telling us , it's military science not to expect the whole occupied immediately , so we are told 140 kilometers is an useful first step . This will create a conquered zone of 140x30 , like 5000 odd square kilometers , like doubling our conquests so far . Which will naturally be areas where Arabs live , our brothers for the moment . See , plan does not forget that them planners must insult us by making this country "Arab majority" and then telling us it is just BS that we thought we were Whites . We are not and we are just Browns in delusion and gas chambers await those who have accepted the sad truth about themselves . The plan is adamant , even the shocking days of the Gezi Events netted only an offer that Turks must accept being secret Jews , with the Party unable to scare masses into submission and naturally coming to a decision that this was "foreign" help for 1492 and Turks would be respected if Turks admitted being Jews . This despite Turks doing nothing in the Gezi Events , nothing at all , it all revolving around people of Istanbul being fed up with life and just for a brief moment . Gloriously heroic New Turkey channels never show that footage these days ; some obviously rich guy that you would have never noticed standing out in a London nightclub , not shouting , not throwing rocks , in some empty square with maybe 10 people around , 3 of them might be for the trees and 2 are uniformed Police . The guy says something , he must have sounded truthful so the water cannon hits him in the face with full force . So much that the water impact on his face really makes him fly , flipping all over once before falling down , ı would be really amazed if he didn't break his neck ... Had there been any organization behind the Gezi Events , the calculated attacks on the Alevis would soon lead to full Civil War and let me stress that spineless jerk in the White House would have no qualms to send in the entire weight of the US Military into the fight . In the name of the democratically elected Goverment . Oh , you think the Russian revival is a fluke ?

never the footage , man , now that it also has a watcher laughing loudly at this stupendous demonstration of New Turkey power . Well , Congregation did it . The apparent optimism at the time (2013) that it could lead to A-K-P losing elections ? Typical Leftist foolishness . The troubles of A-K-P stem only from economy , which might soon make it "illegal" for New Turkey to attend G-20 summits , despite we being the 17th biggest economy since the days ı was in high school or something . Not to worry , o friend of New Turkey , the fake statistics office is always there , ready to cover anything . Though it's distinctly possible to be true that the percentage of forests might have increased across the country . As more and more people leaving villages for cities might have allowed nature taking over former grazing lands . The Urbanization is a common thing of Capitalism for cheap labour kept constant over the years , but in New Turkey it has been the plan . Emptying the rural areas (to make it harder to hide as guerillas when America invades) has turned into one of making it easier for Arab missionaries (to deal with lesser flocks in the name of concentration of effort) . Which you naturally do not see like at all , simply because war heroes of Nusra have to remain in Idlip , now that America most certainly does not believe New Turkey could keep the Jihadi occupation of Syria alive on its own . Oh , you really think the Russian revival is a fluke ?

that naturally leads to funny scenes ı could have laughed myself if ı was not almost 50 already . Oh , who would have known the latest Environmental thing is yet another conspiracy of the political kind . Even claimed by the CEO of the Canadian gold company . He has this licence , for which he has paid 5 million dollars and all the trees were cut by the Goverment , because ı don't have the slightest doubt that some "Muslim" has a tree-cutting company . Instead of accepting the facts , like "millions" of people are protesting against him ! He says there's no way he will poison millions with cyanide , too . A rather poor effort by him , now that the Ministry had already declared it was a lie and there was no chance that cyanide would ever be used . The Goverment also declared 13 thousand trees were cut down but 14 thousand were already planted , now that the same "Muslim" would also have a tree planting company . They acquired such green concerns after winning the municipalities so that they could sell flowers and trees for boulevards at inflated prices . From this , we only learn the Canadian CEO has not read 1984 fully enough . Am not aware whether am blamed for this as well .

neither Putin seems much interested in that book , knowing it all already by heart . We were just offered a stupendous spectacle . You see , that they delivered S-400s does not count . Rules take them two months to declare them as sold ... So , Putin did not deliver S-400s here in a naked attempt to "break NATO" , he doesn't take a percentage he is still expected to contribute to Syrian War Reperations (because he is doing nothing to end the war in Syria) so it's just made up , who knows , perhaps by evil Jews . Americans for their part , after all those dire threats of doom , now declare the systems should never become operational . If that happens they will have to apply sanctions so bad that they would bust the economy , meaning New Turkey would wave goodby and all the sons and daughters of company owners would discover the joys of London and New York , while it would be street sweepers , workers , farmers and stuff to be left behind as a voter base to let "Muslims" back . See , that makes it until March 2020 . New Turkey declares the systems will be up and running in April 2020 . Oh-kay , nobody saw that comin', right ? Will surely defeat something , even if ı don't know whatever the hell ? Sanctions ? Oh , they will happen as soon as A-K-P and New A-K-P both loose the elections !

oh America really loves "Muslims" . The greatness of New Turkey was duly proven when America delivered some Chinook helicopters despite the F-35 affair . You see , such heavyweight helicopters would be never available when there was a Republic , as Americans were already using theirs as SF platforms and Republic might have attacked , say , deep in Iraq and accidentally kill some important seperatists . Oh , they will claim it was all about funding and this "G-17" country in the 1980s could not have afforded it . But , we had no issues buying UH-60s , as they would lack that capability and exports were making money , in addition to making 'em cheaper for US Army , too ... New Turkey is denied nothing in Defence , now that it is a strategic partner of US . Plus , one of them is already allocated to the Palace as a VIP ride ? Plus , how would we Turks be ever supposed to fight in Arabian Deserts and Iranian Wastes with short range stuff ? We even saw the base in Qatar where the Army of Petrol and Qataris love each other so much that we offer them chocolates and they give us breakfast . Jealousy , man , jealousy , cowards would never be able to do that ! 'Cause even the barracks is heroic , named after Tarık bin Ziyad , the one who burned ships .

with even more to follow . This time straight from Spain , you know , showing the wide range of the Umeyyad reach . Or not . The aviation correspondent of the former pinnacle of Yellow Journalism flies in the cockpit of A400 on a delivery flight , a world first ! Oh , the superlatives ! You know , the VIP cars of the PM is carried abroad on A400s , too , as "Muslims" might have been offended with what comes "next" . Now that the PR is not intented for them . We learn the crew is friendly with each other with none of the Prussian discipline - even if Airforces are kinda lax on ranks everywhere . And a few or something are rethreads , people made to leave the aerial branch of the Army of Petrol but allowed back in after the Disgrace of July 15th . We learn of "educated / polite /non-offensive" purr of the engines , the cockpit is wider than an A350 (that being one of those new fangled silly things that you can also see on the 787) but hear nothing of cupholders next to seats . That being a major selling point in ads for cars in those science magazines ı used to buy in paper in the 1990s . The astounding thing is though the name ... The world calls the plane Atlas , while we call it "Koca Yusuf" . First time ı ever heard of it , you see . The Spacecadet thread post of yours idiotly on June 10th 2019 clearly states New Turkey knew it as a flying fortress , due to the bottom . Ditto for C-47 helicopters , too ! ı think "Big" Yusuf was the wrestler in Ottoman times who went to US and became the world champion in the somewhat relaxed rules of the time . Returning home the French liner he was on was rammed by a merchantment and sunk . The guy was big , made heavier by the gold coins he was carrying on him , swam or made it to a lifeboard and the crew cut his hands off with an axe , to make him go down . Can't tell whether out of Christian duty or a fear that the boat would capsize is not clear , but the history books stress the latter . The bigger thing is of course he would be born in [Northern] Bulgaria , when it was an Ottoman province ... That Devil saw a man born in my birthplace [in Southern Bulgaria] and asked Allah "Why did you create me?" is a joke , predates me by decades and is most irrelevant . People who are grammer Nazis would also be interested in the statement that Koca Yusuf (which might indeed be the nickname for that single plane) has "returned home" . Kayseri is not where subcontract parts manufacture would be done , right ? So how can it return home , if it was just assembled in Spain with parts from Ankara in the first place ? Hate it so much , o dear Americans , when ı have to fix things of 20 years past as ı was an idiot then too , when ı claimed during the compulsory military service thing of 26 days duration that if one took a small scale map and a ruler and a pocket calculator that the then current numbers would look like MV-22 was indeed sized for carrying two squads of Turkish Paratrooper/Commandos of 22 with 2 extra personnel , medics perhaps , from Kayseri to Lefkoşe . Osprey was poorly performing in those days , despite the 1974 operation was indeed an early discussion point of stuff so that the Marines could have a case study to tweak with to decide what they would ask in the specifications .

see , by this time ı have no doubts that there are a couple of military school graduates whom am now going to blame . The number of FW-190s said to be in crates since the 1950s for some eventuality is just 26 . Which falls so short to form a Sturmgruppe . Whole of which would be really required to get one such flying fortress , you see . Assuming it was caught near the airfield it was to land , now that nobody would ever believe any Sturmböcke 190s could ever catch one in crusing flight ! 11000 hp per engine man ! Well , who needs CASA anyhow , let's close it down too ... Oh , ı forgot to say we never had the 109s to escort the pack , too !

the acceptance of defeat by Americans quickly resulting in a a very unnoticed declaration that Babacan starts official work on his party . Not on the 5th but 3 days later on the 8th , as McKinsey approved the Peace Corridor swamping news of the New A-K-P . Which still doesn't have a name ; after ı don't know , the 11th President guy getting unhappy with PM in 2014 . Their antagonism at the time were explained as rivalry between the wives . Life indeed goes on , if you remember those 4 suddenly discovered after being lost for 6 months ? They were arrested after 12 days , it's only for important people to know that Peace with seperatists will suddenly break out and no mere mortal should be aware of overtures to come to an understanding between the sides . Naturally every newspaper lambasts the leader of the seperatists as he claims he can engineer a deal ; we are not to know ; so that Party media can suddenly declare victory , against evil Kemalists trying to start war between Kurds who are our long lost brothers and New Turkey . One indeed wonders where the almost racists are , who are wildly beating their chests whenever the word Kurd is uttered . Good old stuff , you know , for which ı was called a racist back in 2014 . This time armed with drones , the electric company for the area discovers like 100 illegal power distribution boxes in Diyarbakır . Some location where 75% of electric usage is "free" . The company even has military as support and they just can't cut power to glasshouses and electric pumps . Almost racists are of course not expected to descend in their thousands and beat up farmers , because this would be strangely undemocratic and unproductive and ı expect to be insulted once again , right ? Neither we in the West had no requirement to see that happening as it's happening ever since electiricity was first brought into the area . But the Kurdish voters in the Western provinces are to see their feudal overlords are treated very much all right by New Turkey . They can't much depend on Left wasting itself entirely . Gurme columnist walks by the shore , tables of a restaurant block the way , warns a waiter , gets pushed by the waiter . The restaurant belongs to a Opposition person on the local council , it's the the briefest hurricane that takes place . They are marking time , they must be , them all internet experts of public opinion makers ...

and the mystifying case of Mesut the German . Who chose playing in the German National Football team of which he has every right to do , giving the "finger" on the last days of the Republic , found the going rough , became a common point of talking of Angela Merkel and the PM . Married here to the tune of Mehter music , and ı don't know what a band that started with martial music on the battlefield for Roman legions has ever got to do with marriage , unless the groom goes and "occupies" the bride each time they are together . But with PM in the wedding what else they could have ? Anyhow , some motorcycle bandits try to rob mesu the German's teammate and the guy is called "Tank" and he scares them off .And then one gang in London wows to rob them too and another wows to protect them and the same exact news happens on the frontpage with the same exact words a week apart ? Oh my , don't tell me New Turkey now fields gangs in London !


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
house cleaning upstairs , 13 year old magazines of my niece get to be out , she is writing her thesis or something , hopefully will find work and stuff , there is not much likelyhood of her re-reading those National Geographics . Borrow them before disposal , ı do . Older brother remembers ı have tons of older stuff in the basement and ı should get them out , too . Then ı start some processing and come across some newspapers randomly thrown into plastic bags with hypermarket logos on them . "Dumped" if you will , cleaning the room with the intention of reading them "later but soon" ...

Spoiler :

the official name must be pattern recognition . That you see stuff repeating itself , which then presumably involves some crystal ball gazing . Others might call it prediction . You might also get accused of plotting it all by yourself , long long ago , especially in cases that you wouldn't . But , like to my defence , things must have happened before at least once , for you to have a justification of sorts . Before getting up and telling stuff on how people will sink the country , among other things .

there he is , the current spokesperson for the Goverment in 2019 , in April 2006 , on a chopper , with the journo woman close by . She interviews people and ı am like sure ı saw her twice , once by accident as ı was walking home in winter and then by design . She on the zoo trip in the spring or maybe almost summer , where the great people in and of New Turkey pass yours idiotly , laughing at his face too . She being not in exact powerbase of New Turkey , she was with her husband/boyfriend and "apparently" laughing at my status as a "single" . She is "beautiful in the Western sense" , a tall blonde and all that and she back in 2006 tells us she wanted the newspaper photo to be of her sitting behind the guy on the chopper . The spokesperson was then PM's advisor and he obviously wouldn't let her , because the voter base "would" be in an uproar if them two were close , being unwed ? You see ? You probably don't , but ı would be like "What?" at the time . Because the guy is saying there are 3 things that make a man "happy enough to feel like flying" . A cigar , Love , motorbike ...

two bags randomly checked , one is from the timeframe of April 2006 , other April 2003 and the second newspaper is probably 2006 , too . In which we learn "Muslims" have tons of money and they want to spend it and they all are against cigarettes , but love hookahs , male and female ... Hookah being a bigger health hazard as we have since learned in Goverment TV ads that fight tobacco addiction , but it's "local culture" . Also , both PM and the spiritual leader of the Congregation hate cigarettes , but we don't know it back then . Why , one thing that works in New Turkey is the fight against cigarettes , even if consumption might have increased , nobody smokes in shops and stuff , which ı like seriously as a non-smoker . But then ı would like the Goverment spokesperson guy to light up a cigar in the PM's presence . For the theorical possibility it might end up inside his body ? PM once had an CHP member taken by the police for disrespectfully smoking a cigarette as he was in the area . Love ? He might still be riding his motorbike , no doubt .

for this is 2006 , the year of the Annan Plan referandum , the "sacrifice" of Cyprus for the Republic of 1923 to join the EU . Rauf Denktaş , that extremely unflexible leader of the Turkish Cypriots , speaking in the Grand National Assembly , actually paused for the MPs to applause him and he wasn't applauded . This was the first time ever that his speech in the Parliament was not interrupted by cheering and applause , the newspaper tells us . There are two parties at the time , A-K-P has 357 MPs and 200 of them are inside but silent . As the PM has gone to speak at some Labour Union meeting , after some little verbal spat with Denktaş , while Deniz Baykal , the then head of CHP is somewhat lonely at applause AFTER Denktaş finishes . Baykal was the Minister for Energy in the 1974 goverment , he could not avoid applause .

you can sense some enjoyment in the columnist as Denktaş would be unhappy , Denktaş playing with Ankara as if Ankara was his toy for so many years , Denktaş being accustomed to be adored . ı can say he was "adored" , it must be 2005 when he visited the museum where yours idiotly was the guide the at the lowest level , at the basement . He came down the stairs fast , with his camera ready in his hand and all the bulk he had as body weight , he was perhaps hoping to get a picture or two before his "entourage" crowded him once again . He couldn't , there must have been like 10 or 20 people rushing in as yours idiotly stood at attention out of the way . He was famous for his dedication to photography as a hobby and he was to be embrassed furthermore when this entourage crowded him in the elevator , too , those who could fit inside . Causing the elevator to get stuck , for maybe 5 , maybe 10 minutes . He would perhaps like the anti-propaganda against him work in that particular moment and be left alone . ı was in the museum 6 days a week , it didn't exactly impress me , but Denktaş would have lived in the days when the gear in the basement , shoe maker , horseshoe maker , old candy shop , tin plates for food were things to be seen everyday .

yet he was the enemy of the day . EU would take us in , if we gave away Cyprus and EU would also clear the evil Turkish Military out of the house . The then current commander of which was a very nice guy , speaking politely (despite yours idiotly would read the same exact statement for each and every general that took command at the highest level) . That nice guy is now noted for being so "partial" to the Congregation as if that changes anything . America does not like the Turkish bayonet , despite the only possible Americans that could ever be bayoneted would be those two pilots of the F-15E . That would crash due to technical malfunction as it's the American custom to loose one per campaign , that's if American CSAR did not find them before the Turks with the bayonets . As such there were the Ergenekon Conspiracies and victims went to jail , to teach us America would make the Turkish Armed Forces a prisoner . Which is now dead . The same victims were then released and returned to duty as America then was to teach us the Army of Petrol was the real deal . Let America think so , why do ı care ? Oh , wait , some Ergenekon victim ends up retired this year , despite his idea that he would be promoted . He asks the highest admiral in the naval branch of Army of Petrol "How come?" and the admiral tells him the names came up real fast on a TV screen and no discussion could be made on whom to promote . The best of Congregation is supposed to be sacrifised during the Disgrace of July 15th , we have long been told , but America surely knows better then us .

it's still 19th Century Orientalism , between you and me , but America does not think it will come to war and they will crush us like a bug anyhow , they do not need an actual fighting capability from their pals . Despite it will be Year 6 as they keep a diplomatic presence . For people you might have heard of (you know in this page) even the idiot who writes this very sentence . No , am nothing . No , they are not after getting into bed with me . No , they don't love me despite my size of you can surely guess what . No , they are not replaced by a better looking variety if they are not found passable ; it's just that rotation , they can't waste the career of some diplomat with getting her stuck here . Much jubilation in the city as the group left but it seems one has quickly returned . And much hate against me citywide as apparently the returned was "met very coldly" . As am nothing , nobody pays attention to my "orders" that she should be shot and that being that . Because , you see , their actual raison to exist is that the world should see the retired Old Guard , once led by Lord Vader , accepts the American plans this country destroyed by Civil War and American Invasion , people killed by war , pestilence , hunger and Zkylon B even . Because the US State Department keeps a diplomatic presence here , and the visible useless idiot , that being me , is obviously a liar . Who can say no to Americans , the current one or the previous even being a babe or something ? That's why she is insulting everyone that opposes US in a certain way , by insisting to be here .

speaking softly does not work . It's big stick time .

this will of course be countered with this . In which we have seen America taking a step back . With the added bonus of how r16 knows nothing with how Bush III did not come to the White House . Meanwhile ı was saddened by reading that Arnold Schwarzennegger was unable to run for US Presidency , because he wasn't born in the US ... He would have fought , you know . And Trump lost all that with firing cruise missiles at 1917+100 in response for some chemical event at Khan Shaikhun or however you spell that in English . Which has now fallen to the Syrian Regime as an Army of Petrol convoy was stopped by an aerial attack that killed some beardies . Failing to deliver arms , failing to deter . Army of Petrol being important we learn it was attacked by a Su-22 . One of which was actually shot down on the day after yours idiotly ranted on how New Turkey shirks from showing HUD footage of its glorious victories against Commies , no doubt by a MANPADS . You see , we then hear it was flown by a Russian , that Su-22 which bombed the road , stopping New Turkey . You also see , that Russians retired every single engine warplane of theirs in the 1990s and am pretty sure there's not a single Russian in active service cleared to fly a Fitter in combat or even sightseeing in Siberia . No Syrian can ever dare attack New Turkey , despite the decades long narrative that Arabs are da men .

narratives are long running , man . They repeat themselves . Just like apparently there is a new Terminator movie now , either the 2003 or 2006 newspapers talk of the then new Terminator movie . Ahnold vs Loken and Loken weighs two tons , which ı had not heard of until this last week and she had to gain 7 kilograms or maybe pounds to look bulky enough . And the poor "Muslims" are always oppressed . We learn some poor rich "Muslim" woman drove her car into some civilized neighbourhood of Istanbul and some guy came and kicked the car . Unclear if he is a secular offended by her headscarve or a beardie who is paid by the Saudis and as such refuses the right of women to drive , or just some poor guy who is offended by the flaunting of wealth . You see , "Muslims" are just people , they just want to wear Italian , just as the established rich classes . They will play the capitalist game and all [rich] classes will win . They should be aided and abetted for this to happen . After seeing what has happened since then , one is not surprised to see that the PM wants a "one time" opportunity to change the head of some organization that deals with the affairs of "scientists" in the country and add 6 members to its board . Because the term "scientist" is heavy . When he or she opposes you politically . One time , man , only one time . Would have to check Wikipedia or something , but it's probably his second month in office . He also warns people not to claim "Economy is bad" ; because such a perception hurts the "country" . They are now bragging that they have broken a record and there is a budget surplus for the first time in 17 years . You know , since when they took the Goverment . There were surpluses before their time , as American assigned Minister of Economy fixed the economy to the very bottom , weeded out the weak and created all those surpluses so that A-K-P could spend them accordingly to win election after election . Gas chambers do not build themselves and America can't do them on its own either .

heavy accusations as we would say in Turkish ? Why , it's nothing of the sort . All the classes are winning or something . There's an hotel construction in Bodrum , famous resort town . It's building since 2016 . Work has been stopped 8 times by officials , court orders , stuff . Sealed as we say , with officials arriving at the gate of the facility and tying the door with a piece of string , with the two ends joined with wax and an offical seal stamped . It's some lump of concrete and of course still going on . We read warnings in 2003 or 6 that there is too much construction at Alaçatı which is where windsurfing championships happen and all those easygoing cool guys and gals would enjoy some happy rural rest after their exertions . Nobody loves Alaçatı these days it seems . Then the forest fires in Izmir , which might be helpful for creating new hotels on the beaches . So , some secretary of the palace goverment makes a boat trip in the bays of Bodrum and stops all the illegal constructions , the lump of concrete included . It will be torn down , all the TVs declare . Then we learn only a part of will be and to save taxpayer money , the owners wil do it , but they will do it grandly by bringing cranes and removing offending parts . Estimated time to completion unknown and "obviously" limited to the "pier" they have built on the land , so that their valuable consumers can walk on marble to the beach to take the elevator down and up . Uh , you don't want people walk uphill , do you ?

remember the top general in the beginning ? The one speaking politely ? One brand of the newspapers is liberal , they might have been "Not enough, but Yes!" during the referandum that gave more of the courts to Congregation . They are not reporting the top general was tortured by his superiors during the Fight-against-Backwardness-to-last-1000-years . By forcing him to drink alcohol ; it is too early for that . But the newspaper seems to be alarmed by the 3rd man of the A-K-P , Speaker of the Parliament at the time . He is a "loudmouth" ; the liberals know there might or will be a future fight between the 1st and 2nd men of A-K-P , the 11th President and the PM or the PM and the 11th President according to your tastes , but the 3rd might simply ruin the whole game . Remarkably the Liberals might even be thinking that they will join the EU and as true Internationalists they will get to guide the future of the country , they warn smart people that the 3rd should be told to shut up . ı hear some of them are writing on the web these days . The too much talking 3rd on the other hand was "going to be assassinated" by the Military , "was unjustly attacked by the PM" , "still visits shops owned by Congregation in 2019" and he is still in the A-K-P .

also disappeared but writing on the web is this famous historian guy . In 2003 or 6 he is telling us and the country of Müştak Baba , some local Sheik in centuries past and much better than Nostradamus . For giving exact date when Ankara was going to be made the capital of the country . That followed by warnings that Ankara would also fall . Which makes Resistance futile . The US State Department naturally does not believe there is a specific Nostradamus reference to yours idiotly (with a date) . If they had done so , they would spend their days in repenting . His sidekick though directs the military school of New Turkey and refuses with online statements that they have sold the school building to become an hotel . America mighty , my friend , they are filling seperatist defensive structures , trenches and tunnels with dirt , because they claim they respect us , while it's just keeping New Turkey up on the saddle .

naturally on the day the Little Imperialist answers the PM . PM warns his new political opponents with dire warnings , nobody will mention them or remember them and the past might be exposed . The answer of the Little Imperialist is seen on TV , on opposing channels , a full day after he answers the PM , too . New Turkey has seen an accelarated increase in women murdered by men , says the Opposition . New Turkey says it's only because they brought TV coverage to the country and the true scale of the events is reported only now . No , A-K-P did not make some guy to kill his wife in the street in full view of their 10 year old daughter to cover the Little Imperialist speaking against the PM . Women die everyday , and a whole street of people recorded it on their cell phones as the guy stabbed the woman , the woman's last words being she didn't want to die and the 10 year old begging her not to die in screams . Newspaper will let us know she complaining on how everybody did nothing except the cellphones recording thing . Just to prove its ordinariness , we have heard a cousin of "Özgecan" (an university student killed defending her honour during a rape attempt and body burned to cover the tracks) has been killed by her husband . And the next day , a maths teacher visits his wife to see their latest born child , in maternity ward itself and tries to kill her . Because she wants to divorce and has left him 6 months ago . But for the woman's sister , who's also stabbed in the arm , the woman would have been dead . She has just lost parts of her face and 4 teeth . A-K-P didn't do this either , to cover the Little Imperialist . But the idiot , the head of the federation of divorced men , who called the killer who killed in front of the 10 year old daughter a "hero" , doing the right thing and how he is envied , might very well be a volunteer . To keep the talk on women murders .

oh , come on ... Little Imperialist talks of the October 2014 events , you might just see the following page of the link above . Ayn el Arab , the Kurdish Stalingrad which you have heard of as called as Kobane . Page 21 naturally sees a couple of r16 rants . See , ı read National Geographics . The victims , Turkish Hizbullah , Sunni-acid-throwers-in-the-face-of-girls-with-no-headscarves , mobilizing ISIL warriors at the time , with New Turkey expectation that Kobane will fall the next day . Turkish Hizbullah is almost entirely of Kurdish origin , too . The kind of people A-K-P or any New A-K-P will want to vote for them . The fighting created some extra couple of bridges , doing their bit in the seperatists gaining 13% in the first elections of 2015 , too . In addition to seperatist Tsipras playing an instrument and singing on TV , because America then denied Turkish Radical Left to the Republic as if the said Left would not fire willingly on Republic Gunships in any Civil War . Kobane ? Oh , as soon as seperatists licked American shoes to full satisfaction , a single American plane dropped a single bomb on a single building and the seperatists advanced 500 metres without firing a single shot . Barzanists crossed this country with gusto , with seperatists waving clothes with 3 colours , people shouting "Obama!" on October 29th , the day the Republic of 1923 was proclaimed . Naturally ı am at a loss at how many times America has defeated us , impossible to count . ı naturally blame the Stuntwoman for this , because as she didn't show up back then , Americans naturally refused to believe ı had put the T-65 into full squadron service . And ı naturally blame the Stuntwoman for that T-70 because America always has superior stuff .

you see , sides are about to accuse each other for supporting the bad Kurds (seperatists) against good Kurds(would naturally vote for A-K-P) . Not the very visible election campaign for the 2nd Elections of 2015 , in which 694 people somehow ended dead . You know , people tend to rush when they read r16 posts . PM and the Little Imperialist were on the same page during that time and they were obviously not alone either .

additionally there has been one official declaration from the Babacan camp that they have started work , in case ı didn't write it in the last post in this thread . End of rant as ı want to watch Ice Age 5 on TV , the torture will not end anytime soon , America protecting its investment .

so , what's that gotta to do with my latest treason ? This morning , coming to the city on the train , a performance . Might be State Theater company in old uniform and village woman dresses .This being anniversary of August 26 , where the Greeks were engaged for keeps in 1922 . With yours idiotly not aplauding ? It was not an impulse , that got the two village kids engage enemy armies , it was an Army , the success of which enabled the Reforms which New Turkey hates so much . And oh my , the way they claim Fatiha , the first prayer in the Kuran ... Not the actors , but well , it's just a "palavra" / lie , so typical of the world in these days . One indeed wonders how much all these people would like to speak Arabic / Greek and a couple more instead of Turkish .


