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inevitably r16 comments on the Turkish Elections


not deity
Nov 10, 2008
my scientific powers were clear , even as a museum guide . Northeast of the country , the Blacksea coast ı mean , is wet . It rains . Quite a lot . Oh , why , it's rightly spot on :

Spoiler :

what was surprising in that second or third year of the A-K-P glory ? The floods that struck town centers , killing a couple of people . Security guy hails from the area and has never heard of that bad a rain . He checks the gallery one end to the other end a couple of times , stops by yours idiotly who keeps to the center of the basement to direct people , chats on this and that , conserving energy and stuff . Yours idiotly has the advantage of reading Leftist newspapers -if available . Yours idiotly asks whether such floods and deaths happened before they finished the then barely glorious "Black Sea Highway" . He thinks for the barest minimum of time and says no . Scientific powers , man , then this is gotta be it . The road , gloriously built right on the shore , because the Gloriousiestly Glorious Plan requires success . Like cutting the Gordion's knot , the Party stupendously opusly finishes a road that was talked about for decades in a fraction of the time and connects Black Sea to Istanbul - as if those guys previously would have to travel across the Crimean side of the shore and descend down through Romania and Bulgaria . Real easy when you do it by the shore , kinda level , kinda straight . And when the rains rain , the water finds a "wall" on its millions of pathways carved over millions of years to the sea . Can't , so merely fills the towns . Leftist newspapers ranted on the failings of the project for years , that it would happen exactly so . The security guy wouldn't read them ; political activist kind of guy . Would punch the wall for silence if he heard Kurdish spoken ; his hand was bandaged for a week for punching some handrails on a bus . Was somewhat surprised that he once sent a caricature he drew to Leman , as Leftist as a caricature weekly can be . Gets a small amount of money to add to the family budget , father of two and like that . "Civilians" , meaning kinda undercover cops (principally patrol dudes against muggers and pickpockets) come to the museum a lot , city center , a cup of tea , themselves conserving energy and catching a breath . The security guy might have been one , had "fate" happened otherwise , considered them "civilians" as friends . Mentioned he had this little coup and not for the first time , too . A savage silence , if you will . Yours idiotly can be useful with his sorry existence ; for a second or two there might have been stuff .

this is the essence New Turkey is built upon . While there are undoubted amount of real Communist traitors and the like , present , past and future , the Party builds on that there should be no readiness on people (that vote for Party) to think the others might be right on stuff . On anything , about any subject . Others were thus deceived in all matters . That the Republic of 1923 was wrong on so many important matters and could be improved . In a process controlled by Washington DC and achieved by the Congregation . Democratic debate to fix stuff suddenly becoming the path to 1984 . Any simple arts debate ? One week to discuss Islamic calligraphy , next Renaissance nudes ? Sure , why not ? Except as soon as "Muslims" acquired power on a whatever level one would remain and other would become first foreign , then treason . Have always loved the day the pinnacle of Yellow journalism carried the Qatari artist woman who had an house in the city of Bursa , because one felt so liberated there ; no doubt she would have spent tens of thousands of US dollars so that women of Bursa would be liberated enough to be covered head to shoe . What toe ? That's immodest in the first place .

so , it turns out some unnamed bunch of people did not like A-K-P winning in November 2002 elections . So they made heavier rain for 3 years , you know , to topple the Goverment . There's this Kate Bush video starring something Sutherland for us teens of the 1980s , right ? Finally , the PM sends a message to that bunch that he knows and the bunch stops . Because it happens or something . Did we hear that in 2005 ? Of course not . A-K-P is favoured by God , according to Party . There is never any drought in this country when "Muslims" rule it , the weather is always nice , so when heavier rains happen it's this attack again . So , when it rains heavily in Ankara in 2018 and water finds nowhere to go but down the paved streets , now that the contractors build 2 drainage systems for the price of 4 , it's not Allah . Not even Mother Nature . Not even laws of nature . Some countries are emboldened by the polls and want to remove the PM . So they make rain . But of course they will fail . Thus assures us , some professor running a think tank .

the Hour of the Opposition on the Voice of Russia can not stop himself and interviews the professor . He should have learned by now , apparently around 50 years old , decades of following the political scene in Ankara , too . That no one can shut up a Party troll , with a call on the troll to calm down and actually explain what's he saying . The professor talks a ton of scientific sounding words and expertly avoids to declare which country is doing this . They really can't simply say the rains were heavy . For they save it for the times when people die . A-K-P municipality allows building over some stream , with one nice tunnel that performs nicely 9 years out of 10 . The 10th sees heavy rains , flooding on the road and 8 women die in truck that's taking them home after work . It's then a hundred years record , an act of Allah , because the loser relatives of the deceased might dream of a court case and financial settlement . New Turkey is heroically and continiously winning court cases . You are some pregnant woman and given tainted blood during labour . So you have AIDS courtesy of the State and the State gives a couple of millions of liras ? Expect New Turkey re-start the case 10 or 15 years after you have won , prove the State is not guilty and demand the money back . Naturally with interest . "Muslims" deserve every single cent and penny , in Western parlance , the rest deserves nothing . 300 people die in a mine , it's an act of Allah and is part of the job , now that in Queen Victoria's reign 1000 died in one single case . Certainly not because the owner's son is a beardy that once hosted the then Energy Minister breaking fast with the miners in a previous Ramadan , because godless CHP would not do such a thing , despite having passed Commie style laws , godlessly learning from godless Soviets who held miners as heroes . Nor there is anything to learn . A mine in the Southeast is closed down , lack of papers . Naturally it goes back into operation , the very next day , now that the Party distributes free coal to win Kurdish vote and stuff . 2 people die , inspectors arrive and they discover a "Muslim" can readily use his motorbike as a truck , carrying 10 tons at a time , so that the State will re-imburse his costs .

am so flabbergasted by the thing that ı can't really tell how many times the laws have been changed in these past 16 years for Goverment contracts . At least hundreds , maybe more a thousand times , so that iregularities can not be tracked . To say the least perhaps ?

no , the troll keeps talking . You stupid Americans , did you know Hurricane Katrina was a Russian job ? It's so , because Katrina is apparently a Russian name . Likewise for the latest , was it Irma ? So , Putin shows his powers and Americans tell him that they know and Putin shuts up and sits down . Oh , they are usually better mannered , afterall we have all heard that Katrina was like a regular hurricane that happened to New Orleans like every year , but that time developers wanted some Black losers removed . As much as some Puerto Rican losers sat on valuable land during Irma or whatever and they be removed and nice projects happening in a couple of years time . Yeah , the exact moment to remind Canadian Mounties beat the US Federal Goverment to New Orleans ... One is entitled to be a troll , like once in a year , right ? Oh , right on , right there , massive US Army trucks weathering two inches of water on the highways , rolling into the city . Pentagon is always first to intervene in humanitarian stuff . When abroad , because they can put boots on the ground for possible occupation some day . Gotta learn the pathways , bug the telephone wires . When home , why , let them rot ! It dulls troops' dedication to idea that them Americans are matchless in this realm or any other parallel universes .

oh , it's always down to saying one knows and the other side shuts up . Do not ever commit to the heresy of why the rainmakers do not make it rain over some Palace , either . The PM would then be angry . He would say he knows . Scaring rain makers to silence . It's practically impossible for anyone who has read me in the last 5 years to forget it , but people even tried to kill the PM with Telekinesis . The expert who shames all experts , chief economic advisor to the PM , sitting on the board of the telecommunications company that refuses to pay its debts to the State , now that it was bought by the Hariris of Lebanon , a natural ally when New Turkey gloriously invades Middle East , a favourite of Greeks with strong punchlines along the lines of Barbarian Turks will eat us Greeks but we Greeks are better than the 300 Spartans . Expert who shames all experts said it and no "Muslim" calls him names . Vanity is inevitable , as ı had opiniotated at the time : The Telekinesis claim might arise from Bobby Gates , the Defence Secretary hitting the cupboard or falling in snow . Or the guy read some newspaper that Disney was doing a new triology and combined it with the Turkish head of the 501th Legion (of Stormtroopers) who joined the Gezi Events in a Darth Vader costume . Now that anything goes . New Turkey beats Lords of Sith hands down , man ...

the professor even plays the nationalism card , hinting "Turks" could bring snow on demand . Now a lost art ... you moron Americans , it's obviously some dark magick . Yeah , Turks could cause snow , but can't tell whether it was the pagan horsebandits or semi-Muslim Ottomans . Nobody is more Muslim than New Turkey , nobody ever comes close . Defensive mechanisms cause the ears to hear less and ı merely make a mental note that ı should write a spoilerful on that . Next morning , New Turkey surprasses itself . Breaking news even . Even on the Voice of Russia , because Putin loves robbing us dry . Aydoğan Vatandaş photographed and filmed by the State News Agency in America . Now this guy is defined by the following news bulletins as a "prince" of the Congregation , reportedly running the media stuff . Only time ı ever encountered the name is ? The cover of a book about HAARP , 90s something , which ı possibly had bought ... Everything clicks at once ! HAARP causes the rain in Ankara and the State News Agency people corner the traitor on the streets of America , who is panicked and gets into a cafe and demands the calling of the [American] Police . See , New Turkey showed him ! If he was really running the media , it would be him who hired the State News Agency people in the first place , but ı digress . The thing is ı don't think there are that many people who might link HAARP and Vatandaş , like ever ...

see , tech awareness is a big thing among the first time voters , who are by definition young and might want to walk hand in hand , boys and girls . Instead of wearing a suicide vest in the name of Qatar . Main Opposition has a cartoon that has the party leader wishing bugfree gaming . Old school Islamist's leader dons the cape of Superman and saves a car named Turkey , leaving its driver (the PM , naturally) sitting on the edge of the cliff . Targeted ads , man , London offering the people of Cambridge Analytica ?

my mum prepares the food for dinner after lunch , watches TV , some Indian series these days , catches the beginning of news , closes the TV to prepare the salad and the like . For 6 months , she has heard America is evil , America is invading Membij -a town in Syria- to create a Kurdish Nation State . For the last week , she is hearing America has left Menbij , seperatists are leaving the town . If America was so against A-K-P , to the extent of organizing one outrage after another , as the news were claiming in the last 5 years , why do they leave right now ? She is not a strategist , has no presence on the web and ı really do not think she is following my years long rant that A-K-P is the most important American project on the depopulation of the Middle East . Not even "What did r16 say today?" stuff which is "apparently" a thing in the city ...

the thing is any of the alternatives would be equally amenable to US ; the only candidate out of 6 who promises to close NATO bases in Turkey is long known as a spy of London . Capitalismwise there would be no changes . Potatoes and onions , man , 15 cents a kilo in March , 1.5 dollars in June . Because the West wants to topple A-K-P and stupidly thinks the people would turn against if the food is too expensive . Goverment says it's a conspiracy and prices will fall immediately after the elections when the West learns it can't beat New Turkey ! Why no traitors are arrested for the plot ? Like obviously all the middlemen who drive the prices up are "Muslims" ? ı fancy it's all about the statistics , which show the percentage of fully practising Muslims is in a meteoric fall down the graph ... Yeah , that would be a huge advantage when the Starfleet starts slagging places .

it must be some heartfelt affinity with people who talk in terms like LAST . Means LAik Sünni Türk , a strange mix of Sunni Islam and Secular worldview , the very last stumbling block for the realization of what A-K-P was cleared for by the D.C... The Arabization of the country . Turks are bad , Sunnis are most adaptable to be minions of Riyadh and Dhoha , Seculars are secret Jews and Alevis to be handled in the Arab Spring way , with throats slit . The originator of the concept is some woman with head not covered , because she is supposed to represent the modern face of the country . Married to the famous dude , the representative of Lumpenism of the country . Both are blamed to be Congregation stay behinds , too .

of this last , there must be like millions . Aerial branch of the Army of Petrol just in this week gets its 6th Airbus A-400 . Insists it's known as the Flying Fortress . ı don't know , its one single engine might have more power than the 4 of an average B-17 or what are Atlas and Hercules in mythology or why the spiritual leader of the Congregation named his website as Herkül , but ı know it doesn't have guns on it . PM born in 1954 , so it would be before him , while the spritual leader insists to be born on the day evil tyrant and the founder of evil Republic passed away (thus the sole reason why the Pharoah died) but is more likely to be of 1940 vintage , so plausibly he might have heard about American bombing raids against Germany and Japan . As a child . Getting satisfaction that he has finally acquired such power . Wait , the land branch of the Army of Petrol insists its newly acquired CH-47 Chinooks are Flying Fortresses , too . Yeah , closer , almost as fast as a B-17 and can fire machine guns from the side windows ... Calling on the sea branch of the Army of Petrol to acquire something , now .

so , a setback ? Now that ı had remarked polls showing a well justified disaster for the almost racists ? Ah , turns out they are also valueable . With anxiety on the face of anyone during the brief times last night ı checked TV , wondering would that pass ? Polling companies did a "sterling" job , with people talking about the Brexit kind of setbacks where public opinion prove to be 180° off predictions . One single happy face then , some hostess "questioning" one poll company owner that he had exactly predicted this . You know , he hadn't , let alone continiously "being" an opponent of the Party . People to believe him if he said so ... Pro-Party pundits suggesting the CHP candidate might win local elections in Istanbul and become the next mayor .

now , the standart story is , over the last half decade , that the State News Agency gives utterly high numbers in favour of the Party so that people "guarding" the ballots give up . Every party in the race has a right to have a representative for each ballot box and these people are allowed to follow their boxes . If they give up , the story goes , the officials (naturally assigned by the Party) fix the numbers . The PM was declaring victory at perhaps 30% of the vote entered into the country wide system , while the State News Agency was trumpeting more than 90% of the ballot boxes had been "opened" . It naturally takes a whole night to make it 100% of the boxes , always . In the immediate aftermath of the Referendum of last year , CHP mentioned this and was openly mocked . A full year of assurances that they would not allow this to happen again , too . But don't blame them too much or something as the alternative is Civil War , with Party bigwigs talking of shooting and stuff . But that local Party branches worked harder than ever after their debacle . CHP candidate makes a big rally in the town . PM comes next week and the venue looks unfilled and they delay the rally for 3 hours so that more people might arrive . So , the polls close at 5 PM , counting begins and no results of any sort is expected before 7 . About 6.30 and cars begin going around , honking horns . Without a single poll result . ı know , because ı could hear them in the Hürriyet neighbourhood . Night saw intermittent fireworks to the same end . Leftist journalists begging people to stay first , later to keep their signed documents , because you know , one of these days courts will take a pocket calculator and those "receipts" and overturn a couple of elections ... Doubt they themselves believe that , but America needs this . That there is no hope in the end . So people should roll over and die .

voice of Russia's dawn to morning slot is run by a Leftie kind of guy sacked from a couple of newspapers and a few TV channels by New Turkey . Naturally "abandoned" and "trauma" are two words that come up . Özcan Tezcan (?) of CHP heard twice on the radio , seen once on TV . "NO PASSARAN" twice , "Don't give into provocations" once . Yeah , the TV talk came last . The younger lot of people were ready for it , like without throwing stones , but using cellphones and the like . If the Opposition can't win this one , which one will it win ? While the newspaper , the former pinnacle of Yellow journalism in the country but no longer the pinnacle , is entirely full with election , except two sports pages and two pages of obituries . Has the leader of almost racists on the front page . Who claims the "Turkish Nation" gave them the duty of checks and balances . The younger generation would be in start-ups and the like in a couple of years . The alternative is one is supposed to work with . For Law an Order . In which you , as a 30 odd father of two , can be slapped across the face because Leman considered you decently funny / fit to print .
back to square one . Have long been identified as a su katılmamış salak , a pure , not watered down idiot , which goes a long way to stuff . Hence this opener is about why it happens . The "political analysis" , the what happens is in the second spoiler , those who can't stand me but still interested can go directly down there .

the Office of Naval Intelligence is back at it again . With typical fanfare and failure . And on the entry level awareness that their visualisation of a Fleet Standart 71 Phantom falls short of observed . Nobody can leave home without a FADEC these days : J-79 is whiny and patents protect glorious achievements after 1980s . So nothing threatening there . They imagine a Russian radar , naturally a monkey version of the vanilla Su-35 . Through the friendly Putin whose escapades in Syria are so tolerated with his full commitment against this primary threat , since Petro the Great ; nothing can ever achieve a moniker of Putin the Fool in the primary strategic axis . Possibly , ever , right ?

Spoiler :

yours idiotly was a mere kid when he first ever read the word Stealth . Must be '82 . This science weekly on the newspaper stand just meters away the primary school yours idiotly graduated from . A plane on the cover , "Ghost Planes are coming" , impossibly curved , dorsal intake , two fins . My older brother would carve one out of wood which actually looked more plane like , because the curved down wingtops required a far bigger piece of wood ... Was flown around by yours idiotly until the time ı gave up toys for good . Text read with the barest comprehension . Radar is a danger to planes , studies are at hand for a breakthrough . Paint was an early solution ; Iron Ball on the U-2 and SR-71 , a ferrite something that absorbs radar stuff and doesn't let it return . The Japanese are using the same on their bridges . Yours idiotly utterly confused , will take two decades or something that the country is like coastal and coastal shipping needs radars and bridges (if left untreated) would block everthing around with massive return . Alloy Ball is impossible for America to emulate . Aren't we interstellar by definition ? Ah yeah , as America discovers there is not much of a fear in people that count , about the glorious Kurdish Nation State , now that it won't happen without the full frontal all out battle of zero sum , two will go in and one will certainly come out and the other like hell will not . America comes up with the glorious accounts of Anologus Aerial Vehicles , because the good people of ONI can not bring themselves into the tinfoil hat brigade , with a mention of UFOs . See , 2004 or so the task force around USS Nimitz was mocked by the aliens , yet their stuff was finally tracked by a Hornet FLIR in 2012 . You know , which are really out on the web . All over the web , through there are also more distunguished blogs that discuss the subject deeper to teach us that we (Earthlings in the final analysis) do not have the Warp Drive , are not worthy for alien contact but Americans are and furthermore Americans can even put the pipper on them .

somebody , guy or gal , gotta call them Americans what they are . Being an idiot , am fully entitled to call them what they are .

subpar Hornet on Kurdish protection , dumb Fitter ahead , within gun range , too . '9X misses with light in the sky , Fitter even like outpaces the F-18 so it becomes an '120 , reportedly not even flares . Yours idiotly first knew of the AIM-9X in a Jane's of the 1990s bought secondhand after that 26 days of compulsory service in the year 2000 . Phantom pictured as the seeker sees it , remarkably clear , even if Phantoms are the standart target drones in those days . With hints that it might happen up to 100 kilometers , because we can not possibly improve on the Boron / Zip fuel studies of the 1960s' Americans .

oh why , let me inform of you people on how the Fleet Standart 71 Phantom drives the F-18 design . M-61 , the 20mm Vulcan gun , would be like lethal and on all American fighters it is like off axis . Engineers would understand this , that it is placed like on the wingroots . So that it won't blind the pilot at night , at least according to Bill Gunston , whom ı still take as an authority on many stuffs . F-15 , 16 and so on . F-14 places it in the nose , but predates the 71 Phantom and has a massive radar that should burn through within gun range anyhow . There were to be two Hornets , F-18 for air to air , and APG-65 is big enough to fill the slimmer F-4E nose . And an A-18 , ground attack variant optimised for other priorities . Even if it is to replace A-7 , it would be really a waste if it came up against a 71 Phantom . See , the Hornet gun is right in front of the pilot , so that he can hose the tracers into the evil Turk . In the old fashioned way ! ı am not allowed to "modernise" with the 70 km/sec Nudellman - Richters , in the interests of Chivalry , of which we are not worthy anyhow , but . These being the days of Cyprus being the focal point , with good old Americans even driving Franco nuts with demands that all Merlins be secured . Which was just a little contributor to 1968 movie Battle of Britain .

so , a good portion of people will see all this as filler . Fine , ı have requested a couple of Bf-109 G-64s with Alloy Ball for Nachtkampf . Good enough for the Subpar ?

so for the purposes of discussion we will assume there was no major amount of fraud

Spoiler :

and votes cast as cast . Disregarding whatever the hell that means .

leaves it odd but we are supposed to be without embellishment here , not the why but what of it . We all know Capitalism has massive reach across political borders , across cultures . There would have been no need at all for this election of "hope" . If Alevis form a 20% of the country CHP will have some 25% of the vote , with minimal adjustments up or down . If Kurds form the 20% of the country , the seperatists will have 10% of the vote , rest going for the leading Right Wing party . Some personal competition within the Right and some 10% for the Almost Racists , too with them joining or leaving the "centre" . So a 70 to 30 split of the vote . . Don't question the maths of it , too much . Why , no problems , one doesn't get the benefits of Democracy without accepting vote is the arbiter in the first place .

this country might have already accepted Sharia , declared Caliphate , invaded Andromeda . Or declared a federation with Kurds as these two are the options America accepts . With Pentagon and US State Department having fought a couple of proxy battles through the secular seperatists and moderate Islamists . Vote would have been there .

instead we saw a "kindling" of CHP as a political power . Gandi like march from Ankara to Istanbul being the first step ; it's no accident the town HQ of the Party has this huge poster of the PM walking . Added to the hated Gezi Spirit , in which the masses , ı don't know , sniffed the little traces of fear that people might not be actually fearing . Gulf Arabs , in the true Umeyyad spirit , can not stand anything remotely Turkish . Regularly typical and typically regular "Go and sexually satisfy yourself" attitude vis a vis America leads to the side effect of doubts . Which is utterly below the august levels of those great dudes , though . Their fallout within is much personal , in addition to the contempt for New Turkey's claims of equality , hence for Doha which is supposed to be holding the leash , not encouraging talk . It's this feeling of rottonness inside , that the Saudis will find new leadership within the Party is what created and drove the confused political play of the Party in recent years .

naturally , any first grader in political sciences will laugh at this , if he / she can make tails and heads out if and say political intitutions are like people , that they grow old . Friction leads to Fraction . If this was so , A-K-P would have lost , right ?

afterall we in Turkey have discovered PM is not that great a speaker , as soon as his prompter breaks down . Filmed cursing someone . Opposition claims the tech guy went to the mosque and was not there , so the PM called him a "dangalak" (some fool) and asked how he could without the PM's permission . The Party naturally said it was not so . PM is speaking to some Kurdish "scholars" and one goes to mosque after breaking fast and bodyguards do not want to let him in ; how do you know he didn't pick up a gun line of thought . Just check Al Pacino in the restaurant in the first Godfather . Hence , that dangalak is for the cops , how can they dare ... Actually it would look more like PM questioning the right of a Kurdish "scholar" attending prayers at the mosque without the PM's permission , but Opposition in Turkey is like honest . Everybody knows PM lives in a Palace and blames everybody else with elitism . Of 1154 rooms ı believe . He is getting a summer palace with a minimum of 300 . Every president since Santa Turgut was possibly going to that bay in summer , but none had 30 ,40 or 50 thousand trees cut down . Nor having 120 000 tons of sand shipped from Istanbul so that satellite or drone photos can be taken of the triple crescent shaped beach to be built as decoration . Al Crusading has this amazing documentary of sand shaping of the coasts and the like , with a couple of hints of fun at the expense of Dubai's Palm and World islands ...

poor loves the Party , for Party is of the poor . Hence the remarkable exchange between the PM and Muharrem Ince , the CHP's candidate for the Presidency . Across Bosphorus Santa Süleyman and Santa Turgut had suspension bridges built , as did the PM . A motorist can use the first two for a cost of under 10 liras , which becomes like 100 or 200 for the last . Because the Party allows the construction company "free money" . It's on record some company is inventing traffic fines for drivers who opt to pay instead of 10 months of a court case not to . Hence all truckers readily take the third bridge , which adds an hour to their trip for delivery to Central Istanbul and a claimed 1.5% to inflation for agricultural goods . PM says the project is for the companies and Ince should keep to the cheap ones if he doesn't have the money . That new hospitals are for "clients" , not people needing medical treatment is a further "gaffe" of the PM . A previous election saw the CHP candidate to become the mayor of Bursa talking about his shoes and voters' shoes that might need repairs . In contrast to the A-K-P mayor's bragging about the Municipality airline . A helicopter taxi to Istanbul , for those who could afford it , a couple of pontoon Cessnas , too . Guess for whom the poor voted . Bursa is supposed to be bankrupt , no funds until 2023 , but who cares , there is always the State Treasury .

there seems to be much criticism of a CHP official's tweets on what the poor want . That they keep voting for those who blatantly exploit them . That they might end up with nothing in their fridges , but well , they can always lick their fridges for food . Big debate , for those who have followed . That there were no fridges and ovens in the kitchen in Turkey before A-K-P . ı really seriously try to be unbiased , so it might have a fraction of truth that poorest segments might have benefitted from the money the West pumped into global economy in the aftermath of the 2008 meltdown thing . The Party brags much on how it outperformed the Republic in growth . Naturally 1923-2002 so that wars between 1911-22 , the 1929 crash and WW II can bring the average down . While Opponents use 1947-2002 numbers , Multiparty Democracy and Marshall Aid and the lot and it turns out A-K-P had access to more money . 11 times more on a yearly basis and the growth rate still falls short . Accordingly the PM's claim that before A-K-P , ambulances were pulled by dog teams , will receive a consideration that might be a case of one stuck in snow or mud or whatever and villagers used all sorts of stuff to set it free . Otherwise there is only Masha and the Bear , that loveable cartoon where two wolves live in a typically Russian ambulance . Criticism because the CHP's sails has caught the wind , it will go places but the official's attitude spoils it all . Let me see , through the undoubtedly sparkling performance of Ince . That Ince reached out to all , but has been repeatedly beaten by the Kılıçdaroğlu in party congresses . Ince hugely critical of Kılıçdaroğlu's attempts to reach out to all , including A-K-P voters by becoming "central" , sounding Kemalist Nationalist Leftist . And then naturally utterly spooking A-K-P by doing the exact things he claimed to be death knell for CHP .

which would have not happened at all . Abdullah Gül , the former President , one of the four founders of A-K-P , brother of PM , the expert good cop in deadly synergy with the PM was supposed to be the joint candidate of all the Opposition . Because it requires 50% plus one to win and Opposition needs votes from A-K-P voters and only Gül can do it . He did nothing in a perfect delaying strategy and as soon as America figured no one gave a rat's backside for him , America had the PM's spokesman and the chief of the goverment generals conduct an airborne raid or something . The chief is a pal of Gül , from the same town and their knowledge of the Congregation might be simultaneous as well , so they get a military helicopter and pay a visit . See , he was "real" for PM , a possible contender backed by the Saudis .

the apparent obstacle ? The female leader of the Iyi Party who insisted to run in her own name ? Part of the arching scheme where her party cripples CHP . A goodly portion of the former Center Right has graviated to CHP , as much as the secular elements of the Nationalist movement . America expects the good guys get a good portion and still stay under the "baraj" , that you need to get 10% of the vote to get seats in the Parliament and all of it gets wasted if you can't . Us Turks can not be given referendums all the time , it still needs a Parliament to vote that the Republic of 1923 is officially dead . CHP can't , so CHP can't have seats to stall , so easy if you are ready to look at it in that way . The horror lies in the discovery that MHP can not stand the shock . The almost racists' home , MHP has long suffered at the learned helplessness America feeds to Turkey ; a hope can instantly draw the lessers among the almost racists to the flock of the good guys , 15% or so and let's see how this particular party group in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey can then vote for a federation with the Kurds , with the dear leader of the seperatists a Vice President or something ...

so , changes in the election laws . Almost racists -given cover with a couple victories over the seperatists- ally with the Party , on the basis of one vote counts as two . Of course that would be gross , so the rules foolishly allow the establishment of alliances within the Opposition as well . A certain amount of disbelief in yours idiotly , as CHP pulls the rug under A-K-P like twice every week . Return to the top of this spoiler if necessary ...

this spoiler operates under the assumption that MHP votes were always there , that 10% who have forgiven the PM calling them the likes of dogs , for Afrin and the fight against the treacherous Congregation , but the polling companies either utterly failed to see them or deigned not to . For a purpose .

for the Kurd bashing even backfired , like 0.8% in one single town . You see , America with half a heart , tried to leave the seperatists out of the Parliament . Oppression is a word much used by the Left in Turkey , but the inevitable fight against the seperatists have seen a few of their municipalities taken over by the Goverment and Hearts and Minds requiring services . Apparently has been amazing for the locals to see have their garbage collected regularly , now that seperatist municipalities tend to be covers for logistical support and recruitment offices for "mountain cadres" . Would have been the same in Suruç , some town in the Southeast . Where this fight takes place . We hear seperatists have attacked a group of A-K-P members ; 4 have died . Only named dead person is the brother of an A-K-P candidate . Almost a week is required for general public to learn the other 3 of the dead are not A-K-P members or seperatist gunmen and the like . The Hour of Opposition , mentioned in the previous post , will even refer to a Right Wing guy complaining that he checks BBC to learn what's going on there . See , the 3 are of the same family , seperatist leanings but run a shop and the A-K-P group comes for election work . It appears the shop includes female underwear and has 3 women customers inside or whatever . Wants to enter as well / can't because for a woman to talk to strangers with underwear in hand might reliably get the woman killed by husband is the variant ı have deduced from the radio . Fight begins with fists , escalates to AK-47 for the Party , shotgun for the shop keepers . Brother of the candidate dies there . Father of the shop owners gets killed at the gate of hospital he has arrived to see his sons , meat cleavers are mentioned , can't tell whether he was the one shot 17 times as well . Only son to survive plays dead as his wounded brother on the stretcher gets it full , merely stabbed once for insurance . The ambulance readily runs on flat tyres as the Governor of the province arrives and clears evacuation . Because there is this uproar , now that the A-K-P lot is referred as moneylenders and mob and possibly feodal , and the area is a "swing province" even the PM offers condolonces . Which uniquely in the entire SouthEast and East happens to be place where the seperatist votes increase , that 0.8% .

yeah , CHP put the seperatists and the good guys into the Parliament , majority comes to A-K-P only with almost racists . The leader of which insists they will not join the Goverment and the like . Which essentially means nothing now that the PM will collect the executive power in his lands . As shown by the graphics that shows his office as the big sun and Vice President's or Presidents' as a smaller sun . Around which the satellites go around . As put by Ince , who taught high school Physics . Not because almost racists refuse to be the smaller sun , but America has done great with them as the spare wheel of A-K-P . In use only when strictly necessary .

which could have failed to happen , but to break people stuff must look like real . Amazing numbers of people ready to believe . That there was a momentum , that it would happen this time . So brilliant a campaign that not a single Party newspaper had a first page charge of lies and treason as a reported 2.5 million people came to Ince's Izmir rally . "Everybody" believed his claims that he would have 50 000 lawyers at the general election office . There is this Barış Yarkadaş , now a former CHP MP and it was strangely off-putting as he was phoning the Hour of Opposition special on the election night that he was leaving some nerve center for the election , blocked by a cordon of Police , buses and dump / garbage trucks , there was no one else and The Last Prime Minister's offices were equally fortified . This being a guy who among others nurtured the young generation to believe in the power of the Social Media . It turns out the said generation rapidly formed the idea that either Ince or his wife was abducted , or at least a Colonel of the Army of Petrol had put a gun to his head . The brickhead , a journalist who hasn't still been sacked by the former pinnacle of Yellow Journalism in Turkey took the opportunity to thank Yarkadaş for his co-operation with the media during bouts of laughter at the claims of total Party superiority in places . Çiğli of Izmir specifically named , because apparently 50% of the population is known to be Alevis in the first place . Which doesn't mean that . An Alevi neighbourhood in Rize (the PM's province) produced 16.54% of vote and it might have been more , but Ince's mother also hails from Rize. Areas around it of course poll 90% and more , that's why the mayor of the location declares that neighbourhood will be last to have a new road built .

see , nobody says there weren't millions of MHP voters , one merely says the young generation wouldn't be broken or whatever as it all followed the pattern . Absurdly silly claims of it's already over , with a "tradition" of the "horse thief already across Bosphorus" , steeled with claims that it wouldn't do this time and Ince , instead of leading , well , 50 lawyers and the like to death if necessary , talking at the election office , where he promised to be . Through the the month of campaigning , yet on the day he is nowhere to be seen . Actually texts a journalist pal that he lost . Ah well , we immediately see there is trouble in CHP and there should be a congress and leadership must be changed and Ince doesn't want to be seen admitting defeat . Which he exactly did on the next day , so that the Party media could salute him . There will be no salutations from the Party Media if he wins the Congress , even if this happens to be the 4th General Elections Kılıçdaroğlu lost anyhow . Making 9 with local elections and referandums . Ince lost his village to PM , which is far better than the old school Islamist's case : There were 2 votes for him from the ballot box in which he voted with his wife .

and gotta see , Turks are racially stupid . The young generation saw the Party stuttering while a promising even younger generation is on the way to replace it for the eternity . Overhearing some 10 year old expressing surprise at how could Ince perform so well against the PM , you know , PM being a world leader and the like unsaid , for there is no need for that . Back to square one indeed , a transitional danger that needs to be lulled and perhaps Putin will die of old age and his replacement will let Muslim Conquest of Syria happen and we will all convert to Ihvan . Because there are enough seats to vote the Republic down . As such , the glorious candidate 6 , the expected British Spy , who collected 100K + signatures to run and received 77K votes out 40 or 50 millions something , who practically ran against CHP claiming that extra 30K were patriots and not CHP members who did it , to kinda impress the younger generation to say the least . Was surfing TV channels when ı caught him saying his party faithful were the best educated and the most loyal of the country , so they should be employed in the re-education of the captured Congregation people . How do you hear , London ? The seperatists are back to 2105 June , a lot of CHP families reportedly saw a member voting "Kurdish" to deny that 400 seats that might have gone to the Party . Say they will cater to their new voters , so that perhaps they will be able to pull CHP down below the 10% limit , one of these days .

checks and balances and almost racists suddenly being coy or whatever with their new found power , might lead to trouble , so elections in maybe 2 years . No doubt with assurances of no fraud this time . Like the last time .

especially when it turns out 1 million votes each declared null and void in Presidential and Parliamentary elections and votes used abroad cut have cut the percentage of Iyi Party from 11 something to 9.89% , its 40 odd MPs having their seats only thanks to their alliance , and 30 of them might have gone to A-K-P . And Ince declares no fraud , because he needs Party media of A-K-P to troll entire CHP so that he can win the next party congress .

end of post , time for a check . Does this sound halfway real or something ? Any Hornet pilot will believe every single word of it , as soon as he/she survives the encounter with a Fleet Standart 71 Phantom .

shortest version : "If" no fraud , the people who might campaign for the Republic still have huge ineptitude , to say the very least . "Resistance is Futile!" is the motto , even if am myself supposed to be the soulless automaton . Beware that no Mr. Data here , for ı might make you eat your keyboard ? And economics are already at play , with a price tag of 325 billion US dollars for New Turkey's projects up to 2023 . Some loser country like Germany might have realised it with 125 , with full contractor satisfaction - so this allows people some allowance for a little math . To demolish nationalistic idiots like me . Turns out each dead seperatist is like 50 million US dollars worth of "free money" from New Turkey ? Certainly beats 50 Cents , the guy having being around for decades and getting his name from the bullet he was once wounded with . We Turks would be worth a dollar of a bullet , after the vote is finally resolved in the way West wants ?

(these take a long time to write , sorry for the consecutive posting)
Thanks for the ride. I know you have been around for a while, but I've always liked the flow of thought form of your posts. They are like a form of poetry.
thanks . Even if ı should have foreseen there might have been a post ; ı become a mild troll of a sorts with so much consequtive posting .

so Ince's bid for takeover by A-K-P support stalls by Wednesday evening . We see a couple of cellphone takes of one man voting for the entire ballot box , CHP admission that they either didn't cover 50 000 out 190 000 boxes in the country or couldn't receive info on time . This despite their 5 years of organizing independent observation of vote counting , and the entire cyber warfare capacity of the country would be arrayed against them , by Party control , like the last time . Left Wing journalists after decade of ranting against Right Wing journalists for political "activism" , all jump on the wagon of Ince , to see America not playing . ı know America is yellow , but as the saying -made famous by Leman- goes in the jungle they say Phantom has the power of 10 tigers . This Phantom is the guy that was played by Billy Zane by the way and not like real . And now that 50 F-5s can not beat an USAF F-15 anyhow , let alone half a 22 , well ı don't know ... With Ince out of game , it's back to situation normal so Party accuses Main Opposition of treason by bringing the seperatists into the Parliament and bans them from funerals of soldiers and all forms of security personnel killed by the seperatists . Covered by seperatists executing an A-K-P member for the visual coverage .

also leads to a different tone from the Voice of Russia . After reporting the tiniest bit about fraud for years , they follow Ince line that there wasn't . Who says that's a sign of people being "şizofren" . (ı have so much trouble spelling the English form .) Have a guest that insists the Party was innocent of Congregation but they were forced into co-operation after evil Kemalist coup plotters . Just like the peace process (which also means dissolution in Turkish) would have worked and seperatists would be cancelled as a threat , but for the Arab Spring . Poll company owner mentioned above for some reason feels he has been exposed or something and fires a final shot . That he knew the PM would win , as much as ı and the rest of the country did but he was afraid of the CHP making an adverse reaction ... This after smoking on a plane and ranting A-K-P was using the State to humiliate him by bringing in the airport police , like because he was for the Opposition . Potato prices are down to 2 liras says the Goverment , after "importing" 4 thousand tons from newly conquered Syria , TV says the price is 5 and Leftwing newspapers says Party had allowed 400 thousand tons to rot in March . Nothing interesting at all , typical ... Today's newspaper says there is a 30% that always votes for A-K-P which possibly can not be inspired by stuff people might have read somewhere , now that the other 30 percent's two thirds are Alevis who wouldn't want to be become Arabs . Despite the 7 years of war in Syria has created favourable conditions for feeling the same and thus Arabization , which is a fact aired like 2 years back ... But the best must be the environmental rant . Ergene , some river or stream is the most polluted in the world and its "recycled" waters will be pumped into the depths of Marmara . Starting this year . The project might kill entire marine life within 7 months . So , one should stop opposing the Party canal between Blacksea and Marmara , because there will be no marine life left in Marmara to be killed by the canal . 65 billions of US dollars is good Money .

edit: July 2, 2018

Spoiler :

starts with a stuff from Spacecadet thread : There's a guy who has gone there twice with Ellen Ripley of the Alien .

first time as a duffelbag , second time as a coat hanger . You see , Ramirez is a joke . With some history , no one but r16 will be talkin' about ; on the basis of it's there but don't bet money on it . People have seen The Right Stuff ? Many many years ago ı did , but am pretty sure there is a segment where this Anglo candidate for astronaut training wets himself at a TV show . With some Mexican immigrant that becomes even a spaceman , with a fishbowl , the thing you put on your table with your pet fish in it . Yours ididotly can barely remember the Mexican being somewhat flighty . So Ramirez is an upgrade , one that goes up there but still a coward . With attendant awfulness which wouldn't have withstood the transforming America of 1970s , you know , respect required for those who are not White males with thick check books . So , the only one am allowed to hear is the First Contact . ı think with the Venusians . Ramirez pays very close attention to discover which one is the female , then goes and grabs "her" , because that's the Earthen way of showing respect . At its height Ramirez retires from astronaut corps , just like everybody going into Wall Street and establishes Peon Aeronautics , as far as ı understood the spoken word . Not sure the P word would make the muster in CFC . If snipped for offensiveness , the dictionary says it's used in Latin America as an almost slave worker . Anyhow , then Bush the First becomes the President and a daughter-in-law is a Mexican and Cheney lays down the law . All Ramirez jokes end . So ? Why , typical of "New" everywhere . Which is bold and brave and bigger than all , never minding better . Is this Wilmore a multi millionaire contractor as well ? If not , he is talking above his pay grade , because it would generally be shareholders and execs of TOP 500 in the Fortune lists of the 1980s who regaled each other with such stuff .

thus ends space talk hence begins the rant .

yours idiotly is like on a binge of getting irritated and stuff . For some stuntwoman who wasn't here for me , with me , no me and people are actually laughing at me for "sleeping" with whom they take to be in Hollywood . Which is not an achievement , now that even those people are people like every other people , but as a simple example of selectiveness of people in taking whatever suits . You can simply trust this city to lead the laughter in the most unlikely case if ı appeared on the "Red Carpet" anywhere , anytime and pick every word ı say or don't .

exactly why New Turkey will keep winning the next 50 elections and still get ready for the next , with Yellow America failing to press on for the result . And keep demanding A-K-P to achieve , without actual American boots ending up in ankle deep blood , residue of bayonet fighting . This is the "New" , decades of work in universities and think tanks supposed to make it work "this" time . Which is the same everywhere . So , nobody fears Cheney these days , while Trump who would be cowering with trepidition in presence of Cheney the Veep , thinks he rules the world , much like he always did . Yours idiotly like point blank implies , on the appearance of it , Muharrem Ince "sold" the election ... Why are people happy ? Because Ince "proves" to be even more "dishonourable" than they imagined . Anyone who stands against New Turkey is "dishonourable" and these people deny the accolade of "friend" to a guy that "conspiracywise" was "their best weapon" in the end , because they are the bestestly bestest . Their mighty wallet can buy anyone , they will believe but never tell us who are not worthy .

