inevitably r16 comments on the Turkish Elections

I am sorry if you have answered this, but from the coverage here it looks like a bad result for Erdogan, with his AKP losing control of Ankara and (probably) Istanbul. Is that a reasonable summary?
AKP lost both in Ankara and Istanbul that's an earthquake, and the election strategy in Izmir also disastrous. I guess he is becoming too eager to win the other sites of the voices hence losing many of his main body votes. While CHP and TKP try to win the Muslims voters by trying to pictures themselves as more religious tolerance and employed women with Hijab into their party able to won the election in what previously AKP base cities like Istanbul (TKP win at Tunceli). Nevertheless it showed that election in Turkey are fairly fair, anything can happens.

What will happened in Turkey future politic I wonder.
it's all about America . As the declaration of the New A-K-P has been put back at least 3 months , the pressure for re-counts seems to lack push behind them , making them the work of a clique made famous for their trolling of the Little Imperialist / Ahmet Davutoğlu out of power . Some guy will have to pay for the loss and it might be those journalists and and some for asking offensive attitude , in which the Party readily insulted the rest of the country every day and night . Which also serves as a delaying tactic for the destruction of paper trails in places in Istanbul where the CHP is supposed to come to power . The PM will deny funds to municipalities lost , to make them ineffective and as proof that all of his opponents can not herd two sheep if they were mistakenly given them . The supposed strategy for that is to bring up cases of corruption . Which can never hurt the PM -if America helps avoding a full economic crisis . As New Turkey is an headless chicken at most of the times , the momentum for evidence destruction can still end up bad , as in clashes and on , one must only remember the last page where some idiot says it's a really bad idea to count on an idea that they have destroyed the State totally and no one can remember or find out . Now that everybody is still bragging on how the Congregation in jail are breaking one by one and ratting on each other . That it must have been lost in the decade long laughter but ı told you so . The smartest of the "Muslims" know that they can not fool the Muslims and whatnot forever and they will cut and run . With whatever they can carry of the plunder they have amassed over the years . Qatar can offer safe haven to 100 , maybe 1000 mayors , journalists , etc and etc , but not 100 000 "Public" servants , let alone millions and millions . They are currently about Algeria anyhow , hoping for Arab Awakening II , feeling they haven't spilled enough Arab blood as of yet .

that TKP is the Communist Party of the country , their Tunceli win is over the seperatists and reportedly made waves across the Commie world that still lingers . And it shows elections are nothing but fair , that without the months long insulting and strong-arm tactics and threats of suffering afterwards that the Istanbul face off should have ended with a full million votes in favour of the CHP . Some A-K-P chief calls these were the most morally flawed elections in the history of the country , corrected to a more amenable "most flawed moment" in the next day's newspapers as it would be an admission that the previous elections were flawed . You know , every trick about fraud is mentioned by the A-K-P , creating a question of why the evil CHP could not do them in previous elections . Just fitting that an early re-count netted 400 more votes for the CHP candidate in one locality . The disasterous election strategy in Izmir is the one where the guy talks of wine production , in a return to lie all the way methods of 2000s . Netted the whole country back then .

I am sorry if you have answered this, but from the coverage here it looks like a bad result for Erdogan, with his AKP losing control of Ankara and (probably) Istanbul. Is that a reasonable summary?

ı have nothing else but time to rant . He can live with that as long as America stops the New A-K-P . As mentioned he will make the cities unable to function and will avoid countercharges that he is playing foul / he can always replace journalists in the 95% of the media he controls this way or the other . The Istanbul candidate is essentially a facsmile of him 20-30 years ago , some Blacksea guy that can make a feeling of "New" for himself in Muslims , but not "Muslims" . And unlike Muharrem Ince who sold last year (to be allowed to be the mayor of Istanbul by PM) Imamoğlu shows he is willing to fight . It's between him and the PM . As the elites of the country would like . Me ? Am all for wiping the US out of this world .

edit: ı hate autospelling on this webcafe computer that always writes WHO ! Some spelling corrections , word additions to clarify a point and a further rant on how

ı have no interest in fancy soundbites like a glimmer of hope for Democracy on a global scale or a lesson to ponder for Populist politicians . Am far more about on the dawn of the 5th Day look East for Phantom contrails , J-79 famous for the smoke that would make you visible for 20 miles at a time you would be looking for MiGs unvisible until 2 . We are Orcs anyhow , considering Tolkien's infamous lies about Isengard .
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multiples of options to start .

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say , Miss State Department , apparently on a belief that a deadline has been presented .

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typically annoying not just because it leads a 15 year old trying to prove how mature she is (and she isn't) or others must be reminded that ı have no fecebook account , which replaces facepoke as more appropriate . She is good looking because Washington insists the Turk is a closet Jew , then due to the "fact" that the untermensch are ugly and Israeli Army runs a specific programme of having an internet niche about its "babes" under uniform , she is here specifically to rub it in our faces that we have nothing to match the Whiteman's glory -as we are not White . Despite the supposed assumption that closet Jews are their servants here or even Israelis are the best friends of America . After 5 years , it apparently still doesn't compute in somewhere across the Atlantic . Neither it's seen : The counter's irritation at being paraded ; ı find no humour in the ancients' cheeky desire to humour the American ancients . You know , who were such failures to convince America that Congregation and the whole bunch and stuff would fail and we were not the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics / the Upper Volta with Rockets to be felled by Jihadism and the Green Belt and what not . We are waiting for the B-52s for 40 years now , are we not ?

come on guys , we don't even have SA-2s !

what use she would be for me ? Keeping my hate of Pax Americana alive , because any 15 year old thinks she's obviously better a better bet for this 50 years old r16 , now that he refuses to get involved ? ı have hated America in the days before Miss State Department was born , no medals for that ? It's such a relief that some possible graduate of some Ivy League flies across the world to be refused 10 times in a row and since any one around would turn me down , this proves them are the bestest . Yes , ı will not be knocked on the head for this either . And yes , it's still the thing despite the sudden and amazing discovery that none of them are or were here for me , like in the past month , too . Nor she is inclined or entitled to fix all this Footpad mess . A newspaper in the stalls say evil America is trying to sell F-35 to Poland and Greece , even those on Cyprus . ı don't know whether this is supposed to make me jealous or something . ı do not want F-35 since 2008/9 ; ı have been banned out of web forums for this , my number on Congregation lists have been advanced in leaps and bounds . When it made into the top 400 to be executed or liquated in some other way (because ı dared calling it the Footpad) , those making the zoo trips were jealous and said some journalist was in the top 40 , as if ı asked . Those on Cyprus know how 3000 tons of explosives seized from Iranian Pasdaran can go off after 10 years under the sun ; they will need no imagination on how level their airbase at Baf will be . Or better , just sell them those 3 or 4 New Turkey examples ; ı seriously also lack the humour at their fancy new insignia that's made up at the insistence of American ancients to work around the stipulation that the F-35 will never wear Turkish markings . Oh , to make a certain corporation to make me shut up -as if ı was real- America has even created an engine repair facility in Eskişehir ! Miss State Department , just do not forget to close that , too . Now that ı see no evidence that you are trying to tell certain forum masters of certain aviation forums that they are known better then they imagine and their appetite for etiquette is barely down to a plane for Qatar , which the British are ready to call TC-23 . After election promises by the former pinnacle of yellow journalism in the country . Once a signal victory at the loserness of the Turk , now to be named after the Republic , can you believe that ? ı certainly do not . QFX , the Quantum Fighter is not good and we are not even offered the Qatari Lion or whatever ? How despicable , how despicable ! Not that ı offend people , but that it's bloody apparent that ı refuse the glorious assistance Whites offer to help us monkeys . In the good old days when they alone had Maxims and we had none we would have it already .

offended ? Why , of course not . ı have decades of experience of hypocracy of people ; everybody chooses not to hear if they don't like the words . Am always impossible to understand and none of them webmasters will know what ı mean with the statement that it certainly wasn't me who brought down those two Boeings . And yet am still alive , too .

russians on the other hand promise we won't be kicked out of NATO ; only because Putin will/must get his cut from the S-400 sale . Anyone on the planet can imagine their smugness with a glass of Vodka in hand , gloating how they are breaking up NATO .

while the current laptop affliction seems to be USB ports again . Not the ones that eat up my drives at the webcafe with ransomware . ı add a mouse and a keyboard for utility and some letters keep pressed ; ı had 15 v letters while writing Vodka . It's old age basically . And them Russians tell we know nothing , because monkeys are good to have , despite ı would have doubts about the continued capablity of Russians to have bananas to deliver . They say evil America is just trying to scare us and in a typical Arab move , New Turkey has also promised to buy Patriots . Of which we have no need . Israel would have nuked us by 1997 , as their Holy Book was decoded by some computer programme and it turned out Yehovah had told Israelis that they had to vote Bibi in . Iran will not fire on us , now that we have no intention of joining the Crusade that will destroy them , which somehow means New Turkey will be all alone to go and do some Jihad , only 10 times bigger then the one they haven't been quite doing in Syria . That only leaves Russia whose ancients are "still" double wary of the Turk and America which desperately needs boots on the ground and stuff . We are waiting for the B-52s for 40 years now , are we not ? Write this 100 times by hand on some paper , it will help you wake up . Deterrence time is long over .

newspapers suggest the production delays will cost the F-35 programme something like 60 examples . Which is like deduced by yours idiotly after reading a news article on some hearing in the US Senate that suggests 50 to 75 less Footpads might be produced in two years if we were to be cut out now . Not the slightest issue , now that we DO NOT want 100 examples over 20 years , just like we didn't 10 years ago and New Turkey walks on water and flies without wings or engines , you know , right ? We are told we have paid a billion , and might lose 12 billions from co-production . It's New Turkey's money , as everything belongs to New Turkey ; second son-in-law of the PM makes armed drones and Army of Petrol has declared it needs 200 ; they might just double that and make the same amount of profits without the Republic involved , what's keeping them ? That's not my money , right ? Being always told we have no future in Turkey , the lands that have been Turkish since 1071 and the like ? That 100 millions or whatever would be "gifted" back then ? As the ancients might even find the post for you ? Oh my , nobody can even understand such rambling nonsense ! It's because America is godlike , let me tell you . They make a plane programme for you , despite it's obvious that the Turkish contributions to the programme will range from 20mm up .

feeling angry ? It will be nothing to the bitterness you will have when the Allied Airpower starts going down in bits and pieces and flames and all those web forums will be filled with keyboard heroes who will be blaming you American liberal minded losers , crying at the huge cost of an F-35 and delaying it for years . Instead of them heroes who fought enemies of America that needed weapons to fight evilest evil and their budgets were cut ! With additional facts on how nobody can have the brains to outsmart Americans . Hell, no ma'am, can not be. We will destroy each and every of those 200 or 400 planes and if there were 2000 of them we would have never dared ! ı had such hopes when there were those hundreds of thousands of petitions asking Obama to build the Death Star , you know . Your Ancients will know the reason why your last report here in this country should suggest all American fighter pilots should now start on handlebar mustaches .

4 years ago today ı was ranting about the 2015 elections in a thread about ISIL and got halfway reprimanded for it .
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which is nowhere near in forums where people support trillion US Dollar programmes . Either accept you are a monkey and wait for a banana or get shut up if you can't shut up on your own . Oh why , the very presence in this forlorn country should have made it clear even as a real idiot ı DO seriously resent still being shut up . ı DO seriously resent the decency being shown to these people who are around to extract promises ı can't deliver and will have no intention to honour the moment ı am given any choice in the matter . We are at war , despite the decency you receive at my back . We are really at war , you the mightiest nation on earth , if one is to believe you . And us monkeys of non-existant means . ISIL and Turkish elections of 2015 were indeed wholly relevant as your superiors decided it was time for Kurds to rise and they were to be the only salvation for Mankind . And at home , with the unstoppable power of A-K-P that never lost . 2015 saw the political branch of the seperatists beaming smiles , being "acceptable" to mainstream Left as "partners" and this proved by the disagreement that suddenly sprang up in February of that year , where the seperatists asked too much in the partition of the country and refused to give anything in Syria . 13% they polled was the result . 45 days of delaying by the Little Imperialist was the result ; saying in his 50 or 60 years he had known nothing about the Main Opposition and sides had get together to know each other before talking on a possible Coalition Goverment and the laws required new election if the Goverment was not in place within a month and a fortnight after the vote . Bloodbath was the result . Months and months long urban battles were the result , now that if seperatists were shunned , a victorious Army was to take their place . Which won the second elections for the Party , and am obviously still waiting for this former Minister to deploy himself in some battle zone as he was saying Martyrdom was great and how he yearned to be one as hundreds of soldiers and Police were killed in addition to thousands of seperatists . There was no bombing of whole cities in 2016 . Referandum , Presidential Elections of last year . And oh my , once again the A-K-P is unstoppable and there might be New A-K-P that needs the Kurdish vote and Kurds' being distinct must be respected . You know , instead of being people just like me . We even saw how the incredible events or whatever on the March 31st were only possible with their vote . On Saturday ı heard two distinct interviews . One of them a former A-K-P MP . The second , the head of a polling company that would always irritate the anchor of the Hour of the Opposition with promises to talk on the show but always failing . Meant to deliver a coup de grace last year , with "false" polling results that gave high hopes to Opposition and after the "defeat" he had them only because he was afraid of adverse reactions from CHP . Then when that didn't seemingly happen as people were not rushing to to A-K-P to become card carrying members he did this turn about . He was now oppressed by New Turkey because the Police was waiting for him because he had smoked in the plane's lavatory while it was airborne . Because he was calling himself "Left" we were supposed to be embrassed at this typical Leftist thing . Despite how ı used to consider myself Center Right , before ı was told ı was a Liberal Militarist ; you know with some serious amounts of Militarism as in liberal . Both are on how the Kurds are most necessary . Kurds are vital and one must accept their being distinct . Kurds are people , they signed the dotted line in 1920s and they balked at 2015 to celebrate the plight of their Armenian compatriots , because it would suddenly turn out that they being "the more responsible - especially as the murderers" would have to pay the compensations for 1915 events . You know , because of the same shadows lurking in the shadows . Republic survives , because of its non-existant firepower .

exactly why you are in a place where you are not "wanted" by one real life idiot and laughed at by a whole city ; but they do find you real good lookin'

ı also imagine there has been a thing that ı would like define a quarter of the country as my friends . Presumably in the same way ı would ban women from working and earning wages and salaries , because ı was readily proven to be a bigot with my unmistakeable hate against US State Department career diplomats , who were all women , before the Referandum of 2017 , ı think .

Spoiler :

that quarter obviously means those who vote for the CHP , with allegations of knowing the family that established the Republic . So , ı gotta hate the Party , the Kurds , the almost racists and the splinter party from the almost racists and 1% of the country that's Islamist but do not vote for the Party . Well , the creator of this opinion must surely remember the days the nearby city of Bursa was surprisingly close to be lost to CHP . Not the thing that it was surprisingly close 49 something to 47 , but it was declared by the owner of a polling company so close to A-K-P . That of the biggest 5 cities in the country , Bursa would be the only one lost in the elections . Caused much merriment at the time , especially on the few Opposition media channels left , because nobody could have ever contemplated that the A-K-P would win in Izmir . If you ignore all those mini skirt wearing rakı drinkers , you would still discover Izmir was the "birthplace" of the snot eaters of Congregation . If one is angry or something at the mayor of Bursa , he can surely be made to fail , if there is some help at the outcry when the CHP candidate for Izmir was arrested before the elections as a traitor/terrorist/whatever and ever . If figures ; now that all those Americans are always around . There must be closet Jews around and closet Jews must have a lot of money that they should spend to support the stockmarket that might take a nosedive with such an arrest .That the central figures get more junior is not only due that youngness would imply faces that would be a shame to be punched if they were too taxing (with a prattle of eternal friendship and this war we are at is just a figment of imagination) , but they gain the extra protection of being less experienced members of their service , making them comparatively less responsible for whatever Washington might have hatched for that period of time .

confusing ? Am so ramrod straight that people get dizzy . As such they will of course translate the part where ı start with the Party and end with the 1% that doesn't vote for the Party . The rest is too confusing , no body ever understands r16 !

of the 5 biggest , Bursa was the only one for A-K-P . The loss of Adana was a surprise only for those people like me who believed polling companies ; turns out Party / almost racist coalition had bought a company to have good results at a time the PM was saying he had no more confidence in such companies . This of course assumes Ankara and Istanbul will not change hands after three months of re-counts . And if CHP had won 99% in the elections , 98% of its voters would laugh at me . ı don't know who imagines people in Nilüfer do not laugh at me as much as people in Osmangazi or Yıldırım , different zones in Bursa and polar opposites in voting preference ... And people also wonder why ı like so much despise Americans .

re-counts are of course on . In the good old days , like last year , the celebrated AI of CHP actually suggested or something that while leftist votes were left untampered , the Iyi party (or that splinter from the almost racists) ballots were having "fluidity" . Loser stupid conspiracy loserness would explain this only with a belief that almost racist "spies" within splinter ranks were in action ; so CHP just naturally turned the AI off and Muharrem Ince did nothing , because it was promised to him that he would be allowed to win as the Mayor for Istanbul this year , which means tons of money to be re-distributed . Imamoğlu , this year's candidate , of course wants to be the mayor and he is fighting back . The vote counting tradition is always that the so called neutral news agencies report on the results . There is nothing like a neutral news agency , everyone bought by the Party and there's only one that gives the results these days . The so called Anatolian Agency . Which famously released a simulation by accident in 2018 and amazingly its numbers were all on spot on , before the election so that like people knew what was expected of them . So , the ballot boxes are opened and the so called Anatolian Agency declares in some province A-K-P leads 75% to 25% of its opponents . 3 or 4 hours of this and opposition loses hope and goes home and the brilliant vote counting system that opened 95% of the ballot boxes and counted them in 15 minutes takes a whole day to complete the 5% that remains . Another difference in 2019 is that people have learned it all together and this is a local thing . That Bayburt might have voted 155% (yes , that's 3 digits there) . That town has voted 155% for A-K-P has no relevance to who will become the mayor of Ankara , while in the Presidential election of last year it implied that there would be no second round . If the PM had not won the first round with 52% of the vote and 38% of all eligible voters , A-K-P invincibility would be "hurt" . The PM might have still won the second round against Ince , but A-K-P might have polled 20% as well this year . So , people do not give up .

it's so funny . ı will naturally listen to the special edition of the Hour of the Opposition on the Voice of Russia . Voice of Russia is utterly pro-A-K-P on its hourly bulletins but they play good old 80s music and stuff and have a couple segments where they have to reach out to Left , real or imagined . In 2018 , ı knew the exact end when this journalist / CHP MP reported Muharrem Ince was not at the centre of Election Agency for the country , at the head of 50 000 lawyers he promised to mobilize . Actually there was nobody there , possibly except the MP and he was just leaving as well . In 2019 , nobody was leaving nowhere and the tradition happened once again . Almost everywhere A-K-P started the count leading 75% would come down to 55% at the end of the night . In 2018 there wasn't just enough time . With the economic crisis in 2019 and a rememberence of how Trump could dictate the release of the Pastor Brunson and a thousand little cuts , time was more than enough . Some Party journalist is talking and the difference between the Party and CHP candidate in Istanbul is 40 000 in favour of the Party . The guy talks for 5 minutes and it's down to 20000 . Every minute the journalist talks , the difference closes with thousands of votes . The host and the brickhead (who is a different journalist) do everything possible to keep the Party journalist talking ; as obviously they are also under pressure from their web followers ; who must be aware that this will become a legend in years to come ... It's indeed the difference between those who give up and those who have no reason to .

the CHP candidate Imamoğlu kept the pressure up . Instead of having a glass of ayran and spilling some on his jacket and taking hours to replace his jacket and discouraging those at the coal face , he regularly appeared on few TV Channels that would dare showing him on an election night and called on the so called Anatolian Agency . That they were running out of place and what would they do when 90% plus of the votes were entered into the system ? The so called Anatolian Agency stopped talking about votes in Istanbul , with the party in the lead by 4400 . Some an hour and a half of this and my niece was at home from Ankara , she is engaged and set to marry in the summer and collecting stuff and her birthday too and ı always like sweets and stuff . My mother and yours idiotly are a floor up and my niece has never seen a Goverment "losing" elections -being in primary school the last time , assumed this was a repeat of last year at the Imamoğlu press conference . Where he claimed he was leading by 27 000 votes . His opponent , The Last Prime Minister , tested the waters by declared he had won and he had his posters hung all around in Istanbul , with Party newspapers on the next day declaring that as well .

the so called Anatolian Agency was of a similar mind until the next day , when this utterly pro Party head of Election Agency had to appear on TV and declare Imamoğlu had won , by 28 000 . It's a stockmarket thing and just a week or so after when he A-K-P stockmarket dealers badly hurt the likes of JP Morgan as the West wanted its regular cut from the Turkish economy with speculating on the exchange ratio and it would be real bad on the very eve of elections and in the name of defending the economy , New Turkey outlets in London were denied required amounts of Lira to be bought and sold . That kind of thing ; heroic defence of the country will of course paid by until the end of the year by the very same mechanisms but we will not be hearing about that .

which was certainly not on . So , this New Turkey that's just on the verge on conquering the world , having arrested thousands of Congregation members , suddenly discovers there's a coup going on . Yeah , one must be always ready to stop coups . So , they are re-counting every possible thing , after clear warnings that they are looking at every possible traitor . Almost half of those 8 or 9 million votes in Istanbul re-counted and the difference is still in favour of Imamaoğlu , 17 000 odd as ı was writing this passage . Yet ı must say those doing the recounts would be the best their parties could offer and they are maybe just doing a more professional job

soul searching ? Not much really , the defining charateristics of Arab Democracies is that the Goverments do not loose elections .

