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Many Leaders Game 2 - Sword Training

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by Ozbenno, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. ChrTh

    ChrTh Happy Yule!

    Oct 13, 2001
    Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
    800 AD Report. I don't have any pictures in this report, but I may add some later when I get home.

    Spoiler :

    375 BC - 800 AD Report

    The main goals for this turnset had been REX and Spy work. In both cases I ran into a snag that delayed what I could do this turnset, but the following 50 should provide better opportunity.


    Well, my cities are definitely growing; I received the Half Million People in your Empire message at 275 BC, and then I received the Million People in your Empire message at 225 AD -- my empire had doubled in 24 turns without building any more cities! A large part of it is Mutal, which is a comfortable size 13 at the end of my turnset.

    Two new cities came online as well, with Mayapan being built on the North Coast to gain some furs and fish, and Calakmul built to the East. The original intention was to build Calakmul also on the northern coast, but a barb city (Uzbek) showed up there -- and sadly not in the place I wanted to build my city. I tried one Holkan attack that failed despite good odds.

    I have 2 more settlers in the pipeline -- one for the southeast Copper site, and one to (hopefully) replace Uzbek). I've also built a Galley in Mutal, with a Holkan currently being built and a Settler to follow for the Marble Island.

    Domestic Concerns

    Mutal focused on builds early, going Market > Courthouse > Lighthouse > Ball Court > Forge before doing Worker > Galley > Holkan (as mentioned above). Mutal was hit with Hinduism in 225 BC, but I did not convert despite Alex, Kublai and Gandhi being Hindu.

    When Confucianism was founded in 150 BC, Lak became the Holy City. The missionary was sent to and successfully converted Mutal, after which I converted. Confusion then spread on its own to Chichen Itza and Knossos (Greek) in 100 AD, and then Mayapan in 540 AD (which was great since it meant I didn't need to do a library build early for expansion).

    Lak has been supplying much of the expansion, going Library (started previously) > Holkan > Courthouse > Settler > Holkan > Settler > Holkan > Settler. Chichen Itza has been a mix, going Library (started previously) > Courthouse > Ball Court > Granary > Spy > Settler (for the Copper site).

    Uxmal (the chokepoint city) has been fulfilling its function, going Barracks > Holkan > Holkan > Lighthouse > Holkan > Walls > Spy. Mayapan is building a lighthouse, and Calakmul is starting with a worker.

    My economy as of Calakmul is starting to take a hit, so with 3 settlers in the pipeline I'll need to start worrying about finances quickly. Courthouses and Markets will be needed asap in every city, I reckon.


    Technology proceeded pretty much along the way I outlined in my post-350 BC thoughts: Code of Laws came in, then I researched Math, a quick 2-turn detour for Sailing (specifically in order to build the Lighthouse), Construction, Metal Casting, then Machinery, which means I've entered the Medieval Era in 760 AD. I have started Engineering for Castles (how often do you hear that?) but at 50-60% Tech it'll take awhile.

    As for the AI, Christianity was discovered, but I don't recall seeing anyone researching Theology. Must be the unknown Civ.

    Foreign Concerns

    On the Barb Front, I lost a Scout to the Barb Archer that later founded Uzbek (that's known as 'Insult to Injury'). There was also an announcement of a Barb Uprising which I snickered at behind my Great, Great Wall. I didn't see any evidence of it, though, so it must've been occuring amongst the other Civs.

    Speaking of the other Civs, the big news was that Kublai and Alex went to War in 620 AD! As of the end of my turnset they were still fighting, but no cities had fallen. Khan is pretty weak in the game, sitting in last place until ...

    I met George Washington in 640 AD. Wow, he must be pinned down because he's dead last, and it's not even close.

    My interaction with the other Civs mostly consisted of me rejecting their offers for Open Borders or a trade involving Archery.

    Gandhi completed the Temple of Artemis, and the Oracle was BIFAL.

    My big concern (more on this below), is the last unknown Civ. I may need to start looking at taking to the open seas sooner rather than later.


