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[MOD] Fall from Heaven

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Kael, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Fall from Heaven
    Version 1.0

    Download here: Fall from Heaven 1.00g (123 MB, updated 12/16/2006)

    This Mod requires Civilization 4 patch 1.61 to play. Save games will not work between versions.

    Fall from Heaven is a Fantasy based mod that brings more focus on the Religion and Promotion aspects of Civilization 4. Toward that end there are unique religion units, increased XP, unit upgrades that last throughout the entire game (a Scout can be upgraded to a Hunter, then to an Assassin, then to a Shadow). Promotions have had their effect increased and many new promotions have been added. The Tech Tree, Units, Religions, Buildings and Civics have all been rebuilt from the ground up.

    Spells have been added to the game including Cure Disease (Removes the Diseased and Plagued negative promotions that spread in the game), Fireball, Bless (gives the units a moderate strength increase until their next battle), Vialize the land (upgrades the terrain) and the ability to Summon Fire Elementals and Demons.

    Enjoy the Mod, and I invite feedback so that I can make it better. Please feel free to respond in this thread or Private PM me on www.civfanatics.com or www.octopusoverlords.com. My name is Kael on both forums.

    - Kael

    Major Contributors:

    Woodelf- Ideas and Playtesting (facing the bugs of FFH so you don't have to)
    Loki- Coming up with more good ideas than I could implement in a lifetime.
    C.Roland- Amazing art on tons of unit skins and buildings.
    Chalid- Idea, design and art for the system that changes the cities to reflect the state religion.
    Corlindale- Tech quotes.
    Wilboman- Unit pedia entries.
    Haarbal- Made a set of excellent Fantasy Civilizations for this mod.

    Version History:

    0.5 Released Friday December 16th, 2005. 959 Downloads.
    0.6 Released Friday December 23rd, 2005. 2,119 Downloads.
    0.7 Released Friday December 30th, 2005. 4,647 Downloads.
    0.8 Released Friday January 13th, 2006. Lost count, 10,000+ downloads.
    0.9 Released Friday January 27th, 2006.
    0.95 Released Friday February 17th, 2006.
    1.0 released Thursday April 13th, 2006.

    My Favorite Post:


    How do I load this mod?

    Run the 'FallfromHeaven100.exe' file. It will default to the default path for the english install of Civ4. If you have it installed on a different location you will need to change it to your location.

    The game crashes to the desktop when it is trying to load, whats wrong?

    Civilization patch 1.61 is required to run this mod. If you don't have it you will have the error described. To get the 1.61 patch for Civ 4 select the advanced option on the main Menu and then choose the Updates option.

    I get tons of XML errors when I try to load the mod, whats wrong?

    Most likely you have some files in your CustomAssets directory that are conflicting with Fall from Heaven. To resolve this rename your CustomAssets directory (defaults to 'My Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\CustomAssets') to 'CustomAssets.old'. The game will create a new empty CustomAssets the next time it loads.

    Is there any strategy help available?

    CurtisC has been good enough to offer some advice at the following location: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=164283

    Is there a premade map for this mod?

    Good Souce was good enough to make a pair of FfH specific maps that you can find here:

    1.[tab]Fantasy Map by Good Sauce

    2.[tab]FfH Fantasy Map 2 by Good Sauce

    Starship also made an excellent scenerio based on the classic straetgy game Warlords that you can find here:

    1.[tab]Battlefield Illuria by Starship

    Why can't I select some of the civics like Arete, Sacrifice the Weak, Guardian of Nature, Social Order or Slavery?

    Each of those Civics has a State religion requirement. The state religion that is required for each is:

    Arete: Runes of Kilmorph
    Sacrifice the Weak: The Ashen Veil
    Guardian of Nature: Fellowship of Leaves
    Social Order: The Order
    Slavery: Octopus Overlords

    I want to expore the wilderness longer but it disseapears to fast, is there anything I can do to fix that?

    I usually play a few civs short of the normal map size. That means more wilderness to expore and the wilderness stays around a bit longer. We are hoping to address this in FfH2 by adding a Hell map that opens up midgame and adding some special wilderness areas that are more difficult to settle.

    I decided to play for a little bit before I went to bed, then I noticed the sun was coming up. What happened?

    Welcome to Civilization. If you buy your boss a copy of the game he might not notice when you come wandering into work half asleep.