harsh words and stuff , but kinda why Ince will never get 30 million votes in the next election , doubling the 15 he took in this one . Boring , truly boring , but America keeps demanding more of the same . The Republic was to be shown to be dead , which needs a repetitious background on why Christian Fundamentalism hates us Turks / votes can be won by the A-K-P only by insulting the rest of the country / which leads the rest of the country to be anti-A-K-P / which keeps the vote barely above 50% . No American can come to Turks and wave the newpapers in the face of Turks that the country no longer wants to be Turkish and not get laughed in his face . The only change in this one is the self destruction of the CHP narrative about fraud . A good thing that ı do not watch politics with "intent" , because apparently Ince appeared on TV without a pin of Turkish flag , which signaled to the web that he wouldn't contest , because that was the only single time he didn't have that pin . He says that's stupid because he spilled some ayran and had to change and he forgot the pin . Ayran is watered down yogurt , real nice but makes a mess at times .

bülent Tezcan , the CHP official , has to follow the same narrative . That it was a mistake , that they expected and early numbers gave them hope , but numbers match official results and no vote theft in this one . Now that it would simply break CHP into 2 , with Ince in the forefront and going that way . We Turks were to roll over and die during Ergenekon , because Congregation brought down the laughable and now dead Turkish Armed Forces and not one of them could even talk against the Congregation . We Turks were to roll over and die with the Congregation's fall , you know , as if we Turks were Congregation . We Turks were to roll over and die in the Referandum , with the public accepting the end of the Republic of 1923 , despite the talk that not one of them will accept that it means the demise the Turkish Flag , because they wave the same most energically , because the Party needs it forgotten that they were talking against the same when they were brothers with the seperatists . Much irritating for America that it gets laughed at . So , we get a most uncharacteristic CHP campaigning for eagles eat turtles by carrying them to drop them on rocks to smash the thing . We Turks given hope , then smashed . With Ince refusing to fight , not that he would win , but he said he would fight . So that the web could talk of the disappearing ink the numbers were entered with . On official documentation . Flying off in hours so that New numbers could then become official . Man , if we do have Starships , do we really leave for Mars , now that your friends keep winning and "our" "friends" keep losing ? Come and take , whatever you want , if it is not big a hassle , am not right ?

it's an idiotic game . Opposition , all told made something like 48% . Party TV will have a two hours debate on why CHP can never reach out to more than 35% of the population ... 25 they took themselves and 10 of the seperatists . Because we Turks hate Kurds and must accept CHP is not the party Atatürk established . When Ince took his headscarved mother and headscarved sister to a rally , hurting Party narrative that he would ban headscarves in case he won , Party accused Ince of using religion in politics , betraying Secularism . Trust me this is not the Onion . And that CHP works with the seperatists . When some drone strike kills a group of civilians , seperatists push the story that they were executed in cold blood , CHP MP brings it into focus , seperatists then declare the guys were fools , making a picnic in a fire-zone , their armed people warned them to leave (but still ate the civilians' food) and left , you know , during data collection / "targeting" and before the strike , respectively . All the while the Party Media has an orgy on efficient killing with drones . In case you don't know , made by the son-in-law of the PM . In the same sentence that the West do not like this glorious advance and carry out sabotages by not delivering special glass and stuff , from Canada of all places . Victims of Ergenekon conspiracies then come forward and tell CHP is wrong , because drones save lives . Pray tell why they didn't do it themselves ? CHP guy says lack of control in firing (at least as the beginning for achieve "Peace") , everybody else shouts CHP is against protecting the life of the Turkish soldier .

oh-kay , it helps the glorious cause , proving everybody is for everybody and nothing fails . But the New should have established itself already , an unbreakable hold on stuff , every person for the New knows they will always win , without fail . They won the election . No problem , but then why the gunfire ? Tiny military garrison within a kilometer from the house , gunfire on 5 nights of every week . But big stuff , TVs show "celebrations" . Which might have gone very wrong if some CHP lawyers appeared in front of some office and opposed the official results . With the Interior Minister assuring the Party Faithful before the election that the Opposition are cowards and will run from a toy gun . New Turkey's police then goes and investigates 4 out of thousands ; because America wants to convince that it respects the notion that bullet and ballot should not mix . Almost racists hand in hand with A-K-P and checks and balances on the other hand , instead of clapping and saying "bravo" to the Interior Minister who bans Main Opposition from martyrs' funerals , they say it won't do ; because Russia reminds Kemalists once handily defeated Sultan's best and there is a solid two or 3 decades of this narrative , you know for a reason , that Vahdettin was the puppetmaster of Kemal but evilly betrayed in the end . Even a most annoying Liberal gets released from the prison where he was set to rot for life , despite a court very publicly defying the Supreme Court of the country and refusing to release him , because the PM told courts -for prime time TV bulletins- that those sent to prison "unjustly" would remain there . In case they won in the European Human Rights Court , the State would then pay the compensation , no concern of the courts themselves . Because Germany needs it , New Turkey is good but Germany doesn't want that said in the open . The only thing to ponder then becomes the amazing idea that Merkel seems to be the authority who decides who rots in Turkish prison . In one celebrated case , in one morning prison officials told a Turkish journalist with German passport that he was refused by the courts and would remain in . And in the evening they let him go , because the bizjet sent by Merkel was waiting in the airport and the German Consul had cut his vacation short . And the Swedish Minister for Sport dons the uniform of a Turkish player in the Swedish national team for the World Cup . Apparently caused a penalty that cost Sweden a bit and it's totally true that ı think that she wouldn't bother if the guy did not have like 20 centimeters of beard . Not that beard makes much of a difference , much laughter and stuff in New Turkey for the two in the German team had a photo-op with the PM and verbally attacked by the Nazis and that's why they were demoralized and now Merkel will not be able to bribe the Brazilians for a repeat of the 5-0 .

though even ı myself am a loss to make sense of Afghan soldiers in Turkey . Army of Petrol could readily waste Ince "conspiracywise" so why should the former be in the same place with Ince ? Protecting him ? Which is obviously part and parcel of the same move where anyone opposing New Turkey must be proven to be an idiot , by association if all fails . Nothing would have happened , if the CHP had managed a clear media presence . They naturally claim that was "inexperience" .

cult of personality affairs keep on with full throttle , the woman who walked barefoot to the polling station gets an invite to PM's palace ; she might not have shoes but she would support the guys who are the sole reason why she has a TV , fridge , oven and whatever . We learn evil seperatists have arrested 17 family full of Syrian refugees who went back for holidays , evil "Şebbiha" or evil Esad's evil militias have grabbed 3 , for the victims have the picture of the PM on their smartphones and the like . The finest of the Party Media discovers the March of Izmir , which was solely sung to insuult the PM was stolen from Kafkas March . As if yours idiotly was but just the only person in country that it was adapted from the latter in 1922 or so . As if it was not in the music text book when yours idiotly was in the 7th or 8th grade . So , let's hear the original from the Party media , with Moskof on the run in 1918 . Putin would not say a thing , how can he dare ?

this thread could have been livelier , with how Greece would obviously "liberate" Asia Minor , one of these days , with such "opposition" . But alas , things run in a more orderly way there , the Wêst demands and the West gets . With this lovely peace-making between two diametrically opposed Greek posters . They have their Mecadonia thing , one charges the other lives in Atina and knows nothing about the issues and the other asks whether they are digging trenches in Selanik ... Went to the extent of web searches , because this guy keeps insisting that NATO allowed Turkey to invade Greece in 1987 and their Slavic brothers , namely the Bulgarians put up 3000 tanks within sight of Edirne and Ankara stopped . Oh , you know , this is how ı must be looking to people , with the guy now insisting his "opinion" is now being distributed to Greek officers . Greeks now say New Turkey is coolly and gloriously encircling them with bases in Albania , you know , so that Starfleet might fall in love or something . So . Serbians , Greeks , Bulgarians and even the evil loser Macedons have allied and are actively getting ready for the Third Balkan War . ı actually searched for the previous draft on that subject and 1983 numbers add up to 1360 , tank being a tracked vehicle with a gun of 75 milimeters and bigger . For a financially dissolving system , them Commies have done great and the 1989 number for Bulgaria is 2550 . Wikipedia , man . Wait , some book says Sofia received 430 T-72s , 60 of them already present in 83 ? Makes 1730 and ı really don't see Moscow dumping another 800 T-55s in the name of Slavic Unity . Guess what , a full up Soviet tank division was supposed to have 330 tanks , while a motor rifle would have 270 . Of the latter Bulgarians had 8 , but were Bulgarians ever full up during the Cold War ? Still not bad , more than 200 tanks per division ... ı will readily grant they had 2550 AFVs as in tanks and BMPs and Shilkas . Don't know why the hate exists , now that there is no reason for Ankara to demand the islands (it gave away) back . Or was this another American inspired CHP failure ?

actually , the Congregation had construction companies - naturally . And just as naturally they are now bankrupt . Goverment naturally refuses to complete the projects and it falls to a German company . Which is GIVEN an island in the Aegean , as payment , will do houses for retired Germans ...

am so accommodating a person . Awright , a F-16 day , one day island special , pre-warning to evacuate Averoff the museum , only Phantoms engaging inside legal borders of Greece and not all of them Fleet Standart 71s ; (all weapon impacts within the said will originate from Phantoms , with the qualification that helicopters and tiltrotors do not count) . In addition to all that all operational axes will be East to West with no pincers coming from "North" , like Bulgaria and certainly no nothing from Albania . Will land amphibiously there , because ı can . Can arrange the majority of engagements to happen in the afternoon so that the glare of the sun would be available as an asset , too . And as a bonus , no Battlefield Aerial Interdiction , so that no trucks nor tanks coming in from Serbia be bombed . But can't allow a retreat upto Berlin , the highways needed clear to give them some blitz , you know . How's that ?
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ı have perhaps matured over the years ; far less use of the refrain of "Why, my God, why?" . People have lost more than whatever of mine and in the deepest of depressions ı had the belief that it would end one day , however be delayed it may . Alas , it also turns out true that being "impressive" is heavy . When everybody laughs at you you pick up some march or whatever from your extremely limited repertoire and keep going no matter what ... come hell or highwater . Being impressive leads people to be impressed , at times in unexpected ways , which then brings in the Fear of God , for they might get themselves in trouble . Even with the simplest question of how ı could have "foreseen" it . Which then requires a forceful answer ı didn't . That rain would "kill" again , 24 this time :

Spoiler :

or the Last Prime Minister's stint in the Goverment would start as the Transportion Minister in 2004 with a train accident that killed 41 and would end with this one . The first happened after the glorious experts decided New Turkey needed faster train speeds and duly increased them , without the attendant improvements on the rails and the like . In Europe trains were fast ; "Muslims" were no longer the second class people kept under the Kemalist yoke . When the train rolled over , naturally it was the fault of the Bulgarian spies , those two train drivers who had emigrated here in the deportations of 1989 . No Bulgarian spy has afterwards managed to roll over a train . Can't tell whether it's roads upgraded or the glorious counter-espionage by the glorious so called national intelligence service . 2004 one was in Asia Minor , this in Thrace , like proof that New Turkey does not differentiate between people or something . And it adds a distraction to the last act of the Last Prime Minister as the Regime of the country is officially changed . Convincing some guy not to jump off the Bosphorus Bridge , ending his life . The Last Prime Minister to become the Speaker of the Parliament , because America needs time for the gas chambers , you know , Barack spineless jerk Hussein wasting two Presidential terms and Trump is BS2 (squared) or BSS in the ever polite r16 way . Hence the Last Prime Minister proves his human qualities by saving the guy , even if the last time this happened and the PM saved a guy on the same bridge , the saved had turned out to be a Party activist whom you would expect to expect Eternal Hellfire for taking his own life .

the interest of New Turkey in rail has been another surprise . In Turkey the Right has never loved the communist railroads and always invested in the democratic highways is how yours idiotly grew up , it being the narrative of the entire Left , and practically never challenged by the Right . Well , ı couldn't have known that the entire A-K-P would turn out to be a coalition of construction companies , right ? Wherever there is money to be made , New Turkey is there ...

so , as far as ı can grasp , the route of the accident was from 1900s or something and upgraded by 2002 , so obviously before the Party took over . The soil in the area is "fluid" , not only turns into a sea of mud but moves around as well . 50 minutes of heavy rain , some tunnel or whatever can not take the water , bursts and the water flow takes the soil with it . Creating a gap under a segment of rails . When the train hits it , the train gets some vibration and the like . Back in the days when ı had a train set , ı always hated it when my older brother showed up and took my rails laying firmly on the carpet and put them up some books to replicate hills and the like . My nice loco , two passenger cars , one goods car and one petrol tank invariably ended off track . (Though ı myself tended to strafe them in my 1/72 Spitfire . Plastik Model brand and you really have to be a modeller to know how legendarily bad a model that was . Dropping marbles as bombs , too . Electric locomotive taken off the set as it looked 1960s or 80s rather than 1945 at the latest , and replaced by the goods car as a steam stuff , moved all around by hand .)

so on Sunday night the TV screen is red all over , 10 dead , some wounded people , the train had 190 people on board . Goverment has banned media discussion , but of course the whole media is discussing it . In Goverment terms , you know . If you are some leftie channel , you really know you will be closed down for 10 days , for the slightest mention that the accident has taken place in broad daylight and the State readily knows there are more than 300 people onboard now that these people all buy tickets and practically all of them are wounded and 190 are those who will occupy an hospital bed for the night , for observation on the minimum . New Turkey knows this is how it is done . Anything that might cause a political fallout -however small- is put on the back burner and you learn it afterwards , as soon as there is something else as the headline . Amazingly they lift the ban in hours , not because of the typical leftie ranting on Social Media , because Monday is the big day , the one when the PM is sworn in . Lefties would call for mourning , right ?

the New Turkey is known for the creative ways of mourning in the last decade , not a single "Day" of the Republic could be "celebrated" without some canard . The seperatists would ambush a military unit killing 10 and some reception would be cancelled . There was one Armed Forces Day or two where jets were kept off the parade , because Abdullah Gül's ears hurt and he had some operation and there was no need for too much noise . This guy is the Turkish branch of George Clooney , for his similar looks and expert player of the Good Cop and the previous President . On one October 29th or November 10th , hundreds of thousands of people wanted to visit Anıtkabir , where Kemal rests and cops would street battle 'em and New Turkey must always look super tough . The American Colonial Governor in Ankara considered it risky ... It fell Gül to let people in . There was to be no mourning on Monday , even if the celebrations were a bit muted .

yes , there were those who claimed the entire accident was organized to make New Turkey cancel the Great Day . And yes , a five or six months old girl was among the dead , one of 4 her father buried that day , her mother and cousins , ı believe . One was teenager who had taken a train for the first time in her life . And yes , not a single drop of rain in Ankara . And really yes , ı wanted to punch the TV presenter on the face . Who showed a plastic sheet thrown on a chair , proving New Turkey was ready for the rain . As if "Muslims" had not taken out some taxpayer money with a motorised tent or whatever to cover the entire garden . Even if one such collapsed under heavy snow in Istanbul and killed 5 or 6 prayers this winter or something . Yeah , plastic sheets for 22 heads of State , one of them Beşir of Sudan . Who had his Ambrassador or something writing diplomatic stuff on a November 10 with the silly parka hood kept on his head , because it was cold , because Kemalists would be shown to be insulted with it , because West needed to stop Chinese expansion in Africa and Sudan was thus important as in must-be-respected-in-humanly-gaffes , because America would rot those America didn't even know from the inside . And yes , am on compulsory reading these days , to make sure Hubris of the Wilhelmine Germany has not seeped in . Can't instantly vaporize , for Fear of God = must give a chance and yes , ı really can't replicate the spectacle of cobblers on a horsewagon non-stop repairing shoes of troops riding on the boards as the 9 Armoured "parades" through Bruxelles , but if they have nothing else to do , ı have been promised all the Dicke Bertha batteries .

train accidents can happen . Bidding to make a wall or whatever for the water tunnel responsible cancelled in June , for reasons unknown . Am yet to run trains for real , but am amenable to a view that there wasn't money for that wall . Goverment Minister naturally says it's an act of God and you are surprised , aren't you ? Record rains never encountered before . Which regularly happen every 7 years if you ask Leftie Metereologists . Leftie engineers experienced with rail say soil laid under the rails on a "fluid" area is utterly wrong and would have never passed the muster . Even in the utterly feeble Republic of 1923 , which might have run trains in the same exact place for 50 years and accordingly facing the same risk like 6 or 7 times on the minimum . 50 years ago , because nothing of the sort had ever happened before and the like , soil was similarly swept away by the once in 7 year rains . And we would have really heard it already , if a train had turned over there before , right ? But we have heard (from the Leftists naturally) that the evil Republic of 1923 had 60 000 people to run its trains and New Turkey is like 3 times better with employing 23 000 for more output and stuff . Even if the shortfall is covered by contractors who work on naturally minimal wages and soil is like free . Walkers are dwindling in number , we are told , retiring and not replaced , these being the guys who walk 15 kilometers everyday and check the rails down to nuts and bolts . But then who cares ? What's the guarantee that one would be walking on the day to discover the soil had flowed away ? The Goverment Minister has said the rails were inspected last April and nothing out of the ordinary was found afterall .

the PM indeed went to Anıtkabir . America , man , insists on respect to Kemal . Here , ı was totally surprised . That "Muslim" carpet people have omitted that kilometer long stretch of stones . Puddles in place , PM's bodyguard holding his arm while climbing the stairs . Everything is light blue , carpets and the like , changed from red in the days seperatists were our brothers . Every dignitary in the world walks on Red , except on Eire and ı should avoid the ire of the Irish with some flippant remark on whether they ever know anything , like obviously . Accordingly that hue of Blue was declared the Turkish Blue so that even the seperatists MPs could walk on the Turkish colours . As America hesitant to order the removal of the Red and White Star and Crescent , despite they have no single person who has survived facing it as the warbanner and like what a silly sentence this is . Yesterday morning ı saw a Leftie claiming the flag will be replaced by the same design but blue hue , as trialled by the Little Imperialist . The Leftie is wrong , The "Turkoman" will fall simultaneously with the "Turkish" one , like when America says so . Little Imperialist claims Türkmen roots and would have become the Party leader after a couple of months if the Congregation had killed or humiliated the PM in the Disgrace of July 15th ; hence America says nothing when his portraits in the now powerless Parliament are very visibly thrown out as thrash .

almost racists needed , so that they can kill Commies and Jews and all sorts of traitors , despite like the 10 millionth web release that F-35s will knock-out F-16s as if swatting flies . They need the flag around for the duration , so that they can be channelled to kill the enemies of the flag ; this is a game where everyone thinks it certain to be the last man standing . Hence the PM even finds time to inspect a Presidential limousine that was museumized in two and half years , one of those long nosed 30's cars that came in Black .

why , PM's limo is much cooler , covered so thick by roses and carnations . Because people love him and the like . The expert who shames all experts , that ardent hater of Romans , was probably the inventor of the scheme , because Roman Ceasars rode in chariots covered with branches of daphne or whatever , after their conquests . Arguments not much heated that the ceremony was a mix of modern and old . Because Eyüpsultan or Fatih are mosques in Istanbul and the PM's "House of the Nation" is in Ankara , it obviously couldn't been a full Ottoman ceremony . The newspaper assures us Mozart was in the playlist , next to Mehter . This played as the PM inspected the famous "Showercabinetsons" , 12 or 16 guys dressed in various claimed clothes of old Turkish Sultanates . Once again 1 Lira coin of new design . Carries the picture of the Palace as the head , the tail carries the PM's signature . Seems not gold like from the picture but more of dark grey or what . Never ever into Numismatics but the museum had a display cabinet or two full of early Ottoman coins , expect it to look similar . People on Social Media regard it as a "Declaration of Independence" and like ı won't claim to be the first . Amazingly the Will of the Nation has finally taken over , if you ask the Party Media . Despite they have been truly saying the last for a decade whenever the Party won an election .

still no Padme on Yootoob . In Coruscant observing how the Republic dies , with a thunderous applause .

the Party once again promising to be for the 81 millions . Like it said after every public vote in the 16 years it has since taken over . Political commentators expect the PM stop the "Politics of Division" after he has reached his goals . In which he calls everybody else a traitor and any talkback is proof that anyone who talks back is a traitor . The same political commentators no doubt said the exact same thing with the same exact words after November 2015 , on the minimum . Leading to which the Party claims to have killed 15 000 Kurds . We are told fear is a big thing with the Party Faithful . These are people who are ready to fight Russians after the Little Imperialist and the PM exchange cold glances and rather more to claim personal victory as Congregation shoots down the Russian jet . These are people who are ready to fight America and Israel and EU and Germany and China and Burkina Faso and Patagonia if the party hasn't done anything heroic during the week . But they fear CHP will win and ban the headscarves . Hence the amazing stuff that stunned yours idiotly . Anytime "Oppositions" have political rallies they say 100 000 people came and the Police says anywhere between 10 to 20 000 . Any trouble with A-K-P rallies never reported -as you are most unsurprised to hear . Why , CHP had 2.5 millions in İzmir and 5 in Ankara and possibly another 5 in Istanbul . Oh , every A-K-P voter rallied to the cause , 'cause Ince , with his mother and sister headscarved , will ban headscarves .

and turn the mosques into barns . Because the last doesn't mean much these days , now that there must be 50 million people in the country who has never rode a donkey to know barns reek of urine , it was recently discovered the evil Kemalists had turned mosques into brothels during their evil rule . The academician who claimed that obviously still holds his post , even if it is proven to be a lie , it's Freedom of Speech , man .

naturally traitors and the like have no right to the said . Back in 2004 , some cover of a caricature weekly , the PM says it's an insult , the court rules Freedom of Speech . One university in Ankara , where the burning of the car of the American Ambrassador's in the 60s is a cherished memory . Some graduates carry a banner of the image , 3 or 5 immediately arrested . Said Wilhelmine ? Why , some chapter in some book examines the rise of the "Super" Patriots in Germany . Who are basically a bunch of industrialists and their paid jackals who think they need a war for increased profits and man , ain't Wilhelm credible ? Could have indeed be exactly the same , if born with same handicap . Namely a burning desire to be liked , which is not helped by what would have been ordinary human failings . Yet , still aware of limitations . Badly wants Moltke the Younger to become his top commander , who is of similar awareness of lack . General wants to avoid the huge responsibility , the Kaiser wants someone that will stop him from doing something stupid . Instead of some Prussian that will blindly obey outside and call him stupid in the inside . Moltke demands one thing : The Kaiser stops winning every Army exercise with a cavalry charge -might not have happened in other places ... So , the war comes and the profits are good and Super patriots are in hand with their supposed archenemies , the workers . Le`se-majeste , which ı take to be insulting the Sovereign , the biggest crime in royalty stuff ? This ain't 2004 . Instead , a brave new order which suits everybody with no laws , no checks , no nothings ; the Party loves hinting that it follows Nazis' rise but ı believe has never paid much attention to history in a real sense . That helping people to become a joke helps extremists a lot , superpatriots birthing Nazis and Ludendorff , the designated Diktator of Germany , incensed at damn stupid Kemalists have handled Britain roughly , leads them all to a couple of beers . If it's so easy , why he is denied his place under the Sun ? Still , Willie was better off compared to cousin Nickie , right ? But for the Commies , that entire rich class would swing in the wind , for all the carnage that ruined Colonial Europe . Political analysts suggest Nationalism is on the rise , and of course so many Iyi Party MPs raced to kiss the hand of the almost racists' leader . The guy had called them traitors , Congregation members , whatever passes as insult in semi-polite Turkish . Almost racists actually stabbed Iyi Party activists and all that ...

or maybe not . . Le`se-majeste example that keeps to my mind is that a superpatriot writes a book under an alias because even the title is a crime : "If I were the Kaiser" ... Maybe it involves God given rights of Hohenzollerns from the 11th or 13th Century or maybe considering oneself as an equal by imagining that he could stuff as much as the Kaiser ? But then Opposition mocks much those Party speeches that declare the Opposition is involved in criminal activities by making propaganda to win the elections . Given by a former Justice Minister no less and this ain't no joke , happened for real .

oh , we know America needs convincing people it's hopeless , right ?

so we once again hear the CHP's election system was a marvel of the times , costing 7 million liras , coming with AI to sniff regular State vote fraud with ever present slip of numbers up and down at each level . Ince "sold" the election is one thing , the other is that CHP closed down the system . Some error , because the system starts reporting some other party numbers , instead of the vote theft against CHP . The so called Nationalist vote can reach 20% , now that the 2 parties of the kind totalled 21% in this one , right ? Because that was something , we immediately learned the system cost but 58 000 liras . Because that wasn't enough in itself , CHP proved the cost by showing the receipts and it turned out the company (or whatever that did the system) didn't have a printer , because the receipts were hand written , reportedly with poor calligraphy that would have befitted the purchase of a truckload of onions , potatos or watermelons . There are a lot who say there was no fraud , because America walks that way and the Last Prime Minister explained why the PM was nowhere to be seen , almost until the CHP pulled the plug on the AI . Some kid with parents supporting the PM gets his foot hurt by the automated gate of PM's Istanbul residence and PM is almost in tears , planning to visit the kid in hospital .

and yeah another mystery is solved , too . PM calls on Party to be vigilant , which is interpreted as an open order to steal the ballot boxes . Recorded on a cell phone , while the PM really says this particular speech should not be recorded with cell phones . And cast all over the facepoke through the known account of a Party official . That the Party official , a most trusted man , would turn out be Congregation would not surprise me . Agricultural "Secretary" put in charge by the PM : Son of a famous Right wing politician , brother of an university dean jailed for Congregation membership . While two officers were arrested , with one calling the other on a public payphone . Being trailed Congregation uses them a lot for anynominity . The better thing is the two were previously arrested by the Congregation as Kemalist coup plotters and one was released before the other and the other called the first for assistance , now we are like poor in Turkey and can not provide cell phones to prisons ... And no doubt like 10 years back , when Congregation had not started using pay-phones ... Yeah , totally wrong in that it cost 2% or so to the CHP , with people believing the seperatists were in danger of remaining under 10% and mind you , the seperatists didn't thank those CHP voters , because they were safe anyhow ...

ah , even the chief of goverment generals becomes a Goverment Minister , "Secretary" for Defence . Cool , next time he comes to town the tiny garrison will not laugh at me , with a million attendants for each Party bigshot . Average zoo trip involves yours idiotly clearly laughed at , and yours idiotly with teeth out in the open . Not attuned to supposed and reported standing by the road so that ı will recognize the august presence and maybe some head movement as a salute . Supposed because had it happened or at least had ı known , ı would change my way , suspecting strategically placed aide busy with cellphone recording so that America could see the Starfleet was the under the thumb and whatnot . People have no idea what fame is ... ı dread of the day when some newspaper editor will fill the page with the picture of Liv Tyler , me putting the glasses back on for ad she was in for the resort the new Tourism Minister owns , considering this a brilliant move on part of New Turkey , with the very first Presidential Decree having 539 articles that take over anything and attach them to the Palace , that the Starfleet has no issues , so that America can go on with its stuff and stop berating New Turkey . Like camps and gas chambers and the like .

edit: spelling mistakes corrected .
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well , how does all this relate to Darwin's Theory of Evolution ? Or a typically idiotic r16 essay that includes monkeys and what goes on and the like ...

Spoiler :

for which you gotta be aware of the august personality of Harun Yahya , glorious writer and profligate publisher against the sins of the aforementioned theory . You know , made "globally famous" by take-notice-and-answer-instead-of-ignore method so that he could be more viable as Adnan Hoca here in Turkey . Who was captured by the Police last Wednesday .

typically New Turkey . Whenever he travels abroad , PM needs an aura , so the Police goes and arrests some . Mono-archy is the some new fangled scientific Leftist definition of a regime - despite the year long assurances the title would remain as the "President of people" instead of the "President" . Former from the time of Kemal who intervened as few as possible after 1931 according to analysts , latter in the form of American style , which the winners had strictly avoided propagandising about . Despite the fact it was very clear . That there would be the concentration of any power within the PM . On the basis of he alone can do whatever he likes , accordingly the Ministers of Education of New Turkey will henceforth become an authority on which colonels and generals will be promoted , because people would question "Why" and offered no answer except that the PM can do whatever he pleases . Just like he has been going against the Constitution whereever possible in the last decade . Amazing how people take others with imagined stuff that words have to be used as such smokescreens . Instead of bulldozing to victory , which is also regularly bragged about . So , with each foreign trip where the PM might be in the same room with the likes of US Presidents , it's proven he rules New Turkey .

but they are not that down , them New Turkey PR people , shaping perception and the like everytime ; just give them a chance and they will be telling of their relentless endevaours . So , it's only in 2018 we learn that it was the old style Islamists that protected Adnan Hoca when he was taken in 1999 and stayed in jail for 7 or 9 months . Simply because the old school Islamists ran against A-K-P in '18 . Le`se-majeste , serves them right , because this Adnan Hoca is a pervert and he would be taken down in '99 but he had Islamist supporters , because of his relentless "fight" against Evolution ...

ı was probably 16 when ı first read about him in some news weekly , which then makes it around '87 . That his group were too much interested in sex , targeting kids of rich families , with one of his "imams" well known in Istanbul about what Islam undisputedly takes as a perversion . His glossy books under Harun Yahya name must have flooded all the bookstores in the 1990s , for ı remember checking one and seeing the Turkish and English passages printed side by side were notable in that the English was certainly not of the Pidgin type . ı noticed 'cause ı was adding to pocketmoney at the time with doing translations of high school homeworks and the like . Must have been noticed by the leaders of Fazilet , the one that came after the previous Selamet and before the current Saadet Party , as well . The "accusations" do not come as such , they only say old school Islamists didn't want to see what was going on behind the scenes , tricked by the heroic fight in the name of Islam .

like what ? Like getting a 17 year girl raped by 50 men . Which is apparently the peak of this so called turnstile method . Men are waiting in a line as the subject to be broken is humiliated . If she gives up resisting she is then given to a guy whom she serves in whatever way required . For he has saved her . Naturally we learn only now that they were generally after single sons or daughters of families with valuable property , say a house or two by the Bosphorus . No , naturally they do not deal with the boys in that way . We would agree there would be few inhibitions on part of a fully initiated female after all . A lot of blackmailing operations talked about , generally involving extramarital affairs , women readily available in rooms with hidden cameras . And naturally , money in itself is not the end goal . Now that there are branches of the Radical Left New Turkey sees a kindred spirit , we simply learn quite a few of the fake evidence in the Ergenekon conspiracy were planted by these "activists" of this group ; charges include spying on behalf of Israel .

last reported in CFC as faciliating A-K-P to pass stricter controls to make it impossible for critics of the Party to make internet journalism , Adnan Hoca would then "remain" under the radar with his silly TV show . Where his cats reign supreme , all former models and the like , some having surgery to look more in the way he likes . Kitty would be more likely a translation , but as we all can imagine the concept was translated from some form of the English puss . Talking grandly to anyone brought into his august presence , and nobody would have known anything about it , it being daily routine of information collection . Which the TV show quickly covered through Islamic discussion followed by dancing , cats dolled up and in minis . The puppet guys are a new facet of justice in New Turkey , nobody would say anything about Adnan Hoca sitting on a fake Ottoman throne ; they now hang him in effigy and the like , with the placard reading child molester (because there is talk of a 11 year old girl) , Zionist , traitor , swindler , dishonourable and piece de resistance , Antechrist . Well , ı don't doubt that he has been claiming to be the Messiah in front of the gullible . Readily claimed that it's organized in the same way with the Congregation . Actually it's now part of some unholy trinity of evil against New Turkey , despite established in the "80s" against Turkey . Congregation , seperatists and Adnan Hoca group . Just imagine what would happen if some non-Islamist came up and created an sect where prayer is 3 times a day and not 5 as established by Muhammed . And no wonder the puppet guys turn out to be former disciples ; people who were deceived by Harun Yahya and no doubt never taking part in the turnstile of Adnan Hoca . Now swearing vengeance in the name of little children abused .

but then ı wasn't surprised one iota to read the cats never leave home without double pistols , no doubt trained in their use American gun schools style .

the Party says the corrupt were under surveillance for 2 years , when asked why they weren't investigated before that , the answer will naturally be that Congregation hid all the evidence .

and ı wasn't much surprised to read the daughter of what might be the richest Jewish family in Turkey had a thing with them , invited for a cup of tea and her friends immediately warning . Even if ı find it uncredible that she would be abducted and raped , apparently a normal course of events for -shall we say- little less protected . If stuff like this happens to the kids of American 1% , ı would imagine teen drug abuse claimed . Yeah , not very likely now that number 2 or whatever of the group has a picture with Netanyahu , of the Bibi kind . That would have deterred . Or maybe not , considering there has been a recent spate of kids disappearing before turning up dead , providing the basis for calls to bring back the death penalty . One possible ransom case ending up with the 4 year old girl starving to death , 'cause she only drank milk and stubbornly refused to eat all her life and the abducters would not want to be spotted with buying milk kind of thing . And the spiked barrel thing "exists" ; museum guide r16 was leading a whole class of 2nd or 3rd graders in front of the skeleton , obligatory for all museums you know , telling of large pots the ancients were buried in and this kid jumped up and down telling what it "was" . His teacher was even more surprised when yours idiotly implied no such thing related to 1492 ; ı don't know what she would have said if the discussion had gone the route of there are rather more Christian sacrifices to Baphomet and no record of the first for centuries anyhow . You see , Jews do not actually have to be guilty if politics require anti-Semitism . Ah , the gold old days , someday the skeleton's bones were mixed up and it was r16's fault , now that he questioned why they were letting it remain so and if people were afraid of the bones , r16 would get some gloves and put them this way or that way as long as some person knowing the layout directed . Unsupervised my skelton would no doubt would resemble a fish or a chicken . Proved r16 had sabotaged the museum as a career move , though ı don't know what happened to the 7/24 camera coverage , like people who didn't like me much sat in front of the screens all day . They brought in some guy later . Actually took me a year or more to grasp ı was accused or something .

not lost , actually as a reminder that the Jewish minority in Turkey simply doesn't want to be stuck with a "Muslim" pervert's actions . Now that some tourist to Kudüs was apparently taken in by the Israeli police as aiding Hamas in June and like intensive coverage of her trial . Which brings in the third leg of the triad , New Turkey might use the long qouted hostage diplomacy ... In case Tel Aviv cares for "Muslim" perverts .

who have been off-putting whenever they appeared . My mother , who is no way an Islamic scholar or the like was surfing the channels , waiting for her Indian TV series to start or something like that and came to the Adnan Hoca Channel . She had half a dozen things to say after 5 or 10 minutes . Don't think she even saw the belly dancing . Accordingly , very rare to stress one Oktar Babuna "was" with them . The newspaper says 2002 and the guy appears on TV , claims he has cancer , needs bone marrow transplant . Such fancy clothes that your idiotly will not ever wear the like , even when he makes his first trillion dollars . My feeling that if he has trouble he can just fly to US and buy some . No sir , a nationwide campaign and like tens if not hundred thousands people give blood samples . Turkey somehow lacks technology and all of them gets sent to US . Nothing comes up and samples do not come back . Mostly from the Western part of the country , my older brother gave a sample as well ; might become unpopular or something while as the then health director of the municipality , with this great humanitarian effort that brings honour and unity to the whole country . Americans vehemently deny it was intented for race specific bio-weapons and hint they are ready to accept it was the celebrated Human Genome Project . Paranoid Kemalists should not be allowed to hinder the advance of Science , right ? And rightfully reject the odd discovery that there is an immense amount of Bonobo DNA in this country , that being the famous African gay monkeys .

(Between draft and posting here , the woman was released and flew home . A matter more of combat kites form Gazze which apparently can not be seen by the Iron Dome and Qatari funding .)

some theatrics in the courtroom no doubt to come . Justice inevitably comes . 301 miners die , the court case starts and some unknown woman calls a TV show and tells her husband sabotaged the mine and like a year of investigations and stuff ; one must expect everything from the Congregation . Despite court has the evidence that there was an coal fire in the mine , which can go on for decades , you simply barricade the gallery and contain it . The need for profits though means digging ever closer to the barricade and if something happens , it will be a massacre . Officially on official papers . Because the verdict day coincides with the swearing ceremony , it's delayed . Because the relatives of the miners will not be happy . 5 or 6 people get a total of 75 years between them , highest 22 years , includes the guy who wrote the very word massacre . Compare it with the scenario writer who killed 3 in a traffic accident , 13 years . Because his TV series used a lot of alcohol , no doubt ; would he walk away free if it was one of those fashionable Ottoman period pieces ? Compare it with the coup cases , one of which was carefully put forward in the media , 10% to cover the miners , 90% to aid the ceremonies of the 2nd anniversary . 140 have blocked the Bosphorus bridge on the Disgrace of July 15th , killing 34 . 72 Life sentences , with how 34 Turkish flags were placed in the courtroom much stressed . No doubt showed them ...

well , even this most stupid thing stills gets yours idiotly like snared . You know , my latest trouble is why ı refuse to admit am "involved" with some stuntwoman , seen in the streets and the like . Nothing for me , nothing with me and imagine what might have happened had ı been real , it real , it whatever . For starters , she is apparently from that country due our South where girls are conscripted , too . Apparently a picture of her with a tank , she might even travelled with it . While yours idiotly once got into this stationary M-48 A5T1 ; for this ı blame my pals on the web . Who can't just avoid good fun , at times at my expense . Because of the zoo trips , ı have this odd feeling of fame and these people are discussing Adnan Hoca , there are the close ups of the faces , "Why people do not see this?" , "Trail the woman" which apparently stems from Cherchez la Femme or however the hell it's spelled . Yeah , in contrast to those brilliant journalists ı had guessed Adnan Hoca was a branch of Congregation in the very first week after the Disgrace of July 15th , when some soul fearful of arrest dumped his/her entire library of Adnan Hoca books , carefully putting one or two at the door of my house and a couple more at random gates , one Kuran study rolling in the park with the wind . To help people , ı still keep it in the basement somewhere . You know , after a bunch of excited locals rushed to the tiny garrison that night and demanded traitors to hang . With none available , they then wanted some troops with them to find some . ı have been an apprentice coup plotter during Ergenekon hence enemy of Congregation , a Congregation member during its fight with the Party hence enemy of the country , no doubt will be a Adnan Hoca guy as long as he is kept in the limelight . Her reported political views ? No doubt , a Zionist trick , then ... Journalists do not forget or forgive anything on the order of imbecile , if said against them naturally ; imagine being real and wondering any news is an insult against you , like the guy who is the donor for 150 kids and holding one in his hands smiling . My views on absent parents stemming from stuff . My somewhat rare name in one TV series as one who died before seeing his daughter raped and stuff , surname as the series' maniac murderer , who was killed by a character who came out as a combination that spoke in Little Imperialist language , with women taken over as victor's spoils in the end . Advised by a former intelligence type who was not my pal and like possibly would never be , had ı been real . Nobody will ever "confirm" that Turgut Özal talked people out of evil and the like with his famous pen in hand speeches , too . Not for me , not with me and imagine what would have been ... Indeed , it 's so irritating even when not real , all you have said might well be limited to that New Turkey has the morals of a Victorian and end up wondering whether it's about you when they have long winded explanations on how the Little Imperialist misled the country with fantasies of his while some very weak voices tried to tell Arab countries were all unique and what worked in one might not in a different one . Don't know how flying a bikini-top from a tank antenna translates into that ...

though honestly there gotta be a difference between who rant with nothing to lose and those have stuff . The PM gives the highest medal of New Turkey to the Last Prime Minister because he never betrayed [the PM] in the last 40 years , so unlike many others . Journalists then will have to fill the page with how the Last Prime Minister coming from some rural village did so many roads and tunnels . Now that there are always those ; dudes with handsomeness in European scale , questioning what the White Turks want , with their refusal to be impressed by the New Turkey . Such effort over the years and New Turkey has still not provided him with the funds to get Cameron Diaz for the night , can you believe that !

in a country where the director of the so called national press agency teaches media students who doesn't do fake news for the "State" is a son of a prostitude . ı have no doubts he never had a fake one when the country was still Turkey and not overseas Qatar .

in this juncture it takes a little bit real discipline for me in order not to embrass myself . Am idiot , was and will be and ı expect ı will have to convince myself that not everything is against me . Even if each word , each phrase , each sentence requires diligence , for like totally there's a whole world keeping track , waiting for me to stumble . Now that it's the second anniversary of the Disgrace of July 15th . Falls against the general trendy narrative , that word Disgrace ? It is one , considering some retired Airforce type whose daughter's wedding was a focal point of the operations that grabbed the most of the commanders of the aerial branch of the Army of Petrol , says the coupists flew 32 sorties and their Congregation brothers (now that they were all possibly sacked in the aftermath) flew 66 against the coup . America "demanding" Phantoms to knock out the coupist airbase which happened the next day and naturally that 32 were left unmolested until they ran out of fuel , bombing places and the Parliament long after it was clear that they had failed , patiently provoking / waiting for Mustafa Kemal and his zombie army to rise from the grave , or some foolish Kemalists to show up and get killed and dumped in unmarked graves with no one to cry after them . One never gets surprised in New Turkey , that the mayor of Istanbul creates a traitor's graveyard and gets sacked for being a Congregation member . And not ever trialled , too .