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
naasad’guur mhi

mandalorian for nobody likes us . ı could also start with Anger leads to the Darkside , so that ı will find another excuse for not snapping the neck of some kid of a size ı could handle . You know , situation normal , with nothing "new" happening .

Spoiler :

finished the Republic Commando series . Follows the Omega Squad of which Fi and Atin are members , while A'den is a Null , 6 clones that were to be terminated but kept alive as sons to a mercenary trainer on Kamino ; you will also have to remember clones age 2 for every year they live , they are like 22 by the time the discussion takes place .

<“You know what’s been bothering me?” Fi’s voice drifted across the center of the camp. ... “What if the war had broken out when we were five years into our training instead of eight, nine …ten?”

“What?” A’den asked.

“Nobody knows when a war’s going to start, not years ahead, anyway. It’s not like you can book one in advance. So there we are, fully trained, and then it all kicks off. Very lucky. What if it had all gone to poodoo years before? What if we’d been half trained, still just kids?”

“Then we’d have been fighting in diapers,” Atin muttered. “Because the Republic didn’t have any other army worth a mott’s backside.”>

we are like witnessing them Americans , them West , them whole world . Oh-kay , me myself reading newspapers like since 1980s , ı read there's bound to a Kurdish Nation State for oil stuff , oil makes people go crazy . A lot of things make sense with hindsight , even the distant relative who came by . With laughter in the eyes merely looking at yours idiotly , tearing the picture of a woman with legs showing from the newspaper because turning someone requires "Discipline" and ı look dumb , unlike my brother who is old enough and has already rejected to be one of this coming Golden Generation , Congregation speak for far too many people who will take the fort from the inside . Not that they would be talking of their long term strategies , but failed to connect with the brother , right ? Oh , ı really understand why at all the state dormitories for students there's a racket at 5 in the morning , so that the students will all wake up for prayer time , even when they are godless commies . For ı was made up to wake and sit on the bed as this distant relative was given my room for one night ; you would welcome relatives however distant instead of sending them to hotels . Especially when considering his father gave up all work at the village and met my family in Edirne in '72 as we were emigrating from Bulgaria , lifting parcels , sitting by the road as a seller when sewing machines or motorcycle parts were on offer , converting my father's savings from work Bulgaria into Turkish currency , to keep us going and forming the first part of money to buy the plot to build an house on .

this distant uncle doing whatever he could because that's what relatives would do , however distant . ı can of course understand why he gave his two sons to the Congregation , even if the Congregation was not the Congregation at the time . Only because he was a good person , only because the talent agents were claiming themselves to be good people . Doing this in the name of Allah . Being good does not always mean being naive , but happens a lot . Providing the best possible education to his sons , so that they could then take over providing help to those who need it . ı can even understand the computer repairshop guy when ı took my older brother's actually glorious 486 . 256MB of entire harddisk space , 5MB RAM and plays like a breeze , them goodies , Civ I , MOO I , Panzer General , even TIE Fighter ... But it's the 2000s , the country is a having a Counter-Revolution and them Congregation are so mighty that they leave no one in the shadows , however dumb he might be . The clock in the 486 dies , it needs a replacement , it goes to the shop and nothing works back at home . Yours idiotly returns to shop and gives the stare . He doesn't want to , he would crush me like a bug but has to phone , he is no doubt told to fix it and he still can't , because the bug he no doubt put in the first time finds it real hard to work with 5MB of RAM . Civ in glorious jerkyvision and none of the others . Still falls short of what other people might have suffered , but hey , imagine what might have happened to me if ı was real . Them Congregation are people too , caught up in a thing beyond their power to control .

so ? Indeed they were the means to kills us Turks all . What have they achieved ? Had America been "secular" , they would have perhaps succeeded , too . Instead they have been "wasted" by America so that a "New Islam" can drive us nuts and stop believing in Allah ... There are people outta there who will smash my head with a stone , if ı was to walk in their neighbourhood , most extremely unbelievable ı know , but with a woman and she has her skirt above her knees a centimeter up . Two guys pinning me down , with the third pummeling down and down until my head becomes a pulp . You know , Honour . The same people then entrust their children to "Studies" , where the kids learn to read the Kuran and a basic knowledge of Islam . Where in some cases their children get molested , raped even . Boys more prevalently , now that they are less likely to complain . Girls would have to explain why there was no blood on the wedding night , when they grow old enough to understand that kind of thing . So , this happens when some kid is old enough , no doubt where he couldn't take it anymore , having grown up since 2014 , he complains the families do not believe and his friends are/were afraid of the demons the molesters would conjure . Enjoy it under your hodja or he will have you struck by the djinn , how's that for getting laid ? The accused claim one of them was to marry a girl and it fell through and the relatives of the girl are conspiring against him . While the other two confirms and they were also wronged because they refused to act along and be witnesses against the would-be-groom .

oh , it's the fault of the Kemalists , you see . They did the February 28 treason , bringing down an Islamist Goverment and people had to go underground evil laws to teach Islam , except there's like 15 to 20 years between the said and 2014 . Surely it was this very same Party in charge ... (Am fed up with my keyboard , off to the city to buy a new one . One must keep the laptop safe from my ever fatter fingers .) Yeah , in between those many years between '14 and 19 . Considering this very same person , with this soft voice , now the secretary of the palace cabinet , responsible for education and back then the top advisor in his field , when they let kids one year earlier because they needed a reform in the name of reform and not because New Turkey was powerful enough to splice the genes of unborn to make them geniouses out of the womb . Well , who would believe they would fix it legally this year ? One could of course democratically refuse let his/her kid to school , not kindergarten but straight school , after getting an official report that the kid was stupid . My rants , man , ı know it that nobody ever reads them . Imagine things ı could have said if ı wasn't an idiot and actually knew what was ı speaking about , instead of parroting them all . Like news or referrals to Social Media from which we learn the courts have enough molesting/rape cases against children to the tune 50 , for each and everyday of a year . It's supposed to be this Young and Vigorous country , they took their headscarf style from Catholic nuns , ı don't know why they are failing to take the priests' long running success in covering kid rape .

uh oh , there's of course reaction to that . State must teach the Kuran so the number of Imam Hatip schools must again increase . Now that parents and teachers have begun picketing schools which were blessed for conversion to Imam hatips and they have begun winning , too . Because every sect and congregation boy and even girl must find a job and now that many are unqualified otherwise , they should teach what they havve been taught as the religion ? Also helps to brainwash the kids in the name of the eternal glory of New Turkey , servant to Qatar as soon as it is no longer blockaded ? One feels obligated to look for "what lies under" , you know . The solution for murdered women , let's bring back Death Penalty ! Will it happen , hanging jealous husbands ? Well ... well ... uhm ... no . Let's hang traitors who keep up telling lies about corruption or Qatar or whatever , that's more important .

nor ı can get the service lightsaber through university students , you know , cause because service lightsaber ... Them snickering with none of the city wide feeling more widespread by each day that ı don't let it happen myself . Two decades and a half of this generation gap and ı had never fit in with my classmates in the first place anyhow . The Stuntwoman will be all smiles on hearing my style of pouting that gets girls weak in the knees , too . (Keyboard has "Enter" as a small button , making me mix it with the "backarrow" to delete . Not the brand am used to but old keybard was more expensive two years ago or so than the new one is today .) Directness is what people demand ? Will they be happy to consider that those damned US State Department crew around made some Congregation dude have a flashing light bulb above the head , to prove they could offer better sex and the whole package and this is why some "Muslims" are in court from this city for having their sheik make them kiss his thing ? Letting their sheik have their wives for the night ? That their sheik never leads them in prayers , strict obligation for every Muslim 5 times a day , actually never prays at all , now that he beams himself to Kabe in Mekke in an instant , prays there , beams back in an instant ? But then there's a new kind of sheik in the news , who "fixes" austic kids . ı don't want anything . No State Department people , no diplomacy , to satisfaction of people waiting at my door while they prepare for our doom nonstop behind the doors and we not knowing it now that we never could in the first place . ı just want to level America . Austic kids ? Oh dear Americans , we will have a talk , after ı finish that talk with Moff Panaka , for bad mouthing Padme . You see , highly diplomatic and not like after Hell freezes over .

what makes you think you can handle directness ?

same newspaper than assures us threatening to loose refugees on Europe is such a proof of greatness of New Turkey and it's obviously a Kemalist lie that just last week the 3.5 million Syrian refugees were the Muhajir , Prophet and Meccans who had to leave the pagan infested city and to move to Medine , making us the Ensar or something . You know the very task of the little fascist in Budapest , Victor Urban , stop the flood of refugees , kicking or biting them as necessary . Like do ı have a right to rant that as soon as ı mentioned my most favourite mech driver , Hungarian by nationality , ı was accused of having a new "lover" ? Whose fault ? All right people , join as one : Stuntwoman's of course ! One can not readily decipher what's going on . New Turkey claims spending 40 billion dollars on refugees , while it was like 35 last month . New Turkey claims Europe paid only 3 to 4 billion Euros for the upkeep of Syrians . EU claims they paid 5.2 out of the allotted 6 . Did some guy pocket the difference or new Turkey wants and extra billion and a half , so that they can fix more money for the "Muslim" companies ? Or is it just the standart of "truth" ? PM hints a President of some country once told him America and Russia had 27 000 nukes between them and this unnamed President had only 7500 and like hell he would prouduce more to reach 15 000 or so .All my reference books are from the 1980s and ı can't decide who has 7500 nukes as the third inventory of the world . But this surely gives New Turkey a right to match Israel , because this is NOT going to have New Turkey occupied by America who keeps the safety of Israel above all . The former pinnacle of yellow journalism has a columnist who tells of the nuclear history of the country , no reference to 1962 Cuba fallout , naming 4 bases with nukes in addition to Incirlik . And naturally it falls to one single opposition media guy . Tech taken from Pakistan , facility in use since 2010 . This is known only because America and Germany were unhappy with each other after the Snowden affair and Germany covered its bugging of this country with how A-K-P was building the bomb . Nobody has ever heard of anything in addition to that .

but hey , it's a great idea to cover stuff if and when they remove Imamoğlu from power . You might be or might not be amazed to hear this but Imamoğlu has to cut cool money flow to PM's closest pals and they might have prevailed over PM to keep their pockets full . Giving Imamoğlu a second race which he won with better numbers as a result . If he was to be removed , he probably would remove the PM in 2023 like without having any election campaign . Without a need to prove himself as the mayor of Istanbul . Will see what happens on Sunday 8th , when the secretary of internal affairs of the palace cabinet declares whether he will do or he will not . If he does , stockmarkets would be like going low and this would be because America tried to save Israel from the glorious New Turkey nukes and this economic "operation" was all America could do ... A pinprick that doesn't hurt New Turkey at all . (Keyboard doesn't act up , maybe ı will play Civ III again after a hiatus of a month or two .) Talk of nukes , America attacks and everybody who talks about the removal of Imamoğlu is an American/Israeli spy ... See , this is what has been happening all these years ; and yeah Germany is the biggest trading partner of new Turkey or something . Building the bomb or calling Angela Merkel a Nazi ? Doesn't matter at all ; naasad’guur mhi .

and , man it can sting . Obviously one of PM's best pals has an auto-rental business and he provides services to the Istanbul municipality , to the tune of 1000 or 1300 cars . Imamoğlu claims to save 50 million liras with not renting them , while Mansur Yavaş in Ankara claims to have saved 27 millions with decreasing rentals from from 1900 to 1200 . There is talk of a car that burns 68 liters per 100 kilometers now that rental company would be paid the fuel costs . There is a car , according to the claims that made one single kilometer in a year and it spent 42 800 liters of fuel or whatever . There's a poll made to judge the satisfaction of people in some Southern city , costing like a million dollars but ı forget the exact numbers now that they are flooding all over the place , if the media is not owned by the Party . The reports are Party media have been banned to use 200 or 300 words including palace though . One from Mansur Yavaş again , a water meter to measure your expenditure . There is bidding and one company wins , disregarding official reports that it lacks production capacity to deliver . the company wins and is paid for meters it never delivered and still sells the meters at 360 liras , Yavaş cancels and starts selling the same at 80 liras . This ı can relate , my late father could have built an entire house with a suitable crew and he did , from the digging the hole in the ground to the roof , laying electric wires and waterpipes and tiles and wooden floors and paint , the whole . So , when it was possible to have electronic meters for electricity , he bought two with his own money . Years pass and they need to be recalibrated and this company guy "steals" them as we do have to pay for the replacements . We would pay for the gas meters , too , but ı had bills from 2016 or so that we had them replaced back then and 2018 was not 10 years from 2016 , or something along these lines . It's entirely possible to have profits with total control of laws and stuff , now that they are supposedly doing so in the West and places like Japan , right ?

it's so easy to get caught up in the flood and get carried away . Was going to have some essay on the Republic Commando books ,on how Britain was trying to get in despite the thing that London had hated the Star Wars entirely and stuff back in the day . Turns out they were dating from 2004-5 and were "approved" by George Lucas . Kills the rant against the weak minded jedi , ever glorious Mandalorians and whatnot . Would have tied that to how am aware of the inside joke that it was Craig Daniels himself as the FO trooper that the two bit Rey mind tricked like what , back in 2015 ? Totally relevant , when one gets the impression that it's the Stuntwoman's fault to have the leader of almost racists to declare that there's a conspiracy in the world to mix tenets of Christianity and Buddhism as the false religion of the future and that's why MHP must stand shoulder to shoulder with A-K-P , now that it's God's work or something and oh , am pretty sure , you got the drift here ...

then the journo who would prosper under Goebbels has the clearest answer . The PM wanted to remove the secretary of internal affairs of his palace cabinet and the secretary dude set in motion the motions to remove Imamoğlu , like on Thursday last week . Also helps if you remember back in the day when the secretary was in the news for slapping the son-in-law of the PM in a cabinet meeting , it was said he also controlled the army of trolls of the Party . 2 or 3 months later there will be a cabinet reshuffle , we learn ...


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
let me have a celebration of the New aka a Spitfire post aka there be dragons and Poles aka Alienschreck has taken hold of the world and this forum because Poles


picture might change as ı lacked options at home while writing this up but will be in all probability one from Malta , because :

Spoiler :

the first time ı heard of Nigel Farage was in an aviation forum , unaware of his position in Brexit and all the stuff . He is pictured next to a vintage (meaning 1930s or so) British lightplane but fails to notice the strut that either connects the wheel or the wing or whatever and he falls down horribly , like ı wouldn't like it on Youtube if it was me kind of thing . Well could happen to anyone and 1930 were times when them Brits could sell a lot of lightplanes around . Years later ı learn Farage has a striking image of a Spitfire on the Brexit posters , with the words Battle of Britain emblazoned . You know all those losers are trying to occupy the British Isles , Turks and Poles , the whole scum of the world and Brexiters are defending the British way of Life . Like that "they" , the true Brits (like Brexiters by implication) , did against the Nazi hordes in 1940 . The issue then arising with the Spitfire . In being a later-then-1940 model and serving in the Polish manned units of the RAF . Farage is a fool and his PR agency is also a fool , one might perhaps say ... For leading reminders that the Polish pilots fought harder , like were more efficient in fighting and their famous hatred for Germans will one day be explanation that RAF was a pioneer in machine gunning enemy pilots on their parachutes . But then Farage is supposedly proven to have broken the British laws during the campaign and he has got away scot-free , is he still the fool ? Pictures are always good in a piece , ı won't be able to locate the image in question without doubt so it's a good chance to show some offbeat blue Spit or whatever .

then , the mother of dragons . With red hair , supporting Putin , the little dictator of Russia in some elections . You know , some PR agency taking her picture , making Emilia Clarke a Russian , now that all it takes is writing a couple of Russian words underneath it . Well , it's probably some bored young one in that PR agency , fed up with life or making a joke and it accidentally it's not noticed and goes beyond control . Or willing sabotage even .

then , New Turkey puts Selena Gomez into headscarves . Some municipality in the South puts such a picture online . You know they need to popularize New Turkey or the Syrian refugees and they can't find a good looking fresh face ? Am getting like very close to the danger zone with saying , perhaps , them all Syrians are like "gudubet" , terribly ugly and stuff ? (Because we have indeed found out Racism exists in this country and all it needed was some amount of foreigners so that they could be hated ?) So , they needed a "darker coloured" face and found it from the web and photoshopped proper dress code on Gomez ? There are seriously good looking Arabs and do not get me handwaving to get you not to ask how ı know ... It has to be something different . Like the person being familiar , like mother of dragons being someone you saw on the street but you can't remember where or when and she is telling you Putin is the best , in case you're some new generation Russian who can watch Game of Thrones online and are also aware of how the Goverments are run in the West . But then you would probably find it out (as it was) and laugh about it . Then your parents and grandparents , out of generation gap thing , would get angry with you and go vote Putin once again , Pavlov being Russian and Russians being familiar with reflex things .

when New Turkey was found out , New Turkey had newspapers a couple of days later telling it was the birthday of Will Smith . He was given a "çeyrek altın" , gold piece worth maybe 80 dollars and he learned Turkish to thank , with the headline of the article being "Go New Turkey!" . On the frontpage , small area and not the whole page but still on the frontpage and somehow ı doubt it happened , but hey , that's 1984 for you . And dear Stuntwoman , whose fault is this ? Mine ? Yours ? Of course , yours .

pavlovian reflexes on one side , the absolute need to be buying people on the other , as if being bought for like so many years made a dent .

conspiracies are like everywhere , with one matching the dates even . Some economy writer back in May said he was surprised at "options" placed for October 8 , 2019 . You know , the date Trump cleared New Turkey for election jihad against seperatists in Syria . Apparently some bank paying money for a right or whatever to buy or sell 150 million dollars on October and this surprising some writer to make a note on May 8th, 2019 . Other economy writers make small talk of it , some in laughs , people wouldn't understand how gambles are played with other peoples money to make these speculators more rich . And the right of the bloodsucker class to laugh at lessers , once ı get thinking about it . But then , people could have been willing to speculate that things indeed might start on October 8th . See , back in 2014 ... (ı have some days of internet downloads on my laptop , that's why you people suffer the exact dates ı previously had told you so .) And back in 2014 Ayn-el-Arab was just about to fall to ISIL and the political branch of seperatists called for demonstrations . Which turned into a bloodbath as seperatist militants took revenge on Kurds visibly supporting ISIL , you know in recruitment offices that looked like aid centers to the poor and 10 or so were killed in one , or one really real aid center wrongly painted as an office , people thrown from the rooftops and run over by cars , the whole thing . So , back in October 9th, 2014 ı was on top of the garage , clearing fallen leaves and stuff and this truck came and ı could hear the driver unhappy with me . There was a revolt and tumult and ı was cleaning garbage at home . ı was on top of the garage yesterday , clearing fallen leaves and stuff , so it's indeed the time of the year to collect fallen leaves , ı say . The 6-7 October events are big , they helped America to decide the Peace Process was causing trouble within A-K-P ranks , as the critically important "Sunni Kurds" were unhappy their local rivals , the seperatists were given too much leeway , while Sunni Kurds forming one third of ISIL ranks were happily killing and raping anyone in Syria and Iraq . Curious , ı also checked whether ı had anything for May 8th . Post #33 this very thread actually , with Little Imperialist saving a guy on the bridge . Some A-K-P supporter , with a Turkish flag in hand , wants to commit suicide , you know , because . The Little Imperialist coincidentally passing from the location , wearing the type of the jacket made like compulsory in New Turkey , because the PM wears them . Little Imperialist saving the depressed person and he will save the country in the very same way . A-K-P of course already attacks the Little Imperialist for not saving those 10 killed at the office/aid center . It might have been super cool , had the little Imperialist started a party and PM was taking revenge of the fallen 10 , only 5 years later . Better late then never style ... Bloodsucker class , them economics people (winning from swings of the stockmarket , speculating here and there) are of course right that people can never understand the finer points of trade .

but then the 2nd Istanbul election , and 800 000 more votes instead of the 13 000 majority of Imamoğlu in the first one . This jihad was supposed to happen in August , because after matching Selim the Grim in 2016 with the first jihad in Syria beginning on the 500th anniversary of Mercidabık , an Ottoman win against the Mamelukes , A-K-P could also compare their third jihad favourably with the offensive in 1922 . Delayed and delayed , because Pentagon is very angry at the very way we Turks are openly laughing at them and wants to save seperatists . Would happen by the end of the September , before some Iranian jerk blew up the Saudi oil facilities . And like no yuge victory on the 8th either . Except naturally for Trump . You should really have heard of how he describes his great wisdom and decision making , says he will destroy Turkey financially because he had once destroyed us so . We are to applause , standing ovation style , because America is retreating from Syria , which it's not , but hey , this is America's own 1984 . We don't have a single clue on how much square kilometers will be conquered (multiplying the frontage with the depth of penetration) but we hear we are to take over the ISIL captives . The PM says Trump told him there were 800 of them , the New Turkey media says the PM was lied to (well , not yet / but will happen) and there are maybe 1200 of them , while Opposition media thinks 2000 , while Al Crusading of Qatar says 10 000 with 35 000 dependents and the PM says the 10 000 number is wrong ... Trump says we will be responsible for any ISIL attacks from now on . ı don't know how this is ever possible now that Trump came , Trump saw and Trump won 100% and no ISIL was left . Everybody just wants us to get mixed up with jihadis , just like Russia made deals with the PM that regularly says New Turkey will accept the Jihadis from Idlip , like up to 50 000 of them heart-eaters and the like . Thank you Obama . For wasting the Congregation in a half coup , they could have been shooting us in the back already and need replacement with El Kaide .

apparently France has 130 jihadis with French passports in those camps and Macron wants them tried on location because you know having nukes do not protect you from the unstoppable Jihadis , whose beards produce death rays of all sorts . See , the 2000 at-large militants of ISIL are lies , because Trump defeated ISIL 100% and Trump told the seperatists to shut up because he paid them a lot of money and while America is retreating from Syria apparently a truck convoy of 60 or 80 or 100 still delivered gear to the seperatists and Lindsey Graham threatens to apply sanctions and throw Turkey out of NATO if New Turkey hurts a single seperatist but no doubt he will fail to stop New Turkey from capturing the captured ISIL people . Lindsey Graham is the one Trump sends to meet PM , from which we can deduce he is on the way to make people understand he is above them and he will meet the PM only once a year or so , next in November , only feasible if the PM bears the brunt of loser Kemalist rants that this is nothing real . With stuff like how NATO is fully listed as an enemy of Turkey , despite New Turkey claims on how it fights NATO . Ah yes , some "victim" of Ergenekon Conspiracy says this fight is real and A-K-P fights America in Syria , if A-K-P is "beheaded" so will be "Vatan Partisi" ... America even says it doesn't like the New Turkey operation and it will not fight New Turkey to defend the seperatists at a time when Pentagon declares New Turkey can not fly into Syria without coordination , which implies New Turkey F-16s would be shot down if they went into Syria .

we humans understand stuff according to some context , the reason we can differ so much in interpretation of events . Context being different for different people , ı was like intrigued by the Trumpian statement "AMERICA IS GREAT" , matching with his unmatched wisdom in the way we Muslims would say Allah is Great . One can infer Trump is sending his CV to the universe to become the lizard god . ı would expect some members in CFC to demand me to serve the Humanity and have a piece on how the really great people will not fall but fly higher and higher if they were to jump off from places like the Empire States in New York , but Trump becomes America and well , ı do hate America . Like similarly , we also hear Trump is a danger to America so the Republicans have secretly goaded him to retreat from Syria and will use the betrayal of the Kurds to join the Impeachment vote .

