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Large Map and New Civilizations are now playable

This is the biggest and the most perfect Macedonian Empire I've ever seen

Edit: And they quickly went bankrupt with nearly all of their units being deleted


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Pontic Steppe is huge, mostly foreign area for Ottomans UHV.
Good news - OE not a problem (and i even didn't settled Trapezon in Core (it was razed)) and you dont need now control with culture every title (Thanks Leoreth!) - only cites in area


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So,anyone knows what happened with this?I can play 1.17 but 1.18 has something wrong.The civs can't settle on the correct position.
Looks like you have installed 1.18 on top of 1.17. This looks like the old map, plus i remember Leoreth mentioning that 1.18 is the first version to use .csv rather than storing directly in .py files.
I did it, I practically did it, the Trajan's Roman Empire except for Dacia which ended up being razed by the Goths


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Tried a Colombia game on the 1700 scenario against my better judgment. Spanish riflemen were expected but there were so many of them that my conquest of Peru stalled out before 1870. I just didn't have time to heal my remaining troops and move them through all those hills and build reinforcements. The bigger map is far less forgiving for these time goals on normal speeds, and post-colonial civs spawn one or two rows of techs behind the colonizers, so it's an uphill battle from the start and the disparity only grows as the game goes on. I think it's back to the other two starts for now.
Did a Burma playthrough this afternoon, the new civics are a nice bonus to an already mostly-balanced civ. Shwedagon Paya and your UP go hand-in-hand, your UB directly aids your UHV, and your first UU puts in a ton of work for your conquest goals and defending against barbs that aren't those awful Tai longbows. You might need despotism to jump-start your empire but monarchy is useful for holding it together, and if you manage to get heritage before the end, the specialist economy you can run with isolationism is delicious. I was actually able to keep up with tech despite a 0% slider just from the sheer amount of gold I was earning per turn. It's a different way to play, I really enjoyed Burma.
Lol your economy is tanking, how long did you survive this for
Nahhh who cares, there's Byzantium separating in few turns, plus that was the whole point to annex Independent Mesopotamia and Armenia only to give them to Persia that just respawned to help them grow and narrowly avoid bankrupcy myself
Does France start too far behind in tech in 600AD? They have a slightly better starting position I guess, but they're lacking Steel, Artisanry and Politics meanwhile their European rivals start just a few turns later with at least a couple first tier Medieval techs. They're behind even the Norse, who start in 600AD only lacking Ethics.

This is in a game starting as Spain
Nahhh who cares, there's Byzantium separating in few turns, plus that was the whole point to annex Independent Mesopotamia and Armenia only to give them to Persia that just respawned to help them grow and narrowly avoid bankrupcy myself
Never mind economy, I am marveling at your stability. Only 4 cities in the core, with mediocre size 7 Rome, so your expansion ends up 61 vs 201. How in the world it shows you are shaky? Not even collapsing? Could you please share your F2 screen as well?
Because I played Burma yesterday, I had to play their arch-nemesis Thailand last night and this morning. I've gotten the first two goals easily.
  • The UP is broken right now but it doesn't matter, the UHV tracker knows how many open borders you have even with civs you lost contact with. Not sure how UP would help besides let you know who's willing to trade what tech when.
  • The UU is awesome, I had a stack of Chang Sueks to crash every trading company conquerors event that came for Chaiya. I can see them being very useful for achieving the third UHV goal... if you can build enough and get them to where they need to be before the Euros have riflemen.
  • The UB is alright, but it really is unique, you can effectively only build it in Ayutthaya/Bangkok until you start conquering other cities. The +2:food: is nice for the second goal, it's a free coastal tile.
  • Emerald Buddha Temple is a must-have, which prioritized me teching civil liberties instead of a military tech, so that was nice. Kyoutou was my consistent rival for biggest city in the world since China collapsed twice between Thailand's spawn and 1700.
  • I had very friendly relations with Burma the entire game, which is strange because Burma and Ayutthaya were locked in a struggle for control of SE Asia for almost 200 years (see the Burmese UHV).
There's a lot of waiting in the first two goals. Wait to get contact with outsiders, wait for your capital to grow. Maybe an additional challenge to deal with the Burmese menace would spice up this civ's game? I can't say for sure. The Euros are pretty toothless at the moment, I'm not sure I'll even have to do anything to get them out of South Asia, they collapse on their own as soon as they get these colonies. Until the European stability and technology is balanced, Thailand's third UHV is up in the air.
Few days ago, won UHV as Russia with new map and civics. Regent / Epic.
But before some bug fixes, Europe was very slow in tech pacing.

It was very enjoyable, similar to the magic feeling when I first played Civ4 Vanilla, RFC Vanilla, RFC DOC. I was happy as a child while playing.
Thanks Leoreth and other creators for the amazing mod!