so , every newspaper and TV screen is with the anniversary , the former pinnacle of yellow journalism has extra pages and they once again show their commissioned paintings which are like factually wrong . The biggest hero of the night shot the Coupist general from his back , proven by the countless repeats of the CCTV footage and not in full uniform at the gates of some HQ building . Am pretty sure no RAH-66 Comanche of US Army took part in the coup , too , attacking satellite dishes . Congregatition who had the run of the country and "first right to choose" for the brightest kids of the country , proved itself to be an idiot attacking TV signal distribution , only after they missed the PM and the PM's phone call to a supposed opposition TV Channel and hours of A-K-P speeches and generals of the Army of Petrol solemnly declaring they are with the Party , yet not sending a battalion or two to the Bosphorus Bridge which is like a mere kilometer from their HQ . Baghdad Bob aka Comical Ali would have been proud with the TV stations declaring that helicopter shot down and the Last Prime Minister sheepishly declaring no nothing was ever shot down days later . If American troops had taken part , let's say none of the TV studios would be on the air , right ? So , why insisting on showing that , despite yours idiotly saying it's not , despite having one journo on a zoo trip , too ? If Congregation had half the wits they claimed , they would have sent one of those LGB loaded F-16s and leveled the whole neighbourhood , instead an attack helicopter that barely peppered the antennas while killing two techs . Parliament bombed or a precision strike by the PM's palace that killed civilians outside but apparently didn't even break the windows ?

hence the 4th leg or whatever , a hope amongst the Leftists that the Party in-fighting will knock out a couple of people that have made good in recent years . The famous trigger guy , the one who says so and so will be arrested and the next day it happens , has closed his twitter account and nowhere to be seen ? Must prove his connection to Adnan Hoca . The guy comes back online , he was on holiday and all those Leftist TV stations will now be taken over . The expert who shames all experts ? Once had a TV show in some channel , bringing Adnan Hoca . Despite the channel manager in open fight with the Hoca , with TV tapes released or whatever . Adnan Hoca has 4500 (?) court cases ongoing , 200 against him , 4300 by him claiming defamation and the channel manager reported to be one of the only 4 that have not surrendered to Adnan Hoca and retracted their claims of blackmail and the like . The expert who shames all experts also known as the one with the "gel" . It's the hairdo , man , nothing happens to such . Trump just kept the Queen of England waiting for 12 minutes . If it was me , those Guards in bearskins would have shot me 100 times ... Though it's hard to believe Acun Ilıcalı is a turnstile person . As a TV reporter his English was so terribly bad that his classmates disowned him or whatever , while Congregation and now the Adnan Hoca group are famous for the command of that language . Which is a suspicious thing . ı know , because the husband of a cousin started some dialogue that ı am good in English ? Politically opposed or something and if true might cost him his job . Which actually regularly happens , you know . Acun ? Oh , the guy who knows Adriana Lima and introduced her to her current lover . This despite the little factoid that the Foreign Ministry lost a quarter of its personnel , basically all of them joining after the Little Imperialist (the then Foreign Minister) eased the rules and practically all had to take foreign language courses and the like .

and the elections actually change the tack of the celebrations . Last year it was the PM's palace , this year it's the bridge . As there was no reaction from the loyal Army of Petrol units the conscripts and the like were forced to fire by their commanders . One bullet one wounded , it quickly becomes an understanding that the crowds would kill if it went too far and there is no salvation and the Congregation had a sniping officer up in the towers of the bridge or whatever . One of the "wounded" in the beginning carefully lies down lest he knocks his head hard , very cognizant that he is recorded , now that the same night has ample footage of people daring Coupist F-16s to bomb them and not the Palace , on that / their finding better jobs / might depend ... It becomes a bloodbath later on , while we will see civilians belting now unarmed conscripts , there's still no footage of the beheadings of the cadets there were brought in unarmed and after the defeat was clear . "Muslims" no longer deny one or two were murdered . Won't accept it's a Menemen thing and getting away with it . Menemen is the location where "Muslims" rebelled and ruined Kemal's second bid for multiparty Democracy in Turkey . Anyhow , two of the 34 are poignant . One owner of a PR company . Long working with the Party , it's him who creates the name , the "clean" one , A-K-P later coined to support the stuff : A for Justice and K for Development . And his 17 year son , named after the PM , a close friend and the like . The PM could not keep his tears at the funeral . Expecting it to be the center of procedings ? Oh , turns out the 17 year old is also named after Abdullah Gül , who might run or might not run against the PM in 2017 conditions . Might even win if Riyadh pays good enough . With elections safely over , it's the bridge this year ...

does the never changing never ending change ever impress ? Once again playing PGF , the Kaiser's General campaign now that am on compulsory reading allows a fuller understanding . Well , some little computer game and nothing else. And life goes on with strange twists and the like . Muslims have a need for calendars ; you can't always hear the call for prayers in the cacophony that can take place in the city . The one on the wall , comes with editorials and stuff on the back , Islamic traditions and the like , and let me say , on a level that doesn't need one to be a professor in the field . So , so strangely for the day of July 9th , the day A-K-P sworn in the PM as the first of its kind , for the umpteenth never seen before day when the Nation finally takes over its destiny , in an election not imagined last year when the calendar was printed , we see a phrase that goes like "The State knows when to [horse]shoe its horse and tie its dog" , a picture shows people against a wall with their dog , possibly arrested by the police , a mention of the OMT which ı had never heard of before , which must be translated as the Ottoman Commonwealth . And part of a writing by a guy Özfatura , published on the relevant newspaper on April 23th, 1987 . Clearly as a roadmap for the class of 1984 , the year when their Congregation elders stole the exam questions and placed those brilliant kids in military schools , without fail . It says by the year 2025 , when the cream of them will all be 4 star generals , [New] Turkey will be one of the 5 great powers on earth , saving Anatolia , Middle East , Mediterranean , the Balkans and even the entire Muslim geography from Super and Imperialist powers' "Divide and Rule" , Peace and Prosperity replacing bloodshed . Please remember their great spritual leader had not foreseen the fall of the Soviets , so there are two of those superpowers in the roadmap . Facing the strong [New] Turkey , the Russian push for warm waters , Iranian dreams for the Persia , Syria's Great Syria , the Greek Megali Idea , the Bulgarian Great Bulgaria , Israel's Nile to Euphrates designs will all come to nought . European Economic Union (for neither the spiritual leader nor his brilliant advisors who literally eat the snot of the leader for show had guessed the EU) America or Russia will have no say in the Middle East . Those super and imperialist powers who employ Armenian and seperatist terror will all see such activies "turning" against them . Should we imagine an Afghan jihad against the West , supported by [New] Turkey ? To keep these kids safe , an entirely wrong impression was given by Emret Komutanım , a book by a Leftist journalist who was given extensive access and all those kids lied to him , telling how true Kemalists they were . A book ı bought and not as a second hand ,too , reading about a world that ı would never be a part of . Due to my thick glasses , stupid physical stature and all the stuff that would give a depression or two to anyone . Good thing , with my luck , ı would have been dead 20 times already . An entire socioeconomic reality was created for those kids , a whole new Anatolian Tigers , with money and more influence each year . All of them will claim hard labour and Allah's help and not a single cent from the "bankers" of the 1980s who promised higher returns in interest and crashed in due time after anyone robbable was robbed . America kept an insurgency aflame , never able to beat the seperatists or talk to them for "compromise" . Advancing careers of the kids and getting "obstacles" ambushed . Indeed , ı have no doubts that whatever passed before was a trailer and the real war against the seperatists has begun . As claimed by the Interior Minister as there are no obstacles in the Army of Petrol and the pickings in Middle East will be slim . Those kids were then given extra upward mobility with the Ergenekon conspiracy . With which even NATO officers , which is some sort of an insult in this country , were sidetracked . With the amazing rise of the kids , even Arabs were given their spontaneous democratic awakening with their very Spring and Congregation without missing a beat established a Kurdish Taliban , while Doha was buying all available Arabs for the Party . Qatar sees Party easier to remove when some Arab capitol succeeds establishing the Neo-Umayyad State . And at the extreme height of the Party Congregation fight , all the kids were still made Admirals and Generals . And the best of the best , intented to drive the Soviets off Med and Middle East and peacefully and prosperiously co-exist with America , couldn't knock down TV stations , despite being the best ever adherents of 1984 through TV the country has yet seen .

america driven to such extremes that to force its greatness on New Turkey even sells attack helicopters to Pakistan , making it the fourth country in the world able to export the said , after US , Russia and France . Despite the idea that it's still a Mangusta , designed by Italians and no doubt providing some in kit-form . Despite it causing the lack of perhaps 100 Cobras for a full showdown with the seperatists when there still was a Turkish Armed Forces . America driven to such extremes that New Turkey now insists it will be one of the top ten countries of the world . And people ask me why ı so loathe the Americans when they are no slouches at making war , even beating Germans of their times ...

edit : one sentence added
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Thanks for the ride. I know you have been around for a while, but I've always liked the flow of thought form of your posts. They are like a form of poetry.

Me too. They often kind of disjointed and it's hard to tell what is likely to be true from what is a baseless conspiracy theory. If you didn't know better, you'd think that a lot of it was just paranoid nonsense. It's not, though - it's actually just sort of an unfiltered description of Turkey's insane politics and speculations about what is going on under the surface. Well, plus a bunch of oblique references that are hard to follow and make it look crazy, and some idiosyncratic things. But you can just ignore those.

The impression I get from the little I know about Turkish politics is that conspiracy theories are everywhere and a large fraction of them are actually true, in whole or in part. And then there are conspiracy theories promulgated by the government that turn out to be made up, like the Ergenekon conspiracy. Of course coup plots of various kinds are always rumored - for good reason, given that there have been five coups already (most recently 1997) plus the 2016 attempt, and Erdogan is hardly a darling of the Kemalist military establishment. Operation Sledgehammer is just one example of a rumored coup plot.

A little while after Trump's election, I read Ece Temelkuran's book Turkey: The Insane and the Melancholy (link). I was reading up on electoral authoritarianism to get a feel for how it worked in various countries (Turkey, Venezuela, Russia, Hungary, etc), so that I could understand how it might work as it came here. Temelkuran's book conveyed the same sort of bizarre and almost hallucinatory landscape of conspiracy theories, plus the more "ordinary" repression (especially vs. the Kurds, and also against journalists and various opposition groups), and added to a divide-and-conquer approach by Erdogan to demonize the secular liberals by rallying the conservative majority around a variety of cultural/religious issues. It was also interesting to see how he used Turkey's EU application to get the Kemalists in the military not to depose him - they wanted EU membership too, and the EU frowns upon military coups. Otherwise he probably would have been overthrown.

I get the impression it's kind of like this: take American politics in its already toxic form. Now give the Republicans a natural 60-40 advantage over the Dems rather than c. 50-50. Give them the power to actually shut down media that are too unfriendly and arrest the journalists. Make the military active in politics with a long history of overthrowing governments they don't like, and create multiple factions within it. Although newspapers and TV are tamed by the threat of arrest and shutdown, all sorts of stuff spreads all over the internet and by word of mouth. Most of it sounds like Alex Jones, except that some of it is true. Which of the conspiracies are true? That's for you to decide!

Also, make so that, say, US Hispanics weren't primarily an immigrant group but just a group of people living disproportionately in the Southwest, and then stomp on them mercilessly if they speak Spanish or do anything else that has to do with Hispanic culture, so much that desperate Hispanic terrorists start blowing things up, which you then use as an excuse to stick the military there waging a ruthless and never-ending campaign. And replace Mexico on the southern border with Syria and Iraq.

Mix well and allow to stand. Serves 80 million.

Does this sound reasonably accurate, r16?
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am kinda wasting a full opportunity for extra r16 ranting but Temelkuran was once widely seen on TV debate shows but must have been absent for a good 5 years now , never minding she would be insanely against me , had ı been real . Leftist but anti-US in meaning , unlike Leftists who seem so but actually are not . Might not laugh too much at me but resolutely dismissing any claim from me that the Military establishment was never against the PM , except as show , to justify my warmongering and stuff . (ı find it so hard to think this country has had never raised any people with any conviction .) Now that it was kinda amazing to discover the Armed Forces was totally rotten top to down , down to top , luckily ı had reached the conclusion that they were so like in '15 . But then ı found some distraction in Panzer General Forever -again- so no particular discussion today on reasonable accuracy , apart from your much abused Hispanics would have to find their leader from the spies of Washington and drill in Anglo , commands training and all that . To become Washington's vanguard to go down all the way to Panama . Until France (Washington's ally) decided to invade Mexico once again , creating free "countries" on the border so that the Hispanics would actually turn to Spanish to become acceptable to people below the Rio Grande . And France would actually sell the Hispanics as soon as Trump offered another plum to be picked . Woke up early today and picked up some book and some Israel diplomat wrote in 2002 [in implication as ı saw it] that A-K-P would become another political party and Islamist corruption would be a regular corruption , multinationals benefitting instead of "Muslims" saving all their benefits into their war-chest for the final battle . Which is wrong , because the entire direction of the Saudi paid Jihad is American benefit by the end , predates 1954 , the year the PM was born .

only if ı could get rid of all this talk about the ersazt Hollywood Star ... People think it real , people would get into trouble . Now that some journalist on TV starts his talk on some debate by saying he might get arrested on the very next morning , but A-K-P apparently does not use its considerable powers in shutting up its members who are reportedly discussing that the PM has a mole on his shoulders , just like Mahdi would . Not that they believe it , but it might impress a 0.5% of the population .

edit: Just like this post of whether it might be true costs me in that the web cafe opens Chrome when you touch a link instead of Internet Explorer so unlike it was on Monday , which then starts up differing sets of censured lists of servers and the like and ı can't download from one that was like the best . Much like a new hole in the head, if you know what ı mean . No doubts they were to show me , younger ones even if the museum was ready to forgive me , with the glorious news that they are doubling space and evil r16 is out to sabotage them . Which is becoming tiresome , even if it's also true that hell will freeze over twice before they get what want . Everybody insists they have to be the centre of attention . Don't know why nobody can accept ı will level the world for this or that , because ı can .

edit on July 20th, 2018

Spoiler :

when ı say ı am an idiot , am an idiot

when ı say ı am not an idiot , naturally am an idiot

there is an entire generation of people in some town in the North West of the country that formerly was Turkey . Who were brought up on that or something , as much as everyone knows the planet rotates around the sun . No doubt my fault , ı should have punched guests as a museum guide , instead of welcoming them and the like . [Not debating here that ı couldn't and get beaten even by girls everyday , rhetorical device , man] Older brother saw the museum being built , once again noticed ı was doin' nothin' with my life except grating the nerves of my parents . Sent me to the interview and they simply couldn't find one single other person that had working English knowledge and would work for minimum wage . Didn't complain . Not even when ı was fired , as soon as the need for English ended , with the official of the European foundation doing some competition of museums leaving . Made a scene , as ı was totally expected to , but did not complain - on some higher definition of the word . Thank Allah , ı even had the last thing , even if it wasn't a laugh .

guy from the Municipality makes phone call , ı get summoned to some office and told am re-assigned as a security to a then-in-construction museum . Guides are anything , security guys are required to have served as commandos in their military service . Which is like half the joke , with yours idiotly and his effeminate looks -in the eyes of backbreaking majority . Workplace unity being achieved by jokes against me , this far ı have noticed ; so some guy again makes a phone call and orders me to drop by and leave the workplace uniform and the like . (The whole city knows ı arrive to work fully dressed up , not least because my civilian shirt might disappear or something , after ı have changed for the work .) Wouldn't it be a scene if ı was to go home in undergarments ? ı go up , see immediate superior , not one bit surprised to see no surprise in there , for am not part of the crew and will learn the wrong of my ways and show respect to the crew . Dismissed , with the barest of smiles , because management books no doubt advice not too obvious a happiness in dismissal . Storm out properly like idiots will do but then some urge stops me ; ı have forgotten to say goodbye to some 4 people sitting in the room . They are not of the crew , but fully expected to conform . Immediate superior walks into the place , not exactly aware ı have been stalled . Immediate superior expects smiles and approval on the faces of the four , can't find it and retreats quickly . Because those are the people who have decided in the past 20 months that ı will clean the toilets if toilets need cleaning and not because ı desire to win credits in the eyes of management and immediate superior walks in , happy with the coup ? Still didn't complain , even during that whole day of silence at home , mother didn't take it lightly . She has never been able to figure out what she must have done wrong ; but then ı am a good loser .

years pass , during which ı called an US President Dabya , his next as spineless jerk , the next next as BS squared . Bush II is as bad as the ones that came after him ; Hurricane Katrina and them visiting Haiti and Dabya wiping his dirty hands clean on the shirt of Bill Clinton are two moments of "Oh, really!?" that comes to my mind now . Have claimed a lot of things , have said a lot stupid things . Even if the city has a diametrically opposed view on whether US State Department has ever sent career diplomats here . Beware , it might not suit the probable general view in this forum .

glorious New Turkey works with adversity . The best of the Party media now insists Hagia Sophia which is Ayasofya in Istanbul must no longer be a museum and converted back to a mosque and become the symbol of New Turkey , so that the PM can now be compared to Fatih of 1453 . It's inevitable , they will run out of subjects one day and will decide to declare war on the immigrants from Selanik ; will not be able decide who's one ; so it will be whole immigrants from Rumeli , because their actual masters , the Gulf Arabs , the wannabe Umeyyads of the 21st Century can not stand that we Turks are still Whiter , compared to them . Oh , no problem with the Greeks , they want Ayasofya as a mosque , so that when all the Turks are dead , they can come in , knock victorious Arabs down and turn it back and back to a cathedral . Museum status would hurt their claims to be respectful of barbarians and the like . Ah , 1453 is some great sin that can never be forgiven or forgotten . So , yours idiotly has no particular thing to do and watches TV . Where the former director of the Religious Authority tells of the good old days when he was , you know , the only true one resister to the Congregation . Visited by one of the countless imams of the said , he is ordered that Congregation will allow the Religious Authority to run mosques all over the world , while they will keep to their schools . Except in Albania , where the mosques will also be run by the Congregation . So , the former director has the answer . "Papa" , now some Argentinian , targets Albania for conversion and Congregation will teach false Islam to Albanians . You know , who are some of most obstinate bunch of peoples on the planet , one Skanderbeg keeping the very same Fatih in pain and the like for decades . At a time even finally Dracula saw his precious head ripped off his precious body . Albanians are high hopes for the neo-Umayyads , to back stab , ambush the obstacles , whatever comes to mind . Certainly beats fighting them like the previous ones of 1800s . See , being an idiot ı was surprised to see the seperatists calling on Albanians to join forces "now" , as America decided which of its assets (of Congregation , seperatists and New Turkey) was more valuable and chose New Turkey to win over the rest . Otherwise a whole night of 1984 on how he didn't visit the head of the so called national intelligence of the night of the Disgrace , providing an alibi for the head in the early days on why the Goverment failed to act while they had a 8 hour advance warning . Like the Congregation would conduct an heliborne attack on the so called national intelligence and abduct its chief and no one would have noticed . With 48% guaranteed to suspect , the narrative is of course adjusted to present day ...

so , given to his belief that it must be told , that the destruction of an entire bunch of people , namely we Turks , even if ı don't count for anything , now that there will be no tears and 3 million Hurrahs when the last of us is taken out of the gas chamber , stiff dead and on the way to cremation , yours idiotly takes the example that happened before . In which we would be the third anyhow , after Slavs were also done away with . That the country has potential , with the kid of spiked barrel ought to have grown quite a bit in the 13 or 14 years that passed since . And how nobody would have seen it coming , for people might hint ı mix the bones to fix them later but 7/24 cameras would fail to catch me , despite the thing that ı wasn't in the room of recordings and stuff 20 times in whole the 20 months becoming an horror , despite the entire unfoundedness of the whole situation . ı didn't and the fact is the whole thing failed on the obvious thing that whomever did that gotta be one of the loudest voices in the room that ı was an idiot a whole month , except on full moon nights , during which ı tormented them all or whatever . Had ı been real , two slaps would have fixed everything or what ?

or maybe not ? One would still expect it to be understood plausible deniability and stuntwoman "involved" with r16 do not mix in the same paragraph . Even in the 100% correct situation that ı am an idiot ?

ı have been driven out form a couple of web cafes , at early times me unaware . The host delivers large amounts of megabytes fast and none of those if you don't wanna wait, pay $$$$ stuff . And naturally it's a casualty of Congregation as well . A journalist by the name of Ahmet Şık was writing a book on the spiritual leader so it was pre-empted by the arrest ; the friends of Şık published the copies over the host . Was banned . Still remains banned , even if it becomes horribly not safe for workplace if one attempts to download certain films , with caps on the screen , showing what's in . Was advised to check before ordering anti-matter loadouts on my allotted interplanetary bombers . But not for this . Considering the State Channel still managed to play a song , words written by the spiritual leader , apparently on June 22 this year . Impressed ? Why , his bowel movement sound effects would sell millions in the New Turkey of 2010 . So , there is multiple varieties of web stuff on the machines and one allows the host . ı have like years of download , then it works not any more . Like months and the all the machines in the cafe are run by a single hard disk and apparently such a system kills the HD in about a year . Cool , almost a month , double , triple the amount of downloads . And it fails on the immediate day after yours idiotly talkes on his own personal experience . Well , at least the newspaper assures the city has the money , they are like goin' on the stock market and offering their Public Services to buyers ... Cool , perhaps the ersatz Hollywood Star would buy stuff for me , so that ı will stop sayin' "What" at certain utility bills ?????

and oh , the Şık drill is essentially standart . Arrested for being a coupist asset of Ergenekon and jailed like for years , released by the Party to win favour as it was obvious he was framed by the Congregation , then like within the year arrested as a Congregation member and like jailed for years . He is now a seperatist MP , expect him to be jailed for years , as soon as Washington gives the OK ...

as thread material , Ince hopes to get enough signatures by the end of day for the party congress , the computer people claim they never tested the 7 million liras worth of AI so they obviously didn't know it would ID Iyi Party affairs . Adnan Hoca now declared to order his cats to turnstile if they failed to look as if they adored him a couple of seconds on a given day , the cats were sedated by drugs for bipolar people and in a revelation that will not surprise CFC , also used "escort women and foreigners" to get the blackmail footage . But one old tradition has returned to Turkish media , tomorrow is the 44th anniversary of the accidental sinking of a destroyer of the now dead Turkish Navy . The speaker for the pilots who carried out the attacks , claims (but not in the clear) that they didn't attack the Radar Picket , even if "she" was firing main battery at them and not the "Oerlikons" reported back in the day -out of public sight- and the 3 ships also fired on them , leaving no doubts that they were the Greeks . Also left unmentioned is that there would still be many veterans of Okinawa in USN ; hence they carried out spoofing to trick Ankara , which led to the loss and it's all the sailors' fault to cross the "bombline" into the free-fire zone . Tomorrow it's the turn of the sailors to claim the planes went too far South or whatever .

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a post in the rant thread takes place between this and the one above

Spoiler :

so the glorious moment arrives . Not the necroing , 'cause this glorious moment indeed has to be told and am not exactly happy with new threads . Ince , whose name actually starts with i , but can't tell how would Xenforo handle İ . Yeah , the guy , despite his solemn wow that his previous defeats against Kılıçdaroğlu was in the past and he would never convert his bid for Presidency into one for party leadership , claims he has enough delegates to call a party congress to vote for the said . Not clear whether he really has 630 , 9 over 621 that would suffice , but certainly not 700 he was hoping for and certainly not the 1200 he said he should , so that he shows his mettle and will win the next Presidential election with 30 million votes . Not clear , because maybe 20 delegates have retracted their signatures , simply and obviously because the Ince Movement "seems" decided on liquidating Alevi participation in CHP ; the support of Party media does not always work wonders or whatever . It's very normal in this country ; no one can really tell the end of Emergency Rule has made a change in the days the Police can hold a person in custody before a courtroom appearance . Party says 2 , down from 7 . Opposition says 12 , up from 7 . ( Answer : 2 is standart , but doubled if arrested in a public demonstration and the like and can be extented twice .) ; and that's a 20% that will NEVER vote for the American desire to fully Sunni Arabize this country .

and of course the next day's newspapers will cut 630 to 622 , to inspire "confidence" that Ince movement has "widespread" support within CHP ...

it's about who will decide the candidates for mayors and similar positions , now that a major has a big reach in deciding which areas in his /her city will get new construction projects . In which money of course talks . Everyone denies this vehemently , but anyhow . Arda Turans of this country can do whatever they please and it causes a pattern that one can not easily shake . The guy starts an hotel , but PM's son and daughter are big on dormitories , which means a captive market as long as Arda Turan avoids touching on actually relevant nerves . So , he simply has half a hill dug , a wall to keep landslides off , because the TV scene like suggests a depth of 20 meters . Heavy rain , and the wall crashes down , which would surprise average German or American construction engineer or worker . We then see the flimsily standing neighbouring house . Illegally built like 20 years ago , nothing like a basement or whatever . Simply falls down the cliff ... People have lived in their flimsily constructed houses for upto 45 years and are driven out . Because they will naturally sue Turan , some university naturally inspects the area and declares the houses are safe to return . Dry spell , man , the current days are called "Desert Heat" on the calendar . Yours idiotly to wear military t-shirts he got 18 years ago at home , ordinary shirts become too tight these days every year ...

which might not be wholly justified . We were once in the Temperate region , climate change and global warming and apparently we are Tropical now ; 4 such walls alltogether fail in Istanbul in a week , because they were constructed to lower norms of the past . The wife of the guy had a swollen face and everybody rushed to ask whether it was him , turns out it was a pilates bar that fell down to her face . ı have no idea what a pilates bar is , and a mere newspaper note that it's gotta be a world first to fall down on a face . But football stars make people jealous , right ? Some disbelief at how r16 thinks Mehmet Özil is German , because the media has told the country he is Turkish and whatnot . Because he plays in the UK and risking himself in the German National Team is what it is , risky and all that , despite he had loudly claimed himself to be German , because New Turkey loves to insult Turkey and the whole world hates Turkey even more , well , it turns out he prays before each game . Verses from the Kuran before taking to the field , in Arabic . And a Turkish one , asking God's help on the field . One in Turkish , because all the loser immigrants in Germany are questioning what Mehmet Özil has ever done for the immigrants , now that he is now talking in their name . Those losers might be beer drinkers and Kuranic Verses might somehow be not enough in increasing awareness and the like , but they are readily insulted by the average Nazi in the average German street . You know , because the German Football Association has talked against him , which might hurt him over time and result in fewer Pounds Sterlings . You gotta see eyes of the people , that one can think opposite what the TV news tell the country .

özil not impressive ? Why , there is always more . This time Sibel Kekilli , who started acting in that other kind of movies , which is indeed and of course none of my 'ing business , choices people make in life and all that . She then made a successful transition to mainstream , but Americans are most likely to remember her as the love interest of the shortest Lannister in Game of Thrones . Says she is harassed by the racists , too German for Turks and too Turkish for Germans , she's lost gigs only because she is a "blackhead" as far as ı understand the phrase . Well , exactly same with Özil . When there was still the Republic in this country , she visited Istanbul , made a tour of the city in a limo , not getting out once . Not for fear of contamination , mind you . Her boyfriend was with her and she was photographed sitting on his lap , out of the limo by paparazzis who inevitably followed through the hours the car was out of the hotel . Because the Republic was about giving women a chance to fail and one to recover , in the widest of meaning and not just about one person's career and we losers might rant about it , in contrast to the global demand to make this country "Muslim" , the salacious details would available to only those Berlin wanted to insult . No doubt with HD recording from the seat level , with no doubts on how Germans have more of a certain bodypart and how they last longer , with cues on the geographic locations like moaned or something . You know , Germans take a special responsibility on what's to come , von der Goltz apparently taken as the sole culprit . Yes , of course it's our fault , had the Turk not played dead , the BundesRepublik would never piss and dance on the Turk's grave .

but then people do / do never learn . Newspapers tell the hazelnut producers are declaring that they are starving and will not vote for A-K-P , just like they woved everytime for the last ... , well , perhaps all the elections . 1984 is awesome , man , but kinda silly . You can claim anytime that an almost teenager r16 watched that TV debate where Santa Turgut promised lots of things and he would finance them by selling the Bosphorus Bridge . Which led the loser Leftist to wov that he would never let that happen . Which yours idiotly fully approved and could never understand the commentaries that followed on how the Left was a loser , a dynosaur . For 25 years straight , whenever the topic came up . Sure enough , when the PM declared evil Leftists tried to betray the country by attempting to sell the Bridge it was Santa Turgut's heroic interference that stopped that treason , every Leftist media outlet set things straight , and not a word form the Party media . As if Party Faithful would even abandon the Party . As if they would have a change of heart on how companies were brazenly robbing the country with innovative projects . A regional airport in Kütahya , which is a backwater you can find below Bursa in the map . Not bad , make it a hub or whatever and collect people , lesser congestion in the air traffic for bigger cities , stuff , stuff , this much ı have read in airliner magazines of the 1980s , which can even justify a Regional Jet , even if ı wouldn't be the one to design it . Yeah , as par the course , the company that built it "free" was guaranteed 4 million + passangers over 4 years and only 170 000 used that field ; means 3.9 millions worth of money is paid to the company , you know , from the Treasury . 4% on internal routes , 3% on external . People are not aware how many pilgrims each year from the area , now that not much prospect of charters to Phuket ? People are not aware r16 is rather confused on how many times the Bursa Yenişehir field was added as a destination and then cancelled in r16's adult life ? Oh , everyone wants an airfield , so that they can also start building houses under the flightpath , with all that lovely engine noise . But not that gross , the company has been paid just 5 million Euros for the first year . Who would want to miss such easy and glorious development ?

this is the Bliss of Ignorance , man . The Hour of Opposition is on summer holiday and the like and ı read books or play on my laptop instead of watching news . So , it becomes even more a question of luck to hear the glorious next . Religious Authority will of course will not report they have converted two Somalians and a Cibutian away from the evil clutches of Emirates -in the name of Qatar , too . No sir , they are having construction over 200 000 square meters , possibly rigth next to Priest's school on Heybeliada , a long running contention stuff with the Greeks . Who are up to not much good with no doubt yet another scheme to assimilate their Turkish minority but building houses and office space is what New Turkey knows . As such , as Ince's movement stalls the Main Opposition , the newspapers report an A-K-P mayor in Thrace is touring Oposition neighbourhoods at the head of 250 people , showing interest and promising and looking like they will deliver . Not that the Main Opposition could do much without stalled . This is some unbreakable law of nature .

the good party ? Awesome , man ! Their female leader took responsibility and declared she would quit . The party rebelled , vigils in front of her house , calling a party congress where she is declared as the only candidate , finally swayed by the future where her grandson would be told by his friends that she had quit . Cemal Abdül Nasır is how we tend to spell that Egyptian , Nasser to English speakers . The leader of the almost racists calling for his former Lieutenants that she should be compelled to stay in the name of Democracy . One of the Lieutenants "mistakenly" calling the leader of the almost racists as the "leader" . You know , some evil might suddenly reach out and grab them or whatever and turn 20% of the Electorate and add them to the 20% Alevis . As if almost racists would oblige , even when the country was ablaze from one end to the other . You would think the leader of the almost racists would flip and release the "Youth" on the traitors that established the good party. Just like the day they stabbed a few during the election campaign . Ah , it's solved , the mystery of the Minister of Education deciding which Colonels of the Army of Petrol will become Generals of the Army of Petrol . The guy once resigned from his post as an advisor, because when there was still the Republic his reforms were regularly outlawed by the Supreme Court . Do not blame him that teachers can not solve half the questions they are asked in an exam to research their abilities , so naturally there are like 40 000 students who failed to score 0.5 nets in the university exams . To balance out luck , every wrong answer knocks you down a bit and you simply can not fill all the boxes at random ; at my time 4 wrongs took out 1 correct answer , hence the "nets" . 40 thousands out of a million that barely wrote their names correctly .You can not blame the guy , for he just came in . Not his fault that the PM declared he didn't like highschool exams , so they were removed in 84 hours and took a month or two , and the same exact exams were applied and 50% of the Imam Hatips were still left empty now that even "Muslims" tend to want to give their kids an education that might help them in the 21st Century and their brains can still be washed in the old ways . When Qataris need brains , they will import it from the UK or whatever , they have no need for brains in New Turkey . Hence the use of the guy . He has been running a private school in the interim , joining the cabinet he gave up on it . A "European" move , if you will , so unlike the "actual" standart in New Turkey . To give legitimacy to Army of Petrol , so that Americans can get a free starbattleship . Which means 50 Nobels in a week , if it also comes with the manuals .

hence no surprise that the people have been struck with evil American sanctions against two Ministers of the PM's cabinet . Party spokeman naturally says it's an attack against Turkey , not the Ministers or the Party or the PM , no mention of the New Turkey . Some Pastor dude , missionary in Izmir , grabbed after the Disgrace of July 15th . Can you believe it that in Turkey he places a placard or a paper on the front row of seats which proudly declares only Kurds can sit on them and Turkish Christians must sit in the back ? Really . Because he wants to Christianize the Kurds . Not Turks ? Man , are you a fool or what ? If evil America wants to convert Kurds we should make them Muslims , which can only happen if we can impress Kurdish Muslims , which then requires a foot ot two of beard on each of us . Makes no sense ? With Kurds already fundamentalist scale Muslims and all ? That's why you loser Westerners will see New Turkey invading Andromeda .

and it has been telegraphed , for years . The claims are Israelis grabbed some Turkish tourist when Trump had enough of this hostage diplomacy stuff . America will never barter the spiritual leader of the Congregation (a "papaz") for an American pastor , another "papaz" . Trump has been rather lenient with the Halkbank investigation ; to which end the District Attorney dude who started it involved himself against Trump ; so that the burial of it would not inspire the demonseed to think Trump was entirely on the same wavelength with the spineless jerk , Destroy the Republic of 1923 and start gas chambers but do not ever let the dudes with startorpedoboats know your intent kind of thing . So , Bloomberg says it was one hostage against one hostage and Trump allowed a high five in a NATO summit and the Party media of course bragged that the PM was a world leader and then Ankara demanded full closure on Halkbank at the last moment . Trump is a wannabe Mafia Don , Don Donald if you are really keen . Said No , so the pastor was released to house arrest , instead of US Consulate in Izmir . Trump threatened sanctions on the 20th of July but he was already pre-empted by Ankara . With that headcovered woman insulting Kemal in his grave , so that New Turkey could call on Turkey , which idiotically thinks Mustafa Kemal was a splendid leader instead of a pharoah and a false prophet . The woman is still in jail or something , "Muslims" know the game and play it better than anyone on this planet or whatever . Don Pence , aka the Veep , enters the picture and New Turkey newspapers tell us there is nothing to worry about , because he is under the influence of his Evangelist wife . ı think they were advising him to be a man and drop a pilates bar across her face if necessary . There is even the woman who visited her NCO husband with their 11 moths old baby . And the two (mother and son) hit a seperatist mine on the way back . Promises during the twin funerals to bring back the death penalty , even if the exchange ratio must be utterly in favour of Ankara and the seperatists managing to mine only one other civilian this year . Oh , ı should not forget the stupendously glorious commentary . That the sons of whrs who used to run the country are no longer in charge , see New Turkey saved America from evil doers and America is not grateful .

at a time Syrians have reportedly saved Kunetra and have kicked Israel's buffer zone of ISILly beardies sky high and Iranians have retreated 85 kilometers from the border which they shouldn't have approached in the first place . White Helmets of the area openly saved by Israel , and won't they slit your throat if you say Jew instead of Hebrew ? US State Department funded beardies concentrated in Idlip while US Defence Department funded seperatists allowed to be killed so that A-K-P can win another election . There is nothing on this planet that can shame Donald Trump and he is lambasted for his love of Putin , only because the assumption that the Polkovnik will convince Iran to leave . Ah , where are the 300 Spartans when you need 'em ? Trump will ruin Iran and Ankara demands allowances to trade , foremost hydrocarbons , oil and natural gas , because of huge profits during Obama's economic war on Iran , which ended without success , because gods of war were already scared of Iran , because ISIL was already scared of Iran . Actually the entire Halkbank case starts from the same .

ah , the 4 star general of the US that commands NATO's European Land forces visits some HQ in Izmir and the Police reinforces the street of the house arrested Pastor . Have no doubts he would try to steal the guy , but hey , this is not the country who received a weapons embargo in 1974 . Am pretty sure it was 1975 , when America was totally confident the majority of the now dead Turkish Military was flush with victory in Cyprus and would not question why it was so close and so could safely punish the evil doers , for not getting killed by the two Greek Commando battalions . America does not accept silly explanations that they were on the wrong map location . And New Turkey received a weapons embargo with regards to F-35 ? What , this is gotta be a lie .

but then nothing will happen . Dollar equals 5 liras ? The fake economy needs re-adjustments , stuff covers better . Much better than the son-in-law of the PM to declare he is making a 9% price increase on Natural gas . My mother was concerned it was 49% . Which relates to industrial energy producers , some rich dudes who all started mini termal powerstations in the fad of yesteryears so that they could sell electricity to the grid at peak hours for max. profits , you know before airfields were invented , so obviously have been buying their natural gas dirt cheap for all those years . If dollar had breached 5 liras last year , it might been a real crisis and A-K-P might have lost an election . Smarties as always complain America does not understand them . They might have released the pastor , silently , as they always do when Merkel or Macron is finally fed up , but they will not be able to do so now . After the population has been treated to such glory of New Turkey not afraid of anyone . Yeah , these are the guys who gave a standing ovation to the speech that George Orwell would give a standing ovation to New Turkey's glory .

local election campaign to start for good ; and this is possibly the best place even if with the necro aspect

Spoiler :

ı have been like wrong , Kurdish killing and stuff to begin earlier than the new year . Official reason is to insert yet another wedge into seperatist holdings in Syria , breaking the pipeline once again , that being the one to reach the Mediterranean from the oil fields of Kerkük . Which the Barzani's shiny uniforms lost . To chameleon tanks of New Turkey , which change their colours and shape at will to look like Shia Abramses ; and yes , the woman who divulged that obviously classified information is a TV anchor at some minor Party channel . Strategical thing is breaking the formation of a state stuff , where the Kurds are learning all the good ways of Statehood , like preventing their Arab minority to have their kids taught lessons in Arabic and stuff like that . Real reason ? Makes almost racists forget A-K-P seriously tried to decrease the use of the Turkish flag in the country ; you know , as if almost racists have not proven themselves to be entirely amenable to anything as long as they get their share .

there's supposed to be a risk of clashes with American troops . PM declared New Turkey is a modern country and not a nomadic one . You know , to the attention of US State Department ... Will claim another 10 thousand seperatists killed , despite all the Zionist conspiracies against Islam and its only defender , New Turkey . If that was still not enough , am pretty willing to bet Washington will allow 10 American troops back home in coffins . With due deference to Arab Money , Trump / BSS has declared ISIL will finally be defeated in 30 days ; like stabbing Pentagon's game plan in the back . Which stipulates arming the Kurds for the long haul , findimg its stellar ecxample in Ayn el Arab or Kobane as Kurds call it , and the Stalingrad of Seperatists . America did nothing and when the timing was right America dropped bombs for two days and the undefeatable ISIL was running away with uncatchable speed . You know , there is a reason why Barack spineless jerk Obama said the fight against ISIL would last 30 years , right ? Making it to 2045 , centennary of the discovery of places like Dachau , because he couldn't land in Gallipoli in 2015 for the centennary of the Armenian Deportations ... Trump being 365 times faster than Obama ? Just for the record , the placard we are always shown on TV , with the idiot who will become the next Saudi King ? It's wrong . Shows a subpar Hornet , F-18E which is not in use by the Saudis but still made by the same company that does F-15s ...

but the timing is really dependent on something else . Another glory of New Turkey . When you reach the qouta limits , your web speed would fall down , right ? That abomination to be removed by the New year and everyone to have limitless internet . Has shaken the ground at least 3 times since 2016 , as a gift to the Turkish Nation , limitless internet service starting in January 2019 and always as a new /fresh thing ... Because of that the price of new web deals - say , you go and buy a year's of service from the post office- has already gone up 84% , 250% expectable after the new year . You didn't think the Party would bear the cost of the economic crisis and stuff , did you ? Military operations in the 21st Century involve a couple of weeks of aerial bombardment and glorious falls of a village or two , hence they have to start before the year ends , now that that 84% would be really a topic to talk as people are waiting for the end of the aerial stuff to end ...

the declaration took place at some Defence summit . New Turkey has a new helicopter , the next day would see the formation of a Space Agency , new fresh thing for a couple of years . Except that they had a train crash again . Now , the real surprise was that . When something like that happens , New Turkey immediately bans press coverage . An accident that killed 3 was a national emergency because the company that had the contract is a Party company and if named people would be impressed to think negative , ı still heard one of the dead was a cousin of a guy who had died at PM's airport while working for the same company , but anyhow ... Not this time . Because A-K-P is heroically challenging America and claiming to be ready to supress an uprising while there is no one thinking to uprise . Because no one is actually thinking to go out on the streets wearing yellow vests , Party TV is promising to make protestors wear yellow skirts . If a train crashes , what does that prove ? America hacked it ! Oh , they would love to use that , but they have to keep the stock market level . So , we have no problems at all to hear that the route on which the accident took place does not have the "signals" system required for high speed trains , inside the city of Ankara , 6 minutes out of the main terminal . Because it was rushed for the campaign before the June elections . The opening ceremony seeing the Last Prime Minister bragging that the court cases against the deal took 36 months and they finished the construction in mere 20 ... Oh , they will finish the signalization in some time in the future , which doesn't count as they have been running fast trains . Just like the July accident took place on a stretch of road opened with lighting speed in April this year , again for the elections . Alarmed ? Actually some "spokesman" for the State rails says only 20% of the railways in the country have proper signalization and the 80% is running on 20th Century methods . See , America didn't hack the computers ...