    We appreciate the mod, is there anything we can do to reimburse you for this work?

    Just make sure you are actually paying for your copy of Civilization 4. The folks at Firaxis have created an amazing game that makes all this possible (and so much more, we are just at the tip of the iceberg). Make sure they get paid so they can continue to make more awesome games like this.

    What was changed in this version?

    Click the spoiler button to see everything that was changed in 1.0.

    Spoiler :
    Change List for 1.0


    *1. Errors when selecting a tech on the tech screen.
    *2. Errors when attempting to change your state religion on the religious screen.
    *3. Sometimes size 0 cities are produced when you are using the Conquest civic.
    *4. CTD caused by taking a city with the conquest civic.
    *5. CTD caused by the Order spreading to a city and attempting to create a Disciple of the Order (which no longer exists).
    *6. CTD caused by building a new building in a city that contains a Temple of the Veil (if the temple is displayed at 90 degrees).
    *7. CTD caused by a barbarian unit with the Immortal promotion dying (he has no capital to return to).
    *8. Buildings can now give negative commerce values.
    *9. Rangers, Druids and Beastmasters can board ships. (reported by Furin, I had to take away their ability to cross peaks to fix this)
    *10. Expansive and Philosophical traits now correctly pay upkeeps for their associated civic categories.
    *11. Fixed an error with an incorrectly linked Order song. (reported by Kevjm)
    *12. Spells are no longer selected automatically after they were cast, it was causing problems in multiplayer games.
    *13. Removed any use of the random function, it was causing Out of Sync errors in multiplayer games.
    *14. Fireballs from Arcane Barges don't start fortified. (reported by Chalid)
    *15. Werewolves no longer turn fireballs into wereflamers. (reported by Xuenay)


    *1. Added the Arcane Barge (ship that can fireball and carry 1 land unit).
    *2. Added the Marksman promotion (units with this promotion attack the weakest unit in a stack instead of the strongest).

    Balance Changes:

    *1. The Drown can travel through Coast tiles.
    *2. Fireballs and Meteors can now travel on Land and Sea.
    *3. Animals aren't deleted when barbarians appear.
    *4. Crusaders aren't generated when a city is lost to unrest.
    *5. Spell combat ends instantly.
    *6. Humanism civic reduced from High to Medium Upkeep.
    *7. Great Lighthouse increased from 200 to 600 cost. (recommended by The Bramble)
    *8. Apocalypse increased from 500 to 5000 cost. (recommended by Lunargent)
    *9. Ancient Temple no longer gives a negative food amount.
    *10. The Drown cost raised from 60 to 90.
    *11. All Domain Sea units were made immune to disease. (since right now you can't cast cure disease on them)
    *12. Captured Lion, Wolf, Tiger and Panther need a Carnival before they can build pens in a city. (reported by Webrider)
    *13. Gate to the Abyss removed.
    *14. Conjurers and Mages reduced from 4 to 3 strength.
    *15. Archmages and Demon Summoners reduced from 7 to 4 strength.
    *16. Only living units will recieve the Immortal promotion from Blood of the Phoenix.
    *17. The AI will no longer use Mages and Adepts as collateral damage units.
    *18. Galleon cargo increased from 3 to 4. (recommended by Miracle)
    *19. Galleon speed decreased from 4 to 3. (recommended by Miracle)
    *20. Galleon cost increased from 80 to 110. (recommended by Miracle)
    *21. Privateer speed increased from 3 to 4. (recommended by Miracle)
    *22. Privateer given a 25% withdrawal rate. (recommended by Miracle)
    *23. Queen of the Line cargo decreased from 7 to 6. (recommended by Miracle)
    *24. Lumbermill changed from +1 Gold to +2 Gold when beside a river. (recommended by Loki)
    *25. The Great Commanders recruit ability now grants 4-6 recruits.
    *26. Ravenous Werewolf strength lowered from 5 to 4 and given the Enraged promotion. (recommended by Aljayboy)
    *27. Fireballs and Meteors are now Amphibious. (recommended by Belizan)
    *28. Haste doesn't work on spells. (recommended by Belizan)
    *29. Rosier the Fallen made immune to disease.
    *30. Great Person Threshold Increase changed from 50 to 100.
    *31. Added a chance to frist strike to the Commando promotion. (recommend by Loki)
    *32. Replaced Kael Coalbane with Mardero. (Model created by White Rabbit)
    *33. Replaced Maros with Sphener. (Model created by White Rabbit)
    *34. Yggdrasil now gives +4 Culture instead of +4% culture. (recommended by TheJopa)
    *35. Herbalist given a +10% to heal rate for units in that city. (recommended by TheJopa)
    *36. Eidolon and Stygian Guard Medic1 promotions switched to March. (recommended by TheJopa)
    *37. Arete gives 10% free units by population instead of 20% free military units by population. (recommended by naf4ever)
    *38. Military State gives 20% free units by population instead of 20% free military units by population. (recommended by naf4ever)
    *39. Republic Civic % Anger reduced from 400 to 100, culture boost increased from 10 to 20%.
    *40. Military discipline now goves -25% War Weariness. (recommended by naf4ever)
    *41. Dungeons War Weariness increased from -25% to -50%. (recommended by naf4ever)
    *42. Liberty now gives +2 free specialists.
    *43. Removed duplicate animals.
    *44. Halved production costs on Carnivals for Creative leaders. (recommended by CurtisC)
    *45. Blocked AI from building barracks if they dont have copper.
    *46. Remove building hapiness interactions. (TheJopa reported they weren't working as intended)
    *47. Stables now require Horses.
    *48. It only costs 130 gold to upgrade a slave to a lunatic instead of 250. (recommended by naf4ever)
    *49. The Seafaring trait now grants the amphibious promotion to melee units. (recommended by Kevjm)
    *50. Added the Marksman ability to the Marksman unit, lowered its strength from 12 to 10, lowered its first striked from 2 to 1 and removed the Blitz promotion.


