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Next Turn - 340 AD

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by MonkE, Nov 13, 2002.

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  1. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Summary of basic agreements - Turn 340AD

    Keep Tax 30%, Science 70%, Max Science - nearly unanimous.
    Spend only half what we $earn, raise cash - is ahead 4 to 3.
    REGIA CIVITAS: If Monotheism, build a Diplomat Filler, then Mike's
    REGIA CIVITAS: If Not Monotheism, build Marco Polo instantly

    Little Nemo: Phx in 1 turn for REGIA CIVITAS Celebration. I am glad to see this prevailing, because it is the quickest way to restore productivity to The Library of REGIA CIVITAS.

    Move a few serfs to boost Science:
    TFalls: Forest serf to ocean
    Neuma: leave serf in Forest for needed caravan, also IPRB $13 now
    Marl Downs: serfs on 3 Roads very nicely
    Gabba Gabba: could move 1 Forest Serf to Ocean, now or in 3 turns
    Bedfont Lakes: Rather build a fast Caravan
    Beast Flats: Ocean if we can't pick up the Dip real soon...
    Udal: could boost production, Ocean to Plains Road?

    The Courthouse vs Market is a hot race.
    Spending $quite a bit in Elysium is ahead, also
    Switch Dellham to Diplomat in 2, to Captain the LC Trireme.
    Diplomats are hot.

    I have lost interest in the CJ Dye Caravan to Dehli, now that MonkE has pointed out a more valuable Silk Caravan is ready to sail. So I interpret The Voters as approving the improved plan, Silk Caravan dash to LC, CJ Caravan will build a wonder.

    A comment on Wheat Island Yes, let's Road the Wheat. I'd like cities on all points, N E and South. Good ocean producers, One Giant, one medium, one tiny. The Warrior may serve better to drop on another unexplored island, not sure.
  2. MonkE

    MonkE Primate Philosopher

    Jul 23, 2002
    Minnesota, USA
    Courthouse vs. Marketplace can be resolved later. It probably won't be finished this round of turns anyway.
  3. Octavian X

    Octavian X is not a pipe.

    Jan 11, 2002
    deceiving people with images
    I like the set forth plans right now.
  4. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Chat w Consular Civ1-addict.

    GaryNemo (8:47 AM) :
    Please be sure to look at the latest Chryshe posts. Whale city SE of Whale, Hill Mine City NE of Fish. Clear? This Mtn city is a disaster, and I'm going to post that MonkE disregard action on it at the moment. I like your post, the edit!
    GaryNemo (8:48 AM) :
    Also, Plains Filler, S of Coal Mine. Your pictures are beautiful, and I sincerely hope you include all 3 of these -- they have been discussed and are all good.
    Message was sent. User is Offline.The message will be delivered when user goes Online.

    Civ1-addict (9:14 AM) :
    Hey Gary, look at the whale city thread!
    Civ1-addict (9:16 AM) :
    I see I didn't draw it the way you liked it most. I put the city on the desert instead of on the hills. Both locations are good I think
    GaryNemo (9:18 AM) :
    Very good pictures. Thank you. We can refine the Desert vs Hill Mine later. The important thing is, you show how silly that vote went! I am grateful.
    Civ1-addict (9:19 AM) :
    Mountain city was voted to withstand any Indian attacks but I think we're planning to invade the Indians like the Vikings, convert a city and fight it out on their continent.
    GaryNemo (9:20 AM) :
    Much better, yes. And $Trade Silk with Dehli, see those posts?
    Civ1-addict (9:21 AM) :
    No haven't seen them yet, in the 340AD turn-thread I suppose? I'll take a look.
    GaryNemo (9:21 AM) :
    Yes, I think in the Elysium Dips thread... Or RC Marco... or both.
    Civ1-addict (9:24 AM) :
    Good idea to take a caravan to Delhi, it gives us much $$$ to take a caravan there and establish a trade route. We should hold back on attacking then, first deliver the caravan!
    GaryNemo (9:25 AM) :
    Yes. Silk Caravan, I mentioned in Turn 340AD how I reinterpreted the vote.
    REGIA CIVITAS Silk Caravan, with Dip, LC trireme to India! Here we go!
    Civ1-addict (9:26 AM) :
    You want to take the diplo to establish an embassy or to take a city on the way home?
    GaryNemo (9:26 AM) :
    Not sure. Scout maybe. MonkE will decide, and the plan will not hatch until next turn anyway.
    Civ1-addict (9:27 AM) :
    Right, we first need to have a trireme in the area. :)
    Civ1-addict (9:29 AM) :
    I'd also like to know if the land SW of Elysium belongs to the Indian empire too, we know that the land NW of Legendary city is theirs but I'm curious how big their continent is.
    GaryNemo (9:29 AM) :
    That is a very good point, I'd forgotten about that!
    GaryNemo (9:30 AM) :
    Can you come online and post a bit tomorrow? MonkE moves in 9-12 hours.
    Civ1-addict (9:30 AM) :
    If that tip near Elysium is their than they're very close to Elysium! but I doubt it is because otherwise they would've landed there instead of near LC.
    GaryNemo (9:30 AM) : Yep.
    Civ1-addict (9:31 AM) : I'll be online tomorrow
    GaryNemo (9:31 AM) :
    I need to go, but I'd really like to post this whole chat. Which thread?
    Civ1-addict (9:31 AM) : Turn thread?
    GaryNemo (9:32 AM) :
    Yes, that will be best. Turn 340AD. I'll do it now. Anything else?
    Civ1-addict (9:32 AM) : That'll be it sir!
    Civ1-addict (9:32 AM) : ;)
    GaryNemo (9:32 AM) : You are Sir, sir.
    Civ1-addict (9:32 AM) : lol, it was good to chat with you again

