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  1. Nay

    Nay Warlord

    Sep 1, 2006
    Does spell research income scale with teammates?

    Also, why is tech cost modifier for team mates at "0" and known modifier at "10"
    Vanilla civ had them at 50/30, and thats what i changed them to since fall from heaven 1, but is there a deeper thought behind this?
    It basically means that unmodified team games against AI are supergodmode, since you have the same tech cost for double the income, and AI doesnt get much boost to widely known techs.

    Is there a mechanic i have missed, or have team modifiers just not been looked into yet?
  2. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    working as intended, otherwise summoning the Mercurians would mean crippling your research horribly
  3. Nay

    Nay Warlord

    Sep 1, 2006
    Mh yes, but because of one game option multiplayer games will be tediously easy... i dont know if this is the right approach :confused:
  4. Sephi

    Sephi Deity

    Jan 25, 2009
    well, you can either
    1.)put AIs in teams as well
    2.)play Civs that use different areas of the techtree.
  5. flitz

    flitz Warlord

    Sep 16, 2009
    For me, roads look disconnected. Like there is only one tile with a road on it, but its the same on adjacent tiles.

    I hope I'm not missing something obvious here. The functionality of the roads seems to be unaffected, though.
  6. Sephi

    Sephi Deity

    Jan 25, 2009
    A new Patch 1.1 is out.

    The focus of this patch is to polish the magic system, the global yield system and the Equipment system, but there are also several bugfixes and AI updates.