Spoiler :
take the Communist winning in Tunceli who won by respecting Hicap , if anyone unfamiliar with Turkey was to read the last post of the first page . Nothing of the sort . While a woman candidate in Istanbul was newsworthy for her covered head despite the extreme hardline stance of the Communists on the subject and not so much because she had lost her job for "organizing" workers , the guy in Tunceli was attacked by the seperatists as a "farmer" , organizing agriculture on otherwise empty public land . And taught his place by the State , as he couldn't get official papers as the mayor on the first day due to unspecified security issues . Now that Commies either organize agriculture in cooperatives or build steel mills . Doubt he would have the capital to build a steel mill . And as a reported Maoist he would be aware of how Mao was not very succesful with steel production in villages , he would of course go farming . Making him a direct comparision with the Party attempt to control agriculture . Which has conveniently stopped supplying cheap produce to Public but reportedly still intent on controlling the delivery by creating a new system of moving it from the field to the city . And selling it at the chainstores , which were traitors for selling at exorbitant prices , like last month . This is a direct analogy for hazelnut business . Bunga Bunga Berlusconi attented the wedding of PM's daughter ; some Italian company apparently monopolizes the entire market in this country and they have rather more hazelnut trees in Italy these years as we hear . No , ı will not claim the Congregation was bribing a Moroccan model to implicate New Turkey luminaries in those Bunga Bunga days . The model's death is obviously more related to the book she was writing , just at the time there's this Italian movie about Berlusconi . So , every year it's the same . Hazelnut producers protest about the low prices , they have even started to march with CHP MPs in the van . And they unfailingly go and vote for the Party , because if they do not , the Party will punish them . With low prices and jobs will not go villagers and they might even import better A-K-P supporters from other provinces ! So , in an election year , the Goverment refused to declare basic prices for hazelnut . People held out for a couple of months and had sell it to traders for maybe 10 liras a kilo . At the very end of season , the Party declares the basic , at maybe 20 liras a kilo . And all the traders simply make twice the money , right ? At the expense of them hazelnut producers . Am trying hard not to remind that the people of Blacksea are the smartest in the country , until noon , or something . Do they expect 20 liras next year ? Figuratively of course not , now that ı don't know what the inflation rate might be . Monopolizing purchase monopolizes votes ; and the party must be dreaming to enlarge it the whole country . Commie mayor is a threat because of this ; now that if he succeeds he will be a big seller against bigger purchaser .

that there should be no opposition .

a splendid characteristic of New Turkey that it takes no BS from foreigners . EU declares a thing that's good for the Party , it's proof of the greatness of New Turkey , the West sees the truth and the light and bends the knee and accepts the dominance and wisdom . If the thing is against the Party , New Turkey refuses to accept the statement . It doesn't exist for New Turkey . For a couple of years now , the foreign affairs of New Turkey corrects official statements of the US State Department . If the spokesperson in Washington says it was a cloudy day in Istanbul where some meeting took place , the spokesperson in Ankara says it was brilliantly sunny and low level officials in Washington might have been bought by Congregation or other enemies of New Turkey and they are trying to manipulate the great relationship , especially between the PM and whoever might be the President of US . This last week , Pompeo said he told his New Turkey counterpart that if Ankara bought S-400s New Turkey would not be allowed to strike Kurds in Syria and his counterpart said this was not talked in the meeting and Pompeo repeated once again that he said exactly so . As the newest Arab Nation , New Turkey sees the only future as one where it dominates Muslim Brother and rules some oil wells somewhere , now that Barzanists immediately folded with just a little Shia show of strength . As heroic defenders of the Faith , they simply can not allow themselves being bossed by Pompeo , with him permitting operations in Syria or otherwise . This despite everybody knows what happens behind closed doors .

and well , nobody saw State Department babes in the city when New Turkey was leading the country . When Democracy was coming to Turkey . This despite yours idiotly openly calling the Army of Petrol as the Army of Petrol . ı don't know what are they smoking in Washington . The whole S-400 thing might go under in an instant , but there is no way Washington can find a image doctoring to get the PM feel that he hasn't lost face . New Turkey was told that it would not buy Chinese once and we all know what happened . So they are thinking to buy but leave them in Russia , or bring them in country but keep in crates , even send them to Qatar , to protect that lovely piece of heaven from evil Saudis and their more evil American overlords , despite America having 10 000 or far more troops in some base in Qatar . They are ready for everything , except an image that America has ordered the PM to act or not to act and the PM has complied . As openly said on the Voice of Russia . The guy famous for being caught laughing at the stupidity of Muslims is once again an expert on defence matters and tells even yours idiotly on the radiowaves that the world has changed and everybody must accept New Turkey is not the pushover the Republic was . ı remember the days when Obama was the greatest friend of New Turkey before he unjustly organized a coup in Turkey and fell on his backside and simply laugh at descriptions of how Trump respects New Turkey . That kind of leadership has a top spot for only one and what makes people think Trump would respect anyone but his own godlike prestige ?

and you are wrong as hell that Gannushi of Tunus gracefully accepted defeat . This was surely at a time when Russia was gaining ground in Syria and might start accidentally shooting the most gloriousest beardies around and those Jihadists required a solid support base close by for any eventuality , you know , like New Turkey ? The so called Anatolian Agency might have felt a bit of shame and a prospect of answering in courts without Party judges in the very next elections , right ? The West told Tunisians to be actual democrats and they were and it was very loudly heard here . And am so much happy for Al Crusading whose female host has been breathing once again as Haftar's forces in Libya made a Toyota blitzkrieg and were outspent by Qatar and the like ; the tribes near Tripoli then capturing the vanguard of the advance instead of joining them and possibly even UK carrying out airstrikes . So , it was not Algeria but Libya that got the Qatari attention and kept a relative peace in votecounting in Istanbul . You can not expect Qatar to fund a war in North Africa and prop the stockmarket in Istanbul at the same time . They are even calling on Algeria to save Tripoli , right ? They are incredible penny pinchers , declared they would support New Turkey with an immediate 15 billion US dollars like a couple years back and they have spent just 3 and still looking for venues of investment . They will long be around , now that they have acquired some "tank factory" at 50 million dollars , despite a claimed worth of 20 "billions" for the facility . They would have a "plane factory" , too , but then London has priority to be accepted .

then thieves before politics

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on Thursday last week , ı woke up to see an horsecart neatly parked in the street . Without a horse , naturally . ı also recognized the metal barrel on it , as the one that used to be on top of the garage . We keep one in the garden to collect some rainwater , it helps watering the garden if nothing else . Went down , repossed it without issues . Am pretty sure there were those two or three plates that used to be in the backyard and now in the cart but ı couldn't prove it to myself , that they were indeed ours . Fearing Allah and belief in the Judgement Day are huge impediments to get rich quick . Turns out neighbours and the like had spotted these Gypsy women / Roman citizens going around at dawn and some had called the Police and some passerby had acquired a kitchen knife after he had released the horse or the Police had taken over it and deflated the tyres so that there would be no quick getaway with the loot . ı went out to the city to pay the yearly tax on the house and came back at the street to find a new horsecart , this time with the horse in place , taking the first one in tow . These people do not like it , "recycling" or the idea that they are thieves who steal things from places where they are absolutely not on the street to be recycled or the fact that it had to be two women and maybe 3 kids so that some hothead would not insult the "retrival team" and there would be a fight and knives and wholesale mob justice with a couple of lynchings . One of them is the unhappy woman , the young mother by the looks of it , kinda brown and who would readily work at a factory but her skin colour would work against her , as if thief was written on her forehead . ı ask her , while passing by , whether is it worth it . The second is older , and much more "accustomed" if you will . Supposing sympathy on my part she starts their tyres have been cut . ı return the information that ı took the metal barrel myself . Says nothing , collecting actual recyle and "recycle" all the while , because an horsecart with 3 flats is not much of a carrier of goods . ı then add that they have no right to steal flowerpots , as apparently the action started just as they were about to topple one down to empty the soil inside . The older says it was all the fault of two little youths , they wouldn't know . The younger woman would no doubt rather be happy if the ground just opened up and swallowed her ; presumably she is the one who had to climb up the garage and manhandle the barrel down in the first place and might even heard of America deploying Miss State Department to negotiate and am being reasonable , if nothing else .

the moral of the story ? How amazing and embrassing it would be , if they had known that a previous day or two ago that ı had ranted on CFC that there was no way thievery would remain undiscovered , in the age of electronics or 21st Century or whatever . ı never said ı would make it happen , did ı ?

the early explanations for the recount was the good people in the metropolitan institutions of Istanbul and Ankara were destroying the paper trail of corruption . When my brother used to work in the Municipality he would have heard of the guy whom the Hungarians hated , because as the people working for the Ikarus bus company , they had to arrange women and food in addition to the regular bribes that the company would recoup from the "inflated" prices the Municipality would pay . This being mid 1990s and the like and Iron Curtain just down . But they were at least good vehicles for their day . There being some hunger at the explanations of how Istanbul managed to get buy some "metrobus" things designed for the flats of Netherlands and never for the hilly ground , at least when loaded with hundreds of people . And a million other things . By TV reports , the PM had accepted the loss of both Istanbul and Ankara and the holiday he took was an indication that it was just the underlings who tried to save their own skin . Specifically by the media of son-in-law , who apparently like to be called number 2 and 3 of the country with his brother . That America was staging a coup and this was treason . There's much assumption going on how this about the parking places company thing of Istanbul , making a million liras a day to result 357 millions in 2018 , with a profit of just 7 million liras . Despite the company being all about a guy in a uniform that comes to your street , declares it municipality territory and starts milking you . Now that you have parked your car in front of your house . The profit should have been 300 million liras , if not 350 ... Just as you would have guessed , a computer malfunction has happened and they are giving you invoices on paper , despite their years long bragging that everybody before them was a thief and they are not because their earnings are logged centrally on the computers . This way trying to make a final plunder at so on .

the world not starting WW III , despite their much reported anger against the PM , might just keep the momentum on to roll back Istanbul , while Ankara would be too much . The PM tells his coalition has made 53% of the vote across the country , despite it being 51.6% on official stuff . Because the 2018 results were 52 , the 53% might be the number that will be accidentally used by the media , with confidence that it would be known to be 53% , given a couple of months . The Party can not be seen as losing , as vulnerable , because then there will be the New A-K-P . One might even argue Imamoğlu was being harassed by design to keep the people of Black Sea in charge with the obviousness of it . But then then would be truly laughed at in Turkey . The PM is from Rize , Imamoğlu is from Trabzon , neighbouring provinces , there can be no way that any of them would agree to play behind closed doors .

very very short political commentary : The PM does not want to give an impression to foreign observers that he might see the Mayor-elect of Istanbul as a threat . If Istanbul elections are repeated on June 2nd , it will actually be about a moment of peace . If New Turkey falls , American designs fall so America gives respite for A-K-P to win ; the Party /almost racist coalition will declare the Kurdish Nation State and they have had just a week of pressure on that .

and Sunday of April 7th was the first market day since the elections . 5 or 6 stalls with bananas , none except one has a price . Because bananas were not 11 liras last week and yes , we have no bananas . Nor sticks and carrots will work with a kilo of carrots becoming 5 liras instead of 2 of the election day ... ı know "Ekonomi şahlanacak" , meaning it will rear on its hind legs or whatever . Glorious for pictures on the wall but riders can also fall off their horses .
new kids on the garage

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Spoiler :

ı saw them , maybe 3 on it , with the fleeting image of the 4th on the street . Is he too chubby to climb or is he the observer ? You see , my reputation grows and grows ; and Spetsnaz might be on any minute , trucks screeching to a halt and troops already having jumped out of it , mostly fair hair , mostly blue eyes , the famous blue and white striped undershirts , a row of medals on the chest of each -with the face of Lenin , a German shepherd or two and AKs in hand and with the intent to kill , running purposefully to catch the intruders . ı asked them and one said they were looking for their ball . Okay , kids should play in the street time to time and playing ball develops tons of stuff and balls can stray . What's more , the typical thing in Turkish culture is the evil neighbour that waits for the ball to stray so that he can stab it with a kitchen knife ; you wouldn't believe how many caricatures ı would have seen in the 80s and 90s when ı would read my older brother's purchases of weeklies . So , ı tell them to get down and move myself down . Will open the door of the garage , get into the backyard , find their ball , give it back . They are already across the street , ready to run . They can't be poisoning streetcats , not in the middle of the day , they would hardly run if they were after their ball , even if they debated for like 30 seconds when ı called one of them to come in , 'cause ı came two floors down so that one of them could get his ball and they didn't . Leaves the possibility of them measuring their bravery and the lot ... One of them finally said they were joking and they ran for an additional measure .

ı don't know exactly why , but am blamed once again . People have been accusing me of things ı didn't for years , because they knew they had to be better then me , because there was no way they couldn't be and they identified with each and every victory of New Turkey , as ı would rant about it . Victory has many fathers . Now , as New Turkey stalls , it turns out ı have men everywhere and ı have mobilized all of them and been personally pushing buttons and pulling levers and stuff happens . Defeat is an orphan . If ı was capable of doin' it , why didn't ı stop New Turkey becoming this so called fact on the ground ? Should have saved a couple of grey hairs surely ? Why the concept of what America giveth , America takes is so impossible to grasp ? In the end America -and the entire West- is run by a couple of crazies , it has always been . They want lots of dead people and as defeat is an orphan , they have to find an excuse . Which over a couple of millenia has rarified into a particular bunch of people that live in the Middle East and the Turk's guilt is 1492 and whatnot . It always revolves around this and America wants war .

found the monkeys too hard , so after almost 20 years on Iraq and almost 10 on Syria , they have decided to fight Iran , leaving the monkeys alone for a couple of years . Oh-kay , ı should be happy that we won't have camps and gas chambers until 2030s ? In this guise , New Turkey [as is] just becomes a burden . They do not want to destroy or replace New Turkey . Not at all , as America has spent 50-60 years on it . Jack Broughton , of the kind who would be more than willing to fight the Turk , in Red Rupert Two just boils to the surface . At a time when there's something called the Internet and Wikipedia and whatever , the editor and whatnot of his memoirs follows the norms of the 21th century . This editor who has also been the official historian of USAF for 10 years allows Broughton to claim Adnan "Menderez" escaped to Switzerland with his booty after the streets ran red with blood in Ankara in the coup of May 1960 . It was only after this "fact" that it was discovered the opponents of the Menderes regime "were" minced into chicken feed at the Atatürk Forest Farm . Making this unnamed USAF superior of Broughton (in Ankara and who wowed the only safe thing to eat in Turkey were chicken eggs) a cannibal .

but the said editor falls short . Far short . ı have never seen the Thud Ridge , so it has to be Going Downtown where Broughton hits it heavy . That Yen Bai , a town in North Vietnam , was always heavily defended . In the way foolish Kemalists would have brigades and brigades around Anıtkabir , the resting place of Kemal . So fed up with no clearance to bomb and nape and strafe them Vietnamese flak gunners to hell , he finally took the plunge one day and dived down for a close pass and saw them cowards were simply firing straight up into the air as barrage fire . Now there are many books out there and ı get the gunners of Yen Bai were always full of fight , just like SAM operators around Vinh were intent shooters -and hitters . Must be a local thing as traditions are made and replacements have to confirm . Kenneth Bell (who was with Broughton in the 355 TFW at Takhli and had to catch the ball after the Turkestan incident) once claimed he saw Chinese Farmers . He surely would , if he took part in those 1966-67 forays into Red China and MiG-19s were the best China had at the time . Basically trolling the Chinese to a fight where American fighter pilots can catch the destruction of one on their gun cameras to prove they are paper tigers in Commie land and the fight took part over Vietnam and McNamara will shut up and start acting like a man and those yellow skinned men in black pijamas will even be nuked , if that's what it takes . Both wings of F-105s did it . Ed Rasimus who was with 388 in Korat followed his leader 25 or 75 miles into China , wondering what was going on as his leader already had a MiG to his credit and there was no way he could get a second credit by shooting one over China . Bell failed to convince the intelligence , so he next came up with that what he saw were F-100s , poorly flown . You know , being Broughton's man .

it has made me search in vain to discover what's so important in Yen Bai , to no avail . Until ı came across the hint in an Osprey's . The airfield . So poor a surface that the Vietnamese did not operate from it during Rolling Thunder , but placed their newly acquired MiG-19 force after 1970 . But strangely has a complex of caves and whatnot upto 4 miles away to where the planes can be trucked . Do not expect any USAF official historian to mention that was probably where the Russians would deploy for a battle of Laos . Laos being a former French colony , where Americans willingly replaced the French after the latter's 1954 defeat but found their dreams of colonial overlordship dashed by a very strong Communist presence . This is a big thing in Anglosphere . The young man , straight from UK , becomes the single authority in an area bigger than the blighted island , ruling hundreds of thousands of Indians . Can not be replicated by the young man from US as Ike has agreed (with the rapid advance of the Soviets) England has to be kept as a closer ally and American influence will limit itself to succeding the French . Then Laos ... Where there are Princes who lean on America . Then Princes who lean on Russia/China . Then Princes who haven't been able to create relations with either of the camps or rather pre-empted by the previous two types of Princes . Who then become the Neutralists .

you can see it even in the National Geographic . Which has the typical picture heavy piece . Where the author then rants on how simplistic Laotians are fooled by things they don't understand . Like a claim on how there are men who do not die by grenades . The author simply assures its American readers that the detonators were removed from the same as some advisors were showing attack tactics before advancing to hand to hand or -shall we even say- bayonet fighting , after dismounting from APCs by the looks of it . Kong Le is a name you might see in histories . Commanding the Parachute Battalion of his country and making sure it was less disorganized than other elements of his Army , he was instrumental in the Neutralist victory that happened . The real start of the America's War in Vietnam . Ike was not the typical American President . Roosevelt was in favour of a massive American Military to replace the European Colonial Empires . Truman was an "isolationist" depending on the mighty dollar to get young men out of US for their hundreds of thousands of subjects -and nuking any single person out of this world for whimpering , until he was woken up rudely by the '49 nuke of Russians and that Police Action in Korea . Korea was too hot to try again so Ike would prove the superiority of the West in a simpler way As the South Vietnam would surely outpace North Vietnam given a few years . Though disasterously for millions of people , an American defeat by an another bunch yellow skinned Aisatics would cause a rebellion in America . Kong Le could not be allowed .

america pushed it up . Russia responded by an airlift . After making contact with the Neutralists as Khrushev was not a big fan of the still Stalinist Mao . It lit a fuse in the Christianity or something ; Thais refused to attack Russian transports , Americans would have to do it themselves , Russians would deploy a regiment of Frescos , Americans would threaten a nuclear strike and Russians would laugh at this with the caves of Yen Bai ; in short Russian tranports would keep flying in . American response was discovering that they had tons of WW 2 planes . Which could be painted in local markings . They simply failed to find Sidewinders in time to mount on their T-28s (a radial engined descendant of the Mustang) to kill the Ilyushin 14 transports as "Thais" and defend themselves against the "Vietnamese" MiG-17s with AAMs . With the Korean experience in mind where chances of survival of anything against the MiG-15 were slim , with the single exception of the F-86 . When Laos ended in treaty of sorts , it didn't end anything . An Al Crusading documentary assures us on an American base in Taiwan or Okinawa , an USAF major was counting down on his own , last 5 minutes like , to fire a Matador nuclear armed cruise missile on China at the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis .

vietnam was chosen as the venue , despite the 1958 decision by Hanoi that they would rather go for improving their own instead of fighting in the South . Diem , the corrupt , Catholic and French puppet President of Vietnam was removed by an American coup for his refusal to fight an American War , against a bunch that had just defeated the French a decade ago . His replacements talked big and loud and one of them was still fixed by the CIA to launch Lam Son 719 in the following decade . For the Vietnamese President of the times was wary , that the North was wounded with Rolling Thunder and the failures of various Tet Offensives and was counting on the American withdrawal and Washington now under the glorious rule of Richard Nixon and Kissinger who wanted to demolish the North , despite their solemn vows to disengage . This '719 was an operation into Laos to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail , destroy supplies and ensure the safety of South after the American withdrawal , if you ask any American staff officer or semi-read history buff . All it did was to strengthen the hand of the "war party" in Hanoi , the Southern debacle was just an unplanned (by Pentagon kind of) bonus . The Vietnamese President knew this might just happen and demurred so much that CIA bribed his astrologer that it was really the best time to do it . American staff officers will also tell that they eventually defeated the NVN's Easter offensive , as much as they also broke the North in the Linebacker operations of 1972 .

off-topic not . You can see it only in bits and only if you are a very "sensitive idiot" .

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take Bull Simon as an example . An US Army Special operations type , he once parleyed with a sizeable group of enemies , who were fed up with the seasonal war in Laos , a real estate Hanoi needed to supply the Viet Cong and its Regulars in the South . Rainy season Communists roll on , dry season Capitalists roll on with American air support , year after year . Simon signs the deal , sees the Commies are disarmed , tells them to sit around together , as trucks will come with food and as transportation and calls on USAF to napalm them all . Simon would be described as the inspiration for Rambo at least by one , when Stallone was on the run , making movies and the lot . Also much more famous as the team lead as Ross Perot saved his people from the Islamic Revolution of Iran . Simply because they might have talked about the corruption and Perot milking billions out of Iran , naturally while arming Tahran to fight us monkeys . So , Simon pulls upto the Turkish border and the Jandarma has the temerity to ask for passparts and Simon tells them in Turkish to get lost -after taking their bribe naturally- and the cowardly Turkish officer runs the fastest . Turns out Simon was here in the 50s .

this is the big thing . Russians are evil enemies , they need to be fought . The Poles have become Commies themselves , the only way Ukraine can be liberated is by support from "South" . Despite their well justified fame for paranoia , you can still startle a Russian enough to call you a conspiracy idiot with hinting the history is all wrong . ODESSA is not a shadowy Nazi organization that helps war criminals escape to Argentina , it's an assembly of willing people that will settle by the Black Sea and make that city the capital of the New Reich . Who have througly naturalized or something as "Americans" and are driving the early Cold War and they can not dare asking for Berlin as FRG is one American thing . AND one big stumbling block is always Ankara and foolish Kemalists . Who refuse to support a Jihad in the Turkic soft-belly of the Soviet Union . Our Jewness is "rediscovered" again and again . Democracy in Turkey always harps about the Kemalist failings and singularly fail to happen for real for some reason , right ? Ike the President mentions the Turkish Brigade at Kunuri anytime punishing the Turk comes up , neatly avoiding how it could break out when it was abandoned by the US Army . People free to pray , people free to become rich , these are very American things and yet they always lead in Turkey to something to do with the Turkish bayonet . When the Commies topple Iraq and Syria becomes more and more Commie , Menderes tries very hard to roll on South . You are wrong , they didn't say Hell No , We Won't Go . Uncle Ho was not that famous back then . Just about the time when Cyprus becomes "more" of a problem . Greeks naturally try to steal it , the local disturbances stem rather more from the British thing to enrol the Turkish Cypriots into Police forces to fight ENOSIS on a sectarian basis than any difference between Islam and Orthodoxy and American advisors in both Athens and Ankara start pushing the sides to the brink . There will be the coup and Inönü back in charge and as soon America can create a new Right Party (to attack the 2nd President of the Republic after the dreaded Turkish Army has succeeded in guiding its mass conscript masses to bring down the Demokrat Parti) for Inönü's failure to do something about the island . 1963' bloody Christmas overcome by overflight of jets . June-July 64 fighting where the Greek and Greek Cypriots surround the almost entire lot of volunteers in Erenköy . Mostly students from the island , trained in Ankara in a location that would be made famous during the Ergenekon Conspiracy , because you know it readily fits .

then amazingly on the August 2 , North Vietnam attacks a De Soto Patrol , USN ships protecting South Vietnamese attacks on the North . Then on the 4th , the attack on Maddox , which didn't happen , but to all "Christians" it was Russians risking WW III . Then on the 8th , the now dead Turkish Air Force intervention . Segments of which might have lost its way and attacked a village miles and miles away from Erenköy , but strangely and coincidentally the HQ for Greeks and their American advisors and British observers . You never see America accusing the Turk for starting the Vietnam War to distract Washington from the Righteous Crusade to bring about the destruction of the Turk . Not because it's not the truth , but it would make the Turk a credible , even an incredible threat . One you would avoid making angry . To the best of your ability . It also defeated the Greeks after a fashion . The response was emergency aid for a shot down pilot , every needle going in him to deliver "drugs" draining blood instead . In the hospital in Nicosia / Lefkoşa . As reported by some UN guy , as denied by the Greeks perpetually . And then a long running preparation that ended in '74 . Which came between a soft spot of Nixon's demise and America vulnerable and fall of Saigon and all Southeast Asia or something resulting in America the vengeful and stuff .

there are things you simply can't believe . Like reading a book on Israeli-Russian differences that start when Moscow ""provokes" the 1967 War to destroy Israel's nukes just before they become a reality . This is about the time the Colonels' Junta rules Greece and CIA agents like Gust Avrokatos directly control the Junta and the Greeks provide an anchorage on Crete for the Russian Mediterranean Fleet ??? America started Vietnam to attrite Communist world as they could not allow Hanoi to fall , this is why and how of all that maddening Rules of Engagement that stopped American Military Power to smash North Vietnam in a week or month . Vietnamese started to shoot down American planes , America turned to Israel to attrite the Commies in an easier theater , Israel mimicked panic , Nasser fell for it , it was an huge disaster , Russians had to save their clients and the War of Attrition gave Israel some panic and Kissinger forced Israel to be surprised in October 1973 . Because Tel Aviv might have been "ready" on the 5th and might have carried out some massive "opera" that would see a phalanx of jets attack the SAM array across the Suez Canal and lose a couple of planes and destroy the missile batteries and then utterly destroy the Egyptian Army . This is what caused Sedat in Cairo to lack confidence in the Army he had fixed and asked Damascus in as an ally . Which would hobble him greatly (because he had no need to go behind the bridgeheads he had captured on the first day as he had clearly said himself before the war) and Israel would have been legally beaten in Yom Kippur War . Instead of an "unprepared" attack on the 14th to save Damascus (despite Damascus had been "saved" on the 12th) that was beaten back by Israeli armour , preparing a counter Israeli crossing of the canal which cracked the SAM cover in ground battle , which then ended in the surrounding of an Egyptian Army . See , people hate to directly face people who can shoot back , so people start distractions elsewhere . America and Russia could not be a man about it and nuke each other out of existance and fought a proxy war here and there and the the very standart thing was Turkey and its refusal to support a Jihad in Turkic Central Asia , despite all the glorious people under the thumb of America working day and night . How incredible is that , America decides the promotion of every single officer in the Turkish Army of those(/these) days and everybody is owned by Washington and they somehow are all vital in Ankara and what not and none of them does a honest day's work where it counts . Same thing CFC must have seen in relation to Syria . There should never have been left a single Turk in the Army !

sadly this mindest , this "evasiness is the right thing" exists everywhere . On Saturday , ı heard it on the radio that New Turkey is real smart . There's natural gas in the Med , there's Mursi in Cairo , there's flexibility and relief for Turkey . Mursi falls , Sisi comes and there's risk so New Turkey goes and makes a deal with Sudan , rents this Sevakin Island . Which is to be renovated , improved or something by New Turkey . Read pointless construction projects that will tranfer funds to the coffers of Party companies . What's more , there is to be a base ! 60% of the oil to Europe passes closeby and this gives leverage to Ankara ! Even a single radar station will prevent European unity against us ! Do anything to 60% of the oil to Europe and France will nuke Sevakin even before New Turkey can say the W of What! If America does not occupy the island first or Britain does not order Qatar to carry out a Palace Coup in Ankara . New Turkey is the soldier of Qatar , which lacks the population to be colonial masters of anyone in the 19th Century European mold .

see , ı should also celebrate the fall of Wikileaks with Julian Assange finally in chains . Liberty and Freedom in Egypt brought down Mubarek , to live down in eternity as (F)ormer (O)ttomans blew up Hosnian system in Episode VII , which is still forgiven for Rey and Han the Faithful .

