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[NEWCIV] Louis's Civ Request Thread

I’m not sure if this mod is causing the problem, but I’m playing a game with BUG, BAT 4.1, and some modular civs installed and whenever I encounter one of the new civs or open WB, the game crashes to desktop.

When I start a game as one of the modular civs (tested with normandy) the first few turns work ok, but the custom asset images all show up as bright pink boxes instead of loading properly.

Does any have any guesses what might be causing this?
hey i tried to put Normandy folder (the one after Modules in WinRAR) in my CIV GOLD mod folders (in New Civilizations folder) but it show me this, how can i fix it ? Do I have to pu the Normandy.ini somewhere ? I'am a beginner at this i'm kind of lost :crazyeye:
how can i fix it ?

This happens because the xml-files in [Assets/XML/Art] does not have the correct path to the graphics-files they are trying to define. The graphics-files should be in [Assets/Art].

For the two leaders: The file CIV4ArtDefines_Leaderhead.xml is the one you need to check. There is a field called <Button> that contains the path to the files needed in this screenshot. Change those so that they point to the file in the [Assets/Art....] folder.

For the flag: Check the file CIV4ArtDefines_Civilization.xml. The <Button> and <Path> entries should be checked.

Make sure to save in the XML format, not in TXT format. You can do the changes in Notepad, but I recommend Notepad++ (notepad will always try to save as txt, unless told otherwise, without even telling you).

Oh, and make sure to check for spelling errors. I have done a bit of this myself. Just ONE TINY spelling-error (like two l's instead of one) can take hours to fix if you don't know where to look.

I hope you figure it out. Happy Civ'ing.
Here I will be posting all of my new modular civilization.
You can also request civs here if you feel like it and I will try to complete them, but I am only doing 1 civ a day.
All the civs are only compatible with BTS 3.19 and are modular.
To make your mod modular you will need to edit the config file in the same folder as assets and write a 1 next to modular.

P.S. If you want the civilopedia text to be in another language other then English tell me cause all my creations will be in English.
All the new civs are posted in the comments, if you don't want to search through the comments here is the index to the download links.

[COLOR=lightskyblue ]Kalabhra[/COLOR]
If you plan on using these civs I suggest using 25 Color Mod! created by me that adds 25 new colors in Civilization 4 BtS.

Buna Ziua!
The Romanian Empire
Download Here
Leaders: Decebal
Carol I

Unique Unit: Cavaler replaces Knight
Unique Building: Salina replaces Forge
Color: Dark Red

To play with this civ you will need to drop the modules folder in assets and make your mod modular from Config file.
P.S. If you haven't noticed yet I put the word Hello in the language of the Civ I created in front of the Civ.
Hail the Sun king, but would you consider doing Norway??
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