    • Cleanup of artfiles to reduce MAF issues
    • slavery tech display fix (it's now a regular tech. Leaders with the slavery trait still start with the tech)
    • fixed button art for Austrin arcane units riding pegasi
    • Spellresearch from a fully researched Spellschool does not count as typed Spellresearch
    • Removed obsoleted Event strange Adept
    • Increased Mercantilism ImprovementUpgrade Modifier to 100% (game rounds the current 50% down to 0%)
    • Damagespells now target strongest units in enemy stack instead of mostly random
    • Damageeffect from Combatauras works now (for example Fire Elemental Summon)
    • Several fixes to Terraforming Rituals (Bloom now transforms Forest to Ancient Forest)
    • fixed a few bombardment issues
    • fixed a bug that allowed the AI from declaring war at friendly
    • fix Aristrakh Call of Nikephorus Promotion
    • fix resources like metal created by production overflow
    • fix a few Events related to Esus
    • Damagespells can only be targeted at visible enemy Units
    • Sunlight Spells from Rathas/Randiant Guard need Faith instead of Mana
    • Dural start with Spirit Magic Spellresearch
    • fix a rare issue with Dural population limit mechanic
    • Sheaim Advanced Gating has Tech Prereq Infernal Pact (there must be a Devil Portal in the world to make this Enchantment work)
    • Austrin found settlement cannot be performed adjacent to neutral city
    • fix Sidar Intensify Mist mechanic
    • fix Playeroption Automated workers leave old Improvements
    • fix global Yield calculation bug (bonus to metal from mining tech for example was counted twice)
    • fix +experience% gain from Battle Captains (was twice as what it should be)
    • fix Manacost for ressurection spells added
    • fix lycantrophy combataura
    • fix added missing flavorscreens for jotnar/faeries
    • fix freshwater health is updated correctly for cities after terraforming (example malakim oasis spawns)
    Balance Changes
    • Reworked how Damage Spells work
      • Damage Spells do more damage in general
      • Damage of Spells is increased by amount of mana player has
      • Spells have no Damage limit anymore
      • Mana Cost of high tier Spells lowered
      • Mana Spells can cause Critical Hits (3xdamage)
      • Fire Spells cause Damage over Time
      • Resistance Formula reworked, higher tier units take less damage from magic now and City defense reduces damage taken as well
    • Added GlobalEnchantment Alchemy (transforms Mana to Gold)
    • Added GlobalEnchantment Create Lumber (requires Nature II Spellknowledge)
    • Added GlobalEnchantment Create Leather(requires Body II Spellknowledge)
    • Added GlobalEnchantment Create Stone (requires Earth I Spellknowledge)
    • Austrin Tracker cost changed from 80 to 170 (still cheaper than Ranger which it replaces)
    • Austrin Prepare Expedition cost increased from 120 to 300 hammers
    • Infernal Grimoire requires Malevolent Designs instead of Infernal Pact
    • Terraforming Rituals cannot change Desert Terrain if there is an Oasis
    • removed Tech prereq Righteousness from Mazatl Hero Coatlann
    • Treant Summon Combat Strength reduced to 5
    • Treant Summon has siege Attack with same strength/range as trebuchet
    • Altar of the Luonnotar (exalted) requires tech theology instead of righteousness
    • Lumbermills now allow to remove forest (who would have thought that) and also allow to remove jungle.
    • converted the Pillar of Flames Spell to the new Magic system (Chalid).
    • converted Contagion Spell to the new Magic System (Mary Morbus).
    • Converted mesmerize spell to the new Magic System (so AI can better use Spell)
    • Converted Targeted Dispel Magic to the new Magic System (requires Sorcery Tech, can Dispel Helpful Combatauras of enemy units
    • CombatAura effect add firststrikes scales properly with aurastrength
    • CombatAura effect ignore firststrikes scales properly with aurastrength
    • CombatAura effect Healing scales with aurastrength
    • CombatAura effect Attackbonus vs. Alignment scales with aurastrength
    • CombatAura effect Healthregeneration scales a lot less with aurastrength
    • Resources from unimproved plots +50% (so two unimproved forests now give one lumber as long as the city has a lumbermill on one of its tiles)
    • Prereq Tech of Tower of Contemplacy is now Fanaticism instead of mind stapling (state religion prereq is still OO)
    • Resource Faerie Toads removed
    • Khazad Vault mechanic now works for the tolerant trait
    • Combataura Berserk effects changed: gives 15% combat bonus, 25% chance to apply enraged after combat (if your unit never fights, it will never go into berserk)
    • Favored Improvement of Aristrakh is Workshop instead of Cottage
    • Max Damage Done by Siege Equipment in a single action is three times their bombard value
    • When cities are bombarded, damage reduced to defenders by percentage of remaining city defenses
    • Leaders cannot use their hated Civics.
    • Austrin Leaders have Centralization as their hated Civic
    • Animal Handling Cost increased from 1600 to 2500
    • added Tracking Tech before Animal Handling
    • added Fur Trader Building to Tracking Tech (changes Leather to Gold)
    • Austrin Tracker UU and Harmatt moved to Tracking tech
    • Mazatl Lost Lands Civic decreases infrastructure costs of cottages and yieldchanges of villages/towns increased
    • Arcane Units have a low chance to gain Willpower Promotion every turn. Willpower Promotion lowers manacost of next spell cast.
    • block unit upgrade path if it would change race of unit (mostly applies to captured units).
    • Civic City States Bonuses lowered
    • Trade post commerce bonuses lowered (trade center is still better than plantation, but not that much)
    • mercantilism civic does not increase commerce of cottage line anymore (only hammers)
    • Floating Eye Spell costs 10 Mana
    • Production cost adjustment: Soldier of Kilmorph 100, Drown 100, Paramander 200, Crusader 200, stygian guard 200, radiant guard 100, Ratha 200
    • reduced chance of Blizzards to apper in Illian territory
