My experience with the local hospital.


Apr 5, 2007
Today, during class, I was feeling dizzy...and then I fell out of my seat. Luckily, I landed on a mat (instead of the floor). From what I heard, I banged my head and MIGHT HAVE knocked me out for a few seconds.

They had several teachers come up. they made me stay there so I wouldn't fall again. and they literally had to wheel me out of the school.

Mom took me to the hospital. I waited 3 hours before leaving. They called one lady who had a little cut on her cheek 'emergency'. I think its because I'm young.

Since when is a little cut an emergency, but somebody smashing their head not?
Well you just fell down and smashed your head, you didn't even pass out.

I smashed my head multiple times, mostly because I'm really tall, and I never went to the ER for it.

So boo-freakin-hoo, I guess.
Canadian health care for ya.

Did you get those brain mites taken care of while you were there?
I said I MIGHT HAVE passed out. I don't know if I did or not.
It's good that yer mum finally took you to the ER (on the school's orders or not).

As to waiting rooms, a triage nurse determines the order. The lady with the gash was probably there before you. Both of you were probably considered 'not life threatening'
Canadian health care for ya.

Did you get those brain mites taken care of while you were there?

Bull. I spent more time waiting at Ohio State for a doctor than I ever did in Ontario.
I think its because I'm young.

Right, that's exactly what it is. It couldn't be incompetence, it couldn't be how long that person might have been waiting, it's because they don't like young people.

I don't know, I think pretty much everyone has their own lousy experiences with hospitals. Just the way of the world...hurry up and wait.
The lady with the cut came in an hour after I did. She was let in 5 minutes.
Joke. Or was my post just too serious?

Hard to tell with you! Sorry...

The lady with the cut came in an hour after I did. She was let in 5 minutes.

Well obviously the triage nurse deemed her injury more serious than yours. It had nothing to do with your discrimination based age (which would be illegal).

Probably at that point, she figured you didn't have a concussion. You might have another feinting episode...

Was the triage nurse wrong? Possibly! At least you got to see a doctor. I hope you told him that what happened is a recurring thing.
Woah, I'm a Wolverine fan, too. I guess I should be careful whenever I'm down there! (j/k) ;)

Any more, you the triage nurse would pity you enough to move you ahead of the broken arms.
The head injury doctor had probably already filled is patient quota for the day.
Wait, so...You actually felt dizzy...and then fell...And the fools hospital didn't call it an emergency?!?! HOW DARE THEY!!! :mad: :mad:
I went to the ER for the first time about a week ago after I busted my head open.

It was interesting. I waited in the room for about half an hour, listening to some dudes next to me having a heated discussion in Arabic. Then a doctor came in, did such and such, and blasted 6 metal sutures into my head with a staple gun.
well the difference is cuts bleed, get infections, and need stitches. if you bump your noggin there really isn't anything they can do except tell you if you got a concussion or not.

for what its worth my local hospital made my father wait for over an hour before being treated when he had accidentally sawed his fingers down to the bone. Unless you're actually going to die or it's a slow day ERs suck.
So did they find out why you were/are dizzy ?
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