Spoiler :
mubarak being a veteran of Yom Kippur and President of Egypt for years , Western oriented , almost a puppet of America , but he would never get involved in an alliance over hydrocarbons against us . You think natural gas in the Med was discovered in 2010s ? His replacement , Mursi on the other hand was entirely something else . To prove his greatness , he leaked a meeting with his generals , who were now his generals and not Mubarek's as America strictly told them it was indeed so . In which Mursi wants a military strike against Ethiopia . Conspiracies ? Egyptians have a plenty , like some Israeli wrote in the 1950s that if Egypt was allowed to built the Aswan Dam , there should be more in Black Africa to block the Nile ... There's a willingness in Cairo to fight down there , or up the river or whatever it's called in English . But , the generals also know Israel the ever expansionist would love a bloodbath that would enfeeble their Army , and turn the whole of Continent against them in an instant and would do nothing about the safety of the Nile ; with one precondition on Sedat joining the West was he would stop any cordial relations with Black African countries .

mursi then topped it in the unleaked parts . Where he told his generals they were fools to argue that they could not overcome Ethiopia , because the F-16s of the now dead Turkish Air Force would reinforce theirs . Soon , as the Jews in Turkey had been defeated . Didn't the generals watch the news and read newspapers ? The amount of whiteness that appeared on the faces of the generals tends to be exaggerated more each year ; but they complained to the Americans . It had taken 10 years in Turkey , for A-K-P to conspiracy-occupy everywhere and they were yet to arrest the guys some very proud Egyptian Lieutenant had led in some guided tour across the both sides back in 1973 . While Mursi was acting as if he was the boss of New Turkey , in addition to Egypt , in just a year . With the Kenyan in the White House , Pentagon was surely conspiring against Egypt , to destroy the country and kill them all , at a time Syria had proven to be tough , in contrast to Libya ? Mursi fell down , with a speed that should have hurt his ears as he came down crashing from the lofty heights . As the saying goes , Arabs can't fight without Egypt . Against us Turks or the Iranians as the American strategy now requires -as you know .

the massively ever successful New Turkey diplomacy has created an alliance of practically anyone in Eastern Mediterranean . Against this country . There are Free Egypt TV channels in Istanbul that cater to Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt . And yet right on heels of gleeful reports from think tanks in the US that the PM might soon start a foolish war that will be the final disaster for Turkey , Cairo declares it will leave this Arab NATO . Which was actually founded against Iran by the Saudis ı think , with the inevitable participation New Turkey , too . For A-K-P has clearly "lost" in this elections and might be voted out of power entirely in 2023 . The youngest Arab nation of New Turkey has lost much of its edge lately . Why should Egypt fight , if the biggest threat to it is removing itself nicely and cheaply ? Oh my , contrary to the protestations , the Army of Petrol is becoming more of a paper tiger , it seems . Sevakin and a second front ? Yours idiotly is amazed that there is talk of a port at the nuclear power station Russia is building and will operate by the Med coast and to carry nuclear waste safely there might be Russian naval presence . In a country that partakes in operations in North Atlantic and Red Sea / Indian Ocean , has a base in Qatar and "seeks" one in Venezuella !

this coziness with Russia amazes people , lemme tell you . People are even suggesting Russia must be aware that it would lead to a Goverment change in Ankara , like immediately if it goes on anymore and Russians will be made to lose one friend they might have in NATO . These tend to be media people not so openly wondering what the hell Putin is doing , with all this S-400 talk . Let me explain , all that bear wrestling and all that bear riding has got into his head , he thinks with Trump in the White House he has no need to be acting reasonably . Work diligently on the one who has more power is his motto ; he has dealt so succesfully with Trump's style of management over the years that he knows everything there is to know and he can make a colony out of New Turkey and perhaps even put the cross on Ayasofya . Instead of finding a way out for his pal the PM , he even offers co-production of S-400 . Not the whole , but just bits to look cool in the eyes of people , who are to believe in the 6 lane highway to the moon . On which you can drive your family sedan .

instead Voice of Russia trumpets the guy who is some professor in some university . He says New Turkey can veto any decision of NATO , so America should stop talking as if it owns the country or the planet . He even says the State itself will end if we don't buy the S-400 . Apparently out of humiliation . Those who can't keep to their promises can not be called States . New Turkey never delivers anything it promises ? Must be Opposition lies ! But he is "truthful" , as A-K-P in its unfailing wisdom might come to believe that Russia will protect it against Washington ... With Turkey dead and New Turkey present instead ; don't know how those that could kill Turkey need protection against anyone .

yes , there is no standing rule to throw out a NATO member , but a clash with Greece will immediately create the conditions , with New Turkey unable to score "victory" and looking to Washington to stop it and when publicly rebuffed will have a fit of hysteria and walk out of NATO on its own . Just check the last decade to see what's the only thing that matters to A-K-P politicians . Then we will suddenly discover Article V really works and the whole gang gangs up on us . ı for one welcome Brazil joining NATO , somebody must save the Amazon in the name of the planet . Just making sure we will sink this Russian Eskadra in the Med by accident thinking they are Americans , just like the rest of the Russians . We will then see whether Putin pays his War Compensation to Syria or not .

once again the valid question . Do we need S-400 ? Right out of Nam , where the like of Broughtons would shoot down all the MiGs but unable to do so with silly Rules of Engagement and then the flak and SAMs . And upto 1980s it was academic anyhow , as it would have to be American aid . Which would have not happened , with the Greeks having far less planes than us and would have to Pearl Harbour us to catch ours on the ground ; Israel facing many more already and our lovely Baathist neighbours finding enough heart to tell they were utterly frightened of the Turks , which is very cool for an Arab to mention that he fears something for a change , you know , so that they could get more Russian kit . Iranians fought a full 8 years and they had other priorities like the Saudi Salafist stuff and all that . There are still those Nike SAMs meant to nuke Foxbats out of the sky when they were superfighters and not the clunkers that they turned out to be . Then 1990s should have allowed us to get some , but the economic crises creating the conditions for a succesful Kurdish uprising negated anything . Somewhere along the line Hawk batteries were turned over ; a boost over the Rapiers bought in the 1980s to protect American servicemen on Turkish airfields if Washington could manage to attack Iran back then . Iranians had flown some impressive attacks with Phantoms and they might simply suicide bomb Incirlik with a couple or something to knock a couple of American planes "protecting" Kuwaiti oil tankers with bombing Iran . Hawks were probably for the same in the 21st Century , them being lethal like in the 1960s .

then the Crusading years . During which even the Starfleet has trembled in fear of Scuds , against which we have no defence , meaning we always fail to fight in Iraq and Syria and now Iran . As a result NATO regularly deploys Patriots , the transfer of which makes people forget Starfleet , which really doesn't exist and the heroic glorious people of New Turkey once again face nonstop demands from America to fight , and they turn the demands down . Which wears on American nerves ... It's a major farce with both sides expecting to die for the good cause so that survivor can gobble up the entire Middle East . So the lack of an anti-balistic capability has been saving a thousand lives a month , as an operation in Syria , against Damascus , was one wargamed . Making 30 or 50 000 soldiers of Army of Petrol still alive . Oh , will A-K-P fight against America , needing S-400s to shoot down F-35s ? Of course not . Does A-K-P need S-400s to put down the next coup , as it was claimed by the Party media ? Of course not . A snot eater Congregation member will pass himself loyal and just shoot down the PM's jumbo ; snot eating being real with footage of big wig eating the tissue their spritual leader wiped his nose with , with the bigwig aspiring to the greatness of the leader with having a part or whatever of him , in the traditions of "congregations" . the most glorious Police would catch the snot eater ? Think again , Congregation has done something in the elections of Istanbul so secret that the entire new Turkey can not figure it out , but they are investigating it . You know , the accused being people who worked in the same capacity in the last year's election that put the PM back in his palace with more powers .

so , America (being desperate for our blood) makes us buy Russian , as a boost to the spy business as well .

Spoiler :
Oh-kay . Trump is in power by then ? Trump must prove he ain't Russian puppet , Trump loves his hairdo and his orders carried out immediately , Trump decides he will make the Turk beg for SAMs and be bigger President anyone before , now that he recognizes his own kind of leadership . If this country had the means of America , who am ı to say we wouldn't at war with Uranus and Neptune ? Barack Hussein spineless jerk Obama put up long with attempts to be an "equal" which would then readily develop along the lines of primus inter pares . We had a spectacle of Ak Saray , which was used as a way of New Turkey's greatness as a political power . The PM's palace was much bigger then the American's white painted home . Not the Beyaz Saray / the White Palace as the losers of Old Turkey had referred to . But Beyaz Ev , a smaller , less significant thing . All the TV anchors and the like started to use Ev , instead of Saray , to define 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue , if ı remember it correctly . Those who did not would no longer work in the media , as the Party once sacked everyone who stuck to using the initials of A-K-P . Instead of the Party approved "Clean Party" in true Orwellian sense as the charges of corruption were becoming louder . America got wind of it , stopped it as it was a powerful influence that might wreck the coming votes . That was meant to make the PM all powerful so that he could declare the Kurdish Nation State accepted . Ak Saray became the Külliye , the complex around a mosque a Sultan would have ordered built . Trump immediately rejects the pares part .

sometime before the Gezi Events the PM declared his election as the President in 2014 would inaguarate his period as the grandmaster of politics . Which would been the part . There had been slips on the way , it's true . In 2011 Congregation moved against Fenerbahçe , one of the biggest 3 football clubs in the country and its fans started protest marches . It was the year of Libya and America did not want any accident happening to the youngest Arab Nation . Then 2013 when typical police brutality , this time in the name of building a barracks that had been razed in 1900s exploded in people's faces . See , it would have been an insult to the Republic as the Second Period of Constitutional Rule ended when one section of the Ottoman Army rebelled and started killing educated hence secular hence godless officers . Ittihad Terakki which was mostly composed of the same , in addition to all sorts of Westernized classes then fought back and many of those uneducated hence mostly nonsecular hence practically affiliated to the glory of the Islam on the outwards and doubtful allegiance to Islam as the Faith were removed from their posts . Which them meant Ittihad ruled the country as a dictatorship . Demolishing the artillery barracks as a hot bed of troubles , a park developed on the spot in later times . A-K-P would be fixing an injustice , it would be a boon for a Party company to pour some concrete and as a mall it would cater to Arab tourists , the trade of which readily converting the parts of Istanbul whereever it is conducted . You could even see fear in the eyes of the commentators , even some anger at Al Crusading . TV crews of which having served in various Arab Capitals during Arab Spring happily filmed a captured construction machine driven almost against the gates of PM's office by Beşiktaş fans who are readily influenced by Çarşı , a club of sorts with deep respect to Süleyman Seba , once head of Beşiktaş and former Intelligence and Seba would not approve it , if Beşiktaş captured PM's office . You know , that's why an A-K-P Beşiktaş fan group immediately grew up and were readily visible .

explains the fight that grew hot between the PM and the Congregation . America would investigate this utter failure so Congregation attempted to arrest PM's son to prove corruption , then charging the PM was providing arms to El Kaide at a time when this famous ratline was carrying Libyan arms depots wholly to Turkey to be turned over to the beardies under full CIA supervision . ı always love that the Congregation once established a Kurdish Taliban , actually named as Taliban ... Obama chose the PM .

spinning dizzily your head is ? It's so easy . Just like Clint Eastwood might be for Trump , just like Charlton Heston would surely be , some posterchild of USAF proclaims evil is at work and the devil is loose . Just like you would expect the former two to able to see Trump is a fake and only for self aggrandizement and satisfaction , the latter must have been willing not to make up stories . That they would rule the world only if back stabbing traitors were dealt with . Like a country in the Middle East , heir to an empire that lost land in a streak longer than US has existed . 11 or 12 wars with the Russians after Russians officially started to exist . Endless butchery , and the vast Russians produce endless armies that simply do not cease to exist despite how many of them you kill . Melodramatic ? Oh-kay , let's try the obvious then . We would have ceased to exist , nation , country , language , culture and all if the Russian Empire had not fallen to the Communists who then had to deal with their Whites and European Colonial supporters . ı always like the fact that the Protocols of Elders of Zion was proven to be a forgery in Istanbul in -ı think- 1921 . As Kemal was building up the Army and looked like he might defeat the Greeks (the British boots on the ground) and here's West , not only calling us Jews , despite some us might indeed be so , just like some of us are Arabs , but promising to respect us and all that jazz . We only have to roll over and die so that the West can go in peace and destroy the godless Bolshies . Do you know New Turkey had its troupes play an opera in the Bolshoy ? Beats them oldies who were once invited to the place when they weren't that impressed by the Moscow metro . Opera much laughed as the fakest of arts no less by the "Muslims" who are much into ban music one of these days when America nods the nod , but strategic demands make people send people to play at Bolshoy . Not that we love them Bolshies , they are only under-developed Germans , who were openly planning dividing the Ottoman Empire simultaneously as we were brother-in-arms during the Great War . Beaten by London to declare for the Zionist principles , beaten by London to start an Arab uprising our allies were . Did they really offer parts of Russia so that we would leave Anatolia as well in 1921 ? Things one can do in pursuit of women are like nothing when desire for conquest leads everything . The latter can be superceded only if the former is added to it as well , perhaps .

one might assume only the Greeks would be "impartial" to the Turk . Wrong , they had one guy by the name of Metaxas and he was the dictator for a while after a spate of unpopularity with his claims Ankara and perhaps even Izmir were beyond the power and reach of Greece . Did every possible thing to refuse English aid during WW II , he conveniently died at the correct moment , Winston Churchill had an opening for a new Balkan adventure where he would hold the mountainous Greek territory with ease and wait for Ankara make a deal with Adolf and yeah , an Allied Armada would sail across the Straits this time ! The Turk would be taught his place and Metaxas was sure it would happen and all the troops he would be compelled to sent to Dardanalles would be sorely missed when the German infantry showed up . Like 100 divisions of them . Anyhow , the Greeks were overrun by Germans who thought tanks were indeed unsuitable for mountains but they were using Panzers instead .

lotsa claims , no proof ? Even the spurious claim that New Turkey would ban music , despite The Bolshoy Jihad ? They are all congregations , New Turkey and they are all pushing their agenda and they are all smart and they are laying the groundwork . If the elections had been won , there would have been more debates on how the Music is the work of Devil and all of should be banned except wardrums , because the PM needs Mehter and all that kind of things to fire up his political rallies . Now that a new election is already in the works .

not convinced ? In your opinion , is this guy the kind of guy who would approve marathons , where women run semi-naked and even men are not properly attired ?

Spoiler :

turns out his son-in-law got a contract from Istanbul's Metropolitan to organize one . As a parting shot or gift as the Mayor-elect would surely not do it ; if he was ever allowed to start his job . The son-in-law just looks like an ordinary guy , like all the businessmen under the level of major tycoons are bearded these days . The guy's daughter / son-in-law's wife also looks surprisingly modern ; we also learn the PM and the Little Imperialist were witnesses at the wedding . The guy ? He runs his congregation after he inherited after his father's death . These are guys who hacked an assassin to pieces or at least beat him to death in their mosque . The guy has a satellite channel , some websites in which he peddles stuff ; like shrouds to keep the purchaser safe from the fires of Hell , after death . Or carpet slippers perfectly designed for the "Bridge" . Islamic tradition has the "Sırat Köprüsü" : Thin as a hair , from which you will fall into Fire if you have too many Sins . Wear the slippers on the bridge and you won't . Open the link and add to the cart . He laughs at the waste of space research , for a little fee , he will tell you all that exists in heavens , things he can cite some 13th Century "Scientist" for , or something like that . He appears on mainstream TV , because he can be funny and he supports A-K-P . Congregation could not infiltrate his congregation with much success , because in the end such things happen to be family businesses , so he had his conspiracy against him , because Congregation brought Democracy to Turkey and "Islam" to infidels through conspiracy . Sent to jail for having sex with foreign pr_stitutes , ı think . After he failed to see the light after TV reports that showed him on a jet-ski sitting "seminaked" behind a "seminaked" man of his congregation in Malta . In Malta , because his men will have no qualms in stoning women dressing immodestly , when New Turkey becomes more openly "Arab" . While the son-in-law and his wife will be busy in London or Washington , lobbying and living the good life .

is this a lie ? A Zionist fabrication , a crusader falsification , Kemalist treachery ? That people are just faithful and they just have a right to live in the way they desire ? This post is intented for April 15th , a Monday . On the morning of the Sunday 14th , after writing <more openly "Arab"> , ı went and bought the newspaper . The "wedding of the year" ; the daughter of the current owner of the former pinnacle of yellow journalism in the country marries the heir of a major construction company . One of the top 5 in the "world" , that builds projects free today , far more profitable tomorrow , part and parcel of this huge "wealth transfer" to New Turkey . For the ceremony they added a glass section to an 19th Century Ottoman Palace , because they can . A construction company no doubt using tax money for the heir's wedding and makes money with it , too . Of the 10 or 11 females in the wedding photo ı would assume to be adults , 5 have their heads covered . Of 9 "adult" men , maybe 3 have beards . All with fancy dresses , because they are the elite , who are to meet investors from London and be equally at home with Qataris . Silly ranting perhaps , let people be whatever they want to be . Indeed , except their wealth depends on a foot of beard we will be made to wear when their programme reaches the fruitation . Oh , it's indeed wrong , ı expect to be dead , very dead by the fruitation is reached as us Turks will be in gas chambers .

is this for real ? It's for real . We came here with the Aczmendi . Black clad beardies in the 1990s , each carrying a stick my height and as thick as my arm , to be landed swiftly on my head or anything , as there were only two or three in my city and their job was to scare people for a purpose . ı was an idiot as always and nobody would have helped me before ı was throughly thrashed ; while in Ankara or Istanbul they were up to 10 strong ready for a fight with average people . Before 1996 or 97 when the Islamists were forced to leave the Goverment . Especially after Erbakan , the Prime Minister invited those congregatition leaders to his official residence . All of them in Benzes and not one on the back of a donkey , despite their yearning to be satisfied in life with as little as much . With media in fits that they were challenging the laws , the Dress Code , the whatever and ever . So that old school Islamists were unjustly forced out . To let it seen they were unjustly forced out . By coincidence ı was walking home on a Friday , and ı might have mentioned this 10 times already , but ı saw this old guy in tears . Old people do not come out of Friday prayers in tears . Then , this Minister in the Goverment or something , has come to mosque to be with the people without bodyguards and all , rushing out angrily . And angry at me for recognizing him . And am angry at him for the old guy in tears . ı assume some Aczmendi started an event in the mosque and there was no way for him to stop it . Oğuzhan Asiltürk , ı think , now reported to be much partial to Congregation . Which was undermining Asiltürk's party to bring in A-K-P . The Aczmendi leader was caught in bed with a woman not his wife in the 1990s . When Democracy was coming to Turkey , the Congregation told us this was Kemalist conspiracy , the leader had no fault and the woman was a pr_stitute. When Congregation was out , the Party told us this was Congregation conspiracy , the leader had no fault . 1990s saw people sacked from their positions , some from Military , because their wives covered their heads . They were declared heroes of Democracy during the early part of A-K-P rule , given jobs with high pay to fix the injustice , sacked after the Disgrace of July 15th as obvious Congregation members . We would have gone to war with Syria when a Phantom was shot down , threatening or something a Russian ship and crew members turned out to be Congregation . A-K-P media limited in numbers and power back in the day jumped up and down in the air as some Phantoms were flown low over the house of PM in Ankara , it was a Kemalist coup . The same pilot sacked after the Disgrace as Congregation . There's a pattern to this all .

the family that owns the former pinnacle ? Party has been buying all media outlets to end up with a "single voice" . The supposed paper for closet Jews was an early target and its editor or something had an appointment with the founder . Who told the editor that he had never read a book in his life . So he knew everything to know possibly ? Declared the PM was necessary for 5 more years , possibly 5 years ago ? This is a similarity readers of The New Yorker might recognize , with Murdoch being a friend of Trump . A media boss making a President . It's wrong , the media boss who polished the PM was the former owner of the former pinnacle . Mainstream media that attacks old school Islamists , lauds the New Islamists who wear ties . We had years and years of how Aydın Doğan was a coupist trying to bring down the PM , who thought he was the kingmaker , who insulted the PM or some guy when he met visitors to his house in his pijamas . Aydın Doğan once again seen in the pages of the former pinnacle , giving an award to an actor after he was forced to dismantle his media empire newspaper by newspaper , threatened with arrest or given massive tax fines before each sale . Because the A-K-P has "lost" , New Turkey looks for links to the outside world . Despite the current owner of the former pinnacle was provided with 700 million dollars in easy credits to buy Doğan's last newspaper and TV Channels and chain of bookstores , meaning at public's expense . Consider the thing that the "tank factory" was "sold" to the Qataris for 50 million dollars , for lack of money or something .

sunday's pinnacle does have a column on some Japanese who killed himself in 1970 after failing to have a coup . Nobody has an interest in the Army of Petrol , which had enough petrol to buzz me for a couple of times over a couple of years while ı was walking home . ı don't know why , but ı guess ı had to be scared by the all conquering F-16s .

capitalism wipes out brains , true . It does that everywhere , also true . But we are indeed a special case .

Spoiler :

take Jack Broughton . It's them SAMs that set the stage . They are becoming more dangerous as more Vietnamese are trained to operate them , more sites are prepared and more missiles are assembled ready for use . USAF discovers it has a rudimentary counter . General Electric has produced a device that increases the radar returns from a target drone used in training , tweak it a bit and it can jam SA-2 radars . There are only 50 of them ; resulting in a situation . That America can not stop the Rolling Thunder , the bombing campaign meant to bankrupt the Communist Bloc , but it also can not send in unprotected planes into harm's way in the hardest sector . Meaning F-105s will be alone , for a while , before enough pods and stuff will be produced . At a time the Vietnamese are just about to get MiG-21 operations . It's the best and meanest Commie plane at the time , that the Americans know about . Fighter pilots are meant to shoot down enemy planes and what's more , the first two USAF crews that downed two MiG-17s were immediately awarded with Silver Stars , as were the Navy crews that repeated it . The first pilot to get a Fishbed will no doubt will receive the same , all of which start to mean a lot if one is to make a general and keep rising . F-105 pilots love the challenge : They start protecting themselves and start downing MiGs , which they will not be allowed to do when Phantoms get their own pods .

various fights where USAF pilots fail to bring down one . By the end of war , the cold numbers will tell 15 or 16 of Thunderchiefs were lost to Fishbeds but F-105s failed to kill any in return . Despite a very credible showing against the MiG-17s . Then it's Boyington's turn . Out there on a limb , 4 Thunderchiefs waiting to be pounced on . With Kingpin 3 (the third plane in the formation) having a hung tank . External tanks mean a lot weight and drag when you fight an enemy plane , can get you dead real quick . This alone should make sure that there's going to be a fight as Vietnamese and their Russian advisors are listening the radio waves filled with Americans talking . Broughton is Kingpin 1 , Don Asire is Kinpin 3 . Asire is a very popular squadron commander and Broughton has a full page of how men can grow a fear , even the best . If you see a picture of F-105 with external wing tanks , you will see they are mounted on a large wing pylon . There would be an explosive charge in the pylon , to push the tank off the plane . This is serious business , if the bang is not big enough there might too little a seperation and the wing tank might slam into the wing and take the plane down ; quite a few warplanes have been brought down by their own drop tanks . And then there's also a charge for the wing pylon .

American strategists were concerned by the appearance of MiG-21s, and in December 1966 they predicted that it would achieve a 3-to-1 kill ratio advantage over the F-4 Phantom II above 20,000ft – the MiG’s optimum operational environment. When it was seen that most Vietnam air engagements were occurring at lower altitudes, the strategists altered their prediction to 5-to-1 in the Phantom II’s favor. In fact, F-4 crews were only able to achieve a ratio of a little over 2-to-1 against the MiG-21.

