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Next Turn - 200 AD

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by MonkE, Nov 6, 2002.

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  1. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    I have received this from Count Goldberg of Elysium:

    GaryNemo, Minister of the Interior,

    My minions in Gabba Gabba please me well. They function tirelessly at Size=2 with no guards, perhaps because they are safely in our interior. The same is true of the Baron of Bedfont Lakes. I heard that The People may finally approve your old plan to found F4, a similar settlement even closer to our Great Capital. That The People will not build the Boreum River Bend Bridge Filler is completely beyond my comprehension. I offer to add my support, but I am not sure how to help you with this proposal. The extra Road feature of that site is very clear, and seems to make it particularly desirable. But, I preach to the choir.

    Castle Jayne is functioning well at Size=3   with a Temple, no police, even with 2 BlackDude malcontents. Why do we not seriously consider this option for other cities? On the other hand, CJ is exposed to attack by the Indians. We hear from our partners in Dellham that they have a Temple, 2 Archer Guards, and the now typical 2 BlackDude contingent.

    Two other things, milord. Surely other people besides myself have heard of our astounding recent Diplomatic victory at The Udal. These two items are equally shocking:
    1. Our electorate does not recognize the value of the Diplomats, and provide one as Captain of every Trireme.
    2. We have foreign infestation throughout the West and North, and our General Staff is silent!

    I wish to apologize personally for the recent riot here, milord. The problem has been rectified, and the needed police from Gabba Gabba will be treated well. We of Elysium realize our special status, that we are responsible for more productivity than other cities, and express our sincere regret of this unfortunate incident.

    Your Supporter in Productivity,
    Count Goldberg of Elysium.
  2. Jayne

    Jayne Emperor

    Jun 12, 2002
    Worcs UK
    I don't have long before I sail off from Civvium to Island City for a short break. Chryshe Borough Councill Offices in Castle Jayne files the following report:

    Roskilde: The people still wish this settlement of Vikings and moved to a location more fitting to the NUF ideal. Therefore please switch production from caravan to settler. IPRB regularly.
    Fort Anarchy: Complete caravan and start archer
    Legendary City: Complete temple and start legion.
    Dellham: The people are currently split between a diplomat or caravan next. Checkn the polls before you play, otherwise use your discretion.
    Reneaux: Complete caravan then start a new one.
    The Udal: More than 50% of the population wish to rename this city.

    After mining the coal, proceed to the Legendary Mountains and mine iron, as per previous poll.

    Note: I am not available to be Governer next turn.
  3. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    LC start a Legion? Without a Trireme down here, how will we learn of the enemy's capability and terrain? Please see my recent post in Chryshe 200AD, which notes that an LC Trireme was approved 80 years ago. Ah, Democracy!
  4. heliogabalus

    heliogabalus Warlord

    Jul 10, 2002
    Yes! I'm a filler city convert! Build River Bend Filler immediately, you people! Don't you see the multiple bridge function it can have?

    Gary, when was the last poll when we could vote for River Bend Filler?
  5. duke o' york

    duke o' york It don't mean a thing....

    Apr 24, 2001
    Don't get around much anymore
    I know that ainwood won't thank me for this, especially as it's his super military city, but couldn't we use the settler that builds the mine on the coal to then go and found a north west whale city? This would make better sense to me than building the iron mine straight off. The mine will only give us an extra shield, but if we mine and then build railroads on it, we'll have shields coming out of our ears! We'll also need to send a scouting party through the treacherous LC mountain range before we send the settler that way, in case the perfidious Indians encroach on our sovereign territory!
  6. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Chat with President MonkE

    GaryNemo (9:53 AM) :
    Let LC finish the Temple, and start the Legion. We will revisit the Trireme next turn. I hope you feel you can move Saturday. I will seize the Boreaum Governorship in several hours, post a poll, unfortunately, our English Citizens will have gone to sleep.
    GaryNemo (9:54 AM) :
    I have had no time to chat the past few days, nor today. Sorry.
    Maybe you would be comfortable moving at least 1-3 EndTurns?
    I have not been following the military situation at all. No help there, sorry.
    MonkE (9:55 AM) :
    Yes, I'd like to move Saturday evening, perhaps around 7 PM central, to play 3-4 turns.
    GaryNemo (9:56 AM) :
    Go ahead. There is plenty of stuff, and we could chat and I'll post this, for people's comment. Go ahead, what are the issues?
    GaryNemo (9:58 AM) :
    If I am Boreum Governor, I'm going to poll for MD Settler to found River Bend Bridge, immediately, then MD finish Trireme and start another Settler.

