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Module: Crystall Mana

Discussion in 'FfH2 Modmods, Scenarios, and Maps' started by Temudjin, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. Temudjin

    Temudjin Chieftain

    Oct 16, 2007
    This is a module to distribute mana at the start in a slightly different way.

    orlanth posted an edited version of Civ4BonusInfos.xml in Cystallized Mana; Conquerable Nodes. I played with his concept a bit (without the conquerable nodes) and this is the result:

    Download: View attachment CrystallMana 1.00.rar

    There are 3 versions in the archive: FFH2 040, FF 050 and Orbis 020​

    In FFH2 only Raw Mana is found which can be developed (crystallized) into the different types of mana by adepts. Once crystallized the type cannot easily be changed.

    This Module distributes only about half the mana as Raw Mana, the other half is distributed as Crystallized Mana.

    As the remnants of earlier epochs, the Crystallized Mana Nodes have now
    mostly reverted to Raw Mana, but some mana types proved more
    enduring than others and are still around on Erebus.

    Most 'Elemental' nodes survived: Earth, Water and Air,
    but Fire Nodes proved fickle.
    Most 'Necromantic' nodes survived: Death, Chaos and Entropy,
    but Shadow Nodes couldn't face the new dawn.
    Some 'Alteration' nodes survived: Nature and Enchantment,
    but Body Nodes crumbled to dust.
    Some 'Divination' nodes survived: Life, Spirit and even Mind and Sun,
    but Law Nodes vanished.
    Of Ice Mana there is no news...

    All together there will be a few more nodes on the maps, especially in games with many civilizations, but the player will have a much more difficult time to build the Towers of Magic and needs to adapt his/her strategy more to the resources at hand.

    The yields on the nodes have also changed a wee little bit.

    To install:
    - put the modules folder into the assets folder of FFH2
    - change in file: "...\Beyond the Sword\Mods\Fall from Heaven 2\Fall from Heaven 2.ini" the
    line: ModularLoading = 0
    to: ModularLoading = 1
  2. [to_xp]Gekko

    [to_xp]Gekko QCT junkie

    Dec 16, 2005
    Seyda Neen, Vvardenfell
    very nice. this would make for a great game option in FF ( hint hint :p )
  3. Temudjin

    Temudjin Chieftain

    Oct 16, 2007
    I'd love to have this as an option too :blush:, but choosing between different XMLs looks like a SDK-problem :confused:, which in turn means an update every few days ;) and that smells suspiciously like work :(. I guess I'll pass for now :p.

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