inevitably r16 comments on the Turkish Elections

uhm , a little derailment of sorts . Putting confidency measures things aside , America has been "alarmed" by Russian bombing of beardies , civilians and heart eaters and all in Idlip , so they are in the business of sending 100 troops to the seperatist occupied Northern Syria , with guarantees that nobody will be able to attack them from now on , because Biden will make a show of supporting the seperatists , doing away the sins of Trump era ... Must balance this aggression against the mighty New Turkey ... So , they hurt Greek and EU claims by casting temporary doubt on the so called Seville Map , leading to protests in sites ı follow but considering Rafale has like sold less than 300 hence 6 strong new Greek purchase is like so great an advance for Paris ! ... Well , that needs to be balanced back , you know back to square one or one and a half or 3 quarters and one or ... anyhow , ı was never any good in maths .

Spoiler :

so , the same US Embassy (so much loved a day before) announces the gloriously great New Turkey owes American drug companies 2.3 billion US dollars . Increasing 10 times in the last year . You know , standart deal . New Turkey spends money , when the time of paying back comes , New Turkey refuses , because you are not of the rich "Muslim" classes and New Turkey offers you to pay half or a third of what it owes you , immediately . Or you can wait until the end of times . If you are Turkish . If you are an American , Embassy or more truthfully the Colonial Governor's Office will be there . Threatening to withold the Coronavirus vaccine , as if people were not on TVs and stuff finding a new source of income just last week . Making this country a bigger player in human guinea pigs business , the Russian vaccine is field tested here , in addition to a German or a Chinese one . Public health expenditure is horrifyingly expensive -everywhere and like rightly so . Despite the attempts of the Turkish edition of Voice of Russia to secretly support Trump ... With a claim that naturally justifies Trump's actions . Like totally turns out that the Kyoto Accords of 1995(?) has secret articles . That 2020 was to be the year the countries would start cooling the world , cutting CO2 emissions ... Which happened with the pandemic sharply cutting demand in select industries . ı have it on the strenght of a radio interview that little kids in China were scared or whatever when they saw the sky was blue / Indians living in Delhi could see the Himalayas again , after decades of industrial haze . But there are too many people and the global population must be cut down to 5 billions . Hence the coronavirus . There are people who are somehow allowed to speak on TVs and radios saying the coronavirus is the world war . And you wonder where are all those red lightsabers ...

not reading a newspaper , not watching the TV , not following the news on the tablet , no nothing , a cocooned existance is easy on the soul and the itch to mix the hilts and accidentally taking the red one to "business"

but still following the echo chamber . Enough to learn they spent 120 billion dollars to keep the exchange ratio to 6.85 or 7 liras to the dollar , it was something like 7.70 just about 15 minutes ago -as ı am typing these things at home . They are having a bridge across the Dardanelles . Set for a capacity of 45000 movements a day . A car or truck moving across every 1,92 seconds . Not the physical limit but business . Say 20000 cars went one side in the morning and returned in the evening . That makes 40 000 and the goverment will pay the fee to the builders . At 17 dollars , because all these contracts are made on the dollar because New Turkey is the only true local and national goverment ever and the value of lira will fall . 5000 x 17 is ... Wait that's 15 euros plus tax , let us say 75 000 euros a day . Of course it is fair ; if 50 000 vehicles were to pass the said 75 000 euros would go to the State . Except there are those who follows stuff , stuff you can find on the web . At the highest level of traffic at that strait , 13 000 vehicles take the ferry in a day . 5000 is the given highest number that might be expected for the rest of the year , some 350 of them . Bridge would create new opportunities for business , create a traffic of its own and whatever but ... Expected to cost 1 billion dollars , earning 4,5 for its operators . Pays for itself in the first two years . State built state owned it wouldn't pay for itself in the first two years , it is true because the cost would not be 15 euros plus tax (making 17.7 in present rates) really creating its own traffic . But fear not for the "Muslims" , everybody knows ferries will be retired , forcing anyone needing to cross to use the bridge . They have an airport in the province to the South of mine , the total number of passengers was like 82 000 last year and the payments are being done on a basis of 1 290 000 people .