    Things are proceeding nicely--with one snag--on the Espionage front. I'm running the slider at about 30% and by the end of the turnset I was generating over 50 EPs/turn. My cost weight is around 70-80% with all Civs (including Washington), so I'm definitely winning that battle easily (I'm guessing that since it was over 100% to start that the AI gets some sort of bonus based on difficulty level). My EP generation is so robust that I was able to see what Washington was researching after 4 turns (granted, it was easier since he is so weak).

    The passive missions are working well; outside of Delhi, I've generated enough EPs against all Civs to see what the cities I've encountered are building. Unfortunately, that isn't that many cities, so I'll need to send one of my in-queue spies to explore.

    I got my first Great Spy in 200 BC, and added him to Mutal as a super specialist as planned. The next Great Spy will be showing up in the next turnset, and he will be building Scotland Yard.

    The only city I'm running a Spy Specialist (via Courthouse) in right now is Mutal; once I finish up the current wave of expansion I should be able to run a few more.

    In terms of spy missions ... well, my first spy got captured :sad: ... I didn't have enough of a cushion with Alex yet, so when I moved him he got caught. I have another Spy that is now in Sparta, and he should be able to do a mission next turn. So this part should be more interesting in the next report ;)

    A few more random events occured -- and I finally got one! A mine collapsed, I spent the 23 gold to save the mine (if not the miners). Meanwhile, a Champion emerged in England and there was a Slave Revolt in Delhi.

    A bunch of Great People emerged, with Gandhi getting yet another Great Prophet.

    The Save

    Going Forward

    With Engineering due this turnset, it's time to plot out the next wave of Tech research. The next Espionage-related techs are the Nationalism - Military Tradition - Constitution - Democracy branch. If I'm looking at the Tech Tree correctly, I will need Civil Service, Meditation, and Philosophy to get Nationalism, then I'll need Aesthetics - Drama - Music to get Military Tradition. Constitution has no other prereqs I need after Nationalism, but Democracy requires Printing Press, which will require Paper. The Jail and Security Bureau are more useful overall than Military Tradition, so those will be what I head towards first. So I'm seeing the following Tech Path:

    Engineering -> Civil Service -> Philosophy* -> Nationalism -> Constitution -> Paper -> Printing Press -> Democracy

    *Steal Meditation

    I'm thinking that the Military Tradition might wait a little bit as I start on the path towards Communism, but I don't expect to complete this path for a few turnsets, so I'll re-evaluate that later.

    Also in terms of stealing Techs, I would also like to grab Iron Working first. If I'm not able to do so, I might stop and research it.

    Civil Service plus Iron Working will also get me Maces, so I'll be more than fit to deal with Uzbek at that point. Not sure if I'll revolt to Bureaucracy since I'll be revolting to Nationalism two techs later, but we'll see.

    After I get the next three cities settled, I believe I will stop expansion for a bit and build up internally. I definitely need more Workers, and more troops; although I believe I'll wait for Maces before building up the latter. More courthouses, markets and libraries are also planned.

    And, of course, more spies. I liked to get more exploration done with them primarily while I continue to stockpile EPs. I also need to place them in my cities for sentry work, especially Mutal and Uxmal. Eventually I'll get enough EPs that spies won't be able to enter my borders, but I'm not there yet.

    Finally, I need to worry about the final unknown Civ. It's a big question mark, and I don't like question marks, dammit! In fact, after Democracy I may beeline for Astronomy and get a Great Spy solely for dealing with the unknown Civ (explore his/her lands, then Great Spy bomb). But that's in the future ... but I can't forget it.
  2. r_rolo1

    r_rolo1 King of myself

    May 19, 2006
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Report from Lisboa, 800 AD
    Spoiler :

    Turn 105 Math is in, research IW

    Turn 110 IBT KK goes Jew

    Turn 112 IW is on ( 50% research ) , iron is found under capitol ( like if I didn’t knew it :lol: ), research set in Monarchy

    Alex is pushing his luck....

    Turn 113 IBT gandhi has Alpha. I acept the deal ( I need a decent tech trader)

    Turn 114 Budha guys are getting bossy....