    *1. Horseman picture in the build bar is no longer an Immortal. (reported by AljayBoy)
    *2. Cleaned up some tech quotes (recommended by erikg88)
    *3. New Beast of Agares button icon.
    *4. New building model for the Carnival. (created by C.Roland)
    *5. New art for the Avatar of Wrath. (created by C.Roland)
    *6. New building skin for Tower of Eyes and Archery Range. (created by C.Roland)
    *7. Added the list of the allowed and disallowed objects for each religion on the religion pedia entry.
    *8. Spell descriptions added for a lot of the promotions. (ability to put descriptions on promotions added by Talchas)
    *9. T4 units now have the city name added to their name when built "Paladin of Thariss". (recommended by Chalid)
    *10. New models for the Dwarven Soldier, Stygian Guard, Ravenous Werewolf, Blooded Werewolf and Greater Werewolf. (created by Rabbit, White)
    *11. Seafaring tech is given as a free tech instead of as part of the Seafaring trait. (allowed me to simplify some code)
    *12. FfH specific hints added. (written by Miracle)
    *13. French translation provided by Jean Francois.

    Are there any known bugs in 1.0?

    [tab]1. Player controlled animals are now able to enter player lands (reported by kevjm).
    [tab]2. Foreign languages now work correctly (reported by Agifem).
    [tab]3. The Seafaring tech is now correctly given to civs with the Seafaring trait (reported by kevjm).
    [tab]4. Werewolves correctly generate new werewolves (reported by Nikis-Knight).
    [tab]5. Seafaring text key tag now decodes correctly, and several other text updates.
    [tab]6. Mathematics now gives a +50% bonus on forest chops like in vanilla civ (reported by naf4ever).
    [tab]7. Ancient temples don't have a negative food effect (reported by Sir Gallroy).
    [tab]8. Werewolves don't get a worker and a werewolf anymore (reported by ghostbearkhan).
    [tab]9. Expansive trait give +3 instead of +2 health (reported by Xuenay).
    [tab]10. The Drown are no longer able to cross peaks.
    [tab]11. Units on boats will no longer defend.
    [tab]12. Slaver civilizations won't get a slave and a worker anymore.
    [tab]13. Fixed a CTD caused by the Temple of the Veil building graphics in cities with lots of buildings (reported by evanb).
    [tab]14. Carnivals can now be built on islands (reported by Furin).
    [tab]15. Orthus will not be created if he already exists (for Battlefield Illuria).
    [tab]16. Game Option added to disable settlers (for Battlefield Illuria).
    [tab]17. MapChecker 3.1 (tm) garuntees that every randomly generated map has at least 3 or each of the following resources: mithril, reagents, incense, iron, gunpowder and copper.