    Comment on Boreum:
    Octavia's husband has spoken. Fecundity first, worship later!

    One OP Settler Found MD NE NE NE. Other to Road connecting Jungle. OP switch to Settler.
    Ebor, switch immediately to Dip? Not a Warrior, Right?
  5. GaryNemo

    GaryNemo Settler from None

    Feb 14, 2002
    Ohio, GMT-4
    Detailed Build & MicroManagement Plan 340AD

    All items have been posted and approved, except "?"
    The forums have been down since noon, 9 hours ago. I have ICQ from Jayne and Civ1, to go ahead and move anyway. I also believe Dell19 is comfortable moving, ICQ yesterday.

    This list was made from my notes, which I believe are accurate.

    Immediate Changes:

    REGIA CIVITAS: Serfs from Ocean to 2 Roads, Scientist
    Elysium: Serf from Ocean to Road, restores growth +1 shield
    RC Silk Caravan: moves toward LC Trireme - CJ Trade was approved
    Little Nemo: Phx in 1 turn for REGIA CIVITAS Celebration - approved
      Serf to Ocean for the one turn
      then start the Settler again, plains roads
    TFalls: Forest serf to Road, boost science & growth
    Gabba Gabba: could move 1 Forest Serf to Ocean,
      now or in 3 turns, Caravan, then Caravan.
    Bedfont Lakes: build another fast Caravan,
      transfer the BFL Road Serf to TFalls Road
    Civvium: Rule of 28, IPRB $4, Caravan 30/50 in 3.
    Beast Flats: Ocean if we can't pick up the Dip real soon...

    Marl Downs: serfs on 3 Roads very nicely, Caravan.
    OP: switch Temple to Settler seems approved
    Ebor: switch to Diplomat?
      Forest serf to shield - per Dell19
    Neuma: IPRB $13 now, so Caravan in 8 turns,
      leave serf in Forest for needed caravan

    Upps: Legion in fewer than 8. IPRB $4 $4 in 7?
    Udal: could boost production, Ocean to Plains Road?
    Dellham: switch to Diplomat in 2, to Captain the LC Trireme - approved
    Monks Towne: perhaps switch Legion to Caravan?
      Unless we're sure what we'd do with that Legion.

    Changes after one or more turns:
    Once Mike's is coming, boost serf growth.

    REGIA CIVITAS: IPRB $4, Caravan in 3.
    ELYSIUM: IPRB=40 $38 on Market or Courthouse
    Penguin Flats: Phx? or Archer? then Warrior explorer.
    Reneaux: Caravan, then start Diplomat?
      maybe growth +2, grows in 27 @ 1

    Mordhiemia: Switch to Diplomat in 6?

    Roskilde: no IPRB necessary to disband Roskilde,
      Fin Road, SE and Found Routskilde 4Specials!
      Rehome Ros supported units ASAP
    Fort Anarchy: Caravan, grows in 2, serf onto Road
    Legendary City: Trireme in 4, then Caravan
    Castle Jayne: Dye Caravan, then Settler.
    I prefer no Chryshe Markets nor Libraries now.

    Settler from None: complete Road,
      Mine this Hidden Special to Forest.
    City NE NE NE of MD should be built by close OP Settler.
    Other OP Settler, Forest Road, S, Jungle connect.
    Ren Settler: Road, R to Hill, Road, Mine?
    Udal Settler: N charge, W Road over to Fruit City.
    Settlers near CJ, N Road, N Oasis Road, NW connect.

    Certain units should NOT be rehomed, some are:
    Reneaux Horse near Uppsala, DH Legion in Roskilde, CJ Archer near Udal.
  6. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
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