    Turn 117 Got a GM. Bulb it now would be a waste ( currency 520 :research: GM would give atleast 1000 ). I put him to sleep, for future use

    Turn 119 Bad luck event. Gandhi goes Caste

    Turn 120 Churchill goes HR and a american city is hit by a hurricane

    Turn 121 I got a warrior ( no comments.... ) from a hut overseas

    Turn 123 IBT KK proposes OB. I acept

    Turn 124 Monarchy is in. Revolt to HR

    Turn 127 Scout gets xp from a far away hut ( grr...... )

    Turn 129 Wash wants writing ( not yet... ) and Collosus is online ( will make some more coastal cities... )

    Turn 130 I’m having a good deal of bad luck ( courthouse+ confu monastery is gone.... )

    Turn 131 KK wants us to break deals with Gandhi .... I sent him to eat grass

    Turn 133 Currency is on, Compass to follow. Now GM will bulb CS ( maces.....) so I do it. Took Jute ( another barb city...iron + wheat + pig + coastal... barbs are doing a good work saving me settlers)

    Turn 134-135 KK builds the mids and adopts Rep

    Turn 143 Gandhi must had discovered water pipes...

    Turn 148 Construction from a hut ( hooray.... )

    Turn 149 Got Optics ( research Calendar) and KK is budhist now

    Turn 150 Hanging Gardens is online and find a overseas barb city ( probably a target for a first colony city )

    Thoughts and reminders

    Things are going in a good direction. I’m not interested in conquering my continent ( except maybe Gandhi :devil: ) and by luck, my blocking city prevented Alex of having metals :p ( I was wondering why he was so quiet... ). Next turn I’ll have a carrack to get the circumnavigation bonus and will settle a deer/sheep city north of the capitol. Will start to make a colony in the island north of Wash ( 2 settlers + barb city + 2 carracks ) and I’ll provide it of workers ( let’s hope that the guy that appears is not toku...)
    I’m not sure if I’ll settle all my share of the continent ( more 1 / 2 cities in the north for the furs for sure ) because the east of my penisula is bad land. I’m really more inclined for settling the island west of Lisboa...
    I’ll follow the Guilds->Banking route and then go lib->Astro? ( I don’t think that there is a big danger of loosing it )

    The save
  3. Kodii

    Kodii Ka ICE

    Jul 26, 2006
    Vancouver, BC
    I rushed these turns and my playing was really sloppy. I'll be leaving tomorrow and won't be back until Monday, so I'll be missing out on the intense discussions.

    Spoiler :
    Basically, I had to do a lot of diplomatic manipulating to get Buddhism around. Washington (who is hated by everyone) will get Buddhism next turn. I have a caravel scouting for that last civ with a Buddhist Missionary in it.

    I lightbulbed Christianity in Adrianople and lightbulbed Taoism in Nicomedia. I built the Great Library, the Colossus and the Apostolic Palace. Of course I am voted in as resident. I founded a bunch more cities and I really need to grow them fast if I want any chance for an early Diplomatic Victory.

  4. Jet

    Jet No, no, please. Please.

    Mar 16, 2006
    MS Paint was good enough for me except that it usually didn't resize cleanly. I started using Paint.NET and am pretty happy with it.
  5. Jet

    Jet No, no, please. Please.

    Mar 16, 2006
    Spoiler :
    First I interrupt Metal Casting (half complete, had nothing better to research) for Masonry/Monotheism, which is in fact better to research. I also whip my builds and start a Barracks and Longbow in each city. Need to garrison the choke and pump the power rating a bit. I ended the last turnset last in power and also behind all my AIs. I had thought to delay the switch to Vassalage until Monotheism, but it will take about 13 turns, which I don't want to wait for. So I go into Vassalage right away.

    Alex has war with Gandhi whitelined, so I'm fine for now.