but hey , this was to be a celebration of the New . As already mentioned the almost racists are like in a quandry . A-K-P voters angry with the economy have joined a way of protest for voting for the almost racists in the 2019 elections thing , election alliance of theirs still getting the votes . But this may not be enough in 2023 . So , the first move was an idea that the election level was to be lowered to 40% . You know , 50% +1 was the thing , this being the majority and with getting 52% of the vote , the PM was justified to change every law and attach every single state asset to the Fund he is directing and have palaces everywhere . If he can't win that 50% +1 in the first round in 2023 the second round will see the Opposition emboldened and agree on the runner up and the PM will lose the Presidency . Read this as a flood of Corruption cases in court . So , in the past 40% used to give a majority in the Parliament and for the first round of 2023 this is supposed to be applied to let the PM to win , because he still commands the highest amount of votes . Kinda turns out to be bad , as proof that A-K-P accepts it can't win . PM declares they are not considering such a proposal . Which should have ended all the talk . Yet ,the very next day the speaker of the Parliament gives the interview . 25% should not get one elected as the President , 35% is also unrepresantative but 50% is good . Like 40% will do ... perhaps becoming more palatable with proof New Turkey means good , after they kill some more seperatists in their 3rd jihad , the best bet to defeat the seperatists for good , for ever , for the end .

almost racists are also active in other ways . Their leader has lung problems , he goes to the hospital of the guy jailed by Congregation for "poisoning" Ecevit and just like ı said , he is told he shouldn't go there because evil Kemalists can poison him ... Then , just naturally , some Congregation hero tweets the country should get ready for politics without the leader of the almost racists . The Colonial office , otherwise known as the US Embassy in Ankara mistakenly likes the tweet , not knowing it would be interpreted as America welcomes the death of the leader of the almost racists ... Like şn the real world only a fool would approve anything Congregation says . Their officials are called twice to the foreign affairs of New Turkey , on the same day . America apologizes , too . Didn't know the leader was immortal . No , it's just that way . If he was to be incapacited , the likelyhood is many in the almost racists would go over to the splinter party . But then MHP has the allure of the name and inevitably the splinter party people would call for a party convention and come back home . The almost racist officials shouting loud (helped by the track record of defeating America and by being tough on seperatists) force the splinter people to join the alliance with A-K-P when they come back ... Complicated ? Even Pentagon fails to grasp it , don't worry that you are failing to understand what should be this simple strategem that will destroy this country .

this "Peace Springs" operation kills seperatists , making MHP strong , if its leader is incapacited , the allies of CHP returns home and they have to follow the ways of the leader and remain loyal to A-K-P , so that the blue eyed boys of America , A-K-P still remains in charge . To this end , all the thunderous speeches are left to the almost racists to give . When Trump threatens economic doom , the almost racist spokesperson guy says when they are finished with the US , America will never be able to set foot in the Middle East ! Really . America will have to return to Isolationism of 1930s ! As the ability to meet Trump is paramount , because otherwise the Party would see the PM could be replaced , starting a stampede to join the New A-K-Ps waiting in the wings , Party media simply makes a point that Trump has destroyed the economy before , hence the economy is great and there's no crisis , so the Opposition are liars , everybody but the Party is a liar ... ı go out and buy bread and the TV in the shop has breaking news that Trump says New Turkey builds the steel fuselage of the F-35 . A programme we were kicked out of , for buying S-400 , for which we were to be kicked out of NATO . Oh my , didn't we also learn the 5th plane had been delivered and somehow the payments to Washington had strangely gone up from 1 billions to 1,4 billions of dollars ? Like 250 each for the first 4 , right ?

such a swirling of effort that ı even forgot to talk of the Peace Springs . The operation was to be called Peace Corridor , fittingly enough , because the Army of Petrol would occupy some strech of land to deter Syrians to pay a visit to the seperatist held areas after they were finished with Idlip . Protecting the seperatist claim to Syria and the corridor to the sea and the pipeline . This is like the obvious reason why the bravado . Of saying stuff that

new Turkey will create a new world and find its place there .

take a piece of paper and write this down a hundred times , because that's how New Turkey will create a new world . The original is from Ismet Inönü . That there might be a new world and Turkey will find its place there . Despite the more recent doubts whether he said it or didn't . Greeks are supporting Greek Cypriots for Enosis , Ankara has a very basic capacity to land and fight and win a victory of sorts on the island . But the future is like bleak , so Inönü asks America to remind Greeks that the both countries are in NATO and a fight will gravely weaken both and it wasn't Inönü and Kemalists who raped and murdered their way to victory in the Greek Civil War of 1940s ; them Commies might come back . Johnson sneers at the two bit Kemalists who are guilty of causing the Cuban Crisis of 1962 or whatever , because everything is our fault anyhow . The response , to become famous as the Johnson Letter , is like insulting , in short declaring we were not allowed to use American delivered weapons if the Russians invaded , you know NATO's Article 5 even . The thing being Russians were more interested in the weapons we would use when we were invading them , there have been a few Americans who were bitter , long after Johnson lost his head in August 1964 , when the threat of war between Greece and Turkey distracted him in the Maddox/Turner Joy affair . So , sometime in 1964 or so Inönü gives an interview to the foreign press , implying if they were too much pressed Ankara would fight on Cyprus , accepting this would probably end in Turkish Neutrality after leaving NATO , meaning a shift in the global order and balance and Turkey was ready to face the risks . In the end there would be a new balance and Turkey would take its place in the order of the world that arose from it .

there's nothing like supporting Jihadi beardies against American interests , nothing like you'll never come here again , nothing like joining the Warsaw Pact either . It's just we survived once , we will survive again . Amazing nothing on how the Piraeus explosion rated as a tactical nuclear strike either . You see , Kemal himself decided to be called the Eternal Chief . Sounds much like Fuhrer ?

<"Hitler’s most immediate outside inspirations, though, were the two countries which had undergone a fundamental domestic transformation since the end of the war. The first of these was Kemal Atatürk’s Turkey, which came back from the brink of partition to see off the Greeks in 1922. Germany had sunk so low, Hitler remarked in mid September 1922, scarcely ten days after Atatürk had recaptured Smyrna, that ‘one must say today that the simplest Turk is more of a human being than we are’. Secondly, he enthused about Italy, where Mussolini and his fascists seized power in late October 1922>

you know because dictatorships could be like working as proven by September 9th , in Izmir , for both Germany and Italy ... He wasn't that "sure" though , despite keeping the appearance during the whole life of Kemal . "The Germans are being treated like n.. [Afro-Americans]; one would not dare treat even the Turks like that.” are his words in 1938s during the PR work of looking like he might start a war if he wasn't given leeway in Czechoslovakia . Hitler is typical , he will interfere as much as others as soon as possible . Kemal wants Turkey to be neutral in the war everybody in the world expect to happen . Kemal prefers Inönü as his replacement when he dies . Kemal puts away some money for the education of Inönü's sons in his will ; if Inönü gets shot for some reason . Being so afraid of Russians , making him so "pliable" for Berlin at the exact time Kemal sends people to a conference , woving to sink Italian submarines attacking Russian arms shipments to Spanish Republicans ...

the Hour of Opposition declares just now : That it's to be 15 000 square kilometers , one of the "targeted" camps is 140 kilometers down the border and there are 11 000 ISIL members and 79 000 dependents , oh yeah , also the option of fighting Damascus on the way to liberate sunnier Sunni brothers ! 17:55-8 local time .

conference is good , the risk of fighting Italians good , wrath of Hitler is good , because Kemal has already figured out if the Fascists and Nazis come it will be a world war and America will win and America will not return to isolationist policies , because it can't and that's all the balance Inönü ever needs against Stalin's Russia . Inönü still fails to agree , and becomes the National Chief after the Eternal Chief dies . Cult of personality thing , he gets banknotes printed in London and the ship that carries them is in harbour when the British reinforcements to Greece are docking . Some Ju-88 arrives and hits a ship carrying like 12 000 tons of explosives . The ship with the banknotes sinks and nobody has since tried to remove Atatürk from the Turkish money . See , just like Aliens comink , not real but useful .

but New Turkey will create a new world order , on its own , because it's talk that works and it will do wonders if the foreign affairs of New Turkey guy wears the uniform , when practically no single Party newspaper mentions Trump destroying New Turkey if any seperatist gets killed . It has been online for a half a day as the newspapers were going to print , right ?

and the confusion is like so much that some speaker is talking on the same and he's "proving" America has not closed the Syrian airspace to New Turkey and Syria is a free country and New Turkey can occupy Syria , because America has no right to close the airspace ... Everything is mistranslated !

nikki Haley reportedly starts a twitter topic that says "Turkey is not our Friend" . Correct , your friend is New Turkey , your enemy is Turkey -come and take what you can , if you can . People might maybe remember her exasperation at the State Department careerists who were content and she would come and teach me manners and how it was done to people .

then once again Farage . With Boris Johnson in action , much centered on Turkish immigrants that would invade England . At a time when people would be really working hard get a "license" , any "license" to live abroad . As New Turkey was getting to its stride . Yet , 2016 also happens to be the year of the Disgrace of July 15th , when Obama wasted the Congregation to keep the Party going , the affair breaking some teeth of the New . Ever seen a tree of fruits ? Shake the tree and the fruit will fall ? Like the country is lost and people might come and invest in the City , as the Poles did ? Despite London being "responsible" for the Counter-Revolution ? Some guy calling himself a druid , calling himself an investigator , writing newspaper pieces on how the lover of some singer went to Vietnam and stole the MiG-28 because as we know it exists and always but always talking of the day some MI6 agent told him there would be Caliphate in Turkey , because New Turkey no longer counts the "Anglophile Society" as a traitor in the 1920s , because always but always Islamists have tons of links to London . When he died , one of his associates tried to fill his shoes , telling the world the Venetian intelligence service was still active and damn rich , too . People always love it when they are told who they are , especially in cases when they aren't . Ah yes , you gotta be the real enthuasist to know the storied Mk.IXs in action during the BOB ... And oh my , the good old days , when you could hear evil Kemalists sold the country and became America's slaves when some disease struck the cavalry horses in 1946 or 47 and they were shot and cavalry divisions were no more . Had they been kept , Santa Adnan would have defeated Stalin and would have conquered the steppes , because why not ? Absurd works only when your power in itself is absurd .

so , with no particular thing to do and as empty times create empty heads , ı decided to check what ı was doin' at the times when America was conquering the world with Lockmart's fusion power . ı was surprised that it wasn't so out of the blue with me having saved some thread in October 2014 ! Should have researched this long ago , but people are very keen to keep me in the dark , because anger is an health hazard at even 40 to 50 years of age bracket . So , Lockmart is going to do fusion in variable sizes , 2.5 tons of weight for F-16 , 20 tons for truck mounted field power generator , 200 tons for submarine propulsion , 2000 tons for power generation , industrial scale / can compete economically with solar power and the like ? Skunk Works is where miracles happen no matter what and they just need more physissts or however you spell that , in addition to gas turbine makers ? As said people are vey keen to keep me in the dark ... Or is it that they will demonstate fusion this year or the next and they plan to beat the likes of China going commercial by 2025 and this is why the subject like became 100 times the weight in like 4 years ? Is there any correlation between like for real ? The way like suddenly ı was allowed to post , the long standing "You'll never post here again" revoked ? Until the day ı got into disfavour of British Aerospace and it became moderator control once again ? Like about May 2017 , around the reactor becoming 100 times in weight , is it a combine or BAe alone ? And why do ı get it back and when ? Oh-kay , lets end this with where the 2.5 tonners would be derived from , you know pictures are good when the text is so rubbish ! With good old VF-1with twin Shinnakasu Heavy Industry/ PW/ Roice FF-2001 thermonuclear reaction engines rated 11,500 kgf/650 MW each !



not deity
Nov 10, 2008
and the statement neither saves the Kurds nor teaches anything to us nor ... ı think ı can write another 10 pages ... without a single hostility or whatever .
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not deity
Nov 10, 2008
uhm , oh , ah , err ... Can't decide how to start ? When in doubt always go with the greatness of New Turkey . So , when the election jihad starts and yours idiotly naturally sees people on the street who are just once again looking forward to his demise because America "protects" and America will be "defeated" . Was goin' home as the the thing started in the afternoon of the 9th ; comin' to the webcafe on the 11th , typical . Also typical of the "Revolution" in everything New Turkey ever does . The land operation started 6 and a half hours after the air operations , as measured by the first bomb drop ! There's nothing like this in the annals of warfare ! Shows how well prepared New Turkey is ! Oh , am pretty sure Napoleon would start his land operations on the exact hour when he started his operations , but then Napoleon is a foreign lie anyhow .

Spoiler :

so well prepared or something that the first killed on this side was a 9 months old Syrian kid of refugees . Then followed by other civilians . Makes actual sense just like in the way American Army versus Afghans and the like , if Afghans try to engage the Americans they will be swamped with fire , leaving Afghans to look for less "protected" , hence like amazing fire on towns . People leaving towns in one interview on the Hour of Opposition , rejected by an official in the very next interview , people are heroically staying in the border towns . Let's agree to disagree on how the seperatists fire on civilian "targets" as always .

and how the Hour of Opposition , disregarding whichever team doing it , is still mistaken in thinking it's supposed to cater for any seperatis feelings , too . No , it's simply meant to provide a balanced report on what happens , its balance assured by Russia as a great power or whatever because New Turkey media is useful to one as much as an heart attack one has . Hour of Opposition caters to Turks so that they can forgive the rest of the channel and the non-stop pro-Russian stuff or whatever . Not for the people who would be offended with news that seperatists were firing on civilians . Which is then covered : the Free Syrians arrived in some town and were dispersed allover , making the whole town a military target , that's why seperatist mortars were falling allover in that town . ı snipe using my personal DC-17 , would let you know if ı could snipe with a mortar , reporting a miracle taking place .

the civilian death toll was about 10 , when the troops started to die , 4 as ı was typing at home , and 2 of them from the location of Jihad 2 -like hundres of kilometers away . This being Jihad 3 . No doubt inspired by the good harvest from the Kaşıkçı affair , during the whole world "supported" and even "followed the lead" of New Turkey , the journalists made much of passing bullets and mortar rounds making lumps of mortar go around , because seperatists were firing on journalists . So , the seperatist made a full effort on the journalists : A hotel where even foreign journalists are . Nothing of the jerky motion of a cellphone , professional camera , recording the unnerving whistle of it coming down . The cameraman rushes inside and we see some woman who has taken cover behind a table , but she is holding smartphone straight , stress on her face , no shaking in her hands , 21st Century journalism for you . 5 rounds fired , 4 not exploding and the 5th far away . American Military is not only a coward but a fool , too . 60 000 truck loads moved from Iraq to Syria carrying every possible thing to arm 80 000 seperatists and some 80% dud rate ?

oh , ı naturally have a full set of Katarn armour , ı don't have to take cover behind a table .

but then there is already the possible explanation . These stay behind seperatists are pawns sacrificed / so , they are armed with Russian weapons . The valuables are those armed with American weapons ... No doubt the mortars of the valuable would go off ...

naturally the PR battle is on , apparently much against Ankara . 10 civilians here to claimed 26 over there , maybe 10 troopers of Army of Petrol and Free Syrians versus 400 odd seperatists claimed by Ankara versus maybe 30 accepted by seperatists . There's a battle out there , like far more important then the one that uses bullets and the like , one in the language of English . ı feel offended or something . ı didn't eat you in 2014 or 15 , won't eat you now . ı know it's like cultural codes of the West that you people are so fond of Freedom of the oppressed and at least were once in favour of a Kurdish Nation State . But then it's maybe doubts . Of course , New Turkey will not be able to win the war of words in English , they are meant to become Arabs and let us Turks to face the music . ı don't know , like the millionth time since New Turkey began . Islam is my Faith , ı have nothing against Arabs or Kurds or Americans however hard it may be to believe , am also a fool , perhaps a nationalist fool . So am all laughs when the music channel of TıRT (the so called State Channel) has a song on how the guy is going for the "Red Apple" or the golden dome of a church in some big city to be conquered as in Istanbul or Vienna and his parents and lover are all to wait for him , he is busy ... On a day the newspaper has a very small picture released of self propelled artillery . Sand yellow , has a Turkish flag flying on it and a decoration of sorts , possibly in Arabic script , more probably something "Islamic" . They are giving armoured vehicles to the so called Free Syrians , but doesn't compute . If crewed by Syrians it shouldn't have the flag , if not it shouldn't have the decoration , because Turkish Army is always boring , you will never see sharkmouths on actually Turkish Phantoms .

new Turkey is also busy creating universities in Syrian towns liberated and some Party person tells of the 3rd Jihad aims for the territorial integrity of Syria for the "middle term" , which as a Turkish speaker ı understand to mean in the long term there will be "fetih" and the liberated parts will not return to Damascus . Because we Turks are fools and we must be convinced that there will be victory and the seperatists will not be given a quarter of the country and Turkish language will not be swamped and banned in the next decade or the one after that and blah blah . We Turks become the subject of ridicule or anger and whatnot and while you can look away , you can't close the ears at the curses against the Jews and the Armenians on the exact day Trump has granted permission but the operation is yet to begin . It's our fault as Turks that New Turkey has not charged as soon as possible as it's only New Turkey that's of Turkish stock and everybody else is Jewish and Armenian and a traitor and that's why it hasn't begun yet . Which is very wrong as this is not an "Afedersiniz Ermeni" period . Not with PM opening Ara Güler expositions everywhere he goes . Previous posts you might remember , photographer of Armenian origin , photographing the PM despite the PM's penchant to apologize to the public when he has to use the word Armenian . That makes every Armenian traitor stopping the unstoppable New Turkey a Jewish traitor .

there has to be traitors afterall . Take this former officer of the now dead Turkish Air Force , now teaching at universities . Such a flexible mind ! That it would take 10 traitors to hold his legs down or he would like suddenly save the country all by himself . When the Syrian mess begins he is like conqueror . The Phantom goes down after trolling Russian arms smugglers , he talks of NATO , Article V , how New Turkey will defeat Russia . Russia comes in and he is on how New Turkey will defeat Russia , after the shor down Russian jet . Russia and New Turkey kiss and oh my , New Turkey and Russia are creating a new world order and Chinese are little partners whom you can ignore , it's new Turkey and Russia that will bury USA . His latest ? Trump and the PM are the 2 most important leaders of the entire world . And they are creating a New World Order in the Middle East , despite the evil oligarchic bureaucracy in the US trying to topple Trump . Did you know two days before his Inaguaration Trump would be assassinated by the said ? Prevented at the last moment . Trump should not listen to his advisors , now that there's a world of 250 million Turks , which led by the PM's New Turkey . Which will be powerhouse in the 2030s or 40s . With a population of 120 millions . Don't know how that happens myself , being a 50 years old virgin . Will New Turkey be able to fulfill the obligations in making 50% jump in population with making so many babies in 11 years , like 40 millions of them or is that some brilliant plan that [once again and again and again and yet again] that calls for the unification of Ihvan and the like under the brilliant leadership of New Turkey , which has to become Arabized as desired by America to carry out the functions of control in the name of US of A ? As Americans are so proven to be so dumb , now that they are like scared of starships that do not exist , the guy then goes on to demand the return of the F-35 membership , which obviously has not stopped ... Which in itself is a British ploy to sell planes to New Turkey because America "doesn't" and get this "stamp of approval" which can not be possibly true , from people who don't exist and are not fielding back breaking numbers of T-65s that didn't actually stop the Syrian Civil War becoming the Turkish Civil War and gas chambers . And Lockmart is still way ahead without foolish r16 giving away the blueprints and whatnot , because their fusion reactor might have become 100 times heavier at 2000 tons , but some competitor of Lockmart aims for 23 000 .

all that fails ? Why , the guy is studying in the US back in the day and the commander of the institution is a veteran of the Korean War , Kunuri and all that , and he caresses the Turkish uniform of the guy (while the guy is in it , of course) . Has he misjudged the intent or something ? No , brotherhood in arms , possibly he is angered by the irrelevancy of alliedshipness in D-Day in Normandie . You know , if Turks and Kurds are polar opposites and Kurds were not there , then Turks would have to be ! And Trump is there all right , for New Turkey , Kurds can not resist the New Turkey air superiority . Possibly because seperatists are still claiming to hold Resulayn at a time New Turkey claims to have it conquered . New Turkey to capture land , money allotted , new cities begun , Trump getting a share through the bloodsucker class (stock market traders and the lot) . So New Turkey conquers , Trump punishes New Turkey because otherwise he would be impeached and New Turkey has no mercy on American Presidents who are no longer Presidents (so forget the contracts), Trump proves his mightiness , Trump meets PM in the US on November 13th after everybody has already forgotten he allowed the operation in the first place and the PM meets some rich Americans who will directly invest in the cities and pay Trump in other ways . Trump even says he can't keep American soldiers at the Turkish border for 50 years when the Americans can not protect their own borders . You know , Trump making the American Military the strongest in the world , and the said was not the strongest in the world before Trump and it still can not do . The seperatists ? Oh , their airforce was the only one in the world to field F-22s . Who actually are angry at the way Americans made their walls and whatnot removed from the borders in the name of placating New Turkey and that made Peace Springs easier or something . Man , ı have some magazine , official USAF thing from 2018 that says B-1s going "Winchester" 31 times defending the Kurds in Ay-el-Arab , Kobane to you ... Meaning the plane used every single weapon on it . There are "airforces" in the world that would have to fly all their planes twice to carry as much as a loaded Bone , short for the B-1B ... Oh , Trump will not of course accept all those millions of seperatists and their walls and place them on the border with Mexico , to shoot immigrants at he knee or have razor sharp wire or have alligators to eat the immigrants . Trump , the medieval baron or king ? No , he would be dead before he was 20 , "Civilization" supports the not the particularly adapt ... Will not stop his so called detractors in the almost racist ranks to claim he is leading the attempts to start the 9th Crusade , though .

oh , you are all ignoring this because ı gotta be some loser Opposition who can't match the splendour . Oh-kay , two Opposition newspapers , who can't naturally support the victories . One calls America a dog and sexually wrong because America threatens sanctions . The other tells the Arabs have betrayed us once again , with the Arab League calling the operation an "invasion" , a scandal as the Voice of Russia reports on 11:02 on this Sunday 13th . Because Arabs are so much loved by New Turkey and the Arab betrayal will then boomerang back to New Turkey . 11:03 has the declaration that nobody in the Arab Street takes the Arab League and its things seriously . PM's advisor says the Arab League betrays the Arab world . So , the Opposition and the Party have agreed on the Arab betrayal ? Not at all . ı have never met my paternal grandmother's uncle who volunteered to serve in the Ottoman Army and might have been captured by 1918 or so and beheaded because the British were paying a gold piece for every Ottoman head brought to them by the Arab freedom fighters . That Opposition newspaper catalogues everything New Turkey did for Arabs , so that there will be political hurt coming the Party way , Some pathetic , some glorious . New Turkey hates alcohol , bans the sale alcohol everywhere . New Turkey sells some prime lot in Istanbul to the king of UAE and the king wants a permit to sell to alcohol in his place and he gets the permit . You thought he wouldn't sell ? Or wouldn't get the permit ? In what age and what place you are living ?

so , could Trump stop New Turkey ? He could , because he was doing that like for a full year . He said he was leaving Syria in December 2018 . Beacuse this is the American tenet that they should either fight to victory or they should never be there . Being there comprimises , people would see , say , Arabs were just people , dads caring for kids , mothers in local edition of burka but still content with life . Would wreck American PR that Arabs are sand Afro-Americans , shouting snack and bar at everything and willing to blow themselves up because they obviously hate American values . Wait , Trump didn't want to fight ? Now that he made the US Military strongest in the world in just one year after he took office ? Yeah , that ? Just like there were no brave people in this country or even the world before New Turkey ? America being strong deters Iran and Russia being "nice" to Jihadis and even New Turkey . With F-22s out of the way , accidents could happen and we could be at war . With anyone . And with anyone left in ashes if they were lucky , Trump could come in and show how he made America the strongest in a year , with crowds offering flowers to American liberators arriving in Teheran . Alas , Pentagon is not that dumb and feels they need the seperatists . Or equally realistic views that New Turkey would make a mess instead of attriting the "enemies" . Who would believe the Saudis having the largest amounts of 8x8 LAV-25 series of personnel carriers in the world and paid no attention to basics and when some Americans were given the contract in 2016 , one pulled some oil filter from one vehicle and saw from dates on it proving that it wasn't removed since 1992 and that's why the Yemenis routed the Saudis ? And Pentagon would have to "save" us , instead of shooting us in the back in the unlikely case we survived the Iranians and the Russians . Trump an ally of Russians ? Nobody has ever had a problem with Russian women , let me tell you , but the Russian men are a problem ...

so ? So , if Trump had willed so , there would have been no operation . Which has already "shattered" the election coalition that denied the fruits to the A-K-P . Civilian death toll at 18 by Sunday morning and how everyone will talk good of the Army of Petrol , while the political branch of the seperatists naturally can not . What if there are sanctions with Lindsey Graham pushing New Turkey out of NATO , now that Turkey isn't in NATO since 2009 as NATO supported the Counter-Revolution non-stop from the times ? What if Europe makes Victor Urban , the little fascist of Budapest shut up and make a firm commitment to call the operation an "invasion" ? So that the PM would carry out the threat of opening the doors and letting 3.5 million refugees occupy Europe ? Which is repeated every week and gets the same amount of applause , too . When in August 2018 , the time Trump saw he wasn't taken as the godlike figure he was and Ankara considered itself an equal it took more than 15 days to make Ankara to see the economy would be ruined . Ankara could not believe Trump was serious , period . America will ruin the economy ... in 15 days , despite all the mechanisms New Turkey has "created" to deny the bloodsucker class . US+EU will do that it in a week . Will they ? They won't . And if they look like doing so , there will be a make believe crisis and A-K-P will declare emergency rule/martial law and rule the country ever after with any fear of elections .

