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Many Leaders Game 2 - Sword Training

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Succession Games' started by Ozbenno, Jul 20, 2007.

  1. Jet

    Jet No, no, please. Please.

    Mar 16, 2006
    wait, were we playing a game? mlg what?

    1700 noticed I had a Great Merchant asleep. What was I going to do with him? Oh yeah, save Sid's Sushi. Fair enough.

    Having built up an initial and superior invasion army, switch more to buildings for a while. Pad out Observatories, Harbors, and such. I've specializied my cities (8 Universities, 8 Banks, etc), which is good, but come on, at least let me build some Libraries. Jeez.

    1725 Caravel struck by Indian Galleon. Oof. I have the Colossus, but better research Astronomy. Fascism first.

    1735 Statue of Liberty in capital. Start Levee -> Grocer -> Wall Street (shrine, settled prophets). Already has Heroic Epic.

    1745 Fascism. I use the GG (my first, I guess) on a Medic III Cav. Alex outrageously retakes Sparta with trebs and Macemen, and he actually has a lot of units to hold it... I should not have split my stack between Greece and India. After razing Bombay the second stack moves back toward Sparta. Gandhi isn't floating a lot more ships, so I'll put off Astro a bit. For now, Steel.

    1760 There gotes Athens:

    Besides his Sparta garrison (now reduced), Alex has a couple stacks (27 Medieval units) headed for choke city, which is defended by a Longbow and a Rifle. But I'm still in Slavery, so with some upgrading and whipping, I get some Infantry there. It's a 2 tile choke, with a forest hill untact with Guerrilla / Drill Infantry upgraded from Dun Longbows. Choke city has a Dun but ironically can no longer build a Castle.

    1780 This is Sparta, mofo.

    1785 Alex's 25 units punch through my 6 Infantry + Medic III cav in choke city. This may possibly have caused me to bother my neighbors, but fortunately they do not have young children.

    1795 I discover an cache of scrolls and stone tables. Let's see, 877 beakers to Railroad or -377 wealth and +1 attitude from all leaders...

    1800 I've finished upgrading my Macemen and Trebs, and since WW is picking up, adopt Police State. I lose some beakers from Mercantilism / SOL, but I have cottage spammed, so it's OK. I'm at 70%.
    ( Police State / Vassalage / Slavery / Mercantilism / Theocracy )

    The AIs are starting to sink a few Caravels.

    But things are looking up. I retake choke city and it still has its Forge and Courthouse, so I restart Forbidden Palace.

    Meanwhile, I succeed with a declare war on the Infidels (Washington).

    1806 Railroad to Astro so I can float my boat.

    1810 I finish Wall Street in the Capital, and have Heroic Epic there, but can't resist starting the Pentagon. I'm Boudica!
    Indian Partisans are now Riflemen. Blech.

    1816 Scientific Method. Losing my Monasteries (+2/+2) hurts. Biology next. The home continent is food poor and I want Medicine for Sid's Sushi.

    1822 There goes Delhi. It's the last city I'll take. Notre Dame, Statue of Zeus ("ha, ha!"), Spiral Minaret, Sistine Chapel. Good stuff.

    I decided to put Ironworks on Marble island (I should have waited for Delhi, but whatever) and so settle a couple Engineers there. I was saving them for Wonders, but I think I'll get to the techs early enough to build the wonders by hand. I also pave over a couple Towns.

    1820 Biology to Mecicine, for Sid's.

    1836 Oxford city finishes National Park. It occurs to me that this doesn't have the best synergy with my plan for Sid's Sushi, since with extra food I could work cottages on all those plains. Oh well.
    I start building Cavalry again, because I realize I need them for pillaging razed territory.
    Finish the Pentagon.
    Scientific Method (have Oil) to Combustion.
    I don't need Slavery any more and finally adopt Emancipation.

    Sid's Sushi is greyed out (I've heard of that problem, but don't understand it.) I settle my waiting Merchant instead.

    1854 Communism to Physics. Use the spy for Scotland Yard way in the east, in Wheat/Pig/Iron/Silver. It takes a long time to build health buildings etc but later settles down to run 5 spies.

    1868 Artillery -> Electricity
    1876 -> Industrialism

    1884 There goes London:

    1886 Broadway, start Kremlin for hell of it

    1896 finally destroy a civ:

    At this point I'm running around with Combat III / March Infantry taking cities garrisoned by Medieval units in one or two turns. The capital is producing Combat IV / March Infantry. Most of my time is spent walking around. I'm starting to build up Marine/Transport units so I can get out on the islands while I mop up the continent. In fact I have one big stack waiting on the wrong side of the continent with no Transports (I probably should build a Fort so I can move Transports through choke city).

  2. r_rolo1

    r_rolo1 King of myself

    May 19, 2006
    Lisbon, Portugal
    Nice to see that your AW is going alright ;) Waiting for the happy ending.....
  3. Ozbenno

    Ozbenno Fly Fly Away Moderator Hall of Fame Staff

    Apr 5, 2006
    Sydney, Australia
    Well done Nelson (ha ha).

    Good to see the conquest route being take as well.
  4. Jet

    Jet No, no, please. Please.

    Mar 16, 2006
    1903 My First Combat V / March Infantry (tm)

    1906 I'm starting to do the Amphibious thing, which is great - very fast. Mehmed displays nads by trying to attack a Tank with Curiassiers.
    Radio -> Computers, headed to Robotics.

    1907 There goes India...

    1911 There goes Mongolia...

    1914 There goes England...

    1915 There goes Turkey...


  5. TheLastOne36

    TheLastOne36 Deity

    Jan 17, 2007
    AND finnaly MLG2 is finished....

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