    200 BC Hindu Shrine from Stonehenge + Oracle

    125 BC get Mono, switch to OR, and resume Metal Casting.

    175 AD Great Lighthouse in capital, just because I can. Alex converts to Hinduism. I do too (belatedly).

    425 AD Colossus in capital, again because I can.

    580 AD get another Prophet and settle him in the capital

    780 AD I've researched Masonry, Mono, Metal Casting, Mathematics, Currency, Aesthetics, Literature, and am working on Music (just for the gimme.)
    One good thing about my poorly-chosen Oxford spot is that it has decent production, and has started the Great Library.
    I haven't settled the metals, instead developing the flood plains region and settling Marble island, although I'm not sure I'll hook it up in time for the GL.

    Science is at 80%; teching along fine. Need to expand more.

    Alex and Gandhi are both Hindu. They're also pretty backward; Alex is still in Despotism. No OB yet; I want to fill in a couple more cities first.
    Churchill founded Buddhism and has tech parity with me, but with different techs. Kublai is Confucian but is not the founder.


    There's debug info in the lower left of my screenshot because I play with chipotle on and take screenshots with Alt-PrintScreen in windowed mode. The debug info comes from pressing Alt. If you hit Alt-PrintScreen fast enough, you won't see the debug info.



  6. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Well at least we have differing cities now Kodii ;)

    Got approximately half the saves in with about 36 hours until deadline time. Hopefully there's a rush on...
  7. FeedBack

    FeedBack Time for some FeedBack!

    Oct 11, 2006
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    You spoilerer (is that a word? :lol:)! :p

    I have player about 15 turns already. Things are going well in Greece...
    I'll try to get my save online tonight (it should be tomorrow morning for you). If all else fails, it'll be online Sunday morning (for you, again).

    Sorry for the delay...
  8. TheLastOne36

    TheLastOne36 Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    i'm a little busy, expect my save tomoroo.
  9. Bindamel

    Bindamel Call me Bindy - mel

    Feb 2, 2006
    GMT - 5
    Hammy, the War Years:

    Spoiler :
    Well, I’m supposed to be going for a domination win, but I haven’t actually done anything to make that terribly obvious, now have I?

    At the beginning of the turnset, Babylon is happily chugging away on my first offensive unit, a catapult. I’m sort of happy to report that it did not live see turn 150.

    I’m smarter than your average ancient civilization, boo-boo!

    I was also in the midst of trying a very late Oracle gambit. I hadn’t planned to build Oracle (or I would have planned to get it around the time CS became available; as it is I started after I had all the prerequisites in place.), so I wasn’t terribly disappointed when it was BIADL in 275 B.C. I even received 63 :gold: for my effort.

    For other wonders, Colossus was BIADL in 235 A.D, and the Pyramids in 660 A.D. I decided to go for two wonders, one old, one new, one offensive, one defensive. Nobody has literature except for me in 800 A.D., so I’ll start the Great Library in Akkad (Deer/Clams x2/Grassland) early next turnset. I also began the Statue of Zeus in my capital (10ish turns remaining), not because I want to inflict WW on others, but because I don’t want to suffer it when I destroy its owner.

    Random events occurred throughout the turnset, and I finally got my first one in 325 A.D.:

    Lucky me! Eight extra food units in a city with two clams and deer. I shouldn’t look a gift moose in the mouth, I know.

    I had another positive event, a gladiator! I took the money and ran, because I don’t see the 2 :culture: coming in handy, honestly.

    Oh I had one not so positive event, more on that later.

    Here are the events that didn’t happen to me:

    Expansionwise, I built two cities, one on ice beaver, and one where sheep and elephants play near desert rivers. Sheep Elephant Flood Plains (SEFP) will be my military city, I think.

    I had four cities to start the turnset, and settled two, so now I have seven (More on that later too :p )

    Techwise, I got myself to Macemen, backfilled most early techs, and teched to Literature. The backfilling included getting Iron Working from Churchill in 125 B.C., and guess what? I had iron in my capitals BFC! :p
    Teching to Literature meant getting to hear the great one’s voice (Yes, I hadn’t played a BTS game this far yet.)

    I sent a scout and galley westward, to see if they could also find Churchill. No luck so far, but they did find Mehmed II in 660 A.D. He has GW, Colossus, and the Pyramids in his capital.