    Download here: http://kael.civfanatics.net/files/FfH100f.exe

    Changes in the next version:

    [tab]1. Dwarves can learn the Guerilla II promotion (recommended by Chammadai).
    [tab]2. Rebalanced the leader traits (recommended by Chammadai).

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  2. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    The picture contains a Priest of the Leaves (with the leaf halo), Shadow (half-invisible panther guy), Hill Giant, Iron Golem, Diseased Corpse (selected unit), Demon (big black guy with the fire aura), Eidolon (undead unit with gold armor), and a Disciple of the Overlords (back in the trees). There are more custom art units in the mod than this, I just wanted to give a sampling of some of what was made (and lets face it, the Earth Elemental looks like something that should be swirling around a toilet bowl).

    Attached Files:

  3. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002

    +Accuracy- +20% city bombard damage
    +Amphibious- No combat penalty if attacking from sea or across a river.
    +Barrage I- +40% collateral damage
    +Barrage II- +60% collateral damage, +20% vs melee units
    +Barrage III- +100% collateral damage
    +Blessed- +15% combat, +15 vs demons, Removed after combat
    +Blitz- Can attack multiple times per turn
    +City Garrison I- +40% to city defense
    +City Garrison II- +50% to city defense
    +City Garrison III- +60% to city defense, +20% vs melee units
    +City Raider I- +40% city attack
    +City Raider II- +50% city attack
    +City Raider III- +60% city attack, +20% vs melee units
    +Combat I- +20% strength
    +Combat II- +20% strength
    +Combat III- +20% strength
    +Combat IV- +20% strength, heals an additional 10% /turn in neutral lands
    +Combat V- +20% strength, heals an additional 10% /turn in enemy lands
    +Command- 50% chance to take control of units defeated in combat
    +Commando- Can use enemy roads
    +Cover I- +40% vs archery units
    +Cover II- +80% vs archery units
    +Crazed- 50% chance of being enraged each turn
    +Defensive- +40% Defense, -40% Attack
    +Demon Slaying- +40% vs Demons
    +Diseased- -30% Strength, -10% Heal, -10% Heal to units in the same tile, Combat has a 50% chance to spread Disease to each unit in the attacking and defending stack.
    +Drill I- 1 additional first strike chance
    +Drill II- 1 extra first strike
    +Drill III- +2 first strike chances
    +Drill IV- 2 first strikes, +20% vs mounted units
    +Dwarf Slaying- +40% vs Dwarves
    +Elf Slaying- +40% vs Elves
    +Enraged- +40% Attack, -40% Defense
    +Fire Resistance- +80% vs Fire
    +Flanking I- +20% withdrawal
    +Flanking II- +20% withdrawal
    +Flanking III- +10% withdrawal, immune to first strikes
    +Formation I- +40% vs mounted units
    +Formation II- +80% vs mounted units
    +Giant Slaying- +40% vs Giants
    +Guerilla I- +40% hills defense
    +Guerilla II- Double movement in hills, +60% hills defense
    +Immortal- When the unit dies it is reborn in the civilizations capital. A unit can only be reborn once per turn.
    +Magic Resistance- +40% vs Adepts and Fire, Half chance to be Entangled, Half damage from Fire Aura
    +March- Can heal while moving
    +Medic I- Heals units in the same tile +20% damage per turn
    +Medic II- Heals units in the same tile +40% damage per turn
    +Medic III- Heals units in the same tile +80% damage per turn
    +Mobility I- +1 movement range
    +Mobility II- +1 movement range
    +Mobility III- +1 movement range
    +Navigation I- +1 movement range
    +Navigation II- +1 movement range
    +Orthus’s Axe- +25% Combat, Allows Blitzing, Passed to units that defeat this unit
    +Plague Carrier- Spreads the Plague, -20% Heal to units in the same tile
    +Plagued- -60% Strength, -20% Heal, -20% Heal to units in the same tile
    +Quality Armor- +10% Combat
    +Quality Weapons- +10% Combat
    +Sentry I- +1 visibility range
    +Sentry II- +1 visibility range
    +Sentry III- +1 visibility range
    +Shock I- +40% vs melee units
    +Shock II- +80% vs melee units
    +Spell Extension I- Spells cast have an additional point of movement
    +Spell Extension II- Spells cast have an additional point of movement
    +Spell Extension III- Spells cast have an additional point of movement
    +Subdue Animal- Allows the units to convert defeated animal units.
    +Summoned- A Summoned unit is automatically killed at the beginning of the owning players next turn
    Twincast- Character can cast 2 spells per turn
    +Woodsman I- +40% jungle defense, +40% forest defense
    +Woodsman II- Double movement in jungle and forest, +60% jungle and forest defense