America will ruin the economy ... in 15 days , despite all the mechanisms New Turkey has "created" to fight the bloodsucker class . US+EU will do that it in a week . Will they ? They won't . And if they look like doing so , there will be a make believe crisis and A-K-P will declare emergency rule/martial law and rule the country ever after with any fear of elections . You read that already in the spoiler ? Am ı complaining that one can find yet another similarity with Adolf's times , state building cheap housing for families of 3 to 5 children ? You people disliking us Turks ? Why , you have the right , even before am granting you the right to do so ...

oh my , apparently no suitable traitors were found so it falls to the President of Northern Cyprus to talk against the operation ! Either he was told by Ankara to do so or he is genuine , he thinks the world will support Israel's right to sell gas and New Turkey "opposes" and the world will remove the PM through this "unpalatable attack on the Kurds" and as the President of Northern Cyprus he is makin' overtures so that he will remain to enjoy some oil bonanza ... No doubt there will be talk on how he represents Turkish Cypriots who would have no issues with becoming Greek Cypriots and all that , too . Illusions , man , know no boundaries . 22:00 on Sunday 13th and ı just learn that the operation has changed the world balance , but we will learn the truth of this statement only years later , you know when it's 2317 or something .


Oct 15, 2003
The Dream
r16, I am sure you know (likely also mean) that the "president of northern Cyprus" (lol, that is an illegitimate entity in the first place) wouldn't dream of saying something without getting his orders for Erdogan to do so. It's all make-belief.


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
the "Bottomless Lake" is New Turkey in so many ways ...

Spoiler :

ı had never heard of it before until this November , a lake in the Northeast or there abouts . Said to be dating back to the Ice Age , might be 12 to 18 thousand years old . Nothing particularly imposing , almost a perfect circle on the surface and nowhere that deep , but darkly coloured so perhaps you wouldn't be able to see . People are searching for treasure is how one hears it . Some amusement at first . This country is crazy for treasure , Greeks or Armenians running away in panic , they hide their wealth to return one day and here they are , searchers ... Or over there ... Suffocating to death in tunnels or blowing themselves up , with dead people reported at least once a year . A tresure seeker website even claims there are like 8 million treasure seekers in the country .

then newspaper accounts . It's legally permitted by the officials of the province and has military guards ... They are looking for the treasure or more officially the "weights" of a Roman Legion . The 15th , Apolloniaris or something , one of the 4 big ones that remained in the East when the Romans were divided . Gotta say ı wasn't surprised to discover there are high school kids who don't know what a legion is , we had at least Asterix in my time . By "weights" you gotta understand the logistical tail , like cauldrons or spades and stuff . Oh , makes sense , my so limited real life soldiering was of 26 days in the summer heat of Ankara , we would make lines of 20 or 40 people in front of each water tap as soon as the training (as it was) ended . If you are r16 , you can even suspect some high powered archeology , like secret amulets that keep you safe from horsebandit arrows . Because Hitler would look for stuff , New Turkey's smart people insist on doing similar stuff , they had this mysterious dig in some city center , looking for some ancient bible that would give them power over Vatican , the claim actually appearing in newspapers ...

then , oh well , a let down ... They have found nothing , they have filled the lake , wait , what , why they would need to fill the lake ? A couple pages ahead in the newspaper , they mention another lake in the West , pink waters due minerals and shaped like an heart , so , obviously a holiday center in the making , does anyone want to invest ? From this you know that they have succeeded "greatly" in the East , achieving something that defies description in ordinary terms . Most people would use a term that also defines a bodily function , comes mostly in various hues of brown and stinks , especially in summer .

fallout quickly begins , "What the hell, man?" is the general attitude . Is this a general plot to divide the country ? You see , two guys , at least one of them a [Party] contractor that pours concrete anywhere as long as he gets paid . One of them dreams the commander of the legion buried his treasure at the bottom of the lake . Laugh at this and get called an infidel , because there is this Islamic tradition that says if your beliefs are strong enough , you will be guided to solutions to certain vexing issues . For the unbelieving , assume that if you were to relax yourself with prayer before going to sleep , your subconcious might operate without the usual daily stress and maybe you will see a clue . So , the lake is not 12 000 years old , because the legion dug a hole in the ground and rainwater filled it over the years , the guy says and they pressure the officials and they get all the permits , because nobody knows where the officials might all end up if they refuse bigshots in the provinces . In the past , it meant "exile" to 2 years of goverment service in the East and there are still worse Easts compared to regular Easts ... These days you will certainly turn out to be Congregation , straight to jail ... Neverminding that back in the days of legions , legions did not run from practically anything and if they had to run , the enemy would be "enough" to forget all about any gold trinkets .

these guys are fools ? They certainly look well fed in the pictures that appear in the newpapers , but they might also be good citizens , just big bones and that ... And it becomes clear . There's this ancient settlement nearby and it's a national park. The borders of which come within 300 meters of the lake . And there's some expedition nearby which might possibly find enough microbes in the lake to have it added to the national park . That would make pouring concrete harder . So , these two jackals (as they are) claim treasure , get the permit , despite they should not as the lake measures 700 square meters on the surface and the permits are only up to 100 square meters , empty the water , dig the bottom and totally destroy the place . Then fill it in . No lake , no national park , so , who knows , maybe they will build 10 000 apartment houses for Arabs , who love us above all and will all rush to buy houses ? Or maybe they want it for any mineral deposits , who knows . And they find local support , who do not want the lake back , because two people were drowned in it ... Their names are on the permits , their phone numbers , too . So when the journalists call them they say , the names are the same but they are not the people in question and no answers on both cases on why they answer the call if they are not the people in question . (By this time next year , if any trouble , it will be "Bu bir FETÖ kumpasıdır" meaning Congregation did it , to hurt these two guys who are the biggest impediment to Congregation ruling the world , of course , biggest but coming second to the PM in the fight against evil ...)

will not happen ! New Turkey builds a new lake , carrying truckloads of clay for the bottom , bulldozing it into shape , it will be better than Allah's Creation . Maybe this was the scheme , will people flock to see what the fuss was all about ? The things stresses because of the nature loving nature of New Turkey . Suddenly in this year's November they decided to plant so many trees . Because forests are good . Now that it's out of season 9 out of 11 million little trees , what are they called , sapplings ? Yeah , 9 out of 11 might fail . It's of no issue , now that ı expect the "Muslim" companies supply millions more next year . And widely covered on the 11th of November . Out of this Melih Gökçek found himself in trouble , because on his TV channel the usual run of programmes were discovering more masonic secrets and it turns out 11 is so important . So , all the pundits were or were not surprised to see some court deciding to investage his wealth , to see whether the amount of compensation he wants from some other person is justifiable . Now that as it also turns out the leader of the Congregation tries to make his big meetings on the 11ths of the month , too .

and of course there is a background for that , too . 15 big power stations , they burn coal , they have no filters and 6 years ago they were given until this year to fit some . They didn't , it would somehow cost 14.5 billion dollars and 10 000 people would lose their jobs and the PM himself said they should , despite his son-in-law's threat 6 years ago that the stations would suffer if they didn't . The companies were given another 2 and a half years . In a "bag of laws" of like 50 seperate issues , the discussions of important stuff always set for late night so that nobody will see them happening . Opposition valiantly opposing , doing all the speeches , A-K-P and MHP saying nothing , some MHP member who opposed on the radio and TVs voting YES to keep his seat as it was a "Group Decision" as it's called . And many A-K-P members shouting "Yes" as they were voting , despite their silence in debates . Passing 219 to 36 , because all the Opposition MPs had more pressing things to do , while Party MPs are only expected to attend and vote as said . You can cry two and a half years long with the anectodes of Yatağan . Some place in the Aegean , when Santa Turgut allowed a thermal power plant , reputedly because the head of the power production wanted a summer holiday camp that would be done by the State for the employees of the power plant . Before that there were 2 apothecaries in the town , now there are supposedly a hundred , because cancer requires lots of stuff ...

and of course all already forgotten by stuff now linked to Ince . Who claims he was falsely accused of secretly meeting with the PM in a bid to win the leadership of CHP . 22:41 Sunday night , must watch some TV before going to bed , but he even acts as if he wasn't meant to destroy the Left itself in the country , whatever little that remained of it , with loosing big on June 24th last year . As if he wasn't the one who promised to be at the Election head office with 50 000 lawyers to prevent the elections being stolen and he was nowhere to be seen , not 50 lawyers , not even 5 , not even all alone . Because the tide was so big and so unexpected even then that the smarties on TV actually promised/confirmed his candidacy of CHP for the municipal elections in Istanbul for 2019 , so that he wouldn't show up anywhere . Not that he would win Istanbul , but he would make his team and some of them would become mayors of the parts of the city , for the profits ... 22:47 , man , 2020 is looming ...

this post was last edited on Nov 25, 2019 in its initial version . Lately ı use it some sort of notebook for other posts ...

Spoiler :

the Hour of the Opposition is a staple of on the Voice of Russia , practically a lone thing in a media environment that will otherwise confirm to general trends . Or was , considering there has been a few programmes of its kind which will talk against the glory of New Turkey ... There have been different teams over the course of the years but it serves . Mostly as a report of things you wouldn't see in the mainstream , with different stress on things ... Was especially unique or something at the height of non-stop Congregation victories .

hence it always has some trouble , they can't talk to their guests or home office thing will loose internet connection at juicy times . You can at times gauge what exactly you are supposed not to hear . Regularly play Civ while listening , become interested only when the phone connection dies ... Was on the evening of the day ı posted the post above . Something about the economic performance with the connection starting to repeat itself . Gloriously with something that would be in A-K-P's favour . Then it was the turn of the next guy who had written a book on New Turkey . On how every single time that it would have suffered or lost , something has happened to move the scheme forward . That it is only logical that there is a master plan that aims for something . Like the establishment of a "Sharia" Goverment , except it can't be . The author guy is an Islamist , would have welcomed that , some years ago . Today he fears some disaster , a "hurricane" will be the end result . Years back , it would be a typhoon , also a play on a male name , but times change . Waited if there would be lost connections . Don't think there was . Because at this point , that New Turkey wants to destroy the country is just a bragging point for New Turkey ... Like they never hide they have ambitions and stuff when things go well and we are all on the same ship only when things do not go well ... We are traitors when the wealth transfer is going well , we become brothers when there is a risk ...

two days after that post , or maybe 9 days later a small plane crashed into a street . Covered in the echo chamber . Guy has a private pilot licence , he has to fly a set amount of hours in a year , he hires a pilot , there is an "instructor" with him . Some sort of control issue . Now that it has been a walking destination of mine ı know the exact area . Echo chamber names the runway ax 270 . Probably means it lies on the true East - West direction . End of runway , airfield perimeter wall , public road , a picnic area , some sort of a hill , said to be of 6 meters in height , and then houses . With thousands of people . Because of this it has been banned to take off in that direction , because in case of any engine trouble , you will simply crash . While the other direction is "clear" , you might force land or whatever but it is mostly empty . Will most probably lose the plane but houses with thousands of people are somewhat in the distance on the East side . The first idea ? Whether the ban on using the 270 direction was specifically omitted so that there could be an accident , so that the airfield could be closed . So that there would be housing projects . So that it could be sold to Arabs ...

you know , the airfield has been there since at least 1940s or whatever , being sometime base of Fw-190s and P-40s . The flattest section of the plain , no doubt . And sure enough , a first newspaper report that people do not want planes ... Not in their backyard . There is no end to desire to pour concrete . In the ways most suited to fill wallets . Especially when fulfilling the duties of the State . Earthquake in lzmir , houses destroyed . Because PM "suffers" when high rises destroy the siluets of cities and cause urban issues , he has ordained henceforth

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Nov 10, 2008
do ı protect the country or do ı not ?

or more important questions like whether the idiot who will become the next Saudi King is a "fan" of Avatar , the cartoon series , water benders and all ...

Spoiler :

people like strategists and stuff in Greece see New Turkey as a farce . They were actually told to do their bit to make New Turkey a reality . Greece is the only country that would fight the Republic in a conventional war , having the motive (Cyprus and claimed oil under the Aegean) , the ability (being next door) and NATO membership (because people of the 20th Century thought Lord Vader's swagger was dependant on Article V and simply Saddam or Hafız Esad woud not imagine they could test whether it would apply or not , considering Israel and Israel's expansionism and the expansionism pushed on Israel by the West) ... So , Greece was the best neighbour you could imagine , as the new century dawned . Someday of course some Congregation dude walked into some Police building or whatever with a whole suitcase that he needed move on its wheels . Full with documents the first number out of that suitcase was the "Sledgehammer Coup Plan" . All the people were like "What the hell? Greece is our dear neighbour!"

the narrative double hurt , the coup plan . It deals with troubles with Greece , Islamists join forces with the Greeks , the Army needs to secure the background , they arrest Islamist politicians . With people named in the exercise , like PM naturally . Despite the orders of the headquarters in Ankara that it would not be discussed in Istanbul headquarters' exercises and most certainly with correct names and all that . Istanbul says they will play a wargame , Ankara bans that particular wargame , Istanbul goes on , because discipline in the now dead Turkish Armed Forces were like always splendid . The plan like actually said the Islamists would plant a bomb in the Fatih Mosque in Istanbul to stir up trouble . This is the one where they burn Israeli flags after Friday Prayers like dozen times a year . You know , infidel Kemalists ban the headscarves and the Greeks will allow them kind of conspiracy . Which became "Army will plant a bomb" . They would shoot down a now dead THK fighter plane while it was engaged with the Greeks in the regular dogfights over the Aegean was also not in the like actual thing . You know , infidel Kemalists want to assemble all the "Muslims" in football stadiums , because this is how Pinochet did it in Chile and it would be like glorious PR in the West so they score an own goal and frame the Greeks , a little shooting happens and people are filled with lust for blood and all the "Muslims" are taken in and they can't run in the elections and Kemalists live happily after , their glasses of rakı , their sons gays and their daughters wh_res . Like actual thing saw some foreign based dudes naturally coming home and they "accidentally" shoot down the bizjet , thinking it's a Greek jet penetrating to troll them . Americans are like eternally probing them on when they will do something about everything , including those foreign based dudes , so ? Translation issues between Ankara and Istanbul ... The latter the HQ of the First Army of the now dead TSK , short form of now dead the Turkish Armed Forces . The Chief of Staff would always be promoted from the command of the Land Forces and this guy in Istanbul could have been the said Chief of Staff , Instead he went to jail and New Turkey had celebrations of Democracy as proven with them not promoting the commander of the First Army to Land Forces .

of course we outnumber the Greeks and they do not want any protracted action , they will like all starve if the summer season lacks tourist numbers and the number of tourists who want to see people killing each other is not that high . Can they do that , especially the Army of Petrol being the farce it is ? They think they can , with a little help , from their newly acquired pals , the Israelis ... Are they allowed to ? No . This is where America enters the picture . They haven't told this to Greeks , but there are those who were once in Pentagon and they firmly believe this country will not be allowed to be defeated in any actual real fight . Oh-kay , this naturally means New Turkey will claim it was their manliness , their heroism , their daring attitude and we will immediately see an TV series episode of Abdülhamid defeating the Greeks in 1896 or 7 , too . Ah , treason spotted ? So , how does that NOT lead to New Turkey starting a war against the Greeks , like even before ı leave the webcafe , on way home ? Mathematics , my friend . The Greeks of course have those official numbers , like back in the day NATO would loose 2 percent in WW III . Say , an airbase with 40 available planes would launch them into war and say , between them fly 100 sorties a day and two planes would be shot down or run out of fuel or crash due to mechanical issues or hit the ground or would have a birdstrike . My promise is we will shoot down 90% in the first week , because we will be relocating from bases , like from out of the Solar System . Do Greeks believe that ? Of course not . The false and fake wars of the 1990s and 2000s and 2010s have created a false sense of security in aviators . And even if it was even possible , that 90% , it's exactly the same thing , because out of that 40 planes , 36 would be shot down and that would leave 4 , each with a minimum of 2 bombs each , making 8 bombs to penetrate bunkers and stuff . And the talk would be evil Kemalists betrayed and didn't fight to clear the way for people to become martyred , because the Kemalists couldn't defeat those people in elections and they couldn't stage coups either . Exactly same percentage of votes , exactly same political results . Oh , the pelicanists would forgive the Little Imperialist in a day , kissing his feet on the second .

this is then the essence of America First . Like Germany First of 1940s ... Any war involving this country will immediately see Americans engaged , even in case of Martian tripods landing . With all the farce and treason and whatever that set in , decay and rot , we can still sink the single or something American destroyer in the Black Sea . We will be nuked ? We are dead as soon as a war starts , are we not ? And it has worked , like clockwork or something since 2012 .

but how ? Time for a couple of Maritime stories , then . See , Americans made a thing about keeping the locations of their aircraft carriers a secret , because they actually know the ships can be sunk , loss of prestige , people will loose their retirement bonuses if they survive tar and feather sessions . So much that during some late 80s exercise an USN F-14 shot down an USAF RF-4 right above the carrier the latter was overflying . r16 knows the story , but hey , let's keep to the facts . There was a storm in Washington and USN could not claim switchology stuff nor remind some USAF exchange pilot in an F-14 had downed another F-14 in an exercise the years before . So , the responsible guy was sacked , but only from flying and he retired as an admiral in logistics , apparently doing a good job there , too .

then Syria and the Phantom . r16 knows the story ? What's the need , it was sent to draw fire so that the Little Imperialist could invoke Article V and NATO would come and smash Syria and give the whole to New Turkey and the Republic would be formally abolished and people would start going to job in Arabian robes and all that . So mixed up ... If the plane flies in international airspace the Syrians will not fire on it , are they crazy ? If it goes in Syrian airspace and gets fired upon , NATO will be sissies and do nothing . Those two pilots died and their bodies were supposedly taken from within Syrian territorial waters because New Turkey wanted others to fight in its name . r16 was down to interpreting TV debates and newspaper accounts , personal disbelief and stuff on how the boots of the crew were recovered safe and sound , silly utterances on how Russian smugglers would recognize the napalm pattern as flown by a Phantom , modern radar sets enveloping their targets with so much stuff that the wingman of the shot down plane had no idea what had happened , silly stuff like that . In all probability hit by 23mm fire when overflying Syrian land and going straight in , but that didn't suit the narrative . Like months of how the Syrians fired a missile on a plane flying over international waters and no electronic signature whatsoever . No NATO war but the Irresuction in Syria went on , without a hitch . With New Turkey taking potshots to down Syrian planes .

congregation though was marked as cowards . Their lack of enthuasism to risk their own skins made Americans look for other options . Like making A-K-P "real" . New Turkey (especially after it was shorn of Congregation) talks so much and well , too much . And it has a new weapon system like every week or day . You would think New Turkey would actually go to war and it was arming itself to that end . Like the economy was not fake and America did not shake New Turkey enough to rattle the china in the kitchen shelves in August last year and could not utterly devastate the economy in a week or a month with complete ease .

and even this was not something to talk about . If Congregation was cowards and their wholesale penetration of the country could not be used in a Middle Eastern war , with the betrayal quickly proven , what use was new Turkey ? Betrayal in NATO discovering the Phantom was intentionally sent in to Syria to involve NATO , censure Ankara , because Kemalists have never been good in the first place and leave us all alone against Iran that would interfere , because there would be no NATO to protect New Turkey . Betrayal as in Kemalist betrayal , my friend ,Kemalists betray people especially when they are like never there in the first place ; you would think it was Kemalists who were in charge in the last 17 years . Actually , it still took Iranians some months to arrive in Syria . To fight , instead of plundering whatever the could before the inevitable fall of Damascus . So , well , the napalm pattern in Phantoms merely created ISIL . You can have ulcers in a day . ISIL ! A pawn to be defeated by the seperatists in the end , led by fggts who bragged about their hair being better than their so called wives and kept cozy and warm and comfortable by the accolades of the West , on their reforming of the warfare . And when that no longer sufficed , by the likes of this Irish woman , who used to be in their military as a bodyguard and stuff to their President and Prime Minister . Leaves their service in 2012 , goes through 4 guys , has a two year old daughter , says she was never involved in violence . Oh , am perfectly ready to believe her , how would she ever find the time , when she was all busy creating the required impression that the men of ISIL were the only men in the world ? The likes of America do not sulk in the corner when they are defeated , my friend , they just go and start anew .

so , it is those 5 ancients in the basement of the Pentagon ? They would be laughed much harder , far harder than people who laugh at me , because it's known ı am an idiot . It's actually the sad losses . That the USN was secretly trailing a probably North Korean ship , as some web blog seen in this forum like totally hints at and they collided with some cargo ship . Then probably the same N.Korean , but a different USN destroyer , further South and possibly 30 killed in total . And some suspicion that it's indeed true what r16 says . That people don't actually know how radars work , what they can see and what they can't see . Hence , it's USN that claims to have encountered UFOs and have patents to make some ... It's no doubt too tired crews in reality , who would think Norwegians were secretly trailing a North Korean in some Norwegian fjord when they had their warship rammed by a cargo ship ?

great powers were all jerks , when they were truly great . Then we had superpowers , these two . The nuclear age for one started with the lead scientist talking their newly acquired god scale powers ... And they hate sulking . They are conditioned or if you will , spoiled to get their way .. So , am pretty sure ı could find quite an audience in Buenos Aires and places on how that Argentinian submarine actually made it to surface after it was hit by the Brits and signaled help and their Goverment chose not to hear . Like , they will go and fight London , especially when the US is ruled by Don Donald Trump ?

so , how does New Turkey talk to great powers , even the superpowers ? Obviously because it's the bravest country in the world . Everybody knows there will a Kurdish Nation State , sometime by the 23rd Century or something , if everything goes on track . Or earlier if New Turkey gives them one . So , exactly how New Turkey goes on election jihad and kills seperatists by the hundreds or thousands . When everything is settled , some German federal minister comes and says there should be a secure zone in North Syria , Hullo , hullo , Donald Trump has been saying that for years so that he can rob New Turkey without political considerations of how they have been protecting the so called enemies of New Turkey ? Macron , of France , says NATO is brain dead because New Turkey has invaded Syria ! Trump puts Macron in his place ! Not least because the likes of Google and Fecebook will now be taxed in the EU , 3% . So , naturally Trump will put 100% taxes on select French exports to America . Because the fake economy is fake and doing super duper hyper myper good , New Turkey will introduce the same tax but at 7.5% and we once again hear America threatens sanctions ... Which will not happen , certainly not before the new A-K-P is certain to win , if it comes to that ...

and they see how talking does it . Trump's pouting has made Europeans add 130 billion dollars to their defence expenditure . Germany even claimed to be considering to buy F-18s , no doubt Growler variety to replace Tornados ... So , they have talked big , while Army of Petrol also talks heroically , that they see NATO as useful . Yeah , Army of Petrol is kind enough to let NATO keep protecting it .

but the thing is everybody is now talking . Russian experts and stuff are becoming alarmed at this feeling of Putin is far too exposed and some newspaper someplace says the PM ordered the shooting down of the Russian jet in 2015 and Putin says he doesn't believe that . Because the nuclear station deal guarantees to buy electricity at 5.5 times the current rate ; you know because nuclear power is king for producing cheap energy ... Which is apparently the highest rate to be paid in the world for kilowatts .

and people in the country . One bad apple rotting the whole like ... Everybody is getting bolder and stuff , like on both sides . The first journalist was taken in and released on the same day because of a decision that doesn't exist according tıo the officials . If a journalist talks of economic crisis , he/she will be handled as a terrorist . Once again , the officials say this is some misrepresantation of stuff . But each little gain makes people talk of the PM's relentless fighting against smoking . That it's some health hazard , that the PM made a law in a day to ban smoking in vehicles , including guys who smoke on their own in their own car , but that law was in the books since 2013 and nobody was paying attention , aapprently including the PM himself . They made a few days of traffic fines to finance a little more of the fake economy , drivers are no doubt more careful now ... Sad , because ı don't smoke myself and like get sad when ı see kids smoking to feel that they have grown ... What to tell them , cigarette companies knew their production methods concentrated Radon or something in cigarettes and it could be avoided with just a little expenditure for 50 years and did nothing ? Or , one early condition for A-K-P was decreasing tobacco production in this country so that the ever incrasing pressure in the Western countries could be less harmful to company profits ? Which will no doubt make me regret the conversation in many more countless ways . Nobody ever needs to die to impress some guy or gal ..

ah yes , the next episode of filtering at the 15 power stations . The first use of Veto powers by the PM . Let's see this , no law in New Turkey will pass against the will of the PM , that's the essense of the system , right ? So , they pass a law that allows the companies 2 and a half years to add filters to their stations . Which turns out the Supreme Court had banned amy such extension like last year or so . So , some TV channel says if those stations were to stop 10 to 12 days , together , to put filters on , like 12 000 metro train runs would not be made , for lack of power . Turned out 4 out of 15 stations were out of the system on that very day as regular failures were being fixed . And this country has almost the double power generating capacity of what it uses at peak times ... The host of that channel was a mother and she was invited to spend some time at some town which has 3 of those stations . With her infant child . She was expected to run before 6 hours were over , not 6 months . Which is the new limit , for companies to fix the mess . As declared by the minister of the palace cabinet for energy and like ı should have claimed payment for the palace cabinet thing as a variation of it is now in use , so that every failing of the system will no longer will be assigned to the PM ... Still doesn't suffice and the PM vetoes it . You would have thought CHP was running the country and it had been influenced by the companies and it had passed a wrong law and the PM simply vetoed it ... A-K-P MPs actually had the best , they had tweets thanking the PM for fixing the wrong , despite the thing records show that they voted in favour of the law . On the night when they didn't speak for once during the discussions and were shouting "Yes, Yes" during the voting . MHP has a new motto , protecting the nature is Nationalism and thanks the PM for the wise decision , despite forcing their own MP to vote "Yes" and the guy was certainly as active as any Opposition MP against the proposal before it came to the Parliament . Wasn't ı surprised ? Would ı ?

did that happen because the protests to come , since the Gezi Events showed the Police could be forced back when there were enough people throwing rocks on them ? Was it a seperatist trick where they suddenly leaked one of their leaders in jail was being denied medical treatment at a hospital despite the prison doctor's requests ? This before the NATO summit , where Macron definitely will be acting t look like heroically defending Kurdish stuff ? Is it an election thing after the surprisingly fast defeat of Ince ?

the main Opposition , CHP , is the key to the Opposition . It turned out the people had not forgotten the 50 000 lawyers pledge . Or how the guy simply disappeared on the night and rumours started that either he was taken by the Army of Petrol or it was his wife who was taken hostage . Naturally he said it was a conspiracy against him before the party congress and there were mafias and thiefs and stuff . Naturally the Party media jumped in with both feet . Ince was embrassed by the interest : As he personally ranted that he had done 170 rallies in the presidential election last year and not one of them was covered by the Party Media ... He gave up in days , he might be politically finished . The Party Media works on full Pavlovian or whatever the scientific name is . So , they have lost the knowledge of keeping control ; before they came in the Opposition Media was doing a nice job of wrecking the CHP .

kılıçdaroğlu will have the Alevi vote and a shameful or something change of leadership in CHP might have made the Alevis not bother to vote in enough numbers . To allow A-K-P win undisputedly . Which would then clear the way for people to wear Arabian robes to work ... So , some local dispute in Izmir ends up with people writing on the wall of the house of an Alevi family , telling them to go away . The urgent response of the State was like much admired by all the medias , let me tell you . Unfortunately for the Party , the Alevis are always spooked when their houses are marked , remembering the massacres and stuff before 1980 and they were avid followers of the Syrian Civil War news , too . So , maybe the veto will allow some spinning of anti-Capitalist attitude . On the days Kılıçdaroğlu seems set to work on harping the very same set of 5 companies , biggest of the country and among the top 10 in the world , get to pour concrete all over the country , because the PM might have a share in them , apart from long standing claims of using them to finance his political expenditures during election campaigns and the like . Reinforcing that with the PM wants to "invade/capture" the entire Turkish defence industry as he had it in the weekly speech in the Parliament yesterday ...

as for the idiot in the Saudi , he has his people have a TV series named Kingdom of Fire or whatever . Not speaking Arabic myself ı don't know if there is an phrase or idiom or whatever , but CFC will remember the last airbender kid and the bad folks . In this case it's them Ottomans who rule the Arab lands with cruelty and ı have seen a couple of editorials on the evil Saudis and their lies . Once again that the Arabs die to be ruled by Ottomans or Neo Ottomans is an American PR pieces against us Turks , the Party media is not supposed to believe in that . Do not hasten to buy Arabian robes for Office work yet ...

next part : kids in kindergarten who tell their mothers that shouldn't work , because the bread they buy is Haram , you know , opposite of Helal . But not much of a rant on why people think what am saying even before ı post is wrong , 'cause this is like a fixture , right ?


