[LP] Leader Pass Pack 2: Great Commanders Sneak Peak (Confirmed; Release Dec. 15)

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I don't think I'm uncomfortable with it, but it's certainly unusual that a dominant culture and its counterculture and successor are both presented as a set of fairly compatible traits with this leader/civ combination.
We had Napoléon with an "Ancien Régime" ability in Civ V, so while it might be unusual, it certainly isn't the first time.
Did you actually watch the video? Main focus was crashes and they predicted this kind of reaction lol.
Fixing crashes is always most important...but just in case they should have fixed the crashes on bigger-then-huge maps...it would count double in my book, as that equals expanding gameplay (at least for my preferred playstyle)
Probably would have bothered me less had they highlighted Nader Shah without the Immortal push. Substituting with a new unit would have made sense here.

I always had some trouble getting the Ottoman war machine under way, and the new persona looks like it will help with the pre-Janissary economy.
Just a reminder that the pack/patch/update for the Great Commanders should go live in around 8 minutes. As with all releases it is a good idea to disable all mods, backup any altered base game files, and to exit completely out of Steam before the update and then restart it after the release. That helps force the update.

Also, this thread will be locked and a new thread will be started with patch notes/info located in the OP after the release. 🙂

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Leader Pass Pack 2: Great Commanders (Dec. 2022) - Patch Notes Discussion
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