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  4. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002

    The Ashen Veil: Mages spent weeks in meditation, exploring the farthest reaches of the ethereal world. The demands of the body were ignored, and they survived sustained only by magic. Their efforts were rewarded, a sentience was contacted, dark and horrible. It whispered secrets into the mages minds, necromancy, diseases, sacrifical rites. It promised power in exchange for their blood, and they freely gave it.

    Runes of Kilmorph: Kilmorph is the goddess of the earth, she who dwells beneath. She formed children out of stone, the Dwarves, and taught them the secrets of metalworking. One of the first religions available to the men of the world Kilmorph will answer the prayers of men and even send her soldiers to defend their cities.

    The Order: Junil, the elder of the Gods, had promised to stay apart from the conflict on Earth. No one knows why he decided to change that, some say it was to combat the influence of the Ashen Veil, others that it was jealousy. Regardless of his reason he promised salvation to the least of men and asked only one thing in return, their obedience.

    Fellowship of Leaves: Deep in the woods the whispers of Elves linger. Ancient protectors uninvolved in the affairs of men some men have proven enough loyalty to them to learn their magic and even gain the assistance of the Elven Archers.

    Octopus Overlords: The power beneath the Aegean waves is said to be more powerful than any other, but the Overlords are unfocused and follow a thousand different obscure agendas. The Disciples of the Overlords dare not expose themselves directly to the conflicting commands of their masters and instead use the poor as intermediaries. They are quickly driven insane by the process which the disciples prefer as it keeps them from manipulating the message. They also share the process of turning a Warrior into The Drown, undead thralls, a process with few volunteers.

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  5. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    reservered for techs

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  6. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    reserved for buildings

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  7. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    Fall from Heaven 2

    [tab]The Fall from Heaven 2 thread.

    Designer Journal:

    Feb 15th:[tab]FfH2 is offically opened, the design team is invited and brainstorming begins. All of the FfH1 members return as well of 2 new faces; Talchas assumes the role of Lead Programer (he has already surpassed anything I could do) and Lunargent comes in to revamp the tech tree design (and while waiting for the tech requirements digs into all other aspects of design).

    Lead Design:

    Lead Programmer:

    Design Team:

    Art Team:
    [tab]Chalid (design and programming work as well)

    Writing Team:

    Special Mention:
    [tab]Rabbit, White for providing 3d unit models and skins
    [tab]SeZereth for providing 3d unit models and skins
    [tab]Ploeperpengel for providing 3d unit models and skins
    [tab]TheLopez for providing the Mercenaries Mod

    Mar 2nd:[tab]The major concepts are broken into 4 manageable pieces and those pieces are assigned to different revisions of FfH2 (Light, Fire, Shadow and Ice) giving us our high level feature lists for each version. Work begins to focus on the details required for the first version, "Light" and the actual production of components required for this version (everything to this point has been design work and prototypes).

    [tab]"Light"- Introducing Talchas's new spell system, Mana nodes and 16 new civilizations.

    [tab]"Fire"- Introducing Hell, the Armageddon counters and the Infernal and Mercurian civilizations.

    [tab]"Shadow"- Introducing Quests, Equipment and the Sidar, Svartalfar and Illian civilizations.

    [tab]"Ice"- Introducing the FfH scenerios.

    Mar 12th:[tab]The first alpha version of FfH2 is compiled and released to the team. It includes the basics of each of the new civs and the new spell system with all the FfH1 spells converted to be used by it. We still have a ton of work to do. The biggest part of which will be to create all of the new spells and UU's for the Civs.

    Mar 30th:[tab]Still deep in adding new features to Light. The build list is long but the tools have made it pretty easy to add new stuff. Talchas's spell system is showing its muscle and there are currently 45 spells in and working, along with 156 units and 149 buildings.

