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Civilization VI - Version History

The patch notes for all updates through June 2020 can be found on Civfanatics here, or on the official Civilization and Steam sites linked below. PC version #'s (iOS in red where available) are:

I think that the iOS versions are actually macOS versions?
@AspyrRyan stated these numbers as iOS so that's what I've listed them as. Since I only have the game on PC, I depend on others for the alternate platform information from Aspyr.

I commented - and this is not to complain or attack you in any way - because I'm on iOS running version and when I saw this thread I started googling around to see if there was some way that there could possibly be an update that I had missed. But everyone agrees that none of the New Frontier content is on iOS yet, and indeed was the last version before New Frontier. So I think that iOS shares version numbers with PC.
All "in-game" version numbers should be the same across all platforms as long as they've been updated by Aspyr. Whether you have just the base game, R&F, GS, or NFP is irrelevant to the actual game version. As far as the iOS/MacOS launcher versions, I'll do some investigating later and update as necessary.
The new version is (516180). It is however, broken.
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