Pentagon predictions for the F-105 in similar circumstances were also wide of the mark. Its prediction of 4-to-1 to the MiG-21s was in fact more like 16-to-0, although Thunderchiefs did gun down 28 MiG-17s.

it's the very same December '66 when Asire is Kingpin 3 . Broughton talks in good terms about of him , keen intellect and too much interest in numbers . It's that math knowledge that killed Asire , if you are able to read between the lines . He would know the predictions as soon as they came out ,if he hadn't calculated them himself already . Kingpin 3 has no interest being the clay pigeon . There's nothing that can catch a F-105 low down in Vietnam in 1966 , 730 knots of speed versus a 595 knots in the then current Fishbed model . Broughton argues Kingpin 3 should have stayed in formation where the rest of the flight would protect him and gun down the Fishbed , most likely by Kingpin 1 , formation leader and thus the designated "shooter" . Asire instead goes for more explosive charges . The one in the wing pylon did not go off ? There's one more in the wing to throw the pylon away . There's a shortage of wing pylons at the time and Broughton has ordered they will not be jettisoned . More so at the moment as Asire cleans his plane entirely and dives straight down into an opening in the clouds . Kingpin 3 dives down with afterburner fully on , intent to go down on deck and survive . Here comes the MiG :

However, a single grey-camouflaged MiG-21, allegedly flown by one of the VPAF’s Soviet advisors, Snr Lt Vadim Shchbakov, passed ‘Kingpin 1’ at high speed in pursuit of ‘Kingpin 3’, who had flown ahead of Col Broughton and had a ‘hung’ wing tank. Whether the MiG, or possibly the heavy 37 mm AAA, shot down ‘Kingpin 3’ at low altitude or whether he hit the ground in the effort to avoid the MiG was never clear, but the lost pilot was the popular and highly capable Lt Col Don Asire, commander of the 354th TFS. His F-105D (59-1725) may have been the first to be shot down by a MiG-21.

is not the account in Going Downtown and don't know , ı think ı will take Broughton's version over the one in Osprey's -sanitized for the 21st Century . For it's far more detailed . As the Mig went past , Broughton saw the guy's blue eyes and the extemely careful camouflage which was not a simple grey ... Kingpin 3 breaking formation against almost certain direct orders of Kingpin 1 surprises Kingpin 4 . Who's bound to follow 3 whereever 3 goes so he joins the downward race . Kingpin 3 , the MiG , Kingpin 4 all dive through the gap in the clouds ; sun is setting and the light makes it a bowl in which Kingpin 4 can not see a thing , does his best to avoid hitting the ground and leaves under heavy flak fire . Broughton never saw the MiG again , nor any plane painted in the way it was . See , there would be witnesses , or those who heard . Don Asire is dead , body never returned , wreckage never found . And Jack Broughton will never make general because of it . The Vietnamese are still not claiming the kill . Meaning it was a North Korean . Numbers of them fought as volunteers and Vietnam is entirely silent about their wins and losses .

broughton can not be outsmarted by a simple pajama wearer , a guy who was riding water buffaloes yesterday . So he has to have blue eyes , meaning he was an evil Russian who could fight in Vietnam because he was not fighting in Turkic Central Asia , the soft underbelly of Russia . Because 'ing stupid evil Kemalists refuse to start a Jihad , getting themselves usefully killed and be good for mankind for a change . And yes , it's a SuperMig , oddly painted and much faster because Kingpin 1 did not risk his own life low down to help 3 and 4 because they were too far away already and he was checking 6 for SuperMiG 2 . Pity , because Kingpin 1 and 2 had not been "diverted" with this absolutely true requirement of tactics they surely would have dived as well and maybe spotted the crash site of Kingpin 3 . This much was developed when the Soviet freighter by the name of Turkestan was reported in some Vietnamese harbour and a few planes were sent and Russians opened fire first and F-105s defended themselves and acidentally hit the ship . No , there will be no thermonuclear exchange because of this , because the Russians are all cowards . Did you know the smartest in Russia are Jews and the Kemalists are Jews , too ? No , the reasoning is not in the books ; am paraphrasing it for you . Oh my , who would believe ı would be translating English into English ?

broughton never made general , never commanded USAF but he is better known than many who have . One can even ask any freshly minted US Aviator on why any MiG pilot would have to stay on his own to dogfight with 4 or 3 planes so that Kingpin 1 could avenge 3 . With a specially pathetic gun system that was soon entirely removed and dependant of just 2 Atolls which were even worse than AIM-9Bs . If wearing a Blue uniform he will tell you 4 USAF pilots can down 20 MiGs in 5 minutes . If a White one , that an American plane would be bait and the second would go vertical and end up in range and fire a 'winder and fireball the MiG in an instant . Except in 1966 Top Gun was not yet in , the Thunderchief lacked engine power to go vertical with all that fuel , had not much of a Sidewinder capability , their gun radars were always broken down and M-61s would stop playing in an instant and it's them Navy fighter pilots that got Asire dead as much as that North Korean . Because the MiGs were making hay when the sun shined , with F-105s flying unescorted for just a few months and could be taken down in some numbers , some F-8 pilots flew into Takhli asking to borrow some pods so that Fishbeds would mistake them for heavily laden bombers and attack them and get the surprise of their lives and something . Made Broughton livid . Leading Kingpin flight to wander around for ages . Until they could be finally attacked . And yes , four USN pilots will down 40 MiGs in 5 minutes .

uSAF of course claims Robin Olds -the designated USAF ace- created the Bolo concept , where Phantoms would look like F-105s and surprise MiGs . He would indeed make ace , until something else happened and he was called back home and it was all clear for Turkestan to happen as USAF would show back those loser liberals back home who feared Russians . And it doesn't matter a bit what colour the freshly minted American wears as an uniform ; Broughton is an American hero and all Turks are liars and murderers of Kurds .

every American officer remotely involved with Crusade in Iraq read the Seven Pillars of Wisdom , right ?

Spoiler :

there is no peace in the cards . Nor there is any let down . Just a change in the direction . America has really accelarated , they want results and this summer might see a war with Iran or it might not . As a result , we see a true shakedown . Of sorts . The Muslim Brotherhood thing gets attacked on all fronts . Haftar in Libya promised generous funds to capture Trablus / Tripoli , despite he lacks power ; but the real power would be the dollar bills he would be given as it's all about buying clans and tribes . And Qatar paying back , after they failed to buy some Algerian airstrikes . RAF flying too much Tripoli might even bring in some French flying for Bingazi . The coup in Sudan ? Even better ; the way of Arab Goverment is to keep bread prices low as too juch bread makes people dumb . Raise it and see revolts . Just like New Turkey threatens any bakery with dire results . ı don't know why Qatar and New Turkey did not subsidize bread prices in Sudan . It has some oil of its own , doesn't it ? As their man in Khartoum was taken out and his replacement was also out in a day and now a fully civilian thing is in the cards , with appropriate cheers in Riyadh .

a false statement as Bashir might have been Doha's man , despite joining the Saudi Crusade in Yemen , but he was never Ankara's man . Unlike the experts in Ankara ı still remember the Sudanese diplomat in Anıtkabir who kept his silly looking hat while he was signing some notebook , saying "I insult Atatürk and the Turks can do nothing to me" and Congregation and Party newspapers all explaining November is a cold month in Ankara . It is simply the same thing smarties do everyday .

as this is April , there is the usual spate of countries that accept 1915 as a thing , with usual refusals and denials and New Turkey teaching foreigners their place . Some French MP has walked out of some meeting , while the secretary of foreign affairs of the palace cabinet booms on the microphone talking of they remember Ruanda and no one can say anything to New Turkey as it is not the Old Turkey . Well , they are still talking them infidel Westerners , right ? We learn the French MP hails from Tunus , yet another loser that has lost all vestiges of her honour after she accepted the superiority of French culture . On the very same page another Western attack . The son-in-law of the PM talks at a JP Morgan meeting , despite that bank being under investigation for its treacherous economic operations against New Turkey . There are 400 investors there and 3 have talked to the Reuters , that they were not convinced . This is an attack , saying the presentation was poor or unconvincing , and like totally obviously that 397 were convinced ! New Turkey is like lions here , nobody is much allowed to hear what it's abroad . We certainly do not hear April and May require large amounts of debt servicing and JP Morgan hurt badly just a week before the elections (as the A-K-P economicists who don't know much about economics pulled an heroic coup on them , preventing their treacherous attack) must recoup its losses or they won't offer credits and we will all sink together , making like 10 times the money they lost . Yes , we have no bananas this week as well , with 13-14 liras a kilogram .

just like we also hear London press is not happy with the coup in Sudan , as we are reminded more and more that London is involved with Qatar . You know , like still owning the place through their bank accounts . Oh my , isn't this the exact reason why ı tell British industry move to Doha and build QFX there , instead of being here and banning me from the web and all ? Who would have known London speaks the language of Peace , as some guy on the very Voice of Russia says ? Saintly Theresa May , no , St. Theresa May will even achieve Brexit sometime this year , absolutely and certainly before the 29th Century and on her terms , too !!!!!!! It's an historical thing that we no longer hear that the Islamists love London , despite British spies are the answer to anything , down to one in 1700s that created this whole Vahhabism thing , as we would be hearing in the previous century from the very same Islamists ...

so ? It's exactly so . It's down to Trump and his daily need for glory . New Turkey [as is] a burden and it also has failed to "win" . Might encourage the Turks , for some evil of unknown issues and stuff . So , there is indeed going to be a New A-K-P , by the looks of it . No Gül or the Little Imperialist is the latest claim , but Babacan , a former Minister of Economy . It's amazingly similar to pre A-K-P days , with the State attacking MSP/RP/FP/SP line incessantly and without mercy . All those letters are Erbakan's single party , a new one made as soon as the State would close the previous edition . RP is the one PM became the mayor of Istanbul , FP is famous for Fazilet being a female name and the party flag somehow resembling you know what of a man .

new Turkey has to find money to service debts and they can't just annul the Istanbul elections so the talk is they are delaying as much as possible , "collecting evidence" so that in 6 months time it will happen and a new elections will happen . A-K-P is preparing intently , with reported massive pressure on 8900 workers of municipality to join a labour union of the Party so that they can strike for 5 months straight .

well , a week's rant with Clint Eastwood , bananas , Vietnam and opera all in the soup , not all of them with the same stress , all 65 KBs of it. And the kids have it all wrong , one of my ancient friends is not likened to this extremely underwhelming comic books guy . You see , Congregation would have never started if that was the case , just like am not Conan the Barbarian hisself , despite using the Nemedian Chronicles here or there . It's just Americans who are bored here and pulling "your" leg ... It was much laughed many years ago , maybe 4 maybe 6 , when ı myself heard the guys wetting themselves in the gardens of bus repair facility of the Municipality , will return in the next decade as well .

so , the translation is there will be a new Crusade soon . Of the 4 countries they are mostly concentrated , Turkey was the best for Kurds to be individual people , while Iran was great for being "peoples" , the language , autonomy that kind of stuff . After the easy Iraq and Syria and that bloodbath Iran considers New Turkey to be most feeble among America's minions and laugh at the American encirclement that's happening right now . While the Kurds (now expected to fight in Iran for Liberty) remember the never ending need to sustain New Turkey with a Jihad in each election year , where thousands of them Kurds die . As such America wants what happens behind closed doors to happen in the open . Trump says he will give this country a recession if the PM keeps talking about reputation , for which he must be allowed to buy S-400 missiles . Then the PM will have to borrow from the IMF after years of his bragging that he was lending money to the same . So , A-K-P is forced to go slow and try to revoke its loss as if it never happened . Despite general offensive on Ihvan / Muslim Brotherhood , which will naturally end short of doing anything to those millions and millions America will need to kill people of all kinds .

regarding comics , this post does not tell how it happened , but how it did not . Out of the Conan comment , the editorial in the newspaper had a full thing on how the Turks had to be around for 10 000 years with a reference to Çatalhöyük in a positive or negative attitude , as he mobilizes the country against France , despite the glory of teaching a French MP her place . Which is in itself a slap on the Qatari / Ihvan occupation of country which really means every "Turk" came to these parts after 1492 . Down with Americans , ı will have years of work to deny Turk as a Primordial now that would be an utter scare for the globe ...
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Erdogan short biography makes simple, you going to like this kardesim ;)

don't ever call me brother , now that being associated with me is downright dangerous .

caming here this morning ı overhear this guy who offers to poison something . He cuts grass for a living under Municipality payroll , which is indeed a lot more than ı ever do . Doesn't get much of a response - even laughter- now that my current reputation would suggest he would wait me to go some way away . He is no doubt of the kind that thinks he is of a Nation that will rule the world , but of the traitors . Of the kind that say oh-kay when they hear the former chief of the goverment generals . On TV , in America , telling they are bringing in the S-400s soon and they will choice a spot . To protect Istanbul or Ankara or an industrial zone . Because you know they are spending 2 and a half billion dollars , risking expulsion from NATO , a real economic crisis that will dwarf anything they have yet experienced , and people are most unhappy , because a kilogram of onions is 8 liras here and 10 in Istanbul , because the trucks have to travel a bit more and cross the "3.Köprü" , the PM's bridge and all that because of a dire strategic situation and they haven't even thought about where they will put it . The guy who cuts grass probably did not hear that the battery might also defend Incirlik , of American aerial crusades that have killed hundreds of thousands of Arabs so far , as it would be "censored" when it was down to newspapers , because America is his enemy , not of the traitors , because he's told so . Because most traitors would then be down to feeling that S-400 purchase is meant to get Putin protect New Turkey from America and the New A-K-P which in due course of time will mean new families to live in those A-K-P palaces .

it's also much better to pollute the Notre Dame threat . When r16 was little there was the huncback on TV and if any one could love Quasimodo , ı could also be loved . Then , the Russian Orthodox Church is first off the bat , with declaring there was a secret signal behind the flames . One smarty (on guard duty naturally on TV) , declaring it was the Templiers , whose leader was burned after his case was heard at the location . Who didn't go to Scotland as deception is their thing . They came here with -surprise, surprise- 16 galleys and buried their treasures ... The smarty knows the tumulus where their treasures are buried . He has seen the location in the company with a Colonel . That's why the Templars oppose the Canal of Istanbul , as their stash would be discovered and we would rule the world in the end ! Is he a traitor for hiding the spot , where all those gold would fix the economy and potato prices ? You , me , everybody else are the traitors . The guy who cuts grass will be told it's too early , as the Ark of Covenant is there and the PM will hold all the Jews to ransom ; just like the Police had an archeological dig in Hatay that went on for months and it still might be on , to find an old bible to hold Vatican to ransom . What's more , the tumulus is in the county where A-K-P claims there has been irregularities . Things they were unable to discover as they were very loudly claiming the safest elections in the world were done in New Turkey and this one of 2019 would be the safest ever . With horrors it was discovered thousands of votes had disappeared , there's absolutely no way that people might have voted anything but A-K-P on their own . You see , Templars are around -protecting their treasures with becoming locals in the intervening 700 years . Which is then merely the background for the latest episode of a TV series where PM is Abdülhamid and the Ottoman palace officials discover a latest plot , where Pontus Greeks scheme to win elections to conspire to take Istanbul , making Imamoğlu a Pontus Greek and the actor of a plot which is now 130 years old or so .

the smarty will of course will not claim to know the location of the Grail , as all his Templar bosses might be seriously angry with him , if he was to move it out of this chapel somewhere in Scotland .


and ı imagine this former classmate of me will love this . An attempt to have a Maho Ağa video . Only because in the typical way of things ı might be accused of being one . Didn't watch what's there as there's some security issues that prevent it opening up , so ı also give up . So , Feyzo wants to marry Gülo and asks Maho (his feodal overlord) for permission . Maho greenlights it and Feyzo is off to make money to purchase Gülo . He finally returns to his village and is somehat short , so he builds a public restroom . Where men pay half a lira if they relieve themselves standing up , a full lira if they kneel , ı assume CFC readership grasps what's going on . Then Maho Ağa shows up . Feyzo declares it's free for his Ağa . Maho explodes in a rage asking with contempt if he was to cr_p inside -even for free- wouldn't his "villagers" go in after him and cr_p on his cr_p ? How they dare to cr_p on their ağa's cr_p ? Feyzo is kicked out , his restroom demolished . The guy would chalk almost every gag around like 20 years back at the education faculty at the times when ı was supposed to become an English teacher .

edit : For the post below Dayı means brother of one's mother .
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the scale of disaster that befalls the A-K-P can be gauged from the thing that journalists have been asking them questions ...
Spoiler :

because previously no one would be doing so . There being the difference between questions and "questions" . One of them happens when the Party briefs the "journalists" who then act as if they are "probing" , trying to find the truth and the whole show is seamless . This press conference where the Istanbul chief of A-K-P talks for hours and hours and even gets to complain how they had the most powerful and most secure and most glorious election system in the world and something happened and they don't know how but it's fraud . And asks journalists why they are "attacking" him . It naturally falls to almost racists to remind journalists that they are just people who might be hurt . A thing that they will deny , they are just pointing out the Marxists hiding in the Press . Who are not human , who were also not human back in the 70s . One of those who are not human (for the temerity of "critizing" the almost racists) is Nedim Şener , one arrested during the Ergenekon Conspiracies and who is making a treasure trove or whatever with becoming a de facto propagandist for the A-K-P , despite it was the Party that in the final analysis put him behind bars . These are stuff that would be expected ; America has years and years of "mind control" ...

ı have gained a little more efficiency in managing my cities in Civ III ; the pressure to rant is just a little less . And one of our Arabs now command the Excruciator , the command cruiser . We had some time to chat , while my cadets tried to run the ship and a virtual fleet without denting anything in some astreoid field . It inevitably came down to my "life" and inevitably trading stories about Arab Goverments . Because he has known real stuff compared to Arab Goverments , he was into it . Indulding style . Instead of being offended . ı can't say ı bested him .

like there's no substance whatsoever in anything an Arab Goverment says . They are fighting evil conspiracies , mostly run by the Zionists . Who are not - like obviously - completely innocent of the charges , but them Arab Goverments then rush to US , hotel lobbies or think tanks and the like to tell them Zionists that they are the only truest friends of Israel and will please Israel ease some trouble the Arab Goverment has with the true master of all , Washington D.C. ? As such , no one would ever believe that New Turkey would fight evil plots with importing meat . Importing meat ? Sure enough , there is a plot that wants to overthrow the Goverment with increased prices , so they will import meat . Temporarily . It's far cheaper then butcher shops . Even survives the spectacle of some evil web user who buys a package from an approved chain store , puts a piece in a glass of water and the red paint comes off and it turns out to be a chicken thing cut to shape . Well , this is still something . You people might have heard of that even the most hardliner would eat in a Jewish restaurant when in the Christian West , as Kosher is practically acceptable across the board in regard to eating stuff . As such ı always love to remember pork production broke record after record in the early years of the A-K-P rule , until a MP of theirs from Izmir was diagnosed with the parasite . Can not offer any guarantees , but one can assume it's at least not pork . But cows and the like , ill , actually the sickest they can buy from Brazil , as it would be cheaper . All of this is started with a headline on a newspaper that tells the cheap meat gets a 35% raise , as the elections are over . The true costs naturally and as always borne by the State , hence the taxpayer , but there is so much to pay for and not that much of money .

as yes , ı don't expect this to be covered in Abdülhamid , the TV series of TıRT , the so called state channel . We were taught there were only 34 Ottoman Sultans (in the last decade or two) as the last two were just puppets , despite the simultaneous operations to teach us that the whole War of Liberation was orchestrated by the 36th . So , this Abdülhamid always and always acts in the way PM "would" ; like when America says something against the New Turkey Abdülhamid goes and slaps the British Ambrassador to Istanbul . There's an unbroken link between Abdülhamid the last Ottoman Sultan and . As such , when meat imports first come up , some actor tells Abdülhamid that the evil enemies of the country would of course oppose it . Turns out the actor has a real life company that actually imports the meat . Apparently . Not that ı would doubt actor , the businessman . ı don't watch TıRT , short of an accident during channel surfing . ı even gave up on Eyecandy , when she was transferred to the said ; her show was a fine way of gauging all the weirdos and their latest .

one must never forget or something that MiG-28 was real and it was stolen by the former lover of a singer from the jungles of Vietnam or whatever . As told by a guy , to butress his "legality" as he was told by a MI6 agent that Caliphate was New Turkey's birthright and it would happen . No one would of course would tell him to shut up , correct his claim that there was a Turkei (or however the Dutch spell the word) in pre-historic Netherlands , or lock him up when he claimed he was a Druid .

actually it's MiG-78 ... Radio reports the guy who was on TV for years as a counter to Congregation is now a Congregation stay behind , just as ı was writing this yesterday at home ? Or he said something ?... Actually it's a MiG-78 , Top Gun the Movie is wrongly interpreted by claims that it was based Ceylon , which is obviously unrelated to the latest bombing spree in Sri Lanka , because you would think Americans would remember the ship adrift was drifting to the Iranian coast . Despite USN would never never and never report that its prototype stitched a row of 12,7 holes across some Tomcat during the 1975 evacuation of Vietnam . Not the so called .51 caliber ; they had pure and pure Browning slugs .

but then this is not what you want to hear . This is what you want to hear .


Spoiler :

the puncher is an A-K-P member , immediately sacked . The punchee is the leader of CHP , the main Opposition . Apparently some time during the last month or this it was told of me that ı wouldn't have popular support when the Turkish - American War started . This is a refrain that keeps up being heard at least since March 2014 and not that am actually real or something ; and yes the picture tells quite a bit on what's fallacious about that .

the venue is the funeral of a martyr . Seperatists attacked their outpost in fog . When all those optic devices and the like perform sub par . 4 dead , 6 wounded . This one being buried at a village 40 kilometers from the city center of Ankara . The reason is New Turkey , both A-K-P and almost racists do not want the leader of Main Opposition to attend funerals of martyrs . This will prove CHP is a traitor , working together with terrorists . The guy never misses one in Ankara , to the best of his ability . He has lost like 9 elections and referandums in a row , but he re-energized his party with walking between Istanbul and Ankara , some 400 odd kilometers . Gandhi like ; and the Party media was having so much fun with calling him Gandhi Kemal , before he started walking . This relaxed attitude (Gandhi like if you will) drives New Turkey sorta mad . And has helped quite a bit in the Party defeat in the local elections .

so , last year the interior secretary of the palace cabinet , so typically for him , ordered governors not to allow CHP members attend such funerals . CHP takes the vote of the political branch of the seperatists at stuff , so they are allies , so in effect it's CHP who kills all those soldiers and police . This time he claims CHP did not call the authorities before and public's sorrow surged into anger and rage seeing him and they attacked the CHP leader . Which is , in its first part , naturally an outright lie , at least if you can hear any CHP official talking .

now , there will be prayers at the mosque and then the flag draped coffin will be placed on an artillery carriage . In the city of Bursa that would be a 6 pounder anti-tank gun or its 57mm American equivalent . But ı seriously lack a sense of scale , it might even be an 17 pounder , who knows . Then it will be pulled for a short distance and people will follow it on foot before the coffin is taken to the cemetery . In the Protocol of the country , the leader of the Main Opposition , be it Right of Left , might be very well in the top 10 , so you would expect him walking in the company of two Ministers , the 4 star commander of Army of Petrol , the assistant commander of Jandarma , head of Police of the Ankara and maybe some other 100 officials of all sorts whom of all also attented . "Strangely" all of them travel straight to the cemetery , leaving Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu . Alone with 3 or 4 CHP MPs and 6 body guards , facing maybe 10 000 maybe 15 000 people . Not all of them are of the sort , but punches start . Bodyguards and MPs take the leader to two houses in a row and they are not allowed in , making it into the 3rd . Stones are thrown in , windows are broken , you can hear one single woman shouting "Burn the house down!" A couple of Military officers try to calm the people down , a MP of the almost racists tries to intervene but he is taken down from the place he stands as he tries to get people to sing the National Anthem : You stand still when it plays , helps people to calm down and breaks down the momentum . For 1.5 hours . A CHP MP is quite beaten after the initial surge people cut him away , another has a rib broken . Then the former chief of goverment generals arrive , says the crowd must disperse as they have made their message clear . If that crowd had shouted anti-A-K-P slogans , there would be a 1000 cops and Jandarma within that 1.5 hours . Is someone had punched the leader of the almost racists , his people would have killed 200 in that 1.5 hours .

the leader of the almost racists is of course at top form . Shames the violence and then questions the right of the CHP leader to go a village where he (and his election alliance) had polled 9.82% . The almost racist leader goes Istanbul or Ankara where his party has polled 0% , with his supporting of Party candidates . Strangely he is far more supportive of such candidates ; more than A-K-P , more than the PM . The Istanbul vote must be reversed as it's an existantial threat ! Also his famous math skills , he has taken 18.81% of the vote across the country , 1881 being the year Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was born : Voila , MHP is the only true follower of Atatürk . His support of A-K-P at every single critical turn has helped in the destruction of the Republic Atatürk founded but nobody really expects him to accept his latest schemes are faciliate a federation with the seperatists . Them gaining a quarter of the country , and sharing the the remaining 3 quarters . No , this is not a r16 moment , but the cold fact . In the immediate aftermath , he launched a "reform" offer . In a big city , the metropolitan mayor elect will assign lesser mayors himself , just like America wants Kurdish elected persons to assign their underlings in every field , with the "mayor" in effect becoming the "governor" . And it's real . To make the power of elected Kurds larger , they enlarged the borders of "towns" , assigning villages and the lot a couple of years ago . Which negated the State agencies related to villages and suddenly the municipality has to support villages . Which means every water utility bill you pay has a share . A ton of water costs 3 liras and 18 liras of taxes and support , making people curse healthily . You pay that 18 liras all the same with a ton or ten tons . And naturally Kurds are still beating up electric company guys who try to read electric meters . "Their" rivers are being used to produce electricity , evil TC -as in Republic- must pay them instead ? True , but placing magnets next to meters has been popular far longer .