    [tab]It should be stressed that the point of FfH2 isn't to just give "more". In fact I think more is usually worse. But we want all of the civs to play differently. So the build lists won't be longer, but when you play the orcs you will have different units to work with then if you were playing one of the other civs. And each civ has been reviewed to give it a different style, strengths and weaknesses. So that playing the Calabim will be a dramatically different play experience than playing the Khazad, but playing any individual civ won't be any more complex than playing one of them today.

    Apr 9th:[tab]Version 1.10c is released to the team. This version contains 165 buildings, 178 Units and 57 spells. Most importantly this version includes working mana resources. Mana nodes can be found in the world that can be improved to provide mana of any of the sphere types. The mana resources a city has available to it determines the starting spells of arcane units created in that city.

    [tab]Upgrade only units are also introduced. You can no longer build an Immortal in any of your cities, instead you have to upgrade a Maceman of level 6 or greater into an Immortal. Likewise Mages, Archmages, Conjurers, Summoners and High Priests can't be built but require a unit with some experience to be upgraded to be created.

    [tab]Spotlight on Corlindale (world unit): Corlindale is an Elohim hero and named after our very own writing team member. He is a pacifist and although he has no combat ability he is a powerful spellcaster with the hero promotion and the ability to learn the Earth, Mind and Spirit spheres up to rank 3 (the same rank as Archmages). Corlindale also has a unique ability called "Peacemaker", he can be sacrificed to end wars with all civs except the barbarian civ. Since he is a world unit Elohim players will only be able to do this once, but if used properly it could be a game saving effect (or nefarious players will grab tons of resources fast then use Corlindale to stop all the wars they just caused).

    April 16th:[tab]Happy Easter! We ran into our first series of CTD crashes, got them all fixed and released version 1.10d. Version 1.10d also contains most of the advanced temples. Each religion has 2 advanced temples, once a civ builds one of the advanced temples it loses the ability to build the other in any of its cities. The advanced temples have a significant impact so choosing which to build will effect the flavor of that religion for that civilization and serve to differentiate 2 civilizations with the same religion from each other.

    [tab]We also have a target date for the first very beta release of FfH2, May 19th! It will be much rougher around the edges than 1.0 is, so I would definitly recommend playing FfH1 even after the 19th if you want to play real games, but you will have FfH2 to check out and see what we have been doing as well.

    [tab]Spotlight on the RuneVault and Halls of Granite (buildings): These are the two advanced temples for the Runes of Kilmorph. The Halls of Granite enforces the insular and defensive nature of the religion and offers a significant defense bonus and a moderate production bonus in exchange for less trade routes and a slightly reduced culture output. The RuneVault enforces the wise and traditional nature of the religion and increases the cities rate of receiving great prophets and gives a research bonus for every gems resource the city has access to. It also allows access to the Runeguard, a non-moveable undercosted defender, there can only be 1 Runeguard per RuneVault. The Runevault decreases production slightly.

    April 24th:[tab]Version 1.10e went out to the design team today. Setting the release date already has me stressing about all of the stuff I want to get included before then, which is what release dates are supposed to do. We pulled all of the racial unitcombats out this week and added them as promotions. This makes an Elven Archer both an Elf and and Archer and units with bonus's against both will be doubly effective against it.

    [tab]Spotlight on Summon Host of the Einherjar (spell): This spell summons the spirits of warriors that died in honorable battle. Although just, the Einherjar love nothing more than combat and won't return to their home plane as long as they win a combat every turn. This doesn't keep the caster from summoning another the following turn and the ghostly warriors can become overwhelming against weaker civs trying to get by with hordes of weak units.

    April 30th:[tab]A rash of CTD's stalled testing (thanks again to the test team for providing all the saves and being patient). But we got them under control and things are running well now. Significant SDK changes are being rolled in, and we are prepping the Mod for the May 19th "beta" release. At this point I’m a little worried that we may have made so many changes that issues will be difficult to isolate. I’m eager to get more hands in the mod and get your guys feedback about any crashes or things that don’t work. Oh yes, there will be issues, if you want to play a nice stable game and not worry about losing everything to a CTD, keep playing 1.00.