    • Techs Composite Bows, Mounted Warfare I and Mounted Warfare II added (adjusts archery/mounted techtree costs)
    • reduced convert chances for Werewolves.
    • Theocracy: unlimit priests ability removed. Great Person Rate Modifier increased from 30 to 50 and Bonus XP increased from 2 to 5
    • Foreign Trade Civic requirement is Cartography instead of Trade.
    • reduced Power of Doviello Totem Promotions
    • Clan of Embers Worldspell requires Warfare Tech
    • Mines of Galdur give 30metal instead of 3 iron
    • Mystical Places Gameoption removed. Improvements can be build adjacent to Mystical Places
    • per turn Decay removed from Elohim Purity Counter
    • Devils start with Demon and Devil promotion, Devil promotion tweaked
    • Devil promotion is second level of Demon promotion (this is to ensure that everything that works against demons works against devils as well)
    • Mana upkeep of Summons lowered
    • AI will not use Battle Captains for permanent City Defense
    • adjusted Promotion AI for Arcane Units (they will cast spells now)
    • Barbarians/Animals will now use DamageSpells
    • fixed some issues with the Siege AI
    • AI will diversify more which training buildings it constructs (you should see some elven archers now)
    • Updated AI magic Strategy
      • AI now has four basic magic strategies
      • AI now has a logic to save up mana instead of just using the best option currently available
    • Updated AI economy Strategy
      • AI now has four basic economy strategies
      • AI picks economy civic based on this
      • AI does not build cottages when it favors trade economy
      • AI does not build trade posts when it favors cottage economy
      • AI value of Health adapted when it runs cottage economy
    • Updated AI tech Strategy
      • AI will value Techs more that connect Resources (like Calendar) if it benefits from them
      • AI value of Units unlocked by Techs more accurate (mostly effected Priesthood tech)
      • AI tech flavors improved for many civs
    • AI consider pillage of Improvement as Warsuccess
    • AI values city capture much higher for war success
    • AI will not offer cities anymore for peace
    • AI will not trade techs anymore for peace
    • AI city invasion selection updated for teams
    • AI/automated workers blocked from building on mana nodes (whose mana is already connected)
    • AI will value global yields (metal, lumber, etc.) much more accurate when selecting which improvements to build (also effects automated workers)
    • AI will never raze Cities when No Settlers Gameoption is picked
    • AI searches in larger area for Barbarian Cities when No Settlers Gameoption is picked
    • AI will wait to capture Barbarian Cities until Population reaches 2 (unless City never growths)
    New Promotion System
    • Promotions rebalanced (Combat is now only +10%)
    • Most Promotions are now unlocked by Level instead of Prereqpromotion (this allmost always forced combat promotion)
    • There are a couple new promotions (charge, quick learner, etc.)
    • aggressive trait gives aggressive promotion (+10% attack) for free instead of combat I
    • raider gives raider I and raider II promotions for free (+gold to pillage, heal inside enemy territory) instead of commando
    • Hero Promotion reworked. Instead of free xp, Hero promotion has 30% every turn to give "Second Chance" Promotion. Unit with second Chance Promotion won't die in next battle (and promotion is removed after battle). This stops Heroes from being cowards who only attack at 99,99% odds.
    • new promotions exclusively for heroes, dependent on the unitcombat (no mounted line yet)
    new Equipment System
    • Old Weapons mechanic (bronze/iron/mithril) removed
    • Equipment is now a key part of the mod, not a game option anymore
    • Equipment completly reworked. There are about 50 different weapons for example, a Mithril Fullblade gives a +110% bonus to attack. Every Unit has access to about 5 Weapons, depending on the tier and the unitcombat of the unit and the techs of the player.
    • Equipment has Durability. Durability is reduced in every combat round. If Durability reaches 0, Equipment is destroyed and removed.
    • Equipment now costs Global Yields (lumber, metal, etc.)
    • Global yields do not increase training speed of units anymore.
    • Interface for Equipment added (button that opens popup which lists all possible Equipment)
    • Religios Equipment Costs Faith instead of yields. OO Amulet gives waterwalking, Empyrean Amulet See Invisible, etc.
    • AI uses Equipment now
    new Lair System
    • Regular monster lair now always have a positive reward (but no huge rewards)
    • Most rewards from Monster Lairs scale with gamelength and are higher in the later game.
    • Dungeons (which aren't guarded by monsters) keep the same result logic (high risk - high reward)
    Animal/barbarians modified
    • Animals/barbarians will only spawn around their lairs
    • Animals/barbarians spawn rate increased
    • Animals/barbarians will spawn earlier
    • XP Cap from Barbarians/Animals increased from 100 to 1000
    • Merged Unique Features Plus (made by Pazyryk and fellow ffh modders)
    • Added Option in BUG Menu to show Mana bar
    • Documentation: Added links to Pedia of Globalenchantments/Terraform Rituals
    • The mini display of many units in the left bottom corner of the screen scales better to the unit size (thanks Graywarden)
    • Terraforming Rituals can now be targeted (this is optional for all Rituals but earth mother, rise land and drown land; these must always be targeted.)
    • Effects of Terraforming Rituals are displayed
    • nearly no more orphaned goblins (those strength 1 goblins everywhere was just weird)
    • When a city cannot support its Improvements (infrastructure costs too high), some improvements will be autorazed
    • added tech for Trebuchets
    • Sidar Intensify Mist mechanic more streamlined (there is only one Intensify Mist enchantment anymore)
    • Grigori Leader Esirce does not have the diverse Trait anymore.