you have read it right . For all their hatred or whatever of the Kurdish seperatism , the almost racists are (in effect) the better allies of the seperatists . Because America is creating a Kurdish Nation State and for this to happen there has to be a fascist order in this country and MHP will inherit it . Because , like obviously , they are better suited for the job ! When A-K-P started to create militias (as Obama was seriously fed up and looked like questioning the need to wreck Congregation to enable the Party) , it naturally fell to former MHP "commandos" to organize the camps - if you are to believe Leftist press . This is why . Why an almost racist vice-president of their party declared Kılıçdaroğlu is trying to bring Democracy to the country and he must be stopped . Really . Though this almost racist then had many speeches that he was misqouted and the like .

very much like the twitter user who before the elections said the survival of the country should not be sacrificed for Democracy .

let's see what this entails . The original tempo was much faster . 2001 Afghanistan , '03 Iraq . Syria just lucked out of being invaded in 2005 . '07 should have seen Iran invaded , making 2009 the date of American invasion of this country . As ı told my nephew , not even 10 at the time and he gave me the regular questioning look of whether ı was crazy . The Sunni uprising and a couple of accidents and that explosivly formed penetrator that went across that M-1 (and Pentagon will hotly deny this) put a serious brake on all that . Dabya had to duck to avoid the shoe thrown at him , instead of gaining his 3rd term as POTUS or at least pass the baton to Jeb Bush . Instead 2007 saw the start of the Ergenekon Conspiracy . Overturning the previous "Evil Turkish Military topples the Democratically elected (even if somewhat heavily Religious) Goverment thing . It became Evil Turkish Military licks the shoes of ever election winning Goverment .

we then arrived at the Arab Spring . By 2011 there was no nothing that could have offered a counter argument that A-K-P had conquered . Then actual fighting started . Mrs Rodham will agree her boast of came, saw, Kaddafi is dead was the ruin of finely laid plans for a second Century of American dominance . Kurds had to liberate Syria , to prove themselves and yet had to be kept "pristine" so there had to be a bloodbath in Syria and to make that happen Beşar Esad was banned from surrendering . Tried to run to London , SAS was instead promised , with full footage of Kaddafi , all that Ihvan sexuality as well . You see , it always boils down to the odd question of who will fight the Turks . First , the shiny uniforms of Barzani were set to occupy Syria and save their brothers , but they loved the free goodies A-K-P was paying them to get the vote of Barzanists living this side of the border . They didn't want to die , if you get the drift . So many more Syrians had to be killed . For this Esad was to survive . Once forced to fight by Mrs Rodham and Her Majesties Goverment , he fought . By American tactics , them glorious thunder runs across "hostile" towns . As a Starfleet Admiral ı really do not expect any of you to believe that the Russians had stocked Syria for a war against us and not Israel . Damascus had weapons to use in the most profligate way .

then the all conquering A-K-P was told to invade . Congregation's Golden Generation (those officers who had lied their way in and cheating at every exam to be the Trojan Horse of America to stab the Turk in the back) would be tactically leading this invasion . They had seen the future , it was all theirs , no need to die , if you get the drift . And with the glorious success of theirs in destroying the Republic , well , indeed there was no one left for them to sent to fight in their place . Oh my , the war had to be prolonged even further . Iranians smelled a rat . They talked tough , they tried to scam Damascus of remaining dollar bills with promises of supply . With the solemn promises of non-intervention from the West , they tested the water , started making make believe war and discovered they could actually fight and win . 2011 was the year of stalling , Obama keeping the budget healthy with fighting only in Libya and all the "Democrats" in Syria keeping the flame alive with week after week of Angry Fridays of some new fancy new name every week . 2012 was , well . 2013 Iranians arrived . Was also the year the Party disgraced itself in the eyes of Washington with its inability to scare tree huggers and their families and then everyone who would never vote A-K-P in the Gezi Events . 2014 was spent making A-K-P dominant as Congregation was obviously hated and might very well be the reason for the standart "Go and sexually satisfy yourself" (which was never said to State Department people actually) . Also Russia was taught its place , for its failure to tell the Turk that it was hopeless and they found themselves in possession of Crimea , because you know , NATO was counting on the Turk and his bayonet . It was a sad sight , ı hear , them Ukranians marching to their posts with Soviet banners . 2015 Russians tested the water and arrived in Syria . New Turkey heroically downed a Russian plane and oh my , looked back and saw no one coming to support it . 2016 was the year of the Disgrace of July 15th , in which A-K-P was given an actual victory in a fight . 2017 saw the referandum in which the country accepted the demolition of the Republic and full Arab Goverment . 2018 was the year PM was elected with full powers and the Turk was insulted with people who were supposed to be standing for Kemal's Revolution got themselves "defeated" .

and when told it is now time , to fight Iran , New Turkey in 2019 declares who is America to order Ankara to buy its oil from the Saudis ? Because New Turkey thinks , still does think , that it will rule the Middle East and Saudis are their only opponents and they can not bear the spectacle of purchasing from the Saudis . You know after a whole new beardy bunch was invented as ISIL and their leadership was all fggts so that Barzanists could save Iraq and declare 'stan and the shiny uniforms bolted when American advisors tried to make the sides fight in "legendary" fight for the honour of Mankind . Barzani had to deploy 70 year olds with 70 years old Mausers ... Hence the seperatists were now the gods of war and they were killed in their thousands so that New Turkey could have its yearly election year Jihad and win elections . You know , after Trump tells the son-in-law of the PM that his brother's media can keep up the fire but the PM must accept the loss of Istanbul for the duration as Trump is busy elsewhere on stuff .

the best America could do was a referandum in 2010 or so . 58% . When A-K-P was allied with the seperatists . The picture then tells why . Kılıçdaroğlu is an Alevi himself . Maybe 20% of the country . They know CHP is their only bet for survival . Without it as the Main Opposition and whatever remains of the traditions of the Republic , their end is this . They will be burned alive in their houses . Because that's what the Saudis do . Because for every single video of Syrian crimes against Humanity , there is one of Sunnis eating hearts , figuratively . Actually some bit of celebration in various places as the Alawite experience in Syria has created some bonds that can be used to Arabize the Alevis . 20% is also the max amount of Islamists can be about and 5% or a quarter might be amount of people who will burn Alevis in their houses as a first step . They then kinda revolt a 10% of the population to be unshakably for Atatürk . Not that they are Kemalists , the requirements of 1930s or 40s no longer apply and they would be extreme if experienced in person and like that .

which then leads to the oft qouted 30% Left , 70% Right divide of the country . To make it look realistic , America can not order MHP and HDP stand together , in support of A-K-P . The seperatists can not be accepted so they have to look like on opposing sides with the Party . Which makes that 58% impossible to re-attain . So the divide becomes 52 to 48 and always on the edge . Almost racists will of course refuse the accept this . They think they are the true Turks and always willing to prove this . Did ı ever mention the day when one of them actually bragged to me the museum guide when ı was still one ? That people had called him and he had interrogated some Kurd in some empty locale . That they would be Nazis if Adolf had the guts the test his mettle . That they were taken over by America instead . That they do not have the power they imagine they have . That they are just people who bleed red as much any Commie . You can actually take some blood from a Kurd and transfuse it to an almost racist ...

it's always easy when you feel your opponent will not hit back . The heroic guy here , much celebrated by the Party trolls , was arrested as he was trying to escape to Antalya . If he was the martyr's uncle (as claimed by the Party media) one would expect him to stay his ground . Am still ready to grant he was provoked by the mass of people and when he woke up , he tried to get lost . People , for all the New Turkey extravaganza , can have issues believing the Republic has died . CHP for its part thinks it was all organized to make CHP supporters angry enough to massively demonstrate . It's hard to think what this would actually achieve for A-K-P . Maybe , it would consolidate the 52% enough to forget a kilo of potatos cost the same with a kilo of strawberries this Sunday in the market . People can not exactly tell the difference the reality/fiction status of New Turkey fighting "Imperialism" but when economy hurts them , it's unmistakeable and it might lead them to doubt the Party in its entirity . Or maybe it's meant to get a massive fight so that the Police can water cannon and tear gas canister millions and everybody will see the power of New Turkey and will meekly accept .

lost ? Wondering where ı do enter the picture ? Well , ı was like totally banned from some forum when people were convinced ı was quite content in 2009 , to be the only Turk on earth . Given that am nothing , too . Alevis will be burned alive by whom America loves as much as America loves Israelis . 10% will never give up Atatürk . 1% of that 30% , making what , 0.003 of the country might be justification enough to forego the PRIME DIRECTIVE: LET THEM ROT. We will then see what good 700 or 800 billion dollars a year makes the US military wise . Without me begging to get started , too .

the paragraph above DOES NOT establish a threshold of pain . It's a simply coherent explanation , succint in the extreme . If things keep sliding down it will one day reach a level where the game play will change . Some have succeeded so far because some play by the rules while some know no rules . The moment will then force some and some play with the same [for all] and different [to current] rules . Then there will be no American Intervention , no NATO Assistance , no Russian Help , no Qatari Sagacity . They would IF they could . Long ago . Some should have seen long ago that some should not start what they can't finish .

it also covers the more important question . Will there be a New A-K-P ? The Little Imperialist must be hating it throughly . He had like unleashed "hell" back in 2015 for the repeated elections . Just as he has finished a learned article on how the almost racists benefit most from this New Turkey election things where America forces you to get 51% to win . His attempt to return to A-K-P might have been throughly torpedoed with the punch . If the Main Opposition talks back , there can't be a "Turkey Coalition" . Some contraption the PM wants to carry the burden of the economic meltdown which can happen now that there's no vote for 4.5 years and America has no requirement to get A-K-P win that vote . Simply because New Turkey's glory can not handle anyone talking back and New Turkey will shout louder . This would mean there would be no need for the Little Imperialist's supposed moderateness . PM has offered giving up Party leadership to stall the US , if there are going to be shouting matches all along , the current interior minister is much more louder than the Little Imperialist .

the disaster is then blindingly clear : That New Turkey is super when they win , and have no idea what to do if they can't win .

april 23ths here are Children days . Traditionally a primary school kid will replace the authorities for an hour of photo opportunity , sitting at the Governor's seat at his desk in his office . Symbolizes kids are the future of the country . Same for the mayor , too . Without missing a beat , the A-K-P rule opposed this , as soon as they felt powerful enough (and cleared by the West) . One year , the Speaker of the Parliament let a "kid" talk in his place during the April 23 Celebrations . The kid was clean shaven but we could see the mustache and he was said to be 20 years old at the time . Then finally the decree , that A-K-P people had won elections , they were Men and in no way they would turn over their seats even for a single moment , respecting the wishes [and power] of THEIR nation . A year or two before they tried banning the festivities of the Republic of October 29ths and specific visits of Anıtkabir on November 10ths . Was "surprised" to see it happening . But no visuals of kids sitting in official seats behind official desks in official offices ; the PM's replacement is Ibrahim Kalın II , a kid that so much resembles his official spokesperson and similarly plays Bağlama , something that might be called the local guitar type instrument . Kalın , as soon as America greenlights it , might as well become the foreign affairs of secretary of New A-K-P , such is the eternality of New Turkey .

the only reason it doesn't happen is that America is not that willing to play with rules it claims it excels at , at a level never seen in the history of Mankind , amobeas to landing on the Moon like . That's why we are still presented with ideas that the hero of New Turkey is also a thief that was sacked from his job 3 months ago .
it's claimed the puncher had jail time as a cow thief . It appears some time before ı joined there was a consensus in this forum that the notion of the State began as a band of cattle raiders . CFC Forumers , don't ever think you are not being pandered to .
Spoiler :

the puncher became an "hero" . With reports of hypocracy . That CHP voters were so happy when the nose of a previous Minister Energy was broken years ago in a similar martyr's funeral . One still doesn't hear much on whether was it about the fate of Boydak Holding or something , a Congregation company that would naturally be taken over . What's more , the attacker in that case served jail time , arrest-courtroom-sentence-prison like . Just like the guy who punched a seperatist politician touring the Black Sea coast or something . See , seperatists do rate higher than the Main Opposition . More details emerge , like there were 450 security personnel of all sorts in the area , when A-K-P people were around . Stones have been piled in places , cars parked attentively so that CHP people could not be driven away in a rush , the crowd made it certain that 150 metres of distance could be covered in half hours . And naturally the leader of the almost racists says this is a provocation by the Main Opposition , now that their MPs "left" Kılıçdaroğlu alone ; 'cause you know it's not the duty of the State to protect the lives of people . Shall we say another difference of what are the rules and what are they not ?

and yet not much of a "damage" . As a way of scaring people .

there's talk of "Peace" between New Turkey and those who do not vote for it . There's just a little more subdued talk of almost racists "sabotaging" the possibility . The talk of PM's son-in-law "sabotaging" the same since the very first day needs no need to be talked as it's known by all . A-K-P has leaked one of the conditions that the PM will be accepted as the "leader" of the country . He has been elected President twice , has been doing things his way since he became the mayor of Istanbul 25 years ago , he has called names anyone he dislikes , he makes friends with anyone that suits , he never fails but has been deceived by practically anyone he has dealt with and his supporters cheer him louder when he tells that he has been deceived . What's the need ? NOT that it would work . He got that 58% in a referandum that replaced the 1982 Constitution . Which had been accepted by a full 92% . Junta generals of course added sections that cleared them from any court cases against their actions of making the coup and ruling the country with a Military Goverment . To win that 58% , the spritual leader of Congregation told his people to raise the dead ; no one actually doubts that they did . All it would take is some guy else going and voting in their name . You see , trying coupists in court was a star attraction of the 2010 referandum and it gloriously increased Congregation control of the Judiciary , putting hundreds of people in . Who were naturally replaced after the Disgrace of July 15th and their replacements are even more ignorant of laws and/or self serving ... America giveth , America taketh : When New A-K-P happens and pulls the rug under the feet of the PM , what's the probability of CHP having any power to keep the "promise" to keep PM away from courts ? You see , not discussing any inclination to do so . Son-in-law wisely knowing this ? He would be an exact equivalent of Jared Kushner , his family interest is much believed to be only about keeping the financial gains they make from the affairs of the Municipalities of Istanbul . An example that might or might fill the coffers of said family , but the Metropolitan Municipality of the city has a water bottling plant , selling a big bottle for 9 liras . Metropolitan places a bulk order , 65000 bottles at ... 9.5 liras each . From the company it owns in the name of people . Would the risk son-in-law his father-in-law's legacy ? A-K-P has never failed , can never fail ...

it happens quite regularly . PM tries going soft , either the media he totally controlled in the past uses a much harsher language . Or his ally , the almost racists talk . If this is "bargaining" , it's weak . Because the PM never had to offer anything to those who will not vote for him . If it's not and the PM really wants "Peace" to weather the natural consequences of fake economy which is fake , it's even worse . Because he can't make his son-in-law follow his orders ; with the almost racists at least you could claim political necessity . The increased powers for Presidency which the PM claimed back in 2013s for his "period as the grandmaster of Politics" has turned to be not so cool . Because America demanded 51% of the vote , because A-K-P would declare 'stan , the Kurdish Nation State and 51% would prevent the sinking of the US 6th Fleet , just as a warming up because Democracy , it's always fraught with difficulty . The Little Imperialist , like the local mastermind of all stuff , tried to get that 51% with "Muslim" Kurds who (with their Syrian and Iraqi companions/relatives) formed a one third of ISIL . Accidentally collided with American designs that tried to make seperatists more acceptable to the Left - after the shiny uniforms bolted in Sinjar and it was down to seperatists to save Mankind from the ISIL vermin . (Smokes and mirrors , before the real fight) Little Imperialist had then the misfortune of apparently making deals behind the PM's back ; and he might still have survived as the Prime Minister . If he and the PM had not just entered the race of who had actually ordered the shooting down of the Russian Su-24 , BEFORE the whole New Turkey had to lick what it had spat . The leader of almost racists does not much like the Little Imperialist and must be happy the latter's call for severing ties with almost racists went nowhere . Not being a political analyst , ı can't tell whether the Little Imperialist was defeated in his bid to regain a leadership position within A-K-P , because America and the West needs New A-K-P to a liberal thing to "refool" the country . As such it falls the other "opponents" of the PM to start a new party . Or whether it's just a formality before the Little Imperialist goes on to start his own , an Islamist type that returns to the "roots" ...

which could have waited until next week , but you see , ı have been like totally taught my place on like multiple fronts . Sevakin island is now defined as an agricultural zone , not a radar and or naval base to control European oil imports . Çatalhöyük appears ; DNA work proves Europeans all descend from those who migrated in 7800 BC . ı don't know its appearance a day after all those European Goverments barely do not call the 1915 events a genocide is supposed to mean New Turkey and Europeans are now brothers . Does it really need to be reminded that the West put A-K-P in charge to Arabize this country ? And it's really an insider joke that Trump now calls Hafter of Libya a "Marshall" as his bid to "discipline" Muslim Brotherhood with a lightning conquest of Tripoli typically goes nowhere , in the most unlikely case it was for real . Trump must have a Marshall , just like a man of his caliber must have ! Am pretty sure he was utterly appalled in White House when his people dared to tell him that New Turkey had defied him again , calling his statement on 1915 events "worthless" and "not accepted" ... And also am not a man , as once again widely reported around . One knowing what to do a woman does not mean one will see the end of the Civll War one starts ; once again if America had been assured of who or what or which by the end of such a thing , it would have started it long looong looooooooooooong ago . If it's almost racists who started the latest , ı can only report that ı surfed across a TV debate that told of how the almost racists of 1980 called for the Army to make a coup in May of the same year as they were burying 7 of their own every day . America stalled until September before allowing "America's boys" to strike , as Saddam Hussein was ready only at that time and nobody would have lifted a finger to create a Kurdish state from the ruins of both Iraq and Iran if there was trouble back at home . You know , Pentagon planners with their little brains thinking almost racists would have been proud and be ready to give up America if they were suitably impressed , so their "population had to be controlled" . Pentagon planners with little brains wasted their friends to a rate of 7 a day for higher interests and their friends still remain loyal or what ?

edit: Gotta be decent and admit the boys from Langley were right once , back in the years when they had doubts that ı wasn't that dumb or just fun the fun of it and said try to keep them safe and nobody would ever appreciate .
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If you lose an election, just keep re-running it until you get the result you want.
BBC said:
Turkey vote: Erdogan faces criticism over Istanbul re-run

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is facing international outcry over a decision to re-run the Istanbul mayoral election, which his party lost.

The European Union called on Turkey's electoral body to explain the controversial decision "without delay".

Germany's Foreign Minister Heiko Mass called the rerun "incomprehensible".

Mr Erdogan was also criticised by the French government and by Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt, who said Turkey was "drifting towards dictatorship".

The president's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) last month lost the mayorship of Turkey's biggest city by a narrow margin, but Mr Erdogan has refused to accept defeat.

The decision to hold a new vote on 23 June sparked protests across Istanbul on Monday. Hundreds of people gathered in several districts, banging pots and pans and shouting anti-government slogans.
the A-K-P has never ever raced in a "free and fair" election afterall .


it's still safe him to call the Little Imperialist . He is just passing by when this guy decides to jump off the bridge or something , because this guy is so overwhelmed . This guy wears a shirt of A-K-P , carries the Turkish Flag and just wants to die . On the bridge that has become a symbol of New Turkey on the night of the Disgrace of July 15th . During which 5 or 7 soldiers were murdered after the coup was over and they had surrendered and the courts just pardoned people and stuff . So heavily laden with symbolisms that the Great Nation of New Turkey and those not so favoured by Allah (because Allah didn't create them as favourite people) even discuss it's made up ! Last time the PM concinced some guy not to commit suicide , that some guy was also an A-K-P member ; you would expect him to know he would burn in hell forever for killing himself . PM leads the pack with two saves , while the Last Prime Minister (the candidate for Istanbul as of latest) has also scored .

everything in New Turkey is fake , except their hatred against those who have failed them . Like those who are responsible for the ellipses , or the parantheses , or the ( ) thing , or the Republic that denied their greatness and god given right to rule the world . They would "defeat" the Allied Occupation with Righteous rights , "defeat" the Greek advances with the local equivalent of Kumbaya Kumbaya (or whatever that is) remain the Caliph and Arabs would share all that oil with them and then the godless Kemalists came ! No Kemalists around for years and one is amazed non-stop on why it's not happening . Everything in New Turkey is fake and there was this guy playing in some TV series and the like and he appeared on a Party TV , insulting Main Opposition as a citizen . Actually not as a citizen who acts on TV , but an average John Doe . Can't remember if he was the guy who tore his shirt on TV in anger at the Main Opposition party . And of course , practically no one saw the Little Imperialist saving this guy and he was fit for saving the Party and New Turkey and (if it was absolutely necessary for Western designs for the duration) the whole country . We barely heard a couple of things , that some Party journalist was excited about the Little Imperialist when he became the Prime Minister of the country , but Hubris is the only word that ever defines him ...

Spoiler :

probably one from the army of trolls that brought the Little Imperialist down with the Pelican Brief , a series of news in newspapers and online that apparently exposed this hubris . Nobody has ever explained what the so called Pelican Brief is derived from , so am thinking it's the movie of the same name . Where Julia Roberts is somehow involved in exposing stuff , it must be 20 years when ı saw it on TV . Why the surprise ? The spritual leader of the Congregation chose an actress from Verhoeven's Striptease , to play "his" wife , and Terminator dude from T2 as the no-nonsense American cop that was unjustly trying to get him thrown out of the USA . Danny Glover from the Lethal Weapon as the good American Muslim that protects him from the American institutions and in the end it's a Kurdish undercover cop sent by Ankara to arrest him that "kills" him . Roberts is such a pretty face , Pelican Brief is what put her on the scene as a serious actress instead of a fad and am barely comprehending on why in my early 30s ı was utterly bored and went to see a movie that seemed to be the best option , Full Frontal was the name ı guess and ı was one of the only 6 people in the theater , a couple of young lovers and 3 kids from the military highschool ...

of course , we are speaking movies today , as according to the wishes of the writers and producers and directors , they never "fail" -unlike real life plans , plots , conspiracies , the whole lot .