    Spywise, I have two, one in defense of Babylon, one that mostly sniffed out Alex’s defenses (None of the espionage choices ever seemed worth it.) For wartime I upped the espionage slider to 20%, and as Alex started to go down, I shifted the emphasis to Gandhi and Khan, my next nearest neighbors.

    I think I mentioned a war (Don’t mention the war!) I began stockpiling troops near SEFP. I had an eightish unit stack ready to go when Gandhi requested that I no longer carry on business relations with one Mr. Alexander of Greece. Given that I was only a few turns from beginning my invasion anyway, this seemed like a swell idea.

    The horns of war sounded in 520 A.D., one turn sooner than planned, simply because there was a Greek scout in neutral territory on a plot in which I wished to place a Swordsman, and the computer asked me if it meant war, and being inherently lazy, I said sure!
    Alex’s (crappily placed) choke city had two archers, so that brave catapult mentioned earlier, at 54.1% retreat odds, bit the big one. Cover-promoted Sword and Axe finished off the wounded defenders at >95% odds, and the choke city was razed. I think it took about three turns for Gandhi to settle in the exact same spot.

    That other random event?

    Die Miriam, err Alex!

    Dispatched without incident, Crossbows absolutely chew up phalanxes ;)

    Sparta was next, defended with two Archers and a Phalanx, in 700 A.D. While waiting for a bit of healing, I used my remaining catapult to take down the 20% defenses of Sparta. That catapult also sacrificed, at 41.7% retreat odds. Sword, Axe, and Crossbow finished the job, all over 90% odds. I kept Sparta, which covers the other “more on that later”.

    State of the World maps below, including a strategic map of the war. It is interesting to note that the stack of Alex’s on that map came up adjacent to Sparta after I took it, so I used up remaining promotions to shore up the stack in the city, and promoted one unit to Maceman. His next turn he ran for the hills, the chicken.

    Save attached, maybe :D

    Attached Files:

  10. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Well we're waiting on Conroe, Sealot, vra and mice. FeedBack and TheLastOne have promised saves in the next day or so and poor ole' GreyFox is still without BtS.

    I want to post the info and start discussions in about 24 hours, so if you know you're not going to make it, let us know.
  11. ChrTh

    ChrTh Happy Yule!

    Oct 13, 2001
    Piedmont Triad, North Carolina
    :clap: :clap:
  12. Sealot

    Sealot Warlord

    May 25, 2007
    Turku, Finland
    Sorry been busy with school and can't play in time, going away for the whole weekend too. I'll catch up next week.
  13. mice

    mice Moose

    Jan 26, 2006
    Yike, my internet has been down due to a storm. I cant post now till tomorrow, that's Saturday our time Oz. In the morning.
  14. TheLastOne36

    TheLastOne36 Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    i don't understand why school starts in august in some countries! :p
  15. FeedBack

    FeedBack Time for some FeedBack!

    Oct 11, 2006
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Hey guys!
    Ozzy, you made me up 'til 2 a.m. yesterday. So, expect some serious :smoke: in this turnset!

    @mice: I hope everything is allright now. Nobody deserves storms!
    Spoiler :

    I'm getting this from memory now. I completely forgot I had no autologger. This must be the curse of playing in the morning before going to work! :crazyeye:

    In the first turn, I :whipped: some forges around. This would add my happy cap by 2. Other cities were building Odeons.

    On Turn 3, Aesthetics came in, I started Literature right away. I even started prechopping the GL in the Gold/silver site.
    I met the great Khan. He didn't have Mysticism! I gifted to him, as he was Buddhist, to get him pleased.

    On turn 7, Literature came in and the Marble was being roaded. I stopped the prechops and waited for the Marble.

    Alex took the barb city near the choke point. So I was forced to get a Settler out and close that area by settling where most of you guys settled the choke. Alex is going to be a little more trouble now, but he doesn't have Sailing yet. I think I'll strike him first. Athens start Sword production and Wine City starts Catapult production.

    On turn 11, Colossus was built in my Great Lighthouse city for Merchant heaven. I think I'll get one Merchant/two Scientists if I manage correctly the GPP.