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Nov 10, 2008
is it woman's nature to be owned by man ?

but first , the greatest challenge yet to A-K-P :

Spoiler :

as claimed by a journalist who has fallen afoul of New Turkey , despite being the only guy from this country to be embedded with the Americans during the March 2003 invasion of Iraq ; much mocked with his "Joe Biden said "Hi!" to me" at a time he was being driven out for good ... You know America's Vice President acting as if he cared for Press Freedom in the Middle East and stuff .

she was an 11 year old , somewhat heavy for her age at 65 kilos and perhaps because of this because her family thought exercise would help self control or perhaps just because she wanted it so , she would study martial arts , Taek-Won-Do or however you spell that . So , when her father found her laying on the ground in front of his shop on the first floor of his house , he thought (between the spasms of panic and sorrow and the whole gamut of feelings a parent should feel when a daughter lies dying on the ground) that she was exercising on the highest level of the house , she lost her balance and fell down , so obviously a house without a full roof . She was rushed to the hospital , never regained conciousness , died in the hospital . About 20 or 21 months ago by now .

he says he [was] an A-K-P supporter , so just an average guy in the Blacksea region . He would have accepted she fell , he would refuse she committed suicide , because that comes with a stigma of being a failed father , but he might , in the end , perhaps came to that and would spend the rest of his years with guilt gnawing inside , wondering what he did wrong exactly when . Not so ... because the time of the day means she would return home from school and what kid comes home from school without the schoolbag ? The schoolbag was found , ı think by a policeman , during the night when it was shaping as a suicide , on the said highest level of the house , despite no one in the house having spotted it all day long . A bit more on that later .

the father naturally decided this was a cover-up . People had seen a Black car , a specific Fiat brand widespread all over the country , but in that little town , only one person had one , in that colour . Traffic accidents happen , people die in them , so in an accident , the uncle or something of the Fiat owner would come to offer condolonces and a deal would have been made for compensation or the Fiat owner might stay in the gaol , for a like a week or two , at most . And the uncle would have been most respectfully treated in the house , because he is some former Minister of the Goverment and still a bigshot in the A-K-P . Accident . Accidents happen . It's not like the Fiat owner drove intentionally on her to make her scamper out of the way she was walking by the side and ran her over , because she was overweight or something and she couldn't run . Accident . The father would have accepted accident . Instead he was told her daughter jumped off to her death and they couldn't find the schoolbag , now that ı imagine any police investigation would ask for the bag to create a picture of her last moments and it would be inventoried and they , the family and the first responders searched for it . And some police would find it in the darkness of the night , like it was being brought in from the site of accident by the same police . It's said there are 4 phases of someone close to your heart dying , the father was obviously at the midpoint or something .

he doesn't budge . As a result , he has been arrested a couple of times , sued by his own brother , his own mother signed documents against him , despite at ripe old age and she was never literate upto that moment , too . He was once taken to a mental institution to check whether he was crazy , you know , like in the good old Soviet days , with the country being assured it was standart procedure . His wife thinks she knows what happened and it's upto Allah now . So , she doesn't show the same resolution . (They have had a new baby daughter in the interim , named after her deceased older sister .) The little town had voted something like 75% for the PM in the Presidential elections , the area was lost to CHP in this year's local elections . Simply because the feeling of the cover-up .

so , a Parliamentary commission to investigate all suspicious children deaths . You would think the uncle would go bankrupt after whatever compensation they would pay , and this at a time when everybody knows what kind of corruption runs rampant in the country . So , it's brilliant PR thing . First day's reports are in from tghe commission's work , the very first responder policeman was in panic when he returned to the Police offices , there are bruises on her body as if she was beaten , only because the former pinnacle of yellow journalism in the country does not properly edit the reporting . And there are cuts on her body as well . Immediately creates an impression of she making a wrong choice , certainly in this very conspiracy oriented poster named r16... Choosing when to fight and when to run is a matter of life and death .

and of course , because of track record there might be those who would "think" it's a murder cover up . Am not saying that at all . My entire police experience is being limited to being a fan of Profiler starring Ally Walker . As a "1968'li" one ı possibly won't be accused of "buying" a date with , too . Or was she a '67er ?

it's only brilliant PR , in a country where telling lies takes people to lofty heights and riches and whatnot . Because they provide the counterpoints two days on . There are no bloodstains where she committed suicide . Not because she was carried from the spot where she was run over , because she fell and bled internally . The bruises are the result of the fall . So are the cuts , tree branches did them as she was going down . Her heels are broken , a sure sign of falling and not being runover by car . She did then crawled all the way to the front , because in those brief seconds she decided she wanted to live and was asking for help . This is also a thing , because when the initial suicide case was being made up they forgot to factor the sunshade or whatever in front of the shop . Which like extends forward a bit , protects people from the sun or the rain according to the season . She was found in front of it and to clear the sunshade she would have to run fast on the highest level of the house , as much as a professional sprinter or something . So , instead she jumped into the garden on the side , decided she wanted to live and crawled 7 meters to appear in the front , because she had strong arms , studying martial arts and all that . Then the father took a tape ruler and showed it on the web , the new suicide spot and where he found her are about 20 meters apart . New Turkey is a good place for making up things as long as there's no media to show the rebuttal .

then the authority speaks . Some inspector of the State , he says he doesn't know how , but she killed herself by jumping off the house . No traces of anything on the Black Fiat . And stories from her school . That she "fainted" once to see how people would react if she was to die ... And some book was found in her bag , you know that night , one "too heavy" for her in Turkish / too advanced for her for you , the English speakers . Making her a hysterical poser , just like her father who wrongly accuses a former Goverment Minister of covering up an accident that didn't happen ...

am like surprised to discover schoolkids read books these days ...

so , where is the challenge ? Can't tell . It's perhaps breaking this bond between the people of Black Sea ? Who despise their neighbour / next neighbourhood / next province / next country but tend to unite to support each other , if their hold on anything is "threatened" by outsiders . Which like explains the extreme stupidity A-K-P officials acted with , making the 13 000 odd votes advantage of Imamoğlu in the first election to a more convincing 800 000 in the second . Even the PM's own province shows the same stuff , some guy who has spent years in the so called national flag carrier , he resigns (he apparently sees a change is coming down the pike) and he tells of how the Last Prime Minister , while he was the Prime Minister acted against professional advice . Like making an extra amount of 30 billions US dollars change hands over the years , while Istanbul's first airport could have been easily modified to carry the extra load until 2030s . Like because the Last Prime Minister is from Eastern part of the country while Imamoğlu is from Trabzon ...

and yes , "our" Black Sea people are as cool as anyone we have .

time to discover the secrets of Life and stuff ? No , ı won't be talking about bees or storks . Basically each guy comes bundled with a feeling that he is God's gift to Women . ı know because , ı don't know , ı am a guy myself ? If one was to believe "Darwinism" , the woman , being weak , would need to marry to raise the offspring and the man would want to be all over the place , so avoid the marriage or any form of bonding . So , like nobody believes in Darwin . With the guy refusing to give the woman he has acquired ? Being abusive all over the world , 3500 women killed in Latin America and like 500 in this country this year .

why ? Because man slowly discovers the women judge and not all men are equal . Don't bother , the nature like creates one for everyone and you might fail here or there but Life is a marathon and consists stuff , kinda more than action in bed . Still no problem , because once one admits he/she has to respect the partner for success in longevity , it happens . (Do not be distracted by the choice of word partner , am kinda "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." type of person , but it still applies .) And if it doesn't happen , well , the modern society and stuff has created this period of meeting and stuff to see whether the couple can be a couple . In plain Turkish or something there's "engagement" before "wedding" and as any failure of engagement might be a bad signal we have also a period of "promise" as ı would like to translate it . One before the engagement , with less of bad signals if the guy or the gal sees they better avoid being a couple .

this then means the guy can do quite allright with his gal . He might not be the handsomest , he might not make the mostest money , he even might not be the mightiest in bed . And she doesn't have to be most beautiful or most homeliest . Trouble at times , bliss at times and the overall result might be some real satisfaction for the couple , and this is such a nice thing . Or whatever .

but it takes an effort . Like respecting the woman . Like giving up the idea of being God's gift to Women , so he does whatever he likes when he likes and she has to shut up , because who else she will find ? This is where it gets ugly , if she tries to break up or divorce or anything like that , this is bursting the guy's bubble . He remembers he is a man and declares she can replace him with no other man . Well , a social contract is a social contract and am of the type that values loyalty and stuff , so no open marriage or any similar nonsense am talking of . Instead of being a "man" , supporting his wife in the struggles of life , at least trying to (and women are extremely forgiving of people who actually care) the guy decides he will become a different type of "man" , abusive , killing even .

the person who came up with the woman's nature is to be owned by man is a musical artist . Nothing ı can tell of having heard , but he is famous for like adopting or stealing a Kazakh song as A-K-P's propaganda music . It naturally depends on where you are on the political spectrum . It always came with some footage from some movie about Cengiz , the great khan of Mongols . He was made an A-K-P MP in the first of 2015 elections , his whole Parliamentary work practically consisted of falling asleep during a session , but he has scored big with providing musical instruments to schools .

so ? It's actually some State policy . While it might sound silly , it's really real , too . That the Arabization of the country is part and parcel of iron handed rule , oppression of any any form of opposition , stuff . People will be handled roughly . People do not like , people have long rebelled at the slightest pretext given the slightest chance ? As such , the men will be oppressed , tis true , but they are to be given lessers . To derive some satisfaction from the joys of oppressing the weak . Their own women . Wifes , daughters , mothers . Erasing the tendency of man to respect , to like , to love , to care . With narratives on TV and the teahouse , in school and the street . Once successful , they will be the true guardian of any Counter-Revolution . If they can beat their wifes and daughters and mothers when the elder tries to save the younger , they are like so close to the ideal person to put down challenges . Like you people think they would spare you ? Rape , plunder , public lynchings .

ah , 738 billions of US dollars of US defence budget and still not a word on when they are comin' so that we can fight .

and yes , there are actual attacks on the family and family values , because having a family can readily make men and women to defend their family , allowing some evil demon seed to organize that into a more concerted effort aka some sort of defence . Against , ı don't know , some capitalist jerk who wants to be the first to own a trillion dollars , or some communist pig who wants to enlighten you with stealing everything you own . The capitalist wants to do the very same thing , but as there are very few commies left it's safer to call them pigs ...

the New Turkey version of it is of course brilliant . The only freedom for a woman is to cover her head , with increasing numbers who do , people will see it's futile , decide not to rock the boat and will raise their own kids accordingly . Then it will be kitchen , kids and some congregation's female only meetings . The woman must see it's really pointless , some woman had 23 seperate complaints against her husband and the Police did nothing ; she was finally killed and the all the ministers of the palace cabinet had fine speeches on TV , that enough was enough . Because there are so many court cases , there's this advisors thing and they always advise the woman to shut up and return home and cook and be ready at night , too . Not in these words , but it's their brief , however they might be willing to deny it .

but then there were the days when Democracy was coming to this country and accordingly PM's daughter is a member of an organization that wrote a brilliant law , to advance the women's rights , the Istanbul Accord or something . So advanced or something that the UK has so far refused to ratify it , because it would make a mess of their laws and traditions and whatever . ı grew up at a time when the Brits were the biggest enemies of Islam , creating fake sects and stuff and somehow the very same Islamists now support their position with what London does and does not do ... So , it's not even a month when the PM's wife speaks on some UN day for women's rights and a storm ensues . How she dares , as the PM's wife (mother of four, covered her head before she married) to say such things ? Like equality in front of the law ? In presence of the head of the Religious Affairs ? Now that the system actually means the PM can sack him in 5 seconds if he so desires , and PM's wife like can not talk in front the head of the Religious Affairs ? At least can't say ugly words like "equality" ?

to be honest , this is only one newspaper and this "brazen" attack is a ploy of theirs to abandon the PM , for the Little Imperialist if America orders that way . That the PM betrayed Islam by letting his wife and daughter becoming involved with some Zionist plot . But their operations are like real , with real life results . When the most recent "fashionable" female murder happened that newspaper instead ran a front page partly ranting on how nobody was talking on the real issues . Like divorced women were given alimony . Because if they are given money by their ex-husbands , they finance their life-in-sin with some other man ? No , if financially supported this way they refuse to come back and make more kids for jihad ... And how people are kept in jail , you know , for "marrying" minors .

this is a "Muslim" dream , and fully Darwinist . Get them young , before they know anything , load them with a couple of kids , put them aside when they learn anything and get a new kid into bed . And manly , because Islam allows upto 4 women , only if you will be just for all , no favourites . Equal amounts of allowance money for example , and equal amounts of "love" even . And this only because the times could be harsh , with men really dying in droves in the incessant warfare of the day . With no facilities to keep the women (and their orphans) safe and sound in the less than ideal societies / facilities of the day . So , they can have 4 , because they would ideally send any competing men to jihad , because the nature provides a baby girl for every baby boy or something like that . Maybe we should locate Cerea and move volunteers free of charge ? (*)

and getting them young drives up the numbers of kids (as it's becoming more apparent everyday that after 30s it becomes harder for women to conceive) . So that "Muslims" will have more kids and ı don't know , still win elections .

"istemem, yan cebime koy" is a thing everybody accuses everybody else of doing . Say , you don't want bribes and make it very clear but hint that the money should be put in your side pocket with nobody noticing it , so that the crime will remain a secret and you reputation unblemished . People might fail to agree that ı respect laws , traditions and stuff like parents and whatnot , even ignoring that as a 50 years old virgin ı would have no need and stuff , too . When making up the condition of graduation from the Starfleet Academy , despite the fact that the candidates would not be able to see it from this planet with most powerful telescobes yet available , makes it a certainity that ı will be 50 to 55 , fatter , balder , dumber when she/shes comes/come back . With so much water under the bridges , and confidence and stuff , they would no longer imagine me to be anything . This makes too much sense , you know , so it's flatly refused ? How about this one , then ? How glorious it would be for me after some Eppstein thread and how he was suicided or whole pages of ranting on how New Turkey wants to legalize pedophilia ? At "young age" people can be dumb , ı know because once ı was that young , too . No point in letting anyone in becoming the talking point of the city , the object of derision , the subject of being laughed at , because it's unfair and will pass with time . And actually an American crime , because some of them apparently claimed a word ı used against Donald Trump actually applied to me as "real" . ı guess , because no one on my side would ever use it .

and has made me new enemies . Guys are becoming more accustomed , by the looks of it , that there's no point in following . But girls , well ... Going home , she is coming from the other direction . She believes in "istemem, yan cebime koy" , am obviously a fool , and hungry because no one would and she's twice the female the Stuntwoman is . Who has but 30 minutes or so of screen time overall , just 10 seconds in some blockbuster and that's all . And nothing to me . Not that she would become anything to me , but perhaps she wants to turn me down . May God Protect us all , when she actually becomes someone of repute ... She notices ı wouldn't agree ... ı expect she will be a stubborn enemy of me in years to come . Life sucks , especially when people know it much better than you that what's better for them ...

would rant on but have a good game going on (160x160 tiles , ı have close to 1000 units , have 20 armies and used some 15 military leaders for palace move/small wonder/two free sciences so far , by 530 out of 600 turns)

let me just add the fashionable female murder as in it provided the headlines allover the place was this 20 year old who would turn 21 3 days later if she wasn't murdered . A ballerina , widely covered and naturally there were the "guys" who "attacked" . If she had lived decently and had been at home at the proper time she wouldn't have been killed ... Turns out her friends called her out to some place and she returned home just at a time everyone from work would do . The attacker closed his account on twitter , being a "man" when people actually notice you is rather harder . The guy would bask in his 15 minutes of fame , because he is a perfect symbol of what goes on in the country , as of those in "open" prisons where you spend the later part of your sentence and you are free to go during the days and report back in for the nights , which has enabled 41 wifes and exwifes and girlfriends killed in the last 5 years , he has been "advised" to shut up . Reportedly he was beaten by the convicts in the prison he was transferred to be kept safe and he has "tried" to cut his wrists . One would think he was going to be kept with women killers ? Oh , because people were like , is this an operation or something ? ı first "heard" it on the radio on Saturday , former pinnacle of yellow journalism almost has a full page on it this morning ... Options are Alevis were reminded that the fast response to some gravity on a wall of an house was just a fluke . But if you were to say the killer got out of the Police car , some guy showed his target and he followed the victim on foot for 4 kilometers , you might be expected to prove it . Or Congregation did it , and for a change that they might have done so , or the mayor wants to stop a project of skyscrapers in the town . You see , people should not get wrong ideas ...

(*) Problem for the translators , who keep up churning half translations ? A planet of coneheads in Star Wars , where Jedi Master Adi-Ki-Mundi originates from , 20 females to each male ...

no , ı didn't forget the kindergarten kids . Next part , that , why the Police beats women while the women are protesting violence against women , and will New Turkey and Greece go into a shooting war in Libya , with each side having full contingents of beardies in the finest traditons of the 21st century Warfare ...


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
promise , kindergarten kids will be in this one !

Star Trek - The Motion Picture.jpg

Spoiler :

it's easy actually . Imagine yourself , dear esteemed forum member , a parent in New Turkey , you as husband or the wife and your kid starts this pre-school thing . And the thing is , the kid learns from his/her teacher that women should not "earn bread" , make a salary , that kind of thing , because the bread earned by the "mother" is haram , a sin . Because she should be at home , raising children . If she's at home and as house keeping is so utterly easy , because the New will teach again that the man should not lift a finger at home for any reason , because the man should be served by woman , she will not be tired and be available for the husband so that she can be loaded again . Loaded is an actual phrase in Turkish , meaning pregnant ; ı don't think it's offensive or something . If she works out of the house other men will see her and they will have rections and she being weak , because all women are weak , she will commit adultery at work , laying under some other guy . Naturally it wil indeed turn out that this preacher's married daughter would be working in an office with superbly high salary ... See , how simple , it erases American complicity in forcing cavemanism on the quarter of the population of the world , because if you keep 50% of a country "unproductive" simply because of gender , you can compete more easily and stuff ; every goddamned country has seen Japan and its cheap exports growing into real wealth .

cavemanism is a real ideology , ı didn't make up it now , honestly ... Or maybe ı did . Am Turkish , since when Turks ever talk the truth ?

star Wars world building is like awesome , you can find anything if you search long enough , though at times they do overdo things . You would imagine 90% of all species in that galaxy lives on Naboo . It's the fault of George Lucas ; because he would have a funeral at the end of III and royal funerals have horse-carriages or whatever on this earth , he needed spacehorses and concept people gave him in spades . Militiagung (this being Gungan troopers , dear half translators so that you won't have troubles) needing some other animals and Naboo like became over populated . Including (and ı am right now starting for some reference book to spell the name correctly or something as 10:56 of Saturday 28th ... 11:00 , it's) them shaaks . And the word is oversaturated and shaaks are funny animals , always present and always pregnant and ı remember Anakin making one bump into another , through the Force , to make Padme laugh , the very scenes that keep DVDs of Episode II firmly wrapped in plastic ... It's easy to find stuff when you know where to look .

why it's not easy to read r16 ? It exercises the mind . Helps to notice things like when the current speaker of the Parliament speaks : It's like a car , the driver changes from one with manual gear to an automatic and is confused , looking for stuff that's no longer there and starts with an explanation of how in the "parliamentary" system there's a goverment and it carries out the "will" of the party that won the largest share of the vote , he is actually saying nothing at all . If parliamentary system sucks why he has been in the parliament for decades ? The PM wanted everything and he got everything and he naturally was swamped by the minutea and the country is running a month or two in arrears and he publicly complained that too many decisions were being left to him . He was deciding everything himself when he was the Prime Minister , so , what's the difference ? When he was the Prime Minister , there were the last gasps of the laws that governed the Goverment , any office person could oppose a thing proposed and he/she would maybe regret it , by being exiled to the East and all the other nice things that would happen , but sacking people were comparatively troublesome . ı was sacked with motions of moving me elsewhere , it took them a day , paperwork and all . With New Turkey everything is new , the PM has been saying his officials will break the law whenever he so desires , because they are fighting bureaucratic oligarchy , there are no rules . And nobody will take any risks and posts all the options upstairs . Upstairs and upstairs and where does that end ?

back to women . The men will be oppressed and to prevent them rebelling they have to vent their own lust for oppression and anger on something else , the women of the family . Because you can't tell the 6 year old in front of you to shut up . Or you could and he/she would be back at the kindergarten to hear more of the same , to become a 6 year old jihadi . If you send the kid no more , you will have to find a new pre-school , or care by yourself . Which achieves the result if that manages to keep the wife at home .

come on . You don't believe that this happens . That not even a "Muslim" family would entrust their kids to guy with a foot of beard . Especially when there are all sorts of videos of guys issuing "fatwas" on how even a father could feel his suitably small daughter , down there , if the clothes are somewhat thick . That not even a "Muslim" family would entrust their kids to anyone like that . They actually don't , all those kindergartens have females working , because who would want to spend time with kids , raising kids is a woman's business . Who would naturally be unmarried as of yet , to leave when they are married , to become loaded . And it will work like a charm , because no scandal or negative review ever stop or even hinder "Muslims" . A foundation with a track record of reports of pedophilia is naturally entrusted by the former Ministry of Education to teach ethics in school . Because there are hundreds(?) of thousands of teachers who weren't able to find jobs and it's like a lottery when such yearly assignments happen and they must have 4 years of university education to graduate and some "mullah" gets to teach instead , because NGOs look good , foreign TV crews see Democracy at work . See , r16 is wrong , "Muslims" can be very willing to work with kids , especially kids of others , more preferably kids of those who can't sue them in court . You could definitely try , but don't we know who controls the courts , like they are not godless secular Kemalists or something ..?

when the Civ III turns take much time , ı open up some random e-book and was like through some tome on how the CIA failed to stop Bin Ladin before he managed to bring down the towers . One excuse after another . Works with the central question of why America did not ally with Ahmet Şah Mesut , Massood to you English speakers . Because he was a traitor who betrayed America , he was dealing in heroine because the boys from Langley were not the ones who cultivated the Golden Triangle and demanded this country to end controlled opium cultivation so that CIA could have a larger market share of legal painkillers so that America could teach a lesson to any country if they crossed Washington in any way . Actually we fought a war with the Greeks or something in 1974 about this , as Ecevit (the Prime Minister at the time) had re-legalized opium with much stricter rules and stuff . Pentagon told 'em we would win , but 5 men in the basement are not much of a voice . You , my pals in this weird Turkish language only forum , should have shoot down Jack Broughton for the fun of it . And yes , America would have a goddamned permanent military alliance and stuff with the Ottomans , like in the whole of the 19th century but Evangelists and stuff convinced Washingtonians that the second grade , low quality opium could be bought without such entanglements , so that it could be re-exported to China , where the English ruled supreme with much better Indian opium ... So , ı hear the Roosevelt family wealth was begat with drug trade ?

then the Pakistan question . Who always supported the Pashtun , so that their own Pashtun would not rebel , etc etc . Another bunch of lies , actually . Divide and Rule , with Anglosaxons adding a "barbarian" faction into the Punjabi dominated Pakistani Army . Which was "advised" each and every time that they lacked the means to defeat India . India had/has more Muslims than Pakistan has as total population , right ? Only jihadis can fight India and they are best if from Afghanistan and the like and Pakistan needs people who can talk "the language" so let them have more jihadis in the ranks .

then the pipeline issue . Which is actually a case where an oil company could do something good , to become the pride of that damned whole industry . A pipeline from the Turkics to the sea / Indian Ocean . As Turks , we wouldn't have opposed , we could have another to the West , now that the Western attacks to prevent the same would fizzle over time , seperatists and the Civil War in Yugoslavia being the shining lights of the Western campaign . Do you believe we have starships or do you not ? It could even help Pakistan economically . Would certainly help the Turkics , becoming "viable" economies no longer dependant on Russia . You would think America would approve ? That Turkics to be free , of Russians ? Even us , the demonseed , Satan's sons because living some oil bonanza would make Turkics quickly forget that we Turks are due to their West , in some cryptic comment ? Oh , yeah , you are foolish enough to imagine that Americans do not love Arabs and their oil wells and would create any competition for that . Despite Unocal , you know , being an American company . Saudis naturally opted for the Argentinian one , Unibras or whatever . Pakistan said Unocal . Mesut questioned , the answer was Unocal because Unibras would never finish it , because in oil business the Saudis are kings . Mesut was being visited by the boys from Langley , because the Pashtun and the Arabs were not proving themselves to be capable of finishing him , his Tajiks and the Northern Alliance bunch and things had to be assessed on the ground . So , Mesut told Americans that he would take Argentinian money to create a basis of talks with the Saudis , because he didn't have a need or desire to to fight the Saudis forever and as an obviously faithful Muslim he would like to make the Pilgrimage before he died . The Pashtun would benefit more by the pipeline , it's true , but the Afghan Uzbeks have natural gas of their own and quickly a second line would be "done" , no doubt with some other American company , so why not . Unocal of course was told to talk against Mesut , by the White House and all the Establishment , because they knew he had approved Unocal building a pipeline . Money is important , if people do not actually starve in some place , you will have to pay more , far more to sent them fight and kill whomever you want dead . America wouldn't do the first pipeline , what fool would would make a second ? That would create money for the North !

the Pashtun are so deprived of women , do not get me started , okay ?

