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[C3C] Moving a Tech Advance


Jul 10, 2006
Chicago area in Illinois
I am working with the Storm Over the Pacific scenario, and I have a problem with one of the Tech advances. Airborne Warfare, allowing parachute troops, is listed as a 1945+ advance and is at the end of an advance chain. The problem is that Japan used a small number of parachute troops during the invasion of the Netherlands East Indies in early 1942, while the Allies were conducting large-scale parachute drops in 1943 and 1944. One of the most dramatic drops, in my view, of the entire war was the dropping of the 503d Parachute Regimental Combat Team on Corregidor Island in Manila Bay. That was in February of 1945. For
an account of that attack, see here: http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USA/USA-P-Triumph/USA-P-Triumph-18.html

What I would like to do is move that advance to 1942, so as to allow for much earlier use of parachute drops, but I am not sure what effects this would have on the 1942 advances. Help would be greatly appreciated, as I have never tried this before.
Well, not getting any replies, I will just change in it one biq, and if it blows up, it blows up.
Here is a tutorial about techtrees: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/tech-tree-and-script-txt-tutorial.499663/

As here you only want "to move" a tech, you still have the needed pediaicons text and graphics files. For moving a tech, you have to take care that the techs linked to the moved tech are not "hanging in the air" this means, that:

a) You must know where in the chain of the "1942 techs" you want to place the tech Airborne Warfare.
b) The moved tech must be in the same era as the new prerequisite techs in the 1942 chain.
c) The 1942 techs before the location of the moved tech must point to the moved tech Airborne Warfare.
d) The techs in the 1942 chain after the moved tech Airborne Warfare must be linked to that tech as prerequisite.
e) The techs that are linked to the moved tech before the movement in the "1945 chain" now must be linked to the prerequisite techs in the 1945 chain.
I tried something and it did not work. I do have to work with the graphics files, and right now, that is more than I am capable of doing. I am not that great at graphics. I still need to add Delta Strife units to my test game. I did avoid problems with the 1945+ Techs, as Airborne Warfare was at the end of the chain. The problem was the graphic in the 1942 techs. It is just irritating that El Justo put it in 1945+ instead of 1942. He did not do his research, on a lot of things.
There is no problem in doing the move of that tech. The only thing to add to the list in my last post is to adjust the x- and y-coordinates of that tech to avoid an overlapping. Attached is a biq with the tech moved to era 1 (1942). I have only done the move of the tech without checking the contents.

Era 45.jpg

Era 42.jpg


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Thanks Civinator for the biq file. I now see what must be done. I will need to adjust it a bit for the US because of the Manhattan Project and Enrichment Advances, but the rest look okay. i did not realize that adjusting the graphic was that easy.:thanx::thanx::trophy::trophy::hatsoff::hatsoff:
Greetings Civinator and other members. I have corrected the graphic for Airborne Warfare so that it does not overlap any other graphic of the various countries. I will post the corrected file here, so that others can check it out. My next project will be moving Codebreaking to 1942 for the Allied nations. I spent several weeks working with an English author researching the National Security Files covering the US use of codebreaking and cryptography in World War 2. We had intercept stations in both New Zealand and Australia in early 1942, and we were sharing all intercepts with the British as well. The Nationalist Chinese also had a codebreaking operation courtesy of a Japanese defector with knowledge of the Japanese codes. We did get some interesting information from them. Realistically, all of the Allied Nations should have full access to codebreaking in 1942 except for the Communist Chinese. The Japanese were never able to break our highest level codes. Now, to figure out best how to do this.


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Well, I have successfully moved Airborne Warfare to 1942 and it displays properly on every country's Tech Tree. I have done the same for Codebreaker, moving that to 1942 and getting a correct display. Now that I know how to do that, I may move a few more Tech Advances around to more accurately reflect what happened in the war. I am working on a minor update, at least in my view, and will post it for comments and some playtesting. That will be a separate thread, but I will keep posting here as I adjust Tech Advances.
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