Spoiler :
when it became clear America would go Islamist way in a "positive" way , the then leader of the Main Opposition knew he had to go . CHP would fail , utterly swamped ; prime candidate being Kılıçdaroğlu . Being an Alevi , he would naturally be identified on sectarian divisive lines . Useful at a time brotherhood with Kurds and Arabs would faciliate the removal of the hated TC , the moniker for the Republic of Turkey from all sorts of places , symbolizing the Federation and federations that would happen , so that the oaths to the Republic no longer mattered . Ever increasing powers of New Turkey would force CHP into a corner and we Sunnis would come to grasp that Alevis were nothing but an impediment to the greatness we could have , with their unjustified fear of being massacred , the 20 to 30% that might have voted for the Republic would be divided and unable to act sensibly and once again the oaths to the Republic would no longer matter . Just check this from the WH ; which would have been an excellent offer , even if it was not in the first place ...

muhammed Cruise ? Oh my , oh my ! And things that could happen in just decades , for which we only had to roll over and die .

deniz Baykal wanted to go out in style . The talk is American ancients had already advised any US State Department person to here should be a babe . The then leader of the Main Opposition could not have it arranged , so he was only filmed "secretly" by the Congregation in an extramarital affair with an MP from CHP . Baykal has long been instrumental in A-K-P successes . At every single turn that might have seen the PM becoming a political casualty , Baykal has intervened in the name of Democracy . Maybe he was wisened up to the world at the 1970s when he was the Minister of Energy , with OIL at its peak . Kılıçdaroğlu , brought to the fore as the candidate for the mayor of Istanbul and having a credible performance , then took over the helm and has utterly failed ever since . For one , hailing from Tunceli and getting a former politician to "confess" chemical weapons were used on the "Dersim rebels" in the 1930s , he has totally failed to "alienate" those who still think something good about the Republic . And much attacked by the PM as the American plans had long intented the 1915 affairs were to be recognized by New Turkey as a Genocide and the Tunceli events were used both as a smokescreen and "proof" that Ittihadists / Kemalists were murderers by nature . 2015 has long passed ; all it took was a thing that Kurds were to pay "their" share of the compensations , being responsible for the great majority of the murders . They actually had a glorious proposal that just a million Kurds were to be evicted from places that used to be owned by Armenians by 1914 ; you know just a million . You know their fear of retribution of some sorts made them sign the dotted line in 1919 . Which is possibly not one from the Armenians . You can also believe your socks will climb up your feet and ankles when you wake up in the morning .

so , why are they fighting ? Because America supports them , instead of asking which glorious family elder was the top scorer in kills as clans took their percentage of each bunch of Armenians driven across their territory .

kılıçdaroğlu as such has become a "thorn" on the side of America , despite losing as many votes in elections and referandums as the years he has been the CHP leader . Ince of last year was a good bet , overreaching during the campaign , because there is this quite a large segment of the population who wants to believe New Turkey is meant to do Allah's Work on earth . Then gloriously failing to fight for the votes he still took , in return for a promise to become the mayor this year . As the numbers were dangerously close , so Ince can't challenge Kılıçdaroğlu as PM's position was all important . Iyi Party's essential function was to divide the CHP vote , which has benefitted from those who used to vote for MHP , before New Turkey and its myriad ways of turning Arab . Which failed as America felt it needed 51% , to delay , that thing about the oaths and the such . Which resulted in the alliances , which merely reduces A-K-P to remain in tandem with almost racists , which so greatly irritates the Gulf Arabs , because their bid to world dominion was like obviously cut so short as Central Asia converted to Islam and light horse and horse archery was utterly devastating in those days ...

imamoğlu is a perfect bet these days . Visibly "Right" at a Left party , he has proven he can read the Kuran in Arabic , never shy of praying and all , able to speak the "language" of those who want to believe in that the old version of the country was a plot to deny the "Nation" its rightful place in the world . He has also won . Which is so related to his hailing from the Black Sea . Who are so "tribal" , they might benefit from all the things of A-K-P but would have preferred to elect one of their "own" to Yıldırım , the Last Prime Minister , but from the actual East of the country . Which readily explains the difference in votes , that A-K-P has more seats in the "parliaments" of the municipalities but lost the top position . Which is indeed the thing the Templars supposedly did . That something happened the A-K-P knows , but what happened and how it happened the A-K-P doesn't know , so it's maybe the Templars . Imamoğlu was not expected to win , but his good showing would result in a race against Kılıçdaroğlu and maybe he would ruin the Leftist CHP with being so much Rightist .

on the Hour of Opposition , the leader(?) of DSP speaks that there's some plot to Americanize the country , forcing the establishment of a two party system a la America . Founded by the late Bülent Ecevit and lately not even allowed to run in any elections for being so minor a player , it surprisingly qualified for this local elections and A-K-P vans carried their propaganda material ; resulting in 31 000 votes in Istanbul , Imamoğlu finally winning with a 13 000 or so . It might as well been 45 000 if DSP had not run ...

the PM's political career actually depends on such divisions . Gotta understand the Islamists themselves were peripheral . First England and later America much prefer a religiously motivated majority in any Middle East country , "suspectability to Christian missionazing" being a large factor , but in Turkey they would be in the Center Right . The seperatists were the great white hope , but their kinsmen retreated in 1991 as soon as the evil Kemalists and the lot -not impressed with the Desert Shield , Storm and Sabre at all- "reacted" and the record offices of Kerkük were left alone . The seperatists failed to defeat the now dead Turkish Armed Forces in the field ; America then looked at the bench . By this time Erbakan of the Islamists was becoming more and more wary of his formerly trusted lieutenant , PM , then the Istanbul chief of the Erbakan's party . The PM was nominated as a candidate to become the mayor of Istanbul , so that he would lose and taste defeat and either silence or quitting that party . America was thinking differently , quite differently .

before 1980 CHP was the only "one" in the Left . The Military Goverment banned all previous parties and established one Right and one Left , eligible to run in the first elections . You know , some early attempt to bring the elephants and donkeys here . Then no "little" pressure and Santa Turgut establishes ANAP and takes the elections with ease . Economic growth , massive corruption , turning the other cheek to every seperatist attack as soon as America assures Santa Turgut that the people are not looking . Yours idiotly still remembers the school principal who would make excrement the size of the school students , either being so big a man , or the students being so little and worthless specimens of mankind . Students complaining this or that and the school principal responding with the statement . He was of course some "Muslim" , thinking the dormitories of the school were hotbeds of illegitimacy or something in that order . ı pass the Anatolian High while walking home and the dormitories are long taken down as there are so many "Muslims" who run private dormitories for the monetary gain and brain washing . Also much helped by education reforms that made every school an Anatolian High , no doubt without much of the education we were supposed to get back in the day .

by 1990s the decay or glorious reawakening had gone a long way , depending on your politics and worldview . Ecevit had established a new party , this DSP , which at some time talked in terms of National Socialism . Cringeworthy indeed , you would expect him to be aware of the connotations , especially as a graduate of this Robert College . Sent to the UK in the 1950s to work in the embassy he makes his statement with spitting at some portrait of Winston , yeah that Winston , too . Though he is still remembered for "botching" the 1974 thing . Not for declaring the operation on the morning before the landings . Certain people had already arrived previously , you know and the whole world actually supported the first phase of the fighting on Cyprus . It was only after the Greek Junta and its direct CIA handlers discovered some boot was on some other foot and had to leave and the Greeks were given a defeat , they got serious , there had to be a second round . Which was an even bigger defeat for the Greeks and there had to be things . Jimmy Carter DID destabilize Iran to create a Kurdish thing so that there could be seperatists . And Ecevit was otherwise principled . There was an SHP , that was more Leftist and a place for the Kurdish vote , too , those who didn't vote Center Right and Islamists . And CHP returned , too . So , they were 3 Left parties , each hoping to get or (in case of one) keep Istanbul as the economic crises had rendered Center Right impotent . The PM became the mayor with 25% of the vote ...

his success brought Erbakan to an election victory . Whoever gets Istanbul and Ankara wins the next General Elections in Turkey , a thing that has never failed so far . Erbakan's man in Ankara was Melih Gökçek , his way involving electricity blackouts in the weirdest of times and so all ballots for the Left ended up in dust bins . (Next time they would burn as much of it as possible .) Yours idiotly was a total idiot in these days , expected courts to overturn Ankara results for such a blatant fraud . Those were the days when the traditions were respected , you know , winning a "free" election put even people who were enemies of the State in charge . New Turkey is of course different , not many people will be laughing at me today , for saying in New Turkey , just like Arab Democracies , the Goverment does not lose elections ...

the Algerian Civil War created doubts about the staying power of Jihadists when fighting non Russians in non-Afghanistan ; by the way the Mujahedeen were just about to get badly defeated when Gorbachov wrote off the whole episode as a loss . In the Turkish context , they were just an axuliary for the seperatists anyhow . Erbakan was taken down with much fanfare , to faciliate a return a new brand of Islamists . Ecevit was given the leader of seperatists , because of the 1974 experience he thought he could pull off a war with Syria over their support . Which ushered a period of very wellcome peace as fighting kept people "alive" in contrast to American desires for them to roll over and die . Yours idiotly was on compulsory military service thing , a very short 26 days thing in return for the payment of 4500 marks and saw the the limo of the newly elected President . A convoy of 3 or 4 cars , stopping at the red light . Felt incredible , let me tell you , as the road was empty anyhow and the traffic cop standing at the intersection could have waved them on , without the slightest hitch . So disbelieving at the Presidential signals flying on the car , ı actually asked the traffic cop whether he was in the car , to get an affirmative . Islamists claim all such actions were an hoax , this former Supreme Court Justice respecting minor things and oppress them as his major thing . On the other hand ı was not surprised at the tale of the lawyer . The wedding reported on the previous posts means the roads closed and PM's convoys are like 20 cars minimum and you can see the lawyer in some video shouting at the PM's car passing by . Beaten for a couple of hours , in shifts as every clique in this 3000 strong bodyguard corps of the PM needs to get a punch and he is made to sign a paper that he insulted the PM .

couldn't last long . Ecevit refused the hints that he should welcome the partition of Iraq , as America had just given him the seperatist leader for "Peace" . Economic crisis , political martyrdom for the PM , with him sent to jail for merely reading a poem , and the talk is some benefactors bought the same set of clothing for each and every prisoner , a desk for office work and some mafia bigshot voluntarily going in as responsible for safety , with a wholly new security camera system installed and controlled by the prisoners . Then the turn of Kemal Derviş , the saviour . Vice President of the World Bank , everyone bend lower and lower to his every wish as he is here to fix the economy . Much hurt in the country and just at the right moment , the leader of the almost racists is naturally insulted by something that wouldn't be insulting at all to practically to anyone else . He breaks the Coalition Goverment , calls for snap elections . Derviş then declares the country seriously needs an overhaul , starts a new party , poaching the best from DSP . Then when everybody is exposed , Derviş disappears for 15 days straight , no one can find him . At the same time a business tycoon starts a party , free food and music concerts . Gets 6% , which means that 6% is not available for the remnants of the Center Right , neither ANAP or Santa Süleyman's DYP can get seats in the Parliament . Neither can the tycoon as you need to get at least 10% across the country . DSP divided from within and abandoned at the same time and further hit by "revelations" that Ecevit is some zombie , either Alzheimeror Parkinson and needing adult diapers and what not strikes a surprisingly good 1.5% . A-K-P is here , two thirds of the seats with 36% of the vote . PM's first thing is to organize a vote to allow US troops in , for the invasion of Iraq . He fails ; yours idiotly being an idiot and this happening before acquiring some weird pals on the web thinks something will happen to the PM as America can not let this pass . Let's "correct" the thing yet once more , A-K-P won the vote to let "Crusaders" invade Iraq using Turkish territory , but it wasn't at the required majority , which happened as America told the Kurdish MPs to fail so that the "Kemalists" would be proven in betrayal of their allies . As for the PM being punished , when the "affair of the sack" happened he clearly did nothing , which was intented to humiliate the now dead Turkish Armed Forces , with soldiers arrested by American troops as terrorists ; "Ne notası, Müzik notası mı?" being a play on words between the similarity of a diplomatic protest note which wasn't given and musical notation . As for the 4th Division not on the line and this delay preventing Americans to kill enough Iraqis with the net result of Musul becoming the birthplace of the Iraqi El Kaide by 2007 and this being a huge Turkish crime , ı have practically trolled a CFC member with service in Iraq that he could have taken Baghdad with a battalion and 2 billion US dollars in cash and so saved a million lives in paraphrased terms ...

of the 4700 odd posts as of now ı fancy an easy 3000 are about the travels of New Turkey to its birthright , glorious rule of the world . ı think ı started here in 2010 or so , my damn interminable rants .

nothing new under the sun , not ever . This delay to the inevitable is unjust . Fesli Kadir has died . He could have already counted the Fleet ships in very low orbit and finding a stratagem to dump his fez , as seems to be the tradition in these new days . This is the guy famous as an "historian" , telling how the Republic has betrayed the country and the Greeks should have won in 1919-22 as the Caliphate would have survived and no doubt we would then control 70% of the oil reserves of the world ... While my candidate about the authorship of all those "novellas" about Kemal being a pedophile is some other guy , now also deceased , he no doubt approved them , too . Mind you , this is the guy who put the PM on the map , helping him to become the Istanbul chief or something against Erbakan's wishes back in the day , too . The PM could not attend the funeral , despite the otherwise heavy represantation . For the Party had waited until the last moment to declare the Istanbul elections were void . So that the PM could be photographed by the Secretary General of NATO visiting the PM in his palace . This NATO guy is even still talking , despite the long standing thing that no one needs his opinions on anything , can you believe it ?

there might be foreign news (about the injustice of the re-run) , but the basic thing is in the Local Elections one would put 4 seperate ballots in one envelope and into the ballot box . Templars and stuff have found a mysterious way to effect only one of the 4 and the remaining 3 will stay . If any disaster happens and Imamoğlu wins with more , they would still want to have some control . In any case they tried long and hard to come up with something and it turns out traitors put traitors in charge of vote counting units and what not . 10 000 ballot boxes are so ruined . According to investigations those 10 thousand boxes average a 50.7% for A-K-P , when the overall results were a very close 48% for each side . Traitors getting more votes for A-K-P or deleting votes is not elaborated upon ... The inflation rate was expected to be over 20% , thanks to creative statistics it's now 19% . There's creativity in everything . Business calling for normalcy have been reminded of their place by the PM , in the days when there was a Congregation media , they would all report this as PM threatening big companies . America can certainly not start a new A-K-P until June 23 anyhow .

writing 22KBs in half a day drains me a bit . Not reference on how the Party football team will fail to become to champion this year by the looks of it and Galatasaray might and Fenerbahçe will certainly not fall to a lower league this year , 'cause it might enrage fans while the Party Team has no fans to count , why there's this "Peace" proposal from the seperatists that might steal 10 000 votes from Imamoğlu and also "successful" seperatist attacks to keep the almost racists in . An explanation exists though on how the PM saw Imamoğlu as a fellow Black Sea person and carried out what everybody thinks a strategic error of maximum size , attacking Imamoğlu at a time when practically no one knew him . For Imamoğlu SHOULD love power and MUST do everything to attain and keep and perhaps break the Left for good . And as it's just happening , no speculation on how the niece of the head of lawyer's association in Ankara was killed in a traffic accident and the culprits behave beyond belief as the head guy had previously called names online about the bodyguards of the PM after their beating of the lawyer in the post ; and most probably nothing will come out of it , too . In any case rich , gum chewing , loud muic listening , people overrunning drivers have happened before .

and there we are , the Little Imperalist actually wearing a jacket made "famous" by the PM , only in a different colour . How it must be hurting him , "being the brains" of this all and having to act in a way that he is the only salvation and Left mocking him that nobody ever hears him , due his massive successes in creating the New Turkey .
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once again a month to elections and am kinda at a loss how to start . There was even the once again so called dizzying prospects of being referenced in a TV series and yet it turned out to be a one day thing , IF it really happened in any case . The unfortunates who follow me will remember my name was a dead father who failed to raise a proper daughter and surname went to a murderer maniac badly thrashed in the series' end by the glory of New Turkey and the lot . In a series Americans were promised ı would be the jeune , you know , in their bid to make my pals on some weird forum jealous of me (an idiot) and any other actually real people (that would obviously would have replaced my pals) . Of course , most unrealistic as the lead actor is handsome , muscled , not fat and does not wear a whole window for glasses and he is so serious about "work" that his lover doesn't tell him she's pregnant and goes and marries some other guy so that the jeune will not be distracted . Entirely classic , almost British kind of humour , you see , in which the lead bad guy , a Cold War relic , attacks a NATO base within this country with 5 men and a technical [toy machine gun armed Toyota pickup] and devastates all those 1500 people therein in 5 minutes flat , and yes , still falls by the wayside at the glory of New Turkey . Translated : Nothing real was ever done and everything real was done by the advisors to the series . More translated it means the series were written under the auspicious advisorship of "legends" of the so called national intelligence , whose finest moments were advising the creation of the entire seperatist movement in real life , so that America would redraw borders in the Middle East and Ankara would establish a new Ottoman Empire . Because New Turkey was eternal and they were now ready to accept 1915 , they even brought in an actually Armenian actor to play the most patriotic or something Goverment official , too ...

Spoiler :

the TV series is apparently is how New Turkey rules the world , because they once heard America rules the world with Hollywood . Everything that happens in New Turkey gets replicated in a TV series about Abdülhamit ruling 1876 to 1909 or thereabouts and the hints about the future is given . 'Cause he was the last true Sultan and the Republic is just an ellipsis or ( ) and A-K-P is creating the new Ottoman Empire , despite the hints from intelligentsia in about 2015 that Arabs do not like Ottomans at all and when the Republic is totally and legally dead , whatever happens will not be Ottomans II , the name has bad connotations in especially in Lebanon as the Harari family of Lebanon is most successfully robbing the telecoms company they bought with Turkish taxpayer money , because they might be useful when New Turkey changes borders and rules Ihvan / Muslim Brotherhood and entire Middle East . The Ottoman Dynasty , after they were expelled in the 1920s , was mostly "ineffective" . One or two might have tried to get some traction in the Arab world , others married eligible members to princes and rajas and whatnot while a prince equivalent was found dead in a New York hotel after he accepted to be the king for a Japanese puppet thing in (ı think) Manchuria , no doubt with FBI looking the other way . There have been a few , naturally , to accept the limelight to extol the glory of the PM , so that they would be given some scraps . It's now the Ottoman Family as the last member born when they were heads of State has died and there are indeed many people who say in general they thought they were unjustly treated as persons but there was no other way the country could have been saved and Atatürk was the right person for the thing . ı might have written it already but it was even before the local elections that who must be the ranking member was in the news , supporting the Republic in some slight tones and there's some court case in which the smartest and the lot of the "family" demand the properties of their grandfather Abdülhamit and it is apparently being used to weed out -perhaps- those most active supporters of the Party ; as Party wanders around as a ship that is also taking in a lot of water as the band plays . Much like the Titanic , with the difference being the band members are ready to jump first this time , while apparently none of those in 1912 survived .

it's indeed staggering . To the unwary . One immediately grasps those who have sued the State to get some inheritance would succeed a few years back in an instant , as all those places turned over to them would be immediately put to use for the members of the Party , in still a new way of the wealth transfer that takes nonstop since 2002 . It's more staggering to those who would have to pay dearly to get through the doors of such palatial buildings . Some 9 or 10 year old kid was overheard last year by yours idiotly in the webcafe , disbelief that Ince could dare racing against the PM . My eyes are on the monitor and ı can keep them there , but can't help overhearing debates and the like as people sit on the chairs outside of the cafe . The ever glorious economics have caused many people to doubt New Turkey and yet still those people remain . That it's real , that New Turkey is real and not an American puppet and so what , if people starve ? Just starve and it will be better in a couple of weeks or months . This is the month of fasting , ı will have to say , but fasting is not starving . Fasting is reported to be good for the body , a respite to digestive system and some exercise in self restraint and all that , but at the evening there's the table with food on it . Don't have the table for months and watch the kids' bellies balloon in a cruel mockery of the situation and as an average Joe Public , you might not be able to think the same . Despite trying hard to do otherwise ; as the band plays and people hum the glory and tell you that the situation is bad , everybody is suffering but there can be no money saving in represantation , the honour of the country demands those who eat at the palaces must eat the finest and drink the finest so that our enemies will be defeated , you know , once again . There is a finite limit to what can be taken from the treasury of the country and a moment might come that you will not be able to benefit from the perks of being a Party faithful and telling others to follow the line and starve if need be .

oh , of course there is a need to poke the enemies in the eye , but my example is always this Ömer Seyfettin story , that Pembe İncili Kaftan ... The Ottoman Sultan sends an envoy to Iran , where the Shah is asking for it again . So the low level clerk chosen gets a kaftan , that long coat / vest combination , with pink pearls on it or something , extremely rare , breathtakingly expensive . The guy arrives in Iran where the Shah offers him nothing to sit on so the clerk sits on the kaftan and leaves it on the spot as an insult to the Shah and is financially ruined , because he bought the thing with incurring massive debts and all that . His money , not the nation's treasury ... See ? Of course didn't happen and Seyfettin is an Ittihadist traitor and all that jazz . And of course the real life diplomacy between the Ottomans and the Iranians was much livelier ; one of the sides once sent the other a treasure chest , filled with human excrement .

and there is no need to be a Party faithful , for 1984 and all the brain washing was really "effective" before Washington started to lose generous patience with the New Turkey . Everything New Turkey does is about recognition ; Arabs of the Gulf laughed ... So it was down to Obama to accept the equality of first the Turkish branch of George Clooney , then the PM . Because Obama had once bowed the head to the Saudi King and he had to do the same , again and again , in a way of figure of speech kind of thing . While New Turkey was not bearing the burden ; it's the lack of effectiveness of New Turkey that has stalled the Arab Spring , made Iran , returned Russia to big power game arena . And it's not exactly consideration of the country that new Turkey has not occupied Syria to make it happen where a thousand soldiers might have been killed a month for years ; strangely all the smartest amongst the "Muslims" know theirs is a fake and they might have to run one of these days and they are just filling their wallets to the best of their ability and financing real wars are expensive . And oh , the thing that a real war will strangely extend to the US . One must always remember the gold old days where the evil Kemalists were made to buy novels that saw US invading TC and TC suddenly producing Airborne divisions and flying them around on board Russian Ilyushins and getting Guam occupied by Chinese or Indian allies . Or a fitting end where some good looking guy tricks some American woman to keep a parcel , which is of course a Russian suitcase nuke . Echo chamber man , America tells Turk is dangerous and New Turkey tells Turk is dangerous to America -so each side expects the other to remove the menace ...

or the glorious days when everybody had to buy a Mein Kampf so that America could punish the Jew hating Kemalists by bringing the Islamists to power ...

america will smash New Turkey to a thousand , no , scratch that , a million pieces with one slap , but then it will ruin 50 or 70 years of effort . Which is of course nullified by the interior secretary of the palace cabinet with a statement that THEY resist America ... 1984s are amazing man , there was once a time when Russians told some woman from new Turkey that the world order , no actually the world peace needed the Turkish Armed Forces , now long dead . Meaning Ankara should stop humiliating the military . She was all disbelief and still carried the message ; she is better known for considering any opinions other than hers are "wh_res" . Army of Petrol is of course an army for the Regime , left to smash the seperatists and even some beardies for reputation with American supervision and permission and Russians are all walking on water and they are selling us S-400 batteries , while their new found and long lost pals are building a nuclear power station . Typically for New Turkey , they have rushed the job and there are cracks in the basement and the claims are rejected by New Turkey media and it might soon become the new "nightmare" that we will get a local and national Chernobil . ı personally can not say New Turkey would manage not blowing up a nuclear power station ...

america has been playing the PM's thing for a year or two now . Under Arab principles of governance , the PM would of course would go and buy weapons from a new patron , if he was making enemies in Washington . This being Putin in this case , the PM of course wants it known that there's no going back and the reputation of the country depends on that . Despite the rather fast backtrack on the Pastor Brunson case , arrested under Qatari tutelage when Trump showed few signs of choosing Qatar over the Saudis and kept as an "hostage" for like years . So , America says we will be thrown out of F-35 programme . Oh-kay , no objections on that , despite it would then mean good old Brits would have even more clout and do the Quantum Fighter experimental , a jet for Qatar in a country set to become "Katar'ın Askerleri" , troops for the said ? One thing at a time and no , ı haven't been the design team lead on a 5th Generation Combat Aircraft . Those who say "that" are naturally not much aware of the scale of the effort that would require ; but it's equally true that ı designed one or two of 7th Gen stuff . New Turkey says it will buy S-400 (despite American threats to employ sanctions with deadly intent after the end of the first week of June) and as a bonus will also bring the first two F-35s to the country in November . Why , it has always happened this way . America starts a crisis , and then plays dead , dazzled by the matchless power of New Turkey ; this is why of the confidence . If it was to happen , just like it always did previously , it would be huge glory for the PM . The only doubt is whether America has decided to replace the PM or not ...

some economic TV channel and some guy is speaking and ı can't tell whether his face is one of fear ; as ı had seen him only happy previously . And why , in the good old days those Russians would have been already shot . Or on their way to Siberia to count the trees , for reminding Putin that he has so short a memory , after advised that he should order people to advise Ankara to be mindful that American stories and orders to act might be loaded and cause much misfortune . The world avoids the Turks ? Ah yes , Russians are now bayonet proof ı guess .

such stuff is why the PM must win Istanbul in June . If he does , he will prove to America that he still can . If he doesn't , snap elections are in order to prove there are so many traitors in Istanbul but he has the support of the majority of the country . The Opposition will of course not call for elections : The economic meltdown must be lived through and everybody remembers how the worse parts of the 2001 crisis were just over when the elections were suddenly forced on by the almost racists and A-K-P looked like it was fixing the economy , with its matchless skill and integrity . Those years of "prosperity" are why the Party faithful refused to see Ergenekon conspiracies were a sham and in practically every country the ruling party would fall if it turned out every coupist general was promoted by the said party . Or calling on people to starve when the people repeat the Imamoğlu claim that there are low level clerks in the Istanbul metropolitan municipality . Having the use of 3 rented cars so that each can move between home and work according to the seasons , two springs between summers and winters . Muncipality has a webpage , that might cost 50 000 liras for a company , but sets back the taxpayer a full 13 millions . There are foundations who do public work and the first one in the list to get office space and "support" from Istanbul Metropoltian is chaired by the son of the PM , the second by PM's daughter (hence the son-in-law) and the third by the second son-in-law of the PM ...

and then ? Steve Bannon apparently declares PM to be the most dangerous man on earth . Theres nothing in the New Media to make one to trust New Media and yo DO have to work hard to convince yourself that at least there has to be some truth in whatever they say and the lot . The Truth in Turkey has not broken out , it was always there but many people were happy with their choice in not believing in it . Is Bannon for Trump as the PM's "fall" will make Trump bigger or is Bannon conducting US foreign policy , giving scraps and pieces to keep the A-K-P (as it is now) in power with a slight reminder that only Trump can ever be ever successful and all partners of US must conform ?