ah , still wondering why New Turkey is so much loved despite the utterly mind blowing series of failures as mercenaries of the West ?

and the winnings are addictive . It was to be a hit and run thing . Despite all the bragging the smart of the smarties knew they wouldn't get away with it . That if it was possible , their heroic ancestors would do . That they would fill their pockets and all move to UK , living the good life until the Republic recovered financially , paid the debts incurred by "Muslims" and they would come back for pillage and plunder in some next election . They can't stop eating !

and things have to kept safe for the system to keep going . When the victory they assumed did not happen , beating Hafter so incredibly bad in Libya , assuring a quick election win , they looked for a little clash with the Greeks . The PR assuring it to become the invention of Blitzkrieg and gunpowder and the discovery of fire itself , a matchless victory . Also didn't happen . And the His Excellencies Prince Mega BS , the idiot who will become the next Saudi King is out there , similarly unable to win in Yemen . His views has become a fixation , he will raise the PM to a global threat and PM's defeat will assure Mega BS as the greatest Arab Warrior evah . Or something . Ah , yes , we have suddenly discovered there are Selefi groups in the country who are collecting arms . You know as if hunting shotguns were not fully made free by A-K-P like a decade ago , so that the beardies could have armouries to kill their neighbours to rape the vidows . Because this is a "election promise" , that the new order can not be challenged as the undercurrents were talking more and more of a Civil War during this summer . By Mahmut Tezcan , a so called journalist . Apparently married 3 times and yet paying alimony for each and every of his 6 kids , a couple of them already atheists or mothers make it impossible for him to visit . Because his first marriage was to a "Leftist" who apparently fell for his "must-be-in-intelligence" charm . Made it personal for him to oppose the Istanbul Accord which gave more rights to women and stuff ... Stridently calling for the abolishing of the said because Arabs will fail to occupy a feminist country or stuff like that . Actually he broke the "taboo" which never goes unpunished , personally insulting the PM and am yet to hear he has been arrested , already a month or two . Because his prime reputation to brag for the purposes of this discussion is how he spent months in Syria as 6000 protesters were killed in demonstrations while Syria waited for Libya to be finished so that American airpower could arrive to liberate Syria . Tezcan being demoted will not go well with Syrians , our future masters or rather the boots on the ground of our future masters . Yeah , the guy tweeted to rape the wives and daughters of seculars who were getting more confident to see the day when A-K-P would loose the elections . (Most recently , like on the day am writing this , he is once again in the spotlight , attacking a genre in prn films specifically against culture and honesty . Namely one involving women maybe 40 , maybe a little more . So much laughter against him . Nobody has yet discovered the motive that "Muslims" must replace women who have given birth with younger to get the young pregnant . Getting pregnant once increases the chances of getting pregnant again , "Muslims" need numbers on their side . Yeah , some valid reason to make widows , so many widows)

this is too much clear , people expecting to see the day A-K-P can not rule ... so the West told New Turkey of the need to act . It will get confusing . Just random letters , being identified by letters does not make people equal in crime or guilt or whatever .

-A is a congregation sheik who is accused of molesting the twelve years old daughter of

-B and C . B is the mother who is accused of sending the daughter into the sheik's house so that she could "marry" and make the family rich . C is the father who learns it rather late and accuses A . A tells he just kissed the daughter and nothing more , he is like sixty or whatever . C should stop going further or Opposition media will hear it and it will be a scandal that will hurt the congregation . Allah'tan korkmak / fearing God is not a thing such sheiks have ever been famous for . C goes on , gets a not-a-little beating , their house gets stoned . D and E are alltogether a different family in an alltogether different town in an alltogether different congregation where the standart procedure was kissing the sheik's you know what , man and wife .

-F is A-K-P's candidate to become the mayor of Ankara and there is this picture showing A and F in the same frame , because A commands some votes .