    [tab]Spotlight on Losha Valas (Calabim Hero): Losha is the civ specific hero for the Calabim. She is a vampire and has all special abilities that Vampires gain such as:

    1.[tab]The "Feast" ability allows a vampire to consume population to gain XP.
    2.[tab]The "Feed" ability allows a vampire to kill a living unit in its stack to heal itself and gain a movement point, if this unit is a Bloodpet the vampire also regains the ability to attack.
    3.[tab]A moderate bonus to strength and heal rate.
    4.[tab]A vampire can pass vampirism on to a living unit in its stack that is level 6 or higher, or level 4 or higher if it is a Moroi. Note this allows you to create Vampiric Macemen, Vampiric Berserkers, Vampiric Archmages, just about anything you want.

    [tab]In addition to these standard vampire powers Losha also gains the Immortality promotion every time she kills a living unit. As long as she is able to feed she is very difficult to kill.

    May 5th:[tab]2 Weeks to beta release! We are faced with the awful realization that we have a lot of work left to do, and that we already did the fun stuff so the rest is real work ;) . I released 1.10f today. It added a bunch of elven units, and a handful of Malakim units, spells and 2 new wonders. There are currently 161 buildings and 222 units in FfH2, most of which are civ specific.

    [tab]Spotlight on Talchas (team member): Talchas is the only member of the FfH2 team that was recruited. I did a lot of digging through the SDK, but early on I realized that the spell system I wanted for FfH2 was beyond my ability. Looking through the work of the other modders here I was most impressed with what Talchas had accomplished, at that point only with python. I asked if he would be willing to tackle a much more extensive spell system and he dug in and accomplished more than I ever hoped for.

    [tab]Talchas’s spell system allows you to add spells and abilities to units based on just about anything you want. You can build all of the details of the requirements, results, visual effects and audio effects all with XML and python. Even better you can add the AI logic in python as well.

    [tab]Of course it's still a work in progress but it is the cornerstone of the "Light" release and it covers a wide variety of abilities. As for specific implementation of the spells, they require the spell caster to have the appropriate "Spell sphere" promotions to be able to cast a spell. An arcane unit starts with spell spheres based on the mana resources he has access to (there are 15 different spheres in "Light"). There are a few ways to get mana resources; most civs start with one and mana nodes can be found and upgraded to whatever mana type the player prefers. There are also a few wonders that produce mana and they can of course be traded with other civs.

    [tab]For example the Calabim start with Body mana. So their arcane units will start with the Body I promotion which gives them access to the Haste spell. If they come across a Mana Node and upgrade it to a Fire Mana Node their newly created arcane units will start with Body I and Fire I, giving them the ability to cast Haste and Scorch.

    [tab]Arcane units can also learn new spheres when they level up regardless of the resources they have access to. So if our Mage with Body I and Fire I leveled up he could choose to learn Body II, Fire II or and of the other spheres at rank I. Each of which would give him access to different spells. So you build the spell caster you need.

    May 12th:[tab]We are freezing code adds and just trying to fix and test to make sure next weeks release is as smooth as possible. The temptation to push it back "just one more week" is huge but we are going to hold the date. I ran into a bit of an unexpected problem, the editor is only designed to handle up to 255 different versions of each object type and we are currently at 239 units. 16 left and we will have to look at changing the editor around to handle more, not a huge issue but a pain.

    [tab]Spotlight on Chalid (team member): The jack of all trades. Chalid creates amazing art, has been one of our biggest design contributors and has even produced SDK code improvements for FfH2. He is one of the rare people that can come up with an exciting concept, create the art and code in the changes all by himself.

    [tab]Rather than describe it I will let Chalid's work speak for itself. Be sure to check out the attached pictures (admit it, you checked them all out before you even read this didn't you! :) ). All of the art in them was created by Chalid and it is only a sampling of the amazing art he has created for FfH2.

    [tab]There is a lot to see in the pictures, but be sure to look at the Balseraph catapult, it is one of my favorites and even comes with the expected sound when it is used.

    [tab]1 Week Left!
  8. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    Hopefully I'm not grabbing a reserved spot, but this looks promising. I'll be interested to see how she plays. New stuff is always a welcome addition.

