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[modmodmod] SOI expanded

Happily, I've written a lot on this thread, so all ideas I have aren't lost :D
I have "only" to remodify source files ̂ ̂
Maybe not now, but I'll continue the project later ;)
So, as you could guess, I've lost all modified files.
But we have a lot of informations here and I remember what I've done before, so redo the modifications shouldn't be hard.
Just, can you create a SVN on SF for SoIXR please ? I have a displaying issue on Firefox and I'm forced to go on Chrome in order to access SF correctly. And the SVN could prevent from losing data, and together I think we can do better things ̂ ̂
Hey guys, I didn't expected that : NotePad asked me to recover the greek dictionnarty I've done :D
It's one thing less to redo :D

EDIT : I'll take a pause of Civ modding, below is the Medieval Greek dictionnary (with additionnal names because I had tried to improve the city name map)
And here remaining modifications of the City Names map (not all, it's an old file) :


  • SoI - Medieval Greek.txt
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As I said, I will pause modding, however I'll continue to read this thread and maybe give some advice ?
How do I install this mod? Do I need the vanilla SoI? Whatever I did it appears to crash on launch.
You don't need the base SoI, it is a standalone modmod
When you're on SF, download the "SoIX.rar" of the 2014-08-24, earlier versions are totally broken, I don't know why.
Just, yo have to know that this version has not all changes which where intended to be added in this thread ̂ ̂
If you want to give help, you are welcome ̂ ̂
I downloaded the 2014-08-24 SoIX.rar version, but I'm getting an error during the [INIT Engine] part saying:
GFC Error: failed to initialize the primary control theme

EDIT: Never mind, I fixed it already. :)
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So is this submod idea dead ? :'(
I have a ton of ideas to improve the mod, but the same problem persists : idk civ4 modding, and there's so much to learn i'm a little lost x)
What about the new version ? @AtlantaMarty I'm sad that you disappeared :'( Will you come back later ?
@EdmundIronside what about my ideas ? You said you will take a look at my ideas, but no news after that :'(
@EdmundIronside what about my ideas ? You said you will take a look at my ideas, but no news after that :'(
I did? I don't remember saying that. :confused:

AtlantaMarty hasn't been active on this thread since 2016, so I doubt he will be coming back to it.

idk civ4 modding, and there's so much to learn i'm a little lost x)
Before I started modding here I didn't know anything either. Just start with small changes, and build up once you get more confident in your modding skills. There are also plenty of modding guides for various different things on the Civ fanatics site. Emryodead the creater SOI even created a technical guide to SOI. https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/technical-documentation.428869/

Realistically if you want to see your ideas become reality then you will need to try and do them yourself.
Sad times. :undecide:

Well I look forward to eventually seeing all the stuff you have worked on for this mod.

That's what you said, but no worry, I'm not disappointed by your answer ̂ ̂
Thanks for the link. When I'll have enough time and bravery, I'll take a look into remod this mod ̂ ̂
Hello everyone,
Sorry for late answer, I had a lot of problem with my LAN card coupled with school and time missing :/
So, I'm still working on dictionnaries (Byzantine Greek almost finished, some city names places revised), and I'm trying to understand how city renaming works (after X year, the city has another name), maybe some advice ?

Also, I'm studying possibilities of the map reworking, actually I've done this :

- Added Mersa Brega and Sidi Rafaa
- Revised some terrains and resources (removed grasslands, put plains & semi-deserts)

Is this actually good ? I would really make a balanced and interesting Lybia (maybe should we modify some resources & terrains ?)

- Added some islands in Aegean and Ionian seas
- Deleted Dorylaion
- Moved Skoupoi
- Added Ohrid, Laodikeia, Nikaia, Ammochostos, Naxos, Myrina, Korypho, Zakynthos, Bouthroto & Euchaneia as Byzantine cities
-The three Independant cities at north will be Bulgaria (spawn in 750 ad like Abbasids : units at [no name] city with 1 settler, Plovdivy & Burgas could switch

> The 1st problem is that with all these cities, Byzantium is too instable from the 1st turn, I don't know how to imrpove that, maybe do like the Abbassids : not make full historical territory, let a part as Independant cities ?
Maybe add the earlier-removed markets ? At beginning Byzantium loses almost 200 gold per turn
> Also, how to make these new cities interesting ? I don't really know which resources should be added in order to make a powerful Byzantium but not overpowered :|
I really like the islands you added, but Byzantium doesn't need all those cities in Europe. As someone who has played the Byzantines probably 100 times (in normal SoI), I'd advice you to keep Dorylaion and not add Nikaia because it crowds Constantinople less this way. I also would remove Alikarnassos so that the Byzantine player has the option of either founding it or Tralleis.

I'm not sure about adding Ammochostos, I would assume embryodead didn't add it for a reason. I'd keep the original SoI expanded cities for the Byzantines, except I'd get rid of Alikarnassos. Maybe a city in the Ionian Islands.

I don't think there is space for a Bulgarian civ unless someone expands the map north. I can't do this, I don't know how to mod at all.

I also would recommend shifting Greece 1 tile South so it lines up better with Asia Minor.
Hello there!

I don't know if there is still some interest in this mod, but I want to remod SoIX.

I am going to use most of the ideas from this thread, but I made a new one called The Sword of Islam Reborn, SoIR.

I am not an experienced modder, but I really want to get this working. I would be thankfull for any advise, help and suggestions for the mod you can give!
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