Lance's Enhanced Historical Balance Mod

Mar 10, 2006
Otherwise known as LEHB. I have the first stage completed i.e. the "easy" modification of pre-existing stuff, and plan on releasing it as a mod component after the next patch. I'll include a changelog..

Leader Changes
J. Caesar from Imp/Org to Imp/Chm
Cyrus from Chm/Imp to Imp/Cre(I feel it better reflects his success in pacifying many disparate peoples)
Gilgamesh from Cre/Pro to Cre/Exp(he's kind of a blank slate, and it seems to me the first cities deserve Expansive, especially since one imagines Sumeria being floodplains.)
Mao from Exp/Pro to Imp/Org
Qin from Pro/Ind to Agg/Pro
Tokugawa from Agg/Pro to Cre/Pro(he really did set up the basis for a very unique system of government, and wasn't aggressive on his own merits.)
(Yes, I'm aware there are missing trait combos and overlap. Trust me, I plan on adding tons of leaders, and I promise everything BUT Ind/Phi will be represented at least once. Eventually.)

Unit Changes
-Redcoats 15 str. instead of 14
-Cossacks 16 str. instead of 15
-Navy Seals 25 str. instead of 24, start with Drill 1 in addition to other promos
-Praetorian to 7 str. 1 first strike, +25% city defense
-Gaullic Warrior gets 1 first strike
-Jaguars are immune to first strikes
-Ballista Elephant gets 1 first strike, does half as much collateral as a catapult, and has +10% city defense(it's an elephant...but it DOES have a ballista)
-Panzers lose innate bonus against tanks, but receive March and Mobility in addition to Blitz out of the box. It wasn't a tank-crusher head-to-head, but it was brilliantly commanded. To represent this, I have tried to improve its ability to strike like matter the impediments before it. Mobility especially has basis in reality, IMO...and March just completes the deal in making these things truly frightening agents of blitzkrieg.

Promotion Changes
-Melee units can get Guerilla promotions(indirectly buffs the Dun as well).
-Archer and Gunpowder units can get Woodsman promotions
(It just seems silly that these were restricted. And, again, it improves the Dun a good bit.)

Building Changes
-Walls and Castles go obsolete with Steel
(It makes sense for them to stick around until Trebs become obsolete, and it buffs the Dun and Citadel)

Trait Changes
-Protective gets +1 happy from Walls and Castles
-Imperialist gets double production Stables and Jails
-Expansive gives +3 health and 50% worker production
(Why nerf the top down to the low levels when you bring 'em up instead?)

There is one thing I want to do, and that is give Imperialist cheaper colonial or vassal maintenance. Which do you think fits better, and how would I do it? I could probably figure it out with trial-and-error by rooting through the XML, but since I'm going to bed soon anyways and there are tons of knowledgeable modders here, I thought I may as well ask.

Comment away!
Re: Imperialistic

I think Vassal maintenance is better because colonies depend on maps. You can have vassals on every map but not colonies on every map.
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