  9. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    Cool. I just looked at the new skins and those are awesome. The larger warrior works as a giant quite nicely. Hopefully you made use of the animals and made some nice fantasy spellbound creatures, like that tail-less beast on the left side of the unit pic.
  10. mamimo

    mamimo Warlord

    Nov 15, 2005
    indeed promising, will start playing when the link is up.
  11. Crash757

    Crash757 King

    May 30, 2003
    Riga, Latvia
    Are there new civs also ?
  12. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    File is up and ready for download. No, there aren't any new Civ's. That is spec'ed for FfH2.

    Still to come in FfH1:

    1. Religion specific Techs and Civics
    2. Root spell for Druids.
    3. Fireball spell for Mages.
    4. Inferno spell for Archmages.
    5. “Marksman” ability which lets the attacker select the unit he wants to attack in the stack for Assassins, Shadows and Marksman.
    6. The Defiler unit, who destroys opponents land.
    7. The Elementalist unit, who is capable of summoning 4 different types of elementals.
    8. Armageddon spells!
    Apocalypse- Kills 50% of all units, destroys 50% of all buildings, halves city populations.
    Bane Divine- All Disciple branch units are reduced to Prophets.
    Blight- Destroys all food improvements, destroys 75% of all food bonus’s.
    Celestial Realignment- Destorys all active Armageddon spells.
    Doom Inexorable- Summons Meshabber of Dis (avatar unique unit)
    Enslave the Earth- Creates the Mithril Golem (avatar unique unit)
    Entropy Unbound- Slowly destroys the map.
    Glory Everlasting- All Demon units are killed.
    Knell of Darkness- Any living units that die within the owning players borders are raised as skeletons.
    Open Gate- Randomly produces demon units.
    9. Escape Spell for Saboteurs and Shadows.
    10. The Drown can travel through coast tiles.
    11. Haste Spell for Adepts.
    12. The Infernal Grimoire will have a 25% chance of summoning a barbarian Demon close to the building city.

    Coming in FfH2:

    1. Attitude modifiers based on both parties religion (The Order hates civilizations that are following the Ashen Veil but is tolerant of those dedicated to the Runes of Kilmorph, etc).
    2. Random Quests.
    3. Scenarios, where the Fall from Heaven story will be told.
    4. New Civilizations.
    5. New Leaders.
    6. Equipment.
  13. Crash757

    Crash757 King

    May 30, 2003
    Riga, Latvia
    Fantasy mods are fun anyway, so i'll dl and play this one for sure :p
  14. Stone-D

    Stone-D Chieftain

    Dec 4, 2005
    Bloody hell. Bloody good work. Dunno what else to say.
  15. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    I'm still downloading. Damn country dial-up! But I echo Stone-D. Until I get my grubby hands on it I'm speechless, well nearly. ;)

    This could open up the floodgates to all sorts of new mods. Yippee.
  16. Aeon221

    Aeon221 Lord of the Cheese Helmet

    Apr 22, 2003
    Hiding from the Afro-Eurasians
    I love how Cornholio (Beavis) is the image for No School System!

    Aye am zee great CorNholIO! I need TP for my BUNGHOLE!

    Yah, you basically just got me an F in all my classes... jerk! ;p

    Do you have an ETA for Phase one? The stuff you have in there is simply... well... fricken mind boggling!

    PS: Anyone else feel like becoming a groupie? :p
  17. mamimo

    mamimo Warlord

    Nov 15, 2005
    OK,I Just logged of the game after several hours of play (need some sleep):
    Very Good Mod!
    Only I had an issue with some wonders :
    The Dragon horde & Altar of the Lunnoton didn't give the free promotion as they suppose to.
    I hope you will fixed that in later pase.
    Any way Thanks for this mod, I truely enjoy it.
  18. Kael

    Kael Deity

    May 6, 2002
    I will get right on it, thanks!
  19. ghen

    ghen Chieftain

    Dec 3, 2005
    holy crap, this blows me away. Thats a ton of work already! :D
  20. woodelf

    woodelf Bard Retired Moderator

    Jun 12, 2003
    Played about 100 turns or so.

    So far everything works and runs beautifully, but....

    I really, really wanted to get right into the new units and so far I haven't seen any! After these 100 turns my best unit is still a warrior. I found myself looking ahead hoping to see the cool stuff. :)

    Also, I think the tech needs to be speeded up some. 20+ turns right from turn 1 is a lot. Makes for a lot of "Enter" just to get to a point where your apprentice can do something.

    I think I'll start a game in a different era so I can see how this baby uses all of the new goodies.

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