New Star Wars Animated Leaderhead: Chief Datcha


Dark Lord Of The Sith
Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Well I went out and got poser today. Then I downloaded a model of a Jawa, and in about 3 hours, here he is completed. Now, the lighting looks wierd in the animation but isnt too bad, just pretend its a flashlight or something ;). All the .pcxs are included.

Download (approx. 1.4 mb)


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sorry about that, the link was wrong (civlization instead of civilization), should work now
ok im downloading:)

edit- i downloaded it and it looks pretty good, though the eyes look a little cartonish.
Thanks, and yeah. I found the author of the Jawa model itself, his name is Xanxost and the model can be found at I just did the animations, put in the background and did the .pcxs and stuff. All the real credit should go to him for making the model.
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