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Latest Changes

Discussion in '[MAC+WIN] Civ4 - History Rewritten' started by Xyth, Jul 15, 2011.

  1. Xyth

    Xyth History Rewritten

    Jul 14, 2004

    "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it."
    - Winston Churchill

    Latest Changes

    --- Version 1.24.1 ---

    • Maximum civilizations increased to 56 (Windows only)
    • Civic Upkeep increased
    • Numerous adjustments to maintenance/upkeep/dissent scaling
    • Inflation removed

    • Added and replaced a few quotes

    • Volume and quality adjustments to religious sounds (thanks SpartanU!)

    • Galleon: no longer requires resources

    • Savannah: should no longer appear at high latitudes
    • Certain textures should be less distorted when zooming
    • Better resolution star field for Globe View

    • Elephant: fixed appearance in pedia

    • Faith Bar: fixed tooltip error
    • City Screen: fixed an error with Great People bar tooltips
    • City Screen: improved dissent bar tooltip
    • Financial Advisor: repaired and redesigned
    • Civic Advisor: now shows change in upkeep/dissent between current and selected civics
    • Minimap: culture on water is now more transparent (Windows only)
    • Fixed bug causing the clock to not always be updated

    --- Version 1.24 ---

    K-Mod (Windows only)
    • Smarter and faster AI
    • Culture: more dynamic, more important, spreads beyond borders and over trade routes
    • Religion: improved spread mechanics, older religions can be displaced
    • Great Artist: culture from Great Works now scales with era
    • Spy: automatically wake when they reach their maximum fortification bonus
    • Human players can become vassals of the AI
    • Advanced Combats Odds when hovering over enemy units
    • Numerous fixes to longstanding bugs in BTS
    • Numerous other tweaks and improvements

    • Windows and OS X saved games are no longer compatible
    • Multiplayer between Windows and OS X only possible if Windows players remove DLL

    • New Civilization: Nigeria (leaders: Oduduwa, Ewuare, Aminatu, Obasanjo)
    • Aztec: new leaders (Atlatl Cauac, Juárez)
    • Burmese: fixed crash when selecting Spearman in Pedia or Worldbuilder
    • Burmese: Paya (UB) now grants +4 faith instead of +25% faith (to solve technical issue)
    • English: improved city naming, new leader (Aelfred)
    • Hittites: fixed issue where both National Festival and Puruli (UW) were unbuildable
    • Javans: Candi (UU) is now a Bath replacement
    • Romans: Ballista (UU) now upgrades to Bombard (formerly Trebuchet)
    • Sioux: Inipi (UU) is now a Bath replacement
    • Turks: improved city naming, new colours and flag
    • Starting techs reassigned for most civilizations (now 7 choices, up from 4)

    • Numerous trait reassignments
    • Further adjustments to leader personalities

    • Enterprising: fixed issue allowing some ships to transport inappropriate units
    • Financial: now grants +25% share when founding corporations (instead of a Golden Age)

    Civil War
    • Dissent in a city is now reduced by its espionage output
    • Dissent penalty (+50) added when a city starves
    • Further balance adjustments to dissent mechanics
    • Nearby Barbarian cities will now join a seceding civilization
    • Any barbarian culture in or around a seceding city will convert to the new owner
    • Civic Dissent is now displayed in grey during Golden Ages (Domestic Advisor, City Dissent Bar)
    • Fixed an issue preventing Great Temples and Shrines from reducing dissent
    • Fixed a potential error during rebel civ selection
    • Fixed duplicate leaders appearing when playing with the 'Unrestricted Leaders' option

    • New Civics: Merchant Trade, Warrior Class, Conscription
    • Removed Civics: Regulated Trade, Clan Warfare, Warrior Code
    • Many civics redesigned and rebalanced, with changed tech requirements