-G is the female presenter of a morning show in the primary TV channel of the media companies of the family of the son-in-law of the PM . As court orders to protect the culture of the country have such heavy fines , G is the undisputed leader in depicting the pervertion in the country . Who would like dare fining G ? All those idiots who have murdered their kin and successfully survived Police or Jandarma investigations fall under the lure TV spotlights and accuse each other and everything comes to light . Police actually set aside cool or unsolved cases aside , keeping it in the pipeline until G has time and a clear studio to deal with it , with lurid details assuring good rates and hence money from advertisers .

-H is a young woman trapped . She owes money , has been filmed nude for blackmail , she is being sold in all probability . She can't go to the Police or anything because she has a brother in the army . He could get a gun and shoot her lover or her or anything because his career is over the moment the thing becomes known , with lines of promotion being tough . This is assuming he and she are not on speaking terms or worse . She hangs herself , though it is also possible she was murdered . G takes up the case .

-J is the so called boyfriend / lover of H . When G starts dealing with it , J threatens the secretary of the internal affairs of the palace cabinet . Mind you , J is a dude that would pmp women with just two bodyguards and whatnot , we are not talking about some CEO that holidays in the Bahamas . That J would talk and spill the beans and yes , the secretary and J are in the same picture during election campaigning .

-K is the mother of J . Works in an orphanage as a support person , them girls looking for parent figures lacking an actual family . Supposedly sets up who have grown up with men , her son no doubt involved with being handsome and whatnot , dealing with the virginity issue and the blackmail pictures and movies . Girls thinking they are in love , men giving them some practice in the line of business . She commits suicide practically on the day G starts . Quite possibly she was executed to turn the trail cold . J threatens the secretary on TV . G stalls , finds something else to deal with . The secretary of justice in the palace goverment decides to get involved , G should not dispense Justice . You see , he has survived repeated attacks from the Pelican group , some operative arm of the son-in-law of the PM and G works in the TV channel belonging to ... "Muslims" also involve themselves with remarking G and her programme is an enemy of the culture and morals . Despite the entire story of H being brought up to teach the almost racists a lesson for not doing enough for A .

-L was an orphan . Adopted by leftists and whatnot she has grown to be a social worker , lecturer in university , journalist and so on . Told at the age of 11 , she has looked up for her biological family . Her father was apparently a high ranking official in the transitionary goverment of 1981 . Her mother was a prstitude . Might have been killed , the autopsy reports were conflicting . She has a sister , M , 3 years older and works at a State Bank . When an orphan reaches the age of 18 he / she must leave the institution and the Republic had rules to make it easier for girls , a quota for numbers to work in State jobs . M had to pay for the privlidge by becoming a prstitude of the bank , sent to whatever manager of the bank . L has been working on this for ages . So , if you look at the hazy outline of this , orphan girls have been forced into sex slavery business , apparently in a scheme controlled by the almost racists , protected by brothers in the State . J and K suddenly bring focus to the story and the courts have been banning reports on L's claims , immediately and forcefully .

oh , moral of the story ? Well , ı don't know . It's not New Turkey is a shame . Not an object lesson on how the loudest defenders of any notion tend to turn out as the biggest traitors to the said . Not even an example on how one must maintain integrity for legacy , because making so many "mistakes" makes one dependant on people you would want to avoid eternally . Oh-kay , a brief note for the benefit of history on how sides of a fight that does not involve me at all are looking for an external outlet to distract their supporters because as everybody knows the fights are fake ? A new balance will be found and nobody will remember A to K and L will one day go to prison for libel ? Once , being so much confused about claims , bizarre and made even more bizarre by the guy who travelled from Istanbul to tell me in person that ı was married to a Page 3 girl , later to involve that ı was selling the said to anyone to get my desires fulfilled and objectives realized , and yeah , you haven't exactly heard half of it , this entire range of stupidity of things claimed about r16 , ı asked Lord Vader . He just waved his hand . And yes , there is some logic in the entire stuff . Because L also blames Mansur Yavaş , the mayor of Ankara , silent but solid work , slowly turning out to be a Presidential candidate in 2023 ... Of protecting people in the prstution ring . Keeping them employed in the municipality . Yavaş was a ranking almost racist once , has become more Centre over the years , his management of Ankara is reported as a success without the gaffes that have come to involve Imamoğlu in Istanbul . More to the point , the Pizzagate in the US involving Clintons and teenage kids once seemed a good thing to emulate and this guy N blamed Yavaş of something ı forgot . Something like N falls out with his girlfriend , the woman giving N's laptop to Yavaş as revenge and Yavaş turning it over to the Police and N turned out to be a pedophile with tons of pictures in the laptop and he possibly called Yavaş one ? Happened just last year but New Turkey is a non-stop affair , you must forget yesterday to keep track of today ...