    • Draco Lich start with Dragon and Undead Dragon promotion, Undead Dragon promotion tweaked
    • Undead Dragon promotion is second level of Dragon promotion
    • Call of Nikephoros tweaked and renamed to Ancient Bloodline
    • Scream of the Netherworld spell removed
    • Drain Life spell removed (was used to get the Dragon Bone Yard building)
    • Dragon Bone Yard is a national wonder and can be build (@Divine Essence)
    • Reanimated Generals start with the Commander of the Undead promotion which decreases the chance to defend
    • Ritualistic trait increases faith income by 50%
    • Najesh Spiritual trait removed, gained Herald of Death trait which reduces production cost for undead troops by 25% (not banshees)
    • mounted undead troops speed increased to 3, up from 2
    • Ancient Vampires cost 2 Population, Higher tier Vampires 3, Reanimated Generals 1 and Nikephoros (the hero) 4. Production cost lowered.
    • undead troops (with exception to the Reanimated General) no longer cost population, production cost and global yield boost are adjusted, upgrade spells removed.
    • mount undead dragon (in city) costs 1 population
    • vampires have only one miracle that heals undead troops in the same plot (i took the code from repair and it even works)
    • death pact increases population always by 1 (Najesh by 2), it starts cheap but every tier costs 100% more, i.e. it will take very long to get a big city. this will also make Catacombs and Mausoleum buildings more important.
    • Death Pact ranges: DP I (1-5), DP II (6-10), DP III (11-15), DP IV (16-20), DP V (20-30)
    • Dark Ritual description changed so you can see their tier. Dark Ritual will only affect cities below a certain threshold, depending on the tier. costs adjusted (every tier cost the same)
    • Dark Ritual ranges: DR I (1-3), DR II (1-6), DR III (1-9), DR IV (1-12) DR V (1-15)
    • Dark Ritual diplomatic penalty increased to 0.5 (was 0.2)
    • Poison Cloud and Disease Cloud ported to the new spell system
    • all skeleton troops (and zombies) start with Brittle Bones promotion (reduces upgrade cost)
    • Lurid Agitation aura only affects units with Brittle Bones
    • Lurid Agitation applies Chilling Bones (second level of Brittle Bones) (+1 cold strength, +50% cold resistance and -25% fire resistance)
    • Eternal Servitude civic removed, did not work and is no longer necessary
    • Banshees removed
    • Aristrakh have Blood Adepts, Mages and Lords (Archmage). These are like their normal caster equivalents, only that they have the vampire promotion and the cost includes population. However they don't have the Lurid Agitation aura, but like all other vampires can cast a better version of the spell 'boiling blood'.
    • maximum number of ancient vampires reduced to 8 (was 12)
    • new unique knight replacement: vampire prince
    • worldspell now has a tech prerequisite
    • vampire version of the boiling blood spell, moved to body II and renamed touch of agony