    • Altruism: now unlocked at Ethics
    • Discipline: free Artist from Great Temple instead of chance from Stadium
    • Enlightenment: now unlocked at Humanities
    • Humanism: now unlocked at Academia
    • Idolatry: increases cost of Wonders by 25%, no longer blocks access to Stone/Marble
    • Judgement: now unlocks at Judiciary
    • Occultism: espionage increased to +2, free Merchant from Great Temple instead of chance from Clinic, now unlocks at Astrology
    • Preservation: now unlocked by Alchemy
    • Rationalism: research increased to 2, free Scientist from Great Temple instead of chance from School
    • Sacrifice: can no longer reduce a city to size 0
    • Salvation: now unlocked at Theology
    • Scripture: wealth increased to +2, free Priest from Great Temple instead of chance from Library
    • Superstition: culture increased to +2
    • Fixed a bug causing Tolerance tenets to sometimes cause attitude bonuses/penalties
    • Worship tenets no longer have a tech requirement (except Apostasy)

    • Temples and Great Temples no longer have a tech requirement
    • Improved Faith tooltips
    • Improved calculations to determine a religion's faith leader
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed a reformation when adopting another civ's state religion
    • Implemented a workaround for a mysterious Great Prophet error
    • Lowered the volume of certain sounds

    • New Techs: Academia, Combined Arms, Fortification, Inheritance, Sociology
    • Removed Techs: Ceremonial Burial, Charity, Corporation, Divination, Evangelism, Hunting, Insurance, Milling, Seafaring
    • Astronomy: changed to Astrology
    • Chivalry: changed to Warrior Code
    • Constitution: moved to the late Renaissance Era
    • Gunpowder: moved to the late Medieval Era
    • Humanities: moved to the late Medieval Era
    • Jurisprudence: changed to Judiciary, moved to the late Medieval Era
    • Logistics: moved to the early Renaissance Era
    • Meteorology: changed to Geography
    • Oratory: changed back to Oral Tradition
    • Property: moved to the late Classical Era
    • Many other within-Era changes to tech requirements
    • First column of 'starting' technologies merged/removed
    • Tech Trading now unlocks at Academia (Early Renaissance)

    • New Buildings: Abattoir, Pharmacy
    • Removed Buildings: Smokehouse, Clinic
    • Castle: now unlocked at Fortification, cost increased to 160
    • Cemetery: now unlocked at Ritual
    • Constabulary: no longer increases happiness with espionage rate
    • Courthouse: cost increased to 250, lowered happiness from espionage rate, now unlocked at Constitution
    • Customs House: now unlocked at Economics
    • Forge: production bonus now applies to land units only
    • Grocer: also grants +1 health with Spices
    • Hotel: wonders should now be counted correctly for commerce bonus
    • Market: redesigned (+25% wealth, +1 trade route, allows 1 merchant)
    • Mill: now gives +10% production with Hemp/Rubber/Timber/Peat/Bitumen
    • Museum: now gives +10% commerce with Stone/Marble/Amber/Jade/Gems, no longer grants a free specialist
    • Nuclear Plant: meltdowns no longer destroy buildings or population
    • Observatory: cost increased to 220
    • Park: now allows 1 artist instead of doctor, no longer requires Civic Square
    • Tannery: also grants +1 happiness with Salt
    • Theatre: now allows just 1 artist
    • University: now unlocks at Academia
    • Constructing a cleaner/safer Power Plant in a city will now remove any existing ones

    National Wonders
    • Military Academy: now unlocked by Combined Arms, cost increased to 500
    • National Monument: now unlocked by Politics
    • National Theatre: now unlocked by Humanities
    • Naval Arsenal: now unlocked by Logistics, cost increased to 600
    • Palace: now grants +2 commerce
    • Royal Cemetery: now unlocked by Inheritance
    • Seasonal Palace: now unlocked by Architecture, cost increased to 400, no longer requires Castles
    • Stock Exchange: now unlocked by Economics

    • Apostolic Palace: now unlocks at Dogma
    • Brandenburg Gate: now unlocks at Constitution
    • Great Library: now unlocks at Writing
    • Jetavanaramaya: now unlocks at Ethics
    • Notre Dame: now unlocks at Patronage (with Architecture)
    • Oracle: now unlocks at Calendar
    • Shwedagon Paya: now unlocks at Architecture
    • Sistine Chapel: now unlocks at Humanities
    • Taj Mahal: now unlocks at Heritage
    • Temple of Kukulkan: now unlocks at Fortification, cost increased to 600
    • Versailles: now unlocks at Nationhood
    • Number of World Wonders that can be built in a city is now capped by its culture level

    • Production cost of all projects increased
    • SDI: no longer has a production boost from Aluminium
    • Spaceship Components: no longer have production boosts from resources
    • Other production increases from resources lowered to 50%

