Is there any practical reason to NOT attack a civ that's pleased with you?

It wasn't impossible but it was outside of the OP's play level for where he is at. You don't learn this game in a day and many posting on his 2 threads have been playing civ 4 for 10-17 or so years. Where else on the web can you find that kind of knowledge for a game?
Dug in a bit deeper to what went wrong here.

From his last save of 600ad. Huge stack on Arabia border ready to attack. Checked his recent save and he didn't attack till 920ad. Waited 16 turns for some reason. He had construction and HBR by 1ad and failed to build a single war elephant by 600ad. He could of had engineering by 780ad and a stack of trebs. (Beelining techs is important for war on a game like this.) He only had 10 war elephants by 1260ad. Didn't build a single crossbowman either. Or pike as he left engineering so late.

So I tried from 600ad.
I opened borders with the Germans. Chopped the 2 grassland forest and cottaged them. Plus chopped quite a few other forest.
Happiness wise we have HR civic so i used weaker units for HR happiness. So no issue there. Chariots and archers are not great for 800ad attacks.

His stack wasn't ideal at 600ad but I managed to take out the 2 main cities by 780ad. By 780ad I had built 8 War elephants on the map. I lost quite a few catapults on Sal's capital but at 4-5 turns a unit should not be hard to replace them. I started to spam trebs. Plus build 2-3 settlers for missed cities..I didn't whip any units.

I built 2 galleys but this was overkill as Damascus had 1 defender. 3-4 units took out the final city 940ad. Think the OP built about 10 galleys.

I declared on Germans at 860ad.
War wise didn't lose a single unit on Berlin. He got longbows on turn before I attacked. Second city fell quite easily. Lost a treb. As far as I can tell he is building chariots and spearmen. He has 9 cities left and pretty much no army I can see.

My 5 axe and sword from Arabian stack have rejoined the war after a long trek. Note with engineering they now move 3 tiles on roads. Sa,e for all reinforcements.

Come 1050ad Germans down to 7 cities. I have 28 or so units in German old land. Munich is on a hill but with trebs that should not be an issue. Not really stopped to heal any units. Just kept attacking. Not seen a single German stack.

Maybe should of settled Middelburg 1E to share the pigs but only playing to prove what was possible. No plans to finish this.

OP actually had a strong core of 6 cities. Just execution of techs and indecisiveness cost him.


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I think the very last point in your post is important. Indecisiveness is very common among newer players, I believe. I'm no expert and would get crushed rather brutally by most members here, but once I started to just "go for it", I usually did a lot better.
Took out continent by 1210ad. Normally 1300ad is acceptable on higher levels. If the OP had just gone for it and had the confidence to beeline military techs and go much sooner he would of had it much easier.

1260ad save for comparison. Science over 700 beakers per turn at 100%. Heading printing press for commerce.

I figure with all the islands and the continent I am at about 50% of land and pop already. Biggest AI has 10 cities with 1 coastal city. Rest maybe 5 or so cities. I currently have 27 cities at 1360ad. So either a naval invasion or just tech on to space. AP is a big risk here.

Played it out to a cultural victory. Chinese did DOW me the turn before victory but not with anything to stop me. 1844ad and turns up with 8-12 units. Given I played on from the 600ad somewhat happy with this. Wasn't playing for culture at all on last save posted.


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Is it a coincidence that void_nul signed up on April Fools Day? :lol:
I hope sure hope it isn't. Their profile says they're 36.
now that you're leaning towards the castle era and the beginning of the economic era, you think that building castles and taking your time is really worth getting that +25% espionage and allowing economics for a later? I mean economics do obsolete castles by not allowing you to build them anymore, but the +25 espionage stays, is it worth it? including the defense if there's any enemies around?

Edit: Probably not in your game right since you have eliminated most threats from the map.
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