    MonkE (9:58 AM) :
    At this point, it seems we must strike a balance between domestic and military objectives.
    GaryNemo (9:58 AM) :
    Yes, there is always a lack of resources. The Cop's is clear, I believe. Wait, and Rush Buy when necessary.
    GaryNemo (9:59 AM) : You may have killed all of the Indian Invasion force...
    MonkE (9:59 AM) : So far ...
    MonkE (9:59 AM) : Domestic issues aside, my big concern is fighting on two fronts.
    MonkE (10:01 AM) :
    I'd like to have a Cease Fire soon (preferably after bribing another city :) ) with one of the neighbors, perhaps both.
    GaryNemo (10:01 AM) :
    Well, we must perhaps be cautious near LC. And be sure they cannot walk in to surprise a border city. CF? Your call, but I prefer to stay at war, in general...
    GaryNemo (10:02 AM) :
    We have plenty of units, no? Just a lack of Diplomats. A severe lack.
    MonkE (10:03 AM) :
    Yes. We need enough dips to bribe foreign cities to establish beachheads.
    GaryNemo (10:03 AM) :
    And to clear our country. Local enemies are farther from their capital, cheaper.

    GaryNemo (10:03 AM) :
    A Jayne is going on holiday. Dell19 is AWOL. Oh woah is me!
    MonkE (10:03 AM) : Yet you do such a good job! :)
    Once we have beachheads, I don't think AI will bother us much on our continent.
    GaryNemo (10:04 AM) :
    Thank you. Like the letter from Count Goldberg? He is a blessing.
    MonkE (10:05 AM) :
    Nice letter from the Count, though I don't recall seeing him before ...
    GaryNemo (10:05 AM) :
    An assault on the Vikings? I haven't considered it, but we do have a large force up there. Beyond my Domestic ken. The Count is new. The Baron writes from Bedfont Lakes.
    GaryNemo (10:06 AM) :
    Since there are two real Dukes, I never publish letters from my dukes.

    To be Continued...
  7. ainwood

    ainwood Consultant. Administrator

    Oct 5, 2001
    That's OK. Your excused, simply for using a word like "perfidious" in your post. :)
  8. MonkE

    MonkE Primate Philosopher

    Jul 23, 2002
    Minnesota, USA
    With their 20 hit points, settlers defend themselves darn well in rough terrain! On a mountain they will most likely survive attack by elephants. 50-50 chance of survival on hills. They laugh at horsemen in rough terrain.

    Analysis (may be rusty, please correct if needed):
    Elephant - 4 (attack) x 10 (HP) = 40 (Power)
    Settler - 1 (defense) x 3 (mountain bonus) x 20 (HP) = 60 (Power), [40 Power on hills].
    60/(40+60) --> 60% chance of survival.
  9. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Continuing Chat with President MonkE

    GaryNemo (10:08 AM) :
    Any pressing issues, affecting your move? We'll clear the Polar Forest and found there.

    MonkE (10:12 AM) :
    I'm finding it harder to keep up to date with domestic planning. Foreign affairs are gaining in importance.
    I'm very thankful for the domestic summaries. I use them as checklists for the moves.
    GaryNemo (10:13 AM) :
    Jayne covered Chryshe. I have started on Boreum. Aonia is resolved. I'll find time to summarize tomorow, probably in the morning, in case anyone objects. I am terribly autocratic, so feel free to override me for any reason.