  • 1UHV - is definitely luck based. After some attempts, I thought it was impossible, but then got a world with few Byzantium wonders available. And with that new hope, started again. It was challenging still (12 cities with churches), but doable.
  • 2UHV - is kinda easy, in comparison with the first one. Build streleces., settlers, not expanding too fast (not killing the economy), but fast enough to make a goal.
  • 3UHV - war and peace approach, similar to 1.17. Some countries wisely decided to be friends with Russia in a peaceful manner. Others... Decided too, but later (let's say it like that). Nukes and satellites - no problems at all.

I've attached some saves. Not sure if it is playable though (cause I started before some bug fixes).


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Never mind economy, I am marveling at your stability. Only 4 cities in the core, with mediocre size 7 Rome, so your expansion ends up 61 vs 201. How in the world it shows you are shaky? Not even collapsing? Could you please share your F2 screen as well?
I started spamming the construction of forums and jails early on simultaneously with starting the conquests campaign, thus securing my economy and stability for a while while also not rushing with the conquests and taking a gradual approach with them. A gradual expansion step by step allows you to live off the "Recent expansion" stability bonuses for a very long time, I never ran out of them as I was step by step taking territories and cities without a rush but also without delays, according to a timed plan

Also early on to prevent recession created a plenty of workers to nearly fully process the land tiles in the core area and early provinces before going all in into conquests. Once the core area and other starting territories are very well worked on and processed enough, it turns into an unstoppable production machine for money and units. The bankrupcy only really began to hit just as I reached that Trajan's peak, and more out of reaching the natural limits with the maintenance I was able to sustain.

Was using the exact same tactic for 1.17 playthroughs as Rome and Russia, yet to try it out on 1.18 Russian civ. It's a tough work of balancing out stability, maintenance, research and overall income replay upon replay but eventually it goes automatic
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Was using the exact same tactic for 1.17 playthroughs as Rome and Russia, yet to try it out on 1.18 Russian civ.
I'd be interested to see how that goes, Russia's ratio of unproductive to productive land greatly increased (unfavorably) in 1.18.
Marvelous work Leoreth, I'm thrilled to be returning to this fantastic mod - now grander than ever.

And holy smokes has it changed, only on a few tries with various civs must I say that overall, the difficulty is quite ramped up. I might be rusty, but playing on Monarch has really been a humbling experience. Still, it's nice to find ways to tinker with your playstyle, although Assyria is the only UHV I've managed to beat so far.

On that note, I'll contribute by saying that the new Phoenicia is really a great challenge (one I have yet to overcome). The spread of Dye across the Mediterranean makes for interesting choices, not least of all in your starting area. For me it's been rather unforgiving in the end, getting Merchant Trade and the Great Lighthouse while not quite managing to culturally flip the 5th dye. Still, the change in direction is really promising, even if I'd like some guidance on how to proceed.
While I'm posting about the Phoenicians, I should ask about UHV2; is it meant to represent colonization and not Hannibals ambitions? I've completed it by colonizing Italy and Iberia early, getting kicked out later by the Romans and Celts (humorously enough), respectively.
I've spent my afternoon trying out the other three pre-Columbian civs on regent/normal.

  • It all comes down to if your Holkans job or not. I remember why I hate this civ, the Holkans seem pre-programmed to lose the most winnable battles. I have never lost so many 90% victory chance or higher battles as I have while watching my Mayan Holkans choke and die to half-health native archers on open ground.
  • Conquer the stone city before the Toltecs do, Holkan rush should do the job (unless they job, because my Holkans are pathetic jobbers).
  • Temple of Kulkan should be doable by 600 if you get writing after arithmetic, whip a library, and run a scientist to get to aesthetics ASAP. Should. I goofed up my tech order and missed finishing it by a few turns.
  • Go and meet the Europeans, game over.
  • For once you'd better hope endless waves of natives attack you, you're not getting those slave golden ages any other way until the Euros show up.
  • Second goal might be impossible right now. Floating Gardens are locked behind so many techs that by the time you get them Kyoutou is already at population 20 and you've got about 10-20 turns to enjoy that +6 :food:.
  • Didn't get further than this but given the absolute state of Europe at the moment, there are equal chances of crossing the Atlantic and finding super weak France or Spain to bully, or running into a bunch of superpowers. Aztec tech rate isn't bad, they're just incredibly behind the curve.
  • I wonder if you could get away by conquering the Celtic core in Ireland and Scotland, even if they're dead?
  • Switch to monarchy, slavery, and redistribution, research alloys, mathematics, and then contract, build worker, build granary, build Obsidian workshop and run an artist, spam Atatls. Workers improve all food-producing resources first.
  • I got the first goal with one turn to spare, the AI tried to stop growing the city and it took me a few turns to notice.
  • Build the Temple of the Sun and spam citizens to get hopefully a great artist and then a great prophet for the golden age.
  • Again, I didn't get to the third goal this afternoon since I goofed up on this civ twice and I don't want to go for round 3 immediately after. In theory you have enough time to get that 40 population and 2000 culture, especially if you run artists in the capital and pop another great artist. 40 pop seems like the hard part. Maybe you're supposed to conquer the Maya?
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