    On turn 12, Currency came by and I sold Priesthood to Alex for all his 50 gold. Others had about 10-20 gold around. No use for it. I started Code of Laws. I didn't want a religion (yet), but I need to change to Caste System soon. The whip is not coming out lately...

    The Great Library is one turn from finishing. I think I'm finally off Wonder mode now.

    Here ends the first session.

    Second session starts:

    Turn 14 - 25 BC - Great Library landed!

    Turn 16 - 25 AD - CoL is in. Confucianism founded (unfortunately). Start CS.

    Turn 19 - 100 AD - Stole Monotheism from Gandhi! :goodjob:
    Traded Poly for Meditation with Alex. Why? GS popped in GL city. Lightbulb Philosophy! :D

    Turn 21 - 150 AD - Alex is asking to die. He destroyed my Library, my Odeon, two cottages and a camp outside my Confu Holy City. I'll deal with it soon... For now, whip a temple there to contain the unhappy faces.

    Turn 24 - 225 AD - CS is in. Revolt to Bureaucracy and Caste System...

    Turn 25 - 250 AD - Trade Monarchy to Gandhi for Alpha and 25 gold. Churchill already had it...

    Turn 26 - 275 AD - Declare war on Alex and steal a worker. So what if the others don't like it? :p

    Turn 27 - 300 AD - I capture and raze the former barb city. The random event says something like partisans, but I see nothing strange yet.. :huh:

    Turn 30 - 375 AD - Parthenon is ready. Now for rebuilding that city... Damn Alex.. I got a GE at low odds!!! Too bad the Pyramids were already built... Don't have anything useful for him yet. I think he'll build the Mausoleum of Mausolos.

    Turn 31 - 400 AD
    Machinery is in. Start Engineering for the road movement. I'll show Alex now.. Maces are coming...
    My tech lead is good. I lightbulb the Engineer. Engineering in next turn...
    Exploring workboat met Washington!

    Turn 33 - 450 AD
    Alex loses another city... I think I'm getting close to Athens. I mean.. Sparta. :crazyeye:

    Turn 34 - 475 AD
    Gandhi built a city near that ex-barb, closing my way to Alex. I'll have to open borders with him... My settler just got built. :(

    Turn 37 - 540 AD
    Music is in. Cashed the GA. :D
    Start Paper.

    Turn 39 - 580 AD
    Sparta falls. It comes with the intact Mahabodi and the Stonehenge. Nice!

    Turn 42 - 640 AD
    Paper in. Start calendar for the Mausoleum... I thought I could trade it, but no deal with Winnie...
    The GS lightbulbs part of Education!

    Turn 49 - 780 AD
    All the cool kids are researching Feudalism. I liked this espionage system. At least on lower levels, is almost the same as having everyone as a vassal.
    Education is in! :eek: Start Nationalism.
    GS born. Would lightbulb PP. He builds an academy at GL city. Saves a turn from Nationalism!
    Er... Where's Alex again??? He's no more! There shall be only one Greece! :king:

    Turn 50 - 800 AD
    Gandhi smokes some serious weed and asks for Music. Hasn't he seen my power??? Respect my authorita!
    I make a Medic 3 chariot, besides my medic 2 Phalanx. Er... I think I need some garrisons. Maybe I'll just trade for archery next turnset. Don't know if it's worth waiting for a spy to steal.
    Now that the cities stopped whining from WW, I reconfigure the empire. This may be later reassigned, but it's 2 a.m. here right now.

    Now I'll have all day to read others' reports!

    Oh! The save!

    Attached Files:

  16. TheLastOne36

    TheLastOne36 Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    Spoiler :

    Plans: Destroy ALex if i get a big enough military!