    MonkE (10:14 AM) :
    I'd like to know how many caravans we need, so we can free enough production for dips.
    GaryNemo (10:14 AM) :
    Right now, we need Dips worse than Caravans. When we start Monotheism, then we will count up 8 of them ASAP. For now, change to Dip as you see fit.
    MonkE (10:14 AM) :
    I feel the question of a Barracks in LC hasn't been fully addressed.
    GaryNemo (10:15 AM) :
    True, but People want another unit after Temple, fine with me. Excellent, Your Excellency!
    That LC Trireme may prove vital.
    MonkE (10:15 AM) :
    There is some confusion regarding Legion vs. Trireme.
    GaryNemo (10:15 AM) : We'll resolve that next time around.
    MonkE (10:16 AM) : A trireme from LC must have a Diplomat.
    GaryNemo (10:17 AM) : Yes. Count Goldberg brought that up clearly.

    MonkE (10:17 AM) : Whale city is proposed. Which settler should found?
    GaryNemo (10:17 AM) : Whale City? Where?
    MonkE (10:17 AM) : NW of LC, near the Indians.

    GaryNemo (10:19 AM) :
    Yes, a very good and needed site. Rout's pick. Needs guards, perhaps Dip and Heavy units. Maybe Road out there. A Long Term Plan, a needed and good one. SE of the Whale, right?
    GaryNemo (10:20 AM) :
    We have 2 Settlers nearby, send both to LC Whale.
    TFalls (near Elysium) and Neuma coming down.

    MonkE (10:20 AM) : Yes, and which settler for River Bend filler?
    GaryNemo (10:20 AM) : River Bend Bridge Filler, MD Settler is right there!
    MonkE (10:21 AM) : Finish other roads first, so city completes the network?
    GaryNemo (10:21 AM) :
    I can't believe they are all giving me the Boreum Gov seat! And with heliogabalus as such a vocal supporter!

    GaryNemo (10:21 AM) :
    Finish Roads before Found a City? Only when the situation is not safe.

    MonkE (10:22 AM) :
    So Neuma settler finish CJ road, then head to Whale City with TF settler. Reneaux settler finish Coal Mine.
    GaryNemo (10:23 AM) :
    Yes, and None to Road Elysium for Trade Bonus. I've got that plan, perhaps posted, will summarize tomorrow.
    GaryNemo (10:23 AM) :
    We can easily switch Settler locations, charging as they move along the road.
    MonkE (10:24 AM) :
    Just to verify: settler can charge with 'I' key and still build roads, no?
    GaryNemo (10:25 AM) :
    Yes, Charge with I or M, after 2 road moves, then CLEAR ORDERS.
    M is safer, charges more.
    GaryNemo (10:26 AM) :
    There is a particularly good chart in the Settler Bible link. How many turns...

    MonkE (10:26 AM) :
    OK. My first foreign objective will be to get a dip over to the Viking Land.
    GaryNemo (10:27 AM) :
    Good plan! Always a good plan, to land a Dip. Maybe they won't kill it right away, and you can bribe a None on a Mountain. That drives the AI frantic!
    GaryNemo (10:28 AM) :
    If it is near their capital, it is $expensive. Otherwise, no $problem.
    We must not IPRB too much, methinks.
    MonkE (10:29 AM) :
    Finding a coastal city is best. Dip can bribe straight from the trireme ... SE trireme can explore or go back for pickup. MD trireme carry settler/warrior to East island.
    GaryNemo (10:29 AM) :
    SE Trireme, back for pickup maybe only to Island City, Beast Run. There is plenty of time ... not sure.

    MonkE (10:30 AM) :
    I think Dellham or Reneaux should provide diplomat for Vikings, ferried by N Trireme.
    GaryNemo (10:31 AM) :
    IPRB Dellham Dip, I posted a plan for that. $22, Dip in 3 turns.
    Perhaps no other substantial IPRB than that one.