Bhutto was a problem . You know , as if people had not ever seen a Muslim woman with brains . You know , like sleeping in the same bed and stuff . She was told the pipeline was OK , Pakistan exporting to Central Asia was OK . The book portrays her good (or perhaps as good as any politician can be) but with a bad husband . It was a bit more of that and she didn't like being told she didn't need to be a conqueror , because despite all the secular outlook , she was just another smartie who would export "her brand of religion" to the Turkics . You can sell ceramics and pots and people might go and buy even Indian if your wares fail or something . Teach them Indians are infidels and only Pakistanis are "Muslims" and have your local agents shoot anyone who sell Indian , yeah , there you are . As if you wll never die or there is no Judgement Day ...

the reward for these series of meetings was Turkey's first Prime Minister . Who would teach people their place . She had been the first woman in Turkey to own a BMW . Making her the first woman in Turkey to have her BMW burned , possibly by some of her own students , because she was like totally capitalist . She went into some fight with the seperatists as the 5 men in the basement were telling so loudly the seperatist campaign might suddenly do far more harm , if the now dead Turkish Army decided to listen to odd people . She defeated the Greeks in the Kardak crisis , or something . She had the regular economic crises , the usual corruption , being blonde and granddaughter or whatever of one of Kemal's governors also helped the "Muslims" win elections by '96 . Bhutto ? Went and came back , she would be "killed" by Pervez Müşerref . Doubly dangerous , as a "proper chap" , raised with like British norms and son of some attachee or whatever and he went to school in this country . So , despite being advised anymore war with India would draw the usual negativity from odd people (because Pakistan would be defeated again) he did start a campaign . Then he refused to stage a coup , because this country had managed to bring down the Islamist Goverment and it was obvious they would be back in the next election , stronger , too ... So , the democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan , so famous for being a tool of Pakistani Army , tried to kill Müşerref , the top commander of the Pakistani Army , as the whole world would be listening to pleas of the pilot of the plane that was carrying Müşerref and his wife . They were denied permission to land , the plane was running out of fuel , so some commander ordered tanks out , like after Müşerref agreeing that he would no longer ask any foolish questions about odd people and their insistence that the Pakistani nuke was a deathtrap and what would Pakistanis do , sit on the pointy edge/tip of the bomb ? That was down to 5 minutes of fuel in the plane's tanks . Naturally , the book says Nawaz Sherif was a fool . Naturally , the commander who ordered the tanks out turned to be a jihadi . Naturally , Ecevit cold shouldered Müşerref as a coupist ; at least Ecevit had translated Tagore -ı think- from English into Turkish , so we can definitely agree Ecevit could find the Indian subcontinent on the map ... Müşerref HAD TO ignore warnings things would go sour , there was no way Pakistan could win where the goddamned Red Army had failed , for one reason or the other . Pakistan kept propping up Taliban ...

all these meant the efforts of the boys from Langley to get Bin Ladin before he did more bad stuff would not avail anything . Enter the girls from Langley . Amazing it is : The team to investigate coming threats from religious crazy whackos was composed of mostly females . Possibly to create a career opportunity so that the personnel could impress more smart American women to came and work at the Agency , a challenge to succeed in the claimed second oldest profession . The claimed oldest profession is a female speciality , involves spreading the legs ; here they could achieve things with their brains , now that the second oldest profession does have an unholy amount of leg spreading . And , man , they turn out to be hysterical btches , bombarding everplace , White House included , with dire warnings on how Usame Bin Ladin was a real threat . Even poisoning their male overseers , not with legs but spreadsheets , assuming spreadsheets existed in the 1990s .

amazing stories , man . We are even treated to the tale of "Afghans" who would seek and find and kill Bin Ladin , before he created the pretext for the coming Republican President , as the second term of Bill came at the cost of the treaty of 2 term and it goes to the other side . Was Monica Lewinsky a first term thing or second ? So , like incredibly the Afghans were like moved to the US to actually exercise in front of the American bigwigs to prove they COULDN'T capture Bin Ladin so that White House would can the whole affair and like weren't half of those Afghans were US Special Forces veterans and acting members already ?

expect no confirmation of the tales that the travails of the "Afghans" were heard all over the world and the odd people trolled the 5 people in the basement of the Pentagon that the Rockwell Shuttle was the solution , now that Bin Ladin was living by the runway in Kandahar as Saudi Princes didn't want to drive hours up some mountain to visit him , to hear tales of how many infidels they had skinned alive lately ... How bad some wanted Bin Ladin dead , for if he wasn't an enemy of America , who was ? And how bad some wanted Bin Ladin alive , as he was the "Islam" America wanted , needed and craved for .

of course there is a logic to this all . Iran had hurt Americans . On an human level , them boys from Langley , as one of them , the top spy in Beirut was abducted by Iranian proxies and tortured for a year to death . Our sunnier Sunni brothers of course hate all the Shia and the Farsi and anything related , so nurturing beardies would pay handsomely when Iran's turn came . It's almost farcical to read the Afghans , almost the world leaders in adherence to extremist points of Islam , complaining loudly about Arab volunteers . That they were beyond extremists , so much that they were not Muslims ... Instead a bunch of people Kuran would warn Muslims about . Here :

<Afghan commanders would send out notes to the Islamabad station, sometimes with pictures showing a truckload of Arab jihad fighters driving through their territory. The Afghans called them “ Wahhabis” because of their adherence to rigid Saudi Islamic doctrine banning adornment and the worship of shrines. Early on, some Afghan fighters clashed with Arab jihadists over the issue of decorated graves. Most Afghan mujahedin buried their dead in rough dirt and stone graves marked by green flags and modest adornments, following Sufi-influenced traditions. Echoing the methods of the Saudi Ikhwan near Jedda more than half a century earlier, the Wahhabis swept through and tore down these markers, proclaiming that they encouraged the worship of false idols. In at least a few cases the Afghans attacked and killed these Arab graveyard raiders. [Some CIA guy] recalled the thrust of the very early reports arriving from Afghan commanders in the field: “ They say we are dumb, and we do not know the Koran, and they are more trouble than they are ever going to be worth.”>

not what ı say ? It's based on an interview that CIA guy gave on November 15 , 2001 ; You wouldn't think the Afghans told them real quick that the Jihadis had other agendas ... By the time the guy in question ventured into Afghanistan in '89 and met some in person and he came close to be killed , there were just 4000 of them in the country , they were still desecrating graves and so fighting battles and stuff with the Mujahaddin and specifically Algerians were robbing aid convoys so that they could build up their armory to fight back home .

except that's just another lie . Now that the Iranian Revolution wouldn't happen if Carter had allowed the Iranian generals conduct a bloody repression : He didn't . Oh , you people are very unbelieving today . So , you are not going accept the whole centerpoint of the US Foreign Policy is to build gas chambers in Turkey ? Oh-kay , how about this one ? Saudis make a lot of money , they make their friends make a lot of money , so any risk to the Saudi is a real threat to America so they need to fight Arab "seculars" , because Saudis are Wahhabis and they can no longer talk of the Arab godless are fools because the Egyptians have suddenly become American allies . A new war is required ! So that the pious Saudis can import fine American whiskies to drink in secret while the godless Arabs can not blame Saudis doing things -as they would be busy dying . And Iraq has proven to itself to be of cowards . We were building this Keban Dam only because some Israeli paper in the 1958 or something had asked for dams to be built on the rivers that flow into Arab lands , because they had gloriously managed to cause Aswan Dam to be the root of so much glory . Nasser wants glory , Nasser builds a dam , Nasser needs money , Nasser asks from Ike , Ike will but can't , so the Suez Canal nationalized , so war ... So , America tells us Ankara to build dams and finds the money for Ankara to build dams . Meanwhile Saddam was told Article V was for Whites , not undesirables like untermench Turks . All he had to do was to commit into some Jihad as he was either Stalin or Adolf or reincarnation of Nebukadnezar or whatever Babilonian and every Arab like totally knows what we are or whatever . He instead tangled with the Shah (too much oil money always cause trouble) and he was roughed up a bit . So , Shah went out , a weakling Mullah Regime came in , so war ...

to result in Kurds freed and gas chambers , too .

saddam and his godless legions were proving to be a joke , so it was time for the proper sort of Arabs . America instead went to war with its own Arabs , getting clearance to use Iranian airspace , too . Though ı would not think they actually based F-15s on Iranian airbases ...

did anyone tell of these stuff to the girls from Langley ? Of course , no ! These are man's stuff . The women were instead allowed to be negative about the Taliban and it didn't require much of an effort . Once again here :

<Taliban leaders ordered women to disappear. “All of those sisters who are working in government offices are hereby informed to stay at home until further notice,” the radio announced on the first day. Also: “Since satar [Islamic dress] is of great importance in Islam, all sisters are seriously asked . . . to cover their faces and the whole of their body when going out.” Eight thousand female undergraduate students at Kabul University lost their places at the school. A similar number of schoolteachers lost their jobs. Thousands of women who worked as civil servants in bloated government ministries, contributing meager but steady salaries to their extended families, were banned from their offices.

Six weeks later the Taliban announced a numbered list of regulations that would be enforced by their religious police. Number one said that to prevent “sedition and uncovered females,” taxi drivers could not stop for any woman who did not wear a full Iranian-style burqa. Number twelve announced that all women found washing clothes in any river would be picked up by the religious police in a “respectful and Islamic manner” and returned to their homes, where their husbands would be severely punished. Number fifteen listed jail terms for tailors who took female body measurements or displayed fashion magazines.>

number 12 is of course the bestest , because you know every house in Afghanistan has a washing machine for every member of the family and the women were only going out to show their legs to passerby . In Iran the religious police used to beat up women on their own for merely showing some strands of hair , but the Afghan wouldn't do any such thing , touch the women and you will have a blood feud for a century . So , they will severely handle the husbands instead ...

and as the book is from the early 2000s with the treason of the now dead Turkish Armed Forces just about to surface , so that the America's orders for the Counter-Revolution could be carried out . So , this country comes out as a bad dealer :

<Turkey sold sixty thousand rifles, eight thousand light machine guns, ten thousand pistols, and 100 million rounds of ammunition—mainly of 1940–42 vintage. [Pakistan's secret service] officers grumbled but accepted them.>

or better let's read it from the guy who distributed the weapons and stuff : or maybe not . apparently too much to digest at once


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
Spoiler :

<It was the same story with Turkey. In 1984 the Turkish authorities made an offer to supply weapons... Once in Ankara, the Turks seemed hesitant when I asked to see the arms they were sending. Anyhow, I insisted, and to my dismay found them all to be weapons withdrawn from the Turkish Army 30 years before. Their date of manufacture was 1940-1942. I was at a loss for words, as I did not want to offend my hosts who were pressing for agreement to shipping dates. I went to our Ambassador to explain that these weapons were not worth the shipment and distribution costs, which we would have to pay. He was most upset. As far as he was concerned there was no question of causing a diplomatic row by refusing this „generous‟ offer. On my return I urged ... against acceptance, and [the superior officer] spoke either to the President or Foreign Minister, but to no avail. In the end 60,000 rifles, 8,000 light machine guns, 10,000 pistols and over 100 million rounds of ammunition duly arrived. Most were badly corroded or faulty and could not be given to the Mujahideen.>

a nice load of BS . Early period when Americans do not believe Russians are going to be defeated so it has to be deniable . So , they are either buyin' Chinese AKs or collecting Lee-Enfields . Standart British rifle , served with distinction in both WW I and II . Yeah , guessed it right . Churchill unloads on Ankara to get us into WW II and upto 1944 , Wehrmacht could still possibly make it as far as the gates of Istanbul , so that the Brits could save us and get themselves rewarded with an international zone and the like in the Straits . 1915 avenged , man ! But ı don't think the entire stocks were transferred , now that when ı used to watch military parades on TV ı was once struck by the War of Liberation cosplayers armed with the said Lee-Enfields . Not a gun person , but there is no other rifle brand with the chracteristic rectangular form that covers the entire barrel . The guy actually tells that the Americans bought 100 000 rifles of the same type in 1984 , from India . At a time the talk was India would start a war and Russians would come in with airpower and them two would swallow up whole Pakistan . So , Indians are selling weapons to enemies who will send it up to Afghanistan where India's allies would be killed . But they need ammunition . So , Pakistanis sell their own stocks of .303 ammunition they have themselves retired 10 years before . The ship gets loaded , spends a day out at sea , comes back as if from Singapore . Each and every round is marked as POF , Pakistan Ordnance Factory and they spend 3 years to erase the markings from each and every round , just 30 millions of them ... 1987 would be when Stingers were downing Russian aircraft , planes and helicopters and Americans were having orgasms , and Russians daily bombing Pakistan , so they are still erasing markings from Lee-Enfield ammunition to remain hidden ...

this is the way of proxy wars . Sorry , a bit short but today is supposed the day the papers will be in the Parliament and January 2nd , the day of debates during which the decision to send regular troops to Libya will be debated and no doubt accepted . Brothers are falling , man ! This will the first time that this country will send troops abroad to possible combat , without any UN resolution or stuff like that . But then New Turkey is not the Republic , and one or two of the drones of second son-in-law of PM were already destroyed in Libya . But they have dumped their Israeli made stuff first , amazingly they have served well or something because we have no reports of them malfunctioning , while they would always do so , as the second son-in-law of the PM was gearing up .

(next day)

well , was hoping to finish a Civ game but ı like have 70 turns to the game limit , so it will not be this year , clearing the whole map of all other players ...

the essense of New Turkey is that they want to become Arabs and this can not be stressed enough , because it colours everything they do . But becoming Arabs means nothing , as they want to become Arabs with Oil , because America does nothing to that kind of Arabs . Like the first thing A-K-P did , apart from disasterously failing to passing a resolution to send combat troops to Iraq as soon as possible (that cleared Kurds to become America's best friends , saved quite a lot Turkish lives) ... Oh-kay you are confused , right ? America ordered Ankara to let 4th Division of the US Army pass through Turkish lands to fight in North Iraq . Everybody knew there would be a Kurdish Nation State , so the now dead Armed Forces asked for what they would have to pay to prevent that . You English speakers will be hearing none of it and ordinary people here imagined but were never informed about them , but there were ugly legends about what might happen to traitors and stuff . Despite there had been a de facto Kurdish rule for at least a decade by the time . So ugly rumours that people have been Kemalists and stuff for 70 years after Keal died . Well they asked the price . America said combat troops . Not alongside the border where the glorious Kurdish pipeline could be stopped by boots on the ground , but to be famous Sunni triangle , like down by Baghdad and no outposts to secure to road travel , because they would grow into boots on the ground to block the pipeline as soon as any odd person descended from the U-Wing and gave a little pep talk accompanied by the cool buzz of the lightsaber swinging in the air . Ankara actually agreed ; A-K-P would manage get close to Arabs and make people learn Arabic , so , it's a win ! Imagine all the cool photos of sheiks with their swirling robes and the evil Kemalists kissing their feet ! America then told Kurdish members of A-K-P not to vote in favour . That was betrayal ! The now dead Turkish Armed Forces betrayed its brothers in arms ! That 4th division , the most modern one in the US Army lost a month in being redeployed to South . Securing North was delayed , Saddam's best hid in their holes , that's why so many American soldiers died , why there was ISIL , you know , wasn't it us Turks who crucified Jesus Christ ? America still amnaged to win though , despite our treason . You might remember the US Army veteran who parachuted into North Iraq , and perhaps my thing about how he should have jumped into Baghdad with a suitcase of couple of billions of US dollars , he might have saved hundreds of thousands of lives . We meekly expected A-K-P vapourising into thin air , but next to Arabs , America loves those who want to become Arabs .

so , the next very first thing A-K-P did was telling Denktaş to go to hell . He was old school , his life was opposing the Greek Cyriots . Remove him and Cyprus will be united and offshore gas and New Turkey will get a share . They were of course tricked . The country was naturally lied to by the EU , that letting Cyprus go would result in we becoming an EU member . Turkish Cypriots accepted some UN plan , Greek Cypriots did not . Because the plan would have given a share to Turkish Cypriots . It wasn't accepted . No problems , EU claimed it was , took Cyprus in , told Denktaş he was defeated and this meant the odd persons were also defeated , which hurt Denktaş greatly , because he had never liked the odd persons and now he was counted as a tool of odd persons . The membership to EU was kept as a carrot , but never to be given up , as it was a great cover for the Counter-Revolution . Like actual Democracy benefits everyone , even the odd persons , you know . New Turkey's soft power was totally on the rise , they were selling tons of TV series , everybody was talking how the country was deceived with falsehoods about the Turkish Republic . Remove the lies of being a Turk and we will all become Arabs . Our Arabs (and trust me ı never register any surprise when ı see some guy driving the damned Stardestroyer around , now that Arabs are people , just like me) were of course so amused at the sights .

also Congregation and its superb fight against the evil coupists . We learned the foolish military had evidence of coup plans or whatever on a computer and the harddisc was deleted / cleaned 35 times in a row to destroy it and the matchless Turkish Police brought back all the data . To have some district attorney to prepare his case . Then times changed , because Obama was greatly irritated to discover he was expected to show respect on the same scale as he was showing respect to the Saudi King with his zillion oil wells . Congregation was given its final chance to do some good , like even finding some odd people to humiliate on their fake trials . So the all the district attorneys run and their computers were left behind and the matchless Turkish police could not bring back a single thing . Oh , you now gonna tell lies of how Congregation was faking the evidence ?

also at the same time Arab Spring was a bloody hell , Syria ripe for rape and New Turkey , well , asking America to do all and stay behind as new Turkey acts as if it did it all by itself . There's real footage of Obama bowing his head to the Saudi King , man , wasn't it Ankara who got the Kenyan elected to the White House by defeating the closet Jews of this country ? So , the next phase . All the weapons projects bearing fruit , you would think New Turkey was of a defence budget of trillion dollars , with introducing a wholly new weapon like every week . Congregation had been "Use us" during its early phase before the actual start of the Counter-Revolution . Turkish is a flexible langauge and use us would mean their widespread global missionary activities accepted as a sort of Turkish soft power and their worldwide schools , which were naturally faciliated by the CIA becoming hubs for trade and stuff and more stuff , that would have allowed penetration into networks you don't know . We have tons of explanations of the boys from Langley could not penetrate El Kaide because El Kaide did not drink in the bars of Hilton hotels around the world . And like also a man will use a woman in the way you know . All the nice inviting langauage disappeared as soon as Congregation "proved" its power , Congregation would now be the man , despite nobody had ever cared for them in anyway !

new Turkey went to Conquests . With their new weapons arriving each week ... They blocked the pipeline to the Med , we are told whenever we are to be convinced of how they are the biggest thing in military affairs , ı don't know , since Alexander the Great . There was even a proposal for them to liberate Rakka , because seperatists did that , because America promised them the oil wells . Then trouble . The idiot who will become the next Saudi King , he had all his fun from silicon reinforced Western women , no more prn movies to cosplay with him as the prnstar . So , he decided he would do something great militarily and because he had nothing else to do (because Bin Ladin's great military career ended up with becoming shark food in the Indian Ocean despite America's were naturaly correct on the final day , because he was America's pal), Prince Mega BS talked bad of the Jihad in Syria . That quickly turned into a row between Qatar the bait and Saudis . You know , those 5 men in the basement have a track record of predicting doom , regularly as the clock chimes . So , the little Qatar , with its enlightened people craving for a synthesis of the West and the East and like endless reserves of hydrocarbons are looking for a master to enlighten them ever more . Who , me ? Of course not . Actually Qatar thinks it will ride the wave of an Ihwan takeover of the Arab monarchies , because we were actually informed of this during TV debates , assured it was happening right in front of our eyes . All the Princes would fall ! And if America does not allow Ihwan to do that , well , Qatar will use this country as its India . Like them Brits had India as the Jewel of the Crown . Yeah , you might have heard of 2200 workers who died in accidents while they were building stadiums for the football cup of ı think this year , one would expect it would be cancelled or something . But Europeans love Arabs with oil as much as America .

but the Qatari victory in the battlefield seems dimmer and dimmer as a hope . Syria has seen Jihadis "defeated" one by one . The majority of Gulf Arabs do not hate New Turkey , New Turkey has so much potential as "their" India . Like no accident that the Kuwaiti military attachee to Ankara , with 4 or 5 people with him , beat up the son-in-law of the commander of the now dead Turkish Air Force , during daylight , apparently in a traffic dispute , in the middle of the Turkish capital , with the wife and infant daughter witnessing the whole scene as much as a 10 day old child taken out for vaccination can witness things . A year later , the guy would command the Congregation's aerial bombing of the cities during the Disgrace of July 15th and his father-in-law would appear on TV , with clear signs that he had been beaten after he had surrendered . History books will say he was the apparent leader of the coup attempt , but they might forget he was also known as responsible for the jazz band the now dead airforce had , because he loved jazz music . Like who would have known he was a "Muslim" ? Takiyye is an art and stuff . So , what did he do to the Kuwaitis , told them he would topple the PM ?

so , this leaves Libya . Qatar has asked its friends on Libya to sign a deal that looks like it has been made with Ankara , because it would anger Athens who is like totally best friends with Tel Aviv . We in Turkey most definitely do not hear the Qataris do their best to avoid looking like puppetmasters .

wait , was some important Jedimaster was actually named after a spacecow ?

also , one must also add some numbers on why the wealth of competing countries must be sabotaged . America gave seperatist boots on the ground 300 dollars a month . Ankara pays 100 dollars a day to the so called Free Syrians , if in combat , which ı would take to be the basic minimum , so if the Saudis were to pay 150 dollars a combat day , New Turkey would be driven out of Syria in a week . While UAE fields Sudanese mercenaries in Libya for 22 dollars a month . See , a seperatist AK-47 wielder is not capable enough to fight 14 or 15 Sudanese AK-47 wielders all by himself . It's just the market conditions . Ruin the global economy to such an extent and make people starve long enough to fight for a dollar a year , you dear Americans , you may then be able to field an army to kill us all ...

where was ı ? Uh Libya . So , there is talk of unifying the country because the oil companies hate paying mercenaries for their own safety and a moment comes there has to be stability . Start a Civil War to destroy the semi-stable goverment to lower the asking price , let them people kill each other , so that each dollar will "buy more" and when time comes to drill and sell , oh God , Peace breaks out ! So , the competing towns agree to be at peace but some Ihwan town , Zintan or whatever refuses . The rebellion thing started in the East but these are in the West and were like a thorn in Kaddafi's side . Zintan refuses to disband its militias , because Qatar is a little country and would loose traction in an unified Libya and Qatar can pay even New Turkey , right ? Oh don't believe any of that , because it's London who tells Doha whom to pay . So , instead of an unified country London tricks the UN to accept Trablus as the recognized Goverment , while the vote of the country points to Tobruk , you know , "democratic elections" . Sarkozy the heroic jerk had started the whole war for he loved the chance of not paying Kaddafi back for the latter's monetary help in the elections and naturally France ran out of money to fight so Americans had to carry the burden . By this juncture America was angry with Ankara while London loved Ankara , because of all those PPP contracts , London to rob us dry for the next 25 years especially with hospitals . So , America sent Halife Hafter , Kaddafi's one time trusted friend and whose military career beasically consisted of being defeated and captured in Chad like back in 1986 . East and West Libya were at war so South "rebelled" and became the third party ; they have some oasis locations , maybe some oil and lots of sand .

