"Memory Bad allocation" CTD


Jun 6, 2004
Lyon, France
If you want to help me to fight against this type of CTD, please try to play (use "automatic playing") with these experimental DLL files and tell me if some of them annihilate the "bad memory allocation" CTDs on your computer:

-> "City".

-> "Fixed1"

-> "City0"

-> "Cityai0"

Hi, I dont know very much about modify files... where I put those files?? I have to delete a file and replace it with one of this files or just put them in the folder (one by one or all at same time)??
You must put it in the "\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Total_War_1.0\Assets" folder.
"city" and "city0" causes most of the city screen to be blank, including the bottom left side where it lists buildings and culture, and the bottom right. "cityai0" causes all other civs to not start with a settler. And fixed1 ended up giving me a ctd. And if I remember right, isn't there an indicator of loyalty in the city screen? This is not visible with the fixed1.
--' --' --' we don't care about it... These are test versions, it doesn't need to worksfine, we only want to find the "memory allocation failure" causes. Use the auto-play function.
Ok. While running the fixed1 file, I got a ctd, then tried to load the game back up later from the saved game, and got an xml error stating "There are more siblings than memory allocated for them in CvXMLLoadUtility::SetVariableListTagPair
Current XML file is:xml\Civilizations/CIV4LeaderHeadInfos.xml"

I'll retry the others later, and that one again on autoplay if you want.
any fix for this error? mod is great but when I really get into playing it I get f*****g error :(
Hi, fist off, your mod is a fantastic concept. Love the much wider scope youve added to the game.

Ive tried your fixes but i get the same ctd problem about 100 turns into the game (on marathon). The windows error report says that there are problems with 64 dll files. I am using the Perfect world2 map.
Running on auto play, I get a fatal error- Memory allocation failure
Reason:bad allocation

No more information than that. Im also using the patched version (I think, i have it pasted in the Total War 1.0 Mod folder, please tell me if thats how it works)

Ill give any help I can, testing files etc. Im dying to play this and I cant go back to playing the real game after ive seen this.
Tried different maps each time... Marathon speed.

This is how far i came
city: 153 turns
fixed1: 202 turns
city0: 394 turns
Cityai0: 320 turns (first crashed before i could see turns. here i have changed from huge to large)

I liked your mod back when i played it this summer. Hope we will be able to enjoy it without all those crashes.

Keep up the good work.
They don't stop them, they just delay them: I got one on turn 130 rather than the usual of 60-80. Also, I found something interesting with the config files. At the very bottom there is something that says
"Break on memory allocation order #
BreakOnAlloc = -1"

Perhaps changing that value would affect it, as it seems to be linked to whatever the error is.
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