the Last Prime Minister is to run to be the mayor of Istanbul . Which he doesn't want . As the speaker of the Parliament , in the now dead Republic his car would bear the licence plate of 0002 , second only to the President's 0001 . When he becomes the mayor , there would be like hundreds of people aghead of him . With respect to his wishes there will be reforms to will equalize elected mayors with state assigned governors of each province , which is indeed a long running promise to seperatists , but there still has to be glorious 3rd occupation of Syria . So , why doesn't he just refuse ? Well , nobody knows who will turn out to be next Congregation stay behind and without his charisma , A-K-P might fail to win Istanbul . Because the new talk is he will resign in a year or maybe 18 months and continue as a Presidential aide or whatever and PM's oldest son , silently elected into municipality council will win the vote and become the mayor of Istanbul , re-tracing his father's route into "office" . The Arab Spring ran much along the lines of Arab Republican Dynasties . Tunus an accident , Egypt a design with Mubarak unjustly wishing to place his sons on the throne and Beshar having almost won his after like 7 years . After being forced to after denied by London to escape to London . Kurds needed a glorious track record for Pentagon to support them and like that and what happened to Kaddafi always bragged about . PM's son-in-law much in view , second son-in-law seen on TV only with his wife / PM's daughter after opposition from the first and they naturally need someone for the glorious claims of having a military-industrial complex , but PM's sons were kept out of the limelight ... Well , obviously this is the reason for the prolonged stay of the chief of the so called national intelligence in Washington ... Must become the sign that Arab Spring spirit is finally a thing of the past , with keeping New Turkey out of those Arab succession traditions .

after typing this at home , through late night news ı learn :

internet price hikes delayed for the duration . Party set to use web more efficiently this time after all , saving the costs of ordinary election posters .

signalization is those silly stupid LED lights on a board on the wall , seen in any American movie involving rails of any sorts since 1970 or 80s . The head of the Railways has a twitter account , most famous for him blocking the mother of a 10 year old boy killed in the July Glory of the Railways . He closes his account for awhile and comes back with a new profile picture , him and the Turkish Flag , so that if people call him names it will be an attack on a loyal servant of the Flag . Also spectacularly in some Parliament Commission last week , in budget debates , he saying they control everything with cameras and the system is super and can not fail . Today's newspaper says , only because America should be shown that it could not hack the system , the rail route was opened too early and it 3 months it could have full signalization . Because if America hacks trains , it would prove America does not like A-K-P .

americans also publicly offered their blue eyed boys aka seperatists withdrawing 30 kilometers along the border of Syria that lies on the East of Euphrates so that New Turkey could have a barrier zone , an idea heroically refused . So , that might mean a conquest of maybe 15 000 square kilometers , like a triple of conquests so far . And the thing is Syrian Regime still lives in the area as the legal authority and the gods of war lack the mettle to topple them , while the so called Free Syrians have declared they will follow the Army of Petrol in the conquered areas . See , for 'stan to happen , some people have to forcibly remove the Syrian Army and the like from the region . ı will not complete the sentence below where "vur" means hit or strike , for it's a seperatist slogan that carries jail terms but will be clear to any Turkish gal or guy .

vur Yeni Türkiye vur
the world is a a complex place with lots of interaction between lots of elements and ı can assure you that choosing one point to start explaining all is indeed a rare gift . Just like all the roads would lead to Rome , just starting somewhere is quite good , if faced with indecision on various fronts .

so , let me see , those lighted boards on the wall exist in Turkey since 1970 , the Party company promised it could finish the highspeed segment of the Ankara-Konya railway in record time if it was allowed not to do the "signalization" , promising to do it by the end of 2018 and then naturally given another extension to 2019 . That's officially how Party companies win every contract . Give the lowest bid and then delay secondary stuff while get paid for the said secondaries to cover the Money lost on the primary . They have signalized just 72 kilometers of track in 2017 , because the Party has other needs and the State belongs to the Party and in the unlikely case they do away the State will belong to the people , even if the people vote for the Party on the sidelines , too . Just like the fund that pays unemployment wages to the workers and the like is used for other stuff , like shoring up "Muslim" companies , to the tune of 50% of the overall money in the bank , increased from 30% because of the evil American economic attacks on the country . The Last Prime Minister seen in footage , claiming that they could finish the railroad even faster but had to "complete" the signalization , too . Where signals do not exist , and he says they do at the opening ceremony but they paid the Party company already and critics might jump off some railroad bridge or whatever .

they act like there's no tomorrow that will see them out of power , while strangely enough their companies work to see that they are flying to Switzerland on the same tomorrow .

and because there's good stuff to be paid to the companies , New Turkey tries something but evil world refuses to comply . See , on the day (the Last Prime Minister says through the diligent work of him and his pals under the guidance of the PM , the country is a world leader in stuff) New Turkey diplomats try to reverse a 1992 decision in world's climate discussion fora and the like . The 1992 Goverment declared Turkey was a modern country when the world was being divided into camps . So , we were allowed not to pay a share to the funds . That the Rich offer as aid to poor countries so that they will avoid deforestation or using coal or whatever . Oh my , that fund is now 100 billions of US dollars , as grumped about by Trump , too . New Turkey who has the power to say the world is bigger than 5 (the countries that have Veto power in the UN) , New Turkey that will become one of the 10 top economies sometime soon , wants a change to be classified as a "Developing Country" so that it can get a dime out of the 100 billion UN fund . ı guess it's them stupid blacks or browns and stuff who did not vote for New Turkey to get its deserved dimes , despite the military bases it has in Qatar and it can protect them losers from evil America .

and yes , after New Turkey has refused its initial offer , America is free to feel . So it reduces the offer , two Arab majority towns on the border , a penetration of 15 kilometers only in places , and certainly not a full 30 kilometers for the full 400 or 500 kilometers of the border ... People never honour their parts but always demand the Turk to do so and there's always New Turkey to "change" the agreement . But , it's true that's got nothing to do with me , as am long on record that ı will not discuss the partition of Syria , now that we can like also dissect the US , right ?

edit 19th of December

Spoiler :

people of course pay attention to me . Paying utility bills yesterday , ı saw the Municipality really makes a distinction this time , claiming on billboards that they made a 27% discount in train fares , even if only for students . Who traditonally pay only 50% almost in everything making the rate for adults 14% . Despite the r16 talltale that they actually raised prices twice , for those semi-Westernized adults who would have heard of walking to some electronic device to claim some of the fare for travelling a shorter distance . As much attention as Americans do . In the sense they are allowing it to happen . Despite the FACT that no American diplomat has an intention to have an affair with yours idiotly ; the Monday's topic locally seems to be Petite Morde or little death or whatever the hell the French call it . As if whatever she would not find it a country of -what's it- 350 millions and would fly like 10 or 12 hours to get expert treatment , despite the clear statements that it won't happen . No , not only the night , but any evidence of America is "like" worthy of talking .

it stems from some failure circa the Arab "Awakening" . Which would only result in the death of the Republic of 1923 . There would inevitably be a reaction and Americans would suffer the consequences . To let them walk out (of the vice they would end up in) a courtesy visit to some ancient was proposed , only because we fear Allah . America laughed at it , because Kurds were gods of war . Syria resisted , Iran betrayed America by not fighting a sectarian war with the Turk , Russia came back and oh my , Kurds bolt whereever the pressure gets too tight and American boots on the ground are unable to be in the line of fire . Not against the evil Turk even , with Stormtroopers in AT-ATs and Republic Commandos in Kuat Juggernauts , but State Department's Jihadis ... It's amazing for many American advisors to discover the average Kurd is as smart as the average American . It's then a delaying action and it naturally falls on us idiots to defend the honour of American women . Which actually do not surprise the world , but anyhow . Unable to decide , Russian ancients or modern Russians actually paid some Russian prn star . Well enough that she wouldn't laugh at the pathetic attempts she might suffer here . They have to act at times during filming , you know . Reportedly she's a mother now . Not mine , let me assure you . Not only her male colleagues and the word horse must be present in the same sentence with due respect to CFC rules about being family-friendly , but surely she could find a man in Russia of 150 millions ? Only proved Congregation was a fool , ı still don't know why ı was ever thought of being married to some Brit Page 3 girl ...

also as par the course . Russian newcomers laughed at the attempt , ignored their ancients despite all those Cold War medals that could barely fit in the ancients' chests . Yes , am of a generation that learned it in school . For which you will have to search in Wikipedia , that Baltacı Mehmet Paşa article . Can't tell what's in it , because the site is banned . Not because it claimed New Turkey was a repressive regime , but New Turkey wants to tax it . So that they can have more funds to pay to the Party companies . They have paid money for signalization that does not exist and suddenly discover the winter is coming and the guys who manually switch rails so that the trains will not collide might be "unhappy" with the cold , so they change traffic rules . In an area where the trains have less "room" to maneouvre because they have sold some of the train station to have one more shopping mall in Ankara . Then they also save money by assigning a switch guy who doesn't know the variety in use and do not bother to train him , too . The train and a locomotive then collide head on . In Capitalism you would expect his higher ups taking part of the blame and resign so that they could find an even higher paying job . Not with "Muslims" ... The Last Prime Minister began as the Transportation Minister and his accident back in 2004 or whatever was regulated by Capitalist rules and the like . The guy under him did not resign , but had to be sacked , because he had satisfied the Party desire by running trains faster on a route not cleared for that kind of speed . So , when the guy under saw a journalist at a football match , he shouted over the din that Bulgarian spies willingly rolled over the train , while they were driving it , too , to hurt A-K-P in the elections and the like . The guy under the current secretary of transportation of the palace goverment teaches the press the kind of questions of they should ask and the reporters obediently nod . You think you are braver ?

the current election affair runs as a campaign against Fox , which is oddly Center and Center Left in New Turkey . Because some anchor said no Yellow Vest affair could happen here , because the State had no tolerance , he is accused of arranging a rebellion and the non-Party media is calling on the PM to correct a phrase or two he said in a rally , because some Party Faithful or Congregation might go and kill the anchor . Former to impress , latter to frame . No , am not expecting Heather Nauert , formerly of Fox , currently spokesperson for US State Departmet , futurely in the UN Security Council to say a thing or two . She would be "proof" of the Zionist conspiracy and all that comes to mind . Because anything goes . Did you know the US diplomats' failure here to be accepted has irritated Nauert's precedessor Nikki Haley so much that she even thought of dropping by and teaching us our place and manners ? Supposedly even A-K-P voters watch Fox , because everything is sweet in Party Media . And no surprise in that this is not the first offence of Fox against the palace cabinet . One of their dumber or whatever journalists asked the agriculture secretary the same question twice . Of course the agriculture secretary with a brother in jail or whatever as Congregation has every right to say he has done nothing wrong , has committed no sin with some contract only one company could see in time to respond and win .

this is the country where companies have the legal right to serve bad or like rotten meat 4 times before they loose the contract on the 5th . Why Russian ancients were ignored ? Moscow might punish New Turkey hard enough . Instead Putin chose profits and justify that it's weaning New Turkey away from the West . Which it does not , but if A-K-P ever falls there will be an amazing number of investigations and every goddam official will be careful to obey the laws and stuff for the next 50 years that Putin the oligark will suffer the loss of easy profits ... Instead of making New Turkey comply with agreements about Syria , a mess which has put Russia back on the map , Russia looks the other way . Where ancient Russians see offence (and she still walked away scot-free because she wouldn't know any better and it's a thing she has done on camera for money countless times anyhow) modern Russians see foolishness . As you can readily see in any TV debate . Former diplomat says New Turkey is heroically giving away Cyprus , journalist of New Turkey says the planes flown during the Disgrace of July 15th were American "owned" , as much as their pilots . This means F-16 was designed by some American company and Congregation operated under the thumb of CIA and buying Russian SAMs creates a balance of power and not exactly as silly as it sounds , like maybe and totally perhaps . It's just the Arab Governance , buy some weapons from someone else when the boss is unhappy with the flow of money ... And the Baltacı account is always lacking if it ignores the Yeniçeri sensibilities . Like if Russia of Petro the Crazy was destroyed in Prut 1711 , the Ottoman borders might well extend to include Ukraine and like more and that would bring in millions of more people , creating new balances of power and what not . So , instead destroying the encircled Russians , Ottoman troops might instead flee as they were grumbling to do during the whole battle . So , no Russian flesh was ever involved , you be assured as well .

americans on the other hand get never defeated . Am ready to see them claiming they never intented to create a Kurdish Nation State through the Arab Spring . Instead they were weakening Syria , despite the troubles in Egypt and the bloodbath in Libya , so that Damascus could not support Beirut so that Tel Aviv could steal the gas in the Med . Much as they are allowing the locals to read the last sentence of the pragraph above as a promise to a "lover" that no cheating with some Russian lowlife . Instead of a reference to 1711 . Oh , hydrocarbons , how mighty they are . New Turkey heroically trolled Italians . Who couldn't drill off Cyprus , as they were happy with some Italian company having undisputed and cheap access to like 80% of the world's hazelnut supply . America drills to heart's content . Not because they have the warships to tell New Turkey warships go away , as that would be like dynamiting their biggest 21st Century success story , the heroic New Turkey that fears nothing . They instead simply give a percentage to Qatar ; New Turkey never spares a chicken for a goose in some silly Turkish proverb . Greek Cypriots are now willingly offering to share the income , 3 to them and 1 to Turkish Cypriots at a time when apparently there are 4 Greeks to 1 Turk on the island , now that Annan Plan of 2006 and the referandum is the standart ; they won't even with the offer accepted . Then this non-stop degradation against me . Because the name for the courtesy visit has long been chosen , them Americans are putting forth new names , because they will prove that they have to power to make us compel , make us accept . And they somehow have to explain to masses why they are here , which becomes r16 the guide to death in driplets , welcomed each and every night . Am an idiot , let's just smash them to bits already . Am not talking about Americans returning home in caskets . We will give them a galaxy of hurt ; with that scale of casualties they won't have a single set of pall bearers .

not that grimm ? Just to lubricate the deal , since obviously we are still jealous idiots and once the oldies gave me a mock quest of getting myself a Victoria's Secret model , the joke being with two such women you could eat the Chinese way , while one would only be useful as a toothpick , and the joke like obviously stemming from real life debates on how much they represented the true woman , Adriana Lima seems to be available ! Not real , mind you , because the locals might take this as true , too .

am happily minding my thing . After challenged on how much ı completed the favourite scenario ı have changed the usual . Gondor's wonder never seen in the game , because it's basically at the end of tech tree at the 4th era , to do that ı need tons of cities which then put me right ahead and the game would end long before ı would have a "keep" for every city on the continent . Harad proves fun to play , Mûmak is hard to kill when a you are building up as Isengard , happily so when you ride them around as your own . Should develop my skills to get winning points so that ı won't have them with most cities , like not connecting every city to avoid happy faces through luxuries . Not so , thinks some locals . When the fun of petite morde dies away . They were of course attuned to think New Turkey was eternal ; (the ways the New was established with) proved the New was matchless . If the New loses , there will be "revenge" and "Muslims" will miss it . Stuff like a feeling a superiority , a promise that they would live off the back the losers , 51% of the country having a 100% benefit when they pay the same taxes with the 49% of the country . We are very possibly in the beginning of some very damaging economic crisis , the 51% will suffer as much . The thing is the "Muslims" still don't know to loose with grace . Despite America rushing to lecture Gannuşi of Tunus of the desperate need to be tactful when they lost elections . In New Turkey , the major thing for Little Imperialist was stamping tulip figures wherever applicable . Especially on renovated mosques which didn't have them when built . Renovation in this country is famous , some Genoan stronghold became SpongeBob SquarePants after it was given a whole facelift ... Tulip and stuff , perhaps he thinks he has ancestors from the Tulip Era , decadence of Ottomans rudely ended by Islamists of the era ? Or a promise to the West that he was the man , not the PM , to lead the destruction of the Republic , leading a Dolce Vita until the allotted time ran out . Time given by Lord Curzon at Lausanne . No , ı don't think that the West failed to celebrate the centennary of the fall of Jerusalem with a mass at Ayasofya is a success of Starfleet as whole countries are smugly waiting for 2023 . Even if the actually smart among the Islamists have figured out that they might fail to destroy the Republic in legal terms by 2023 , so the former pinnacle of yellow journalism of the country reports from a French museum to prove that there's no secret clause of such kind . All the talk is then about streets , mass protest against the Goverment or conspiracies against the rightful rulers . Some newspaper which is truly New Turkey says "Gezi" people should be beheaded . Not by them , mind you . The Syrian refugees have such veterans , now that the local Hizbullah lost a few men of theirs within ISIL ranks , yet another American boondoggle or whatever the hell that's . Local Hizbullah is called Hizbullah as it suits American narrative that Shia extremism should be destroyed as local Hizbullah threw acid at girls faces and buried people alive . As such , those Syrian veterans might misunderstand the idea of the secretary of internal affairs of the palace cabinet , about giving citizenship to Syrian kids born here . As such , the women of the city who condemn me for not getting involved with some diplomat who supposedly begs for it , you are mistaken . It needs something ; the Syrian example readily proved both sides of a Civil War readily rape the women of the opposing camp , you get 10 years of warfare in a blink of an eye . Protecting your honour , as much as your headcovered neighbour's and she has no interest in me either .

even if myself is undecided at times . Took me like until 2017 to figure out that those two from Guccione's might have been paid like for stuff . One just a model , the second the year's choice for some year . Can't even figure out the front page story of the former pinnacle of yellow journalism . Some NCO , with like 22 awards as a top performer , arrested in Congregation conspiracy , punishable upto 16 months tops by the law , kept inside for 20 months by Congregation courts , because they refused to do the paperwork , left free and sacked in 3 days , because if allowed to return to service he would always be around as a competitor for Congregation NCOs . Is it a counter to the last page of an Opposition newspaper ? Where the column is the typical acerbic account of how a similarly top performing officer was put in jail to die of illness and his family has no right to compensation because only he is allowed to go to courts . New Turkey of course knows what Opposition thinks , there are days Voice of Russia can not have one single live phone interview with opponents , while like never failing to talk with New Turkey supporters . Or is it a straight American decision , after a Colonel of theirs tweeted to call the Army of Petrol terrorists and deleted it otherwise ? Obviously , only now retired people could have been the possible brother-in-arms with the oldies who officially were only involved in 1974 and the replacement of the Türk Silahlı Kuvvetleri , despite using the same name and whatever its composition might be , is not the one that founded the Republic , despite whatever you might hear from it . Should people then follow the same when a victim of conspiracies return to uniform and immediately volunteer to fight in Syria ? America of course will do nothing against Army of Petrol , gods of war bolt whenever the pressure is too high .

silliness in abundant amounts to make one silly . If ancients wanted to be famous they would be famous or how pointless acts leads to stupid things . Or maybe ı should rant on how Adriana Lima's best pal here runs reality shows and a price pick of him just became famous for torturing his parrot online , squeezing the poor bird by the neck that it would learn to respect the reality show producer . Some strange pyschopath , he then pleads to remain in the police station for the night as mobs might lynch him or something ... Yeah , readily covers the news that the switch guys work 10 to 14 hour shifts and despite the secretary for transport solemnly decaring signalization was not required at all , it turns his ministry just 6 days before the train wreck cited extensive danger to lives when fast trains were run without the system due to the need to tighten bolts and nuts on a different segment of the route . And awarded a contract to a company on an emergency basis , with no bidding . No issues with the owner being the father-in-law of the PM's son or whatever . Only if they were contracted before speedier routes were started and lives were not risked , right ? Because the parrot screamed that it would respect the show producer , (reportedly , as ı didn't see it now that am not that kind of sick) the prize pick also won 21 days in a mental ward , he will have now official documentation ... Back in the days when the country had Capital Punishment those were the thing to have lest one gently swung in the breeze .
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Spoiler :

yes , ı didn't send Pentagon packing with a spoilerful . Because a "victory" has many fathers , the Voice of Russia says it happened after the phone talk between the PM and Trump . And the phone talk took place on Tuesday . Because a talk with Trump is always breaking news in New Turkey (because power comes from the ability to talk with Trump) and no one had reported one on Tuesday , next day's news took it back Friday last week . PM told Trump that New Turkey was coming . And as it's exactly the same in New America , the spokesperson for White House , Sara or Sarah something , told American media that Trump and the PM talk regularly and Trump told PM America was going . (*) Am yet to hear White House called Beyaz Ev yet , apparently Trump is still a friend of New Turkey .

so , trust me , you people are not to first to discover everyone wants a piece of the Turk , then goes "We meant Peace. Really, Peace!"

nor it's a victory . Because it can only be one shot , there's this maddening obsession to get the Turk in a fight with anyone but Uncle Sam . Accordingly , after 8 straight years of sissiness and all kinds of the same stuff , maybe Damascus will find the heart to tell New Turkey to leave , Iran will be emboldened to chime in and Turks will then fight for New Turkey ; now that the outcome will only be more Arabness , debate to the contrary as much as you wish . You know , on the very day of brother-in-arms stuff . As CFC regulars will attest , it's just nonsense no one believes but the victims of Ergenekon conspiracy have already proven that they will not accept the secretary of defence of the palace cabinet , even in the "yaygara" that would follow anything that would call for unity . This guy is of course the former chief of goverment generals . His rise to power and stuff has interesting points , even if it might not be intentional . He commanded the region that held the prison that held the victims of the conspiracy , he always visits people who have gloriously insulted the now extinct Turkish Armed Foces , his legal aide signed the official document that said the Balyoz conspiracy was real , even if he will now readily say it was a Congregation conspiracy . As the chief of goverment generals , he conducted this heliborne "assault" to the palace of the former President of the country , so that Abdullah Gül , the Turkish branch of George Clooney could give up delaying Opposition organizing for the June 24th Elections , as he is always necessary to do the same ; for this local elections the rumours are he will now start a party . The secretary of defence even more gloriously claims he had no news of the impending Disgrace of July 15th , when he was arrested or something by Congregation troops , you know , after hours of talks that the 2 Congregation helicopters would land at the residence of the head of the so called national intelligence and abduct him . That wouldn't go unnoticed in the sorriest state you could imagine , he ordered measures that made helicopters "unavailable" . Succesful or unsuccesful such an act would call for armed action against Congregation , it could only mean a coup if the Congregation meant to see the next sunrise ... Says he was surprised . He has also taken the zoo trip so ı like have every right to claim he wouldn't have the marks of a belt on his throat , supposedly being forced by the Congregation to order for full intervention of the Army of Petrol for the coup . If some sorry losers had taken to the streets , joyful that A-K-P was falling , then fearful that A-K-P was not falling because the pitiful numbers of Congregation partakers were naturally failing , the massive numbers of Congregation numbers (now known to be in) would join the fight , thousands dead , many more cities bombed and he , without any marks of the belt , would be given medals as the bells officially tolled for the Republic .

his insulting anyone with a brain includes the episode : The Affair of the Sack , which once had a wikipedia article , ordered by some American general Odierno , who then gives a medal to the chief of goverment generals , not the top commander at the time but set to lead the Army of Petrol once it happened . He says , medals are worthless , everybody gives everybody medals and he was surprised , he didn't know he be given one . You see , Americans gave him a medal at gunpoint . For one , ı know these things are automatic and it would happen but he is a glorious member of the glorious palace cabinet , he just can't say he would get the same damned medal as a Kemalist and the programme of the ceremony would arrive in Ankara 2 months before the event . Learned articles on why America abandons Kurds ? None of them will mention this subtantial contribution to A-K-P campaigning . Because on Monday this week , the guy was involved in budget debates and mouth fighting with CHP and you gotta be an A-K-P faithful to believe he won . The Hour of the Opposition had a full hour of stuff on how he is just a guy while the real culprits were those who protected the Golden Generation , the 1990 graduates (?) of military schools ; gloriously forming the majority of those raised to higher posts by A-K-P . When A-K-P was fighting the Congregation , there was a need to make 15 colonels generals one year ; and 11 of them were Congregation , you know typically . And they were typically unnoticed by A-K-P , too .

abandoning Kurds at the height of extreme levels of support is the 11th Commandment for America ? Because there's disbelief even here , despite Trump said a month ago that he would (out of the blue) defeat ISIL , because he is godlike Donald Trump , they searched all the latest posts (of whom you know) for clues anf pronto , pronto , news have the successful test shot of a missile that makes a column of water after hitting the sea . New Turkey has a ballistic missile that makes water columns , a "neredeyse orta menzilli" thing . 280 kilometers of range might make it a medium range , but the Turkish language would use the same for intermediate , too . Some talks but New Turkey does ! And ı could barely finish them two last sentences . Am writing this at 20th of December with 5 o'clock news on the radio . BSS says Russia and Iran are mighty frightened that America is leaving because they have to fight ISIL on their own . ISIL was defeated , right ? Like even New Turkey suffered reverses at the hands of beardies , loosing Leopards while no Americans were in sight . Not only that ... Trump is building the strongest military power in the world and ISIL will regret it if it strikes the USA . You see , America is not the strongest military power in the world , because Trump will make it so . Well , ı told you so ... ı told you ... Didn't ı ?

petite mort affair is blamed on the Saudis , as is the level of threat the ancients exhibit ; so ı get to thank his excellencies Clown Prince Mega bull sht , the idiot who will become the next Saudi King .

railwise , we learn the terminal in Ankara had 17 tracks , 4 were lost when the mall next door happened , the loss in capacity replaced by a tunnel . Would happen , because New Turkey has bought machines to make tunnels and tunnels will happen . But alas , the tunnel causes air flow which makes the mall cold in winter , so they close it or something , so the trains have their opportunity to collide head on . Party enlarges the investigation to higher ups , because it might score points with -you know- people . As the talks for minimum wage are in a critical junction and people should not go mad or something .

ı was called dishonourable , which happens everyday but anyhow . Possibly because of the economy . Turkish Bloomberg highly critical of the American Federal Reserve that FED doesn't know the science of economy , apparently for raising interest rates . Fake Economy needs foreign money flow , higher interest rates in Wall Street makes it harder ? Don't know , the fake statistics prove fake economy is glorious . They have beaten back evil American attacks . Unions want 2000 liras on the minimum , fake statistics office proves 1814 liras will be just dandy , up from 1600 , as far as ı make it out of the news . So , that there "is" no business in the streets is my fault ? All of this courtesy thing is making me seriously angry ; even if it's like a decade a half that even 10 year olds laugh at me , confident that ı can't do anything about it . So , Stuntwoman , this is obviously your fault ...

and some rare glimpse into global thinking , too ... Spoilered to save loading time .

Spoiler :

(*) Accordingly today's newspaper says the phone talk was on Friday where the PM and Trump were equals , Trump ordered his security adviser Bolton in a way that was overheard in Ankara , despite the stupid idea that Bolton would like saddamize Trump for leaving the venue to Iran and for Saddam , remember Gomorrah , then on Monday Bolton speaks to PM's advisor , and oh my , they also establish links between the respective militaries . Read , no dumbos need to be here , the former pinnacle of yellow journalism tells the world , in case there are that dumb Americans . Yes , we are through some economic trouble , that almost ruined America's biggest success , because Trump was enraged enough to throw a tantrum or two ...

edit of Dec 24th

Spoiler :

reverbations continue . So , yours idiotly finds some newspaper rightly placed on the part of the road ı take walking home after buying the newspaper for the day . Used to annoy my late father as nothing else , r16 refusing to learn to ride a bicycle and tortoise like going to worksite like each summer , helping dad in roof repairs and the like and making pocket money and still spending 5 minutes on every newspaper page he sees by the road ; there is this era in the life of each the human being where the said has some empty space in brain to wonder what's going around ... These in late years tend to be amazing , you know , not accidents or random pages . One recent episode saw a copy of an economy paper which a passerby saw me opening the pages with the tip of my shoe ; he picked it up in whole , with like 4.5 liras a copy or something it surely deserved better ! You know , everybody has a pattern and it's like years that ı haven't seen a possibly targeted package . So , what's it this time ? That the Army of Petrol never claimed 10 000 dead Kurds for Afrin , with the number on the page a mere 597 by the end of January 2018 ? That the seperatists would attack the sacred land of the country with the tunnels they dug ? That America claimed it would not give up Menbij , but now it's giving up the whole Syria , to naturally New Turkey ? Maybe , it's the journalist who travelled to Rome back in '99 to bring the dear seperatist leader , you know in a typical modesty you would see everyday in the media . He is not doing that great with A-K-P , so perhaps his lambasting of the boss of the "United Stores" is the thing ; that boss guy recorded in the good old days of Democracy coming to Turkey with him boasting that he told Americans that they should not sweep the PM down the drain ? Or maybe , it's the glorious Avrasya tunnel , under Bosphorus . Anyone reading r16 might remember New Turkey does business greatly . They do not spend a dime on construction , but guarantee payback , and brag about how they did great and the 52% vote accordingly and the taxpayer will carry the burden for 30 years . There's some airport that will make 100% money while using only 5% of capacity , the rule of thumb might be such projects will cost maybe 5 times when contrasted to the ancient ways of State doing them straight . So , this Avrasya tunnel cost the taxpayer 30 million dollars more in 2017 and people rant and the journalist says it's the best of such projects , apart from being useful , too .

see , evil Kemalists and the likes mock the tunnel by the end of 2018 , because the numbers suggested 50 million vehicle movements in two years , and only 30 millions happened and the ticket money of the 20 million movements will be taken from the Treasury and paid to the companies who contributed to this heroic endavour . But the cruel part comes later , an attack on the glorious Space Agency of New Turkey , if they missed the tunnel movements by 20 million , how many billion kilometers they would miss the Moon ? Out there like four hundred thousands ? See , America wants participation , America creates QFX , a jet plane we Turks must be proud of as it figuratively draws a male sexual organ in the sky on the 100th anniversary of the Republic ; and amazingly this is what every military pilot does these days ; drawing that when contrails are visible ... "Not interested? Oh, here, take some Space..."

only because am an idiot , you see . Am not surprised that Putin declared Atatürk was a great guy , in his customary press briefing , where the Russians brag of the 1702 journalists sat through and asked him anything . A-K-P respects Atatürk , whenever America asks about the participation . Must be working or something . So , Putin respects Atatürk and talks about the good old days when the Bolshies and evil Turks looked in the same direction opposed by the gloriousest Brits at the same time . So my curiousity about was it the old GRU or the current FSB that paid that Russian might go unanswered . Oh , wait , Kremlin asks New Turkey and Israel at the same time to recognize Crimea , instead of diligently seperating the two . Even ignoring the fact that Trump would not vacate Syria without asking Tel Aviv first , and New Turkey has been instrumental in creating the vacuum Russia promises to protect us from ? Who knows , maybe a right time to rant on how back in 1960s they were like concerned about yellow hordes invading Siberia despite 10 or 20 cities re-arranged by mushrooms and they asked the "right" people to be sent to Pekin that the Soviets would abide by the not-so-exactly-famous agreements of post 1945 (right after Poland travelled a couple of inches on the maps to the West) that stipulated only border changes would happen to Colonial Empires of Europeans and nothing would happen elsewhere and Khruschev went nuts and he had rockets and he gave Kırım to Ukrayna because he could ?

respecting Atatürk is the thing that leads to White Wabbit . CFC regulars will remember am a parrot that always tells the same stories . So , Congregation comes out of hiding to destroy the Republic , some idiot pulls an Eric Cartman and says I'm going home and Russians arrive in Syria and there's this Chuck Hagel who pulls respecting Atatürk (just like the magician and the rabbit) out of the hat , during his confirmation hearing . Hence every American SecDef becomes half of who came before and ı like lost count , thus Mattis is either one quarter or 1/16 White Wabbit , his replacement will be a direct 1/32 , Shanahan something by the looks of it . The mathematically inclined might remember the famous or something story of when some guy will arrive at the destination if his step regularly becomes half of the previous . Yeah , the tortured parrot died , after surgery . On the other hand Mattis resigned . What a "fitting" end to the Goverment service of the Marine Scholar ; working for a Commander-in-Chief that doesn't have the time to read or even hear an A-4 page in full , ı have been "advised" to say . This is of course "Courtesy" Americans would never show us , now that it was obviously some Republican slime-ball that ratted ...

so ? Only because there are the local elections of March 2019 . Accordingly the former chief of goverment generals must be polished , because America wants participation and external threats always unite disparate elements and the former chief is of course the one to lead dat . So , imagine , imagine , Mattis is scandalized by the talk of the chief . That the Kurds will be killed and thrown to ditches ! Oh my ! History leads those who want to learn from it . So , America came and Bush II and the PM were co-equal presidents of the Greater Middle East Initiative and co-equal president is some damned seperatist invention , too . One male , one female share leadership at every level of the political branch , so that tribes might have more posts to share , this despite the female warrior is the dearest seperatist image , that despite some of them get shot and dumped in the mountains after being raped by their "commanders" . Anyhow America comes and the future belongs to Kurds and cities are given to seperatists and those 15-18 year olds start digging ditches and even trenches . No Turkish flag allowed around , too . Alas , the Little Imperialist fails to win the June 2015 Elections , some real merriment amongst A-K-P ranks as the PM refuses to follow the Constitution , much helped by the leader of the almost racists . November 2015 Elections are preceded by much stuff , including urban warfare , where the second largest military thing in NATO inevitably clears those 12 towns and neighbourhoods , despite they are not the brother-in-arms of those who were like forgotten on Cyprus back in 1974 , not anymore . Hence the "youth" are buried in the ditches they dug (a figure of speech of sorts) despite their youthful debates and the like of how the future was bright , they were the only ones who could fight ISIL , so America would support them to bitter end and they would all end up with harems filled with girls from the West of the country , if not the West proper . They were the only men in the world .

it won the elections , too . Some sparkling performances , too . Little Imperialist outright threatening to start extra-judiciary killings in the East , how they knew every single suicide bomber of ISIL but could not arrest them before they blew themselves up ; you can really write full novels on whether the Police was taken off from road controls so that the bomber could pass unmolested and his act was followed by the Police tear gassing the wounded so that they could choke to death . Wait , maybe it's the tale of ISIL suicide bomber woman , that newspaper lying by the road r16 walks by . She has an award of 1.5 million liras on her head and she surrenders in January 2018 . No doubt related to maybe a different female ISIL type with 1.5 million liras on her head and released by the courts this last week , because obviously she is a proper woman and immediately re-arrested as New Turkey promises to fight ISIL in Syria after Trump leaves ? Hmm , maybe it was Congregation that placed the newspaper ?

america wants participation and even after the victory of seperatists buried in the ditches they dug , the PM polled 1.5% in the Army of Petrol , one and a half percent , despite America might have ordered Congregation to love the PM and they would love the PM and we are told 80-90% of the officers and NCOs were Congregation before the Disgrace of July 15th . In addition to an obviously possible 52% of the conscripts . Army of Petrol as a result invaded Syria on the 500th anniversary of Mercidabık , a victory of Ottomans over Egyptians , as evil Sisi toppled Brother Mursi ... To the tunes of Mehter music , too . They buried some seperatists in the ditches they dug , were rudely surprised by the sunnier Sunni brothers at El Bab , a strategically most important nowhere in Syria , because the idiot who will become the next Saudi King does not like Qatar and the Qatari proxies . That's the 4000 ISIL members killed you will hear a lot about in the coming weeks . Operation Euprates Shield won the referandum of 17 , Operation Olive Branch won the elections of 18 . They both involved burying Kurds in the ditches ; so , why didn't Mattis just order the chief of goverment generals to stop ? Surely Olive Branch happened in Mattis' watch ? ı can at least understand McMaster , who was once deployed upnorth to cleanse Tel Afer , some Turkoman ethnic concentration barring the route for the Kurdish pipeline , as the victor of Easting 73 . Who failed in some way , then ISIL came , then Barzanists ran in Sinjar , then finally Shia arrive and ISIL (entrusted to be defeated only by Kurds so that centuries old Ottoman placement of tribes be defeated and Kurdish pipeline secured) run and American plan is in ruins or whatever and McMaster practically begs New Turkey to find a way and New Turkey instead wins elections because Qatar needs Iran to use the gas fields and two bit Qatar bosses New Turkey more effectively than Barack spineless jerk Obama or the glorious stupendous godlike Orange Messiah ! Because the Saudis can not even kill their previous 2nd in command of intelligence silently , Mattis can not order New Turkey ? Can't ... Simply am not the guy to do justice in telling the religious craziness that permeates Western thinking . You know , right at a time some Ergenekon victim was on every TV telling those who didn't take to the streets during the night of the Disgrace of July 15th is a coward and somehow he still finds time to meet some mafia boss , ı don't know , lest he might slip on a banana peel or something ; you would think he alone was the only man in the country .

ergenekon victims are on TV a lot lately . A little heartbreak perhaps , seeing one talking that the Buffer Zone theory is not enough and we must go right down to Rakka . Yes , the victory is not a victory at all . As soon as the panic subsides , explanations come up in a flood . Because Al Crusading itself claimed the PM told Trump not to leave Syria , uhm , err , oh , what ? America leaving Syria means we going and killing all the Kurds and making sure no 'stan will ever happen , right ? As the whole A-K-P electioneering works with this concept for the last 3 years , right ? Al Crusading can not let Arabs of all stripes to think New Turkey has won an impressive victory over America so readily rubbishes the PM , who is taken to be a Qatari proxy by practically all Arabs of all stripes . Not to worry , Sunday's newspaper makes it clear that it was Netanyahu who begged to Trump , not to leave defenceless Israel to the mercy of evil Shia . So , it turns out Trump says New Turkey owns that part of Syria and can fight ISIL as well , if America provides the logistics , the PM himself says he offered to do so for logistics . New Turkey that has military bases in Qatar that deterred a Saudi invasion and a coup or two , New Turkey that feeds the helpless in Yemen , New Turkey that's just starting a station in Antarctica , needs American logistics for Syria ? Not really , Economic aid kind of stuff , 'cause fake economy is fake and European Commission was in the country a couple of weeks back asking whether the 3 billion Euros of aid for Syrian refugees was indeed being spent for the Syrian refugees . Now that only last week New Turkey jets went a whopping 180 kilometers beyond the border and attacked some seperatist caves , a record never achieved by the Republic , despite 1999 saw now extinct Turkish Air Force deploying F-16s to fly combat against the Serbs and one had a world record of 9 or 10 hours of flight duration for F-16s in a single sortie .

naturally ı know nothing . And because they do while others can only talk and America does not want participation and nobody reads CFC , Sunday's newspaper showed a picture of some -maybe- Harpoon analogue tested by New Turkey ; only because traitorous r16 like mocked their ballistic missile that scared the US Navy off Syria . Alas , too late , because the same traitorous r16 then watches some some TV interview where this guy tells of how the PM made or designed a missile with 2500 kilometer range . Right on the 'ing night of the day when r16 says "medium" and "intermediate" are like interchangeable in Turkish . The guy says he needs weapons , only weapons and not food or work , which then gets the typical loser Leftist commentary on the evils of whatever ... Still useful , because Cyprus and because America did not like this episode of playing chicken , the whole Arab Spring will turn out to be a super duper Zionist conspiracy to let Israel steal Lebanon's natural gas while Syria bled white and they still haven't sacked Qatar's ambrassador to Ankara for drilling off Cyprus with Exxon Mobile or implying the PM told Trump not to leave . Hence we are shown how New Turkey will defend its own interests in the Mediterranean , even if whatever . Greek Cypriots are also in , AKEL , the Commie bunch over there , "confesses" that Greeks killed almost 200 defenceless Turkish Cypriots in 1974 . ı know , one of the oldies who was there during the excavations told me . This for brotherliness , that we should be okay with them selling gas , that they are Commies while the ruling Greek Cypriots are evil EOKA and we should work with them as the ruling Greeks meanwhile sell the gas . You know , it's or maybe not r16 who maybe said and maybe didn't ; start the clock the moment Starfleet arrives and within 5 years 80% of the world's electricity will be fusion , with not a single nuclear or thermal (coal and gas and stuff) plant left . Will rip off a couple wind farms , too . Apparently deadly for migratory birds , if not parrots .

due to this end , Greeks are threatening to smash us all if we land on some piece of rock as they declare some EEZ or whatever to own the gas . ı don't know who's that we to land on some piece of rock , as there is only New Turkey , which has surrendered 18 or so islands and stuff , apparently one just off Crete , to the Greeks so that the New Turkey would get a share of all that gas to be sold . Hence , only because evil Kemalists would hear of his Greek counterpart talking , Hulusi Akar , the former chief of goverment generals talks : Provocations will be dealt with harshly ! See , America wants participation and feeling the PM is not that exactly an unifiying figure , wants a military "hero" . Who leads a SecDef to retire in disgust and shame as Mattis can not call Akar on the phone and tell him shut the f-word up ! You know , this on a week there are people who opinionate that Congregation stay behinds are fully in power and they are committing so many legal wrongdoings that it will be impossible to prosecute anyone and there will have to be a blanket amnesty ... Former chief of goverment generals then being a figure of the same for Army of Petrol , which still loses a couple of officers to be arrested as Congregation , you know , with Congregation clearing the path for him . New Turkey will be ready to challenge the statement as it is the fault of Işık Koşaner to retire . This was the last Chief of Staff of the now extinct Turkish Armed Forces , set about to retire in protest as America was with glisteningly wet eyes about the gods of war and ruined its "ally" of long standing with wild abandon ; Koşaner would be arrested , too . So , he made the last possible gesture , short of refusing Goverment demands to dismantle this or that and thus starting a civil war , with America hovering ready to intervene . You know , not on behalf of the Kemalists , long touted to be secret Jews and all that . He collected the top 4 commanders and them 5 agreed to resign ; only to see the commander of the Jandarma was not the Kemalist he claimed to be , or something . So , they had to declare he was left behind to over-see the smooth transition . So Ergenekon ran its course , brilliant officers were lumped together with drug runners and death squad runners - the Golden Generation was promoted much faster . ı try hard not to roll my eyes too hard everytime some Party guy tells how Congregation told lies of coup plotting and entered secret command centers and stole warplans and sold them abroad . Now that the same Party guy would call you a traitor and arrange Congregation arrest you , if you said the thing as it was happening . And yes , America ended the Ergenekon conspiracy and released the brilliant officers along with the drug runners and death squad runners , because America wants participation and if that fails and some splinter cell suddenly appears from nowhere and some stupid captain or major tells troops to fix bayonets , some Ergenekon victim must feel this is foreign conspiracy and walk to the troops and tell them not to . Just like they did on the very night . Even if the Disgrace of July 15th was still followed by a couple of weeks of TV propaganda that the troops were not to listen to the commands of officers if they were anti-Party in any way ; these were the days bread trucks were parked in the gates of tank parks and runways of jet bases . So , the general amnesty , when it happens , will release the Congregation , too . As said , to have a single point to explain all is very hard , but this is the hero we are now supposed to follow ... Only because he tied some tin cans to the tail of Mattis , if you are to believe the newspapers . There is this Vatan Partisi , run by the guy whom everyone in any of the Turkeys "knows" to be a British spy , hero of the country as he defeated Swiss attempts to make 1915 events an equal of Holocaust in Swiss courts , in jail during the Ergenekon Conspiracy , hater of the Kurds despite having done jailtime for interviewing the dear seperatist leader in like fullsome style , too . Says the country must unite behind Akar , because let me see , this New Turkey is on a "sefer" , a campaign against America . He seems to be failing to unite Ergenekon victims and in this instance , who am ı to find fault with Ergenekon victims ?