so , like a couple of years ago British commandos supporting the West and French commandos supporting the East , you know each unit trailing their own bunch of beardies to call in airstrikes actually came within range . Now , you will hear a lot about the courage of modern soldier . And they are undoubtedly brave , none of them would even blink to shoot me from 5 paces or 2000 meters with a sniper rifle or call in artillery or an airstrike or poison my food or incite a rebellion to have me burned alive . They chose not to fight each other . Not even accidentally calling an airstrike , because if one side has Typhoons , the other has Rafales . A response could be called if the RAF strike failed to kill them all the frogs or vice versa . Oh wait , you now imagine the West decided there should be people on the ground who could be accidentally bombed ! That's only because you are infidels , my friends ...

it all revolves around becoming Arabs and gaining some sort of hydrocarbons . His excellencies Prince Mega BS had started a war in Yemen and we have this sad song along the lines of "Why nobody comes back?" about Yemen where the Ottoman counter-insurgency campaigns continiued for centuries , an Ottoman Vietnam if you will . So , he would score with the silicone reinforced women allright , but war is like a kinda different activity . Because the carrot now being dangled in front of odd people is the massive oil wealth of Arabs , because EU can't stand us stink , and that happenz with Qatar saying "Use us" and we like totally do not know how this will end and the autocensor software of CFC is a bit restrictive in describing how big fools we are . The idiot who will become the next Saudi King demands respect from Washington , Washington gets his respect from the fake war between the Gulf and the Qatar , the blockade and stuff . Which also means Qatari-New Turkey "alliance" must be made to suffer . New Turkey heroically talks of making a canal in Istanbul , Saudis see this as a brag by the Qatari Emir , who like claims he has millions of slaves , so the Saudis say they will dig a canal on the peninsula that has Qatar on it and Qatar will be made into an island . See , how simple , shout as much as you can , if you wanna .

ta da , here comes Trump . Right away , he gives away New Turkey to London as a special colony . Theresa May being much bugged by the 5 men in the basement and their infringing nonstop in the ways London intends to rob New Turkey after Brexit . You know , them Britishers can do with Polish plumbers , because (my late father used to do that too and he was good at it as well and ı know it can be messy and) some guy has to do that . But what will the Britishers do with all those Turks who want to escape Turkey , as London finances New Turkey to create the conditions to make Turks escape New Turkey ? ı know , only the brave will last this long into average r16 post , but even Brexit revolves around the gas chambers into which those of us who have survived will be herded into . It looks complicated , but take your time and will see ı am like famously crystal clear . Imagine the things to happen if we were actually Jews .

saudis push in , Trump is bipolar with severely punishing at times , incredible in love at others , London looks like incredibly in love at all times . Even despite the trick New Turkey pulled on March of this year of 2019 , burning some speculators somewhat . Fake economy is fake and thinking themselves to be above failure , the Party erred greatly when they changed to election system into one of 50% + 1 . Not 51% , because it's really doubtful that could be like ever "achieved" . Dollar exchange ratio must be "stable" to keep interest rates low to fool people to spend more , because all those empty flats will not become nicer for each day they remain unsold , that explains all the talk on how usury has no place in the lives of the Faithful and so on ... New Turkey did not vapourise , its like 10 000th time it should have happened , but everybody loves Arabs and those who want to become Arabs . Because it looks cool , New Turkey even supports Venezuella and Venezuella's gold trade , after withdrawing its own gold from New York and depositing it in London . There's this channel on satellite that only shows various gold diggers . And life in Alaska , because ı imagine , there is still much gold left in Alaska . Also some talk of turning to some gold standart as if there's enough gold on the planet to support the entire fake global economy when it comes crashing down .

then mighty Russia . Saudis helped so much to get New Turkey in that downed Russian jet . America according to the plan abandoned New Turkey with withdrawing its F-15s so that Russians could feel brave enough to punish New Turkey . Was like at aghast at them old timers , on why they didn't butt the heads of them two superpowers into one during the Cold War . Was told them superpowers were braver back in the day . Putin got to rob New Turkey , loved it so much , told the world he was bravely containing the Turkish menace as some new version of the Great Wall of China , was even allowed to put Trump in the White House , and Barack Hussein Obama is a spineless jerk allright , because he just let all that happen .

russia came . To stop Iranians winning in Syria , because Iranians were slow to see New Turkey was all talk , otherwise they might have totally defeated the Irresuction by 2014 the latest . Everytime Russia moves ahead in Syria , New Turkey pays something . The entire Syrian uprising was simply scaled down to Idlip , not exactly because the odd people and the ugly legends . Nobody believes in them these days as Amerrica's only consolation in the Congregation debacle is how fast the people have warmed to the idea of ugly legends do not exist . And how there's yet to be a Kurdish Nation State and they were so smart to create a no go area of beardies by the Hatay area . Nobody can do a pipeline without them telling beardies to let it pass . AND as everybody can see how the Syrians are so willing to make New Turkey pay for the dumb and blind support of the Irresuction , Syrians can not capture Hatay before re-capturing Idlip . Now that some Airforce general loving jazz simply can not be "praying 5 times secretly between glasses of whisky type" of jihadist . He was just a "normal" guy who saw where the future was heading . Yeah , there are Muslim jazz singers and so what ? The guy was previously claiming to be the guy who made the Phantom sing Turkish military marches , wasn't he ? This is the enlightened classes of the country with the traditions of bending whichever way the wind blows . Cut them some slack people do , as they too have families to care for and a life to live but it becomes a thing when they are so ready to fail , whenever America or similar tells them to ...

but Idlip , in the end is just a finite space and Syria must win , because Putin can not ever gloriously win victories all the same with Idlip standing by 2050 , so he tells Washington of the predicament and Washington tells Qatar and Qatar tells Tripoli/Trablus so , OMG! OMG! Libya signs a treaty with New Turkey ... Which made the Greek guy of the forums angry , this should tell you the scale of the affront . New Turkey can not get the Kerkük oil with becoming brothers with the Kurds , New Turkey can not get Kerkük oil with becoming brothers with the Arabs , New Turkey can not get Syrian oil because Trump gave them to the seperatists , New Turkey will not get Mediterranean gas either , but they must look striving . And of course if anything happens to New Turkey , our dear Greek and Arab and Israeli neighbours will not be able to build a pipeline , under the sea or across this country , because the answer is certain to be lay them pipes to you know what in your body ... They need the removal of any pretext . Like a treaty between a city that like controls 6% of its country about shores it doesn't control at all and stuff .

so ? Well , Haftar's mighty great Jihad , some offensive which was like started in April 2019 or something . Over this many months Germans and Russians devastated Stalingrad to rubble and ashes and also decided the fate of the world or something . Tripoli of course looks like falling which calls for intervention . Nobody like actually needs to bother to declare they won't fight , so , Ankara needs to send the beardies from Idlip first . They are pros , they cost money and they don't like fighting people who shoot back , because actual combat is not a first person shooter video game . So , Army of Petrol is ... it's necessary . IF YOU DON'T GO THERE, THEY COME HERE says this journo guy . Discovered to be an expert on the Middle East telling of New Turkey had won the hearts of Kurds , oh wait Arabs . So , like totally true that New Turkey is at war with America and the Zionist West and Silicoids and the Sakkra and the Borg and if we don't send people to die in Libya , they will create one more nefarious scheme to destroy the country . You know , of the same sort New Turkey had so effortlessly beaten back over the years .

russians of course have their men over there . Wagner company established by the cook of Putin , we are told . Americans accuse them to shoot down a drone of theirs , Russians say they didn't it was American , Americans ask them to return the wreckage , Russians say they don't know where it went , Americans say this is a lie and American blogs cry out that this is a major escalation , though naturally Americans were talking to Haftar's forces and the drone was downed in error by an UAE missile team . America loves Arabs , America had no fear to kill 200 Wagners in Syria , when they tried to take Syrian oil from the seperatists .

and also New Turkey has its people out there , drones do not fly themselves you know . So much that UAE has send drones and "agriculture type" planes to attack command posts and supply depots after some chartered Boeing 747 from Istanbul landed in some airport . The foreigners and stuff know by 17th of December , 2019 UAE and New Turkey have traded fire and both sides have casualties with people killed in action , because it's on goddamned websites and newspapers . One or two drones of second son-in-law of the PM are claimed destroyed by UAE , sorry Haftar's loyal forces . Greeks ? Sand is a different thing man , New Turkey sent its finest to acclimatize to the desert in Qatar for like years . Though you can possibly imagine that was deemed necessary after the Rosbeef or the frogs or whatever stared at each other , across the sand dunes , ı can still hear Napoleon turning in his grave , doing break-dance . So , right there , Saudis and the Gulf want to invade Qatar and New Turkey saves Qatar in the nick of time , building bases and even scaring away a coup attempt . As if any Saudi Prince would dare breaking wind in the direction of Qatar , with 10 000 Americans troops based within . So , what happens now ? Only people that might fight is Egypt and the American blogs also carry reports of Egyptian sub firing some Harpoon . Will do best to limit Egyptian casualties and the dead , but Egypt will done in , the US 6th Fleet gets sunk , CONUS gets levelled , you know , the usual drill ... Do not bother to get New Turkey in war , because nobody likes New Turkey , especially its Arab brothers and the war will atomatically escalate to include America . Come on guys , is there anything we can hurt you ? How can this be ever possible with our alliance of like 70 years of something ? How could you ever fail to find our secret weapons ? This means they do not exist ! Coooooomeeeee ooooooooooonnnn , let's go to war !

and it won't happen , because if New Turkey gets thrashed how will A-K-P win the next elections ?

fighting Noldor and Numenor at the same time , hoping to clear the entire map so that limits the time available to rant and the picture , like finally . This is how yours idiotly discovered the newer Star Trek . Yours idiotly is a small kid , sees there will be Patton on TV which is this famous American war movie since 1970 or something . On a Sunday morning so he begs his mother not to go on a picnic in the mountain with relatives , he must watch a war movie instead . Yours idiotly fails utterly , and he hates every moment of travel . Then the bus turns a corner and he sees the cinema billboard : Star Trek movie ! A new period of begging , the bus will stop , and his older brother will take r16 to the movies . Didn't happen either ... So , all of a sudden , years later with yours idiotly a student in the Anatolian High and so kinda with more pocket money , the comic book of the movie stands in the stands of the newspaperstand ... Kept like for years , might have been lost sometime along the line . Here , Klingons being Klingons fire on V'ger .

you must remember ı was an avid reader of Star Trek as far as it was possible . Primary school classroom had a glass cabinet , a library you could borrow books and yeah , right there , a Fontana(?) novelisation of 6 or 12 episodes or something . Borrowed as much as possible for as long as possible , would buy one in high school or university , too . ı don't know why people talk bad of Spock's Brain ! It's the essential Star Trek story ! Like just not because it was story #1 ! You would have to ask people who know Star Trek if you are not familiar but the book contained , let me see , Horta the silicon monster , the summit in Babel , Azor the time traveler sending people back in time to escape supernova , the crew aging fast due space stuff but Chekov was scared of seeing a dead guy so he remained young , and the superb cliffhanger of the bloodsucking cloud with warp capability that got its own medicine of antimatter made tastier by blood bags on it .

so , some advanced spaceship intercepts 1701 , a woman boards the American ship , freezes everyone and like totally removes Spock's brain , because he is like the smartest of the bridge crew . Kirk , just as you would do , sets off in hot pursuit and tracks it to some iceball in space . You know , some very advanced computer keeps the women safe and warm , as the women are all dumb but it needs a organic brain to run , because why not and it has to be a guy's brain because didn't you ever hear that mens' brains weigh more ? Kirk naturally destroys the "god of the planet" , saves Spock's brain by being rough to the women , too . It's the years of Napalm Democracy and America brings Democracy to everyone , and you know , instead of fast training of the caveman dudes to be computer technicians , because the women are dumb and it would like interfere with Prime Directive , the women are condemned to ... spread their legs if they do not want to freeze ... Of course there are Leftist losers who will claim this episode is the bible for American interventions allover the real world . Honest to God , ı was like if ı was Kirk , ı would put Spock's brain back and learn how the computer is actually running because the advanced spaceship clearly left 1701 in the dust so there should be whole expeditions and men and women should go to school together to reach Federation standarts , like when ı was 10 ... New Turkey should film this perhaps , showing Hollywood how movies should be done ...

next episode: People are amazed to discover that the Supreme Court do not use papers sent by the the various branches of the Opposition immediately as toilet paper .


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
did this thread kill 250 people aka is this the year of Armageddon ?

Spoiler :

ı am a loser whose only use is as a time capsule ; that people two or three centuries later will read to see how things were plain to see and nobody ever bothered . Take this killing of Kasım Süleymani , this Dark Knight guy , who directed Iran's operations in the "undeclared" war that takes between the Shia and the Sunni to the benefit of anyone but those who get killed in it . America claimed he was killed because he was planning mischief against US diplomats , Iraq claimed he was travelling between capitals to arrange a thing that America had requested from Iran through 3rd parties , because they wouldn't like it known that they have direct contact , since ı don^'t know 1979 ? America then agrees he wasn't going to do anything and American media clarifies that BSS , BS Squared , All Mighty Wise Donald Trump had a fit in June 2019 , told Pentagon and CIA to kill people and he was promised that he would get a call to call people dead if anything warranted that , so that he would go to bed and the entire branches of the US State would let a sigh and thank God that was another day that went without WW III .

unfortunate followers of the r16 saga will remember he was picked up for "protection" after Lady Vader heard he was being mobbed , he was too thick in the head so people thought he thought he had protection , asked questions and asked for assistance to get him learn his place and as Lord Vader had retired and he was irritating Lady Vader at home , by imagining he would understand anything how the house was run . Etc . etc . the final result being like 7 years of torture , because America will not be able to talk to people , because the people in question have an eye on me , because they would know if Americans were around , because the presence of protection requires some physical presence , which can lead to things because this way America can appear like it has contact with some Cold War dudes , that way America can claim it will destroy Russia and China and India and Tonga and Papua New Guinea if they ever cross Uncle Sam and everybody knows that ı kinda exaggerate selected stuff but understate one basic thing , the nightmare or whatever these people were back then . US State Department people even get told their legs will be broken , in the usual diplomatically polite ways , because patience is wearing thin . Because what the locals think as stupid American women running out of men in the US and hence throwing themselves at the feet of r16 is actually "noticed" around the world as "US maintaining contact" with people you don't have a need to know and such people can be "contracted" because as you might have heard US is the best and mightiest super duper power in the world and everybody "fears" the US . For this ı assume the relevant US Department personnel will be visiting some house or whatever in the city like every week and they are replaced very quickly as it is a lark , the like of which does not exist elsewhere so everyone wants a piece of the pie . One of my would be lovers was 52 or something , in contrast to 30 somethings the US parades around . No doubt , assuming Lady Vader would get tired of the charade and accept whomever replaced Lord Vader would jump at the chance to be honoured by the presence of a diplomat with a visible position in the US Consulate in Istanbul . Nobody ever understands r16 , if he is not going to recieve any of the US Presidents as r16 is a loser fool / unfortunately the closest link to real people , why anyone real would ever bother with the US ?

confused ? Do the simple thing . Copy Paste the post into app of your choice and seperate the sentences into small parts , you will never get lost that way . Am not only crystal clear , but perfecly simple to understand .

the Hour of Opposition has had a chequered history . The Voice of Russia arrives with a reputation of being dumb trolls of Putin , they promise people that they will have an hour of "pravda" for this country , because the Congregation is descending like a dark cloud , bending the truth because they have neither any shame nor any belief in the Judgement Day . As a last resort , because if they had any belief in Allah , they would moderate themselves a bit and tell less lies , even when their glorious conspiracy was making great strides . Pravda as the newspaper might have been a laugh , but the Hour of Opposition and its 60 minutes quickly made a mark , because it was practically the only place people might talk against the Conspiracy . And protected by Russia , creating "hope" against the infallible America , which was clearly understood to be behind the conspiracy . It had too much seperatists in it , that's true , but it's also true that the Conspiracy operated or looked like operating bloodily against the seperatists . One really needs to know when the glorious police kills a seperatist , ties a rope across his neck , drag him through the streets behind the police car , with the Mehter march blazing form the loud speakers , one policeman films that with his cell phone and posts it on the social media the whole movie , the seperatist and rope and calls it fake news when he is charged with it . Especially if the seperatist was actually still alive when he was tied to the car and died in the streets while being dragged . Simple mathematics , his death means 10 more seperatists to kill which might mean 2 or 5 dead people on your side as well .

the guys were though offended when Moscow clarified the show was truly intented for some guy named r16 , himself pointless , but like a zip code in the post adress , a general direction the message to be aired and perhaps they should stop overdoing things . Like the Kurds cut off from the world with meters of snow and running the risk of starving and the guy they contact on the phone tells them he is sweating in a gas station and he has a 4x4 that goes anywhere . Including over 2 meters of snow , if it's packed . Next phone call to a village headman that turns out to a seperatist hater and you can hear some stress in the voice of the host . Am pretty sure ı ranted on that in CFC as a general support for the theme that the Turk counts for nothing , he is a criminal and he deserves the gas chambers . This is probably what caused some 3 people laughing during the live discussion of the mess the country was in and they could be closed down soon . They were . Not r16 , at least not exactly , because Putin was growing bolder and he deduced the Party and the Congregation were nothing like what they claimed to be , nothing strong and they could be used to rob places .

it took some months , but a new host and a changed name , but it's still the Hour of Opposition , soon extented to 90 minutes . Became the standart location for news and even debates . Because if you were to place 3 or 4 newschannels back to back and surf fast between them you will see all the journalists taking part are always checking their cellphones and they are actually discussing the same thing with the same words . Actually there is a band under the screen , it stays the same , it may be something like "Why Kemalists refuse to accept the Brotherhood of peoples of the Middle East?" and it will be same in all those channels and will change at quite similar times to discuss a different topic . Within 5 minutes all debates will be about "Why Kemalists hatefully ignore the glorious advance of the country?" Channels owned by the Party , journalists dictated on the phone by the Party is your answer . The new host wants to try balanced journalism once or twice , invites a New Turkey person to the show . Gets buried under hate e-mail , because r16 is not the only one in the country to listen to the Hour of the Opposition . People are so fed up with the whole media scene , where the Opposition is invited to debate but the debates are always the same and you can't survive by zapping elsewhere . There will be days when 80s music plays instead ; you will never know if the show was finally removed or the guy was on sick leave . The resason the second team losing the job ? The extra they did twice a week . Host , the brickhead (younger journalist , former Nationalist , specializes in court cases , hence pedophlia in New Turkey and workplace accidents that kill workers tend to be reports you will see his name) and the even more dangerous guy . Former spokesperson for the PM , also chief media advisor , now writes in the newspaper of/for the Little Imperialist . At a time when the almost racists are attacking/beating up a journalist at the rate of one person a month or two months , that's some courageous thing , too . The beaten up so far are always Nationalists or thereabouts , because of their criticism against the almost racists and the way they support A-K-P , because there is no reason or whatever to alarm people and unify the Left , because the almost racists came up kinda short in the little civil war type thing before the 1980 coup .

a month or two . The first team comes back . Team , as there is this unnamed "traveller" guy who joins by the phone . Assures the general body of listeners that the state is not dead and is carefully watching and will make a bundle of people of New Turkey and throw it out . Not like that , not in those words , but people feel uplifted !! Once "confessed" he had been teaching at the military academy for the last 18 years , also at NATO . Most recently he let it known that he might or might not have been in intelligence , specialising on Iran or maybe not . Oh local people , you think you are telling the whole world ? Well , the world doesn't need you telling , because this "traveller" guy would be the perfect political officer for the Hour of Opposition . Assigned back in 2011 to make sure evil Russians wouldn't be able to sneak behind them those in Ankara to pass "subliminal messages" around ... His confessions ? Even the way the host would be eager to talk ? Comes right down to the "embesil" , the "salak" who is getting a rep for crying . See , ı hate the Stuntwoman for being here , on business or whatever unrelated to me . Because crying on demand is a much respected thing in movie business , topped only by vomiting on demand , she is showing off . Her beauty or whatever also make heads shake at my foolishness , so why doesn't she just quit and start anew in Hollywood ? Why ? Here the fun is free , success is assured . And Ankara thinks she should be talking with them . Enlightened , so patriotic a strand that they were of course the type of the guys who watched Kemal die , so that they could wait Nazis to win so that they too could become Nazis , would have become Communists if Truman had not decided against a return to Isolationism , so became Western allies . Of the type who will stamp anyone a NATO officer , which is a serious insult in this country .

250 arises from the Ukranian airliner shotdown and those who were crushed at the funeral of Süleymani . Who might or might not have been killed , now that we only see an hand with a ring that might or might not have belonged to him . Hour of Opposition naturally notes the casket made a tour of 3500 kilometers across Iran (and maybe Iraq) unifying the country behind the dogmatic leadership against outside forces . Naturally , because it's the exact case . And ı will satisfy the host's wonder at a thing . He naturally follows social media , questions a claim that Süleymani was also an hero of New Turkey because the Disgrace of July 15th . Iran has behind the scenes contact with the seperatists , of the same strenght New Turkey has . Seperatists were "famously" massed at the borders , to "invade" but the Disgrace was quickly taken under control . Süleymani then warns seperatists in Iran that they should not move , because Putin has New Turkey , the survival instincts of A-K-P meaning a gradual selling out of the beardies in Syria , of which we are weekly witnessing , which saves Shia lives . You know , except Obama was conducting an half coup .

back in the time of the spineless jerk , Obama by the name , Americans like squeezed Iran into a corner and "forced" it to give concessions like giving up the quest for nukes . One of the concessions America gave was keeping an eye on the Saudis who have bought Chinese missiles that might carry the nuclear warheads they might or might not have "bought" from Pakistan . And the sanctions also created a market for money laundering , Iran smuggles oil , Arabs sell , Arabs convert dollars into gold , gold is smuggled into Iranian hands , Iran buys , the purchase travels into Iran through neighbours . A reason why New Turkey has so much gold these days and even talks of bringing back the gold standart ? Who knows ? Ahmedinejad "represents" the dogmatic wing of the Iranian State , not much loved by the less dogmatic wing of the Iranian State . Brought down in elections in disgrace and whatever , too . He might not have been , but the dogmatic wing of the Iranian State is not dumb enough to ignore his way of having demonstrators raped by police batons and the like is not conducive to survival in the long term . He was told to go , including people of the Revolutionary Guard thing in Iran . Makes him a perfect choice .

some uproar in the country . CFC people will have it read already but this aims to be cohesive and followable on its own ; so , here is the story once more . There's a seminar/workshop for writing a Constitution ...of a type that back in the day , you would end up swinging . Asrika , my dear friends , a super "Muslim" state to cover some 60 countries that define themselves as belonging to Islam . Just 4 in Europe : Bosna , Albania , Kosova , (?) so the name means Asia-Africa . So far , so good . They will replace the Turkish flag , because we are but a percentage of this super state and we can't impose . Turkish language becomes the second official one after Arabic , because banning anything Turkish will cause MHP votes to move to CHP/Iyi Parti and invoke bad memories . New Turkey remembers the days when they were heady enough to "ban" T.C. , short for the Republic of Turkey . Oh , there are of course who believe this super state will happen , one day or century or whatever . But the workshop is organized by the chief military advisor to the PM , a retired brigadier who has a Blackwater/Wagner of his own . And oh my , you can easily see America behind it . As we can't possibly rule Asia and Africa and like 1.5 billion people from Istanbul , the capital , it will be confederal and the regions will be more free . Which naturally starts with Kurds gaining autonomy and their lands . The same exact place we were at January 2015 , when the PM discovered the talks with the seperatists were progressing awesomely but the young leader of the seperatist political party thing was full with the success of the nascent "Rojava" and imagined he had to be more equal with the PM .

the uproar instead focuses on the retired brigadier who really declares the time of Mahdi is at hand and they are preparing for that . Now , those infidels in CFC might need the explanation is Mahdi is an acopoloptic - oh , how ı hate that word , now that ı can never spell it - yes , an end-of-the-world type figure . ı am not the expert you would need , but Messiah also exists in Islamic tradition , Jesus Christ himself and Mehdi will then help Jesus who is Muslim himself . One's saviour is other's antechrist and you can expect the inevitable narrative of all out war between Faiths . So , the brigadier can not be real , because before A-K-P , the generals were like all atheists and how could he ever be made general ? Retired normally in 1996 or so ... New Turkey of course naturally defends and explains . So many Islamic scholars arrived and they are naturally naive and thought the world was a mess and the situation deserved Divine Intervention , and the retired general told them nicely , softly and diplomatically that they should all work to create the means to enable Mehdi to work smoothly when he arrives . On about 31 December or whatever . The same night Ahmedinejad tweeted that Mehdi , far more important in the Shia thinking , was coming in 2020 ...

so , what if Ahmedinejad was claiming to start a conspiracy to come back ? That a war to happen , Iran to be invaded and Ahmedinejad would embrace a certain part of the invaders to be "their" puppet and not America's and the Saudis and as a result would control the insurgency and the losses and the cost , by like becoming the leader of the dogmatic wing , the less dogmatic to be trampled under or made refugees for Europe to handle . Back to basics , war , invasion , Ahmedinejad as President , heaven on earth . Ihvanistan , the super Arab state New Turkey was after , is certainly crumbling . Saudis will never accept the PM in any capacity , except being the President of New Turkey which they loathe intensely but will tolerate as it replaces the Republic . Qatari emir almost wets himself while telling his fellow monarchs . Syrian Irresuction merely provides the leverage for Russia to rob the country with more contracts , when New Turkey fails to sign one , Russians and Syrians heat up the bombing and telling they are true this time , they will defeat the beardies . To faciliate this even better , some smart people have come up with saving Libya , which duly signed a maritime borders thing with New Turkey . So , Turkomans have been taken from Syria and deployed to Libya , decreasing new Turkey's boots on the ground in one place so that they won't be a nuisance and deployed elsewhere to fight and even die . Winning victories which are far more in people's imaginations .