as said , might have not happened at all ; the TV thing or maybe they were plotting to get an Miss State Department analog to beg , because everybody must beg to New Turkey . Oh my , didn't they hire Sharon Stone to kiss the lead of Kurtlar Vadisi already ?
well , the desirability of war is directly related to one's "enjoyment" of life . An 2012 one would have been perfectly good as it was the end according to the Mayans or something and utterly painful adjustment of Americans (and the rest of the world) to the realities of the world would have been easier . It's not easy to accept one is merely a guy instead of decades of self-propaganda of being the Superman , but Uncle Sam would learn to shut up . And it would have saved a tooth of yours idiotly , as ı saw this paperwork as ı was tidying up the room . And it tells me it was 2014 when ı had to have it extracted . Gums move up due to old age , and ı can feel the next one being exposed . What's worse , old age is also relevant to the laptop . It came with 3 USB ports , of which one is totally dead , second is given up as lost and the third carries the box with triple ports to which ı attach the mouse and the keyboard , because ı would have already wrecked the keyboard of the laptop . Fat fingers are not that helpful / ı have used up maybe 4 keyboards since November 2013 when ı had the laptop .

staggeringly important as ı play with lots of artillery in Civ III and pressing "B" 100 or 200 times a turn , makes the bus (or whatever inside the laptop to handle the inputs) go crazy and ı have to "unattach" the keyboard to solve the jam . Keyboard is a massive help when playing . Too much of the mouse hurts the wrist and ı don't have a spare right hand ... And playing strategy games was an advice yours idiotly once gave to all the luminaries of New Turkey (so that they could satisfy their lust for glory without getting anyone killed) . Oh ı know , ı know , instead of WW III , ı will be told to get a Wi Fi keyboard . And not a new laptop with working USB stuff , because it will take me years to learn Windows 10 and my fat body is obviously a great shield against the cancer making Wi Fi keyboard ...

inevitably leads me to read books instead ...
Spoiler :

tolerance is a great thing . So that everyone claims to have it . Except the claims are readily false . In this month of Ramadan , an opposition MP has been throughly chastised for drinking water during daylight in the Parliament while adressing the Assembly . "Scientists" (as in religious scholars , naturally not without much of an academic history in the Western sense but wholly acceptable within their own congregations) declare that a "provocation" . No one can break fast as even Jews and Christians did "respect" that in the Ottoman times . Now ı , as a very rarely practising Muslim , find fasting more "practicable" then praying 5 times a day but ı have anger management issues , more so when hungry . ı still don't eat or drink in public like a very great majority of people in the country , respecting those who fast . They might have a moment of missing a glass of water and the like and ı have no issues with it . While Istanbul is reported to be full with Iranians who have chosen the month of Ramadan to be tourists as obviously life gets even stricter "back home" . No , what the "scientists" declare as respect is not respect . It's more of an oppression so that their "flock" will not dare breaking "order" and accept whatever they are told . Not exactly surprising that breaking fast could get some Christian merchant of Ottoman times in trouble as his maximum success in trade had to be justified . Not with creating schools that would in 40 years of time to create Muslim traders that would compete against him , but with keeping the status quo , sheiks in congregations whose word was the law and could be bought with a pittance at will . Accepting whatever they are told is very necessary for people to be ruled ; there was this thing about a man whose wife kissed (you know what of their sheik), just before the man kissed (you know what of their sheik) and everything actually recorded as they were part of a long line . Congregation was house cleaning , dealing with any possible competition and the Party has kept the court case on and we learn the sheik declared that kissing (his you know what) was their specific ritual and he learned it from his elders , but he himself kissed you know what of his elder only in a dream ...

this is like why the West is so much in love with New Turkey . Back in the day we always heard this country was 99% Muslim . People , even when they didn't believe in Allah , would say so , because there were suspicions that there was an extra State within the State and this second was very suspicious of all people and recorded everything and it might one day come out to haunt them . With a decade and half of A-K-P rule , the latest poll found out only 89.5% believes in the existance of One and All-powerful God . As in Allah . Not only the non-stop antagonizing of the other has pushed some people to be "godless" atheists and agnostics , but the farcical performance of New Turkey has caused the others to stop fearing the consequences . Despite the nonstop proving of the might and reach of the claimed "Police-State" . Of course the poll had to be fought and one TV preacher ended up with an Armenian kid of ı think 11 or 13 . His mother is an illegal worker here and the kid has pals and those pals tell him that there is free food in the TV studio and it will be a lark and the preacher "converts" the kid on live TV . Missionary zeal is so much surprising , with New Turkey , but donating money for wells to be dug in Africa is perhaps not cool enough . When the mosque attacks happened in New Zealand the female cops covered their heads in sympathy and one of the best looking was on the front page of newspaper ; people having discovered her twitter or fecebook account had posts of she was depressed or something at sometime . While the second page was with the Afro-American jazz singer who converted to Islam in Istanbul . Ughhh , she is Black , while the prospective convert is Blonde ... When Heather Nauert was the spokesperson for the US State Department , everybody in this country knew her , on the news bulletins everyday ; apparently the current one is a guy ...

of course , there was a "storm" with an Armenian MP of the seperatists , telling the conversion of the Armenian boy was a sham . The next week or so , you could also read his rant that real life Abdülhamid II had a cabinet and at times perhaps one third of the Ministers would be Armenians , but in the TV series there was only one Armenian , a treacherously traitorous traitor named Garo . The seperatist MP also being Garo . Well , no one would expect that single Armenian to have the name of the Armenian MP in the A-K-P afterall ... He also claimed Abdülhamit's mother was an Armenian . Am so amazed how an actual storm has not broken on this ...

red Storm Rising was some great book or something though . Introduced yours idiotly to Tom Clancy and led to the purchase of the Hunt for the Red October . Well , was under 20 at the time . Said ı was reading ? At entirely random . Books trawled in 2015 and ı had this like great time with a comparative analysis of American and Russian sub programmes during the Cold War . Impressed me greatly with great examples of my pet theory . That the Russians were expecting to fight a much superior enemy . That they would never discover a proper SSN hunting for them . So they started on that rocket torpedo in the 1960s to hit the proper SSN only after it had "decloaked" to range the distance before firing on the Russian sub . And bless them Russians , for they expected to be hit no matter what (even with taking out the proper SSN) so they made their ships "big" so that they could at least make to the surface . And when even that seemed in doubt , they led the world in rescue chambers and the lot . You know , you are supposed to think Russians do not care for the survival of their troops ... So , that's why the Typhoons are so big , not only they are like two American subs welded together but has a full 48% bouyancy factor or something that if "one of the subs" get destroyed (despite the once claimed two metres of distance the hostile torpedo would have to breach in certain parts) it would still manage to surface , so that its surviving crew could at least become POWs . Of the authors , ı have encountered the name Norman Polmar before , so do not take this as a Russian propaganda either . Makes Putin's sellout of the Kursk double stinging .

as you might have guessed it's a balanced book , with stuff you don't encounter much in glossy magazines or web threads . Like USN hellbent for nuclear power for subs in 1939 and having a party of officers in 1946 or thereabouts trying to get a global treaty that would ban all nuclear submarines . As in

The first postwar CNO, Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, was immediately impressed by the promise of nuclear propulsion for the Navy... However, [USN officers] believed that the Navy’s primary efforts in atomic energy should go into weapons development. They believed that the resources and knowledgable people available to the Navy were too limited to develop both nuclear weapons and nuclear propulsion. The former, they felt, were far more necessary if the Navy was to compete with the Army Air Forces for major military missions or, indeed, even to survive as a major military service in the postwar period. Few other voices were raised in opposition to nuclear propulsion. One was Vice Admiral Robert B. Carney, at the time Deputy CNO for logistics. He hoped for a worldwide ban on nuclear propulsion for warships, fearing that if the United States had them at some future time so would its enemies.

because the proper SSNs would be utterly devastating to USN , if they were owned by an enemy power and when Nautilius was finally tested as a combat platform its "combat speed" was 8 knots . Which is just less than what a USN submarine could do against the Japanese in WW II . Faster than that and it would make so much noise that its sonars would be unable to hear the enemy to fire on it and ı just love it the sonars were like ripped off from German XXIs like a decade previously . While ı was amused to see that Kanyon thing , a Russian torpedo/unmanned submarine with a nuclear warhead aka one of Putin's wonder weapons has a long history . Or an example of Russian fetishism of "Look how big my torpedo is!" Making sense for the 1950s , they plan to have this nuclear submarine with a single very big torpedo , that might reliably make it to New York or Los Angeles and vaporize the allotted city , while all the Russian bomber planes might have been shot down . Because of the size of the single torpedo they are forced to make a round submarine , too ... Not a Type XXI copy , apart from the fact that they can't dare leaving the template and make its stern exactly so . The book seriously forms an impression on me that submarine versus submarine was the only area that the Soviets might have achieved a positive exchange ratio , killing more American boats then they lost , if it came to WW III . Gorbachov was adamant they would win ; and am quite ready to agree with Russians desperately trying to achieve stealth against detection methods Americans didn't know to exist .

also an extra reference to USS Augusta . Unlike the bragging of Lehman , the naval secretary at the times , claiming the Reagan Administration bankrupted the USSR with a naval armaments race as the last straw and Soviets being pitiful liars they came up with the lie of the said US submarine willingly rammed K-219 and caused the loss of this Russian missile boat . Seems Augusta ran into something more solidly built , at speed and totally unawares ... With the usual provisions that it didn't happen and obviously it wouldn't and all that with whatever comes to mind . And then Russians were like thwarted with putting a missile boat within range of Bush the Veep so that he too had to understand he could be killed in his ranch so suddenly that his years of CIA or White House would do nothing help him in running to some helicopter kept ready . When nukes starting flying . So ,

<... in March 1987, a strange event transpired in which five submarines sailed from bases along the Kola Peninsula to the area of the Bermuda Triangle in Operation Atrina. Some were SSBNs, others were attack submarines. Although some of the submarines were detected en route, U.S. naval intelligence did not detect the assembly until the submarines reached the objective area; then all were (incorrectly) identified as strategic missile submarines. At the same time, Tu-20 Bear-D reconnaissance-missile guidance aircraft flying from bases on the Kola Peninsula and from Cuba coordinated their operations with the submarines.

The White House was informed of the assembly, and a “crisis” condition briefly existed. The Soviets claimed a “victory.”

The SSBN missile patrols continued. >

oh , the Triangle . Which is more readily known as the Devil's Triangle in Turkish . Were they totally fed up with "quack quack" attacks , which ı learned through wikipedia ? That being funny sounds which the Russians could not explain . And it's not entirely surprising . One American diesel job in the 1950s was crusing off Hawaii , heard funny sounds , thought evil Commies , surfaced , radioed for help so that ships or planes could sink the infiltrator and nothing came out of it . Was a regular . Until 1980s when scientists discovered that it was a mating call of minke (?) whales ... Like isn't it obvious that Atlanteans were asking for it ?

who do not exist . The summary of my life in a sense . It's only in this country that this has already been translated as we actually came from Atlantis , so that people can laugh at my expense .

but weirdness happens a lot . Ottomans were slated to be destroyed for good when the expert dude in Istanbul embassy of Great Britain became extremely suspicious of the US Ambrassador to the same city . A Jew , he could try to establish contact with the "Oriental Jews" . As the British Ambrassador actually wrote in his official report that “The Oriental Jew is an adept at manipulating occult forces…” , by 1908 , too ... You see , poor old England rules the waves and the world and the trade and some second rate person from the Colonies might try to bring about the end of the world . ı really sigh at times , when ı hear what people can believe in . Russian submariners were at least had reason to believe , with their "nemesis" Admiral Rickover being an atheist Jew or whatever .

which obviously being a playing field of the Czechoslovak Navy .

now , Rickover has been a legend , rising to control the direction of the US Submarine design and nearly the entire US Navy . He was finally done in by Lehman and that bunch as his fixation with his own personal reputation was slowing down US acquisitions and profits . Naturally with Rickover out of the game (and he was at least an engineer with obsessions about quality control) US subs became even more expensive and just 3 Sea Wolves happened and Lehman admits (depending on the location of the fight) the pitiful remnants of the Soviet sub fleet might even defeat USN in the 2000s , 2010s even ... How did that happen ? Because they were so utterly spooked by the threat from the seas (first USN carriers with nuke bombers , then Polaris subs and the like) Russians ran a very capitalist system with 3 design bureaus . 3 being given as the minimum number of participants to make the competition real while Rickover was a Stalinist , controlling everything and shaping every decision to his whim . Them Commies would smell some occult going in and around , for such a thing to happen in the very heart of Capitalist swineland , right ?

ı read one book and ı instantly become an expert . Like obviously what the Russians were putting to the sea was very damaging to nerves and Lehman could have been dragged across the coals for ruining the fine running or something system of Rickover . Hence the Hunt for Red October . In which a super duper Typhoon , even better over the standart type , tries to defect and the ever vigilant USN catches it . Because the free and art loving Western Society has better people , because the sonar operator is a classic music buff and catches the odd propulsion sound of the Red October . Which then revolves around Americans beating dumb Russians in their own game . See , one novel , ask the literary circles to be positive about it and it's all over . American superiority assured forever .

no , my pals on the weird forum were very pro-Zumwalt at the time as cheap American ships desired in the 1970s could be co-produced in this country as well . Yes , it's extremely annoying for even as collateral damage . ı go to Sunday market to carry home what my mother buys . This father / son team must have been waiting for me with their matching t-shirts last year , blaiming Israel for something and expecting me to burst into flames . ı blame the stuntwoman for that . ı didn't even want to tell them New Turkey accused Iran stealing Iraqi oil and selling it to Israel as tankers were waiting off the coast to carry it to Israel and Opposition was much active at the time , reporting the tankers belonged to PM's son . Strangely the proceeds of those transactions were being kept in the PM's "bank" before being transferred to Barzani . ISIL running rampant , there soon would be no Iraq left . Afterall , one is never surprised that much when one reads Nazis had so much contact with the Jews , too .

reading one book again , This time about 1938 and how Adolf became the undisputed Fuhrer instead of the doubtful leader . The author might reject the r16 explanations totally but here are the basics . The Western Democracies see Communism as a lethal threat and have allowed a demagogue take power in Germany with specific provisions that one of these days some German Crusade will kill all the Bolshies . There is a whole Social Darwinist rubbish to brainwash the masses , considering the not so happy memories of the Great War . The actually smart Germans are actually lulled with Adolf being not par with them , they will use Nazis as a tool , remove the restrictions of Versailles with scaring the world with Nazi craziness and throw them out as garbage when the "corrections" are realized . While Herman Goering , the fat dumb Luftwaffe FieldMarshall of war years to come is smartly robbing Germany dry . He is supposed to be arming Germany , but he is "transferring wealth" . He would become the most impressive Nazi on the dock in the postwar trials afterall . But the economy can not take the strain , especially after the Jew hunting begins . Indeed nobody cares for the Jews , but everybody also remembers Wilhelmine Germany as an economic powerhouse . Every attack on the Jews gains sympathy for Adolf and yet causes more of the economic boycott that strangles Germany . When IG Farben loses 40% of its foreign sales , well ...

actually smart Germans wake up . But their enemies from the Great War are not asleep either . The unpolished Nazis are supremely effective in conspiracy and 1938 starts with the commander of the German Army married to a pr_stitude and goes on with his replacement accused of being gay . Just it doesn't surprise us Turks to learn the investigation was run on a simple mistake that mistakenly used the files of a Captain that had the same name with the General . And the general's lawyer finding it real soon and facing threats . Interesting tidbit , the lawyer is a von der Goltz . Similarly interesting tidbit , Zhukov the Soviet Marshal was once a trooper in the Tsar's army and his commander was a German emigree , an useless von der Goltz . Lawyer indeed proves the case , but , well , a more pliable general has already been placed in place . You see , we lived through all that . Anchluss will see Austria becoming part of the German Reich and the loot immediately used up and Germany faces banktrupcy at the end of the year once again . Then it's the turn of the Czechs . von Rundstendt , of whom ı am yet to hear much negative stuff , comes across Adolf and his entourage in the newly conquered Czech lands and the general doesn't like the spectacle .“Canaris, how long do we have to put up with this foolish performance?” Canaris is the admiral that runs Intelligence and is much active to stage a coup and von Rundstendt had opposed it when the generals openly discussed it . During which Erich von Manstein , naturally , told the chief supporter Beck that Beck should stop politics .

this coup is the thing . That would shake Germany firmly out of the way Nazis were taking the country . von Rundstendt naturally could not imagine he would end up as an Army Group Commander with 5 tanks and 20 armoured vehicles fighting a million American tanks , a bit exaggerated but essentially correct . But the writing was on the wall , Nazis were leading the country into disaster , strangely the West had helped them so greatly with indecision at every critical moment . So smart Germans were desperately reaching out to the West , especially Britain , that there would soon be a war and the West would suffer . So , instead of a war , the West should clearly indicate it would fight Adolf Hitler . Nazis would crumble the moment German Army grumbled ; a lot of people remembered the agony of the Great War . That left the years of brainwashing ; so the smart Germans wanted a little help . A big "victory" that would match Saar or Austria , perhaps the corridor to Danzig . Practically impossible but the West had given so much free stuff to Nazis . When it didn't happen , the German generals would have been content without the corridor , as it was the last straw . And the West gave away Czechoslovakia . Defensive lines , a Million Man Army , a substantial defence industry , massive amounts of mines and raw materials . While Luftwaffe had not even started integrating Stukas to close air support . Which they did , in 1939 , as a second great war was inevitable and German generals had to make the best of their abilities . If Britain had said it would fight , France would have stood by the Little Entente . Together they would "make" Poland open a corridor for a Russian Army Front and Stalin would have been satisfied with being "recognized" and there would have been no Second World War , at least in 1939 . As Nazis would have been toppled down , practically without a shot and Adolf tried in a "People's Court" or taken to an asylum .

did the Western Democracies sacrifice Czechoslovakia as a breathing space ? Had the parent company of Hawker not taken a gamble on its own and private ventured a production scheme of 600 fighter planes in 1936 , which meant maybe 1000 extra Hurricanes by September 1939 and that had to be matched by their competitors , London would have given up Poland in 1939 , too . Strangely , one never hears of this as a conspiracy ...

you see , ı have never been happy with Syria , even if it was like a decade before reading the book above . One must fight the enemies of the West , eh ? And the similarities are simply stunning and insulting and amazing , almost simultaneously ...

new forum software makes long qoutes impossible , so one will have to make do with < >

<Hitler was impervious to any form of pressure to desist—be it from his diplomats; his own intelligence service ... or the army. Goebbels’s admiration for his master knew no bounds: “He faces danger with the surefootedness of a sleepwalker.” “The Führer says and does what he knows to be right, and never lets himself be intimidated.” “Now the most important things are nerves.” >

< At a reception that evening for the diplomatic corps in Nuremberg, the doyen, the outgoing French ambassador, André François-Poncet ... made a speech in which he said, “The best of laurels are those gathered without reducing any mother to tears.” >

<It was said that the Czechs were prepared to give Henlein [the leader of the Sudeten Germans] a ministry to shut him up. The ministry he wanted was the Interior. The story gave rise to inevitable witticisms. It is said that the premier, Hodza, had suggested that Henlein instead receive the portfolio for the colonies. At this Henlein countered, “That’s impossible —Czechoslovakia has no colonies.” “What of it?” replied Hodza. “Has not Italy a Minister of Finance and Germany a Minister of Justice?” >

which then leads to the stunner

<Within Germany it was clear that the Nazi state was anything but efficient. A ... report ... showed that the railway system had broken down because it was being bled in the interests of free transport for Party members, road building, and compulsory contributions to various Party funds. They were short of 3,000 locomotives and 30,000 coaches. Goods from Hamburg to Vienna had to go via Trieste to make use of Italian trains. > you know , a state is a state when it makes trains run

< The opportunities for working in the arms industries and in other related trades had led to a huge desertion of the land, with drastic results when it came to food production. There had been a 16 percent drop in the number of farm laborers, which would eventually require migrant labor, chiefly from Poland. It was not just the farms that lacked workers. In the mines of the Ruhr, they were 30,000 men short. Overall Germany needed another million men. The temptation to grab them from elsewhere was obvious. >

< resurrection >

< car for people >

and there's this Schacht guy , the economy minister of Adolf , making Nazi Germany run ... He is a conspirator , too , citing the extensive number of palaces being built ... In New Turkey , you will immediately remember "Analar Ağlamasın" was a rallying cry of giving a quarter of the country to the seperatists , through "Peace" mothers on both sides would not cry for their sons killed . Resurrection is supposed for the re-establishment of the Ottoman Empire but anyhow . The Beetle is matched by the electric car that's promised for 2020 or so . Even the PM is in it , at times . Back in the early days some military teacher in some military academy was discharged and more for telling the students that after 1933 , Nazis did not bother with elections . PM then tells he was unjustly accused of rigging the elections and how that officer was sacked . PM is always known for "standing upright" , no matter what and the Party Media just turned an Imamoğlu speech that accepts A-K-P's right to rule the country into one of his co-operation with the Congregation and the seperatists . And had ı known anything about economics , ı would surely have a piece that compared the hate against interest rates and what not . While one must also mention the 7000 Ju-88s Goering ordered , Ju-88 being a massively successful "American" plane , the kind of thing makes r16 banned for his stupid talks and the Ethiopian Airliner crash and we still saw the back of Theresa May , Allah be praised .

come on guys , is that correct that the blueprint for New Turkey is you know what ? That whatever Adolf did was right was "surreptiously" passed on as America was creating all these Islamists ? That it would be justification when we were to be bombed ? That the only inspiration and stuff we could give to Germans was the Armenian "genocide" as many is prepared to accept it , and in return "we Turks" took the entire Nazi roadmap ? Let's just avoid an unnecessary thing about how Hitler was an avid opera fan . The Last Prime Minister , and the current A-K-P candidate for Istanbul was booed in one . (Well , ı have truly chosen every fleet exercise possible to avoid ending up in one , but ı admit ı will watch one opera . If am allowed to slag the US first .) Yeah , that we were Nazis in soul and it's just right that we end up in camps , complete with gas chambers ?

am so lonely these years , even in CFC . Had this rare "spat" with one single person and people happy in the streets and when the person says ı have a quite good example of (ı think) Platon's method , faces fall down . So , ı will not be surprised if no one writes a "What?" to all this . But it was even with Condileeza Rice . People might consider her hawt and ı would stress her brains . So when she says American aid in 1947 won the victory in the Turkish Civil War it's just a slip of the tongue . Then she also says there was a precursor of 9/11 . In Turkey , when El Kaide kills a Turkish businessman . See , Üzeyir Garih , a Jewish person and one of the richest businessmen in the country , stabbed to death in a Muslim cemetery , by drug addict who wanted money to have sex in the same cemetery with his pr_stitude "girlfriend" becomes an El Kaide attack , because oh my , Jerrah , leader of the hijackers that crashed in Pennsylvania , you know , of the matchlessly American "Let's roll" . You know , ı would always imagine cerrah , whenever ı read Jerrah . Cerrah means surgeon in Turkish and Garih is the same , because Üzeyir Garih's ancestors were surgeons during the Turkish War of Liberation of 1919-22 . And he was paying respects to Fevzi Çakmak ,the second Marshall of the said war as he would do regularly , perhaps every year because Çakmak was always partial to Garihs and you know , there have moments of crisis during the war Kemal let Çakmak read the Kuran instead of waiting at the telegraph to hear which front had caved in and which front was holding . Çakmak being the strictest prayer in Kemal's immediate circle . You see , Jerrah's one time fiancee was the niece of some Turkish police official , too . There is at least a 6 month period the then new Dabya Administration strictly refused to be briefed about El Kaide , because you know , this country must be bombed to hell ; and they might have discovered so many Saudi nationals were planning to hijack airlines , to kill many Americans .

you know , exactly why ı wasn't surprised there's finally the election year jihad . In Iraq , where America does not need to support the Kurds as well . Readin' makes my jaw drop in other areas , like discovering them Brits developed W-177 nuclear bombs , because their huge bombers could penetrate Warsaw Pact and Western Russia at low level climb upto 25 000 feet , let loose the bomb and return . While there were targets in CENTO zone (like us , Iran , Pakistan) that was impossible and the bomber had to stay at low level and the bomb to be ******ed by parachute . The targets can NOT be in Russia as a MiG-21 pilot in the Southern parts of the said became an Hero of the Soviet Union and dead at the same time in the 1970s when he rammed an Iranian plane after running out of missiles ; some soft underbelly , if you will . Oh , all the experts will of course point to evil Chinese massing in the Himalayas , but then am an idiot , right ? Also loved to discovered the most feared Russian thing , about their submarines sunk by ICBMs disregarding the issues of finding them in the first place mostly ignored by the British . One is taken seriously when one proves the attention must be serious and "failures" are of human stuff , not from lack of capability . Yeah , the Czechs of those years must have misunderstood stuff ...
ı would like to correct the impression the autocensor gives above . In such a "laydown" attack there will be a parachute or metal fins to slow down the bomb as it leaves the plane . It would be at low level and if the bomb was to reach the ground before the plane was clear its explosion would damage the plane . It has nothing to do with mental issues of people .