next episode : Aegean , with the breathtaking victory of forcing Greeks into diplomacy , which is exactly not the first meeting but the 61st or something is over or something .
Spoiler :
on the tablet again . Haven't forgotten the Aegean but the Azeri-Armenian war in Karabağ has led to posting stuff over that thread . Should probably got post numbers to bring the relevant stuff over here . So , today's importance is , during the process of sacking people who have worked with Trump's lot , including his son-in-law , the PM today made further adjustments . lncluding stuff that says they will respect patents ? Courts have been ordered to follow the decisions of the Constitutional Court even ... Because the fake economy is fake and the enlightened Anatolian people turn out of average jackals when there is no money to keep their allegiance ... The dollar has lost a full lira in value perhaps , coming down from 8 something to 7 something , so great were the "joy" of foreign bankers at the sacking of the son-in-law of the PM . More details would be in the links from the Karabağ thread if ı could but there are various allegations that 30 to 40 MPs threatened to leave A-K-P for the two newer varieties of the same if the son-in-law remained in charge . (Might have been influenced by the interior secretary of the palace cabinet who keeps a profile so close to almost racists ...) Or there was a claim that the PM was not briefed fully about the financial actions . A 101 billion dollars is the reputed cost of keeping the dollar lira exchange ratio "stable" since the beginning of this year . Because it in itself means nothing , if this was the US with a GNP of 15 trillions , it would be something like 1,2 to 1,5 trillion dollars spent on keeping the currency flat so that Trump could brag about doing the best job ever on Economy . A failure that the PM can not have . So they first tried that the son-in-law didn't tell him . Which caused so much fun in the Opposition , PM tricked and deceived again ...

which will not do . So , it fell to a former Ambrassador to Paris to tell of the times how he would give the PM a piece of paper and briefed him for 20 minutes , instead of the hour he would be giving to others before New Turkey and the French would be always super amazed at how the PM knew every issue so perfectly well ... instead of the online hits on how New Turkey politicians just remain silent when their teleprompters break down ... You know , the diplomats were special enemies targeted by New Turkey media , called Mon Cheries , ı think which means my sweet or dear in French , being always against the interests of the true owners of the country and yes , it is like 2 in the norning here as ı post this one , should have some more . (...sleep...)

edit : Goddamned tablet again . Fixed a couple of spellings .

because the webcafes are closed my way of writing stuff on the laptop suffers ; and tablet work is "tough" so the second spoiler here is the post part to be read on the date of the next post , as ı will edit it in time , it might not be complete if you come here early ...

Spoiler :

some big name , a wrestling champion of the world ... Turns out he was taken to court in 2001 or so . He at the time has 8 years of schooling which is understandable as wrestling is hardly a weekend pastime . Some guy in the 1990s asks him why he doesn't have an university degree , he mentions he has only 8 and not the 11 years required to be in the university . This some guy arranges a fake diploma for him , stating he has 11 years and he goes onto get his degree ... The court actually says he is not a party to the crime in question , because it goes something like that he surely wouldn't benefit from having a fake diploma for high school . lt's in the news only because he is a Party man , taking 4 different salaries , one being on the board of a bank , where you or ı would need a full university degree on finance instead of his sports academy/university thing and a minimum of 10 years of experience in the sector instead of his none . ı have no doubts that he will vote whatever the PM wants him to and he has his "salaried" underlings who do whatever he tells them to .

