is this game winnable?


Oct 8, 2010
playing as fredrick of germany.panzers with air defences can even take out modern armours because of their unique unit promotions.


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Sorry but I think it is not. Domination and Conquest victories look out of agenda obviously. Pushing for diplomatic victory is also difficult due to the complex diplo relations and vassals. A space victory looks possible in theory but it looks like you don't have a strong research base to get there in time. But if you could've gotten there in time you'd have some nice production to get those parts done.

I'm not an immortal player and can't give much advice but building the Heroic Epic in 1814?

Moreover, Berlin, your Oxford city, looks more like a production site rather than a strong bureau capital or a science city. Earlier national wonder placement with right choiches would really help.

About the panzers: Yeah they are quite strong but you have a lot to conquer if you think a conquest or domination win and looks like it would take ages. And this was what Hitler thought at the time, he thought he could capture the whole Europe with his panzers and blietzkrieg tactics and he almost did. But the longer it takes the difficult it gets.
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