    • Clipper: can now be built faster with Prime Timber
    • Colonist: now provides Barracks instead of a Smokehouse
    • Cuirassier: no longer requires Iron (except some UUs), now unlocks at Combined Arms
    • Galley: now unlocked at Sailing
    • Guided Missile: range increased from 4 to 5
    • Workboat: now requires Fishing, some AI adjustments
    • Most Renaissance and some Industrial units now require Saltpeter
    • Enslaving units will no longer create Settlers on One City Challenge

    • Several adjustments to yields and commerces

    Great People
    • Great Doctor: new ability - Humanitarian Mission (resets dissent/improves attitude)

    • Corporations will now spread independently
    • Executives can now only be trained in the headquarter city
    • Headquarters now grant +100% to their specified commerce instead of +1/2/3 per city
    • Headquarters now relocate to a city belonging the Corporation's largest shareholder
    • Corporate Shares can now be bought and sold
    • Corporations pay a dividend each turn to their shareholders
    • Corporations now trade in 6 resources each (up from 5, many reallocations)
    • Corporations now have 5 competitors each, including 1-2 Syndicates
    • BASF: redesignated as Bayer
    • McDonalds: removed
    • Toyota: removed

    • New Syndicates: Al Niqaba, Los Cárteles, The Mafia, Triads
    • Syndicates compete with Corporations and drain wealth from cities

    • Fallout: now causes 1 unhealthiness (formerly 0.5)

    • New Resources: Bitumen, Hemp, Opium, Saltpeter
    • Horses: now revealed by Pastoralism
    • Some adjustments to distribution on random maps
    • Improved yields of most resources lowered slightly
    • Improved icons for many resources

    • Camp: now unlocked at Carving, +1 commerce bonus now at Rifling (formerly Gunpowder)
    • Farm: new +1 food bonus at Crop Rotation
    • Fishing Boats: now unlocked at Fishing
    • Fort: can no longer be adjacent, will clear terrain features when built
    • Harvest Boats: now unlocked at Sailing
    • Highway: now requires just Bitumen
    • Lumbermill: now gain +1 commerce from Railroads (previously +1 production)
    • Mine: now gain +1 commerce from Railroads (previously +1 production)
    • Orchard: no longer require irrigation

    • Earth (Huge): updated and significantly reworked
    • All other maps removed until they can be updated/reworked properly

    • Giant: slighty larger, balanced better
    • Massive: removed, too unstable
    • Increased default number of starting civs for each mapsize (except Duel)
    • Mapscripts can no longer deviate from the defined size (could lead to MAFs)

    • Main Screen: Great General bar no longer reports anarchy
    • City Screen: now displays National and World Wonder limits
    • City Screen: Ethnicity bar tooltip shows cultural revolt chance again
    • City Screen: several fixes to the Culture bar
    • City Screen: Dissent Bar colours now behave more like other progress bars
    • City Screen: no longers shows Faith/Research/GP/GG bars when examining foreign cities
    • Espionage Advisor: redesigned with additional information
    • Corporate Advisor: redesigned to support share trading mechanics
    • Event Signs: removed, may return in a future version
    • Civilopedia: more entries added
    • World Builder: updated to PlatyBuilder 4.17b

    • Ancient Era games now start with a Warrior instead of a Scout
    • Corrected some Golden Age length calculations
    • Defeated player culture now converts to barbarian culture instead of disappearing
    • Fixed too high Legendary culture requirement on Marathon gamespeed
    • Drafting: limit raised, anger reduced to 2, now costs 1 population regardless of era
    • Espionage: amount of wealth spies can steal is now capped at 75% of treasury
    • One City Challenge: can now construct a Monastery and Great Temple
    • HR Settings now stored in (My)Documents, will be preserved when updating
    • Numerous redundant settings removed or consolidated
    • Several technical fixes and optimizations
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2016
  2. Xyth

    Xyth History Rewritten

    Jul 14, 2004
    Older changes are no longer recorded in this thread. Should you wish to see the full version history, it's available in the mod download (About.txt).
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2016
  3. ales_

    ales_ Heir

    Apr 10, 2012
    Minsk, Bielaruś
    What are the changes of 0.1 compared to BtS?

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