these underlings are important , not much coverage because it's the new normal these days , with few people attending PM's political meetings with people always looking like they would rather be somewhere else . Concentration of too much power leads to situations like this ; because no one can actually run a whole country all by himself the power should be once again "shared" between minions . Whose overriding quality develops to be "loyalty" . Which is ever sharpened by the ever "smart" of creating rifts and competitions between them to assure the over riding supremacy of the single ruler . lf the ruler falls , then the whole system will fall ! Except this leads to issues , like people getting jaded with the facts , their loyal service to the supreme being and backstabbing between themselves , when they find time between the bouts of shoe licking to gain the trust and what not of the supreme being ... The chief media guy of the PM like makes 5 or 6 salaries a month , and he has become a avourite target of the Opposition media . As the backstabbing increases (or rather starts to hurt them because they were previously back stabbing the country) he and his wife appear on more places . Him with a cat on his lap and the Opposition suggesting the cat really looks unhappy to be there ... The wife telling they might get so many salaries but they are donating the extras to foundations , like so that the poor gets supported . A few weeks back they were not paid anything , because they are truest of the faithful in lslam , they were serving Allah ...

and let's keep track of daily scandals . Girl comes from Europe to visit relatives . Her uncle/brother of her father rapes her , she goes to Police , arrest and soon release decision from the court . Uncle is met with relatives with live music , you know a two or three man band . Girl's paternal grandfather tells her bluntly that her banned-according-to-lslamic traditions-location/bodypart is not more important than family honour . Had it been real , this family honour thing , the uncle would have been dead before the Police could have arrived , but it is more about the active party , the criminal thing . The girl is lucky , maybe , considering had it been a stranger , she might have been killed for family honour , being the passive party

army of Petrol buys medical supplies which are wrongly and intentionally labelled to have EU or EC stamps

ukranian woman defined as a dog killer turns out to be an animal activist of a sort , using dogs to help her autistic son , trying to save her dog from a pitbull , a banned species in Turkey but much popular as owners intentionally release them to attack others , to have some _rgasmic moment of victory . The woman had to stab the attacking dog with a knife she had to carry after 5 minutes of struggle . Nothing on the media , just echo chamber where she got a page of attacks and then a full blown battle and guess what , an easy read with r16 unable to decide who is right and who is wrong

will go on .
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long time , no see ? Not at all , merely provides a thematic continiuety . Now that there is no assurance that it will be elections this June ...


Spoiler :

her picture in the last post above was posted in CFC in some thread for some reason ı don't remember now . No relation to her being named in Pandora Papers with an offshore bank account just a day or two later . Like nobody has done anything against Zelensky , right ? My extremely limited German tells me (from the original picture that) ı was mistaken and this panda stuff is actually an ad campaign for a jeans company that had assured her fame in the 1990s with long running contracts . Or for a haute couture . Or fragrance . Or whatever ...

the New Turkey continues unabated . Getting an arousal from the state of Russians that get killed by the drones , but can not brag because Putin .. Who might not be there if America's dreams are realized . Of crushing the Soviets like without fighting the Soviets . Otherwise there is no explanation of the declaration from the secretary for interior of the palace cabinet that they will save Iraq and Syria from Americans . Like it is absolutely necessary for a Goverment to look anti-American even on a day anti-Americanism derived from the Russian/Chinese Euroasia gets an hammering everyday . Except of course they just started some new election jihad into Iraq this morning . Echo Chamber has a post that says New Turkey will get what belongs to New Turkey . So , the talk all over the internet is that no videos of Russians blown up by drones to appear after a deal between Putin and the PM , except all those people were extremely happy about the dead russian tank commander falling to earth after 35 seconds .

similarly no nothing continues about the assimilation , Arabization , anything . Syrians are already organizing online to get Hatay , you know , stolen from them by the Republic . Having more children (beyond the "laws of nature" for the poorer to have more , financial assistance seen and unseen . Foreign companies are having Arabic langauage pages in their catalogues . Echo chamber has a new discussion every day or every week about the web campaigns by Europeans . The latest ı saw there involved a Polish language course which reportedly thinks we Turks do look like Indonesians . Echo chamber is kinda sorta racist you will notice it real quick , making a lot of noise about such things , but well , the poor guys have also failed to get high with Ukranian flesh ... As Kiev's military successes have meant any woman coming here would be doing it for holidays and the like and already having some guy with her .