Solly Zuckerman recounted a story in which one of McNamara’s Assistant Secretaries said to him ‘Don’t you see … First we need enough Minutemen to be sure that we destroy all those Russian cities. Then we need Polaris missiles to follow in order to tear up the foundations to a depth of ten feet, maybe helped by Skybolt … Then, when all Russia is silent, and when no air defences are left, we want waves of aircraft to drop enough bombs to tear the whole place up down to a depth of forty feet to prevent the Martians recolonising the country. And to hell with the fallout.’

Spoiler :
this Solly Zuckerman was an advisor to British Goverments back in the 1960s and a strict opponent of "business" that wanted to develop a British system (by the name of Chevaline) to penetrate Russian ABM defenses ...

this is Religion showing up . McNamara was a former auto-industry executive , his war-time service centering on the firebombing of Japanese cities and a close association with Lemay . Eisenhower had created a massive nuclear lead over the Commies , Kennedy would then establish a conventional lead AND a willingness to engage in Counter-Insurgency , to corner the Reds into financial ruin and the lot . Weapon purchases to deter the formal Red Army and heavily penalizing KGB assets in guerilla operations . McNamara wanted glossy magazine articles that stressed "utility" of nuclear weapons to stop the kind of Soviet response that had forced Ike to stop in Laos . Congo was the expected battleground , before Vietnam gained currency . Especially after Kennedy had Diem of Vietnam assasinated as he was a coward , refusing to accept American secret operations against Hanoi . And well , Lehman says 600 nuclear warheads would be used against Moscow by 1990s , not just for the large surface area but to dig down deep to destroy bunkers and hideouts for Communist leadership . McNamara's underlings would not budge . ı really do not doubt this "intention" as ı have seen posters on aviation forums , making a random numerical stuff about 1 American equalling 100 Muslims and 300 000 people should have been nuked in an answer for 9-11 . By megaton class weapons .

mcNamara is of course much hated by the US Military , for his meddling in Vietnam . For his refusal of accepting the almost mythical 94 targets that should have been quickly destroyed in a month or less . This prolonged the war in Vietnam and disgraced America . You wouldn't think that McNamara , having burned thousands of defenceless civilians in Japan , might have doubts that the 94 targets might have been destroyed and Hanoi could have remained in the fight and that would have disgraced the American arms even faster . He finally left in disgrace , shortly followed by his President . Nixon came , he was the man , Kissinger was his right-hand man and he was also very brave , especially with the lives of others . They were given a briefing on how America would fight a nuclear war ; and they were apparently left speechless . They were expecting there would be proposals to use a single bomb to scare whole countries to surrender ... Considering this was the essence of Lemay himself , with those B-47 incursions creating confidence single bombers could hit Russian nuclear centers , weapon storage sites or airbases and whatnot could be hit . Moscow would either claim it was an accident or be destroyed , with so many other Russian cities ...

oh-kay let's have one for the "culture" now ...

The threat was from the Kremlin, from the men whose bold conspiracy to commit nuclear blackmail had been exposed to the world by aerial photographs displayed in the United Nations: the threat was from these gamblers whose hands had now been called, these neo-Orientals with "face" to be maintained. John Kennedy had told them, in effect, "Get your offensive missiles out of Cuba now, or we will land and destroy them."

Spoiler :

relates to 1962 , from a book printed in 1967 . Reading it is like tedious business . It's a .pdf file with pages scanned as pictures , adobe reader packs up in every 50 pages running out of computer memory . But ı love the insult : Neo-Orientals !

then goes on to spew USN BS . Claims Russians could have sneakily destroyed the entire USAF on the ground in Continental America and destroyed US Army assets allover Europe but had no counter against those 7 Polaris submarines on patrol . USAF had thousands of planes and would have possibly deposited thousands of warheads , but it's just the matchless threat of 7x16 missiles with apparently 3 warheads each that defeats evil Commies ! Because more submarines had to be built , business is the single business of armies and navies and airforces in this modern world . Because that would be crude if said openly , the book then goes onto examine the history of the combat submarines . USS Harder history is not completely complete because on its 6th patrol it naturally didn't have much of a chance to surface and machine gun the survivors from the sunk destroyers . But on the evening of May 30th , am just about in the middle of the book and the Nasmith of RN , E-11 and the British exploits in the Sea of Marmara is much covered ; because USN wants to go under the sea and attack all sorts of Russians and there's nothing to fear that if Anglosaxons could do as much in 1915 . Helps to cut down the description the Orientals , we can't be that much of a fool , because Anglosaxon heroism is being told of . Oh and also we are NATO members ; which still doesn't prevent a reminder that Nasmith would want that city still be Byzantium ...

will naturally not cover the sinking of this Russian boomer , ı think in 1968 , which is tried to be explained by some Americans as a Russian black flag in which Russians travel a fixed geographic location , lob a nuke at Pearl Harbour and the radar logs will prove the fixed geographic location and it will be decided to be a Chinese sneak attack , as they are years behind in tech and they need this map point to fix their missile navigation . And because of their skin colour , too . ı don't know but America would certainly fire whole volleys , 100 - 200 million dead Chinese and that would be an huge Soviet Victory , even without 10 million strong Chinese human waves driving Westmoreland and whomever held power in Saigon to the sea ; because let me see , the Russians would have freed many divisions in Siberia and sent them westwards to threaten NATO ... Could it be ? Not really , practically anyone in that particular trade knows American leadership is invariably nuts when it comes to nukes and they are just dying to kill the planet off . But then there might be the slight off hand chance that this was an "old school" Communist thing , unhappy with the way Russian submarines were to become what you would expect American submarines to be . High tech , requires massive expense but the real danger lies in their crews as they would have to smart . And not just "sailors" regularly fortified by Vodka . Oppressive regimes do not like actual smartness in their societies . There have to be some smart people for sure , but when smartness is too much , "ruling" becomes harder , much harder and impossible as time goes by .

oh and uh with ah , what do we learn from this ? Obvious , American bigwigs face extinction as well and they can see no way out , except making them Commies fall . And it's all our fault , because we are extremely well exercised to tell American to go and do you know what . ı have discovered the neutron bombs were an huge surprise to even NATO officials when they were first mentioned in 1973 in a meeting in Ankara ; but such meetings happen on a rotational basis and such gear requires a lot of supercomputer time , even today . And they would have never helped in fomenting dissent within Central Asian Republics anyhow . Nor there was much exciment when the jabs came soon after ; like we should have been impressed that them mushrooms could happen to us , too .

this is exactly how the New Turkey begins and how it thrives and it keeps on , "Religion and Culture" . Despite the non-stop failure to deliver .

a rapid job to break the now dead Turkish Armed Forces simply leads to the defeat of Greeks in Cyprus and poor Brits finally evacuating their nukes at the time , because if there's a round 3 of Cyprus battles we might end up in their bases and make off with their nukes , before the snail like US decision making wastes us all with enough nukes to make this country a province of Mars . Like obviously explains the seperatist movement , the "Democratic" goverment of post 1983 that opposed/supported the seperatists at the same time and yours idiotly completely stupefied . Reading the newspapers , that everybody knew the "Backwarders" but nothing ever happened to those who would stage a Counter-Revolution and drag the country back "centuries" even . It was an easier time , let me tell you , without the red button on the office desk , that will call the Starfleet from the next system and start leveling US one end to the other .

oh , ı still despise all those "Leftists" , now telling us buying S-400 is a great thing , because America attacks us and Europeans do not like us . As if Russians would let them live if they ever came here . Russians will much prefer A-K-P media and the lot , you know .

the current schwerpunkt is attacking Imamoğlu as a traitor . It's said he has secretly travelled to Greece many times and woved to convert Ayasofya back into a Church . One Greek newspaper or website called his March 31 victory as a "Pontus" win of Istanbul . Pontus for person originating from the Black Sea and this naturally proves he is involved with a scheme that dates back to 1462 or thereabouts . There's a photo of the website owner , hugging Çavuşoğlu , the secretary of foreign stuff of the palace cabinet . They are best of friends , according to reports . New Turkey is always awesome and what makes Opposition traitors never can make a mark on New Turkey . This is cast in concrete . A-K-P trolls take footage , shape it accordingly and Imamoğlu goes shop to shop , as much as any American politician would shake any hand and kiss any infant baby . This shop owner , some young guy , tells Imamoğlu that -in effect- he is a traitor because he saw the footage . A cellphone appears for Imamoğlu and the full scene will not convince the shop owner , because you know why it should ? As there are so many TV cameras and the pro-Party teams would never trail the CHP candidate before , they are merely looking for stuff to be cut and recut and serviced as 1984 . Finally Imamoğlu touches the shop owner on the cheek , which can be construed as demeaning or a sign of affection . For a brief moment you can see fear in the eyes of the shop owner . He has been insulted and it has been recorded on TV . Naturally , it's reported as Imamoğlu slapping a voter , including speeches by the secretary of interior stuff of the place cabinet ... The shop owner is also in the pages of a pro-Party newspaper and he says he WASN'T slapped ; he would never let that happen . Can you believe that ? Hundreds of billions of liras of contracts in the coming years are at stake , people might run to Europe to live on their mighty accounts in Swiss banks and the guy can not say he was slapped . What's more the 1984 newspaper does not "fix" that despite using it everywhere else .

because American designs are for Civil War in this country and America needs every single New Turkey person remain so , because experience of now decades assure Washington they will crack . In a bad way , worse than the Disgrace of July 15th , because while Congregation was at least utterly brainwashed the Party rank and file have long discovered they are not exactly capable of always winning .

the world hegemony of New Turkey is a delusion . The Middle East hegemony of New Turkey is a delusion . That one day ı would wake up to discover that nobody had ever supported or even voted for A-K-P , but me and my pals had unjustly brought it to power and kept it there for our nefarious aims is a delusion ; because it's already happening .

repeating a line from the spoiler to give an idea . This is exactly how the New Turkey begins and how it thrives and it keeps on , "Religion and Culture" . Despite the non-stop failure to deliver .
imamoğlu wins big .

Spoiler :

surprisingly that was the first full book on Lawrence ı ever read ... And then due to trawling , ı had two more tangentially involved . A best way to land horses and mules from a ship seems to be ? Bring them to the side and when the animals are unsuspecting , push 'em to the sea . From a diary type book on the naval side , with the author carrying some smudge of Orientalism , shall we say , with claims Arabs could not believe such big ships could float and the size of the British cannons ; the author is a seaman that used to work in the Red Sea in the 50s ... The second is also a diary , this time of a RFC/RAF mechanic . From that we learn Auda (or Anthony Quinn from the movie) once found the going slow and demanded to be taken aloft so that he could kill more Turks and the groundcrew like had to show him the fuselage was full of wires and whatnot and they could not rip off fabric to get him lay down and snipe .

see , ı am an idiot and had this lovely thing about how 2011 was 100 years after Italians occupied Libya with credits provided from foreign banks that held the Ottoman tax revenue and there was the cries of Wolf in 2012/3 but since the Greeks were kaputt , the Balkan Wars had to be transferred to Syria and well , Russians downing one Phantom was more than enough . Then ı had the cool thing about "Forget the winter , it's 2014 coming" . Imagine my hurt when it turned out it wouldn't happen and our destruction was postponed to 2017 . Alas , the Orange Messiah fired a bunch of Tomahawks against Syria on the a day which was a 100 years after US entered the Great War and that was that . See , there is an absolute fixation in people and just like we are never forgiven for 1492 , the Iranians regularly end up on the wrong side , for the White Man Must repeat Alexander and the mighty conquest . Immediately after they decide the Turk is not dead yet .

as such Lawrence is fully relevant . Now that he had figured out he would be an Alexander . Despite it might have never been realised . He was some young spy already , sent to beat Germans not only in excavations but sabotaging the railway construction to Baghdad . And all fulfillment perhaps limited to mocking Ottoman officials , starting right on the spot with hiding Hittite artifacts and the lot from the commissarie or whatever the guy was called . Mocking Ottoman officials might have been all Lawrence ever got from life . But for the fact that Kitchener saw he would not be made the Viceroy to India , so like all by himself decided to create a "kingdom" as big as the Jewel of the Crown . Kitchener deducing the war to last long , Kitchener repeatedly caught flat-footed in situations he could not escape . He could not refuse becoming the supreme British Warlord , however his heart yearned for smuggling himself out to Egypt and created an Arab Kingdom from straw . He still nicely averted that awkward situation of adding some ground troops to Dardanelles operation before the March 18th repulse of the Allied Fleet ; he expected Germans would be throughly alerted and a land war would not succeed either . Even if it took his death on the high seas for the Arab Revolt to get going , it was only then India allowed it happen . You know , Lawrence being part of the team to bribe the Pashas who had the British troops surrounded in Kut . They at least managed to get von der Goltz poisoned , but the true intention was getting "Indians" come back with the tail between their legs ; so that such "medieval" treatment would show India to be out of touch with the modern world and would clear the way . ı don't know whether Omdurman and defeating the so called Mahdists got into Kitchener's head . Otherwise the basic refusal of India stemmed from their experience of the Mutiny of 1858 , they didn't want dimwits to be able to call for Jihad as Ottomans could be induced to reconsider and whatnot .

it's only when "Indians" agree to the plot , now that they were not doing that good on their own anyhow , Arabs get enough gold to fight . And oh , they are not fighting for an Arab Crown , they are fighting for British Sovereigns or pieces of gold and it will be Lawrence himself . Like overrunning his remit and making Omar Shariff or Faysal to think that he actually could . Because well , defeating Ottomans is nothing , but defeating the French would be a real success story . Lawrence is as gay as Alexander , and he compares himself favourably with the Macedonian , not just in being gay . That he was revolted by physical touch ? Made up in later years to gloss over the facts and he deserved the Victoria Cross by killing Ottoman soldiers , not by "overcoming his revulsion" to be in bed . English is my only foreign language , but ı have seen in my museum guide days that the French are loath to speak it , and ı don't know but this female visitor was indeed pronouncing "the" as "ze" . And it appears the hate was readily returned by the British and every great family would still be spending holidays in France , you know seeing the lands that would have been theirs , if Jean d'Arc had not been born or something .

am a man of conspiracies and silly stuff and on record to claim the French once were given Musul by treaty and yet they gave it up with "scientific" rumours that equally abundant reserves were under Damascus . Apparently , you know , so that the then current hopes of larger Kurdish presence might have brought in Musul oil wells ; while if the French had the entire border all the way to Iran , we would never been able to make an early peace and get an easy access or whatever to arms exports and what not , which then made them Bolshies to follow the contracts more closely . You can always trust London to break any promise and treaty . Those fighter squadrons they had around London against the French Air Force bombers in 1921 might have been attacking the routed Kemalists withdrawing from Eskişehir instead .

this is of course too much brains to ascribe to Turks of all stripes .

now that the much maligned authors of the Sykes - Picot treaty were much smart themselves . Picot was the French consul to Beirut and when he was leaving his office he just naturally forgot all the letters he had received from the Arab notables of the period , who were then hanged by the would be King of Arabia , Cemal Paşa . Removing the threat they might have presented when the French came back to take over the France in the Middle East and whatever . Arab Nationalism was just 100 people in those days as the sheiks and stuff -maybe rightly- feared the disasters of the Balkan Wars would push the Ottoman State [really] to a Turkish thing and all those Arab notables would face a centralized [and real] state that would diminish their power ; and the oppression and oppotunities made 200 Arab Nationalists as measured by membership to secret societies and like 100 of them were soon hanged anyhow .

and even if allegations against Sykes were true , as Sykes - Picot became the rallying cry of injustice in the 21st Century and went on to create New Turkey and ISIL and people are seriously unaware how the anger at the latter still boils me inside , Lawrence himself was very smart . Believe he created the Guerilla Warfare if you want to , but there is this utterly striking page in the first book ı read him and it says mobility and speed is essential and no Beduin will be taught to repair his Lewis machine gun , drop it if it goes kaputt and keep fighting with the rifle as the British do not want the same Beduin attack British rail lines (when they happen) with the firepower of a machine gun ... ı gather the number of Arabs who could handle explosives were kept to a minimum by their heroic British allies who preferred to do on their own .

sorry losers ? We ? You have no idea ...

oh , let's just discuss the burning question ... He was not saying he was raped in the very first edition of the Seven Pillars of Wisdom . Which was stolen by unknown people and never returned ; as the German intelligence arriving in the form of foreign workers (say , Belgians after years at the front) and he was well known and the suitcase with the manuscript had official seals , it might contain war plans and such useful stuff and you didn't read this sentence either . His becoming raped is a byproduct of his fame especially in the States , after the show started and ı do not subscribe to he was ever whipped or ever captured either . But it's amazing ain't it ? The "Bey" wants flesh for the night , the stupid Turkish troops break Lawrence too much , to an useless pulp and hence the youngest and the best looking corporal is ordered to remain while everyone is ordered out , you know to be flesh for the "Bey" . For all the desire to emulate Lawrence , this time with Kurds as the material , we have never seen volunteers to be captured at some air base ... Who knows , it might indeed have worked with the "Christians" in the US , well enough to get American boots on the ground to finish what the Greeks can not . Ah , so lovely to see Lawrence was not exactly sure of going underground with joining the RAF , but he finally did on August 30 , 1922 , the day the Occupation HQ in Istanbul would have certainly wired that the Greeks were forced to retreat and it would seem they might be destroyed in Dumlupınar during the day .

because the last time "we" saw him was in the hospital in Damascus enjoying the sight when some British doctor came in and slapped him for his enjoyment of the sight . Me being me , ı will refuse that it was day two and Lawrence was appalled at day one and had caused material improvements . Oh , because the great British public will want evil Kemalists shown their place , by Lawrence if possible , because he does it with others' sweat and blood and with Lawrence around the war will never end . In case people fail to notice , the Spanish Influenza has lost much of its edge in 1922 and people of the West have settled back home , enjoying whatever they can in those years of peace . Not because he is a coward , for he refuses peerage and whatnot to face of the King , because the situation might demand he act as if he is against British interests . The book ı finished about him portrays him godlike and it's not his fault that he is so much bored with his fame and he is unjustly picked on by lessers and he is just 10 miles from the Afghan border when there's a Civil War that topples the Afghan King for women in his court have played tennis with European garb . As the Afghan King ignores the background of a century in Ottoman reform attempts and wants to follow Kemal with lightning speed . Naturally his replacement is apparently a guy who can't write or read . No sir , it's just lies of foreign ambrassadors in Kabul . Including the one of Ankara . That Lawrence did it , starting the rebellion. The author is like even offended at the period commentary that the Peshtuns are gay . Because the good old Peshtunbs would not have bothered with the whip scars if they were ever there .

might have even believed the author ... But Ankara's ambrassador in Kabul is gotta be Fahrettin Paşa , somehow spelled as Fahri throughout the book , commander in Medine , a murderer of Armenians , but never named as the ambrassador in the book as the author would have sown seeds of doubt in the readers . Coincidences happen , you know . Even then ı wouldn't expect a reference to how Fahrettin Paşa commanded the "Northern Front" in that August where he might get into a fight with the British "infidels" and that justified substantial forces under his command , which negated a possibility of victory against the Greeks when the "Grand Offensive" would start ; maskirovska before it was invented .

print encyclopedia says the Seven Pillars was known by high caliber Brits in 1922 . The vibe ı get from the book the rape was firmly in 1926 or thereabouts because the Kemalist Turkey had weathered the shocks and whatnot . And in 1935 this country was firmly in place and starting to bug Churchill and the lot greatly , for it was obvious Kemal would sit on the sides of the coming world war and cheer the sides on and would join at the best time and who knows maybe would enlarge the size of the country . 1935 is the time Lawrence is about to infiltrate British Fascists and perhaps Nazis , too . And yes , New Turkey naturally claimed it was behind the accident , perhaps to gain an upperhand against the Congregation , perhaps as a way to convince very old school bunches of people that "brothership" with the Arabs would create so much opportunies to get even , now that a Lebanese immigrant or something also assassinated Churchill in America in a street accident while driving a taxi . Except Churchill didn't die . As much as Lawrence , though for the life of me ı can't remember whether ı had claimed 1938 or 40 . People get old , lose beauty and what not . Well , those were the days when New Turkey also claimed it had created the Egyptian crossing of the Suez Canal with 3 guys in a bathtub in the canal or whatever . New Turkey TV channels are an health hazard , you can't watch them without regular breaks .

that Churchill thing is "real" , because the TV channel practically said no Prime Minister can ever have a traffic accident , because Prime Ministers are infallible .

even the Battle of Tafas is fake . With his off hand admission of having Austrian POWs shot . It's in the first place a prime venue for the Noble Savage . That people in the uncivilized world have differing mentalities and any such guy is to be left free to kill your enemies . When all your enemies are dead , you can lecture him about civilization . And , well , it happens everywhere . The RFC diary thing is a relic from the 1960s and its author has noble Arabs who will no doubt shoot him if he keeps walking into their village . Amazingly even we get off easily . The pilot they capture is a nice looking guy who can speak English , treated decently , not just because he is a fool who has run away whenever he sees an Allied plane because he thinks all of them are Bristol Fighters , F2B to numerically inclined . He even gets to play football with people . Until it turns out the wreck of his plane contains flechettes . Long darts that can do bad things to people . The book being a product of the 21st Century adds a correction that in 1917 even London was complaining about not enough darts of this kind and ı thought they had gone out of fashion by 1915 or something .

back to Tafas and dead Austrians . It's about the German machine gunners that regularly stop his Arabs . "Exceptions were the German detachments, and here for the first time I grew proud of the enemy who had killed my brothers. They were marching for their homes two thousand miles away, without hope and without guides, in conditions mad enough to break the bravest nerves. Yet each section of them held together, marching in firm rank, sheering through the [wreck] of Turk and Arab like an armoured ship, dark, high set, and silent. When attacked they halted, faced about, took position, fired to order. There was no haste, no crying, no hesitation. They were glorious." That he didn't let them get away . For the future days he might be questioned on how his Arabs had failed to kill Ottoman Commanders , despite the specific orders to that end . Including Mustafa Kemal , even if he was already a long way ahead , for it was becoming "known" the Turkish soldier was practically useless without an officer to keep him in the line . See , he came across German machine gunners , they made him fail , he killed all of them . German Machine gunners had held the Western Front for 4 years afterall . And it was such a great victory that Arab clans fell on each other ...

ı told you so is bad form . America is talking of decreasing interest rates , New A-K-P will benefit from a new economic boom and here's the opening for the New A-K-P .

translation : Who are these 21st Century Lawrences who got the seperatist leader campaign for A-K-P and the leader of almost racists to approve it ? And like amazed at the news that some substance abuser (but certainly not a jihadi) attacked the cockpit of an airliner coming here from London . Them Brits do not know Boeing 737s can be crashed by remote and have to launch interceptor to break the sound barrier over London ? On a day the Ethiopian Chief of Staff is dead ? And even Borish Johnson offered . If am ever in a place to say "Bring his head" , the British Media would be the last institution to depend on ! What worse he can do , when compared to May ? A-K-P has the mandate until 2023 , what's the rush ?
Dont worry the US is also headed for a taxcut, borrowing economic recession as well

The debts issue of Turkey is of another nature than that of the US.

The US has government debt in its own hard currency the USD.
If the USD devaluates, the debt becomes lower as well.

In Turkey half of the government debt is in Lira and the other half in hard currencies, mostly USD.
With the high inflation, the devaluating Lira, this means that Turkey sees it debt in hard currency relatively increasing. No escape.
But with the total government debt at only 30% of GDP this still looks ok-ish.

The real issue with the Turkish finance and economy is twofold (besides many other smaller factors):

* The economy growth is based on population growth and construction. Erdogan has done little else the past decades than construction projects. Infrastructure, housing, malls.
As such fine when normal economical sectors start to grow as well at a similar rate. Foreign Direct Investments needed and ofc markets: domestic and export. The EU important.
But this all did not happen as fast as desired. And building shopping malls.... well... online shopping is already on its way up.

* The business companies have borrowed lots of money and much of that is in foreign hard currencies. This debt in foreign currency is higher than the total government debt and around 50% of GDP.

The real risk is construction companies going broke causing the whole financial-economics of Turkey to collapse.

A house of cards based on trust in ..... well what.... everybody believing it does not happen ? Erdogan ?

Voices are that the IMF will be needed but Erdogan does not like interference.
And once the financial books have to be opened in full enough transparency to the IMF... who knows what more bodies emerge from some cupboards ?

Here the Debt Clock site: and here the link directly to Turkey:

Per country basic figures and a small narrative.
"The US has government debt in its own hard currency the USD.
If the USD devaluates, the debt becomes lower as well."

Actually, the debt remains unchanged. Inflation lowers the real purchase power of the debt amount, but change of forex rate doesn't.
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