    • all mana types and mana nodes have new unique art
    • added a wide screen version for each opening screen
    • buttons for new promotions and aura promotion for generals
    • banish demons and banish angels have new effects
    • animated the rain texture in the blizzard improvement
    • scrub fixed
    • new volcano art
    • burned trees now tile correctly like all other sort of trees
    • slightly tweaked the selection ring for the BUG buttons
    • added terraform effects for:
      • blight
      • bloom
      • land of the damned
      • natures call
      • onset of winter
      • spread hell terrain
      • sanctify
  7. Soro

    Soro Warlord

    May 22, 2003
    In the words of Lao Tzu, "Woot."
  8. darkedone02

    darkedone02 The Suggestor

    Mar 9, 2006
    Louisville, Kentucky
    Playing as the Lizardman, Matalz I think his name it, I don't like it how the trail does not graphically connect, and how my lizards don't terraform inside of a deep jungle.
  9. Sephi

    Sephi Deity

    Jan 25, 2009
  10. snapjaw

    snapjaw Chieftain

    Aug 3, 2007
    Is this Mod multiplayer friendly? I ask because all of the mods based on FFH or similar to it all are meant to play singleplayer only. I hope this does work in multiplayer because the other mods that have issues always do strange things like get the OOC error and other network problems.
  11. protontan

    protontan Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2008
    great job! I just started to play, and the idea about magic research really impressed me.
  12. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell

    it should work fine in MP, keep in mind though this is a work in progress so you may find a couple issues here and there. cool thing is, you just have to report them and they'll get fixed soon.
  13. Bill Bisco

    Bill Bisco Callous Calling

    Apr 28, 2007
    Sephi cares about MP. One very prominent factor to my continued approval and desire to play. ;)
  14. darkedone02

    darkedone02 The Suggestor

    Mar 9, 2006
    Louisville, Kentucky
    I like this mod but I spotted a few bugs, such as some new models that turn all pink, Crashes, and Worker Automation not doing a perfectly good job. Worker Automation need to be worked on with the new economy system, cause I was playing as the Malakim and all they build are trade posts, mines, and other things, they never build roads, cottages, farms, or anything else, the same goes to other races that has terraformation. This game need to be worked on alot.
  15. Tschuggi

    Tschuggi SNAFU

    May 8, 2010
    the bugs described by you seem to be old ones, I don't have any pink model, no crashes at all (no maf, no ctd) and worker automation - ok, don't knwo, never automate my workers. We now work with version 1.1, patch 1.12. Go to and there to the forum to report the bugs. Thanks a lot!!!

    And: malakim workers don't build roads. The malakim's desert autoterraforming connects all their resources, so they actually cannot build roads.
  16. litlfrog

    litlfrog Chieftain

    Nov 29, 2003
    Barre, VT
    I like a lot of the ideas here, but I can't play the game very successfully. Barbarians significantly more advanced than my civ spawn almost as soon as the game begins. Hard to see how to expand when I've managed to create one warrior, but there's a mercenary fortress nearby with three Strength 5 units.
  17. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    I'd recommend heading to the forums over at and provide feedback as you will get more attention there :)

    that said, the way barbarian works has just been overhauled for 1.1 so it's probably still a bit rough around the edges, I'd agree with your experience though. it seems that barbarian lairs tend do spawn near resources, i.e. good potential new city spots. that means that you'll have to earn your expansion via warfare vs barbarians. wait until you can build T2 units, then go give those barbs the finger. the slower expansion is intended, as MoM wants to give a "dangerous wilderness!" vibe. it may be a little bit too tough right now, I agree.
  18. Tschuggi

    Tschuggi SNAFU

    May 8, 2010
    The barbs in lairs do not attack cities (if you don't place it directly the tile next to it), but only units in range of one tile.
  19. HahnHolio

    HahnHolio Warlord

    May 15, 2004
    i usually use summons to kill off the barbcamps, but i rarely pillage them, coz i wait for the respawns to lvlup my newest troops ... works quite well^^
  20. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Since Sephi hasn't announced it yet... Master of Mana v1.2 is out! Check at the website here for the download.


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