and you can see indignation in the eyes of people that ı didn't claim ownership of the victory . In the first place it's not a victory , America is changing the team on the field playing the game , just like Fatih il Imparatore Terim would say : "It's not over until we say it's over." Such catch phrases are all over the place , some whole strategy website laughed at me when ı was quite happy to be the last Turk in the world back in 2009ish . Turk was out , brotherhood of peoples was in , Turkish flag was an aberration and the whole Turkish history was written after 1940 in a pathetic attempt to ape Adolf , so it was Nazi [and we Turks being secret Jews had to be ashamed of ourselves] and the woman who said that on TV was NOT headcovered so ı could not even put that to the endless amoumts of Arabian petrodollars . Today , there are two types of 1 lira coins , the second variety with a Turkish flag image used by the PM for some election campaign and am of the generation that learned in school that the best sign for a state being independent in the old times was when it "cut" its own coins . And yet America demands participation and instead of brotherhood of peoples , we get TV series where Army of Petrol kills 50 seperatists every episode . Trailer of one : Presumable American officer is offended when only 7 people arrive to transport some evil something and the one of the Turkish dudes say "Being a Turk is tough. But not being a Turk is tougher because then you will have to fight the Turks." ı have seen dozens of not the sun with the naked eye and thermally warmed by their light on random planets , why couldn't ı invent this ? Some magazine editor actually warned some New Turkey smartie that he shouldn't mock those who founded the Republic and sure as hell lost his job and the smartie would still hold court as long as he wasn't too close to the Kurdish cause when everybody in Turkey was a Kurd .

it's not over until America says it's over , man . As for il Imperatore he is like doing nothing while leading Galatasaray ; we are told his long term plans are for directing the whole club , not just the football team . This year is amazing , A-K-P wants the Party team to be the champion but can not let the referees do the right thing , as the "3 Big Teams" have too much support and it might cost the Party politically . So the Party team is always at the top but never able to do it . This year , some industrialist become the club director of Fenerbahçe and the PM sees him as a possible contender in elections circa 2023 and Fenerbahçe might fall to second league this season . Never ever deemed possible and its not even down to the referees , as half the team does not even attempt to play . Because the millions of supporters Fenerbahçe claims to have would be offended and blame the PM , in addition asking for the head of the club director and simply because the same Fenerbahçe fans demonstrated in the streets , giving a defeat to the Congregation as it attempted to take over the club with the typical fake trial in 2011 . Because of that , Galatasaray and Beşiktaş are also bumbling around . The Party team will lift the cup and stuff and millions will not be offended because this year everybody sucks ... And it will be after the local elections anyhow .

completes it ? Not at all . Then there are those who know it better then me . Turkish like has a saying for everything and one says the deaf will make it up , instead of hearing . So ı have this odd feeling that this kid said he would prefer 6 million bullets and the girls laughed at it . See , you can never convince people you are not a secret Jew if you are not of the "norm" , let alone being a Jew is not a crime in itself . How ı would like to let him crp himself , but ı would surely get a fast reminder that 3 decades ago ı , too , was a brainless fifteen . He thinks the victory is nothing , will rush online to teach it everyone , too . Say , stuntwoman , whose fault is this , like obviously ? Should ı even attempt it in vain , despite his brilliant mind and undoubted prowess in any first person shooter on his computer and the girls could conceivably be accepted to Hitlerjugend despite the dark hair colours and he can surely grow a two meter beard ? Given just a little time , the thing is America (when it can dare doing it) will assign a full 60 million bullets to deal with us Turks for the final solution . You surely could outlast me as a Capo or was it Kapo ? But will get it in the end , because only 144 000 will be allowed to the Heaven on Earth and all the rest must die and everybody knows Ottomans saved them in 1492 and none of you people are "pure" , irregardless of whatever you want to think or love to say ...

this despite the brilliant machinery that keeps on purring . Just checking the movie had started or not , ı went across the so called state channel , in that 30 or so seconds , ı learned the Congregation will raise ballerinas where there are ballerinas ! The Congregation are also great pals with the Zionists ! Then the next day or so , ı see in some column that a young singer is writing a book of poems , which might turn out to be a heinous crime against whatever exists as the Turkish Literature . ı don't know how to define the young singer . Calling her a she-bieber might help , but would it be against forum rules or whatever ? Through that we learn ballerinas steal stuff , would translate it , only if ı could understand anything else from the two lines provided . Stuntwoman , ı don't know whose fault is this , except obviously yours ! Then there will be those who would accuse me of being so full of myself , pride and arrogance with claiming a victory , in case there was a victory . Whew , apparently there is even a guy who thinks he is on par with Atatürk (the same column assures us the next day) and this guy is even really on par with Atatürk (the same column assures us so) and this guy secretly likes the attention . Can't be me , Allah Be Praised , now that my English is clear enough to make people understand that ı would rather herd nerfs instead of dealing with the such . Especially in 1918 the invading powers were the Düvel-i Muazzama , the Great States that had won a victory with no equal in the history of the world , with England owning a quarter of the globe . While in 2018 it's the two bit Qatar that the average world map does not bother to show .

"fikri takip" (following the idea or something if translated directly) is when you follow affairs ; so it turns out signalling saves lives . On the segment to Eskişehir a head-on collison is averted in the nick of time , but no date is provided . ı know the route , my niece sometimes using it . Fast train between Ankara and Eskişehir and then taking the bus between Eskişehir and here saves an hour from the overall trip . Though the lack of date is interesting ; is this proof is precognition is developing in New Turkey and accidents might not happen if Starfleet Admirals shut up and maybe foot the bill , too ?

hmm , time to close the spoiler , my brain is like empty .


fake economy is fake so 10 000 Kurds must die .

with Kerch incident in mind , Russia might accidentally down an Army of Petrol jet and accidentally put the blame on USA , too . Americans blame Russia for Trump , as you might have seen on TV . America would smash New Turkey .

america leaves Syria . Will 10 000 Kurds die ? Of course , no . They might fight out of desperation and rudely shock Army of Petrol by accident . So , Mattis falls on his sword and New Turkey stops . Qatar lets the cat out .

israel accuses Army of Petrol as child murderers . And attacks PM seperately . Israel gets the deserved answer for both , but it's just a short term remedy . Naturally about 1974 and the now dead Turkish Military .

so two actors , famous since 1970s , reportedly talk on Main Opposition TV and "threaten" to hang the PM . Reportedly , because such things do not need to be real . And if they did it for real , ı hope they were paid well enough , because people doing that for New Turkey , well , ı wouldn't know what to say . Expect at least 15 days of debate on that , in the same vein with some CHP MP "losing" the referandum with a single sentence . 52% is amazing , you know , nothing can shake them and TV debates offer hours long segments on how they would vote some other way but for the evil loser Kemalists ... Like talking on how non-democracies [might] end Duce style . Essentially the "right" thing to say on a week that has footage evidence that "Muslims" call lottery a sin , but not only allow lottery happen , but fix the Turkish "Lotto" , too . Maybe am wrong in thinking "Muslims" are all about dying for the glory of Qatar ? But as ı said , others are expected to do the dying .

simple , understood everything ? Oh , if ı was that simple , you people wouldn't love me at all ... Apart from the fact that you don't , but this will not convince people . They are once again trying to convert the local antipathy against me into votes , this time with suggesting or not suggesting ı consider myself equal of stuff . ı had encountered this only once , as a joke amongst possible university students , but ı feel ı should bud it in the nip , right away ...
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the only "exciting" thing to happen on Friday 28th was that ı might have stepped on excrement . Walking home , ı stepped out of pavement and was it wet soil ? Otherwise not a year-end evaluation of 2018 , in which we might and should have destroyed the US 365 times already .

Spoiler :

they used to make Kurds out of sturdier stuff . Instead of getting killed by thousands so that A-K-P might win the elections (just like it happened in January of 2018 itself) they call on Damascus to protect their country ... Oh , the calling happened back then , too . And New Turkey heroically bombed some trucks of Shia , but then America was there to protect New Turkey . Uh , ı was naturally accused of Syrians flying or not flying their flag over Menbij ; ı don't know why this never happens , this "r16 is responsible!" thing when New Turkey "wins" something , apparently ı didn't warn people that it would happen ? For the extreme new-comers , America loves New Turkey , but not the Turks (especially those who think the Republic established in 1923 was a good thing) on the basis of because ; and America holds New Turkey's hand as New Turkey talks the talk and walks the walk . America would "oppose" New Turkey electioneering in Syria , New Turkey would heroically overcome all opposition and clear another 5000 sq kilometers and so on . Trump's smart move in abandoning Syria , because Barack Obama cleared every single obstacle in the way of New Turkey to go and fight Iran and New Turkey simply wouldn't , because the Party is composed of those who want to enjoy the fruits of their victory over Turkey , 20 or 30 thousand deaths in a month would ruin their ratings and the like , they would actually be expected to volunteer for duty in the frontline , too . Uh , they instead go to Moscow and offer things only God knows , so that Russia would stop Syrians .

am a Turk , major strategic threat "is" a Kurdish Nation State , which is supposed to encourage the millions of people of Kurdish extraction to rebel , street battles or simple massacres where neighbour kills neighbour . So , when Syrian flag flies over Menbij today , East of Euphrates tomorrow is a win for Turkey , because Syrians are "battle-hardened" and they can viciously massacre and stuff their Kurds if they try to secede and stuff and yet are also battle weary ; it would be a decade or the like before they felt willing enough to support the seperatists to the level they did in the 1980s and 90s . It's not a win for New Turkey , which is in practical terms an Arab country , with major Kurdish "participation" , because America hates our "Whiteness" and wants to dilute us , or whatever .


misak-ı Milli is the war aims for which the ex-Ottoman Army was put to work in 1919-20 timeframe . Saving the borders on the day the Mondros Ceasefire agreement was signed . Which the British immediately violated , within hours . Wishing to protect the Iranian oilfields by capturing Iraq which apparently has massive reserves itself and controlling more of the Kurds to create instability ; because there are just a few Brits who know there would be those to re-start as soon as the Spanish Influenza stopped or whatever . This is the entire Musul issue . Meanwhile Halep was lost in 1918 , Kemalism uses much of the fact that the current Syrian-Turkish border was defined by Mustafa Kemal as he finally stopped British pursuit across Syria

see something amiss ? It should include Musul which was stolen but still far above of Kerkük , but not Halep . Let alone Selanik and the like which was signed off in 1913 ? This is not one of the better variety where the Southern borders are like ruler drawn to possibly include Lebanon , because brother Hariris were given an easy 3.6 billion US dollars of loot from the privatized telecommunication company . The justification for letting loose on Syria being its borders were drawn by a ruler and it wasn't a real country and they would roll over and die and accept enlightened New Turkey rule . While the one here is linled to one Erkan Afyoncu , who runs the so called national defence academy established after the Disgrace of July 15th and it's like not totally official . Party wants people to fight and die and stuff , because they ? This being in the name of us Turks and not Qatar and am the biggest traitor if all for questioning the right to liberate the birthplace of venerated Atatürk ? ı was running a search on the laptop to see whether ı had a map at home to save time at the web cafe and came up on a post of mine , when ı had 1900 posts on CFC

'cause the transformation to achieve the shining success story has been almost radioactive . 'Cause the future was so glorious and 'cause there surely had to be fools and traitors to oppose all that , the smarties have not shied from creation of two "Nations" : One that "votes" for the transformation and everything it implies and one that votes not . With proper shows of force wherever applicable or not . Whenever anybody opposes one single tenet of any Goverment planning , Goverment Ministers give lectures on the virtues of Democracy and elections which in effect says "Shut the Foxtrot up, we have more than 50% of the vote." One "glorious" moment in the Gezi events was all those newly elites declaring eternal respect for the "leadership" of the Gezi and anybody that opposed ; only if the people in question accepted to be of the "Other" . Translated as Jews for the benefit of dumber people in CFC ... Yeah , you can not be a Turk if you oppose in the new Turkey . The Western Media will not yet report on this , nor on the rabidly outspoken Opposition MP who declared that had this been the 1940s anybody who didn't "think the same" would have been sent to the gas chambers . With "correct" or "corrected" documentation . Of course [B not true ; [/B] she actually said "You would make soap out of us all."

part of a rant on January 1st , 2014 . New Turkey was founded by "Muslims" ; America unsure which way to go allowed their cohesion to lapse and Congregation is now bad ; ı don't exactly remember the MP , but she might be the one that started a new party , got perhaps 0.1% of the vote , so that America could teach us Turks that we didn't have popular support ; and Jew part fully relevant as New Turkey walks on water and those times it can't is only due to some evil lurking behind the scenes . Party people actually were very happy when some New Turkey thinker gave a speech during which she said if George Orwell was there in the hall with them , he would give a standing ovation . No doubt at this full realisation of 1984 .

so , on the day the Syrians did or didn't fly their flag over Menbij , the thing was supposed to be this glorious test of New Turkey bunker buster , a Mk 83 bomb shape run to 1000 knots on rails , for which no doubt some American company sold the blueprints and all for a good nice price , too . Because evil people hide in caves and bunkers and America does the same , releasing some penetrating bomb test and the likes of North Korea tremble in fear . Should have stopped Syrians dead cold ; also shows how fast New Turkey is . After the train collision . Which might maybe have been averted if they had allowed the signalisation to happen . The route had the systems for a slower service , which was taken down after the speeds were increased , but not put back , despite the money for it was paid to the company as if the company had done the job . The Last Prime Minister bragged the line was built in record time and it had signalisation , too . So that Goverment inspectors would be frightened to report on it , to say the least . Just like they rushed the PM's airport to be opened on October 29th , and no they failed to carry all the operations from Istanbul's 1st airport on the day . They also failed for today and will do it by March 2019 . Relaxed and planned work , even if the airport is solely a money making thing , might saved some of the 30 to 100 workers who died during the construction . Which is nowhere near the achievements of our Qatari masters , who handled 2200 odd dead Nepalis for the stadiums for some World Cup ; don't know how many Gurkhas the Brits lost since the WW II ... And the airport might have a yet another grand opening in March , too . The talk is the specs was changed and the filled the area with 45 centimeters of stuff instead of some required 125 , and the area being an ex-lake behaved as it has in the past million years and was filled with water . Lake as a word replaced by a insignificant "amount of water" doesn't convert lakes into insignificant water areas , but it sure allows the pocketing of a reported billion US Dollars . Me being an idiot , ı was thinking they were carrying too much soil around to get money , turns out they have been protecting the nature with far less movements .

serves a purpose . In which we have all seen the New Turkey is undefeatable , New Turkey always gets what it wants , even in the cases where they have to pander to the Russians . Who , as my rant 5 years ago references , were accused of conspiring to bring about the December 17/25th Coup attempts , in which Congregation TV crews were ready to film the billons of cash that would be captured in the PM's house ; and as everybody knows 1984 does not require it to be real , they would have simply trucked a couple of truckloads from the central bank ... No point in linking the post , as history will record Xenforo fails to place correct characters when posts are better left unreadable , but some point in reminding that many young Russian men will be proud to think Putin and his Defence Minister being virile enough to score in some hockey game in the Kremlin Square as they cook off alongside ammunition as their tanks are handled , now that saying the disgrace in Syria must end is thing that makes people smile at the stupidity . Russians were of course accused instigating the troubles as smarties didn't know which way it would go , but were all surprised at the in-fighting . Of the characters in that post , former advisor to PM- then the dean of an university went to jail as Congregation , The Voice of Counter-Revolution first became a deputy chief of Hülya Koçyiğit and just a few are not traitors committee , during which she told anyone who would listen that Kurds were not bad and 'stan would be good and became a semi-traitor as the seperatists tried to abandon Islamists and work with America directly and A-K-P's single reason to exist , to faciliate the establishment of 'stan , that Kurdish Nation State , suddenly became an infamous lie . The third they both tried to shut up , because Orcs and Ogres and Urukhais were being driven nuts by the account of how America was spent , America was going to Pasific and America would leave the Middle East to locals and we just had to be more Sunni ? Don't know but no doubt he has some cushy job .

because , despite all the talk about Donald Trump , Americans are smart , they give the talking points and smarties do the talk . Without much consideration obout the whys and hows , they will readily tell us that the US is not a colossus that never fails ! Just like they are talking about the American withdrawal ; Americans can fail as much as anyone else ! The venue is a TV debate , in which we learn we were taught a wrong history , there were no clearly distinct periods of Ottomans , Expansion or Rise /Stagnation /Fall classification is wrong . Right before Fatih conquered Istanbul , his father was badly defeated and had to sign the Peace of 1444 , surrendering two fortresses , too . Only because New Turkey wants us to believe it's the true heir to Ottomans , Republic being a "paranthesis" during which everything rotted and all the talk is about the unstoppable rise of gloriously glorious , yet strangely New Turkey stops destroying evil schemes of America guided by the Zionist Conspiracy , as soon America hints New Turkey is now a big boy and New Turkey must fight the good fight , without American cover . We even learn there is no 500 years old conspiracy to stop us being Muslims or exist in Anatolia , which would be a thousand years thing ; Ottomans were playing a good PR game with existantial threat thing ; because New Turkey can not invade Syria without American permission and might go around waiting for a couple of months , even missing the local elections , there is no existantial threat , too . It's just a politicians' game , but the Republic's playing was a lot worse . These are not the beardies you might expect , being more attuned to impress a "Leftist" audience . Beardies are occupied elsewhere , because America might put New Turkey in Syria to fight ISIL . Accordingly , some expert has said something about Kuran in a group of 100 academicians online and some of the group declare he must confess to a group of peers -otherwise he should be killed . Because ISIL would condemn New Turkey as infidels , New Turkey "proves" it's of the proper mindset , because those Syrian beardies to be impressed by the splendour of New Turkey are capable of eating hearts . As they will do here , too , once America orders them to .

was ı impressed with the TV debate ? No , was watching some modern Chinese movie instead . Involves the death of some Chinese emperor in 1624 , attempted occupation of China , some martial arts , some swordplay . Was even more sure this white haired witch of whom ı have seen once or twice more on TV stuff is a "platinium" blonde with coloured eyes , which is not in the Chinese gene pool , but their merchants might have seen or whatever during their travels . Hyrkania you say ? Ain't that fiction itself ? Might even rant against American Corn business , now that that also comes to mind , with this talking of the movies . As it seems , some South Korean company owns the largest number of movie theaters in the country and it's raising the ticket prices and the movie makers complain they don't get their due . It's like the company allows you watch a movie as a bonus , if you buy a bucket of popcorn . Of course there's no economic trouble in the country and it might not go much worse as soon as the local election results are in and movies are an extra that you can do without . ı have a movie a year , which in itself is not exactly true . Attack of Clones was my first movie experience in maybe half a decade, took 3 years to the Revenge of the Sith , a year to Clone Wars and all that gap until Disney and yeah , ı have seen every SW movie and exactly nothing else since late 1990s ... Wait , ı took the nephew to the first Bale Batman but it had changed and we saw the Stealth instead ; all hail Jessica Biel and that makes two additional movies , but the fact remains . Movies are not essential , you can save money by not going . If the crisis is going to be big and all the makers release their work , they might get 20% of the previous overall admissions , would look bad on them , with "proof" that they no longer know how to make movies . Hence 5 days of arguments and counter arguments in the magazine supplement of the former pinnacle of yellow journalism in the country . They are no longer yellow , being printed with pink ink ; nothing goes wrong in the country or something like that . Because the daily release involved the armed variety of the trainer 100% developed by entirely Turkish and now New Turkey engineers after it was bought from South Korea where it was developed 100% by South Koreans after originating with Pilatus - which is at least in plane business at least since the 1950s , yes because that involves a manned plane , the newspaper does not allow us to forget the 2nd son-in-law of the PM is working on unmanned planes and now has his pilot licence , too .

in addition to see-saw affairs of the country . Some University dean goes the legal contracting , hiring a car for his official use . Has 30 demands , like electrically heated seats . And must do at least 232 kilometers per hour . Not 230 , as we being some metric country . Apparently all 30 that can be met only by some Audi and he defends himself that he didn't ask for a Ferrari . Not a car person at all , but am yet to hear a 4 door Ferrari , he wouldn't look important if he sat next to his driver , right ? Because we are fighting evil American economic attacks , he also demands last one out of the classroom to turn off the lights ; the yearly cost of an hired Audi of that kind is apparently 80 to 90 000 dollars at the current exchange rate . The top religious official of the town is supposedly on the news , reminding some Oppositon website of Charlie Hebdo and repenting is possible only before death . "Muslims" apparently love their state paid Audis , if Benzes it might be harder for them to claim they were humble sons of the Nation .

or the MP from the Party . Pictured with his feet on the table in his office , he gets attacked with attacking the honour and the sanctity ofthe Parliament . He is actually all about that . Some motorcycle racer , chosen by the PM , winning the top spot at the race at PM's airport , beating an F-16 and a Formula I guy (because the F1 guy really knows his job) , breaking a world record at the opening some bridge , having "advisors" that scream out as "Jackal" with their newspaper picture , he has a visiting card printed that says "Senator" . Because the Parliament that founded the Republic of 1923 might attempt to limit the powers of A-K-P , it has to be made insignificant . 1984 means nothing to a generation of Youth and when the times come the youthful cheerful senator will show those Opposition losers their place . The generation of Youth expected to laugh with the senator , then fight the wars the senator will avoid joining himself . Of that ı would have no doubts , now that whole town laughs at me for not dating State Department people even if ı myself said it was no date thing . Accordingly the senator is made to apologise , as it's not his time to close down the Parliament , to which he once drove a Ferrari . There has to be a Senate which will be filled by the PM , now that the ever rising ever expanding New Turkey will run out accolades to heap on its supporters , who can not be expected to be seated next to average Leftist Kemalist losers who will be elected to the Parliament .

or the Speaker of the Parliament , better known as the Last Prime Minister , will run for the mayor of Istanbul . Which is against the Constitution ; as the Speaker he has to be "unbiased" and can not take part in political affairs . But it has won the PM stuff , being against the Constitution and showing he is breaking the laws and traditions and they wanna keep the magic on . This is the degradation of standarts and the like , promise to masses that they do not need to strive , because as long as the masses are loyal to the political authority , the political authority will make losers slave hard enough to make the masses live the Dolce Vita . That there's no Right , but only Might . Local Councils are supposedly coming , Democracy for the masses and the like and local party Faithful can too become Speakers of their neighbourhood parliaments . Invented also by Kaddafi but the current example is from Venezuella , as the Cuban advisors have made them intelligence hubs to keep Chavez / Maduro in charge . As seperatists called in Damascus , the news here was more about the glorious service the Police carried out in the service of the country . 2600 locations raided in Istanbul in one night , 900 convicted criminals arrested . Actually regular happenstance , every Police check must break the previous record . The Police has its own movie about the Disgrace of the July 15th , the trailer claiming they will fight the evil Congregation with their pistols and a couple of hunting rifles . Because it's cool . because they do not want the Youth think that the hunting rifles were set free and stuff by the A-K-P , under American advice , as a first thing first . When a la Algeria option was given up and all lights were Green for Congregation , laws allowed the Police to operate artillery and submarines and what not . An American trick , arming the Police to cover the Congregation's Army . And as if the Police officials and the like did not brag in the immediate aftermath of the Disgrace that their new armoured vehicle by the name of Ejder defeated the evil air attacks by its remote controlled weapon station . Even shooting down a RAH-66 Comanche , if you are ready to believe newspaper drawings . Am pretty sure America made the Last Prime Minister retract that in person , after the typical Party journo asked the question ready to be answered .

or ordinary people telling TV crews doing random interviews on the street that they are afraid to talk what they think about the Party . They might say something wrong . Because of that and the Party readily talks of decreased services and the like , the actors affair in the December 24th post . Cities might "suffer" if they do not vote Party , so one claims America does not like those who work with Russia and might maybe topple the PM , so cities must grind the teeth and vote Opposition , too . His "humbled" looks caused much orgasmic rejoicing amongst the Party faithful , lemme tell ya . This is all about the fish rated memory capacity of this country , Party watches every channel and waits for two days for many of TV watchers to forget what was actually said , briefing the Party trolls at the same time , then the storm ensues . There's this "anti-Capitalist" guy , also an Islamist who tweets every Friday , counting the weeks since the Party claimed that 50 to 70 half naked men attacked an headcovered mother and her baby daughter , beating both and urinating on both , within 45 seconds in the middle of a city of 17 millions in broad daylight and evil Congregation had deleted the tapes and yet they were recovered and they would be shown on TV . The weeks are like 260 odd something . Well , Americans have already forgotten they were shown a bit of teeth , already .

ı naturally blame the Stuntwoman . Because no-one in Ankara can bring themselves to believe that America is exasperated about their laggardness in fighting the evil Shia , some even think that there are Jews unhappy with their mighty project , namely the US , being so cozy with heart-eaters and they are slowly pulling the rug under righteous people's feet . Hence another loss of some voice of "sanity" . Some former diplomat during the era of Republic , him hinting at times he was also into affairs of "Intelligence" . Suddenly he turns like Kemalist , that should be no Kurdish "presence" be left in Syria , even if ı would translate that as "entity" . Wait , he goes like "Arap, çorap" ... Deragatory with rhyming Arab with socks , but certainly not as much as an English version like , say , Arab crp . So , maybe Stuntwoman , of all people , might be onto something and Ankara like immediately produces some Arabo-Kurdish hater , much better speaker of English , too . So , how about not ruining my life , huh ? ı can't watch one single TV debate without having some heart attack !

edit of January 4th

Spoiler :

pendelum still swinging at Kurd-loving instead of Kurd-killing ; Kurd is just a citizen of the country or even a more horrible version of Kurd is an human being with like inalienable rights having no place in the gloriously glorious New Turkey . Accordingly the hero of Afrin is demoted and the Hour of Opposition joins the masses of those who want to spin a yet another heroic epic out of this ; accordingly we hear he fell into disagreements with the former chief of goverment generals over the timing of the 3rd Jihad in Syria , mentioning Necip Torumtay who resigned before the Desert Storm of 1991 . Supposedly opposing Santa Turgut's jihad of occupying Musul and then suddenly Kerkük . And actually not . NATO warplans and the like had the option of rushing massive amounts of airpower to the flank zones in WW III , so that the weaker Southern "fronts" of the USSR would be overcame faster , nodes of supply and the like hit from the "back" by withering aerial ordnance and the sole requirement from the now extinct Turkish Armed Forces would be to keep the airfields open and (being not so rich in tables of equipment) the units would be delegated tasks fit for lower formations and thus concentrated into locations . Unlike the "really informed" opinion of the West , our ancients knew there would be dedicated members of Spetsnaz and they were to be left no openings to infiltrate . So , Torumtay threw a fit when he understood he would be like a corps commander ; such a step back from the famous 1980s when the generals could make lists of women who they would like in bed and Kenan Evren would extract the "concessions" from the Americans who were arming Turkey for eventual war . "Huh?" is your feeling ? Don't worry , this is going to be a r16 post .

pink newspapers hint the spat arises from the hero of Afrin wanting two of his staff be given medals and refused . See , another case of a commander growing too big for his boots ; just like the general who like put down the Disgrace of July 15th was moved to a passive post , because he was too happy with his fame and thought he might one day get the top spot ; while no one but the PM will be able to move the former chief of goverment generals from the top . He would retire due to age and instantly become a nothing , also hated by his former colleaguages he sold for not even 30 silvers . Made a secretary of the palace cabinet , he can rule the Army of Petrol until the day he dies .

and of course stll wrong . Hero of Afrin publicly kicked out as A-K-P needs every single vote it can get , makes fraud easier , allowing concentration into spots , instead of doing stuff all over the West , where people are as well educated as any in the East and yet the Police can not exactly shoot people . Kurd loving . Actually the hero of Afrin was a Corps commander and the like at the Disgrace , when the commander of the 2nd Army was removed , he got the 4 star job with 3 stars on his shoulder . More to the point , he was involved in electioneering . As a "commander" he is supposed to be neutral and yet when the PM lambasted Ince (some guy in the first posts of this thread) at some dinner he applauded heartily , in smiles so that cameras could record him . So stunning that the relevant A-K-P regional boss was taped looking at him with disbelief . An action you can trace to US , who wants us to know that the Army of Petrol is NOT the one that founded the Republic . Hello , hallo , hullo , am saying that the TSK is dead for years , right ? Ince promised to rip rank tabs off the hero of Afrin when he became the President , so the Party could prove the godless Opposition did not respect the Turkish soldier and the existantial fight against the America and its Kurdish toadies , in a country of 80 millions , that might have swung 8 votes , am willing to grant you that ...

in a thing there will be 10 million claims that it's unrelevant , Adriana Lima claims it was the pink media of New Turkey that claimed she was in in love with a man of New Turkey , proving the superiority of New Turkey who does over who only talks . Pink media claims she will be back in love , as the news came on a day when this lover of hers declared himself to be an angel investor . Surely nothing about State Department creating leverage as it might have caused anger in one that couldn't and they claim they are not insulting people you know and don't know , right and left , up and down . They will also claim they are not behind the great news , that there will be "depth" to campaigning , some paper that states in this country the Right is actually Left and the Left is actually Right . You say "meh!" , with revelations of long standing background that Nazis were actually liberal Bolshevik Social Democrats ? ı give you "bah!" and not only because ı have a piece somewhere on how they are based on Environmentalists . This the age of Bolsanaro , riding a Rolls Royce to Inaguaration , with cavalry escorts who can still ride down demonstrators in the 21st Century as like the single use ... So that he promises the Brazilian flag will no longer be Red and he promises his own blood to keep it Yellow and Green , he promises to liberate the country from Socialism . ı saw clips of his wife watching the sign language people with like interest . This being Brazil , the people are practically dancing , right ? ı would claim she was in some disdain , turns out she also knows the sign language thing , but ı would assume she wasn't that agile when she did her part in translating Bolsanaro . You know , White being closest to the muster race , with Browns and Blacks closer to animals and the like , White must be solemn and the like . "Yawn!" is the response ? Well , you are entitled to it , when reading some random gibberish nonsense that has the temerity to question American wisdom in creating new grand feelings for Turks , that America will not kill them , if they see the light and accept things Turks know not to be remotely true in any case .

especially at a time when the newspapers have the leader of the almost racists presented a head of a wolf in a glass display case . Not that ı have ever prayed to any wolf god , nor ı know anyone who ever has . See , when America inherited the almost racists from the Nazis in 1944 , they also had the notion that there was a group of people ready to be pagans back again and wolf had such status , despite they would never talk of it as such , because America knew the original cadres were identified by Nazis as camp guard material . Until early 1990s or something at some rural rally this statue of a wolf was being carried over the heads of people to be seen next to the "fuehrer" of the movement when he icily cut it down , called it an idol and ordered it back . A "put" in Turkish lacks many of possible charms of the word idol , with putperest being what you call a pagan . This was when America had decided on the beardie option , Congregation to stab the Turks in the back , Jihadists to rape the women and some Arabized population to applause and chant encouragement to the heroic deeds . America claims victory , man , despite we ain't no wolves or whatever . My advice of feeding some Americans to dire wolves or even wargs have been turned down , with the retort that "Are we Americans?" Nor it would be cool , when ı play Middle Earth exclusively as Civ III .

why ı fail , so distressingly and so regularly , to convey the idea ? Can it be that (apparently ı have suffered long enough and the new year is a good time that ı can be changed and live a bit is a notion) that's being patiently told to Americans ? Instead of telling them to go to hell or even better , shooting a couple of them while at it , as it would inevitably get some attention ? Why are we good enough to make it possible for these low rank people avoid much of an embrassment in Senate hearings , for they will happen , because one of these days even the good old ancients will be fed up ?

a quick reminder of what ı am and am not . Not real but truly an idiot .

when younger , things are easier and brighter . Don't have a job and do not want to risk health coverage , for ı might need much more when ı count my years to 60 , instead of 50 . When younger , you gums are down , getting old , they start moving up , opening up the root of the tooth . When you have these "bridges" in your mouth , this means you can't brush this teeth that has been cut down to fit the thing and it's open to rot and you will bear the pain for 6 months . To see the teeth extrracted and re-live the experience in like 2 years again . Reason to destroy the US ? Uhm , why not ? That created ISIL to ease the Kurdish Nation State to kill us all in Civil War being not good enough ? And like skittish whenever they come so close as if some wolf will bite their backsides ?

not many have taken pity on me . Was always available to be laughed at or whatever . Until the splendour of working conditions arose a negativity or whatever in Lady Vader , some smack on the head of Lord Vader and voila , r16 is on the map . As an idiot , on some website he is not welcome , as like the single voice that it won't do , that it will never do . No need to arm me with stuff , too . All ı had to do was being right 10 times in a row ; now that the superior races of the world , or simply the West can not believe it's ever possible . Oh-kay , ı said it won't do . Oh-kay , ı even said somewhere else that F-35 has no place in the Turkish Air Force at a time Congregation was given a full list of people to arrest , Party had the agenda to create a new kind of military might and America had no more actual need to have backdoors to blow us up , inside the shelters , even before taking off . Oh-kay , that made people angry and they trolled me with silly pictures of flying women and the moderators immediately cut me down , with me enumarating how the women would be able to do that , 'cause no one likes some monkey talking back . Just like they are sitting on my post about Tornados and F-18Ls and what not , despite BAe being ready to grant me a pardon , you know , so that they will be able to insult people , me included , with building a jet for Qatari aspirations . Despite years after Lockmart lifting the ban , meanwhile blaiming the Chinese for the stuff and New Turkey heroically declaring that they have fixed the bomb-bay doors on the McDD F-4E Phantom II and they even trolled me for saying "Oh, really?" . Oh-kay , ı even said ho ho hell no , we won't go .

at a time when all the people in chains are those who were put in place by the Party , at a time when Russia has come back , this only means , what's it , 5 years ? That America wants to establish a "relationship" , so that they will prove they have our agreement to anything they wish , despite we won't agree to anything at all and ever . Just like they got some Syrian Army units to rebel , that the Turk was dead , that he wouldn't come back , that it was proven by the wimp and limp resistance offered to Ergenekon Conspiracy and all they had to rise and the all those massive arms depots established by the Russians to proxy fight the Turk (not Israel as you Americans are wont to imagine) would be readily bombed by Obama , the secret Muslim under the thumb of 21st Century Arabs . A stroll in the park ... Contrary to imaginations , the whole knows you actually avoid making the Turks angry , like by all means and at all costs .

just wait the locals read a ton of stuff into that . ı was this bright eyed kid in primary school , a fool but still of adequate performance and the like at like "not-in-the-city" institution . Anatolian High was the name of the game , and ı was the only person that year to gain an entrance . Not because my classmates were not my equals while ı was so bright , but the competition was stiff and ı barely made it , too . Inal Ertekin , let's name the competition , shall we ? A school in the city , prepared kids like race horses from 1st class , while we in the "suburbs" would be able to afford "courses" only at the 5th grade , while the rich kids might be able to get some at the 4th . Courses would be a second school to attend , like 4 hours each at Saturday and Sunday , even there were those who had them before or after the state school in the weekdays . Course taught you the ways of answering multiple choice tests , reinforced state education with stress on things that might be asked and they could make or break you . This is where the power of Congregation comes from . My father had even less schooling than my mother but both knew the value of a diploma , they would still support me to the best of their ability to try for a good university , both working and earning good enough for the location and times . While if a kid in Anatolia and stuff did not make it in the specific State Exam for grants , it was very possible for him to start working in some shop by the age of 15 , because the parents would not be able to support his schooling any longer . Congregation courses made their students win exams . Nobody minded the religious indoctrination , either , most of the time . ı nailed State Exam for grants , too , easier and just in case . If no spots were left in Anatolian High , poor young fool r16 might be packed to some boarding school , just like my Anatolian High had student dormitories . ı readily understood parents wanted their kids to win . We had this family who was renting the lower floor of the house , with a single son . Must be about 10 years younger than me and he was sent to some Congregation course , he had a nervous breakdown , unable to take it and that also broke the marriage of his parents . ı was appalled . That everybody knew about the indocrination and this is the good old 1990s when everybody is talking about the creeping religious extremism and they had these tall buildings in the middle of city and nobody did a thing .

oh , if ı was a parent in the 1980s and had kids ? Off to Inal Ertekin , despite the racehorse thing . ı took a session of university entrance exams in their building , no gold covered doors and paint even flaking off the walls in spots and when ı learned enough English to read the Time or Newsweek , ı was amazed at the Japanese kids , out of home 07.00 to 22.00 , at school , State and supplementary . And ı wasn't ready for the race . Back in primary school we were given marks 1 to 5 , 5 being tops . Made into a system of 1 to 10 in high school as efforts had to be graded more carefully . In primary school you could get straight fives by sitting silently in your desk . In my 5th year , some woman Deputy Principal arrived in school and gave me a four for PT and a four for music . Piece of fat and still can't sing or play anything and these were the only non fives ı ever had on my year end notifications you would take to your parents and be rewarded . Bıcycles even , for those who were willing to ride 'em . The first time ı got a "zayıf" at Anatolian High at some quiz , ı cried at the break . 1 to 2 at primary scale , 0-4 at highschool style . By the time ı got to university ı was long past caring , can't even tell if ı was ever rated F to A style or whatever . Would have a proud record of straight Gs , ı think .

music lessons were also the place ı quickly learned ı was a piece of sht and in democracies your opinion wasn't worth a damn . Never had a need to play an instrument in primary school and it was clear ı would never be able to hack it , the damned flute . At least it was cheap enough to swing as a light saber . This second teacher made some impression , telling of the days he was playing Turkish folk songs on the music-school piano when he himself a student in the 1970s , despite the bans , hail the Rights of the Individual , Modernity , stuff ı either can't remember or didn't catch at the time . Rose up at class and said ı had no experience and simply couldn't . Looked at me as the crp ı was , said things . If ı was Inal Ertekin , he wouldn't . Not only because my parents would be rich , but Inal Ertekin would never let me graduate . If all failed , they would teach me the mandoline or piano or whatever . ı hear , in later years , a guitar is much more impressive , especially when you make contact , really impression making , too . Anyhow , these early years ı was good enough to make the grades in maths and the like and he couldn't make me repeat classes with one single failed subject .

his final year , as we would soon be divided into "Social" and "Science" branches to prepare more intently for university and no more hours for the music and for years ı had been taking full advantage of simple written exam you could get through with memorizing stuff , and writing a couple of musical notes . To play the flute ! He rose up from the teacher's table and sat in the empty desk in front of mine , looking down on me , no doubt as a parting shot , so that ı would remember my disgrace for an eternity . Silence in the class as he possibly had never done such a thing previously . My deskmate's jaw fell open a bit , so would mine if ı didn't have to keep playing . Being an idiot , ı actually thanked the teacher for the 7 he gave me , me believing 5 or 6 was its worth , despite being my top performance ever . If Anatolian High was an American or European school , ı would have got laid that night . Possibly next night , too , by some different girl . Ever had the experience ? In trouble and you involuntarily reach out and the light saber appears from nowhere and automatically , not knowing what you are doing , you take the stance and the blue shaft appears and the guy is confused by the intent in your eyes ? No , that last didn't happen to me ... But possibly the reason why ı have this lingering feeling that when the city learned ı was going to be kicked out of the museum as soon as the competition was over , the music teacher was among the last visitors , to see the idiot in place , to have the last laugh , the proof of saying he had it years ago , that ı was a piece of sht .

now , museums can be interesting for those interested and boring for those not interested . Another good thing from r16 to write with gold letters on soıme wall ! Some Inal Ertekin from Istanbul or whatever , on a weekend tour . Parents are promised the kids will have a good time and gain some culture with seeing the mosques and museums , at least have a dish or two of famous local food . Kids disagree , breaking into posses and generally going in the same direction with their teachers and tour guides but like not the same place . We were 4 guides and ı was more than happy to see the other 3 having groups and the like while ı held the basement and called upstairs only when the 3 were already occupied . So , ı arrived to see the principal or similarly high ranking teacher begging the kids to keep silent . No doubt they were thinking they would get a drone for the next hour . Right away ı told them it would be mercifully quick and somehow my voice wasn't cracking that day . Took those 50 kids into the gallery , they aware they could ask if anything grabbed their attention , things otherwise short . Even crisp if ı might dare saying . Those who didn't want arranged themselves to behind , but they were never too far back , those who wanted got extra information to the best of my ability . Their teachers were proud of them by the end of the tour . A little pride in yours idiotly , too . So when real Inal Ertekin of 2000s arrived and they were a mob , ı was confident enough to tell the teacher she shouldn't worry , ı could handle them . Having gone to Anatolian High with Inal Ertekin bunch , possibly their parents , even . Where ı was wrong ? The Istanbul bunch was about 15 and these likely just about 10 ? Or was it the fact that the kids already knew ı was gay , a fool , an idiot , a loser , wanna be spy , liar , shame of the century ? What did ı do to them ? The teacher no doubt knew meaning of all those words and she -too- greatly enjoyed the spectacle . I could have out shouted the little rascals , am of the firm opinion but to what end ? Using power requires more power , true , but one should finally make a line in the sand and make a stand and make a little wall with severed heads , otherwise all you'll get is a new generation that thinks the ancestor tales are dumb tales and nothing else ; walls have been forgotten is all ı can say . An example must be made .