though ı have no doubts that they are onto something real . That there is indeed a state level cover-up of things . No big time TV channel will touch the supposed story of primary school kids having a fight (and there will be more of it in the future , just because) and Syrians gouging the eye or eyes of a kid with sticks . Finds a ready audience because the internet is full of stories of how the Police or the State does nothing against the refugees . Calm down people , promise action and do nothing . Like in the case of a Syrian shop owner that stops traffic with sitting on a chair in the street and daring anyone to fight him . Thinking to report this post ? Where do you think all the Jihadis went to ? Into Turkish towns to defend their rights , of course . And as their increasing wealth makes Syrians less likely to fight , because they have all experienced how much New Turkey needs them , down to their votes as soon as they are naturalized , a new warrior race is introduced .

a combination of Afghans and Pakistanis . Who , according to the echo chamber do nothing but use their cellphones to take videos of Turkish women and girls walking on the streets . Now down to 8 or 9 years olds . Like Western teenagers exchanging "home videos" . Some actor for portrayal of the first Ottoman Sultan tweets a picture of Atatürk and every Pakistani scholar in this country arrives to insult at the antechrist . In fluent Turkish . You might remember the Afghanis from the days when their army was melting against the Taliban . Something America considered more important . But yes , those are the streets ı walk myself , dear CFC people ... ı actually saw one of the finest specimens . Close to , if not more than 2 meters in height , unless ı have shrunk under a meter myself due to old age . Blackest of beards , to denote his fighting age . One of those very long shirts ; ı don't know whether it is called a tulwar or not . A jacket for cold weather . Oversize shoes , with a gap of at least a centimeter between the end and his socks and whatnot . So that when he gets into the mountains nearby he can use extra pairs . And the horrible sight . His wife is with him ; but no , don't rush to report this post , not just yet ... She is covered entirely in black , down to her gloves but it is not that cold . Her head has a band so that the headcloth can not accidentally slide down , the whole lot ... The horror ? Instead of walking two meters behind her husband , she is right next to him . They are HOLDING hands , can you believe that ! Dear boys from Langley ? Your "best" is already going down -after so little exposure to "Western" lifestyle !

sure , there might be something else in all that . 1984 has nothing new to offer . Except declaring all the refugee horrors stem from web accounts of Congregation members who ran abroad and are lies and no such thing ever happens . 1984 has nothing new to offer ; but it can still sling enough mud . lt will be a race between the PM and somebody the Opposition will agree to . New Turkey wants the name announced so that they can bury the Opposition candidate deep under . The Opposition refuses . So , some one man Party and he calls his Party the one of Victory , yeah , he declares his candidate for the Presidential elections is the mayor of Ankara . He is ignored once , so naturally he declares it the next day again . Mayor says he is in a different party , respects the choice of his own party , he has a city to run . With the almost racists previously , he would have been an obvious choice if this was the 1990s . But it is not . His candidacy is just a step in the required direction , his is a name to be crossed . The Opposition agreed long ago to choose a "limited" President . The risk being a contrast to overachieving PM . The reason being the PM's last years without any checks and balances are real tough to present as any sort of success . The Opposition President would stay in power for perhaps 2 years , overseeing the dismantling of New Turkey and the concentration of all sorts of power in the palace . Which recently got control of the proceeds of horse race betting , for some reason ... When the process was complete the President would resign and there would be new elections . With a return to non-aligned President/Prime Minister/Parliament set up of the Republic .

the Blacksea Coast wants the mayor of Istanbul as the President , if they can't have the PM . Which also explains the refugees and the ease they get around , as the new owners of the country . People like power , if they can't loot things anymore , for the fun of it and buying allies , they can always bring in more people who will want to follow their lead for a while .

if you are going to question this last paragraph , ı have the answer to a question ı had in the previous posts of this thread . The law for State contracts has been changed 191 times in the 19 or 20 years of the A-K-P rule , the wealth transfer would numb any person with weak mental powers . The response will of course will be that the Republic was a Jewish plot .

like just coincidentally the elections in Hungary saw a coalition of 6 parties losing to person in power , despite the high hopes .

edit: Spelling .
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