which is like personal , too . People will remember the splendid days of the Arab Spring and yours idiotly in debate with Americans . Who would call me stuff and ı would sooner or later would remind them the fabled and as it turns out non-existant Turkish Army fought its own battles . Instead of importing Hispanics to serve in the Middle East and gain US Citizenship . Turns out Jihad in Libya is exactly the same . Syrians to gain citizenship after serving 6 months and the pay is cool , too . Americans were paying seperatists 300 dollars a month , New Turkey was paying beardies 100 dollars for each day in combat , the monthly is 1500 to 2000 dollars for Libya . While the Sudanese mercenaries/war criminals of Darfur cost but 20 or 40 dollars a month for UAE , the "enemy" of New Turkey in the field . To make it ours , this Jihad in Libya , we are told of the relief of the people of Trablus who were saved from certain death , you know evil Haftar's attacks that reached the outskirts of the city of Trablus in a day back in April 2019 and has been there ever since . While every untimely death is too much , like 1340 people have died in the fighting . So , like totally true that people were overjoyed that they celebrated with fireworks , some ceasefire deal . We are "told" that evil UAE might have murdered an Arabian news presenter , chosen to be amongst the 100 most influential women in the Arabian world . Because she was interviewing the spokesperson of Marshall Haftar and the guy said their Volcano of This or Volcano of That offensive was stalled for months , because let me see , there was one Turkish cannon , crewed by a Turkish crew and like ı imagine that was firing 45 ton rounds to a range of 87 000 kilometers and she was like epic when saying "Oh , is that so?" or something in that order .

we are even told tales . Actually true or something that , too . Kaddafi was a nice person until 1973 or so , and he turned crazy in a day , starting his campaigns of oppression , at least according to the Al Crusading , mouthpiece of Qatar also known as Al Jazeera . So , ı wouldn't be exactly surprised to hear he was personally involved , carrying plane tyres on a day in 1974 . We are fighting the Greeks and America cuts supplies and Kaddafi calls Ankara that whatever we need and if he has them in stock , we can come and load up , if not he will pay for us . So , a DC-9 of the national airline loses its seats to get lighter and gain the volume and flies to Libya . Loads up with F-5 spares , wheels , rocket pods and rocket rounds , napalm ingredients , drop tanks , as much as it can lift . So , years later , with his eyes bulging this smart person of New Turkey pounds the table on TV , Kaddafi helped this country in its time of need and Kemalists badmouth sending troops to Libya ! Except the thing that as soon as the Parliament in Ankara passed the resolution , Sirte rebelled against Trablus and joined Haftar . Sirte is the birthplace of Kaddafi and its people like hell will not help New Turkey or whatever . Now that am pretty sure Ihvan is mighty strong in Misrata , a town to the West of Trablus and a prime reason for the mess in Libya because its militias refused to disarm and this justified Haftar starting his own campaign to knock them out . Also pretty sure it was Misrata's own who defiled and killed Kaddafi , under French SOF supervision , of course . So , guess what , even before ranting about it because am so slow these days , the newspaper says the Janissaries married and moved to Misrata a lot and they are our ethnical brothers , too . There's this 90 years old guy , whose father was the Prime Minister of Libya in 1950ish who tells us this and calls Kaddafi crazy , too , because it will do well in the audience , because how can any Arab refuse to see the greatness of New Turkey ?

a lifeline , if you will , for New Turkey then . New Turkey dumbs down the country , because what is desired as the Goverment form does not match any ambitions of anyone who is practically half smart but not related/allied to New Turkey . And yet the dumbing down will destroy the economy sooner or later and how will New Turkey survive ? By hydrocarbons of course . Are you dumb , didn't you ever heard of the Saudis ? Anything that smacks of controlling oil is the only target / only thing that matters for New Turkey . Only if ı could remember where the Iranian oilfields were . By the Gulf ? Oh , so much better , Ahmedinejad knows he is so necessary for New Turkey , because in the days when everybody accused New Turkey of supporting ISIL , the Turkish Consulate in Basra was mostly closed , because the people in its neighbourhood were Shia ... They can't conquer that far , in a country that defied the actual Ottomans . New Turkey is not neo-Ottoman or Ottoman or nothing of the sort , because "true and correct" Arabs , all of them carefully vetted by Washington would never fund anything Ottoman for starters .

did this thread kill 250 people ? No . But it will be half translated and locals will go to the Americans because they hang around and tell this thread killed 250 people and Americans will tell them ı am mocking the locals because you can't let girls have all the fun and boys will be boys ... and the radio tells that the PM (after Haftar's daily refusal to sign the ceasefire) now declares New Turkey will save the descendants of Janissaries from being massacred , people we "didn't know to exist" until January 13th , 2020 . There will be laughter in American ranks , because New Turkey conducts foreign diplomacy as an exact mirror of America , everything we heard was evil when done by America becomes yet another mighty victory of brave New Turkey . Boys are the guys who are with the girl of the day . And they can't help themselves . They do not encourage the locals . Still locals tell them ı am a loser . America knows , America was controlling Congregation and knows everyone of the locals who led the campaign of fun , they know who said what and did what , the traces are long traced to their IPs and computers remember everything these days , so , why the bother ? Of proving am a loser and getting angry when being told they know ? And the girl of the day ? Sure , she would like to meet me in a coffeehouse or some pastries shop , so that she could show more of her admirable acting qualities ...

she would definitely outclass the "competition" . Who was a bonafide Russian prnstar . No asking how ı know . The Russian's repertoire of acting would be rather more limited . Like more physical but ı have no doubts that she could keep her laughter for 15 seconds at a time and then make it look like joy at the action . Doubly repulsive , now that ı was raised in the 1980s when it was still possible to read schoolbooks that faulted the Ottomans , like this Pasha who supposedly allowed Petro the Great to survive the catastrophic defeat of Prut 1711 after a night with the queen . The year being 2015 and Russia expected to smash New Turkey or vice versa when the Russian jet was shotdown and like it would be my fault , you know , once again . Did ı ever tell you ı hate the Stuntwoman ?

r16's adventures reflect the country . Funny to watch from the outside , gross to live through .

and people do not learn anything . Five o'clock news and Voice of Russia tells it's OK and Haftar will sign , because , the Italians have poked their noses and ı don't know whether the contracts they will get conflict with the Russians got . We of course hear Italy supports New Turkey's position in Libya , so nice words as long as the Italian Prime Minister is in Ankara . Today's newspaper was gloating how the Saudis were crying at the New Turkey's victory . Haftar refusing then reportedly leads to Russia being threatened in Syria , because people equate giving contracts to Russia equals overpowering Russia . Dont know whether being equipped to fight a Civil War in Turkey against the descendants of horsebandits and all equates fighting a war with Russia which is but a shadow of the Soviets , who knows maybe New Turkey would even win ! Not that ı expect it to happen , because Putin would then have give up his juicy contracts and fight New Turkey and his oligarks would send him to Siberia to count the trees and fight bears with his bare hands and he would be shirtless , too .

last post in thread mentions Saudis getting a Russian jet for New Turkey and then running away together with Americans so that we would fight and die , hence Russian prnstar , because the Russians would make it into a movie of how they defeated us in a blink ? Unable to compete , you know , nor to last long enough ... Oh-kay , too complicated ? Ignore this or that ... Naturally this has led to leaks from the Congregation investigations . Those idiots , being idiots , naturally discussed their mighty victory in text massages , codes finaly broken . The end result should have been convincing us that New Turkey really shot down a Russian jet . An almost racist volunteer on the ground most definitely posed with his feet on the dead Russian navigator if the latter was some elk or deer or whatever . Imagine , ı have no idea on how Reddit works but there is this site or grup that discusses the Disney triology in a critical way and JJ Abrams' vision will be "leaked" and there is this line about how Fake News existed before . You know , there will be people who take the group as a Disney operation , to explain how they failed but it wasn't their failure and we will see if we watch the same movie again , so we should spend some more .

am feeling like a TV producer with all these next episode thing , promise a lot , fail to deliver . Have so far failed to discuss women getting beaten , halfway through Libya , total lack in Supreme Court thing but should touch them , if ı don't have an heart attack in the interim because of Americans . And the Party is striking back ; the ruinous indeptness of A-K-P municipalities are forcing the replacement mayors to give up the ghost and joining the Party 5 per week , 100 all told . Next episode , hopefully a soup of everything .


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Nov 10, 2008
well , ı can't let this thread to fall back too much , and it's like becoming relevant again . First the Iraq Protests thread , where the story continued in between .

this , my friends and nonfriends , is the visual proof of what ı have been foolishy saying in about 4000 posts here in CFC .

View attachment 548017 these heroic people are our sunnier Sunni friends

then onto explaining the riddle of the Greek Fire , you know , for 21st Century .

the turk.jpg

Spoiler :

but Angelina first . My last one in Iraq thread had her becoming the subject of some apparatchik-type behaviour . Naturally some other guy , this time with impeccable Opposition creditentials , has her visiting Syria before visiting here , as if it's her that brings wars . And a wider attack on Hollywood and those stars visiting US troops overseas . Will he do a piece on how every singer appears on TV and the newspapers everytime the Army of Petrol sallies forth on an election jihad ? On how everyone desiring to appear in the media gives the military salute ? Say , Yılmaz Morgül in full military gear ; the guy looks somewhat "fragile" -if we are allowed to say that .

this is part and parcel of the entire New Turkey experience , even the opponents will use the same language if the primary gets stuck . So what if some hero of the Ergenekon Conspiracy comes within a billion kilometers of an allegation of "being turned" in prison ? Will he get paid less ? In Europe or America he would definitely look as if he would slow down for a while , or maybe heroically attacking each and everyone . Well , his column todays shows him next to a former officer from Pentagon . He naturally chides the American for Washington's support of the seperatists . You know , it's axiomatic for "NATO officers" to be protected by America and others might well have to do it manually . Yılmaz Özdil , the author of the second piece , was certainly referenced at least once in CFC , as a collector of PM's speeches without historical balance , like the use of round gunshot in 1071 .

so , what's with the picture ? Stolen from some book that implies Nazism followed Kemalism as an example in achieving power , you know , to whitewash German involvement in stuff , you know , things like Holocaust and whatever . Kladder whatever is a newspaper or magazine or whatever , its regular fare is how the Allies are vampires that suck the blood of the beautiful Germany . Naturally depicted as a woman , because the der German mann would like totally break the jaw of any vampire . And to that end we will have to travel to Eastern Black Sea ...

the average person there is far too smart for his boots , so much that he will run out of energy far too quickly and his brain will stop after lunch , until the next day . And then there are those who are not averages , their brains work the whole day . And it's not true that he would rather die for you . He will definitely die before letting you down or bringing shame to your name . And yes , unless he was stabbed in the back already , he will do his utmost to take a couple of your enemies with him , too . Among those who have brought honour to this country , there are many of these non-averages . What marks them as horrible to Western eyes ? Who , (especially in ages when Social Darwinism was not yet a defined thing in books but well used) rejected what was supposed to be the "dominant culture" of the area . That they chose to be Turks . You know , of all the nationalisms of the country , Black Sea gets a special prize , for Greek is still spoken there . Nobody will ever let the Westerners in , say Berlin wants landing rights in the Trabzon airfield to support their UN contingent in Afghanistan and no way . So much that it falls directly to the "Muslims" to make it possible . Because they are brothers with Arabs , it turns out Black Sea coast and "yayla" parts are primary colonisation targets . Yayla will be those flatter sections in the mountains , do not expect me to spell plateu correctly ...

social Darwinism says there are monkeys and there are people and if anyone speaks a language other than Turkish , he can be saved , so , reaching and establishing a presence in that area of the country will save them and make people see there's no point in being a Turk . Creates a panic or two in Ankara , because there's always a context in everything . See , the Turks are like non-racists . My eyes are round and blue , my features are like somewhat and somebit European , ı would never be mistaken for those who came here after 1071 . Like almost , what , 95% of the country as well . Non-averages of the region are exactly this way , too , that they will fall (like leaves in the autumn) for the country doesn't make them attack those who speak this or that . And mind you , we are not implying anything about those who speak ... It's only that there's so much opportunity seeking and a massive fear of being "exposed" . Because the non-average type creates an awfully high-level of standart or something and the area is still "tribal" and everybody sides with kin and it's always good fun to watch neighbouring provinces talk bad of each other . The Kemalist Republic was a 20th Century thing where Nationalism was a fact , people would gain a position in the goverment hence power only with proven "dedication" to the ideals . You would never be surprised to discover some police/soldiers had used "unrequired violence" on Kurdish civilians and they would most probably hail from the Black Sea . Either almost a caricature with the brain stopping after lunch , or a çakal/jackal with too much brains , but never a non-average .

indeed there's a history to that . Them Bolshevils ... Was supposed to write Bolshevik , but K and L are so close on the keyboard . Yeah , sounds equally useful to use against Commies , them "too much evil" people . The Great War was a bloodbath , Russia has so much trouble and the Western Allies see it a great chance to put Russia considerably back by helping but not helping the Whites against the Reds . It's a foregone conclusion that the Turks are out , Greeks being the tools of primary extermination , Kurds and Arabs and Iranians to assimilate the remnants , because before Social Darwinism was put into books , we were the demonseed , the servants of Devil . Remember the bloodbath the Great War was ? Means not much boots to put on the ground and the non-averages might start a pointless and hopeless insurgency . Is that so ? Maybe not , perhaps ? That the Pontus Greeks might cause some unification of sorts in the area ? That the Bolshies might support ? Causing a diversion of effort ! Giving heart to Turks in the rest of the country !

the single reason why Mustafa Kemal was ever allowed out of Istanbul . He was by far the most successful of the period Ottoman commanders , 17 years of A-K-P rule has not succeeded in refuting that . He retreated all across Syria in '18 , it's true , and this was probably the reason why the Brits let him go , that his reputation from 1915 had suffered enough . It's quite a farce , the guy not bothering to hide he will either organize a rebellion or serve in one , as a rifleman if no place could be found for him even as a sergeant . So , he is put in charge of pacifying the Black Sea until the Greek Army is strong enough to defeat all resistance in the Aegean coastal regions and deploy Northeast . The intention might well be that he would immediately play his hand and be humiliated when nobody would follow him and that would be that . He played his hand and like hell if he wasn't followed . "Mustafa Kemal'in Askerleriyiz" / We are soldiers of ... (a slogan you might see shouted by thousands at football matches) annoys the hell out of the Counter-Revolution , because America told them to make that a joke everybody laughed at .

official history claims Kazım Karabekir's victories against the Armenians were pivotal in changing the course of the war , releasing the forces in the East against the Greeks in the West . The fight in the Black Sea was "equally" important , if not more . Armenians lacked Russian support and everybody knew that . The Black Sea affairs on the other hand created an impression that a "Turkish core" existed , which would then put down every rebellion instigated by Istanbul with English gold . Also convinced Kurds that they could be protected against the revenge of the Armenians , making them ignore British gold . How very accidental that they couldn't figure out that by joining Iraq , they could one day steal Kerkük and become fabulously rich . If this is true and it was so important and considering the Black Sea is like a conspiracy of its own with so many people in the State , why it's not the essential founding myth , a point of bragging ? This Greek guy in CFC , will now be muttering genocide and it would be shameful and so it's covered up . He's 100% wrong , has he ever seen anything that can shame New Turkey ? No , it's rather the sordid tale that all those jackals could have converted to become Greeks , because that was the way wind blew , we knew , they knew , they know we know .

oh , it would take time . They would be hugely Muslim , they might still be Muslim until this day if Sevres was implemented . You might yet remember to check wikipedia or whatever and see there was no definite thing in that treaty . The thing is conquest takes time , especially if the conquerors are the Greeks with less population . And ı can certainly imagine Venizelos starting some trouble or taking advantage of already existing trouble in every 10 years , nibbing another part here and there . So , is this a play of words , a gross injustice , a lie , an insult ? But the Nationalism stuff has always involved massacres and whatever , the 1821 thing started with wholesale massacres of non-combatants and well , were they Turks or not ? Any Pontus thing would involve villages removed , changing hands . It was MAD , nothing particularly serious , everyman for himself . Until the time when all the non - averages were seen to be gravitating to Mustafa Kemal , that the Turks would be there , bayonet work and all that . It became a race , before the Turkish discipline could be established , more of that later . Up to the point that a local warlord or whatever attached himself to Kemal as his personal bodyguard . Typically becoming more "pro-King than the King" , killing a Member of the Parliament . Because he was shaping up as a big opponent of Kemal . It's so typical of telling good of founding fathers , but Atatürk was indeed special , he would have loved to be defeated in elections . If only the first attempt had not started a move to kill him . And the second attempt saw his handpicked opposition leader met by a frenzied crowd on an election tour , where this "Muslim" father tried to cut the throat of his son as sacrifice in 1930 ...

more to the point , there were no issues in the Black Sea region to be expressly for a Turkish War of Liberation . Russians were naturally hated , the British were closer . Even the Great War didn't create too much trouble . The British submarine operations in the Sea of Marmara were somewhat supported by the Greek fishermen and the like , but naturally by only limited means ; it's not like they could supply torpedoes . This is only a partial explanation of why they were "easy" on small ships ; they were also following Prize Rules , that forbade things like machine gunning people swimming in the sea . Rudyard Kipling has great stress on that :

Whatever else might be going on, there was always the problem how to arrange for the crews of sunk ships. If a dhow has no small boats, and you cannot find one handy, you have to take the crew aboard, where they are horribly in the way, and add to the oppressiveness of the atmosphere—like “the nine people, including two very old men,” whom E14 made honorary members of her mess for several hours till she could put them ashore after dark. Oddly enough she “could not get anything out of them.” Imagine nine bewildered Moslems suddenly decanted into the reeking clamorous bowels of a fabric obviously built by Shaitan himself, and surrounded by—but our people are people of the Book and not dog-eating Kaffirs, and I will wager a great deal that that little company went ashore in better heart and stomach than when they were passed down the conning-tower hatch.

"lusitaniaed" is a verb in those days . And Kipling , true to the time , has everyone Brown , somewhat laughable but the future holds the prospects of living together again . While building up a case why no German should ever be allowed to fish in the "German Ocean" again , as the North Sea was used to be called until then or whatever . Or maybe no German shipping company should ever be allowed to work between Europe and America , like as war-reparations . And as a typical Imperialist he has a thing against Americans . Who would believe an American journalist jumped into the water , swam to the English submarine and told lies that it had no contraband on board , while guns to the Gallipoli front were hidden inside and were discovered when the submarine crew made a search ? Nobody remembers possible allies when the going is easy and victories are cheap . And when they don't come in when the going gets tougher , their treason becomes a challenge to prove .

so , where were we ? Black Sea coast , they have "won territory" and there's this Republic and there's rebellion ... Because hats are to be worn and that's against religion ! Kemal sends up one ship , practically because there' only one ship to send anyhow . Hamidiye shells Rize ... They decide to wear hats , and pay the taxes ... There was this guy in CFC who tried to prove the evil of the Republic with this . Yours idiotly was at a very basic level of sarcasm asking him to talk of the total actual casualties , he didn't argue back . Because taxes are so undesirable and if they invoke religion the whole Black Sea will rise in rebellion , you know , right after Kurds rose up . (Secure from Armenian retribution , they suddenly start loving British gold .)

there are things that never end . These guys hate the guts of each other , but can easily come together to deny anything to outsiders . ı have seen two Prime Ministers from Rize , so it's not even an Islamist vendetta . Anyhow , as you will remember from this very thread , the Party faithful remained steadfast and ground was still being lost to Imamoğlu , who barely won the first election . He would win the second , so every avenue was pursued and some brilliant guy used Pontus . Claimed Imamoğlu was a Greek agent , attending secret meetings in Greece . The anger that claim created might be around 500 000 votes , maybe two thirds of vote increase , who can say ... Did A-K-P strategists not see this coming ? That it's a sore point and there will be people out for my blood today for ı have wrongy called them stuff , even when it is clear that am not ? Oh , why , that was a call on the dead Republic to rise and fight Pontus , even if the Party would never , never and never would allow the Republic any powers to investigate or count the vote or any right to come back in any way . The dead Republic shall rise from the grave , tell CHP that their candidate is a traitor and he should be sacked , the Republic can go back to the grave afterwards . This is the Turkish discipline , man , people follow orders even the orders are so much hated and so much against personal feelings and even logic .

when it became clear there would be Turkish discipline in reserve , Venizelos made a mad rush to have Greeks removed from lands they had lived for millenia . Warcrimes allegations of both sides in 1919-22 are naturally a mess , but the Greeks would have survived . Venizelos instead had to remove ethnically Turkish Orthodox Christians ; while it had been an Ittihad policy to move Balkan refugees to Aegean lands to raise the ratio of "dependable population" , Kemal was no bigot or whatever . (The Counter-Revolution had hundreds of people to prove he was a womaniser and that the most serious or whatever was French or whatever .) That we Turks were mongrels , a mix of everything we came across and losing nothing for that . These good old Europeans , hating us so much , for we were trying to ape them , and they were humans and we were monkeys and we were quite successful and that was an insult to them and their humanness with our monkeyness . Islam seemed an answer , believing it to be an "imitation" of Christian belief , a fake doomed to fail and match up . The late Ottoman policy was a mixture of Sunni and being a Turk . It was taken up by the new country , Kemal playing for time , the "attacks" on religion being a temporary ploy , to be left alone by the zealotry in Europe that would surely come up . Now that his religious education and formation would naturally be quite tough for the "millions" of Imam hatip students in New Turkey . People had seen so much in the trenches , they would have no care and then there would be a backlash and no one could guarantee that the coming French-German war expected for the 1940s would take place . Maybe it would be replaced by a Crusade . And maybe that Crusade would not be against Bolshies who might have failed by then , who can tell ?

the eviction of the Turkish Orthodoxy then is a "sabotage" . There is Islam and there is "Islam" . One coming down the ages , starting from Muhammed , other , well , everything , including British gold , French gold , German gold , Russian gold . If we have ethnically same , religiously different people around , it will create an argument against that only "Islam" can save us , because Turks were raised from being heathen monkeys by accepting the so called mores of the Umeyyads , now that was a thing that would be brewing in the Saudi deserts . As the Hashemites (who were Ottoman dignitaries once one way or the other and lately assets of the British Cairo) found themselves opposed by the Vehhabis (heart eaters of the day and assets of the British ... Delhi with hundreds of years of experience in extremism) . There was this movie of this British officer who discovered there was some secret cult called the Thugs who murdered people as a "religion" and it took him years in some uphill struggle , to have it supressed ... Apparently they have tried , any Greek surname ending with ouglu or whatever should indicate they were once of these lands . For this "success" Venizelos had 1000 Greek refugees dying a day at its peak . A country unprepared to receive so many , even when Turks and Greek Muslims were kicked out . Great Powers make little powers do things and well , it was as disgusting a century ago as it is today . ı wonder how many squadrons of jets equal the loss Venizelos inflicted on us , this way or the other , on British orders ...

is it "pogroms of 1950s" that ı hear ? The "6-7 Eylül Olayları" the Goverment in Ankara started , with placing a bomb in the house Kemal was born in Selanik , to "create support for the Cyprus policies" ? Sure , it was "designed" to be a Nationalist thing supposed to scare minorities away , to force them to sell their shops and shares . With "Muslims" trucked in from neighbouring provinces . Because it's really had to hate the other when you are a kid and the "other" mother of the "other" kid produces a piece of candy for her child and then she produces one for you , because aren't all kids are just kids ? After or before seeing your father break up a fight because he won't let kids from the next street to beat one from your street , "other" or not . So glorious that it was staged on the day where there was an international police convention in Istanbul so that everyone could see what was happening . Turkish discipline , people , if it dares to challenge the Gladio , the Free World can be called as reinforcements . Imagine , the President at the time was a bona fide hero of the War of Liberation , actually fighting , too .

and am only human , can write so much in a day . Paid house taxes , bought a bag of feed for street cats , "thinned" the vine in front of the house (provides some shadow from the summer sun , leaves are good to eat with rice.) ı can barely go on with how brilliant an idea it is to send 1000 properly equipped riot police into the Meriç River so that they can return back the refugees returned back by the Greeks already . You can imagine they heroically beating the Greek riot police to let the oppressed the Syrians pass into freedom , except you would take New Turkey as a free country for starters . New Turkey wants no challenge to the narrative that Europe trembles with fear ! That thousands are systematically sent forward , despite human trafficking is a global crime . That the refugees sent are so happy with New Turkey for the chance they were given . Nobody wants it heard that only 20% are Syrians , or they are passing the chance to be water cannoned and gassed and beaten by the Greeks . They would want to go back , the 80% Afghan and Pakistani and similar crowds , to camps and even houses and jobs , however underpaying . And am so impressed with EU , they offer Ankara supposedly a billion euros and give the Greeks a nice 777 millions , not the full billion ... This is the 7:10 ratio of American aid during the Reagan years , you know .

translators will make a mess of this one . Naturally . It's not just that those high school fools ı pass on my way home , you know . Even those supposedly are improvements on them . How can they ever mistranslate ı don't know . No , actually ı know . ı say one day all the Turks will be dead and the Saudis and everyone of their ilk will have no more need for New Turkey . Ending up with everyone in New Turkey sdmized by their best friends . It naturally gets released as Syrians will do the deed and this will be laughed at , because the drones of the second son-in-law of the PM kill hundreds everyday . You know , there is this little irritation against r16 reputation of "accurate predictive powers" ...

wait , isn't the picture a PR piece for New Turkey , which loves the word "Resurrection" so much ? No , just check the date . There were no PPP stuff in 1919 for British to support New Turkey to make money on city hospitals .
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