ı have no problems with being an idiot . Now that ı am , to say the least .

having to repeat it a million times doesn't hurt either . Knew ı was hated and laughed at at the same time , despite having done nothing . It was so nice . ı used to have a favourite English teacher at Anatolian High , smiling to everyone and not just to an idiot beneath contempt , now that there were also those and ı couldn't tell the context to understand why this guy was about wet himself with laughter ready to burst out . Anyhow , this English teacher one day came and ı saw him and said hi and he ignored me with the typical nice attitude . Twice more if not thrice . Did ı ever mention ı know what rage is , when it's swelling up ? ı saw him once again on the day , his face not nice . Possibly , but am not exactly sure that upstairs he might just have learned that ı was the only one that would be called to deal with tourists , with a passing English knowledge , that ı was there due to "capability" instead of merciful mercy so that ı could make a living and be laughed at as well . This feeling that we "could" is a dangerous thing for it implies we can identify slurs and whatnot and remember it as well , leading to precautions , like ı might be shot one of those days , never minding the knife brandished in public view when the allegation was of one where ı was producing Disney Star Wars . But it should be expected of people sent to this forsaken location to know that the plane tickets are not exactly cheap .

oh , ı really had teachers who were good to me , but ı won't name any , now that ı wouldn't know what might happen to them .

it's no problem when America creates ISIL to create 'stan to kill us all . We will see what happens . It's no problem when America panics when shown a little teeth . It's no problem America having a long face when it appears its glorious feat of abandoning Kurds gets no reply , like a trillion gifted to the cash strapped US Treasury . It's no problem when abandoned Kurds must be assured of support and the schedule of pell mell escape is like extented to 4 months and UAE and Egyptian troops deployed to "protect" Menbij , the people of which are declared to be source of ISIL upnorth Syria , which is no doubt the reason of New Turkey lust to save them . In the end we will fight and see who's made of what . Faster the outbreak of the war , the better .

is America responsible for everything happens ? Just like the case in a law school where the repsonsible male accuses the female of mobbing him ? You know instead of going to court , as a budding lawyer or judge to uphold the law ? He is in an exam , she (as the assistant teacher) catches him cheating , he goes home , grabs a gun and shoots her twice . Should have sufficed as even Turkish Mafia used to know its place and would resort to murder only rarely and men to men ? No sir , he then stabs her 10 times to make sure she's dead . Somehow will doubt , like utterly , that he has a Kemalist Leftist background as the gun belongs to his father , a retired Police officer of SWAT type . Did American plans ever allow Kemalists in such units , as SWAT types were to be "Muslims" , set to raid houses around airbases to capture the wives and kids ? To be held as hostages in the immediate start of a full frontal war , in case American fliers suddenly discovered Roswell 1947 was a scam ? Made a nice little mess with referencing the 14 ton penetrating bomb of USAF lately but why do ı have to teach Americans their jobs ? With stuff on that average American war plan against Turkey involved about 50 nuclear explosions , with only Ankara in megaton range as there's nothing worthy in the city , while Istanbul has Ayasofya that might be useful for Christian propaganda with a Mass held after the Liberation .

but oh , ı will readily blame Americans for the glorious New Year celebrations in the Taksim Square . Where the Syrians have opened the New Syria flag , which has "hurt" the country , so the charges of "Racist!" fly in the air between the sides . Syrians are the only refugees in the world who can visit the country that drove them away at gunpoint at holidays and the like and the millions driven away like operates as inoculation , as too much Arabization might have suddenly killed New Turkey , you know , as if anything can ever happen to walking on the water New Turkey . We see them , we hear them , we accept them and suddenly some Qatari arrives and tells he's the boss from now on . Loser Leftists naturally rant that they are not allowed in Taksim Square and would be beaten by the Police , now not only on May Day , but everyday . After reading some newspaper article , ı had this rant on CFC that after the 1977 massacre it has been official policy to develop the area as a tourist zone , exclusively for Arabs , because Arabs are good American proxies but evil Turkish workers tried to bring in Communism and they will not be allowed to have a shrine or two on the location , because it offends Arabic sensibilities . Even Turkish transexuals have been driven out of the area , as Syrian transexuals demand a lower price for sex .

are we Turks racist ? Thanks to Allah , that we don't have a Black minority . except a village in the Aegean zone , where the descendants of those employed by the Ottoman Palace were driven away . Much popular in the early years of Democracy arriving in the country , not just to prove the racism of Kemalism , but to impress their own people that there human beings with dark skins and they were human beings similarly oppressed by the godless Kemalists . So that our future Arab overlords wouldn't come too off-putting to the "Muslims" who would be expected to be their servants after all the Leftists were put into their graves . Are we Turks racist ? Give a little chance and watch bananas appear at football matches so that Black players can be offered some , now that they live on trees .

so , what's the deal , what's the fear ? Uh , this far in this spoiler takes me 7 hours to write , though ı had lunch and coffee in between , going out to buy bread , too . But then , ı will not forget who's fault this is ! Obviously yours, Stuntwoman ! Closing as the Hour of opposition starts on the radio , will also play some Civ . Glorious news , the tax rate for imported tobacco is now 0% , so that in country tobacco growing might end by 2020 . My dear Americans , you are supposed to kill us , not save us from cancer , even if that should have gone the way of 100-200% so that people would not be able afford to light a fag ...

and this post , all of a sudden , costs 1.24 GB of disk space , even if the laptop is maintaining itself and stuff . ı know when in maintenance , it sets up some space as it checks its own internals but ı like was suspicious at the way it happened it real , because the radio did not mention 2020 at all .

moral of the story : Because the extreme low caliber of the narrator - which would be yours idiotly- Americans can not even feign or whatever a tactical withdrawal . Which is an insult in itself that there is no need , even if ı have now a full 10 years under the belt , with my first ever post like saying ı like Civ III dearly , but circumstances can make me say silly things . Sergeant Major's donkey braying , as we would say here , ignored like without even caring . It's Sergeant Major time ! Let's stop this nonsense ! Let's talk in the language they couldn't fail to understand ! Let's fight !

of course won't help . American newspapers tell us anyone who can run is running . The richest family or something in the country have acquired Maltese passports , while any Iraqi or the like can have a New Turkey one with buying 250 000 US Dollars worth of a house . Yeah , the only thing to seen is whether ı can get 10 000 cadets burtst their lungs shouting in unison .
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oh-kay , the long awaited Izmir post , the city where the Greek misadventure of Asia Minor started and ended ; with a contentious thing or two . Let's start with saying that the girls of Izmir are not beautiful !

Spoiler :

beginning with the easy . The Western hegemony in culture and arts and whatnot imposes certain ideas on what beauty is and Izmir like will then have an headstart , some port city of long standing European presence , much heavily bolstered by "migrants" from Europe as the final Ottoman decline saw such episodes of ethnic cleansing that like brought millions of people , much mixed and stuff during the five centuries of the Ottoman domination of the Southeast Europe . Then , this natural affinity with the current Western ideas will also mean the family size and the like would be smaller when compared to any town from the Central or Eastern parts of the country . Meaning if you took two sets of parents , one from Izmir and one from locations due east , both equally hard working and both equally loving of their kids , the protein intake of the daughter from Izmir would be higher , compared to the one for the daughters from the East . Say nothing of the idea that the girl of Izmir could have more dresses and shoes and stuff . With a more relaxed environment that encourages a "feminine life" , this means she will be confident to talk his mind and know others of her mind , and like be aware of what people have come to expect and like develop an external image or whatever and conform to the norms . She might even come to carry elegance or charm or even both effortlessly as she will have stiff "competition" around , in higher density or whatever . Nor this is something unique to this country , Mostar in Yugoslavia irritated Yugoslavs as Western Europeans who couldn't find their country on the map knew the best girls were in Mostar ...

or am an idiot . Started Industrial Engineering at university and some classmate from Anatolian High saw me in the street and some chat and he says like right out of the bat that the most beautiful girls were at my class . Can't still decide whether he was mocking me or calling me not a man or whatever , now that not insulting the girls -let me see- about 30 years on but they all looked "plain" to me ...

anyhow , the point is -now that this is some election thing- Izmir does not like A-K-P . The 52% does not work in that location . For that we have heard that brains or whatever are somewhat wired differently and Izmir have always voted against any party that held power . If A-K-P was suddenly to lose power in 2023 , Izmir would be its only refuge for the next 50 years kind of thing . Hence , some strenous effort to break this . A-K-P wins in the centre and the country map is painted yellow and Opposition wins on the shores and the areas are painted red and it's like Russia trying to reach warm waters or something . The Last Prime Minister , now trying to win Istanbul for the Party , gloriously failed to win Izmir , for all his charm and whatnot and he wasn't breaking the Constitution when he was running for the mayor of Izmir , either . So , A-K-P , like without a surprise , nominates a former Goverment Minister or whatever . That declares Izmir is the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood and he will like take it . Didn't go well in the city , so he shut up for a while , because you know , what if the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood wants someone else , "take" also meaning a man to marry a woman in Turkish ? He then declared he wasn't against rakı , alcoholic stuff , so strong that the British Army of 1920s banned its troops in Palestine from consuming it , without watering down and the like . Izmir called him a liar , because as the mayor of a neighbouring city in earlier days he had ran any restaurant that served alcohol out of town . He waits like weeks and like just barely audible that Izmir is the most beautiful girl and he will take it , despite the polls that "prove" that it doesn't help him ...

if he was 20 or something one could at least imagine that he would spare Izmir -only if the most beautiful girl in the town was delivered to his bed .

and like naturally on the day the PM declares , in Izmir actually , that A-K-P has never attacked the "life style" . For Izmir , as an example , that would be a right for the daughter to wear some mini-skirt , a right for the mother not to cover her head and a glass of rakı or two on the table for the father . Fair enough , nobody would ever manage to establish a link between the Party and the pinch squad . That's some high school boys organized to feel high school girls , at school , if the girls are behaving "immodestly" , organized by a female teacher , her head naturally not covered , because that would be a dead giveaway . Girls to learn behave "modestly" and had it happened out of school , well , the norms of urban life and stuff in Turkey would demand the "heavy older brothers" of the neighbourhood to beat the crp out of pinch squad for harassing a girl in the streets .

am long on record that the only womens' right A-K-P accepts is a one to cover the head as a first step to fall back to a breeding-only status . Chimes right in , with some actress - ı think of TV- harassing some group of head covered females . Actress in drunken stupor , females peacefully sitting in a location in a mall , actress telling them to go to Saudi Arabia , as that is where head scarved is entitled to be and nowhere else . Even the actress has a proper "ID" , name meaning Sea , surname can be as used as Blue , say of the eyes . She is called to explain herself , to declare mea culpa , bend the knee and eyes in tears . She -apparently- tries to let it go away . Not very likely , as a party newspaper keeps it heated up , right from the day of the PM speech , stressing it's Kemalists who attack modest women in the streets . So , like 5 days after she declares it's not so . Had this post been on Monday , ı would have questioned whether she was paid good enough ; her speech is apparently cool enough that the columnist in the former pinnacle of yellow journalism like shuts up . She says she was accosted by the modestly sitting . Because it like carries weight , some female TV presenter even finds the truth . The peacefully sitting females want to have selfies and the like with her and it explodes out of that . Well , am the guy who claims that some 85% celebrity vs fan troubles are started by fans who ignore the celebrity is human in the end and he/she might be dead tired to keep smiling eternally . And mind you , these are young girls who do not actually mind it that much and go home and their parents "make" them defend themselves in court and protect their honour and what not , like after the Party has heard of it and it suits the PM's speech . Like 4 days after they had their argument .

and it happens , because the people like "sea blue" are the way New Turkey tries to impress Arabs to join New Turkey through glamour and stuff , much like ı could find my way around the Southfork Ranch from Dallas or whatever . And then when there are enough Arabs , Qatar will snap it shut . Growing up with the truth of actors/actresses being "mobbed" by Arab fans in the malls of Istanbul , the headscarved girls would see nothing wrong with selfies ... Oh , you say , no vitriolic against America in this post , am developing Alzheimer's or getting soft by some other way ? Some actor is driving trucks in the US , because he would be beaten in truckers' restaurants here for his good looks and American trucks have much more cool and well , America owns Qatar and Saudi propaganda can not stop calling New Turkey names ...

just typing this , ı hear up to 2.5 million households will have 80 liras of support to electricity bills each month , reminding me of dedicating some supreme example of poor oppressed Kurds thing . You see , it's racist to declare people in the East do not pay their bills and those in the West have to pay inflated stuff , because you know , the son-in-law of the PM ran an electricity company or two before he became a secretary in the palace cabinet . So , it turns out that some oppressed Kurd had a little glasshouse which he warmed in the biting cold of the East . With stealing electricity from the wires . To the tune of the consumption of 8000 homes , or 32 000 people , a million liras a month . And investigators could not enter the premises so they heroically used a drone to locate the electricity system from the air . Translation ? He snubbed some Party official , or like obviously said he would vote for the seperatists ...

back to women ! Naturally the Party claims it's good for them and the customary defence news of the day , as the "sea blue" is talking back and for that they might ask a life imprisonment for that 70-odd male actor from December 24th post for inciting armed rebellion against the State , coming as a surprise to many , you know beacause "sea blue" is talking back on the very day and her eyes are dark brown or whatever ... wait , ı lost track ... Right , the defence news of the day ... Wait , Bolton of Trump has been snubbed by the PM and he's leaving Ankara . Nobody is meeting him and that wouldn't have happened if Americans hadn't foolishly declared the PM had promised the promises to protect seperatists and stuff . Come on , let's go sink some CVN , now that they would race with anyone . The leader of almost racists screaming right now , calling the guy "Bolton or Dalton?" of the Red Kit fame , Lucky Luke to you loser Westerners ... Right , the defence news of the day and honestly ı will finish it this time . See , there is a defence news every day , because godless Kemalists had nothing for defence of the sacred country and New Turkey heroically does while others talk and because "sea blue" is talking , back , of all things , some guy declares they have so many women engineers in defence , even a woman name is used as a project name ! Just like New Turkey lays tracks of 70 meters long , to keep the train passangers confortable , while Kemalists never did . We would never hear the average lenght of rail laid in Kemal's time , nor any discussion would happen whether which Western company did the machinery in the 2000s so that New Turkey could have 70 meter rails to lay ? What are you , a fool ?

added bonus for the day , as ı failed to post this on Monday and stuff ? Oh , ı saw some (New Turkey) epic of flight on TV . The night was not exactly wasted , as ı also saw some Denzel movie from the start to the end ; a favourite of DVD channels but they cut stuff from it , to leave time for viagra type commercials . The one the ex-CIA guy cleans a mall full of Russian dudes . While the epic is about Vecihi Hürkuş , some guy from WW I and the War of Liberation . Because am getting old and hypertension is a family thing and ı don't want to have a stroke , ı readily felt like surfing away , regularly . So , ı saw the parts where some guy wastes some guys with his Mauser Broomstick pistol from a Bleriot , one bullet one guy type . Or the guy having an orgasm after downing an enemy plane , which is a thing the airforces do not discuss that much . Oh , it's sooooooooooooooooo realistic , works with flashbacks to WW I , while running in 21st century . That protagonist is a scarecrow of a high schooler that wants to be an airplane engineer ; meanwhile his love interest is practically fat and obviously not a beauty peagant runner-up , let alone the winner . My God , had ı seen it back in the 1980s , the movie would have cured me out of my stupid desire to design planes immediately ! Now , ı do not think there are that many people to identify the Russian enemy planes are Spads , and even fewer people to pull some reference book to see that the Russians actually flew Spads in the Great War , but the twin machine gun variety came up only in 1917 and like there were twin seater Spads , too . It's just being a anorak , to make noises about the Vickers and Lewis machine guns in Ottoman service , or this fat mustasched German flying officer , who is maybe 35 , maybe 40 , who would not exist in real life but still brings cake to my mind , Turkish word kek also being the shortform of Kampfeinsitzerkommando , which would be like single seater battling plane unit ... German of course approves the dashing top gunness of the fight where this pack of 20 Russain Spads are made to run , after they kill the sole Kurd of the movie on the ground . The guy needs so much advice to write a love letter , while the "Black" of the movie must have lasted longer , some white guy with shope polish on his face . We even see the Islamic unity thing with Indian troops guarding the guy as a POW , we see some British officer would even want to eat Turkish made beans as the guy makes an escape .

with a special word on the BS that is the standart Ottoman plane . Back in the still Kemalist days , they wanted to make more BS about Çanakkale and made a photo of two kids in rags of uniforms in front of a plane . ı never been able to name it , but ı will fall short of declaring it was "designed" in the 1990s , you would never know and being a sesquiplane , it shows the Turkish genious anyhow ! Oh my , they even have the THK roundel under the wings of it ! See , in the Great War , troops on the ground fired on any plane in the sky , the French used their cockade since like 1790s , Germans painted a cross , the Brits painted their flag under the wing and got suitable amount of accurate British rifle fire as it was confused with the German cross so just adopted the French cockade with reversing the colours . Ottoman planes imported from Germany with the crosses , which would have attracted fire none the less , hence the crosses were painted into a square . Concentric circles , Allied / Crosses and not crosses Entente , so easy ... THK roundel (originally Peruvian and still in use) would have been fired upon by every single Ottoman soldier , let alone being painted on planes . It was painted Red in the War of Liberation , because it was not the Ottomans per se who were fighting and a Red Square on a NATO plane persisted until 1972 , because the then Air Force Commander was so full of himself - allowed to demand to be the Chief of Staff by '73 as the head of the Army thought he would be the next President ...

and the flying qualities of the Ottoman BS plane can be gauged by the fact the highschooler scarecrow has to win a flying model contest and he flies an accurate model of Vecihi's plane , which is an Albatross or something ... Now , ı wouldn't expect any movie critic to tell apart a Spad VII from a Spad XIII , but even in a fully supportive mood for industry , they couldn't stop telling that even the crppiest American movie feeds Patriotism far better ... And imagine the possibilites of telling stuff . Instead of attacking Kemalist sensibilities with telling Hürkuş trained the first female Turkish pilot , who was not Sabiha Gökçen , Kemal's adopted daughter , it might have gone full tilt on "Who are with whom?" Which is a Party favourite , used when describing which enemies of the Party hence Islam have joined forces to attack New Turkey . Fighting Spads in the first half of the movie , Vecihi refuses to fight in them , sticking to his trusted WW I mount , Albatross . Because some 20 were bought before the '22 offensive . Insert a line that Italians have joined the British conspiracy to abolish the Caliphate and one must have original planes . Like building your own . And prove Kemal's duplicity with a telegramme that bans Vecihi from cobbling one from various wrecks as he did ; Kemal is in the pocket of Westerners . And have the movie applauded on feet , every session . Imagine , ı went to theater to buy Han Solo ticket a month before it came and Vecihi was instead slated for the week of SW and ı might have not done a web search and learned Solo was on a different place and might have gone as the single movie of the year and you can't change channels in a movie theater !

oh , Americans , ı haven't forgotten you at all ; as the image of Kemal returns to medals New Turkey distributes . Ain't it amazing ? After it was removed in 2013 , 2 years into glorious liberation of Syria , a year and a half after Damascus would fall ? Amazing that America allows the pharoah and false prophet return back !

the stuff even boils down to ı might have been responsible in some way for the movie in some alternate universe . Might avoided the depression , finishing airplane engineering by '94 , compulsory military service by '96 , in work in the plane factory by '97 and the awesomely gloriously heroic trainer now named after Vecihi Hürkuş could have been "mine" . Only rational thing , as jets are like too expensive and Air International magazine would have covered Pilatus P-21 development , a short wingspanned plane to mimic jet behaviour to ease transition , meaning more flight hours on the prop segment of the training syllabus equating millions of dollars saved . And the originator of the concept is a Firecracker thing designed even before the 1980s , with Orlik in Polish service by '85 . With 10 idiots like me , we could have done as fast as buying it from the South Koreans who bought it from Pilatus . Then no doubt ı would still be cursed with the Stuntwoman and factory would still fund a movie as a PR thing and everybody would be like "Uh, r16 would do!" and it would land on me and ı would do my thing to make it a movie that didn't insult the average prophead with like every two minutes ... Which would still be nowhere to get me an Oscar , too .

that's the affliction that afflicts the New everywhere . Defeating the evil enemy is not enough , they have to trick the evil enemy so that they can have the last laugh . Say , America ... Is there any reason of not buying it from Pilatus straight , apart from the idea that it might have been weaponized like immediately and sent straight to bring a little firepower on the seperatists , like in 2005 or so ? Which couldn't have been that intolerable , with two .50 calibers and practically nothing else , also easily killable by the Stingers you would supply to get down F-16s or helicopters ? You even had the example of the massacre of the Galebs from the 1990s , when No Fly Zones would work when you no longer needed Serbs killing Bosnians ?

oh my , some Civ time and it's night time news . Because America declared PM's word to keep the seperatists safe , Bolton can not be received and since the lack of a meeting might cause doubts in general public , some Opposition MP or whatever in jail gets released , then they charge him with the same exact charge that he was cleared an hour ago as well ; next day at the courtroom , the guy will question the judge on whether he could read 5 thousand or 10 thousand pages in an hour and will get an affirmative answer . This should keep the Left ranting on traitors rightly jailed by New Turkey , leaving no capacity to talk on how those millions who can't pay their credit card obligations will now have easier terms from the biggest State Bank . Which was supposed to save football clubs from massive debts a day before , but that's not as cool as saving credit card debtors . Who will most likely still fail , in the sense almost half of the country has applied for an amnesty for illegal buildings , but merely 15% have paid the fines . See , some of the great people of this great country have actually stolen land from the State , and they also expect the State to give up the minimal fines , because obviously local elections . Because if they only start losing . Like because in 16 years of rule , the law fro Goverment contracts has seen 186 revisions , in the last year 80% of Goverment contracts have used a special clause that allows officials call one single company to bid whatever it likes , now that there's some emergency , ı don't know , Martians are landing or Americans are trying to topple the Goverment with economic attacks . Imagine what would happen if any official was to appear in a non-A-K-P courtroom and receive 10 years for each case of bribes and whatever ; people would soon run up to 1000 years ?

then the thing . See , the Party talks of its benevolent rule , wherever Opposition exists as the authority there are strikes ... As people are unhappy with Opposition's failing policies they use their rights to strike . So , there is one in Izmir , against the CHP Municipality . As the labour leader appears on the Voice of Russia explaining only a portion is against the CHP and the rest strikes against the State Railroads . Because if some accident happens and the Party takes Izmir , the people would remember who betrayed the city with a strike . Labour Unions are cool , man , one for agriculture convenes its board in Kiev , programme reading "free time" for half a day . Buying . Women naturally ... The union leader will never be able to win next time , so he says he was the only one for agreement with the Municipality while all the workers rejected the deal and the CHP mayor additionally insulted him , because he still has to cover his backside ; any union leader who can't herd the union members is a loser and he was insulted ! Oh my . There is not much of Opposition media that's left and hence Sputnik the Press Agency and stuff carries weight and people of Izmir would laugh at A-K-P instigating a labour dispute and a strike and the PM immediately bans the State Railroad strike , because he can and because it's against the interests and the safety of the State . While apparently no one had ever heard of it in the previous weeks that it happened . So , the strike against State Railroad is cancelled for 60 days as it hurts public transportation of Izmir ...

only because it's claimed of the 100 billion US Dollars of contracts let by the State a third went to 4 companies , all four of which are among the top 5 construction companies globally . Which would also mean , if correct , that 100 billion would be equal of the 536 billion liras of taxes as collected by the State in the same year , means the country is getting into dept to keep the 4 companies fat . Elections can not be lost , hence "sea blue" is declared a fascist for telling the headscarved to go to Saudi Arabia , just like some guy that commented the PM invited to a classic music concert and he might listen to Beethoven or Mozart and it would be cool and calling the PM to listen to Mozart is fascist . 'Cause evil Kemalists banned Turkish music on the State radio , which means evil Jandarma -the one before the good Jandarma of New Turkey- raided villages and arrested who sang Turkish (or more horribly Kurdish) songs at home .
oh , one more Izmir stuff , with some Nicholas Cage movie , seen on a DVD channel . Some crusader , we see him

Spoiler :

developing a distaste for Crusading and the Righteous Fight takes him to ... Izmir . Some battle in 1344 in which he accidentally kills some Muslim woman and decides to give up . Who would know Izmir was in the desert ? Mind you , to break up the monotony of fighting Sand N people , they have a winter battle with snowflakes in the air , fighting Sand N people . ı know Cage knows what the Mediterranean is , and he even knows what Aegean is . The Med Blue is supposed to be something after a month in the Atlantic Gray and the Aegean is supposed to be yet even more Blue , temperate and green and whatnot . Having filmed a movie about WW II Italians on Greek islands , he like would have seen the spots , like himself even , right ? But not his fault , not at all . Have checked some print encyclopedia and you know there are people who have 20 or 30 volumes of books on a shelf , all of similar size and colour , and it checks out . Some Turkish warlord or whatever captures the port city from the Genoans in 1340 and the Pope organizes a Crusade and they capture the fortified location of San Pietro in October 1344 and keep the Infidel Izmir (the place where the Christians and stuff live) until 1390 , while the Muslim Izmir remained in Turkish hands . Wikipedia would surely offer as much , but no hint of desert wastes around the fortified location ? It's the perception the Islam is of the sand , Islam is of the Arabs Saudis that Cage can not dare challenging , unless he was too tired and wanted to retire , ı don't know , in some silent but awesomely nice spot in the Med .

had to scratch Arabs and replace it with Saudis , as it's just not a Zionist trick to claim Palestine never knew Green before the Kibbutzim (yes , it's true that ı had to look up for the word in an .epub book on some Israeli pilot) but Saudis pay good money for it as well . And it even might let in actual Racism ... This decent person visiting my mother had this like startling statement that a mere 5% of others would damage the DNA of a nation irreversably and ı readily refrained from saying it's so American a notion . That a single drop of Black ruins White forever but an ocean of White can never redeem Black . That's why a Black guy in bed with a white woman is so scandalous and why Disney tried to prove how mature it was after the childish Lucas era with Rey and that guy , which pissed off people so intently (as it was actually a cover for moving the story out of George Lucas origins) , so they tried to give people i-ncest and like this incredible "mismatch" with trolling of a Vietnamese thrown in as a bonus . (Love it so much when we are taught our place .) But then this cat my niece and nephew adopted in Ankara was at the top floor of the house , as they had nobody to leave for the duration of the holiday period and it started a ton of conversation on cats , with her daughter having a really cool one , readily proven by pictures .

and it's still possible to start a rant about the Syrians , from cats . Remember the Syrian kids collecting stuff from recycling bins and the like ? From inside the gardens , which no Turkish collector would enter ? We had a visit , with him picking whatever suits and leaving the rest . Some sizeable affair it might be , as the Municipality does not collect the recycle stuff for like weeks ; they need the funds for stuff , as you might readily guess . He has also taken the plastic plates . In the garden , on which we would put cat food . When my older brother returns from work , there will be about 10 of them cats , knowing the car brings him and him means catfood , while ı might see just 4 or 5 if he's delayed and ı might place some as well . When some guy shouts at them asking what the hell , the kids mumble as if they don't understand Turkish , even if it's like long years since one looked at me with the wide eyes of that cat from Shrek , instead of getting out . When he was like 6 and that's reason enough to be afraid and he might have been fresh from Halep and Esad were bombing them out of urban areas and stuff . Was like even more impressed on the Sunday morning where ı collected the old newspapers and took them to next door neighbour , who is still collecting recycle stuff (from the street and not gardens mind you , or whenever people or supermarkets call him to get the boxes out) . The garden gate was itself locked ; do you really expect them to kill Syrian kids or something ?

so , a reason to be "defensive" about Syrians exists . Their gangs and stuff are battling to establish a food chain or a pecking order and 3 provinces on the border are "lost" as the Police refuses to investigate complaints about street battles , before the elections . As paperwork would mark that something was afoot and people are promised action after the elections . After the fake crisis of New Year celebrations affair , the newspaper had even an interview with a Syrian guy , long on TV , promising victory this summer , summer after summer . From him , we learned those guys feeling the bottoms of tourists , something else they have taken over from the locals of given areas , can no longer go and fight in Syria for Democracy and Freedom , despite many of them are veterans already . They wouldn't be trusted by the fighters in Syria for starters , as the long fighting have hardened attitudes and any foreigner will remain a foreigner . Nor Syrians are taking over the country . Of the 18 000 medical doctors that came here , only 1400 remain , the rest have gone to Germany and the like . You see , Opposition immediately publishes any sign on hospitals that tell the Syrian patients will have priority . So , we Turks must be like agreeable as foreigners are stealing educated Syrians and whenever shown stuff , Syrians heroically remain here , there are very good farmers as an example . Actually , as a Syrian , he says the Syrians are primitive and they are enlightened , brought a step up . On the ladder of development of humanity , stuff , by the education they receive here . Good to know that New Turkey education is benefitting some people .

you don't see this level of agreeableness on many people , now that the newspaper on Sunday has the weekly article by the professor who rants at those who much prefer Syrian refugees to the refugees from Rumeli , who put up the Republic as a true huge crime , or those later from (especially of course) Bulgaria . Not me , but the thing that A-K-P fails regularly to transform Islam in those , in contrast to those from Greece and further afield in the Balkans . Seems he is truly lacking in minders , so just allow me be one to advice silence , now that it is not very fashionable to claim ethnic divergence on those who push for the showdown between Anatolia and Roumelia . That's tantamount to say many ancestors of the best of New Turkey were Armenians and that's why they hate the Republic so fervently . Will do nothing to stop and might actually accelarate charges of "emigrees from Bulgaria are all Commie spies" . Like readily encountered in some TV debate where they fix historical mistakes , with easy examples about Atatürk and they demolish any background for the Turk , say , by the example that there was no Turkish Navy since 1081 . You see , some guys must hold the fort as America has swung to respect Atatürk , if that can stop the idea : Anti-matter does what anti-matter does .

why ? Because the Turk hurts Arabic sensibilities and their vanguard , Syrian refugees will now get an extra legal protection , with promises of immediate arrest , ı think , if anyone claims unregistered Syrians are voting for the Party . Mind you , not the 5% to change our DNA , but a whole education system to raise "averages" unable to cope , and yet still benefits Syrians to become more than primitives , as their leader claims . It can not be the fault of a Syrian to be a good farmer .

and good farmers might be needed soon , New Turkey has discovered "Kenevir" . Not an agricultarist and stuff , ı looked it up and dictionary offers both Hemp and Marijuana . ı assume the second is the "dişi" or "female" kenevir , possibly also called the Indian variety , source of drugs and banned , while the "male" variety is a super crop . Produces Oxygen efficiently and cover a given area with it and you will get 4 times the paper , compared to having trees in the area . A-K-P will of course use it , offering bags for the voters woven from hemp . PM told the nation that our enemies (while appeared to be friends) stabbed us in the back . By banning us to grow hemp , but New Turkey is heroically saving the country . Opposition naturally digs up the past and claims planting of hemp was banned in 2004 , almost as soon as the PM became the Prime Minister . ı have got myself into trouble , here included , with claiming the true aim of New Turkey agriculture policies is to destroy the food security of the country . As America might suddenly crack as fast as Chinese vases under MBT tracks , America needs to police us with Corn it will not deliver and we will all starve to death kind of thing ; people find this hard to believe , even after we have all seen the heart-eaters shy intensely from the Turkish bayonet .

as part of package in which the PM personally offers a wish that "may your Manhattan sink" . So , there are people who suggest Istanbul should develop in the way of New York , with towers and stuff and Party opposes that . As highrises kill the "humanity" within , neighbours do not know each other , while you might start up some chat with someone in the street , you looking out of your window and he/she just walking by . The PM became the mayor of Istanbul in 1994 , with very strong candidates by Center parties dividing a lot of the vote and clearing the path for the disciplined supporters of the Refah or Prosperity Party . Opposition naturally claims he is behind every single highrise that happened in the city , which practically means every single "skyscraper" . One famous case that ruins the siluette of an Ottoman mosque . The PM of course knew the developer , as he was renting his Istanbul house from the developer . Everybody knows the building is illegal , PM said he was angry at the developer because of it and he wasn't speaking with him . Everybody knows . If the PM had so desired the excessive height of the building would be pruned immediately ; Army of Petrol would send F-16s to bomb it into a compact ruin if necessary . The PM now speaks with the developer as the latter paid some money for an Imam Hatip , the building ruins the siluette and the PM's mosque is on the opposite shore , with all the TV antennas combined into one single tower , so that there can be nothing to ruin the siluette of PM's mosque . We hear the tower was wildly opposed , but the Party has heroically constructed it . Indeed , Capitalism is attacking the country , cutting trees on the shores and A-K-P opposes that . Opposition of course claims the very same Party has been in charge for the past 16 years , shows satellite pictures of locations . Echo chambers ? Oh , everyone knows . But this is indeed the thing , that the truth does not work , so roll over and die . What's it to A-K-P voter , that the Party builds some hospital , to "serve" people and evil commies oppose a road to it , through some wooded university campus ? So , after threatening the university with all sorts of things , in the middle of the night , too , the workcrews arrive . To clear an 19 meter wide line across . Whoops , an accident and all the trees within 105 meters go down . Oh , now empty , the area becomes suitable for construction of a dormitory . So that it will be run by New Turkey , so that it can be filled by the students of the university and they can be brainwashed more efficiently to serve the glory of New Turkey . Life is good , when you are with the winners , 52% is with winners .

winners do not fear AI , too . Mentioned in this thread , some expensive computer programme that would supposedly ID vote fraud ; and its operators can not keep failing forever . At least in ordinary countries . Despite the Main Opposition claims that it worked perfectly ! Hence , we learn some 900 000 voters will not be around this time , 260 000 have died , some have left the country , stuff , stuff . A million new voters and in itself natural . But 1.5 million have moved since June 24th of 2018 . PM warns only 220 000 of them are registered A-K-P members and the Party will not play such dirty tricks . Like moving more warm bodies into zones where the opponents might win . Also warns out of 10 million Party members , 500 000 could not find their names on the registered voter lists ! Bear with me , this is going to be a paragraph or two of numbers . See , without insulting Ulukışla , some location in Central Anatolia , the population is supposed to be 5800 and 1700 voters have moved in and there will be 5900 to cast a ballot on the day ; the A-K-P mayor says he's extremely successful and people flock to live in his glorious town . Much fun that the official population of the town has gone to 7300 with just two or three days of newspaper coverage . While Şırnak , where the seperatists would draw out all the still hidden AK-47s with the first American SEAL or Ranger showing up in town , 6700 voters have moved out , like each of them claiming he/she didn't , yet the overall number has fallen only by 93 , like from 91093 to 91000 , as the seperatist MP explained it in the Parliament .

this is also useful , to let you losers outta there , to gauge how likely is the Police to shoot people , according to geography . At the house of an A-K-P official in Istanbul , 18 people live , eligible to vote . At the house of another , 40 . Meanwhile at this Şırnak , because seperatists would gun you down for renting a flat to A-K-P voters , a single flat of a single apartment houses 400 , second flat has 600 and the third has 700 , adding upto 1800 voters , all of them living there , where only 18 of pampered spoiled Americans might have fit . What , are you an infidel ? Doubting the self sacrifice aspects of New Turkey ! ı am pretty confident , short of medical emergencies and the like , this is the exact reason why the Hour of Opposition did not happen on Friday evening , because they would inevitably get some seperatist to rant about it . Putin loves new Turkey as much Tsipras does .

who accordingly offers that we should once again be made "candidates" to join the EU . Just like some Greek member hung a picture collection to show us as "Europeans" on the walls of the European Parliament . Not because the first well they bore was dry . The well being offshore Cyprus and they can't convince Turkish Cypriots with the bonanza of wealth ? No sir , A-K-P gives them islands , free . Wells come out dry , regularly , that's why they are called exploration . This despite smarty claims that America was running out of Syria , utterly fearful of New Turkey and Army of Petrol , so they claimed the exploration ship had a breakdown and Greek Cypriots in "fear" offered America bases on the island . They are offering the same to the same since the day when 3000 tons of explosives they took from an Iranian ship on its way to Lebanese Hizbullah went up , a mini nuclear explosion , that also took out the local power station . My claim is that they were about to start losing suitable amounts of stuff for the homemade hell cannons of the Irresuction . While they will explain it's nothing about Article 5 of NATO , as the Greek Cypriot Defence Minister himself died when he was there to examine bulging walls of containers as the explosives dangerously decayed and were being removed to be destroyed .

instead , the theory is becoming more right everyday , that Arab Spring was designed not for a Kurdish Nation State , as that entirely justifies the orbital bombardment of the Continental US , but stealing of Lebanese natural gas . With long faces and the like that on some debate as Trump is trying to field the Egyptian Army on the Syrian border to face Army of Petrol from winning the elections with jihad against the seperatists . Egyptians being ready to blame their little drop by drop casualties against these extremely undefined cells of ISIL in the Sinai on Qatar and more accessibly New Turkey , with equally strident claims on how Ankara is stealing Egyptian gas with unjustly claiming Cyprus as its own . Like bouyed by Ankara's love with Ihvan which much justified the New Turkey language against anything Turkish ; and well , they really do not remember what they might have personally said .