    MonkE (10:31 AM) :
    What other unit to send with dip? Perhaps a defensive unit, or another dip?
    GaryNemo (10:32 AM) : Phx, Archer, Legion.
    MonkE (10:34 AM) :
    Phx is cheapest for defense. Bribed city will come with units, too. Another dip would be useful for inland exploration.
    GaryNemo (10:35 AM) :
    True, perhaps that is the way to go. If you wish, Reneaux is Dip in 1 turn. Then back to Caravan. Slow growth whereever possible.
    MonkE (10:36 AM) :
    We are still at least 13 turns from Monotheism. We don't need the caravans immediately.
    GaryNemo (10:37 AM) :
    Right. But we can use the Dips. We already have 2 Caravans for Mike's, iirc.
    GaryNemo (10:38 AM) :
    Plus, the Ebor Salt, Rehome in Reneaux, VERY IMPORTANT.
    MonkE (10:39 AM) :
    Yes, Reneaux will establish a trade route from Ebo caravan into Elysium. I'd like to find Delhi for a foreign route eventually - size 8.
    GaryNemo (10:40 AM) :
    Yep. Hence the LC Trireme. And maybe Cease Fire, as you may have suggested. I'll look into the Supply Demand for that later.
    MonkE (10:42 AM) :
    Since efficient build of Cop's was voted, the GG caravan is available for Mike's. I don't remember a second.
    GaryNemo (10:42 AM) :
    LN Caravan, coming soon. Not a third Settler, I'll remind you in summary!
    GaryNemo (10:43 AM) :
    We have F2 5 Caravans, I'm not sure where they all are. I will account for them in my summary.

    MonkE (10:43 AM) :
    Something else: I started The Udal settler on a road. Where is best use? Perhaps connect TU, FA, and Dellham?
    GaryNemo (10:44 AM) :
    Yes, Road down to Dellham. That Settler to build that road is very fortunate!
    GaryNemo (10:44 AM) : Settler SW S S and done.
    GaryNemo (10:45 AM) : Then maybe W to Road Hill... Not sure.
    MonkE (10:45 AM) :
    Yes. Maybe too ambitious to connect FC and Roskilde just yet. Roskilde settlers will build roads as time permits.
    GaryNemo (10:46 AM) :
    Yes, stay safe and build roads until the area is clear. Many Vikings coming, and we should not strike with our precious Trireme. We need Caravals, then Iron Clads.
    MonkE (10:47 AM) :
    If second Ros settler rehomes in FC, it could finish roads.
    GaryNemo (10:47 AM) :
    Yes. Fruit City is on Forest, N NE of Bananas, right?
    MonkE (10:48 AM) : Yes, as I recall.

    GaryNemo (10:48 AM) :
    Hopefully, this is enough chat for now, and we have Saturday perhaps... Although it's usually quiet, I'll post plan in the morning, in 23 hours.
    MonkE (10:50 AM) :
    Yes, Ok, I expect to play around 10 hours after that.
    GaryNemo (10:50 AM) :
    Shall I post this, slightly edited, in Turn 200AD ... Not a new thread. Post now, sir?
    MonkE (10:51 AM) :
    Edit and post as desired. We can always post more in the thread.
  10. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Generalities poll has essentially concluded:
    Max 70% Science, deliver Civvium Silver to RC (at max trade).
    GG Warrior in 2 to Elysium, then start another Caravan.
    Build Cop's within 6 turns, and efficiently save a Caravan.
    Bedfont Lakes: Caravan, Island City can care for the Trireme.

    Aonia Build Poll:
    Spend only half what we earn, build up to $350.
    REGIA CIVITAS: Start another Caravan
    Island City: Archers 15/30 in 3. Grows in 17
    Other changes, noted below.

    Some people have commented, why build Archers when we can build Legions?

    I have posted in Chryshe and Boreum, twice each, please review.
    Dell & Ren, change to Diplomats Right Now, IPRB, then Caravans.