    Turn 1: Start Great Lighhouse in Rome
    Turn 8: Churchill converts to judaism.
    Turn 10: Slave revolt in Washington,
    Turn 11: I meet Qin Shi Huang Khan

    Turn 14: Discover a source of Gems near Rome. Sweet! I OP with Washington.
    Turn 15: Alex asks for OP i decline.
    Turn 16: Trading. Alphabet - Math from churchill, I trade Ghandi Math for Archery, Meditation and Polythiesm.
    Turn 18: I get my units ready to attack, Great Spy born in Rome.
    Turn 19: Hindu spreads in Cumea.
    Turn 24: Budhism spreads into ravenna, confusism founded in a distant land, i declare on alex.
    Turn 26: I take Sparta,
    Turn 28: Noone has got oracle yet, it's only 5 turns in rome so i start it,
    Turn 29:
    NO WAY!
    I take Athens. while losing 2 preats when i had the advantage...
    Turn 30: Christanity founded in Bombay, the same city which i just fomented unhappyness on...
    turn 31: I complete Oracle and take CoL. I take corinth,
    Turn 33: I lose corinth for bad preat movement, then i gain it back.
    Turn 35: Kublai demands i give Preisthood, i agree.
    Turn 36: Greek Civlization has been destoryed.
    Power graph:
    Spoiler :

    and yes i'm at 10% research...

    Rome's build order: Lighhouse, Great Lighhouse, Preatorians, Moai Statues, preatorins, Oracle, Preats, Courthouse, Aquaduct,
    Antium's build order: Preatorians, Courthouse,
    Ravenna's Build order: Preatorian, Granery, Courthouse
    Neapolis's Build order: Preatorians, Budhist temple,
    Cumea's build order: Walls, Preats, Hindu temple,
    Sparta's build order: Preatorian,
    Athen's build order: Preat, Courthouse,
    Corinth's build order: Preat
    Tech Order: Mathematics, COnstruction, Priesthood, Alphabet(trade), Archery (trade), Polythiem (trade) Meditation(trade) CoL (oracle) MOnarchy,
    Battles: preat-archer i win, Preat vs warrior, i win. Preat-archer i lose, Preat-archer i lose, Preat-Archer i iwn, Preat-Archer i win.

    Aftermath: I beat ALEX!!! yah!!!
    He had no Phalanxes when i killed him however, Maybe he had no copper?

    And the save will be here soon. (in like a few hours, i'm going out somewhere and will not be back, i was rushing)


    Note that in the last ten turns i was playing sloppy, i didn't even report the buildings i built, the units i made etc. because i was in a rush.
  17. Conroe

    Conroe √∞

    Sep 25, 2005
    :blush: Sorry to be the one always bringing up the rear .... its been kinda hectic lately.

    I managed to play about 35 or 40 turns before the power went out. I should be able to finish the set from the autosave. Unfortunately, notepad does not have an autosave function. The report that I was writing, as I played, is now forever lost. :sad: It will take a bit, but I should be able to recreate it.

    I've got some other work to take care of this afternoon. After that I should be able to finish the turns. About 8 hours, maybe.
  18. FeedBack

    FeedBack Time for some FeedBack!

    Oct 11, 2006
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    There's an :old: joke around here that says something about it... They say it was a competition between :satan: and :jesus:. He who would write the most words in an hour should rule the world. People went to watch closely. At the start, both were sitting in front of their computers. Both started their notepads and the race was on!

    People were getting worried, as :satan: was writing frenetically and :jesus: was catching beans....

    After fifteen minutes, :satan: was in page 30 and :jesus: was still on the first paragraph!

    After half an hour, the advantage was about 100 pages to 2 paragraphs...

    Forty-five minutes... 200 pages to 3 paragraphs... People were getting worried...

    Fifty-five minutes.... 500 pages to 3 and a half paragraphs... The audience was getting nervous... Would this be the end of the world???

    Fifty-nine minutes.... The women started to :faint:... The men started to :hide:... The judges lost the count.... That's it...

    One second before the time ran out, the power went off! After much debate, the judges stated that the greater file would win. The computers were turned on again and guess who won? :jesus: had a 1Kb txt file and :satan: had... A 0Kb txt file!
    :jesus: ruled the world from there...

    Conclusion: :jesus: saves!

    So should you! :lol:

  19. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    OK, I'll start putting up the save info in about 6 hours or so, everyone that can except for vra (the RNGod is getting twitchy) has given hopeful intentions of getting something submitted.
  20. vra379971

    vra379971 Deity

    Jan 2, 2003
    It's coming...

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