ı fear not . Entirely not at all . New Turkey is invincincible , it will rout Egyptians in 15 seconds . Afterall , after the Disgrace of July 15th , we had some darkened face on TV , with altered voice , too , on how he beat the spiritual leader of the Congregation with his fists when he was an officer in the now dead Army and the latter was just a preacher in Izmir . Or how he knew the three officers of the now dead Army as the three or whatever cruised in the Suez Canal , under the guns of the Israeli Maozim . Well , look it up and apparenty in a bathtub . New Ottomans held back by the Zionist Republic of 1923 but still daring the Barley Line . Well , English is my only foreign language , too . ı can really understand the producers looked at the page and thought that script writing American or something meant barley instead of Bar-Lev ... This is as close New Turkey could come to steal Enver Sedat's Egypt's crossing in 1973 , while Qatar's Al Crusading preferred fancy documentaries on how Sadat betrayed the country with his limited vision . Because the darlings of New Turkey , the so called Free Syrians were like thrashed by Nusra , we learned it didn't happen and Syrians were removed from the ranks of Nusra and replaced with trained Egyptian and Iraqi officers and Damascus carried them in buses to fight the so called Free Syrians . An hour of that and that's giving too much credit to enemy , so it's obviously an American trick to keep Army of Petrol from jihad against seperatists . So , just on the Sunday morning the Police raided evil Nusra terrorists and arrested some guys , ı think , 13 . Because they have been regularly going to Syria and fighting for Nusra , a terrorist organization , even for New Turkey , for years now .

meanwhile Americans are rational , especially when compared to idiots of my type , working with numbers all the time . Fielding an American trooper in Syria costs 2000 dollars we are told , while a seperatist is just 300 . As a further bonus , you can go back to 1950s and remember with the amount for 10 Americans , you could field a full 334 of the now dead Turkish Army . Mathematically gifted can even establish a full ratio how shty a warrior the Turk is , now that 60 or 70 Kurds would do the trick if they were not saddled with the deadweight . Like as if ı ever needed confirmation it never was appeasement . With the recent news that some USN Command Ship remained in the Blacksea for only 5 days . Adriana Lima says she is in love with the New Turkey guy , like again , afterall . Imagine the anger ı would produce , if like ı was ever real , enough to increase global warming by 0.1 degrees Celcius ! But New Turkey fights for the environment anyhow , with the discussion centred on the quarter of a lira you would have to pay for a plastic bag at the supermarket . Out of that , a 10 kuruş amount would be set aside for the seller , to cover the cost , while the remaining 15 kuruş is set to go not the State , not the Goverment , but the Palace , so that the Palace can spend it for the Nature , a financial stuff calculated to reach three times the budget of the relevant Goverment Ministry . Hemp enters the picture this way , because the commentators say it might hurt the Party , as the people do not think they are paying the cost of the 3rd bridge across the Bosphorus through their taxes but they know they are paying for each plastic bag they buy ... And Party protects the nature by making plastic expensive and raising hemp for next year's shopping bags . They are even paying back traffic fines , possibly imposed to make sure people would use the 3rd bridge , which just about adds an hour of driving , being so north of the city , just to enable land speculation and create amother Istanbul so that good Syrian farmers will find fields to till as the normal villagers are all attracted to move to the big city . The election must be won . The Last Prime Minister says him working on his election campaign is not a political activity , really , despite this being the prime reason of the suspicions . That he doesn't resign as the Speaker of the Parliament , breaking the specific article of the Constitution that says he can't be involved in politics for the duration and after becoming the mayor of Istanbul , he will cite something and resign as the mayor and someone else will have to be elected in the city council and this might as well be the son of the PM . Nobody pays much attention to how the Last Prime Minister's double hats would create legal precedents for seperatists' claims for a federal status , as New Turkey kills seperatists . Unlike the previous edition of the country , you know ...

as such the topic of PM speech , in which he declares the Old Turkey would never be able to stop this terror corridor , which is the same thing as the Kurdish pipeline route to the Mediterranean . If Old Turkey was still around , everybody would know it would immediately invade any parts of Syria held by the Kurds , so they would join forces with the Regime in Damascus , which would then immediately assure a speedy destruction of any Sunni uprising in Northern Syria and as such , the Sunni elements of the Syrian Army would never rebel on false promises and the seperatists would never end up with 700 kilometers of the 900 odd long Turkish - Syrian border . Old Turkey was indeed symbolised by Bülent Ecevit , who was wearing adult diapers and was obsessed with holding power with his Alzheimer , Parkinson and a whole bunch of stuff diseases . As we all learned , when Congregation called the shots . Turned out he didn't have much of the above .

though the distinctions still keep amusing people . New Turkey is better of the two , yet we hear that they have a new "record of the Republic" every week , like how they had the highest amount of the exports in a month . You know , Ottomans were exporting textiles and 2018 model cars and Republic happened and exports rapidly fell and New Turkey came and exports are finally catching up with the old days , so the reports of billions of dollars in sales are a record only for the period since 1923 .

and needed to justify the new system of Governance , where things would be run as a company . Hence the headscarved woman on Opposition channels only . The third airport of Istanbul made Germans jealous , so they started the Gezi Events and arranged the 2013 coup attempt to stop it . The PM faced all the challenges and said it would create a million jobs . So , the headscarved woman , jobless for the moment and on unemployment pay , applies for the airport . She says she has voted for the Party and ı see no reason on why she wouldn't . Too many people appliying , she complains , with only 2 handling the paperwork in the office . And she's not eligible anyhow . She wouldn't come to the office at all , had she known there was an age limit of "between 18 and 28" . She would cook or sweep the floor as good as anyone , but how she's going to find a job in the New Turkey if it's going to be like this , from now on ? Well , this is what "run like a company" means . ı readily know they would create a whole month of programming on how Jews do this and that . Well , Jews are also employed by companies that provide the ratings for stuff . The upto 28 age bracket assures the workers of the airport will be energetic and unlikely to be saddled by kids and whatnot to be slaves in the 21st Century . Working 16 hour shifts when called to do . So that in case of need , the airport will be seen as collateral , when the PM needs foreign investment in the country , that New Turkey can pay back what it borrowed . This is deduced quite reasonably by the rating some foreign company would give to the airport , hence no place for 29 year olds . ı would fail to find a job after the museum , even if ı was not an idiot . Those coveted ISO standarts and the like extend their claws ever and ever deeper and wider and there's no place for 40 year olds , even less opportunities with each new year . Some person will one these days will come up with the idea of Logan's Run ...

and of course it would be my fault or my side or the 48% . Credit card debtors not much happy with being saved by the Party . They are supposed to get cheap money , of course , but they need to be on no black list , and they would be on no black list if they could pay in the first place . Ziraat would then pay Bank A and get Bank A issued credit card and destroy it and the debtor would thus become a Ziraat customer , with a Ziraat issued card . Nobody ı have heard or read so far discusses how this would bloat Ziraat customers and its bigness and rating and its value , as Ziraat is a bank taken over by the State Fund , now ran by the PM personally . Ziraat will fall only when the country falls , as we all know , the taxpayer money will cover any loss in the end . The value of unsold new built housing projects in the country is assumed to be around 100 billion dollars , which as you might remember , is the amount of taxes collected in the country in a year and might have raised red flags amongst the Jews of the rating agencies . If any more State campaigns were conducted to sell them , so that the "Muslim" companies could start more housing to sell .

like aptly proven by now a TV epic . Crimeshow on Party channel , for 45 days running a family is on , with two murders and sexually abused children , even the "Muslim" that has command of the genies and demons and whatnot , they are arrested on live TV and the courts immediately issue a ban on press coverage . Exclusive coverage for the Party channel so far but after the legal stuff everyone would have a right to publish court procedings . On the day of arrest , out of every 100 TVs employed by the relevant rating companies , a full 31 was watching the channel . The family has run from Justice for 10 years , too . Police readily help the crimeshow with detectives phoning about their cases . At least , the families appear on TV and accuse each other for fame and well , sink together . Like a company , like indeed .

ı myself figured out the Ziraat scheme , during recent days . When the city seemed agitated , ı thought stuntwoman was coming or something , but naturally it turned out to be State Department . People keep talking behind my back , as it would be injustice as she is told to be here and she is . Instead of being thrown out of a Klingon Bird of Prey , you know , plausible denial like . For like obviously America has chickened . Again . Was expecting them to beat us for troops to be back home by Christmas 2014 . Didn't land on Gallipoli , despite the centennary of Armenian thing . Centennary of America saving the world from the Hun Hordes would have been a cause of divorce if between husband and wife , due to the so little time it lasted with Trump issuing a couple of cruise missiles with total heroicality , too , against some Syrian chemical thing , like hundreds of miles below our border as well . 2018 might have seen them heroically replaying the British pursuit of the Ottomans across Syria even if the Afrin pocket is just about what , 30 kilometers deep ? So , 2019 to see Kemal landing in Samsun again . So that we will see our demise in either 2021 or 22 . And they need a Kemal , as like totally you read on this thread , on 24th of December . A gay or at least idiot Kemal would be so nice , like totally proven by some repeat Harbord Commission that used to examine the prospects of an American mandate of the Armenians , but it would simply melt down to the fact that New Turkey holds power , holds anything and everything with all sorts of something . With strictly no players , it then falls to second son-in-law of the PM to be Kemal . Clean shaven picture of him appears , with him saying "gaflet, dalalet ve hatta hıyanet" . From Kemal's formerly famous speech , it relates to Ottoman officials who foolishly acted in concert with the invaders , some of them even in open treason . Also much used by latter day Kemalists against anyone in the Right and of course America had never allowed this much control previously . In this case it relates to Congregation military officers who were appalled by the gloriously glorious UAV made by the second son-in-law's father's company and tried to arrest them right there on the tarmac on a test site . Another case of New Turkey does while others only talk and certainly unrelated to stupid claims that the Republic might have bought PC-21 and translated it to Turkish and send it to search for and track seperatists on the ground and spot for jets and helicopter gunships as the seperatists returned to the fight in 2000s . Actually devastating the now dead Turkish Military in the political sense , bringing Democracy closer with each dead soldier buried back home . Afterall it's a concept USAF desperately tries not to purchase with ample experience in drone warfare . Certainly not on the day second son-in-law sells 6 examples to Ukraine . The security guy in the thread opening ? ı gather he had to be there in maybe early 90s and he once said he never saw planes , let alone Phantoms screaming in bomb or strafing runs . Certainly not our Vietnam , you know . And the second son-in-law would be in primary school when some Predator tried to down a Foxbat and if Congregation was succesful in delaying the unarmed variety for 4 years , it's obviously not his fault that his wedding gift to the nation happened to be firing tests from his drones .

america will never respect us . Klingon Bird of Prey , please , next time they show up again .

why ? See , ı have no idea what sort of bugs exist in my laptop and strictly avoid moving old stuff in it , lest something gets something and ruins the laptop . As such , ı have some amount of saved .html files of my posts . Say , the rant on Dec 1st, 2014 partly involves the previous elections . In Yalova , a town on the shores of Marmara , A-K-P "threatens" CHP with negative publicity

Yeah , the exact reason why ; considering the General Elections in 2015 . The Mayor at least had the "good sense" to be in Dagestan , Russia ; opening a park , some green zone with shrubs and trees named after Yalova . Yalova is of course the place where the A-K-P election fraud expertise was defeated in an almost nation-wide first ; the 150 votes that finally secured the mayorship for the CHP is certain to be blown away already . But then it's not particularly important . Yalova being merely a cover for the necessity of giving an Eastern town to a seperatist bigshot ; the poor guys there counted the vote 14 times and still couldn't fix it ; had to repeat the elections ...

and the CHP mayor is opening a park in Dagestan , Russia and his people cut down 180 trees as Party media is screaming why the traitors of Gezi Events do not show up and burn Yalova down . It's A-K-P and the Kurds and America and we evil fool Nationalists reel under the hammer blows of the Kurds being unstoppable , despite valiant Party efforts to "fix" things . Almost racists score big though

Incredibly convenient for the Little Imperialist , too . He challenged the leader of the almost racist party to visit Tunceli and repeat his usual discourse on the 1937-8 Dersim events / troubles / rebellion / massacres / whatever . The Little Imperialist is far too experienced in foreign meddling , where proxies abroad are so ready to do your bidding at AK-47 point . The leader of the almost racists merely collected a convoy of 500 cars and went in . Nearly half of all Black coloured Mercedes Benzes in Turkey must have been accounted for in that convoy ; and the leader of the almost racists did call the people of Tunceli terrorists to their face . No big deal at all ; if one fifth of all policemen in Turkey belongs to the Congregation as the Party claims , two fifths are surely to be of the almost racist kind ... The last time the two locked horns , the Little Imperialist had the final honours as the Peshmerga kinda controlled Kerkük even back then and would not let the leader guy in . Never minding he , as the Turkish Foreign Minister , could not go to Baghdad at the time ... Leader ? He is quite reasonable , considering his precedessor officially used a Turkish equivalent of Führer .

which of course had no use . The Little Imperialist still lasted to fail to nail the first elections of 2015 so had to turn to declaring they could not legally arrest suicide bombers before they blew themselves up and this could only happen after the leader of almost racists saved him until the second round of elections . The Little Imperialist would still be with us , if he just had NOT accepted EU invitation to some place so that the impression did not form that he might have been prefereable to the PM .

also turns out ı know nothing at all

.And the destruction of North Marmara forests is the next big thing . They are doing a highway and an airport , in the usual Turkish fashion the area will immediately be filled with housing projects . And of course all the smarties bought the land cheap , starting from from 2008 ; Goverment confiscates land ? What a lie ! Last year they made a slight mistake , misread their maps or something and cut down 245 000 trees -in error . How many villa plots that would make ı wouldn't know . This year it seems they have misread the plans for the airport , they have to dig deeper and adjust the area to a lower height above sea level . That's supposedly an extra 2 Billion USD to be paid to the companies that carry the soil away ; at a single stroke of a pen . The said companies are said to have invested 300 million USD in trucks .

as actually they did the exact opposite and did not carry enough soil and it was not level enough and outlaying sections were flooded and the profit was just a billion US Dollars and the son-in-law of the PM won his compensation case against the CHP MP that accused him of stuff in 3 months , when average cases of this type last a year and a half . Food security ? Right there :

...led people to believe [dams to be built in the 1980s] would yet be the salvation of the country with massively increased agricultural produce ; when ı was in school at the times when [it] was the thing , Turkey was one of the 7 countries self-sufficient in food supply and today it's not and in an easy 10 years they wrecked the soil in Harran with excessive water use and almost destroyed agriculture in an area that has supported life before the times of Prophet Abraham / Ibrahim Peygamber . And ... kinda killed millions of people , for Saddam's pilots were so like "F-14, F-14! Yallah, yallah!" and could never press the advantage and the war that Saddam started for Saddam didn't want a second front while gloriously destroying us could never end .

oh my , one must also create another link to this day as it was Muharrem Ince . The very man who valiantly fought for every single of those 150 votes in Yalova after his yearly failures to be the leader of the CHP and strictly based his Presidential bid on that . That he wouldn't let any single case of fraud and he would be in the central office of relevant State office for elections . On the night of elections until everything was firmly counted and entered into the official papers . And not by himself , but with 50 000 lawyers if that was what it took . If your brain has not yet exploded today or your eyes are still in their sockets and not melted down by this particular wall of text , you can simply go back to the top of the thread and see the spot where yours idiotly grasped nothing of the sort would happen , just an hour or two after the end of elections . With not a single lawyer or anything at the office and Ince was not yet declared to be missing , until midnight .

and during that time of 4 years ı just got fatter and dumber . Rotting where and as ı stand . Had at least one tooth extracted while two of them were broken in my mouth , creating some gap inside . Got insulted at the barber shop , so cutting my own hair with gear at home , like already got the half of that 60 liras ı paid for the trimmer . All editions of State Department will naturally deny the very first zoo trip was conducted by their Istanbul Consulate actually , but that doesn't count as it was their Congregation people that got them to see the idiot in person . When winning , horse blinds are amazingly easy to put on . And they are so hard to remove even when losing , as the idiot idiotically claims America has deferred the final solution to 2017 - in December 2014 if not 6 months earlier . Everything is a filler when it suits the horseblinds , can not mean anything when ı say ı will not receive the American President . Which would have been something when the President was Obama , as ı might have been called a racist , too . Nothing today , like who would talk to Trump ? No , it's not a bargaining strategy , no nothing , it's just a fact . Idiot ? Of course am an idiot , that's exactly why people call me one and mock me for not scoring , now that they also "receive" visits from all sorts of foreign states and they all score , too . Klingon Bird of Prey , please , next time they show up again . 'Cause , despite the monthly Kurosawa debate on the thief that ends up as a static Daimyo and knowing your movies is always a good thing and how he ruins up everything with moving , the statistics suggest ı might live to see 2040s , where Americans will be as eagerly plotting to teach us our place , on the centennary of Armenian inspired Holocaust . Absolutely and what ı did do to deserve this ?

now that randomly reading own posts of 4 or 5 years ago , ı see myself saying that Lockmart has been trying to forgive me for 2019 , when they will introduce commercial fusion power . Seeing they tell nothing to BAe to let me talk , am pretty sure 2019 will be a year ı turn purple , as we say here , facing some American success .

thus ended the post intented for Monday (like 14th) and ı forgot the USB at home . Hence you people get two for the price of one , unfortunately of course , you all poor yous .

Spoiler :

some hindsighth is always useful and the amazing thing just was made clearer , that the Party strives to win and the Opposition not to . Was mystified by the PM calling attention to people moving around . Turns out this is a Main Opposition speciality , transporting warm bodies from where they hold to places where they might get . Accordingly the election committee worked on Sunday and declared it was illegal and while it wouldn't happen , upto a million Opposition votes are eligible to be banned if people do not live in the address they claim to . In addition to the 2014 glory of actually losing places they held , because they erred in pruning . Which is not a surprise , not at all . And Ulukışla might well be such a place as the A-K-P mayor is said to be the first non CHP guy , since , ı don't know , the Frygians . He claims 950 houses were completed in September 2018 and such people moved into the town , because the cold winter is much easier if you have central heating , not available in the villages .

and ever wondering what's connection of the rant and the all conquering all glorious ISIL and their sole opponents on the ground , the ever more glorious gods of war ? America wellcomes the construction boom , for people must be like buying them all those flats , leaving their villages and stuff in rural areas , for Anatolia is not big enough for a 'stan and a greater Armenia and the remnants of a totally raped Turkey and if our glorious conquerors are left to police their conquest we will be like fish in the sea and every single freaking villager will rather die then leading our conquerors to whichever cave we are hiding and Americans will have to put boots on the ground and you know all those spineless American civilians who will be howling mad at every single casket that comes from Crusade MXCVCCCCIII or whatever in Turkey . Istanbul is planned to have 30 million people ... and Bursa is supposed to hold 5 million . That alone makes half of the population when a 'stan is carved out of this country .

is what yours idiotly said on that silly Dec 1st, 2014 post as already mentioned above . And it's also true that some literary book club in the Starfleet Academy is amassing my so wisdomfully wisdomful ramblings and one of these days ı will be legally qoutable in the quotes thread . What's the use of ranting ? Stuck with the commanding the Academy , that's why . Instead of telling why am so irritated at the claims that possibly the Stuntwoman did some translation from Arabic and amazement on some faces and stuff , am stii stuck explanining the whys and hows . See , back in 1773 Alexander was a white gay from the Balkans and yet he became a living god . Yet , despite the fact that he might have satisfied each one of them in some passive stance , his soldiers had too much of India and rebelled to go a single step forward . Whites of the 18th Century obviously lacked the American self confidence of the post Cold War era and had to "explain" it . And as everyone of the era knew savages with spears would fail to win against withering musket fire , Indians in times before Christ had gunpowder . It would take the discovery of tanks to understand the true value of the Spearman , just like you will have to come to this post after seeing my post on ancient artillery in the great qoutes thread ... She is paid to resemble , of course she could pass like knowing Arabic , if this is indeed going to be the stuff , my most recent curse in this miserable life . With her primary source of income in the newspapers with learning Arabic . Accordingly the Whites of the 19th century could play safe , as Darwin would have proved the monkeys and there was no god or nothing and there would be no more need to explain Alexander the gay's little skedaddle . With guns 2200 odd years ago . Imagine my joy at having a cold , too , where my gums are the first to ache ...

finally allowing to the current rant ; and the record is shattered in a single days , with 1108 souls living in a single flat in Hakkari . And New Turkey Police discredits itself entirely . They were visibly formed and raised to fight a Civil War when America would allow godless Kemalist Army attempt to topple "Muslims" , they are one of those rare Police institutions that can legally have 155 mm howitzers or submarines . Yet there is this Police "House" in the East designed to hold maybe 108 people in its 36 rooms and there are just under 400 ; while the Army of Petrol has those 700 sergeants in what might have just 3 rooms . Requires belief and courage and iron nerves , if one accidentally breaks wind , there would be hundreds of casualities . Hence the brazennness of it , months before the Elections and the feeling of there's no point . So that the Leftists should boycott the Elections and let the Party win . Now that the economy is ever glorious .

such that one of those guys who brought Democracy to Turkey has been made the Ombudsman of the country and he is on the newspaper , telling how he saved 500 000 people , those who have mismatching records and might have lost the right to receive a pension from the State . Only because there's a vocal group who wants to receive pensions but they have to wait to reach the age bracket and in about a month's time they will march in Ankara . Because the PM refuses , citing no money in th e Treasury and the word is he is also a pensioner since when he was 46 . Or the ever better Commie accounts . There is this Capitalist invention , called Kıdem Hakkı in Turkish . Longer you work in a place , more money you earn . Yours when you move out or retire , but you can't -if you are fired , like justifiably . You put up , as older you get , to keep the money . And while not all bosses and the like are evil , it can become the stick even without the carrot . So , in its capitalist wisdom the State privatizes every possible thing , but must receive the "work" , as a lost election might as well mean jail in a couple of years . So , before last year's election CHP claims it will "re-nationalize" with everyone working with contractors in State Service will once again be employed by the State . Those who have not lost a job can be hard pressed understand the term job security . Hence Party did the same and failed to get back all and those chosen had to sit through interviews in which seculars , terrorists , Congregation and Alevis in no particular order are hard pressed to pass . And guess what , all of them lose their earnings in Kıdem Tazminatı as the Party has better places to spend the tax money . Kıdem tazminatı ever covered in the media ? Sure ... A woman of 59 , with about 19 years of service , and obviously will retire next year , sees an empty chocolate box , next to garbage to be taken out and takes it , to put her needles and sewing material . She is thus a thief and loses 19 years and loses the court case and as we all hate inconsiderate oaf that runs the contractor company and hope for a better result at the appeals court . Capitalism is far smarter than Marxists give credit . Nobody has even voluntereed to buy a full box of chocolates and visited the oaf that did it , as he heroically saved money , which might be even like the equal of what she would have made working in a year or two . Similarly we see promises of how train accidents will be investigated and a full 15 pages account of how Trump was taught his place , in a newspaper , what's it 12 or 16 or 20 pages ?

he says he will devastate Turkey economically if Turks hit the Kurds and promises a buffer zone . A buffer zone is what Ankara is supposed to have refused , but assuming thee is something on offer , it turns out it was first proposed by the Party , right back when in 2011 when it all started . New Turkey , set to conquer the world , demanded American aircover , despite selling 6 UAVs to Ukraine , which built 22 000 giant planes and a Space Shuttle and all those 22 American bases in Syria ; what happened to heroic "Muslim" builders of fortifications , whose demand for contracts led to seperatists to become angry with the Party , suspecting all those projects were about securing grey zones before the next round of fighting and A-K-P would fight the Kurds , instead of whatever the Turk was ? First things first , Trump can not devastate Turkey , there is only New Turkey . It was Obama who killed and buried Turkey , dancing a little jig of joy and pssed on the grave and crpped , too , just for good measure . As America will do nothing to New Turkey , well , his tweet was entirely ignored by the stockmarket in Istanbul .

strangely enough as the ague surely grabs me , something blissful happens and ı get this empty mind and whatever , can not do justice to how "Kurds and Arabs allowed the evil Turks" line was to be crowned with a tent in Ahlat , a town in the South East , to be put on a field of 1071 squaremeters , which soon grew to a full building in a field of 10 000 squaremeters and we are now asked by the Opposition to be surprised by how it has grown to 25K , like in a day . American Marines used to specify 27 by 27 meters of clearances to operate their Harriers and small copters , but it may be some nerve breaking , so 100 by 100 for the helicopter landing spot aşone is just normal , the Ahlat palace might easily neutralize 1000 by 1000 anyhow , just the security requirements . But the palace on the shores of Lake Van is new ... Will see whether ı will be good enough to post this .

so one more exertion and almost racists have long resisted the term the Second Republic as the one of 1923 was being destroyed by the Party , but here they are , saving the country and with the change of the system , this is indeed the Third Republic !

oh my ! In bed Wednesday to Friday , buying newspapers and a very brief visit to Uncle as Aunt loses her father . In bed but not that continiously Saturday , Sunday , buying newspapers and getting laughed at in the street . Have no doubt people are having some monkey show . Weak and tired , 5 days lay between this and the preceding paragraph . Wouldn't bother but even Civ playing goes on lame . ı take some strategic posture while coughing not to rip or break something , as they do not come come back when gone away ! And nothing much to report . Just as one should have expected , the Ombudsman immediately converts his "fame" into action , calls an end to the attempts to break up the notion of Family . It's a ever more popular fad , killing the wife if she tries to divorce , because in the old days she would end up in the streets , destitude enough to sell herself , so she wouldn't dare . Laws can be ignored , but the presense of State homes , like discrete adresses to keep the escapees safe encourage more women to think , so they should be closed , just like the Police will refuse to check you , if you are an housewife calling 911 after working hours . More marriages , more jihadis for Qatar . As if it would matter , Opposition tries to work up stuff with Party company taking over a facility . "Track Repair" by the name , it was owned by the Turkish Defence Ministry , when there was such a thing . It now constructs armoured vehicles and runs at a profit . To improve it's privatised and bought by the guy who had this BMC through the A-K-P Goverment bankrupting the previous owner and Qatar "adding" a couple of dollars , so that Qatari Army , the new owner and actually they are so named and own a 49% will make a tank . Oh dear Qataris , we will come there , too , to run over your beloved American base and will see how many BMC tanks you will have , Could bring in 500 M-1s instead , so that you could yourself teach us how it's done . Whaaaaaat ? Offended ? Wh your glorious partner , this head of BMC teaches the public that one needs only two things . Local and national Defence industry and in the lands formerly owned by the Republic , it's Turks who are foreigner traitors and it's Qataris who are locals and obviously national , both citizenship and patriotism wise . And one must have media , so that people will hear the truth and keep believing in it . One pities all those idiots of Crusaders and the like , fighting the the Turk for a thousand years .

and yes , nobody did miss me here , either . My pain was instead concentrated on the gums . Say , ı might need tons of money for a proper treatment , not be needed in 3 years again , Which might take 6 months to save , if ı was to find a job today , and my tooth will rot down in 5 months anyhow . Why do we have to be polite , why do we have fear Allah , when we can fear Allah and make people fear , too ? Because public believes the PM has saved a lot of money and a different Goverment would waste all that , as if the very same public does never notice the whitewashed numbers still indicate skyrocketing . They are fighting Congregation by all means and the dead are still rising from the grave to vote for the Party ; they had this 165 year old lady , who had never voted before and we are of course told this is the most important elections ever so everybody must stand united and some of the loot , one of these days , will end up in the hands of every A-K-P voter , why not ? They issue some warrant for the arrst of this Enes something from New York Knicks , who sadly remains at home and watches his team play in London on TV . And he's a goddamned liar , because he fell out badly with his family and actually took the surname of the spiritual leader of the Congregation ! Or didn't he ? Just like America has forgotten all about leaving Syria and even contemplates giving a buffer zone in Syria , despite we don't want it and they cut it down to just in places and wait , it's back on . Syria belongs to the Regime in Damascus , if we will not get to roll in and roll Americans out . What's exactly impossible port of that to understand ?

and how can ı forget the awesome ? Some TV personality / religious professor made the dean of Islamic technology university (that's the name only) and he is famous for his TV talks in one of which he said the Lord of the Rings come from the ring of Hz. Süleyman /Solomon , son of David in Western terms , you know , practically calling a Prophet as Sauron and his head still remains on his shoulders . But then the "Muslims" and Jihadis are so forgiving about their own mistakes .
yes , New Turkey corrects a long standing fallacy in maths , henceforth three is bigger than four

Spoiler :

but you gotta read through the wall of text , as usual . Some breaks in writing of the post , so it covers maybe a month , hence long , thus extra spoilers inside to let the unwary get out quickly and safely before a meltdown of the brain

Spoiler :

the duality is once again at work ; New Turkey will say bad stuff about Tel Aviv , as Netanyahu says bad stuff against A-K-P for his own elections , but the 52% have forgiven the "patates dinliler" . The Closet Jews , present in the country ever since 1600 somethings , set to rule the world in Messianic terms and yet preferred life (after conversion) to execution , look like Muslims but in a sense pray "underground" . Hence those with the potato religion . Not a widespread phrase but used by Erbakan , the Islamist leader of the 20th Century , 2nd in command right after Kaddafi and yet getting red carpet treatment from the Saudis in every one of his 20 or 30 pilgrimages , which made him a Muslim 20 or 30 times over , despite the claimed bottle of whisky in his car , of which he consumed one little cup each and every day .

as found out by some academic poll or work . A-K-P voters have given up defining their thing as a Faithful vs Seculars (non-believers) fight , a "Muslim" Crusade to establish a State of Sharia in its starkest definition . The fight is once again the traditional Right vs Left ; 70 vs 30% of the country that used to be Turkey , before it became the youngest Arab Nation . America created a two party system to get the PM as the President with 100% of the power , so that a Kurdish Nation State could legally be accepted by Ankara . Because the gods of war would be drown in their own blood in action . Because there was likely to be enough ammunition and information lost in the dark days of America's bad days of Nixon and "defeat" in Vietnam and just a little to burn a couple of Neocons as a bonus . Civil War to be fought only when we will no longer have our own Kurds , so like us , so willing to die for Turkey and maybe they will also give away the locations of arm depots , or keys to any Starbases around their homes . So , there has to be a splinter of the almost racists to side with the evil Main Opposition , which then threatens the base of the almost racists , which threatens the 52% , as Kurds are to be enemy of New Turkey , to make it look it like a Turkish thing , instead of the Arab nation thing . Accordingly , the Voice of Russia carries the voice of the interior secretary of the palace cabinet nonstop . The local elections are so important , if lost it means there will be no more science in the country as traitors will come back and the country will no longer be able to tell the West to go to Hell . Oh yes , hell yes , indeed and really .

main Opposition supporters on the other hand have become more polarised - it's a fight between Backwarders vs Seculars , where one side wants other to go to hell on the minimum , if the throats of Alevis are yet to be kept safe . Lifestyle is not haute couture or fancy food or minimalist sculpture in this country , it means more like whether the son will find a job or the daughter will even be able to walk in the street . The son question is visibly valid . When Congregation was a power it "created" official State level exams . Previously each side would manage to get their people in State positions down to janitors , any boot licker would find a place in his side's stuff . But when there were exams you had to get high marks . Congregation had smart people , they won easily and made a presence , flooding places where previously they would be kept out by "sectarian" lines . Their lessers had to work just a bit harder , memorizing answers to the questions which were being prepared by the Congregation ... And the Congregation had a lot of study centers that needed customers . The Party doesn't have that many smart people - if one can define it that way - and they have introduced "interviews" in which dependable people talk to you and immediately sniff treason . You might score 95 out 100 in the test and you will get a 55 in the interview - if the interviewers have a son or a daughter that needs to find a job . If you are demonstrably of that 70% of the country . Meaning Right , meaning you might have been allowed in but they have to place their own people in and you are unlucky . If of the 30% and Left , you will still get 95 and 55 respectively , even when the son or the daughter of the interviewer already has a job . Will return to that with some examples as ı wrote this post over two or four weeks but remember that : New Turkey for the worthy , for the deserving .

apart from the thing that the economic crisis might hurt . Hence , we are once again all brothers . People need medicines , State is paid taxes , State pays for medicines , the exchange rate is based on the Euro and the official rate for this year is 3.90 . Which is no where near the bank rate . As the State coffers are required elsewhere , like paying "Muslim" construction companies , the State doesn't pay , the companies do not import drugs , the Party Media naturally claims treason . Everybody is a traitor , stocking stuff for extra profit , while the companies made themselves heard for the whole of 2018 , even before the August/October's Pastor Crisis in which Trump was a bit angry at New Turkey's hostage diplomacy . That 3.90 was too low and they would stop importing . After weeks of raiding traitors who stocked onions and teaching them the power of New Turkey , the onion is still like expensive or what ... Don't worry , America fights China in a bitter trade war but the whole process might cause a global recession . Through which Trump would get a mighty big orgasm , but wait , America shies away from raising interest rates . Collecting US Dollars back to US banks and ruining cheap credit and hence New Turkey , where the fake economy is fake . Where every director of the fake statistics office that gives a 50% correct report on the economy rightly gets sacked and replaced by one that will give a 25% correct report . Every economic expert claims IMF is needed for the disaster that will happen after the local elections , because it has to explode somewhere along the line as the pressure has been building up for at least a decade , but the Party had two years of campaigning that they were so great that they were lending money to IMF , which actually were the dues that Ankara was supposed to pay to be a member . So they had hired McKinsey , an American company (naturally with Zionist tendencies) and an uproar that hurt the Narrative , despite the company was active a full year before the announcement and has been in the country for like 20 years already helping the "Muslims" and might still be around and only because Muslim Brotherhood might incline half a degree to the Saudi thing , instead of the Qatari thing , it fell apart . As if Muslim Brotherhood does not deal with Israel -behind closed doors . Who paid the wages of the resolute defenders of the Kuneitra for years , me ? So , the son-in-law of the PM wows never to work with IMF . So , easy , America stops from the interest rates hike and defers the son-in-law extolling the beauty of Lagarde for a year more , Lagarde being the head of IMF .

because the sailing is no more plain , we are brothers once again , to fight against common enemies and the average A-K-P voter no longer thinks anyone who doesn't vote for the Party is a closet Jew . Because , the fall in popularity of the PM has to be covered . For which America used the spare wheel of A-K-P , the almost racists and for that to work , despite all the expertise in vote fraud , Kurds can no longer be long lost brothers , antagonised by evil policies by evil Republic of 1923 . Nor they can embrace the hundred million Arabs waiting to be liberated by New Turkey . Now that Syrians are everywhere and they can work for half the wages and low level Party Faithful have started to lose their jobs to the Syrians as well . Minimum wage might have gone to 2020 liras , but many of the smarter bosses are telling the workers that they have to return a percentage back to the boss , now that Syrians are cheaper . Some statistics , Minimum Wage applies to maybe 5% of the workers in the Uk , maybe 3% in the Netherlands and maybe 1% in Spain while it's 43% in New Turkey , the days of cheap labour fuelling growth will never come back when there's this China around . But who wants growth , it has to be starvation all around , for Qatar , the heroic winner of the cup for Asian football , is like 2 miiilons or what , with only 300 000 of them Arabs or what ? Should really check Wikipedia and the like ... As such , they need the warmness a true Nationalist is supposed to have for the good fight . When 20 people were daily killed , before September 1980 . As the Main Opposition chooses the candidate for Izmir . Whose father was a Military Public Prosecutor who had the case of almost racists after the coup . And there were many almost racists who deserve to swing as much as their Communist opponents , but anyhow . Are sons responsible for the sins of their fathers , even in cases the sin lies more in not getting that many executions ?

partial translation

for some awkward reason America can NOT fight Turks

so there has to be a "democratic" decision to create a Kurdish Nation State

for that certain parties must win the vote

for the same awkward reason these parties must look like hating Kurds

only because America wasted the Congregation military

with a traitor under every rock now proven , these can no longer approach and stab you in the back at the command of America

so it's back to almost racists to do the stabbing , because they would never be known to be under American orders

and to make it look like convincing the Nationalist vote has to be split , 'cause there is a substantial amount of people who can not stand the PM and his way of doing things

to that end there is the splinter party from the almost racists , of which it wouldn't surprise me to discover 80 or 90% were MHP "spies"

and CHP finds a candidate for Izmir , whose father prosecuted every single almost racist luminary after the 1980 coup . No Turkish Nationalist can vote for alliance that supports the son of this criminal father , so that the Party / almost racist alliance can survive to embrace Kurds (our long lost brothers) after a certain period of time . Interestingly the only single (almost racist) luminary that "wasn't" prosecuted by this criminal father is ... Yeah , of course , the current leader of the almost racists ! So simple to understand ? That ı could have been this succint for all those years ? It's them 50 000 tons of payloads each up 40 kilometers must have cleared my mind .

back to regular mumbo jumbo then . The candidate employs a claim that he has been accused of being taped with a woman in Europe ; it would surely have surfaced in the days of Congregation , even if it wasn't him , too . The Candidate in Istanbul seems to be even more dangerous , he is being verbally assaulted to compel him to say bad words ; he is from the Black Sea and PM won his mayoral position a quarter of a century ago with the same thing , positive approach to people that wouldn't vote for him . Ankara has seen the spectacle of famous Melih Gökçek re-appearing on TV , besides to his love for Dynasour statues and one Gundam replica , Gökçek is known for his conspiracies and he has hurt the Party candidate enough to ask Gökçek to cool down . Gökçek attacks Mansur Yavaş of being an emigree , his family were Macedonians like a century ago . Party candidate reportedly gets "fearful" and orders a family tree investigation , he was ready to accept his family were Armenians a century ago , once again reportedly , but they couldn't find anything . Can you believe that !?!!! Willingly declaring Armenian ancestors ! Bursa might prefer Main Opposition , breaking the hold of A-K-P . Leaving only Adana (out of the top 5 largest cities) to be won by the almost racists .

gökçek at least follows Party commands , despite being sacked for apparently being a Congregation stay behind . Muharrem Ince willingly works against Main Opposition line . Which says these are just local elections for better local governance and no threat to the new regime in the country . A-K-P voters are people like you and me , they want a better future , for their sons (and daughters even) and they are conditioned to believe it can only be delivered by the PM , standing against everything else in the world and winning everytime nonetheless . They only need to vote for the Party and the son will not need a costly education , now that it's the interviewers who decide who's worthy and no one else and the daughter will have to cope with opening her legs yearly and make half a dozen soldiers for Qatar . Because as the experience shows , the edge-of-blade competition will always be won by the "Muslims" , with the State now able to cover any and every fraud that ever takes place . While any true majority should be impossible to hide . So , Opposition lays low , hoping to get some majorities without invoking any threat to the "Muslims" who would quickly unite behind the A-K-P / almost racist alliance . They gave 700 kilometers of the Syrian border to the seperatists , those lovely smart "Muslims" and the Turk was the existantial threat back then and nobody is ashamed not to remember and they go and clear 30 kilometers for every election campaign over a year with a couple of dead this side , "Muslims" and Party Faithful are inseperable . While the glory of Party economics might have already opened a few eyes , in a yet another Miracle of Allah , because the Party has "sold a few things" to the country over this 16 years of their rule , the A-K-P candidate for Izmir claims he will develop the wine industry ... "Yutturmak" would be the slang phrase about the things the Party convinced the country to believe . But actually not as surprising as the readiness of the Ankara candidate to embrace a reported Armenian legacy ... So ? Let economy do its inevitable work ? Even "Muslims" will have to pay higher for less , sooner or later ! So , every possible whitewash is offered by the Main Opposition to every Constitution-busting done by the ruling coalition of A-K-P and its spare wheel , the almost racists . To avoid any discussion of how the smart people are not telling the truth in a multitude of things and they might leave and the glorious New Turkey will turn out to be the biggest Potemkin Village ever and this would scare the "Muslims" . Let economy do its inevitable work , right ? So that the "Muslims" will be exposed and the masses will come to think of this existantial threat thing ? Ince insists 2020 or whatever will see Presidential elections , years before the schedule ! The PM might loose which means doom for the Party Faithful ... The son has to go to school and actually learn stuff , because the future competiton in the workplace will be just not Syrians but robots with AI or whatever . And as much as expenditure for the daughter because she will have to work , too , if she wants to have food on the table , for the half dozen soldiers she might choose on her own to make . See , how easy to understand if put in these terms ...

partial translation

son grows a beard

daughter opens her legs yearly to make 6 soldiers for Qatar and her husband gets a second wife when the daughter becomes a blimp

this way "Muslim" way of life triumphs and everythin' is mighty fine

unless the Party is proven to be anything but invincible . Hence it's an existantial threat , that the world might end or whatever . 4 years ago today , ı was ranting about the glorious New Turkey victory of moving the Tomb of Süleymanshah inside Syria , as them seperatists escorted an 100 vehicle strong Army of Petrol convoy to glory ! 4 years ago and 2 days later ı was ranting about the design history of Phantom , the jet Americans expressly concocted to allow godless Kemalists kill and rape the Bosnians . Beware of the Xenforo change , it might be a real headache to read if has an "ı" .


hubris is a mighty dangerous thing . America does not want to face the Turk in the field , before the Turk has been stabbed in the back by all sorts of people . New Turkey had it all Green for a clear win in March 2019 , but Ankara just had to prove its equality with Washington . That's a lie Americans peddle to impress the Turk to give up hope and determination ; and Trump needed his Pastor released so that the American equivalents of the Party Faithful could bask in Trump's Glory as he was clearly chosen by the Christian God . Even the most hardliner of the Party can see he buys less with increased wages and Venezuella proves what might indeed happen . 13 dolars minimum wage for a month and it won't buy a single package of chocolate , but those who can afford that single package can have like 54 liters of petrol for the car after bartering it at the gas station . 20% of the country voting for Maduro and they are expected to die for him , too . And despite all the talk of finally defeating the closet Jews , the banks are spurning PM's credit card offensive . A Fund is established to fight American economic hegemony and PM gets to be its CEO and the biggest State Bank is gifted to the Fund because it's the right thing and that bank offers to save poor people from the crunch of credit card debt only if poor people choose to use the credit card of the PM's bank exclusively and those poor people must be miraculously capable of paying back their debt , so that PM's bank can find external credit , from the Americans naturally . The banks pointblank refuse to give away customers and while the son-in-law lauds the bright future of his father-in-law's bank with far more credit cards in circulation , the Police is yet to raid the banks , as havens of a cocktail of ISIL , seperatists , Radical Left and Congregation .

second son-in-law once again in the news , once again telling how the Congregation once tried to arrest them all for heroically developing a drone . Just 10 lines . When they have a mockup of their next brand it will naturally be 1000 .

and just as the sun revolves around the earth , ı will be proven wrong . The city of Bursa is just shy of 3 millions according to the latest numbers and it's set to grow only to 4 , not 5 as yours idiotly foolishly claimed on Dec 1st , 2014 .

dizzily spinning around ? Only possible for entirely newcomers to CFC . Have become known in the decade ı spent here , only those with patience open a r16 spoiler and ı get insulted on the street because it is now fashionable to imagine am fighting economic attacks on the country with a bottomless and roofless and beyond one horizon to beyond the other horizon amount of wealth , so that the people will not have an economic crisis that will make the country the Venezuella of the Middle East . Oh , dear reader , of course you are stupid , failing to grasp the situation . Because ı then traitorously refuse to let the locals get their percentage of which they are entitled by their glory , with insulting me on the street or poisoning street cats around the house . Oh , Hubris is indeed mighty dangerous . America needs stuff , but America does not need New Turkey be its equal . America knows New Turkey is a servant of the Arabs and the idiot who will become the next Saudi King is the top of Arabs which makes New Turkey like 5th or 6th in the line , because those lesser Europeans and even lesser races like the Chinese and the Japanese should be included in the pecking order . And certainly not as 1st , right next to America .