    Immediate changes:
    TFalls: Serf to Forest - Approved.
    Little Nemo: start a Settler, wary of growth to Size=3, $IPRB?
    Bedfont Lakes: change to Caravan, not Dip, Approved.
    Roskilde, disband: serf Fish to ocean, no $IPRB necessary
    Dellham: Serf to River Plains +Road +Whale, grows in 37
      IPRB $11 now, again, Dip in 3 turns, recommended
    Monks Towne: Elvis serf to River Plains
      Build Archer, Legion, Caravan, Dip? IPRB? Chaos!
    DO NOT RUSH BUY the Ebor nor LC Temples, Recommended
    Island City: Archer is approved, not Legion. Then Dip?
    LN Settler on Polar Segment: Clear Forest for Polar City

    Changes after one or more turns:

    REGIA CIVITAS: IPRB $4 (Rule of 28), Caravan in 4 - Approved.
    Civvium: Silver, then Warrior Police - Approved
    Eboracum: Temple 10/40 in 6, grows in 3!
      Serfs stay on Whale & Forest.
      in 3 turns, Food Box Full, cancel Whale to Elvis
    Mordhiemia: serf on Forest once, finish Temple in 3 turns. Caravan.
    Marl Downs: after Trireme, consider moving Forest serf to gain beaker.
    Neuma: IPRB $4 Caravan in 6, Approved. Silver, we have Silks.

    We will now refer to "The Island" as "Isle of Beast" (or Beast Island).
    MonkE, please rename Island City "Beast Run" or "Beast Flats" as you wish.

    5 Caravans: 2 near Elysium, the 2 needed for Cop's. One in GG, one in LN.
    Fifth is Salt coming from Ebor, rehome in Reneaux, head to Elysium Demand.

    IPRB and umanagement policy
    Accumulate gold, only IPRB umanagement for efficiency.
    Move serfs from Grassland to Plains, generally.
    Rule of 28: Caravan 7 shields/turn, at 28: ALWAYS IPRB $4
    Rule of 18: Caravan 6 shields/turn, at 18: ALWAYS IPRB $4
  11. MonkE

    MonkE Primate Philosopher

    Jul 23, 2002
    Minnesota, USA
    Game play has been rescheduled for Sunday evening USA time(circa 0:30 GMT Monday). The CFC Forum was down and it is not clear that all have posted for this round of turns.

    The following round should then be delayed to Wednesday to allow sufficient time for review and comment.
  12. Zwelgje

    Zwelgje Deity

    Nov 20, 2001
    Awwww, I was looking forward to a new set of turns....
    It's a good thing to delay play when not everybody has had the chance to vote though! :)
  13. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    TFalls Settler near Gems, head to CJ and start road to LC:
      E N charge(M). N NE charge(M). N NE (CJ) N Road etc to LC.
      Only 2 charges are needed for a Road on Grassland.
    None Settler near GG, Road Elysium as follows:
      W W charge. NW, Final Road on Forest.

    The forums were down for several hours today, but nothing seems to have changed in over 24 hours. I was chatting with Gov Funxus during the outage, and he seemed to be considering building Boreum River Bend Bridge Filler (From Reneaux, E E). I'm not sure anyone is for or against founding that city immediately with the MD Settler. Noone has commented since the posted chat with MonkE above (except heliogabalus!).

    I'd say ... go ahead and move Sunday whenever you want.
  14. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Long Term City Plan, discussed elsewhere:
    According to the Settler Bible, we WILL get a free food when founding a city on a Mountain! Amazing.

    I still think the Mountain City is a poor idea. Why not invest 2 Settlers and build a Hill Mine city on the West Indian Coast (NE of the Fish)? That will be a MUCH more productive city, and still have a defense bonus. It also has a Pure Green +Plains +Forest +3!Hills, and wastes merely one Jungle.
  15. Dell19

    Dell19 Take a break

    Dec 5, 2000
    I am back online again and can be the governor of Boreum again...
  16. Talar

    Talar Warlord

    Oct 2, 2001
    I thought you couldn't build cities on mountains at all, but maybe I'm just starting to confuse this with civ3.

    Still have absolutely no idea of what's going on in this demo game, is there a savefile to download somewhere?

    /confused citizen trying to make his first contribution to this demo game
  17. MonkE

    MonkE Primate Philosopher

    Jul 23, 2002
    Minnesota, USA
    Hello Talar. Welcome. A save game file link is in the first post of a "Next Turn" thread. Also, there are some links in the "Game Information" sticky thread to help you more clearly see the current situation.

    I am playing shortly, so I will post a new thread in a few hours.
  18. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
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