Spoiler :

so , the fake economy is fake and should have crashed 10 years ago , but after the little example of the economic crisis of 2018 putting a new sense to Ankara , things stay the same . America does not want to give hope to the rogue rascals that refuse to be America's dogs and get themselves killed , obviously since 1918 . The thing will run past the local elections to keep a viable structure ; hence the economy will not bite that deep . The local branch of George Clooney , the handsome 11th President will "start" a new political party , we are assured , after the PM loses Ankara . The idiot who will become the next Saudi King might have been having sex with the Qatari leader (with the Saudi being the active partner) in private , but he really wants / needs an anti-Turkish victory by now and he is demanding a change in Ankara . A-K-P to remain intact and in power with their spare wheel in attendance , a so so control on the local basis and A-K-P 2.0 to be established and PM removed ? Exactly why we are also hearing that the PM will sweep away the little congregations setting root everywhere as a cure for the Congregation . If he wins the local elections . The local branch of George Clooney of course claims there was a bad smell in his car and PM's garage failed to find the cause and he went to a different place and the PM's office refused to foot the bill and there was no more of the smell ; which translates as the former President was reminded that he could be poisoned . "Muslims" must be seen as oppressed .

those congregations are exactly why there are interviews afterall . So some female teacher scores 88 points in the written test , becoming the top candidate in the country to teach physics in school , but gets a 54 in the interview so she can't find a job . ı assume she took a similar interview back in 2016 and scored something above 90 but took a job in private schools which are now to be closed and she wants a job at some state school . If you can't pass the security investigation , conducted by the Police or similar institutions which are chock-a-block with congregations and indeed still with Congregation , you will get below 60 irregardless of how good or bad you do in the interview and will not get a job in the State , and like soon , nowhere else . Remember the son and daughter of the Party Faithful ? They are needed to be not that smart . To die for Qatar when necessary . Which means they are not to be bothered by a female physics teacher who doesn't cover her head and with a name that might be popular with Alevi families . As a competitor to find jobs . The method is obviously everywhere . Take the guy who should be the best English speaker in the palace cabinet . The secretary about foreign relations and he has either a niece or the woman in question is married to the nephew of the secretary . She scores 20 odd over 100 in some academic test , being the last or second from the last . 45 in overall tests . And she is chosen to an academic education programme , she might one day become some professor in social sciences or whatever . And there are 5 spares , to be in the programme if the winners are unable . These have scores of 51 to 54 . 45 trumps them allright . Now that there are those who scored 60 and are not in the primary list or the spares , like poof and vanishing into thin air as if they never existed in the first place . Nothing has much changed , ı see , when ı was this idiot who went to university for like 10 years , the exam results would be on a paper hung on a board on the wall and people see their marks and the results on the wall and it goes viral on the web and some court bans any discussion of it . Election campaign , man , the guy who wants equality in Syria , and defends Venezuella and lambasts China for Human Rights at the same time could have seen it done silently and get the officials change her exam results from 45 to 60 and nobody could have said a thing . No , Party Faithful must see their kind of son and daughter is safe , if A-K-P remains in charge .

you don't need much English speakers and the like in the palace cabinet , now that all they have to cater is the "public opinion" inside . Accordingly the guy who says science will end in the country with the fall of the PM , also attacks America . Of supporting terrorists . And if only 10% of the aid given to the seperatists in Syria was instead assigned to New Turkey most of the problems in Syria and indeed in the world might have been solved . A guy who yearly promises to capture the spritual leader in America ( through necessarily killing all the American guards around) , a guy whose Police and other stuff regularly capture traitors across any borders and weekly kills 4 or 5 seperatist leaders offers to destroy Iran , for just 10% of the money spent on the seperatists . At a time when New Turkey walks on water with bases in Qatar , flag showing in the Antarctic , being equal of anyone and anything and like not so secretly NOT on par with Prophets of Allah , now that They made mistakes all the while being guided by Angels , Gabriel foremost and yet A-K-P never failed even just once , as one of their MPs once said .

and man , the guy can not just stop . Simply because the voting base is cast in stone and A-K-P will still survive and there is to be a new Islamist Party , we have been treated a spectacle . Anti Goverment demonstration and people are being showed into Police vehicles and a police guy . Supposedly pushing a woman in , from behind her . With his hand on the underside of her , fingers shaped in the way to feel where the legs end . Radical Leftists and seperatists have been claiming sexual harassment as such over the years , but they would have been heat of moment "accidents" as no one had ever managed to have it filmed . Her father accused to be Congregation , her brother or sister accused to be in the Radical Left , many of them actual terrorists , too . The secretary of for interior of the palace cabinet says "Conspiracy" and says he has documents of earth shattering significance . And yeah , the harassed is head covered . Only because this post took like a month to write since ı had a lot of Civ III time in the interim and the Turkish branch of George Clooney is set aside by D.C. and it's the Little Imperialist . To "rise" and set up a new party .

partial translation

the 11th President was secured by the men of the PM on the night when the Disgrace of July 15th happened . As he is some smooth talker

while there is no way the Little Imperialist can influence powers that be aka iyi saatte olsunlar , the feared establishments , in short whatever that might have so far remained of the Republic of 1923 . Not after the election campaigning that no suicide bomber could be legally arrested before he/she blew him/herself up , despite each and all of them were known by the State . Not after "masterminding" the Irresuction in Syria and 700 kilometers of the border falling to the seperatists and his "meek control" of the PM , with a new promise of victory after each hill and each week . Had the PM been killed by the Congregation he would have been an exact choice to send the planes to bomb cities RAF over Berlin like , to put down the Kemalist treachery . Confused ?

oh why , you are of course dumb , fellow CFC members . The Little Imperialist does the spadework , on how the Police can "feel" the headscarved girls and the ruined economy and the splendid splendour of the palaces and whatnot . The PM betraying the truly Islamic aims of A-K-P . 4 years to the next general elections , a year of such spats and "Muslims" are fearful of losing their heaven and the Turkish Branch of George Clooney arrives , just like American cavalry , trumpets sounding charge and horses rushing , with Natives on the run , them Redskins as we still know them , he gloriously saving it all ... Son with the beard and daughter yearly opening her legs . For Qatar , before becoming a blimp .

as such the earth shattering document can only be "proof" of connection of the Little Imperialist to the affair , and naturally , there is no actual need for it to be real in any sense ; new Turkey has come so far with lies . And while people have been killed over some guy feeling or attempting to feel or supposed to feel some woman , as extented families would have tidy street battles , the policeman is protected . As a further incentive , some policeman who raped a random woman in the patrol car , as she was going home at night and she was compelled to get in the car , gets a lighter-than-expected jail term . 'Cause , the "experience" is there , our Arab masters to be will one of these days feel they are ready and inspire their proxies to harass and rape and get off scot free and those proxies will do . It was a spectacularly succesful tactic in Syria in 2011 , where the Sunni majority of Syrian Army still remained doubtful of the assistance New Turkey could offer them in all out rebellion . Well , they are proven to be correct , after hundreds of thousands of deaths , right ?

simply America is increasingly doubtful about the PM's capability to deliver .

or not . The country is run by decrees and the like , as we people are supposed to get used to live by the command of the "choice" of the 52% . And by foolishness or design , nobody can understand what such decrees say , as the established "language" of the State is avoided . Helps avoiding the blame game when things go pear shaped , allows nothing happening as nobody can take any initiative and defer it to the highest authority , which will finally be a Party hack appointed by the PM and all power thus belongs to the PM . As a simplest example for didactic purposes , some policeman would not fine you (if you crossed at the redlight) before asking the Police chief of the province , despite the laws . The fake economy is fake and they need money and they increase VAT for electronic publications from 8% to 18% and some outcry and as a momentous thing the VAT for all books will become 0% . Which in practical terms means absolutely nothing as the small print keeps the taxes readily in place and soon nobody might print any books or publish them online . Which is a blessed good thing as 54 or something % of the country is happy and the rate goes upto almost 60% at those with totally no education . The route is absolutely correct , if the intention is to copy Maduro's Venezuella afterall .

there is a non-stop effort to create "traditions" of New Turkey . So , a seaside town has an election committee . This in Thrace , by the Marmara or something and you would expect the people to be "wary" of A-K-P with the Party polling 48% in contrast to the overall country . 4 members are from parties according to their performance in general elections in the area and one Judge and two officials elsewhere from the State . This being seaside , people will be in villages and the like most of the year and arrive for the summer , all 3 or 4 months of it . Jandarma , now attached to the interior affairs instead of being part of the military has conducted a search . Despite nobody had asked Jandarma to do such a thing for the town . Discovers the houses are empty , nobody answers the doorbell , hence all these people are liars and will not vote . Maybe 1800 , but a sizeable number for the small town , should secure it for the Party . The Party member and the almost racist immediately vote against it , the people being banned are probably their next door neighbours . And yes , 3 trumps 4 . For a day . The Judge is no doubt one of those wonders of the age , fit enough to sweep the courtroom when there was a requirement for capability in the dysfunctional Republic ; his future lies with being liked by the Party , same for the other two . Until they are overturned by the Provincial election authority . No problem , the three have proven themselves , loyalty and courage and supreme fitness for 1984 .

well , your agony is over , you have read it . Wanna still more ? After America turned down the brilliant idea , they didn't ban a million people and kept it at 91 000 . America still can not control the weather so they had to be lenient on that . Winter was entirely mild here up North West , in South West they even had tornadoes and stuff . First ever with mortalities , too . The biggest ı have ever seen was maybe 30 centimeters tall , really spinning over the ground and you could really see the dust circling around its ever changing center . (The one that famously hit me in the back in 2001 when the situation got me talking against the now dead Turkish Armed Forces ? Well , ı didn't see it coming ...) One toppled a bus in an airport , 12 slightly wounded , some people were killed elsewhere . Means not much sun , means less production , means higher prices , even if fake economy is fake and they will be hovering around that anyhow . And a brilliant thing . The State organizes "direct sales" .

Spoiler :

well , you must remember a terrorist organization was hoarding onions to make them more expensive to make people vote against the Party . The Party says enough and starts bypassing the middlemen . Who (of course) would have to be at least 52% Party , right ? We hear a vegetable becomes 4 or 5 or 10 times the cost , as it travels between the farm and the customer . ı have known that for maybe 30 years , after learning what a "kabzımal" or middleman was . Just like that . Chainstores are betraying the country . Just like that 3.5 million who work in that sector , from truck drivers to those who sell at markets and as "small entrepeneurs" (or however the hell you spell the word) they are more likely to be Party Faithful as academic stuff would suggest . So , the Hour of Opposition on the Voice of Russia finds some brave soul who says he said he assembled some 11 tons of produce and was paid 4.5 liras for the kilo and it was being sold at 4 liras at Istanbul . After it travelled all the way to Istanbul from somewhere from the Southest parts of the country and it costs 1800 liras travelling over the PM's bridge anyhow , at least 0.1 liras to add . The Hour of the Opposition is the "name" of the segment where some Russian promised of authenticity in contrast to how the radio channel can become an extra Party PR , to some typically typical guy who is "known" , icy stare and non-committal and stuff and Moscow can willingly fire producers who get to laugh too much at people whom they are not supposed to laugh at all . Makes it inevitably a must-listen thing kind of thing , one needs real news and debates at times .

this is a standart thing . 52% loses nothing at that . State uses taxpayer money , true , but it's them 48% that funds the share of the 52% . Despite much fun during the Presidential Election last year when this thread itself started , nobody opposes a free tea or coffee and a cake at the State owned tea-houses which are starting to operate now . The visitor pays half the free thing with his taxes , true , but it's still half of what he might have paid otherwise and stupid loser opponents are paying the rest , which satisfies the customer's yearning for greatness . Plus the workers are from Party Faithful and the tea is bought from Party companies as much as the cake . Only when the economy looks like collapsing ,the 48% becomes brothers and stuff . The "traitors" are then specifically "targeted" . The Koç Family owns a chainstore and the Party loves to attack them whenever they need a local Soros like figure ; Fenerbahçe is very much unhappy with the referees as it keeps losing and it might fall to 2nd League and the chainstore perforce has to follow suit and sell onions on the cheap , the cost sticker reads a kilogram is sold for 2 liras while it cost the chain a full 5 liras and 2 kuruş ... And do not take it that ı like the chainstore . ı bought stuff two times at this big one by the road to Izmir and that possibly same cashier girl asked two times the sticker price . At both times . One needs to be taxed by people , as an idiot ı presume .

and you know what . The weather will improve , as it has done in the past 10 million years and supply will increase and the prices will fall . Yeah , another Party miracle . In which evil chainstores were defeated . Who actually and reportedly cancelled their long standing partnerships with producers and handlers and middlemen in the glasshouse business down South a month before the start of the direct sales thing and about a week before the "crisis" and created new business stuff , possibly leaner structures . Because the economy is no longer "expanding" and Capitalism just dies without growth and "Muslims" are the only worthy , the thing is direct sales might continue after the local elections driving a million or two of that 3.5 out of business . Imagine the foresight of chainstores , that they would be branded as traitors by the PM himself and they are organizing by not selling the 7 vegetables PM's direct sales offers , with a 1.5 kilometer long line of people waiting to buy a rationed amount of vegetables , as almost 50 people were noticed buying cheap from the State and becoming middlemen and selling it to the grocery shops . So they are cutting costs by removing their own supply chain . It's easy after all , when a truck arrives from the Municipality of Istanbul after driving 700 kilometers on taxpayer money and will return the same way and the produce is bought at taxpayer money , unless a Party Hack makes a gift of truckload or two or there is even talk of people threatened to make a gift of a truckload . Indeed easy , with 4 years to the next election and only spoiled by the Little Imperialist ...

barack Hussein Obama was a spineless jerk , he was not only a coward not facing the 50 000 tons payload a time and he might have reflected a moment if he was ever told of what lurked up above , but he was predictable . And solid . Nothing could have swayed him from his duty of allowing Slave Bazaars appear during the reign of the first Coloured President of United States of America . BSS or BS squared is nothing of the sort . Having licked enough shoes in his life , Trump demands immediate and full recognition of his matchless power . And his reflection would last a milisecond and he would fire the entire White House , Pentagon and the State Depeartment , too - his hairdo is nuke proof . He makes New Turkey uneasy , the Pastor crisis was a learning experience , now that the spineless jerk limited his "education" of New Turkey to pinpricks . At it extreme New Turkey needs to find 120 billions of credit service its debts , there are also those who claim 40 billion would be more than enough . Which is exactly why we learn "only" this year that Muslims are ordered by Allah not to pay interest , through some critic of the Party , on the Voice of Russia and it's actually a casus belli , a reason for war . A tenet of Islam , apparently , to be defended by the Sword . They can't default on their debts , can't even say that they might consider defaulting as American banks would have sex with them , so they naturally call on the Republic Gunships . Add LAAT or something to your google search if you are not that keen a Star Wars fan . Easy credit and fake statistics office is what made the Dolce Vita which is so threatened . The economy grew 3.5 times , we are told , during the time of A-K-P . By GNP Turkey was 17th biggest economy in the world when A-K-P took over . It is New Turkey which is still 17th biggest in the world today . There is material improvement in per capita numbers . Turkey was 65th , New Turkey is now 64th .

the business plan is still housing . And despite PM's unmatched power he still can not make it happen , as foreign investors are unhappy for some reason and New Turkey needs to find a guarantee . Some apartment block in Istanbul . The basement is rented to a textile operator who needs to put big machines inside so they cut a couple of columns , you know , which has long been a Turkish classic or something , weakening houses with removing unnecessary columns , which happens to be any and all if it's not already in line with the outer walls . Every single window pane of the basement is broken as the building starts to settle and window repairman is among the 21 killed as it finally and suddenly collapses after 3 days . 9 dead out of a single family , while a nine year old boy , also named after the PM , is among the survivors , takes a day or two to get him out of the rubble . Fault of the Main Opposition , Party Media screams , the owner is a bigshot of CHP . CHP counters with official documents that the surname matches but it's a different person and it's A-K-P's current major of Erzurum or whatever that allowed the construction of the building when he worked in Istanbul . The furore dies somewhat . Oh yes , the country is an earthquake zone , despite A-K-P science proved the risks were less than assumed and eased the requirements in a couple of provinces just this year or whatever . We must accept all the weak houses must be demolished , despite the thing that there are no weak houses as the owners are allowed to declare their houses safe and sound without any investigations as they make "peace" with the Goverment and their illegally build houses become legal for a fee . We must accept there must be new houses build , despite the 16 or 17 years of "renovations" have concentrated on cool parts of the cities where buildings were already stronger but the construction companies wanted bigger profits of selling in better places . The Last Prime Minister , now running for Istanbul , even says we must find new locations to put up tent cities after a major earthquake . You know , Greeks and Italians and Zimbabweans came and built malls and residential towers in the last 17 years , when the 491 allocated "collection fields" were reduced to 71 in Istanbul , every field disappearing from the lists on the web in the blink of an eye . You would think it was we who were running the country in the last 17 years . Never mind , as tearing down houses is also a business , the Party heroically orders 10 apartments to be evacuated at once and start bringing them down . Now that furniture sellers also need business , people can't not take their stuff out , too . Good old taxpayer money , so that the Party can look as the man of action , while the CHP mayor of the area naturally is British Queen as he visits the area ... And unfair as it's only her advanced age that would keep her away from being instantly there and all day or week long if it took place in London or some village in the remorest location of the damned island , and be human and the like . While CHP has already figured out they might accidentally win and is doing every possible thing not to .

1996 or '97 and some Benz runs into a truck . The dead include a rare Alevi Police Chief of Istanbul / a guy who turns out to be a typical "Nationalist" , drug running and an assassin before 1980 , involved in the gunning of Jean Paul II , too before becoming a supposed hero of the country with entirely proven ability to do nothing against the Armenians / mistress of the second . The survivor ? A MP of the Center Right , feodal clan leader . All 4 returning Istanbul after an escapade down South , either threatening people to buy some hotel cheap to launder drug money , or actually preparing some assassination . It also helps to understand why America so quickly became displeased with Erbakan and went to create a whole new Party , as it was served to the Islamists on a golden platter , to expose the Republic as criminals and Erbakan just slept it off . Without a single dime of US Taxpayer expended in American Conspiracy , can you believe that ? Erbakan refused to fight the State , because he was there in the Goverment back in 1974 and saw how there was this rebounce as the now dead Turkish Armed Forces intentionally ignored the two Greek Commando battalions - which would attack in the dark of the night . Which they did , but unfortunately they were either lost in the dark or misread their orders and fell on their NATO allies ; it was almost a disaster . Or how two days later , despite an even stronger talk , a Greek convoy was invented out of the blue and ships of the now extinct Turkish Navy were attacked by planes of the now extinct Turkish Airforce . So funny that British helicopter pilots been recorded on the radio , laughing at the sight . TCG Kocatepe knocked out for good before it's clear that it's an own goal . Which can happen in war . So , Airforce types launch a CAP to protect the ship and then attack the Navy Ships twice more in the day . Anger management ? You ain't seen a thing . Despite being funded by the Saudis for decades and known by the US even longer , Erbakan wouldn't push his luck and he defended himself that the types would have been pleased if the Islamist Goverment tried to fight drug-running-and-killing-their-Kurdish- opponents-in-drug-running-type-security-people .

anyhow , feodals are naturally in politics and their candidate declares he is running for the almost racists and he will kill anyone who tries to tour and propagandize in his part of the country . It will turn out no party has ever gone into the villages of these feodals in the last 40 years , if it wasn't the party the feodals were running for . With a full 2 decades painting these feodals as the symbol of everything that's ever gone wrong with the Republic , what does CHP then do ? Make the feodal their candidate when the almost racists have to agree to an A-K-P offer in the name of alliance and drop the feodal ...
well , it's this weekend

Spoiler :

yeehaw , Syrian kids are back . Those who collect stuff for re-cycling and no , they had actually never left . Nothing about them in reality , too , as they have started a new life here with their families and ı have no doubt they would do stuff other than collecting stuff if they could . On the morning of March 17th, 2019 ı saw one inside a garbage can . Of the kind that needs two men to drag to the dumptruck and hydraulic arms are needed to dump it in , standing inside with his whole body like . While his older brother or father went to others to look for plastics and the similar . Municipality starts collecting decades back , people learn putting plastics in a seperate bag , feel good about doing something even if their carbon footprint might be sky high . Open to allcomers if on the street and Syrian kids are legal to take anything they like as long as they keep the area orderly , because this is exactly what Turkish collectors do . If it's inside a garden , only the guy who walks next to the Municipality truck will come in and take the bag and put a new one and the lot . Syrian kids do not learn Turkish , which is not true as during summers there will be some amounts of them in the webcafes (as the Police has then no duty to fine webcafes to encourage school attendance) and there are one or two who cause a case of jaw down on their pals-for-the-day when it turns out that they are Syrians . Yet Syrian kids never learn Turkish , as a guy on the other side of the street takes his child to school . Syrian kid enters the garden , starts emptying the bag , takes practically anything and apparently leaves a mess and the guy is not shouting or anything and no response from the Syrian kid . And now that we ain't no Americans here , the guy can not legally say "Freeze" and pump 30 rounds of .357 Magnum brand for trespassing and self defence . The guy just has to walk away as his child has already made half of the way to the school . And the Syrian kid spends another 2 or 3 minutes and leaves the scene .

syrian kids had slim pickings lately . The Municipality , which is of the big city , was run by the only mate of the PM from PM's compulsory military service days . His corruption is long explained by his massive expenditure of State funds in the Balkans . His ancestors' hometown and the like were "ihya edilmiş" , meaning they have been improved or something . No money for nothing left , the Mayor ordered to resign and in the typical A-K-P way declared to be Congregation , but he is not in courts , because he has family and friends and nationalities and whatnot and everything is silently recorded by History and he might just talk about with whom he was robbing the country and ı seriously doubt that would be Main Opposition politicians . So , re-cycling took an early hit and it wasn't providing much of income to the Municipality anyhow as Syrian kids were specializing on it anyhow . Always in the street just a day before the truck kind of thing . ı would be on record as saying A-K-P had actually left the field to them as Nation Building , for the youngest Arab country of New Turkey . Maybe 6 months of no trucks and 2 weeks of no re-cycling as my mother was extremely unhappy to refill the bag after she found the leftovers on the ground as the poor Syrians will live a wretched life as cheap labour and adapt and will rise and bond and will never forget their A-K-P benefactors and will even fight for them , because America will one day come and put us Turks into lines to gas chambers . Service lightsabers and you think Americans will face them themselves ? Only because Trump is an idiot and lives the good life after breaking the cycle in which Dems fill the American Treasury and Repulsives Reptilians Republicans do the work of Christian God in places like Iraq . ı haven't used the phrase Existantial Threat in years because Barack spineless jerk Obama is not in charge , even if he no longer had the fire and drive in his second term . The glorious Arabs are awesome , they pay the Jihadis and their Princes are always available for the rapes and mass murders of the defenceless but show the same extreme reluctance of the Americans when it comes to any Sparrow fest . Which like had a kill rate of 8% in Vietnam ... You would think AMRAAM would work against Fleet Standart 71 Phantoms . Which you would think to have started development at around when the first F-4Es were coming out of St Louis .

syrian kids of course do not much have time to watch the news , through which you might not be exactly able to discover the money is like running out , as much as the sand is shifting beneath the feet of A-K-P . News are always cool and great and glorious ; PM's sudden discovery of Environment has nothing to do with that if the Goverment makes plastic bags not-free , the palace will get 15 kuruş of tax from each and every plastic bag that stores "sell" , adding up to 3 or 5 times of the budget of the relevant Goverment Ministry . It's all about how plastic bags remain a threat to the Nature for a thousand years . They are going to get deposits for each bottle next year or the one after , as people are not buying enough plastic bags . So , some evil devil might notice the Municipality does not collect re-cycle stuff for months and it might be used to point out things and it will be just another tear as the Party comes apart at the seams . Just like Syrian kids does not know Turkish while they are rummaging at the contents of the bag , "Muslims" have ignored that the sea would end and they would run the ship of the State aground , that there was no free lunch , that they would have to answer for their failure to realise the orders of the West that put them in charge . But then , neither the Americans nor the British nor the rest of the Anglosphere understand the English language .

so the trucks re-appear . The very first ı see in front of the post office with the crew having a tea and running the engine to keep the cab warm in the dead cold . They will simply drive across my street , without even slowing down . Different next week , as the Party needs every single lira it can get hold of and spending fuel for nothing is not exactly desirable and the country has still people willing to work , like walking next to the truck ...

and these things take a long time to write and on the morning of March 23th , 2019 ı discover these kids do not need much help in climbing into one . This time a girl , definable only with her ponytail under the woolen hat she wears . Am on my way to buy the newspaper and she sees a woman leave the house and taking the garbage out . She steps on those iron stuff the hydraulic arms lock into , effortlessly pulls herself up , jumps inside , to land on top of the garbage bag just thrown , in no doubt . She is happy too , a pressed paper container for eggs and a 2.5 liter plastic bottle ends up out of the can . She is in a pack of 4 , two boys , two girls and two carts and in all probabality is under 10 . Her getting out of the can will be even more impressive athletically . The second girl is smaller and has a too large coat , she might even be in school , but "helping" family earn a living on this quite nice Saturday morning . The big boy still calls the shots though , they are in front of the bank for ages . ı see them all four in front of the ATM , ı smell something fishy . Not because am on the beat , looking for trouble but obviously they have trouble with the machine , do they have their card stuck ? No joke here , Syrian refugees have a Goverment issue card on which they might buy stuff and maybe the father or one of the fathers gave them the card so that they could buy lunch . The little boy is the first to disappear , followed by the little girl . Because the big girl is adressing me in Turkish that there's nothing wrong . And a bit of -perhaps agitated- Arabic warning to the big boy . Because she would expect me to slap the boy if ı was to discover that he is just fooling around the ATM , in addition to mocking me as well , pressing the buttons and make believe taking money from it . A folded but quite new 5 lira banknote (under a dollar's worth) and obviously their lunch money . Could buy a loaf of bread for the day and another for Sunday . ı still do not wake up and start checking around , do they push the buttons in the correct sequence ? The boy gets his fill of joy , as he hides his "password" from me , as grown ups do . He speaks Turkish passably good but perhaps his reading is not that good . For he just writes 8 or 6 digits and none of them in the same order while the screen clearly asks him to enter the full 11 digits of "citizenship number" , unique for everyone like the Social Security thing in the US . ATM thinks the customer wants to transact without a bankcard with all those buttons pushed , you know . He is just about 10 , just like her and already prepared to push her around by brawn , but through the order of nature she definitely has more brains than him for years to come . Decides ı won't shoot them or slap them and this means ı am a reasonable guy . She perhaps doesn't want to do it very much , but she takes her chance and asks whether ı have coins . ı don't . Despite ı will obviously use the said coins in buying the newspaper but she loses nothing by asking . They might have saved it . Or maybe have bought some gum , without telling their parents . As ı go back with the newspaper some minutes later ı see the little girl has returned already . Half or an hour later ı get out on errands and will see the four , with their two carts left out on the street , inside the park , climbing on some structure of ropes . One cart for the 10 year old boy , one cart for the 10 year old girl . If New Turkey had not carried out the orders of America and lit the fuse or something for the Syrian Civil War , they would spend this quite nice Saturday morning in their hometowns , playing with their fathers' smartphones .

civil war is not cool , so some guy gets to stop the one that might start next week in this country ...

for there is no need or whatever . Obviously America is unhappy with years of effort wasted for no good result and stuff with stuff considering stuff as using smurf instead of stuff would cheapen this post .

that there is a "risk" for the current leadership to end up bad . Izmir is likely to stay in Main Opposition hands . It is widely expected that the candidate for Ankara will do surprisingly good . As can be gauged from the way the PM and company attack him non-stop . The Last Prime Minister might barely defeat the candidate in Istanbul , and then he might not . The candidate for Bursa gets remarked widely for his optimism that he will win ; so much that some TV presenter openly laughed at the leader of Main Opposition for the latter's claim that all these 4 cities will be won by the Opposition . New Turkey derives its legitimacy from elections , destruction of the Republic was long justified by the fact that A-K-P polled above 50% in -say- Istanbul . A city that has more people than 131 countries on the planet . Which proves New Turkey is eternal and the TV presenter is justified . While she is not 12 years old , ı don't think she was a grown up and interested in stuff in the times when the PM was not Prime Minister and above . America is not happy and America wants tractability and America desires some Peace - like despite we haven't started fighting yet .

america would have started the Civil War 10 years ago , if it could ever be confident that it would not spread out immediately , or there was any guarantees that New Turkey could actually win it . The sentence that starts the paragraph is the one that will remain the most untranslated section of this post . That it's not their glory America is wary , but the fake science of History . Only if there was any guarantees that New Turkey could actually win . 10 years ago , with wind in their sails . Their ancients said so , with so little hope in 2001 , too . That American troops should stop discovering NATO grade material in El Kaide camps in Afghanistan , because that might get people angry or something . Or Bin Ladin's trolling as if his glorious bunch of Jihadis could handle the fight , despite all the friendly fire by USAF to be provided . America wants a "new" breed of New , that can realise the feel good euphoria of 2000s , before the Arab Awakening , the bloody spring that failed to make a call on Jordan as Jordanians like howled in protest at reports of bikini tops ordered en masse to be flown on tank antennas . They failed to see the joke in that probably . When Democracy was coming and everything would be good and those with the bayonets would be embrassed by the screams of "NOT IN MY NAME!" And of course the team involves the Little Imperialist , whose election campaign in 2015 included an episode of Friday prayers in the Ulucami of Bursa , with arrows placed on the street nearby , all pointing to the A-K-P rally to take place 2 or 3 kilometers away and if you moved your head in the direction of arrows you would only see the Grandmosque of the town across the street .

even the Opposition wows not to take advantage of an A-K-P / almost racist defeat - in case it really happens . Now that if there was a quick general elections after New Turkey reverses , the Opposition would be saddled by the requirement to fix the economy . They have a taste of the same from 1999-2002 . The fake economy is fake and the world will one of these days run out of desire or money to carry New Turkey along -on the basis of whichever comes first and some unfortunates will have to put a real economy in the country , instead of the fake one . ı have expected such a thing could have happened and never mocked others with stuff like

Meanwhile, one of the principal reasons why the government budget was always in deficit was that ‘the Greek economy had become a massive exercise in tax evasion’. It was said that not paying your taxes had become ‘a way of life for middle-class Greeks’. One example of this delinquency which acquired an almost legendary status was the case of the swimming pools of Ekali, a prosperous suburb to the north of Athens. In the municipality of Athens, a permit was required to own a pool. Such a permit could cost up to 5,000 euros a year, and so the affluent residents of Ekali simply refused to pay. It was alleged that only 324 people checked the box on their annual return, while later satellite evidence revealed nearly 17,000 swimming pools. This implied an evasion rate of 98 per cent

ı expect them Greeks will be real happy after their decade , long on suffering and never short on German advice to sell an island or two in safe areas on the cheap so that EU could not end up in war with imaginary Turkish forces . Total tall tales , only lullabies sang to kids to get them to sleep that shouldn't have bothered the EU one bit . After their outright lying that Turkey would be allowed to join the EU if the Greeks were given a couple of islands to fix their economic stuff in the Aegean . The Turk does not give up land and nobody loves the Turk when the Turk comes back . America might even end up biting the bullet and keep on with the PM , though with the required economic fixes , it is to be examined if he would want to run in 2023 .

so , what would happen if A-K-P was shown to lack people's support , in a scale that could NOT be covered by fraud ? Personally ı expect to be proven that ı was the brains behind A-K-P . In the sense ı was commander , death squads when the Congregation was jailing the coupists . And ı became Congregation when the said coupists were being released by the Party - as the Party needed the real or claimed coupists' influence in the now dead Turkish Armed Forces to block the Congregation influence . As the fabled Golden Generation was placed in important posts by the Party , in full knowledge that they were Congregation . And it all starts on some stupid joke in the museum in which ı was just a guide . Decided ı was an idiot who claimed to be a spy while ı neither was a spy nor claimed to be one and extremely alerted when the seperatists sent their man in the city to see what was going on and that resulted in undercover cops inside and some exciment in the "security guys" of the building and the smart in those thousands of people who loved to make fun of me started to feel a little feeling of what would happen if ı was anything remotely real . ı have had a decade and a half which ı would rather not have and even my pals on some weird Turkish language only forum troll me time to time . Yes , the required ı curse the stuntwoman sentence ... The latest ? My conquests . If ı had any interest in getting them known , ı would let them known as this is how manhood is taken or something . Never minding ı would have to have them in the first place .

and it's not merely me or anything . The State has been like ruined , nobody would expect the things to fix themselves in some miracle . Take the people of Artvin , a province in the East with so little means , leading its people to disperse all over the country . With a huge interest in education . So that every town would have an official or two in planning , knowing where the city would be in 10 or 20 years . And one to buy the land accordingly . There's this famous former Minister of theirs , of whom ı used to blame for a reason ı didn't know whenever ı had a feeling that we were paying 13 times for the 12 months of a year to have a phone at home . Of course , not every son of Artvin is of this cloth . One across the street said the wrongest possible thing about me at a time things were hot . That my late father would do no rotten work . Put in context , my late father was in contruction labour , did his work good , never asked more than deserved and things he repaired did not need repairs within days and if such things happened (with perhaps yours idiotly failing to mix the mortar properly) he would repair them again , without asking for extra payment . So this neighbour of ours clearly implied my late father would also raise me "properly" and ı would not lack morals . Ergo this meant it was most unlikely that ı was a gay communist Jewish drug runner trying to topple the Goverment nonstop and failing every week . ı feared for him , despite his old age . Threadwise this clearly suggests if A-K-P was to falter , those sons in the defined jobs would quickly agree to let their A-K-P supporters to lay low and send their Leftists forward . To investigate every case of corruption in the last 2 decades , to remain in business . With hunting criminals , just like Congregation stay-behinds ruthlessly hunt their brothers and sisters .

and this is not even the beginning of it . The country has 80 provinces in addition to Artvin . It would be repeated , with the same haste and the same decisiveness and shall we say , the same jackalism . Luckily we are in the age of computers and everything the State ever does is on computers . Nor it can ever be "deleted" . Despite whatever people in business might want to believe . The Turkish State will continue to exist . For the time being . (With experience of Iraq in mind) Americans will propose , if they are ever allowed , that some old partnership and the like must be re-vitalized and people might partake , with tidy profits , too , in some second round engine choice for F-35 in 2030 . Possibly we will then be all dead by '33 after they gobble up Iran and it's obviously the fault of closet Jews of Turkey that Adolf came to power a century ago . It's equally possible that A-K-P (with NOT a little help) might even fix the fake economy and win in 2023 , too . Haste makes waste and let the truly sinless cast the first stone are the things to be correctly translated this week . Or people might laugh at the r16 silliness that ı have no interest in F-35 whatsoever , after the sacred trio of Salesman , Trollman and Wiseman had me banned elsewhere on the web , 2008 or 9 like . There are already 200 of them to be shot down already , right ?

or even stuff that people can even see on the street . When my older brother was in the Municipality , he came home one evening very angry . We asked him what it was ; turned out the Municipality was trying to demolish or stop the construction of a building and the courts would not let it happen . The question of why was not answered then . 4 or 5 years later ı saw it myself , walking by it . Now everyone on this forum might have come across references to buildings resembling you know what , the word starts with phal . This thing was not only 4 or 5 times of the height of the rest of buildings in the neighbourhood and its higher sections were specially designed to give a "weak" impression of what you would be familiar in yours , but even had steel rails specially formed at almost street level . The owner had his thing placed in the middle of the city and nobody could do anything about it . The owner also owned a private TV station . Which is on a two months holiday now . The owner said he was unjustly picked on by A-K-P . So he had to close his station for the elections -because he might say something and he would loose his license . His crime ? That he allowed Main Opposition to hang a very big portrait of Muharrem Ince during the last year's elections -ı think- but by no means he could allow the same to happen for the PM and people should not ask why . Yeah , the PM then got very angry and the A-K-P municipality is unjustly demolishing it . And maturally he can't say he is suffering for he didn't allow the portrait of the PM to be defiled . How is he going to stay in the TV business if that gets out and CHP somehow wins general elections ? Only awesome that they are taking the building down , floor by floor , starting from the top ... But they will naturally claim innocense when they offered to hang and were refused and they explained themselves weeks back .
apologies for so close a post but my latest treason is remarkable . Supposedly ı stall the bridge over Dardanelles . The 1915-16 Campaign there has a large part in the founding myths of the now dead Republic , enabling the War of Liberation od 1919-22 . "They shall not pass" is the contextual translation and during the groundbreaking ceremony the Last Prime Minister , to much applause and cheers that they are passing . You know , would raise the hairs on the backs of anyone "guiding" New Turkey from abroad , that this would clearly look like a slur and like far above , if A-K-P did not control a minimum of 95% of the media . So , chalk up one for r16 in the name of the Republic ? Of course , no . If ı have the power to stall this , it means ı didn't stall the last two bridges . One of which made a little contribution to inflation in the country with driving food prices in Istanbul , with the fee the trucks have to pay . See , am then responsible for a thing practically no one can deny that they ask a fortune to use them , a very real 21st Century highway robbery , so am traitorously hurting the Party with the fees of the bridges ı will look like owning only for the duration , my fault , everything and anything . Oh-kay , they are henceforth free , you can all drive happily without paying the fee . On the basis of don't even try , just like all TV shows say "Kids, don't do this at home" ...

and this .


people in the Blacksea region take themselves to be really smart . The rest of the country will agree , but add the caveat "until noon" . As the former run out of ideas . So , this major running again in this elections use the word "Vision" as a buzz word , apparently thinking it means "state of mind" and he respects those who have fallen for the country . But to any English speaker he would just look like he is running for President in 2028 and his promise is to get more Turkish soldiers killed . Which is unjust as the Army of Petrol that replaced the now dead Turkish Armed Forces is obviously a Party Army in forming . And that in a country running against the PM and his Party is high treason , as declared by those pundits everything that the Opposition Parties want to win the elections and with that to replace the Goverment . For the last 4 or 5 years perhaps . They are also writing up a victory speech for the PM , as reserves of the New Turkey central bank has gone down to 10 from 17 Billion US dollars in a week , 2.2 in a single day . As London discovers Theresa May's Brexit vision of using New Turkey as collateral has nothing in reality and they have been lulled for years and want to get their part of the taxes in this country and they play for raising the exchange ratio and it may cost the Party a thousand votes in some vulnerable election zone and stuff . That ı would not support the debts and costs and stuff of New Turkey and the New World Order is a thing that also got lost in 2008-9 timeframe , ı guess . Oh , that's why May insists on stuff nobody knows or believes in . And , oh my , the former pinnacle of yellow journalism has an editorial that makes us believe May fights Islamophobia and ı don't know what .

immediate edit : ı just forgot to rant . In the good old honest days , Americans would rendition or poison their enemies and the like . Positive talk ? Urggh , must be against the Geneva Conventions . Presumably they lost some argument over Jurisdistion lately , or whatever . Do not believe in anything they say !
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The impression I get from the little I know about Turkish politics is that conspiracy theories are everywhere and a large fraction of them are actually true

In the West people talking about conspiracy is equal to talking about Lizard and Fairy. But my experience in Turkey the conspiracy is real like the Ergenekon, the Gulen/Nurcu group and now even perhaps Mustafa Islamoglu (a possible Iran influence, but too early to becomes obvious, clearly not as careful and as well plan as Gulen) group are real, they are really investing lots amount of time (yearss) and effort, the plan also quite insane like using education and scholarship to spread political influence.

Either the Turk is so good at conspiracy, or they are too raw and blunt in comparison with Western conspirator group that can remain hidden and the influence undetected and doubt until this day.
cheatin' . Well , ı deleted my post of Friday and added it down in spoilers because they are like too short and stuff without time taken to rant properly

oh my , yet another American defeat . The storied narrative about New Turkey is how it's unpredictable . Entirely made up and false . When America demands gas chambers , New Turkey is about a new palace for the PM . While his Party opponents who would have been enabled to run (if the vote had not turned out to be 52%) are entirely different . Tell some that gas chambers are desired , they will declare that they have "Swiss Army Pocket Knife" like Youth who will eat the hearts of men before rape/kill the women and there is no need for the expense . If D.C. had not called for the Cristchurch attacks or carried on the stockmarket sales for a day more last week , the vote would be like 49% New Turkey , 51% traitors . And yet everybody has seen how the elections are won ; with the glorious New Turkey unable to declare Istanbul won , with the Last Prime Minister ahead with a majority of 4400 out of 8.5 millions votes cast , for 1.5 hours -if not more and that they are reluctant to push it on people's faces . That the New Turkey does not have the popular support it claims and that they are not that bold , to deploy armed supporters in the streets when this day (Monday , April 1st 2019) is not guaranteed for fiscal stability and whatever . Relevant mostly for would be Brown Shirts , wannabe Sturmabteilungen that their "leadership" can be fickle and fail to show up and their neighbours might not be that compelled to save them if and when the State turns out to be alive and comes crushing them all . With Congregation still forming the backbone of New Turkey , well , this is something . Yet America can not also claim a tidal wave of Opposition that will resurrect the Republic so they accept defeat and make friends . Burn 'em one coast to the other and every Spacemarine not on predator duty -shooting both sides of a Civil War- is one available for the invasion of US kind ot thing : The Turkish-American War is still on .

Spoiler :

while ı should have saved the chance to reply , the Nurcu group is an umbrella organization that existed as an extension of the Right wing of Ittihad . ı assume the Party feels threatened by them as they are like looking down on the Party "Muslims" and fighting them toe to toe . Ergenekon is the fake trials the Congregation (aka the Gulen group above) made the PM and the Party undisputed masters of New Turkey . Proved to be lies , despite some of the cast being actual criminals and traitors . You will notice evil Iran lurking behind as it's the thing America will next do , and ı would like register surprise that there has been stuff being noticed . You know , the PM brags about hurting things like JP Morgan , that he runs the economy of New Turkey , that he might call in foreign investors (read Qatar) to make the New Turkey's wolkswagen (run on electricity) attacking heroes who were supporting it and yeah some unknown fast car has made 344 kilometers on PM's bridge , but still failing to beat the record of the A-K-P MP who made 350 kilometers on his bike as a PR piece .

and yeah , America knows what it is dealing with , but how would they manage to get all these "Muslims" to campaign for Presidency in 2028 with more dead soldiers ? Thanks for calling me Zionist puppet and plus and a moron , as an example . Or mebbe telling Miss State Department to deal with smarter people , like in New Turkey ? As the PM says , he is the PM for the next 4,5 years to the next elections .

spoiler is false in the sense that the Nurcu bunch also declared themselves for the Party , even before ı made it to home on Friday last week .
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